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Chapter 1

Darkness loomed around the lone girl. She couldn’t see anything other than where her small, black flashlight hit the cold, dark trees and ground around her. Though it was still summer, most of the leaves were dead, just like her hopes of ever finding her way out of the dark and dead woods.


Jennifer Carse was having a very loud conversation on the phone with Officer Justin Tolenharn. “You don’t understand! My daughter is missing!” Jen tried to explain in frustration.
“I do understand Mrs. Carse, but I also have to follow the rules. You told me that she left for a friend’s house yesterday evening and never returned home. Did you ask her friend if she ever arrived at their house?”
“Yes, I called them. They said that she never showed up.” Jen said, braking into a quieted sob.
“Our policy is that we must wait 24 hours before we look for her. Most calls we get about children that have gone missing show up within those 24 hours. If, however, she does not return, we will do everything in our power to find your daughter, Mrs. Carse.”
She sighed heavily, “I suppose that is all you can do. Thank you.” She said good bye and hung up the phone. She leaned against the wall and sank to the creamy carpet, her body shacking with sobs.


Officer Justin Tolenharn had just hung up the phone after talking to a distraught mother about her daughter who didn’t come home and hasn’t been seen for roughly 15 hours. I hope she’s okay, he thought to himself.


Kathrin Carse, Katie, ran through the dark woods. The sun was rising higher and higher in the sky. She could see no break in the trees. What am I going to do? Katie said to herself helplessly. “I have to get out!” She cried. Why did I ever come in here? I should’ve just left the beautiful silver watch there! Of course, all she saw at first was a flash of light. She guessed it was the sun hitting the breath-taking sapphires amethyst and diamond on a silver band, sapphire and amethyst were studded around the watch and a single row of diamond and sapphire made a dainty path around the pure silver band. The strange thing that nagged at her was the fact that it looked almost new but there was no battery. The ever continuing time read 12:00. I should have ignored it.


“It’s been 24 hours since I’ve last seen Katie. Please do something! Please!” Jen pleaded helplessly. “Yes, I’ll have some men out in a couple of hours.” Justin replied.
“Thank you.”
“Yep. Now I need more information about Kathrin.” Justin said and Jen gave him the basics, sixteen, red, shoulder length hair, about 6.2’, grey eyes, and slender. After they hung up, Justin sent out four police cars with two officers in each in search of Kathrin Carse. After about two hours of searching, they found faint 6 ½ size footprints that matched Kathrin’s descriptions. The trail led into the Slender Woods. The footprints went right past the FORBIDEN sign and into the dark, dense woods.
The officers drove back to the station. “Why wouldn’t you go into the woods?” Justin asked, a little annoyed, after they explained what they found. Officer Jake Gunner spoke up quietly, “That’s where the Slender Man made his home.”
“Oh,” Justin said with a little mockery in his voice. “You afraid of a myth?”
“This isn’t just a myth, Justin.” Justin scoffed and rolled his eyes as Jake continued. “People have disappeared on three different occasions, two on the first, three on the second. The third had one; she made it out then died in the hospital later on.” Jake was getting a mysterious look in his eyes, like a little boy telling a scary story around a camp fire. He continued. “Her death was unusual; the causes of her death are still a mystery. She spoke of seeing a faceless man in a black suit. He had long, unnatural looking arms that kept growing and shortening. As soon as he touched the other, they dropped dead. She ran and ran and ran until she got out, almost dead. We did some research on him and found some disturbing stuff about the man called Slender. We closed the woods about six years before you moved here.” Jake finished with a gesture to Justin. The other officers were silent. “What…” Justin cleared his throat and continued. “About what time did they disappear?” “On all three incidents, our evidence points to 11:59 PM when it appeared and killed them within a minute.” Jake summed up for him. “Weird.” Is all Justin said for a moment, then he realized that it was Friday, 6:00PM!
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