January 10, 2013
By grohr BRONZE, lakewood, Colorado
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grohr BRONZE, Lakewood, Colorado
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“Hi, I’m Mr. Winters.” A short balding man extended his hand to the sales representative. “What’s your name?”

“My name’s Shelley, and how can I help you sir?”

“Well,I was interested in buying a toaster.”
“Well, let me tell you that this toaster is the best there is” Shelley showed Mr. Winters a toaster. Shelley was the best sales representative at the Sales Mart in the entire state of Oregon.
“I really don’t think so,” hedged Mr. Winters. “I mean, this is too expensive.”
“Even though it’s half the regular price?” Shelley leaned in to the toaster so her broad, shining smile would reflect off of it-straight in to Mr. Winter’s face.
“I’m sorry, I’m just not that interested.” He could smell the lavender soap she had used-it was very enticing.
“So there’s no way I can get you to buy this toaster? No way at all?” Shelley asked, thinking what in the world she could do to boost her quota.
“I don’t really need one,” Mr. Winters shook his head.

Shelley leaned in towards the man, twirling her hair seductively. “Would your toaster make me the best slice of toast in town tomorrow morning?”

“Okay in that case, I’ll buy the pancake griddle as well!”

After he had bought the toaster, Mr. Winters approached Shelley, “So, were you teasing me about breakfast?”

“Well, shouldn’t we have dinner first?”

“Sure-pick you up at eight?”

“Yeah that’ll work,” Shelley wrote down her address and gave it to him, “see you then.”

Later that evening, Shelley realized she had made two mistakes; she had decided to go on a date with a man old enough to be her father-balding, wrinkly and reeking of cigar smoke. She also agreed to go on a date just to increase her quota. “Oh well, I’ll just turn out the lights and pretend I’m not here.”

What Shelley didn’t realize was that Mr. Winters had expected this, he saw the lights turn off as he sat in his car outside. He had circled her house and parked the car in the next neighborhood. He knocked on the door.
“Can I come in? I just want to talk.”
Shelley didn’t answer him-he’ll go away eventually.
“I know you’re in there, c’mon; I saw the lights go off.”
Shelley decided to let him in, “Sorry, my house is kind of a mess.”
“That’s ok, I like messy houses-it shows life.” He looked down at her coffee, “So I see you’re drinking coffee.”
“Yeah, I made it a while ago.”
“Why don’t I buy you a fresh cup?” The man smiled his broad smile at her.
“No, I’m sorry you seem like a nice guy, but I just don’t think this is going to work out.”
He began to laugh. “I can’t believe I thought you were different from all of those other girls that said they’d go out with me. Well, apparently you thought, like the others, that you are better than me.” He stepped towards her.
“I never thought that.”
“You turned off the lights. Did you think I’m stupid too?”
“No, I promise, I didn’t mean to hurt you. It’s just I made a mistake.”
“You thought I was stupid, you thought I’d leave.”
She reachedfor her phone in her back pocket-but it was not there, “No I didn’t.” She whined pleadingly.
Mr. Winters then turned and locked the door.
“You thought that I would just leave,” Mr. Winters said, ignoring her. “Well guess what? I found you.” He smiled. “And you’re going to end up like all of the other girls-dead!”
Shelley backed up and fell over a chair; Mr. Winters leaned down, his face inches from hers. “Mr. Winters please,” begged Shelley “don’t hurt me.”
He grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground. “You’re saying to me, that I shouldn’t hurt you?” he growled, “What about me! Huh?” he paused. “It’s ok for you to hurt me?”
“Mr. Winters I never intended to hurt you. I promise, I was just really tired from work and—”
“Never intended to hurt me-well I’m sorry but I just can’t forgive that.” Mr. Winters then pulled out his knife. He slammed his free hand down on Shelley’s throat. “You know all these women are the same-they think they can just use me. You should consider yourself lucky-usually I look for ways to torture the person emotionally. Usually I come after their families, their most dearly loved people.”
“Please,” Shelley moaned.
“Shut it,” Mr. Winters tightened his grip on her, “I’m not finished with you yet.”
Mr. Winters began to bring the knife down, but right as he was about to, Shelley kneed him in the groan. This caused Mr. Winters to drop his knife. Shelley wrenched herself from his grip and ran to the back door, hoping to escape. Unfortunately, Mr. Winters proved to be faster than she was. “Nice try.”
He then grabbed her around the waist- he was stronger than he looked-and he slammed her down on the floor. Struggling and screaming, he put his hand over her mouth and with one quick motion, snapped her neck.
Seeing that he would have to dispose of the body, Mr. Winters put on a pair of gloves and wrapped her body in a tarp that he had in the back of his car. He was always prepared for situations like this. However, when Mr. Winters opened the door, a figure ran away from the bushes. He couldn’t pursue this figure, who he could only identify as a male because he had a body to deal with.
He carried her to the neighbor’s well; he wanted to ensure the police wouldn’t find the body or any evidence. As he began to put her down the well, he felt for a pulse and there was one. He brought the knife out again and slices across her neck. The knife slit her neck in to a gaping, pulsing hole.
He let the blood drip in to the well, savoring each drop as it hit the water below, “Oh how I enjoy these moments.”
He then removed his gloves and disposed of the knife down the well. “This is what you get for thinking you were smarter than me.” He then jumped over the neighbor’s fence and on a whim, ran over to the bush -where he saw the figure come from-and found an I.D on the ground, “I found my witness.”

“Doc, it was so real this time,” Jimmy puts his face in his hands. “My father looked at me right before…before.” Jimmy sobbed.
“Jimmy it’s ok, we have been through this before. You don’t have to explain yourself. I remember what you said, you and your father went fishing one fall afternoon and you guys got in a horrific accident.”
“Yes, but this dream was different, right after we flipped over, and the second car was coming, my dad turned in to her.”
Jimmy looked startled, “W-what?”
“You said her-who are you talking about?”
“I’ve got to go.” Jimmy looks at the clock, “It’s getting late.”
“It’s ok Jimmy, you don’t have to go, I won’t ask about her anymore. Let’s talk about Sharon for a moment-how are things between you two?” Sharon was Jimmy’s girlfriend, and she was one of the few people that Jimmy called friends.
“Fine, why do you ask?”
“Have you told her about the accident yet?”
“No.” Jimmy looked down, “I can’t, if she knew how damaged I really am from this I would lose her. She wouldn’t date someone that’s like me.”
“What does that mean?”
“What do you think?” Jimmy snapped. “I can’t close my eyes without him being there…all I see in my dreams are death and destruction.”
“Look, Jimmy, let’s be honest here, he died a year ago. You were making so much progress until our meeting today-what happened?”
“I can’t tell you.”
“And why not?”
“You wouldn’t understand-you’re like everyone else.”
“Jimmy, you know that’s not true.”
“Doc, I’m sorry but I gotta go.”
“Jimmy wait, the session isn’t over.” He tried to grab Jimmy’s shirt, but Jimmy was already out of the door.
Jimmy’s mom was waiting outside in her car, “How’d it go?”
“Pretty good.”
“You seem sad-everything ok?”
“As ok as it’ll ever be.” Jimmy looked over to the alleyway, and he could almost swear he saw something over there-probably just a shadow.
“You want to grab a bite to eat?”
“Nah, I’m not that hungry today; thanks though.”
“You know, Jimmy, you have to get over his death someday. You can’t keep being moody like this all the time-always stuck in your room watching who knows what. No wonder you have very few friends. How Sharon puts up with you I’ll never know.”
“Mom, I realize this is hard for you to understand, but I watched my hero die in front of my eyes. You never get over that.”
Jimmy’s mom didn’t answer-she never did, she always just gave him the “whatever you say” look and not say anything after that.
The next few days passed without incident-except for Jimmy kept seeing shadows, some had the shape of people, others just looked like shapeless shadows. He didn’t tell people this because they were already creeped out by him.
However, one night, when he was driving home, a black car came up behind him. He began to suspect that they were following him immediately. He took a detour home-it was longer-but he wanted to be absolutely sure that they were following him. “Why are they following me?”
As Jimmy started to turn on to his street, they turned the opposite way. “What in the world?” Jimmy shook his head, “kids from school no doubt-trying to freak me out.”
When Jimmy entered his house, he noticed his mom wasn’t home-as always-she was always busy with work. That’s why he and his father had been so close. His phone rang. “Hello?”
He could hear a soft breathing, very quiet, “Who is this?”
“We’ve been watching you.”
“Who is this? Do I know you?” Jimmy was about to hang up, these kids were always harassing him, egging his house, bullying him.
“No, but I know you. Oh” the voice laughed “but I know you.” The voice said.
The line then went dead.
“Man, these kids just can’t leave me alone.”
Usually Jimmy would brush these prank calls off, but this time was different. It felt like this voice was sinister, wanting more than to just mess with him. “I can’t let this stuff bother me.” Jimmy shook his head. “It was just dumb kids.” Jimmy decided to take a walk, to clear his mind.

Jimmy could hear footsteps. Who would be following me? Jimmy quickly turned around. No one was there. “Who’s there?”
Silence. All he could hear was someone’s T.V. far away in the distance.
Jimmy began to walk at a faster pace-he needed to get home, now.
Jimmy turned the corner and standing right there was Mr. Winters, grinning. “Why, hello Jimmy.” He said.
“Who—” Before Jimmy was able to react. Mr. Winters slammed his hand against Jimmy’s mouth. Jimmy felt the roughness of his glove against his mouth. It almost felt like sandpaper rubbing against him. “Put me down!” Jimmy was able to muffle.
“ Not until you talk to me, in private.”
“Ok,” Jimmy began to shake, he knew someone had been following him! For once, he wasn’t crazy.
“Why, hello there-Jimmy.”
“How do you know my name?” Jimmy whimpered.
Mr. Winters smiled, “you left your school I.D. on the sidewalk. Did you really think I’d just ignore that?”
“No.” Jimmy looked down, looking in to red satanic eyes that seemed to burn every fiber of his being.
“Good, so let’s get down to business, the business of killing you.”
Jimmy’s heart dropped, “I won’t tell anyone, I promise.”
“That’s right, I know you won’t.” Mr. Winters sat down across from Jimmy. “I have methods of ensuring you won’t.”
“Please, don’t hurt me,” Jimmy pled, aware of the fear in his voice. He had to escape, but how? The room had no windows, and this man was stronger than Jimmy. Maybe he could distract him.
“I would be quiet if I were you.” Mr. Winters got up and grabbed Jimmy by the neck, “Do you know how easy it would be to kill you right now?” He tightened his grip on Jimmy, “I could choke you to death-so easily, but I won’t.” He released Jimmy.
Jimmy fell to the floor, gasping for air.
“I prefer to watch a person suffer-I would have done that with Shelley, but she knew too much-I had to rush. But I won’t rush with you.” He laughed, “Your girlfriend is Sharon right?”
“How do you know her name?”
“Jimmy, it’s not that hard. You just log on to the Internet and it’s as easy as one, two, three.”

“You leave her alone.” Jimmy gasped. “This doesn’t involve her.”
“Oh, but it does, Jimmy. There’s no way it couldn’t!” He grabbed Jimmy by the back of his hair, “by the end of this week you and your girlfriend will be dead.” He threw him down to the ground, “now get outta here.” Mr. Winters opened the door and Jimmy ran out.
A figure then walked out from the shadow, “Very good restraint, my dear. Don’t kill him yet.”
“Don’t worry, I listened to everything you said.”
The figure touches Mr. Winter head, “I know, my pet.”

“Are you going to be okay?” asked Jimmy’s mom as she got ready for work.
He groaned, “Yes, mom”
“Why don’t you go out with some friends tonight?”
“I’ll be fine.”
“Fine, but don’t come complaining to me saying you have no friends.”
“Mom-Sharon’s coming over later and we are going to a movie. I already told you that.”
“Ok, honey; well, I’ll see you later.”

After Jimmy’s mom left, he tried to push Mr. Winters out of his head, but he couldn’t. He knew that Mr. Winters meant what he said-he would kill Sharon for sure and who knows what a monster like that would do to him. His phone began to vibrate, “Hello?”

“Jimmy? Is that you?” It was Sharon.

“Who else would it be?”

“I don’t know- I got this very weird message a-and.” Jimmy could tell she was crying and scared.

“Ok, calm down. Why don’t you come over here and show me the message?” Jimmy tried to remain calm, but he had a sneaky suspicion that the message was sent from Mr. Winters.


Jimmy hung up and stared at the floor, the memories of the murder flooded back. He could see the image of Mr. Winters looking at him, his eyes glowing with hatred. His smile was so wretched, so foul. “Oh my God.” Jimmy is out of breath, “I have to tell someone about this, or I may not survive. Maybe I should tell Sharon.”

A few moments later, Sharon arrived-she must have just been a few blocks away- and Jimmy can see that something has scared her.

“Oh my God Jimmy-I was just coming to get you when I got this message-I thought it was you.” She started to cry.

Jimmy wrapped his arm around her, “It’s ok, just show me the message.”

Jimmy looked at her phone, and saw: I’m coming for you

As Jimmy walked his school hallway the next day, he kept having that feeling that someone was watching him. He’d hear footsteps or soft breathing, and he’d look behind him, and no one would be there. He wondered if this was all in his head.
In his mind all he kept seeing was the image of his girlfriend, almost to the point of hysterics, crying. He knew he was responsible and he knew he had to stop this man. “But how?” Jimmy mumbled to himself. “I can’t go to the police; that would also prove that I walked away from the scene of a crime.”
“Hey buddy, you alright? You seem even weirder than normal-and that’s saying something.” It was Wayne, Jimmy’s best friend.
“No, I’ve got a problem.”
“And that is what? Besides being crazy.” Wayne laughed.
“This is serious man, I think Sharon might be in trouble.”
“Trouble? How?” Wayne’s face wrinkled in concern.
“I don’t know if I can tell you man-this is really bad.”
“C’mon Jimmy-you can tell me.”
Jimmy looked at Wayne, “later man, I gotta go.”
“C’mon Jimmy-you can’t push me away forever!”
“Talk to you later, man!” Jimmy walked away shaking his head, he almost slipped. Not even Wayne could be trusted right now-he’d just go straight to the police. Should he just go to the police? He decided to see his therapist instead.

“I couldn’t console her.” Jimmy laid flat on his back. “She was sitting there crying, and I couldn’t even support her.” Jimmy had decided that he needed to talk to someone-anyone. Jimmy had decided to go to his

“What did you feel Jimmy?”

“Numbness. That’s all I’ve felt since the accident.”

“What happened to make her cry like that?”

“I can’t tell you.”

“Jimmy, we can’t possibly make progress on anything unless you tell me. I barely know anything about your father’s death, let alone what’s going on now.”

“If I told you, then I can’t protect Sharon anymore.” Jimmy sat up, “I have to go-now.”

“Jimmy, sit down-we still have fifteen minutes left.”

“No, I’m leaving.” Jimmy slammed the door on the way out.
Jimmy was crying, “How am I going to protect her from a monster when I don’t even know his name?” Jimmy sat down, “I wish my dad was here-he always knew what to do.” It felt like the world was spinning. In just a matter of days Jimmy’s life had come crashing down. He put his head in his hands, “you said you’d always be there for me!”

Jimmy’s phone started to vibrate-it’s Sharon. “Hello?”

“Oh my God oh my God!” She screams-Jimmy can tell she’s in hysterics.

“What happened?” He stands up.

“I got another text Jimmy, and this one is worse.”

“Do you want me to come over?” Jimmy looks up the street-his mom was late. She was never late.

“No, I don’t feel safe here.”

“Come to my house then.”

“Ok I’ll be there in ten.”

A few moments later, Sharon arrived, her eyes red and her cheeks puffy. She had been crying for a while. “Oh my God.”

“Come sit down.” Jimmy put his arm around her. “What did the message say this time?”

“Look!” She thrust the phone in to Jimmy’s hands.

It read: Enjoy your dinner.

“It’s probably just a prank.” Jimmy didn’t want to worry her- not with a killer out there looking for both of them. “I get pranks all the time.”

“This isn’t a prank Jimmy. We should go to the police.”

“No!” Jimmy said quickly. “If you truly believe this to be something serious, don’t go to the police.”


“They’ll think it’s a prank-and not believe you.”

“Then what should I do?”

“First, let’s calm you down and get a bite to eat.” Jimmy wanted to delay telling her about everything as long as possible. He knew that telling her would drive her away and drive her right in to the hands of a killer.

“Ok, let’s go for a burger. I’m in the mood for some meat.”

“Ok, can you drive?” Jimmy wasn’t very hungry, but maybe this would get Sharon’s mind off of everything-long enough for him to come up with an explanation.

After they had sat down and placed their orders, Sharon began to get upset again, “Why me?” She asked.

“It was probably random; Baby, don’t let it rattle you.”

“I know I shouldn’t let it bother me, but you know that feeling that there’s someone watching you?”

Oh, if only you knew. “Yeah, but you have to realize that’s what he wants, is to scare you.”

“I know Jimmy it’s just—” Before she can finish, their meals arrive.

“This looks so good.” Jimmy says and he takes his first bite.

Sharon took her first bite, and felt a crunch-and a pain in her mouth, “What in the world?”

“What’s wrong?” Jimmy put his dinner down.

Sharon spat out her food, and touches the inside of her mouth-it was bleeding. She then looked at her burger, and saw a glint of light reflecting off of glass. “Jimmy.” She slammed her burger down, “What is that?”

Jimmy looked at her burger and he took out a piece of glass, “trouble.” He whispered. Now we have to call the cops. Great.

Sharon was in shock. She barely said a word to anyone and when the police interviewed her, she just nodded or shook her head.
“Son, we can’t help you,” one of the police officers said, “unless you help us.”
“Look, I don’t know who would want to hurt her. She is one of the most popular people in school.”
“Son, are you sure no one, not even an ex-boyfriend, would want to hurt her?”
Jimmy hated the way he called him son. “I am sure,” Jimmy answered curtly, scuffling dirt with his feet.
“Ok well if you think of anything, anything at all, give us a call,” the officer handed Jimmy a business card.
“Ok, ” he muttered.
After the police left, Jimmy walked over to Sharon, “Did they find out who put the glass in the meat?”
“No one knows. No one saw anything,” Sharon was trembling. “Jimmy, I’m so scared. This person could be trying to kill me.”
“What reason would they have to kill you?”
“I don’t know. That’s what bothers me. Who hates me enough to try and kill me?”
“Don’t ask me.” Jimmy sidestepped the answer.
After that, Sharon dropped Jimmy off at his house and Jimmy decided he had enough of this-he was going to take matters in to his own hands. But how?
He knew that he couldn’t do this by himself, but who could he tell? He couldn’t tell Sharon. It would be admitting to her that he had withheld information. He had almost told her this evening, but he could not tell her now that someone had actually tried to kill her. He also didn’t want to confirm her worries. He could possibly trust Wayne-although Wayne was the worst at keeping secrets.
Jimmy called Wayne, and a few minutes later, Wayne arrived. “What’s up, man? You sounded even weirder than usual on the phone.” This was like his catch phrase
“It’s Sharon, man. I think she might be in trouble.” Jimmy had a feeling that he shouldn’t be telling Wayne this, but he needed help.
“What kind of trouble?”
“Before I tell you, you have to promise me two things. One is that you tell no one; and two you especially don’t tell Sharon. You understand?”
Jimmy recounted the past few days and even told Wayne the story of the murder. “We need to find out the identity of this man.”
“Why, Jimmy, what do you expect to do? Kill the man? Find him? If he’s as strong as you say he his, he will kill you.”
Wayne was right. “I need to protect her, man. This guy will kill her.” Jimmy put his head in his hands, “And if he does, it will be my fault.”
“Jimmy, you know that’s not true.”
“I watched a murder, and I didn’t tell anyone. Now a homicidal maniac is on the hunt for me and to get to me, he’s going after Sharon. Which part of that isn’t my fault?”
“Jimmy, don’t blame yourself-you didn’t do this.”
“We need to do something to stop this.” Jimmy wasn’t going to let another person he loved slip through his fingers. He couldn’t bear to watch someone else die in front of his very eyes.
“But what can we do? We’re just kids.”
“I don’t know, I guess we can protect Sharon because I have a feeling the next thing will be ten times worse.”

Jimmy stared at the t.v. as he had all night long. He couldn’t get his mind off of Sharon. The man looking to kill her could be anywhere, searching for the next opportunity to exact his revenge. His mom wasn’t helping either. Her constant nagging had gotten worse. She had found out about the incident with Sharon because the police called her. “Jimmy, do you realize what this means?” she stood there with her hands on her hips. “She could die at any moment.”

“I realize this, Mom, but there’s nothing that I or the police can do. It was almost like this guy was a ghost.”

“I just think your moping around isn’t going to help Sharon at this point.”

She had a point. Jimmy had to find a reason to stay with Sharon for a while. He had to help her, but how he would convince her that she needed protection from an enemy that was almost invisible? Jimmy didn’t know. Jimmy’s phone rang. It was Sharon. “Hello?”

“Jimmy? Can you come over? My parents are gone, and I don’t feel safe.”

Perfect. This would give him an opportunity to protect Sharon without her realizing that was his intention. Maybe he could find a way to tell her what really was going on.

A few minutes later, Jimmy arrived at Sharon’s, and it looked like she had been crying again. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I can’t believe someone would want to hurt me and would follow me to a restaurant. This person even knows my favorite food and we probably even saw him!”

Jimmy’s eyes darted around the room. Could this be possible? Could he have seen the man at the restaurant? He tried to recall anyone familiar, but he knew he hadn’t seen the man.

“I feel so scared, Jimmy,” she hugged him, “Protect me please.”

“I am here for you anytime you need me, Babe.”

“I am so glad you are here for me,” she smiled.

“Let’s go watch some T.V. and get your mind off of this.”

Jimmy turned on the T.V. and before long, they both fall asleep. A few hours later, Jimmy felt Sharon stir. “What’s up, Babe?”

“I had a nightmare.”

“What happened?”

“The killer came here and killed you and me.”

Jimmy’s stomach dropped. This was dangerously prophetic, “It’s ok. It was just a nightmare. I’m here for you.”

Sharon smiled, “I’m so glad you’re here as my protector.”

If only she knew I’m also the problem. “Anytime, Babe.”

Sharon’s phone vibrated, “Who would be texting me at this hour?” It was one o’ clock in the morning. Jimmy knew he was going to stay late. He had told his mom that he probably wouldn’t be home, so it wouldn’t be his mom calling to make sure he was all right.

“Probably just an advertisement.”

“Jimmy.” The fear in her voice was unmistakable. “Come look.”
Jimmy looked at the phone, and the message read: you better watch your back. There’s trouble around every corner. You never know who or what will pop out.

Jimmy noticed that his hands were shaking. He sat down. “Sharon, I don’t know what to do.”

“We should go to the police.”

“Again, they wouldn’t believe you, Sweetheart.”

“Yes, they would Jimmy!” Sharon burst in to tears. “After the glass incident they would believe me.”

“I can see there’s no arguing with you. But, you’ll have to drive,” Jimmy hated the fact that he couldn’t change her mind.

Sharon’s pink convertible was sitting outside, the top down. Jimmy hated this car because he always felt like it was a death trap. It was old, and it always had to be fixed up.

They began to drive down the highway, and Jimmy heard this strange noise. It sounded like metal scratching against metal. “What’s that noise?”
“What noise?” Sharon looked around. “I don’t hear anything.”
“There’s definitely a noise. Sharon, I think you should pull over.”
“Jimmy, you’re always worrying, it’ll be f—” All of a sudden the hood in the front of her car popped up, blocking her view of the road. Sharon let go of the wheel and covered her face with her hands, “We’re going to die!”
“Sharon!” Jimmy grabbed the steering wheel and jerked it to the right.
“Jimmy, what are you doing? We’re going to crash!”
“I’m trying to pull us over,” he glanced at her, “considering you let go of the steering wheel.” He grabbed the emergency brake and the car spun into the side of the road.
“That was close.” Sharon looked over at Jimmy, “You saved my life.”
“Let’s check out what happened to your hood.” Jimmy opened the car door.
“Wait, Jimmy let’s call the police first.”
“Sharon, we have no proof if anyone did anything. Let me look first and then we can decide what to do.”
Jimmy walked over to the hood of the car, or what remained of the hood. “How did this happen?”
Jimmy noticed that the latch, which held the hood down, had been hacked off. But how could someone do this without anyone noticing? Just like in the diner, it was as if a ghost had come in and done this.
“Jimmy?” Sharon opened the car door. “What’d you find?”
“It appears the latch was cut. But we can’t prove it. It could have easily just broken off.”
“Jimmy, you and I both know that isn’t true.”
“But we have no proof, Sharon. Believe me I want to catch this guy as badly as you do.”
“Honestly, it doesn’t seem like it.”

The room was dark, and empty except for a chair, which was occupied by Mr. Winters. He was shaking, unable to see anything or move-he was tied up. A woman walked out from the shadows, “I can’t believe this.”
“Shelley please, I know I messed up.”

“You more than messed up.” She pulled out a gun.

“Just give me one more shot man. It’s hard to kill her with that pest of a boyfriend around.”

“That’s what you said the last time. Now tell me,” she leaned in, pushing the gun against his cheek. “Why I shouldn’t blow your brains out right now.”

“If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t be able to do anything. I had the means and the motive to get us where we are now, plus don’t you love me?”

She stroked his cheek with the back of her fingers, “Oh sweetheart I do love you and you have been a great help. Without you I wouldn’t have Jimmy’s address or his girlfriends name”

“Oh thank you. I knew I loved you for a reason.”

“Quit your graveling you miserable excuse for a human. I didn’t say I wouldn’t kill you.” She shot him in the head, once. “Now it’s time for Jimmy.”

Usually, she strangled people, which left very little evidence. However, this had to be done quicker, which meant more evidence. It didn’t matter anyways. By the time the police would figure this out she’d be out of the country and Jimmy would be dead. It was time for Jimmy to get one more message.
Jimmy was able to convince Sharon to drive her car home; thankfully they hadn’t gone far before the top came off. Jimmy knew that they had to decide what to do and fast. Sharon’s parents would wonder what happened to her car and would begun to ask questions. “We could just say that it just came off,” Jimmy suggested. “They would believe that, wouldn’t they?”
“Maybe.” Sharon was shaking, “but Jimmy they’ll see I’m truly bothered by this.”
Then her phone vibrated and Sharon couldn’t even look at it. She handed the phone to Jimmy, “You read it.”
Jimmy didn’t what to, but he knew he had to. The message read: I’m tired of playing these cat and mouse games; I’m coming for you. You both will die. Jimmy put the phone down, “Sharon, I need to call someone,” Jimmy deleted the message.
“What did the message say?”
“It was another riddle,” Jimmy lied. He didn’t want Sharon to call the cops; he was ready to confront this man. He had to tell Sharon the truth. She had been left in the dark for too long, and it was going to get her killed, but first he needed help.
Jimmy decided to call Wayne to come and help him; maybe he could help explain this to Sharon. “Wayne?”
“Yeah,” his voice was clogged with sleep, it was pretty late.
“I need your help. Can you come over?”
“Jimmy do you have any idea what time it is? I was asleep.”
“I know, but this is an emergency.”
“What could this be? First, you tell me you want to track this killer down and now you’re calling me at odd hours saying weird things, I’m going to bed.”
“Wait!” Jimmy screamed into the phone. He was crying, “Listen, he threatened her. Before the cops come, I want to tell her what’s happened; so there’s no more surprises.”
“You haven’t told her what happened? Are you stupid?”
“No, man, it’s hard to say ‘hey by the way I’m the reason your life hangs in the balance.”
“What do you want me to do?”
“Come over here and help me explain this to her.”
“Ok, I’m on my way.” After Jimmy hung up, Wayne didn’t head over to his house. He called the police because he knew his friend was in trouble.
“Sharon, I asked Wayne to come over,” Jimmy walked out and saw Sharon lying on the floor. “Sharon what’s wrong?”
Jimmy then felt a pain in the back of his head and everything went black.

When Jimmy came to, his head felt like it had been beaten with a hammer. “What happened?” He tried to move, but then he realized that he was tied to a chair.

“Poetic justice happened,” said a familiar voice.

Jimmy looked up and saw a figure that he would never forget, it was the woman Mr. Winter’s had killed. “You?”

She smiled, “Yes me, in the very flesh.”

“This can’t be real, I saw you die.”
“Well as you can see, I’m quite alive.” She laughed, “Very alive.”
“W-why are you even a-alive?” Jimmy asked.
“Well there lies a very good story.” She smiled, “I’m not the one you saw die. I’m Bethany, her twin sister.”
“But why come after me? And more importantly why involve Sharon?” Jimmy tried to wrench himself free, but the ropes held.
“It’s what I do best. Plus, someone as uncaring as you deserve the best that I can give you.”

“I cared every bit, but I couldn’t stop him.” Jimmy said.

“Yeah, right.” She scoffed.

“Why did you make it seem like it was Mr. Winters was sending her those messages?”

“It was him darling, every step of the way. I wanted to make sure I had the least amount of blood on my hands, and I could blame it all on him if the police ever got suspicious. It was going to be so simple, you know?”

Jimmy didn’t answer.

“But you couldn’t let that happen could you? You had to be Sharon’s protector. The glass was just a mess up, but the convertible was perfect! We all know Sharon’s driving record and how bad of a driver she is.”

“I’m so sorry to have ruined your plans.”

Bethany ignored him, “No matter. I took care of Mr. Winters. Now it’s time for you.”

Jimmy wanted to stall her as long as possible, “Wait, how’d you convince this man to let you do all this?”

“Well, I faked my identity. The fool actually thought I was my sister. He drooled over her and thus I was able to get him to do anything I wanted him to do. He made it so easy to kill him; he never questioned anything I told him. You however, made it more difficult.” She pulled out a knife, “I think it’s about time you died.”
“Go ahead and kill me; the police will find you.”

“Oh, but Jimmy you don’t even know the greatest part of this! I killed Mr. Winters, that’s true, but they won’t find his body for a very long time. He won’t be missed, and by then I’ll be out of the country. But you,” She grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, “are the piece de resistance. I’ll kill your girlfriend by stabbing her very slowly and painfully. Then I’ll slice your wrist. It’ll look like a murder-suicide.”

Jimmy could hear police sirens. “Looks like someone foiled your plans.”

The whole SWAT team had arrived, and the captain ordered them to knock down the door if necessary, “This woman is believed to be heavily armed and dangerous.” The captain said, “Approach with caution.”
Bethany looked up, “I could still kill you and get away.”

“This is the police, come out with your hands up!” The captain shouted.

Bethany got up and grabbed Jimmy, “If anyone comes in, I’ll kill him!”

She had a hostage. The captain could see his vague outline through the window. “Nobody go inside!” He couldn’t risk this boy’s life.

“Just come on out ma’am, I’m sure we can figure this out.”
“If I do, it’ll be with his bloody corpse!” She pressed the knife harder. Blood started to come out of the place she was pressing the knife on.
With tears in his eyes, Jimmy looked up at her, “Please have mercy.” He begged.
“No, you deserve this,” She growled. She then jerked it up, ready to stab him, when a gunshot was heard. Bethany fell down, dead.
All of the police looked around. “Who shot?” asked the captain. All of the officers looked around. “C’mon one of you clowns—” the chief looked up, “Oh my,” he says, his mouth agape.

Jimmy turned around. Standing right there was Sharon, holding Jimmy’s dad’s old shot gun. “But- but” Jimmy sputtered.
“Yeah, I found your dad’s gun. Thanks for distracting her for me.” Sharon smiled, “You make a good bait.”
“Thanks, I guess I owe you my life” he stared at her, tears in his eyes. “How can I pay you back?”
Sharon looked at him, “by telling me what in the world happened Jimmy. You’ve put me through more than any girl should be put through.” Then they both hug each other.
“Okay, as so long as you don’t have to shoot anymore maniacs.” And for the first time in a week, they both laughed. Not like a nervous laugh, but a real, good laugh.

A few days later, after the police had investigated the scene, the death of Bethany was ruled as self-defense. So, everyone was cleared of charges. Jimmy confessed to what happened and showed them the crime scene, but they never found Shelleys body. They looked in the well in her back yard, but not the neighbors. “Son, are you sure you saw this murder?” one of the officers asked.
“Yes I’m sure.”
“Well maybe her twisted sister did something with the body, and we’ll never know since she’s dead.”
After the police questioned him yet again about what happened, Jimmy went to his therapist and decided to quit therapy, “Are you sure Jimmy? This whole thing would mess just about anyone up.”
“I’m sure doc.” Jimmy smiled, “Having faced death I realized that I can’t hold my dad’s death against myself. He died in that car knowing I’d go on. He’d want this.” Jimmy looked over to his therapist, “Goodbye, doc.”
“Bye, Jimmy.”
After the therapist, Sharon picked Jimmy up.
Jimmy and Sharon had decided to take a break from the investigation and get a bite to eat. “So you mean to tell me that you witnessed this woman die and you did nothing about it?” Sharon looked at Jimmy with concern.
“I was afraid they’d say I was an accessory, I thought it’d just go away.”
“Jimmy, you put all of us in danger and most importantly, you lied to me.”
“Sharon,” Jimmy grabbed her hand, “What I did was truly awful and most girls would end this right now, but you have to understand that I did it to protect you.” He looked down, “I also thought that if you found out that you’d leave me for putting you in that much danger.”
“We could have gone into protective custody, Jimmy!”
“I’m sorry sweetheart, but I thought I could protect you; I was wrong.” Jimmy looked down. “Look, I don’t deserve you, and if I were you I’d leave me right now.”
Sharon sighed, “Well thankfully for you, I’m not you; but you can’t keep secrets from me anymore. I let you lie to me about your dad because I figured you’d tell me in time, but no more lies ok?”
“There is one good thing that has come from this.” Sharon said.
“Yeah what’s that?”
“From the ashes of Bethany’s death your life has risen.”
It was true. Jimmy had gone from being sullen, ridden with nightmares, to a guy who found that the world was no longer grey. He had thought that the world had dealt him the worst life, but now he realized that it hadn’t. It had given him a new life through death. The nightmare was finally over.

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