The Devil's Pawn

November 24, 2012
By freakycatlover DIAMOND, Antrim, New Hampshire
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freakycatlover DIAMOND, Antrim, New Hampshire
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Author's note: I finished this for a friend. I wrote it for anyone who has a soft spot for Mystery/Thrillers.

The author's comments:
FYI: This story is set to tell more about Ally’s, aka Evermore’s long, painful human past. It also tells more about her problems and tells about before she was a vampire.

Ally (later known as Evermore), is the main Character of the Story who is also the half immortal daughter of her Mother’s old flame.
Eric is a bus boy whom Ally meets at Eternal Night and later is Ally’s human boyfriend of whom her immortal father disapproves of.
Chandra is Ally’s mother, who has many secrets of her own. She is Richard’s one time love.
Richard is Ally’s immortal father who arranged for Eric to be killed.
Thorne works for Richard, and killed Eric.
Camille is Thorne’s sick sister who is dying of Leukemia. Not introduced till book 2.

Her Mother would kill her if she caught her hanging out with her boyfriend, the one they tried so hard to keep her away from by sending her away to a ward.
She looked behind her, and let out a sigh of relief when she realized he was no longer after her. He was the reason she got sent there to begin with. He had emotionally pushed her over the edge.
My Parents,’ I know did it to protect me, but they just can’t protect me from him. We will always cross paths, and he will always find me. ‘’Cause we will always have secrets, that’s what got me into this mess. There is no escaping him either. He can influence my actions from afar, like I am his puppet, and he the puppeteer.
I am blood bonded to him and I have to do whatever he wants, no matter how much I want to refuse his wishes I can’t. I can run from him, yes but I can’t control my life maybe before, but not after I met him. He influences my choices especially the choices that worst affect me.
She never ran from anything, just him because it was him she feared. She had killed and she had done it for someone else, someone she loved. The question she asked herself now was why.
But she didn’t know why. Maybe because she knew her parents’ wouldn’t come for her and she wanted out; Maybe because she loved him, or maybe just because she owed him for getting her out of there.
She went through the list of possibilities and knew only one truly fit her situation now. Her life was on the line, or it would be if she didn’t do what he asked of her.

“She was in for it now!” she thought to herself or at least she would be when she got home.
Something in her head made her deny the feeling of guilt left behind from killing an innocent.
“No, no, no! Don’t be silly. You needed to do this, or else he probably would’ve hurt you in that ward, probably killed you. You had no choice,” she tried to reassure herself that it was an accident, but it hadn’t been she had done it on purpose.
She felt her neck, finding two small holes she shivered at the feel of them. They were his mark, from when he had drawn her blood all those years ago… He wasn’t the best decision she made, and he wasn’t the best person for her to get to know.
She would always be thinking of what she could’ve done differently to help the girl, the one who had died by her hands. There was nothing she could do differently almost as if knowing him was meant to be.
He was getting to her head and there was no one who would believe her and the Psychiatric Ward was the last place she wanted to end up, again.
She had wanted to be on her best behavior because she knew that if she were caught again she would be sent back.
She hadn’t killed because she wanted to do it, but because she needed to find solace in herself and solace with him. His eyes were everywhere and he would always watch her… his pawn.

It was cold and dark and she was alone. I pitied her. So I decided to enter her room.
She was tied down a strait jacket secured her to a hospital bed. She fought with all her might to free herself from her restraints, cutting her wrists but other than that she didn’t succeed in freeing herself.
She must’ve heard my footsteps, because she shouted, “Who’s there?” her voice sounded nervous when she spoke.
I put on a smile and ignoring her question I asked, “Are you going to invite me in?” I smiled again, hiding my fangs.
“Yes, yes you can come in,” she said invitingly. She would regret those words.
As soon as she saw what she was looking at, she panicked. She didn’t panic at the sight of him; she panicked instead at the coolness to his hands on top of hers.
She shivered, “You feel cold,” she told him.
He got down on his knees, and looked at her in her eyes.
“Please,” she pleaded with him.
He released her face bringing his arm to his side.
“You fear me,” he concluded.
She shook her head and tears made their way to her eyes as she spoke. “No, I don’t fear you, I fear myself,” I whispered.
“What are you in for?” he asked her.
“I-I murder. I killed someone,” she stammered.
“I know,” he told her.
“Excuse me?” she asked him, suspicious now.
He ignored her question again and didn’t bother to hold her down because the restraints already were.
He put a hand on her chin to hold it still, or to get her to look at him she wasn’t sure which.
“What are you doing?” she yelled, more nervous than scared.
He undid her restraints which held her by cutting them with his pocket knife.
She was shocked and she was free from this place but not without a price.
“Thank you,” I told him.
He paid me no mind.
“Get up!” he yelled.
I obeyed; he didn’t look like the type to mess with.
“Your freedom doesn’t come without a price of my choosing,” he informed her.
“What do you want?” I asked him.
“Come here,” he ordered me.
I stepped toward him, and his cold hands wrapped around my neck as he pulled me toward him.
“What are you doing?” I wondered.
He sunk his teeth into my neck and as he did this, I wanted to scream and run for my life, but I didn’t and he wouldn’t let me. And I was meant for this getting into trouble, I mean.
He released me; he had marked me with a mark that would distinguish me from the rest. I was still conscious enough to hear him say,” You tell me you regret killing, but even I know you are no Christian. If you regret it as much as you say you do you won’t do it again,” he told her.
“I promise,” she said, quickly.
“Do not make a promise you cannot keep,” he warned her,” You will not kill when someone is meant to cause you harm but no one can keep that promise when it comes to survival,” he pointed out. “Everyone wants to survive no matter what the cost is.”
He was right too. She didn’t keep the promise she had broken it. My mother may have secrets of her own, but so do I. He came to me that night.

She had broken her promise because she was meant to do just that, break things as well as destroy them. She had killed out of fear; fear for her own life, fear for those closest to her, and a fear that he wouldn’t forgive her for abandoning him, and didn’t love her for doing just that.
She wanted to remain in his favor not destroy it, but he would send her over the edge. She killed to live and killed for him.
She heard footsteps in the distance but didn’t turn around as she stared into the lake water what was once one face became two.
“I knew you’d come,” she said and without looking him in the face she got to the point. “I’ve been waiting for you. What is it you want?” I asked, finally looking at him.
“A favor,” he smiled showing his venomous teeth only to her because she was the only human he trusted.
“What do I get for this favor?” I asked, wrapping my arms around Eric.
“Your life, my grace the bite; Do you want the bite?” he asked her.
Her hand flew to her neck tracing the mark from teeth, His teeth?
She couldn’t quite remember what happened.
She gasped. “That’s impossible,” she shivered. “You can’t be_” She broke off.
“But I am,” he told her, moving toward her. “I’m not who you think I am.”
Her eyes were wide with fear, now. Another body fell to the ground, dead only to reveal his true identity his red eyes.
She already knew what he was, the teeth gave it away; but her boyfriend Eric, never would’ve hurt her.
She screamed it was her boyfriend Eric who lay there.

She collapsed as her feet gave out from under her, and cried.
She whispered sweet, reassuring things like, “Oh Eric, not you too,” she looked at him angrily as he approached her.
She got up quickly from the ground and advanced toward him and shouted at him,” Why are you doing this?”
He answered her. “I need blood to survive that all it is; besides that boy was no good for you, my Daughter,” he smiled and it was venomous. “Bad luck will always follow you. I will always find you.” he told her. I don’t think your mother will give you up, willingly.”
She shivered at the thought of him showing up everywhere she’d ever been. But otherwise, she ignored it.
“I know what I want,” she concluded.
“And what’s that?” he asked.

“I want you to change him,” she told him.
“You make a hard bargain. I can’t do that,” he informed her.
“And why is that?” she asked.
“He’s dead with no breath left in him. I would do anything for you, my child if only you would come with me. But I can’t save him,” he said.
“You’re a monster, a vampire not to be trusted,” she told him.
He was not too far behind her, now. He spoke: “Tell me, why is it you fear me. Is it because you fear you’ll have the same fate as poor Eric?” he asked, closing his hand around her wrist, before she could pull it away.
“We could share him, you know,” he told her.
“I was born, not bit,” she pointed out.
“That can be arranged,” he told her, brushing his cool fingers across her throat.
“You’re sick,” she told him through clenched teeth.
“You know you want to. Don’t fight it,” she closed her eyes for a moment.
When he didn’t release her wrist, she swung and hitting him in the gut, he finally released her and she had run.
“I’ll never be a vampire, she told him from afar, “but whatever you want, I’m sure it can be arranged,” she told him.
“If only you knew, my dearest and only daughter,” he thought to himself he smiled.
She ran to her front window where she climbed through it. Her house key slid from her pants pocket and onto a pile of grass.
She paid no mind to him now that she was safe inside the walls of her bedroom.
He smiled as he spotted the key, his cool fingers closed around it. A way to get in for him; but no way for her to get out.

My Mother Chandra was an athletic, tall and beautiful woman. She was also carefree, wild, and disobedient.
She often ran in the forest behind our house every morning before breakfast, and this time she would meet someone from her past.
She didn’t take her normal route through the woods today, the person she would meet unintentionally would change her life forever…
She was running at full speed, but she came to a dead stop when an awful smell of decay filled her nostrils.
For some reason it made her want to speak up and say something. But no words came out, and as she was overwhelmed by the smell of decay bile gathered in her closed mouth.
When she couldn’t hold back the feeling of sickness to her stomach anymore, she puked next to the source of the smell: a body. The body was that of a blonde haired and blue eyed girl. She screamed in terror when she first saw the eyes of the dead girl.
“Hello?” no answer, but the second time he would reply.
“Hello?” she called again.
There was a quick movement of feet from somewhere behind her, but before she could turn around to see their face, a masculine hand already covered her mouth and a cold knife was already to her throat.
“You’re caught in the middle, always in my way and I don’t like it!”
She shuddered and tried to find her voice, but still nothing came.
“You shouldn’t be here,” his voice warned her, almost like he was concerned for her wellbeing.
He began to lightly press his knife blade on her throat on the smoother side of it. He just wanted to scare her after all, not harm her.
“You better not tell anyone about this, or you’ll pay I promise you that,” he spat menacingly.
He took his pocket knife and began to sheathe and unsheathe it in thought. He then threw her backwards on the ground, where she fell like she weighed nothing.
He advanced on her, as she began to crawl away. “Do you really think I care about human lives?” he directed the question at her.
“You must care about something,” she insisted.
He looked at her in shock as if she had spit on him.
“You think I care about you? You are human, so you are nothing! he yelled. “If you tell I will know about it. And one of your family members will pay, I promise. I can make you feel their pain worse than they feel it, so don’t cross me,” his words were venomous.
She began to fight, until he voluntarily let her go. She stumbled, nearly falling on her face.
“Oh, and Chandra,” she turned to face him. “I’ll be watching you. Meet me at The Eternal Night club tomorrow night. Maybe we can forget any of this happened and get on each other’s good side. You never know, it could actually be fun.”

The author's comments:
Still a work in progress..

Two things he said ran through her mind: One of your family members will pay. You think I care about you? You are human, so you are nothing! Don’t cross me,” and last but not least, the disgusted look he gave her.
She never thought a human could be so hostile toward another and yet here she was getting ready to go see him.
She twirled around in the mirror to look at herself from all angles in her long, black silk dress. She also had on her favorite black heels and her face was made up.
She informed my Step Father that she was going out but she didn’t say where she was going ‘’cause where she was going, she was forbidden to go.
He didn’t ask where she was headed ‘’cause he didn’t care as long as she stayed away from a night club called Eternal Night, where he worked and was once bitten and spared by a vampire. That’s another story for another day.
She would meet him there where she would remember him and learn to hate everything about him.
Chandra travelled in the cold darkening night until she came to a bar called Eternal Night.
She threw open the door hoping for a minute she’d get lost in the music and crowd.
Maybe they’d go on an actual date, though she hadn’t been on one since him. She didn’t know his face, his face was a blur and his name she didn’t know either. She was drunk by the time he entered her bed and forgetful by the time he left it.
She went home not too long after and a few months later, her small stomach took the place of a round one. Any normal husband would’ve taken notice of the change but as normal, caring husbands went Jim wasn’t the kind.
When I was born, my Father took one long look at me, and said, “She’s not mine. She can’t be mine. She’s too pale to be mine,” he had told her.
“She’s not, I adopted her,” she reassures him.
So my Father eventually became my Step Father. I knew she only made the adoption story up to cover up her slip.
He slipped after my birth and went out for drinks so often that it didn’t surprise my Mother much when he came home late.
One night when my Step Father went out for drinks he was offered the bite, by the same person whom I would fall in love with. But right now his name’s not known all I know is, I would love him. How do I know so much about him, you ask? I was there at Eternal Night. I wasn’t supposed to be there, but I was.
I ran up to the vampire. “Daddy, no,” I had yelled, he didn’t look at me, but said,” What are you doing here, Ally go home,” he shooed her away.
But I was persistent. “Daddy, why are you doing this? Don’t play his game. Don’t be his pawn. Please look at me, Daddy am I that much of a burden on you?” I had asked him.
He didn’t answer me anymore.
I had run out of there as soon as I saw the vampire push my Step Dad away after he’d drunk his fill.
I put my face in my hands, confused and alone as I felt I cried. I didn’t look where I was going, and ran right into an Ever Night bus boy the one who was known as Eric. That is how I met Eric and that is why he died. He died because he’d known me and my Father my real Father not my Step Father had no mercy toward humans.
He didn’t think any human was good enough for me, his only immortal daughter.
“Miss, Miss you look terribly distraught. May I buy you a drink?” he had kind eyes, unlike those of my Step dad who only seemed to push me away instead of holding me closer. If only this boy knew what he was talking to?
“Miss,” his voice called me back to reality. I finally answered him. “Yes, that would be nice,” and he led me away by the arm. Anyway, enough of that let’s get back to my Mother Chandra’s problem.
She looked around for the man she’d only briefly met just the other night. She didn’t want to be here but her fear for her family kept her searching for him.
Finally, she found them. Them, She thought, whatever happened to just the two of them?
She began to walk toward them but they both headed toward the nearest exit. Stupidly, she followed them.
“Hey you,” What is your name I demand to know, now! And whatever happened to it being just the two of us? What’s he doing here? What ever happened to making up, pretending nothing happened?” all her questions came out fast.
He didn’t answer them, just stared at her.
“Come here,” he ordered her, “so you can see my face as I speak to you!” he yelled.
She stood there for a moment, not moving from that spot. Then she felt herself move toward him. When she was just inches from his face, he spoke,” Leaving her in that Ward wasn’t the best thing for her. That Eric boy that she fell in love with _” he shook his head disapprovingly. “Has more Secrets than any one vampire I know,” he reassured her. “Not to worry though, I took care of him,” he told her, followed him one night, found him said he was going to see her. Then I killed him, drained his blood.”
“Who are you?” she stammered in disbelief.
“Her Father; How else do you think I know so much about her life?” he asked her.
“But you can’t be, I didn’t_” she tried to find the words and couldn’t.
“Expect me to be a vampire?” he finished for her. “Yeah, I get that a lot. Listen to me, I want you to stop lying to her and tell her the truth. She hates you, you know always has,” he told her.
“I was trying to protect her,” she objected.
“You can’t protect her from this,” he informed her. “She is already in more trouble than she can afford to be in.” he told her.
Soon after he said this, both of them had her cornered against the wall the worst place to be at a time like this.
“You weren’t supposed to be here. Human’s and their vulnerability,” he laughed.
“I told you I wasn’t going to tell anyone-“she broke off when she felt his cold hands around her neck.
“That’s just it. She needs to know who she really is,” he told her.
“No, I can’t,” she told him.
“If she doesn’t learn my ways from me, there will always be others like me who can teach her. If you don’t tell her, I will,” he said. “And it will be a lot worse for you. Maybe I didn’t actually take care of Eric, maybe he’s wandering around these woods right now trying to find his way back to her. Maybe that was some other dead boy. She belongs in our world, not yours,” he pointed out.
She shivered at his words.
He turned toward the boy and said, “Thorne, remember what we’re doing. There’s no backing out now. When I took you in I gave you a home, now you must repay that hospitality by achieving your first kill.”
“But- But- that wasn’t the plan,” he replied nervously.
“It is now. You’ve lasted this long, why disappoint me now?” he pointed out.
He was ignoring Thorne now, and ignoring her now too but he hadn’t forgotten her presence. But she broke into a run trying her luck.
Unfortunately, she was stopped dead when his hand grabbed her throat, without fail. She tried to take a breath, but couldn’t until he let go of her.
Then he struck her hard in the face.
“You want to compromise for what you saw, don’t you?” he asked her.
“I would rather die, than make up with you,” she said, sounding bitter. And she spit on his face. This action made him angry so he yanked her up from the ground by her hair.
He then almost tenderly put her hair behind her shoulders. Then there was that knife again and all the tenderness in his touch was gone. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” she yelled.
“I’m not.”
I changed not because of the full moon but because of the anger I fet toward the man.
I scratched my tormentors face with my wolf claws.
I pounced on him, sticking him with a claw in his gut as a warning I said,” The only reason I haven’t killed you is you have a daughter and your blood is not worth dirtying my hands with.”
She then ran in the opposite direction toward her house realizing she made a mistake… not only had she spit on him, she had scratched his face and insulted his blood. No human or any creature for that matter would’ve said those words to him, the most respected vampire that existed especially if they wanted to stay in his good graces… she had had her fair warning.
To be continued…

Chandra’s husband Jim was working late the night it happened. Ally, Chandra’s daughter was in a deep sleep again as usual so she probably wouldn’t hear a thing of what he said.
Her Mother had left the window open to let in some cool air. She was reading one of her cheesy romance novels in the light of her bedside lamp; when she finished and found a stopping place in her book, she turned off her bedside lamp and hit the hay. She didn’t notice him come in until she heard heavy boots move across the hardwood floor of her bedroom.
At first she was happy because she thought her husband was home for the night and didn’t have to go back to his dreadful job as a bartender at Eternal Night where he’d even seen a few fight break out, with many of them ending in death. He hated his job, but it was the only work they would hire a vampire for.
She said the first thing that came to her mind. “Hey baby, I’m so happy you’re home from your job at Eternal Night,” she exclaimed happily. But her stomach clenched and unclenched when there was no answer.
After a while there were still no words exchanged from either of them.
“Baby?” she asked, her question hanging in the air.
When there was still no answer for the thousandth time, she began to make her way toward her night stand to switch on her bedside lamp, when she did his face was right up in hers. “You lied to me.” he yelled at her sternly.
“No-I didn’t,” she began to deny his words.
“Yes, you did, he insisted, “I trusted you to tell the truth to her. But you kept it all to yourself.” He told her.
“My husband doesn’t know about the dead girl, I swear!” she pleaded, when he closed the space between them.
“No, this doesn’t have anything to do with your husband. Tell me, how do you know our daughter didn’t murder that girl? She got in with that bad boy, Eric, her boyfriend whom you tried to keep her away from.” He informed her. “Why keep us a secret?” he wondered aloud.
“I have to,” she told him, “or my marriage will be over.”
“He may not know about us, but he knows something. The way he looks at her, the way he pushes her away.” He reasoned with her. “he knows she’s not his kid,” he concluded.
“I saw her on the trail, she dropped this,” he held the key out to her, before pocketing it again. “Enough talk,” and he tore off down the hallway toward his sleeping daughter’s room.
She could hear her daughter’s screams as she was finally torn from her deep sleep. “Let me go!” she yelled.
Chandra could hear her pleas and hated to see her dragged in the middle of something like this.
She tore off down the hallway after him. When she reached him, he already had his knife held to her throat.
“Mom, what’s going on?” Ally asked her.

“Be quiet a minute,” she warned her daughter. “Alright you got my attention, now what is it you want?”
“Her, I want her.” He told her as a car pulled in the driveway he pushed his daughter toward her Mother and left out the window, but he didn’t go far…
She didn’t bother to close the window and was still looking out it. When her husband entered, she collapsed onto the bed and cried as all of her secrets came crashing down around her.
“What’s going on, Chandra? Are you okay?” she asked wrapping his arms around her.

For a minute none of them knew what to say.
“Well?” her husband demanded.
“I didn’t want you to see me fall apart.” She stammered.
“I don’t care. You can fall apart in my arms and I’ll just hold you. I love you no matter what mistakes you’ve made.” He promised.
He turned to his step daughter and spoke. “Ally, do you have anything to say?” he asked.
Her Mother was looking at her intensely, begging her not to say anything about her close encounter with death.
She didn’t know what would happen if she didn’t; the walls were closing in and her time window to clear her name was small and it was risky.
She began to stammer, “Uh-uh_” was all she could manage to say.
“Spit it out.” He pressed her.
“I-“she stopped as she saw a shadow cross to the outside window. He wasn’t peering in but he was listening.
“I was threatened with a knife. She saved me.” she told her stepfather.
She couldn’t stop looking out the window and wondering about the life that would await her outside. He was here, to talk to her alone.
“What are you looking at?” her stepfather asked her.
“It’s nothing.” She replied, hoping she sounded unconcerned. She sighed, ready to spill the beans.
“You’re not my real Father, dad. I’m half immortal. Mom was having an affair when she got pregnant with me. In The Ward: I met with Eric where he freed me from that dreadful place; hired me to kill the blonde haired and blue eyed girl for him, but also for myself ‘’cause it was the only way he’d let me live. As for how he got inside tonight, I planted my key on the grass where my Father picked it up and had a copy of it made for Eric. You were the target, though, not Mom. The way you look at me; the way you push me away when all I want is your love. It doesn’t matter whose child I am! If he came back for me, I’d go with him. I hate you! I have power when I’m with Eric, and I love him.” She declared.
Come to me, love,” a masculine voice whispered through her mind.
“Now if you’ll excuse me-“she left silent once more and headed in the direction of her room. She didn’t know they’d both be waiting for her.

The author's comments:
To be continued in Part 2 in My Skin a story centered around Camille, Thorne, Richard and Ally.

She went to her bedroom and saw him standing by the open window; her face turned white.
“What’s the matter he asked, rhetorically. “You’ve done quite well. I’m quite pleased. He smiled, flashing his pointed teeth. “When I first saw you at Eternal Night, I knew you’d seen me change your Step Father. I knew you could keep a secret.”
“You wouldn’t hurt me, Eric. You love me. You wouldn’t_”
He cut me off putting his cool finger to my lips and made a shushing sound.
“I don’t care about pointless human lives, but yours I could never live with if I ended it.” He reassured her.
“Neither do I,” I told him.
“That’s my girl,” he said, “now come with me, there is much to discuss.”
She followed him, and it would be a big mistake. She followed him anyway, not even thinking about the consequences she would face.
He sunk his teeth into me as soon as he knew I had fallen under his seductive gaze. He then released me from his grip and placing me onto the bed he disappeared but didn’t go too far it was part of the plan.
There was a knock on the door which made her jump up,” Come in Mom,” I said invitingly.
She opened the door and stepped inside. She gasped at the sight of my bruised, punctured neck. “What happened to your neck? Are those self-inflicted?” she demanded.
“Him Mom, and if that means I’m in love with a vampire then so be it.” I shouted, carelessly.
She began to scream, “Jim!” and he’d come racing into my bedroom.
“What the hell_” he broke off.
“Get out of my house!” my Mother yelled.
“You can’t just kick her out!” her Father objected.
Eric climbed back through the open window, then.
“I thought you were dead.” She said in disbelief.
“No, I’m not,” he turned toward her Step Father, who had a grin on his face.
“You, you think this is funny; we are just some kind of joke? Pitiful, stupid Human; you’re nothing to me. I gave you the bite. I can take it away just as easy as I gave it. You are not worthy of us, but you are us.” He hissed, angrily.
He then picked up my Step Father like he weighed nothing, and threw him through the window. I made my way toward Eric, and tried to stop him. It was too late.
I panicked, “Daddy, no!” I ran toward the window and looked out it in search for him.
“Babe,” he said, grabbing my arm.
I ripped my arm from his grip. His touch was no longer known to me. “No, stay back,” she broke his gaze even though it was meant to hold hers.
“Babe, you know he wasn’t worthy of the bite. He insulted our kind. You are meant to be among our kind. Baby, please.” He pleaded.
She finally looked at him. “Get out!” she yelled.
“I’m not going anywhere without you!” he declared.
“Yes you are!” and I grabbed the nearest sharp object I could find and stabbed him purposely missing his heart. I didn’t want to kill him after all; I didn’t have the heart to kill anymore. I had known what I was doing was wrong and the only way to stop the madness was to cut ties with Eric altogether. Eric being the only one, who had shown her compassion, had set her free from that place.
“Eric, I-I can’t do this anymore. What we’re doing is wrong, and you know it. I don’t know you anymore. This thing you’ve become, it’s evil and I don’t like it. Goodbye Eric.”
She climbed up on the open window sill, and slid, but he grabbed her arm and she cut his fingers with a knife and he released her.
She began to run, run for her life only stopping by her Step Father’s stiff like body. “I’m so sorry,” she heard footsteps behind her, and it was Eric, she knew.
He grabbed her by both of her arms, and began to drag her away, and she fought elbowing him in the side of his face, he released me.
I started running again; he caught my throat again, pushing me into the back of a tree. “You want the bite, yes?” he asked her.
“Please Eric, you wouldn’t_” he forced her head back and she gritted her teeth. “What happened to you, you used to be so sweet.” I informed him.
Someone came up from behind Eric, stabbing him with his own knife. It was my own Father, my real Father. I smiled. My Father had rescued me from a death that was worse than dying: Eternal Life. He had another boy by the collar of his shirt and Eric lifted up off the ground grasped in his other hand. He threw Eric backwards at full force into the tree.
He said, “Ally, I don’t want harm to come to my only half immortal Daughter. I just want what’s best for you. Pick one.” He urged her.
“One what,” I asked him.
“One of these two to be with and the other dies,” he told her.
“No, Daddy. I don’t want to kill either of them_” He cut her off.
“He almost bit you!” He shouted.
“Daddy, no it’s where I belong. I don’t want to hurt people anymore. I will go with you. Eric should be dead, but I won’t let you kill him.” She told him.
“Why?” he wanted to know.
“The Bite’s the only way I can protect my Family.” She told him.
“What do you mean?” he wondered.
“I mean you can’t part us, he’s drawn blood. If you killed him, it would hurt me a great deal.” She said.
She ordered Eric forward again, “Come here,” she told him.
He stepped forward, wrapping his arms around me, pulling me toward him.
“Do it, you’re right. I belong in your world, not here.” I told him.
As he was about to bite me, I took out a knife from my pocket and stabbed it through his heart and twisted it.
He let out a cry, and fell backwards and his skin turned to ash, mixing in with the sand.
“Goodbye, Eric. I love you, but I just couldn’t do that anymore.” She said, apologetically.
“You let that boy go,” I told him, “he is the one I want to be with forever. I told my real Father. “You can go now too, I have no reason to go with you now. Eric’s dead. Thanks for saving my ass.” I told him appreciatively. “My Step Father he needs me. Eric hurt him, pretty bad.” I informed him.
I belonged in his world, not mine but I wasn’t ready to leave what I had left in the human world just yet… The worst thing for him was that he knew me, and as he had gotten to know me, I had played his game like I was his Pawn on a chessboard. I had beaten him at his own game with my very blood.

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