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The Sins of a Politician

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Bad Dreams

Chapter IV:

Bad Dreams

Jameson walked inside and upstairs to Julie and Anthony in Anthony’s bedroom. Anthony had already gone to sleep and he was being watched over by Julie, while Jameson crept into the room quietly to talk to his wife. He noticed she was crying quietly, but it wasn’t a sad or depressed cry, but rather a cry of worry and despair.

“It’s alright, Julie,” said Jameson, leaning down to comfort his wife. “Anthony is back.”

“I know,” said Julie, wiping the tears from her eyes. “It’s just I can clearly see that it was no random act of violence that Anthony got kidnapped. It was because he was your son!”

“I understand that,” said Jameson. “There are other problems at hand, though. I am not at liberty to tell you, but just understand that there are other problems.”

“Tell me tomorrow morning then,” said Julie. “I am tired, so I think I will head off to bed.”

“I think I’ll do the same,” said Jameson.

With that, they went to bed and went to sleep, though it was not as good of sleep for Jameson as it was for Julie. He kept wondering who would frame him for the murder of his former challenger Charles Baker. He had to figure out with his campaign manager what was going on.

He went to sleep that night and it was a more restless sleep. He woke up at some point in the middle of the night, and went to check up on Anthony. When he got to Anthony’s room, however, Anthony was not in his bed. Jameson’s immediate thought was that he must have gone to the kitchen to get a drink or something. So Jameson went down to the kitchen to check up and make sure Anthony was indeed down there.

When he got there, however, he didn’t see Anthony, or at least he didn’t think he did. As he got to the bottom of the stairs, he saw that there was what appeared to be Anthony standing right outside the door. Jameson then went over to the door and opened it to let Anthony in. When Anthony got in, he walked over to the kitchen and turned to around facing the refrigerator, apparently oblivious to Jameson’s presence. Jameson then walked over towards Anthony and began to speak to him.

“Anthony, are you okay? What were you doing out there?” asked Jameson, which he would later regret.

As Anthony turned around, Jameson immediately took a step backward and nearly fell over the chair because of seeing Anthony in the light. It definitely at first glance looked like he was Anthony in normal light, but a Jameson got a closer look, there was something wrong. Anthony’s skin seemed all wrinkly and almost scaly, though he couldn’t tell for sure because it was still dark. But that wasn’t what caught Jameson’s attention. He stared at his son’s face with horror. Anthony’s eyes stared at him with a red glow, as though he was yearning something of his, and his teeth were longer than Jameson had ever known teeth to naturally be. His ears were also more pointed, almost like an elf in a fictional movie, and his overall appearance almost looked animal, including his fingernails, which at the moment looked more like talons than necessarily nails. Jameson then fell down and went unconscious.

When Jameson woke up the next morning, he was in his be comfortably next to his wife, who was still sleeping soundly. It was early morning, but the sunlight was starting to peer through the clouds. Jameson then got up and went to check on Anthony in his room, and see if he still looked like he did in the middle of the night. When Jameson got there, Anthony was fast asleep, and there was nothing different about him. Jameson figured out that it was just a nightmare brought on by the fact that he had so much stress on his mind.

Jameson noticed that he was feeling a little weaker than normal, and it wasn’t that he was feeling sick, it was more that he was just feeling weak, and a type of weakness that he had never felt before. He went to get a drink, but that didn’t seem to help. He got a piece of toast, and he still felt just as weak. He was also feeling lightheaded and dizzy, and he couldn’t understand why, but he just had to get on with the day.

Jameson and Julie were keeping Anthony home from school that day because of his ordeal the day before and they wanted to make sure that he was alright physically and emotionally. It was important that he had both a sound body and a sound mind before he went back to school. However, Jameson also couldn’t stay home for much of the day because he had to go to that meeting with Jane Greebes in order to work out what was going on with Charlie Baker’s murder.

He ate breakfast before anyone got up, and he left a note explaining where he had gone, but not why he had gone. He got in his car once he was finished writing the note, and drove to Jane Greebes house in order to stop any rumors from spreading throughout the news and to try an avoid a scandal. It was obvious that Jameson didn’t actually commit the murder, but what he had to prove was that he did not authorize the killing of Senator Baker.

When he got to the large house of Lieutenant Governor Jane Greebes, Jameson got out of the car and walked slowly to open the door of Mrs. Greebes. He got along with Jane alright, but her husband, Robert Greebes, didn’t like Jameson at all. He seemed to think of Jameson as an overrated politician who had spent too much time as governor and had lost sight of what it really was to be a real person. Jameson just took this in stride as he knew that Robert just held the grudge of Jameson beating Jane in the primary election for governor.

He knocked on the door, and the person who answered was indeed Robert. “Hello, Governor,” he snarled with a chill in his voice. “I assume you are here to meet with Jane?”

“You are correct, Robert,” said Jameson politely. “Can I come in?”

“Oh yes,” growled Robert. “Come into the kitchen and she will be with you right away.”

Robert went to sit down at the kitchen table and waited for Jane to arrive. He had forgotten how large their house actually was. It was almost a mansion, and the family was small, with Jane and Robert never actually having kids. Jane walked into the kitchen holding a folder and binder with a bunch of papers in it.

“Well, Governor, it looks like you are in trouble,” said Jane with a smirk on her face.

”I heard all about it from my friend Patrick, but how is anyone connecting it to me?” asked Jameson. “I hadn’t even heard about the murder until Patrick told me about it late last night after my boy was found.”

“Well, I was very shocked and doubtful at first, Jameson,” said Jane. “However, I have reason to believe that it could have been possible for a letter.”

Jameson then got up, not able to believe his ears. “What do you mean?” he asked, exasperated.

“I have recovered a letter that you apparently sent to a certain suspect whose name I cannot release for security reasons,” said Jane. “Nevertheless, Jameson, absolutely nothing is confirmed. I would go home and tell your wife about this now.”

“Aren’t we going to discuss how we can avoid a massive political scandal?” asked Jameson worriedly.

“I’m afraid that the evidence seems to be against you right this moment, Jameson,” said Robert in a somewhat threatening tone. “Do what my wife asks.”

Jameson Pierce then walked out of the room without saying another word and drove back to his house. However, the whole drive he was questioning how he would approach the subject with Julie. She seemed on the brink of an emotional breakdown, and Jameson was just afraid that something like this could really push her over the edge. When he got back to his house, he walked very slowly up to the door before unlocking it and going in. When he got in there, he noticed that Julie was sitting there with her hands over her face and crying.

“What’s wrong?” asked Jameson comfortingly.

“It’s Anthony,” said Julie, wiping the tears from her eyes. “He is very ill, and he is barely responding to anything. He is almost dazed, with not saying much more than a grunt.”

This struck Jameson as very worrisome. “Well, if he isn’t better in a couple of days, then we better get him into the doctor,” he said. Then he took a little pause before he began to talk about the issue of his scandal. “Honey, I know now may not be the best time to bring this up, but there is something of great necessity that we need to discuss,” began Jameson, then Julie looked up. “You remember hearing about the Charles Baker murder on the news I am sure.”

“Yes,” said Julie very slowly. “What about it?”

“Well, you remember of course that Patrick was the one whom brought Anthony home last night. When he did, he asked me to go out there and said there was something of urgency to discuss. He told me about the murder to which I had been oblivious to, and explained to me something that hasn’t been able to escape my mind. There is someone who claims that I was involved in the murder of Charles Baker, and when I went over to Jane Greebes’ house, she said that she had unconfirmed evidence that I was indeed involved.”

“Well just say you weren’t!” Julie yelled.

“I am afraid that it isn’t that easy,” said Jameson. “The evidence needs to be confirmed before we make any drastic moves. She will call me when it is.”

The rest of the day for the most part was spent with Julie worrying about both Jameson and Anthony while Jameson looked through his papers and contacted people that may have been able to help him out with the case. In any case, there was not much said between the two of them for the rest of the day. Anthony’s condition did not improve over the course of the day, and it was clear that he was very ill. They put him to bed, and Julie was so exhausted by that time that she went to bed herself. Jameson wasn’t as tired, but when he went to bed he opted to sleep on the sofa.

Jameson woke up the next morning remembering that he had remembered a couple of bad dreams that night. The one he remembered the best, and the one that terrified him the most was very peculiar. He remembered walking outside on the streets, and walking to the downtown area, and seemed to remember meeting someone, though he couldn’t remember who. He remembered then attacking the man in the dream, first using his hands and then he couldn’t remember what he did to him. After he had finished attacking the man, he seemed to recall talking with the corpse of his now dead rival Charlie Baker, whom he remembered had his head sewn back on. He tried not to think of the details of the body, but it was hard to get it out of his mind.

He went upstairs to check on Anthony and Julie, but before he could get up there, he heard someone knocking at the door. He went over to the door, wondering who could be at the door at this hour in the morning. He went over cautiously and slowly, because he knew that anyone who was coming to the door that early couldn’t have any good news, and even a long term politician like Jameson Pierce could only take so much bad news. He proceeded to open the door, and saw Patrick in his formal police uniform with the police cruiser in the back with the lights flashing, and he knew it meant only one thing.
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