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The Sins of a Politician

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Chapter VI:


Jameson stood there, watching Billy look for some way out. Then he broke out in laughter. “A vampire? Are you serious?”

“Very, Governor Pierce,” said Billy. “Now, will you be serious and listen to me. It wasn’t Jameson Pierce, popular governor who killed Dr. Watkins last night. It was Jamie Pierce, deadly undead creature.”

Jameson then got frustrated. “There is no evidence that I did kill Dr. Watkins last night. The only evidence that I have heard about is a video someone apparently took, and if I was a vampire, that would not have shown up on video.”

“Have you actually seen the video? Did Patrick ever actually see it himself?” taunted Billy.

“I don’t think so,” replied Jameson, who still acted like Billy was crazy but was actually getting worried.

“Then how do you know you actually did show up on the video?” said Billy, who turned around to face Jameson. “We are both in danger if we don’t get out of here by nightfall.”

“I don’t believe you about actually being a vampire or anything,” said Jameson.

“However, I will help and try to escape.”

“Jameson, if I am correct in my assumption, and I usually am, you will actually be semi-conscious tonight,” said Billy. “You will, however, not be able to control yourself.”

“You’re crazy,” said Jameson as he walked over to Billy.

“Have it your way,” sighed Billy. “Just help me break open this wall.”

“Very well,” said a frustrated Jameson. “And how, exactly, do you plan on breaking down a stone wall?”

Billy looked around the room, and sighed. “The only thing we really have in this room is the cot, and that isn’t strong enough.”

“It is the only thing that we have,” said Jameson, suddenly determined.

Jameson walked over to the cot, and picked it up. The cot had it’s legs made of metal, and though it was only iron, it could break open at least a little of the stone. “Come here and help me pull some of this iron off, Billy,” said Jameson.

“Let’s hope this works,” replied Billy, unsure of the plan.

Billy pulled off one of the legs, and Jameson pulled off another. Then, Billy directed Jameson to a place he thought looked weak enough that they could get through some of the stone. Jameson found a little crevasse that looked like he could get some stone out of, and Billy found another, and they began to pull on the stone as if they were using a crowbar. Eventually, they were able to pull some stone out and there was a little hole of daylight. Then they stopped pulling for a couple of minutes. Jameson noticed that Billy stepped away from the light as the sun shined through.

“Well, we got the first part done,” said Jameson while still breathing heavily. “Now, you have been here longer, how many guards are usually posted?”

“Well, Pierce, I actually don’t know what the latest number is,” replied Billy. “The last time I attempted an escape, there were four guards at one time.”

“What do you mean ‘the last time I tried to escape’?” asked Jameson.

“Well, I have tried to escape from here at least twenty times, and succeeded seven,” answered Billy. “I am a master of escaping, and every time of escaping, successful or not, I chose the night as a time I actually leave. At this point, it is necessary that I leave at night. I have been in this confinement for three months, and I have barely seen light in all that time.”

“How do you plan to get out of here before nightfall then?” asked Jameson testily.

“I’m still figuring that out,” said Billy. “You definitely need to get out before nightfall and lock yourself somewhere.”

“I am not a vampire!” said Jameson, raising his voice again. “I am a falsely accused mayor who was arrested for political reasons!”

“Listen to me at once!” said Billy, equally as loud. “If one of us doesn’t get out of here before nightfall, then both of us will die.”

“If I am a vampire, then how am I supposed to got outside?” asked Jameson. “And since you said you can’t handle the sunlight right now, then how are we supposed to get out of here?”

“Well, it is possible to dig a tunnel,” said Billy slowly.

“I can see that going nowhere,” said Jameson. “I guess since Patrick took me to jail this morning, I guess I can handle the daytime.

“Just because you came out in the morning, that doesn’t prove you're not a vampire,” replied Billy, sitting down in a corner again. “The sun wasn’t out fully, but it is now. Neither of us can go outside, but for different reasons. We still need to find a way out of here. My thinking of breaking out through the wall was a little hasty, and maybe we should wait to make our move during the

“Well, I think you’re crazy, but I think you are necessary to get me out of here,” said Jameson with a slight grimace. “For the sake of argument, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, let’s say I am one of the undead vampires you speak of. I don’t feel any different right now.”

“That’s right,” said Billy as if he was remembering something. “I forgot. It takes four days after being bitten to fully turn into a vampire. You can still be out in the sunlight, though your reflection won’t show up anymore.”

“Can I handle a cross?” asked Jameson, almost mockingly.

“Absolutely not, and that goes for running water as well,” replied Billy. “Well, let’s continue to break out of here, but we only need to make the hole in the wall large enough for you to get through.”

“Thank you,” said Jameson politely.

“We have to have an understanding, though,” said Billy. “You must get me out of here by Saturday if I help you get out.”

“How will I protect you from the sunlight?” asked Jameson.

“Just get me at night,” said Billy.

“I thought I was a vampire,” said Jameson smiling. “You are just trying to scare me. Funny, but it won’t work.”

“Okay, then,” said Billy, changing his tone to sounding almost as though he was resenting Jameson.

“Just help me get out of here,” said a frustrated Jameson.

They then picked up the iron bars and began to pull on stone and opened up a hole in the wall that kept getting bigger. Billy kept standing to the side as the hole kept getting bigger. Eventually Billy just fell back as the sunlight was coming in so strong. The hole looked big enough at that point that Jameson could physically squeeze through. He looked out the hole to see what kind of coverage there was guarding outside. All he saw was one guard that was not looking over towards them. That made sense because they were on the side of the jail building.

“I’ll come back for you sometime, Billy,” said Jameson, then he began to crawl out of the small hole.

“You are a vampire, Pierce, I just hope you don’t find out the hard way,” said Billy mystically.

Jameson walked out of the hole and looked over at the guards. They seemed unknowing as anyone, and it was almost annoying how easy it was. In a way, it seemed almost too easy for Jameson. He saw that Billy was putting the stones back into the wall as he hid in the shadows so that the guards didn’t see him. Jameson then crept to the back of the building, and looked around at the fence.

The fence was made of barbed wire, but he would have to risk it in order to get out. He noticed that it had to be still mid morning, and he hoped that his wife wasn’t too frantic yet. He had nothing in his possession that could cut the wire, and that would mean he would have to climb without making too much of a mess in terms of blood, and he couldn’t make a whimper because of the inevitable bleeding that would take place. He saw another guard that was pacing back and forth in front of the fence, and he looked around for something that could knock him out so he wouldn’t be trying to stop him from escaping as he was climbing. He found a medium size but heavy stone lying on the ground beside him.

Jameson picked up the stone quietly while hiding in the shadows on the side of the prison. He peeked around quickly to get his point of reference for throwing. He only had one shot and he had to do it right. He saw how the guard was walking back and forth but never actually stopping, which made things slightly more difficult. Jameson then hid back in the shadows and thought about how to aim it right. He decided that the only way to do it correctly was to actually attempt to throw it right.

So he peeked his head around and looked at the guard who hadn’t seen him yet. He raised the stone above his head in a ready throwing position. He then pulled his arm behind his back, gaining some momentum before he let go of the stone. He watched as the stone flew through the air and glided across the sky while keeping his fingers crossed. The guard then seemed to notice the stone, but it was coming too fast for him to react. Jameson watched and actually thought it was going to hit him squarely in the head, but as the stone hit the guard, it wasn’t in the head, but rather in the arm. The guard then let out a yelp of pain, and pulled out his shotgun, ready to fire.

Jameson didn’t stop to think about what to do, but rather just did. He sprinted almost as the stone hit the guards arm to the fence and began to climb. It was a pain that he had never experienced before, as the barbed wire dug into his skin and caught on his clothes to rip them apart. Once the guard was done yelping in pain, Jameson noticed that other guards had arrived to assist the guard in whatever ways he needed. Jameson climbed faster as he noticed gunshots were being fired around him. His clothes were almost completely ripped as he got to the top of the fence.

At the top of the fence, he looked down at the ground which had to be six feet below at least, and knew that he had to jump right away, but he hesitated. As he was thinking about jumping, one of the gunshots hit him in the shoulder, and the force caused him to fall to the ground. He could feel the blood coming out of his left shoulder and it was pain even worse than the barbed wire of the fence. He saw the guards running toward him and they opened the gate. Jameson then picked himself up and began to run back to the city.

He found that the guards did not try to just chase him all across the town, but they decided to get in their police cruisers and drive after him. Jameson looked around as he was running for a place to hide, but it was hard to find somewhere. He couldn’t just go back to his house, because that would be the first place they would look. He saw then that there was a police cruiser right behind him and he ran into a small area of woods that he saw on the side of the road.
In there, he saw that it was actually larger than he thought, and he slowed to a walk in order to catch his breath. He looked around for a little while, while listening for anyone possibly coming to look for him. He simply looked around for anywhere he could possibly stay for the rest of the day. He hoped his wife wasn’t panicking, and that his son was doing better. He would have to spend the rest of the day until nightfall in the woods, and he found a perfect little alcove in the side of a hill that he could stay for the day and night. He thought that it was deep enough in the woods that the police would look elsewhere. He just had to wait until the middle of the night.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6

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