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The Devil's Pawn

Author's note: I finished this for a friend. I wrote it for anyone who has a soft spot for Mystery/Thrillers.
Author's note: I finished this for a friend. I wrote it for anyone who has a soft spot for Mystery/Thrillers.  « Hide author's note
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Mysterious Marks

She went to her bedroom and saw him standing by the open window; her face turned white.
“What’s the matter he asked, rhetorically. “You’ve done quite well. I’m quite pleased. He smiled, flashing his pointed teeth. “When I first saw you at Eternal Night, I knew you’d seen me change your Step Father. I knew you could keep a secret.”
“You wouldn’t hurt me, Eric. You love me. You wouldn’t_”
He cut me off putting his cool finger to my lips and made a shushing
To be continued in Part 2 in My Skin a story centered around Camille, Thorne, Richard and Ally.
“I don’t care about pointless human lives, but yours I could never live with if I ended it.” He reassured her.
“Neither do I,” I told him.
“That’s my girl,” he said, “now come with me, there is much to discuss.”
She followed him, and it would be a big mistake. She followed him anyway, not even thinking about the consequences she would face.
He sunk his teeth into me as soon as he knew I had fallen under his seductive gaze. He then released me from his grip and placing me onto the bed he disappeared but didn’t go too far it was part of the plan.
There was a knock on the door which made her jump up,” Come in Mom,” I said invitingly.
She opened the door and stepped inside. She gasped at the sight of my bruised, punctured neck. “What happened to your neck? Are those self-inflicted?” she demanded.
“Him Mom, and if that means I’m in love with a vampire then so be it.” I shouted, carelessly.
She began to scream, “Jim!” and he’d come racing into my bedroom.
“What the hell_” he broke off.
“Get out of my house!” my Mother yelled.
“You can’t just kick her out!” her Father objected.
Eric climbed back through the open window, then.
“I thought you were dead.” She said in disbelief.
“No, I’m not,” he turned toward her Step Father, who had a grin on his face.
“You, you think this is funny; we are just some kind of joke? Pitiful, stupid Human; you’re nothing to me. I gave you the bite. I can take it away just as easy as I gave it. You are not worthy of us, but you are us.” He hissed, angrily.
He then picked up my Step Father like he weighed nothing, and threw him through the window. I made my way toward Eric, and tried to stop him. It was too late.
I panicked, “Daddy, no!” I ran toward the window and looked out it in search for him.
“Babe,” he said, grabbing my arm.
I ripped my arm from his grip. His touch was no longer known to me. “No, stay back,” she broke his gaze even though it was meant to hold hers.
“Babe, you know he wasn’t worthy of the bite. He insulted our kind. You are meant to be among our kind. Baby, please.” He pleaded.
She finally looked at him. “Get out!” she yelled.
“I’m not going anywhere without you!” he declared.
“Yes you are!” and I grabbed the nearest sharp object I could find and stabbed him purposely missing his heart. I didn’t want to kill him after all; I didn’t have the heart to kill anymore. I had known what I was doing was wrong and the only way to stop the madness was to cut ties with Eric altogether. Eric being the only one, who had shown her compassion, had set her free from that place.
“Eric, I-I can’t do this anymore. What we’re doing is wrong, and you know it. I don’t know you anymore. This thing you’ve become, it’s evil and I don’t like it. Goodbye Eric.”
She climbed up on the open window sill, and slid, but he grabbed her arm and she cut his fingers with a knife and he released her.
She began to run, run for her life only stopping by her Step Father’s stiff like body. “I’m so sorry,” she heard footsteps behind her, and it was Eric, she knew.
He grabbed her by both of her arms, and began to drag her away, and she fought elbowing him in the side of his face, he released me.
I started running again; he caught my throat again, pushing me into the back of a tree. “You want the bite, yes?” he asked her.
“Please Eric, you wouldn’t_” he forced her head back and she gritted her teeth. “What happened to you, you used to be so sweet.” I informed him.
Someone came up from behind Eric, stabbing him with his own knife. It was my own Father, my real Father. I smiled. My Father had rescued me from a death that was worse than dying: Eternal Life. He had another boy by the collar of his shirt and Eric lifted up off the ground grasped in his other hand. He threw Eric backwards at full force into the tree.
He said, “Ally, I don’t want harm to come to my only half immortal Daughter. I just want what’s best for you. Pick one.” He urged her.
“One what,” I asked him.
“One of these two to be with and the other dies,” he told her.
“No, Daddy. I don’t want to kill either of them_” He cut her off.
“He almost bit you!” He shouted.
“Daddy, no it’s where I belong. I don’t want to hurt people anymore. I will go with you. Eric should be dead, but I won’t let you kill him.” She told him.
“Why?” he wanted to know.
“The Bite’s the only way I can protect my Family.” She told him.
“What do you mean?” he wondered.
“I mean you can’t part us, he’s drawn blood. If you killed him, it would hurt me a great deal.” She said.
She ordered Eric forward again, “Come here,” she told him.
He stepped forward, wrapping his arms around me, pulling me toward him.
“Do it, you’re right. I belong in your world, not here.” I told him.
As he was about to bite me, I took out a knife from my pocket and stabbed it through his heart and twisted it.
He let out a cry, and fell backwards and his skin turned to ash, mixing in with the sand.
“Goodbye, Eric. I love you, but I just couldn’t do that anymore.” She said, apologetically.
“You let that boy go,” I told him, “he is the one I want to be with forever. I told my real Father. “You can go now too, I have no reason to go with you now. Eric’s dead. Thanks for saving my ass.” I told him appreciatively. “My Step Father he needs me. Eric hurt him, pretty bad.” I informed him.
I belonged in his world, not mine but I wasn’t ready to leave what I had left in the human world just yet… The worst thing for him was that he knew me, and as he had gotten to know me, I had played his game like I was his Pawn on a chessboard. I had beaten him at his own game with my very blood.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 8 9 10

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