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What A Doll

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Pleasant Surprise

That afternoon Jackson went over to Pat’s house to notify her and her 8 year old daughter, Grace, on their successful move to the town and invited them over for dinner. He knocked on Pat’s ranch house side door but got no reply. She knew he was coming over around the time he did, so it wouldn’t make sense for her to have left to run errands. Grace was with her nanny that day as well so he knew she wouldn’t be there either. He tried calling Pat’s cell phone and heard it ring inside the house. He peered in and saw it sitting on the kitchen counter. After 10 minutes of waiting and walking around the house knocking on all of the doors he became concerned. He paced back to the original door he knocked on to peer back inside. He tried looking for something to give him a hint to where she could be. His eyes went past the phone onto the wall towards the kitchen hallway onto the floor. There lied a head of hair. “Pat!?” he yelled in terror. He tried to open the door, shaking and pounding, even though he knew it was locked. Jackson kicked it open and rushed to her. She was still breathing, but totally unconscious. He looked around to find what could’ve caused this and saw her leg completely twisted backwards, broken at the hip, and dislocated in at least two different places. Jackson pulled his phone out of his pocket, dialing 911 as he tried to sit her up for more comfort. The ambulance arrived there and she was rushed off to the hospital with Jackson beside her. After they medicated, surgically relocated her leg, and casted her, she lay there, in her hospital bed, completely drugged. Jackson frantically asked her questions, “What were you doing?! Was there something you tripped on or a break in or what? How could that have possibly happened?” Pat claimed “I was walking down the hallway fine one minute, and my leg twisted almost clean off the next and I just passed out totally losing consciousness. I was in so much pain; I can’t feel it anymore though. I’m confused I don’t know what happened, I… I don’t know...” She seemed loopy so he didn’t want to ask any more questions. After that long evening at the hospital, Jackson went home. He checked in on Sally’s slumber around midnight, right when he got home, to kiss her forehead. He noticed that the only thing not put in its place was the doll she was upset with earlier, the one with the twisted leg. A shiver crawled down his spine as he slowly stepped backwards out of the room. When he walked into his half-unpacked bedroom he saw his wife Tess lying there awake. “Where the hell were you? I tried calling your cell phone several times and there was no one at Pat’s. Why didn’t you call me back?” Tess asked with a snarky tone from being so frustrated with him.
“I went to your sisters, as you knew, to try and tell her we were settled in and that I was going to make dinner tonight but when I went to her house no one was answering and she knew I was coming over because I text messaged her on the way to our new house early this morning. So, I walked to all the doors and there wasn’t a reply, when I saw her lying on the ground. I flipped out, I had no idea what the hell to do so I broke in and found her passed out and her leg was really messed up and couldn’t get her conscious again so I called 911. She had a dislocated hip and her leg was broken in several places and nobody knows how it happened, not even Pat. So I stayed there with her until they fixed her up and tried to talk to her but she was so drugged I just left. I must’ve left my phone at her house, so I’ll get it whenever we can take her back home, that’s why I never called.” He spoke so fast in reply, Tess couldn’t even break into his story.
“Oh. Wow. Is she going to be okay!?” she asked worrying for Pat.
“Yeah, she just needs a few more days in the hospital for recovery.” Jackson said with sympathy.
“Well, at least you had a very eventful evening. Mine was a little stressful because Sally was acting up again for literally no reason at all. But I just shrugged it off; I just didn’t feel like dealing with her tonight.”
“Why? What happened now?” He asked.
“Nothing, I just asked her what she wanted for a snack because I thought we’d watch a movie or something but she didn’t seem to want to do that at all and just stomped up to her room. I don’t quite get it. But oh well.”
“I don’t either, but we can deal with it later if she gets any worse.”
“Maybe. Let’s talk in the morning, I’m sure you’re totally beat.” She said, ending the conversation.
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