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What A Doll

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After a few days, Pat was sent back home in a wheelchair to be reunited with her daughter Grace. While they got situated at home with a few adjustments to her being handicapped, they gave Jackson and Tess a call to tell them about Pat’s homecoming. Pat asked Tess if Sally wanted to say hi to Grace and Sally replied with anger “no she’s so whiny and boring, it’s just annoying!” Pat over heard, glad that Grace wasn’t listening in.
“I don’t know what’s up with her lately, I’m very sorry. She’s probably just cranky from being so tired from the move. Would you like to come over for dinner still?” Tess said to Pat while she had Jackson ask Sally what’s wrong with her.
Pat said, “Oh, of course! It’s alright; I’m just glad Grace didn’t hear anything she said. As long as Sally’s cooled down by 5:30, we should be fine. Dinner’s at 6 right?”
“Yup! You are correct. See you then?” Tess asked.
“See you then!” Patty replied with a hint of annoyance in her voice which Tess didn’t quite catch.
At around quarter to six they decided to head over. Grace pushed Pat in her wheelchair on the way there. Once they arrived Pat went straight to the kitchen and dinette area and Grace ran upstairs to find Sally. Sally sort of just rolled her eyes when she entered the room and continued playing with her dolls. “Can I play?!” she said grabbing the doll before Sally had the chance to answer. “DON’T TOUCH MY DOLLS!” Sally went frantic. She dropped them with force and picked a doll up and broke the arms and twisted the neck. Suddenly, Grace’s arms had an excruciating pain shooting through them and she couldn’t hold onto the dolls any longer. As they fell to the ground, her neck cracked the wrong way and she fell to the ground, crying and screaming for her mother Pat. “MOOOOOOOM!” Jackson and Tess then rushed upstairs wondering why there was so much yelling between two young girls, while Pat sat in her wheel chair at the bottom of the stairs flustered and curious. They saw Grace lying there and Sally just staring blankly, straight-faced. They all reached for their phones as Tess ran to her, hoping and praying that Grace would be okay. “What happened?!” she yelled at Sally as she stared blankly back and shrugged. Nobody understood what was going on, nor did anyone pay much attention to the process of figuring it out because getting her help was much more important at the time. They rushed her to the emergency room in Jackson’s car and got her medicated right when she got in the door so the pain would stop. She got both of her arms casted and surgery was performed on her neck and spine to fix what almost killed her.
Jackson, Tess, and Sally went home as Pat stayed with Grace at the hospital. It was late when they reached the driveway, so Tess carried Sally up to her bed because she was asleep most of the ride home. Sitting in the living room, Jackson gets anxious and thinks aloud to Tess, “All of these things keep happening to our family and Sally keeps acting out and is getting just plain mean, she hasn’t even hit middle school or puberty yet, this is nothing like her. Something is wrong, ever since we moved here I can’t stop thinking that something worse is going to happen to someone else. The dolls that look just like Pat and Grace were broken in the same spots they were injured… It’s frightening!”
“Oh shush, she’s obviously upset about the move, that’s why she keeps getting all these temper tantrums. And no, that’s nonsense. That must be a coincidence. That stuff isn’t real. Voodoo is just a myth; don’t let it get to your head.” Tess said, upset about the assumptions he’s making, even though she was starting to believe them herself.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next »

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