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Red Rain, Glass Dogs and Rats

Author's note: I wrote these for three of my best friends (I won't post their names up here) and they're...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote these for three of my best friends (I won't post their names up here) and they're dedicated to them.
Happy Halloween, all year round, when you read these creepy stories!  « Hide author's note
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The Glass Dog

Jackie hated her grandmother’s clear glass poodle ornament. It had two real emeralds for eyes that glinted in the light, and a ruby for a nose and a diamond collar. According to her grandmother, it was one of a kind, an antique and very valuable, but Jackie avoided it whenever she came to visit.
Her grandmother lived in Nova Scotia, Canada. Jackie’s parents forced her to go visit every summer, to the crumbling shack at the edge of the sea. There was a television, but no cable, no satellite and no DVD or VHS players. The windows were cracked and dust had collected on the windowsill. The kitchen smelled bad and Jackie’s guest room was musty, with cobwebs on the ceiling. She used to have nightmares as a kid about zombies crawling in through the hole in the wall right beside her bed, next to her pillow, and it still creeped her out just to think about it.
“Jackie dear, let me tell you about my glass dog.” Her grandmother beckoned. Rolling her eyes and groaning, Jackie turned off her music player and sat on the musty couch next to her grandmother to hear the same story again.
“When I was a teenager, your age, I went to New York City. It was 1950. The sky was clear and blue, and the sun was shining over the skyscrapers. Oh, how beautiful it looked at night, the city lights flashing, making the smoke from factory smokestacks turn random colors. It was fantastic. Anyway, just before we left, I saw the glass poodle in the window of a jewelry store, and my mother bought it for me. She told me always to keep it. Then on the way home, she just died, for no reason. Ever since then, I could feel her spirit was with me in the dog.” Her grandmother sighed.
“Well, thanks for telling me the story, granny. I’m going to go call my friend, Vinnie.” Jackie muttered, trying to get away.
“Wait, Jackie. I want you to keep it.” Her grandmother exclaimed, holding up the glass dog. “No thanks, granny.” Jackie replied, trying to get out of it, but the look on her grandmother’s face was weird looking, as if Jackie’s life depended on the glass poodle.
“Have it Jackie, because it’s very important. Pass it on when it’s your turn.” Her grandmother commanded.
“What do you mean, granny?” Jackie asked, carefully taking the glass dog and putting it in her pocket. “Granny?”
Her grandmother had died.
The next day, Jackie got off the airplane that went from Nova Scotia to San Francisco, California. She had called the police, and they contacted her parents. Her grandmother had been taken away, and the house was going to be given to her when she grew up. She still had the glass dog in her pocket.
“Mom, Dad, thank God you’re back! It was so creepy, and I had to sleep at the police station all night! The fat homicide detective who worked there fell asleep too, and he snored.” Jackie moaned, shuddering at just the memory of it. “Granny gave me this, it’s the weird glass poodle she had.”
Jackie held up the dog, letting the sunlight shine on it. The emerald eyes were radiant, positively glowing. Her mother and father stood there crying, mourning the loss of the grandmother.
Her grandmother’s story echoed in her mind, about New York City and the jewelry store. It was a big surprise that anybody would want a thing like that, but if it was her grandmother’s last wish, Jackie would keep it.
Then she saw it, something so horrible and terrifying, it made her scream…
Her grandmother’s reflection was in the glass dog, her face like a wrinkled prune. Jackie dropped the dog, and it thudded to the ground, cracking in half. A horrible moaning noise escaped it, making everyone in the airport cover their ears and squeal. The ghost of her grandmother drifted out of it, and up into the air, vanishing, while screaming, “I told you to keep it!”
Finally the noise stopped. Jackie stood there, afraid to move, staring down at the dog. One of the little emeralds had fallen out, leaving the dog one-eyed, and the ruby had a scratch on the surface now.
Before she could even scream, the airplane tipped over, as if some huge invisible force had pulled it down, on top of Jackie. As everyone began to scream and cry and run away, the dog vanished into thin air, leaving behind just the single emerald eye in the middle of the airplane runway.
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