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The Sins of a Politician

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The Mystery of Charles Baker's Death

When Jameson Pierce got home from his meeting with his campaign manager, he went home to greet his wife and his son, Anthony. However, as soon as he walked through the door, he was shocked at what he saw. When he opened the door, before he could saw anything, his wife, Julie, ran up to him with a hysterical look on her face.

“Well, hello Julie,” said Jameson. “Listen, sorry about this morning. After Anthony said his piece, I got to thinking that both of you did have a point, and that I was behaving insensitively. Speaking of Anthony, where is Anthony.”

“That is the problem, Jameson,” said Julie, who seemed very choked up. “He apparently went out of the school for lunch, and then never returned. Assistant Principal Mr. Anderson called us to ask if he ran home, saying that he had arrived late and that someone had called before he got to school wanting to talk to him, saying that the man wanting to talk to him had called us, which he hadn’t.”

“Settle down, honey,” said Jameson comfortingly, even though he was extraordinarily worried. “I’m sure he’s alright.”

“He didn’t show back up at school!” said Julie in hysteria, then she calmed down a little. “I called the police, and the entire school staff is looking for him. Mr. Anderson also said that when he talked to Anthony when Anthony arrived at school, he was acting very moody.”

“Well, that is probably because of the fight that occurred this morning,” said Jameson worriedly. “That means that he may have only ran away.”

“Are you saying that’s a good thing?” asked Julie.

“Absolutely not,” said Jameson. “However, if he indeed ran away, and that is my suspicion, then we shouldn’t worry about the possibility of kidnapping, at least not yet.”

“Shouldn’t we be out looking for him?” asked Julie, with tears in her eyes.

“Not yet,” sighed Jameson. “We are in too much of a state of hysteria to go out looking for him right now.”

“What should we do, then?” asked Julie, trying to figure things out.

“We should call more people and see if they can go look for him,” said Jameson. “Nightfall will be in a couple of hours, so we better hurry. The most likely place he would have gone to for lunch is McDonalds, because it is the closest place to the school, and he could get there and back in time before his next class would start.”

“Well, then I would say call McDonalds to see if he did go there,” said Julie. “I will do that. You call up some friends of your campaign to see if they can help us look.”

Governor Pierce and his wife then went like lightning to make the phone calls. Julie used her cell phone to call McDonalds, while Jameson used the landline in order to contact his campaign aides, especially his top campaign manager Helen Bowling, and her husband, Nicholas Hardy.

“Well, Nick and Helen said they will keep a lookout, and Nick is actually going out to search, but they are the only people who actually could right now,” said Jameson.

“Well, when I contacted McDonalds, apparently they had already heard about Anthony going missing and sent some people out to look for him,” said Julie. “He had been there at lunch and they saw him leave the restaurant, so they were as puzzled as we were.”

“Well, let’s hope someone finds him,” said Jameson.

After that, Jameson and Julie went to sit next to each other at their dinner table, but in silence. Jameson tried to comfort his wife, but it was difficult seeing as in technicality there was no one to comfort him. They sat there in silence for what seemed like an eternity, but was really about an hour, until there came a knock at the door. Jameson jumped up before his wife could even react and ran to the door.

He opened the door to find his old friend turned cop Patrick Giles standing with his son, Anthony, who was beat and scratched half to death. Julie jumped forward and grabbed her son before Jameson could even react. Jameson noticed how inexpressive his son was, and that brought about some questions in his mind, but he didn’t think about that. He was just so relieved that Anthony had been found.

“Where was he,” asked Jameson.

“I found him in a roadside ditch,” revealed Patrick. “He appeared to be left for dead. He never said a word to me the whole time, and he was unconscious when I found him.”

“I’m just relieved that you actually did find him,” said Jameson. “How much do you want?”

“There is no charge in this case my friend,” said Patrick. “The satisfaction of knowing that I brought the family back together is thanks enough.”

“Goodbye then, Patrick,” said Jameson. “Now I can be well rested for my meeting with President Brown tomorrow.”

“Oh yes,” said Patrick. “Well, good luck tomorrow.”

“Thank you,” said Jameson as Patrick went on his way back home. Right as Jameson was about to close the door, Patrick turned around and walked toward him.

“Uh, one more thing, Jameson,” said Patrick more questionably. “Did you hear about the news story regarding the death if your rival this election. It has the whole United States baffled, and at least we found your son so as not to distract from the murder.”

“What murder?” asked Jameson.

Patrick stepped back up to the door and whispered closely to Jameson. “You better check on your son just for a second and then come out here with me. I have some very important items to present you with.”

Jameson questioned what Patrick was even talking about, but he did go in to see how his wife and son were doing. He went upstairs where he heard Julie talking to his son. As he went upstairs he noticed that Anthony was saying absolutely nothing. When he got to the bathroom where Julie was cleaning off some of the blood that was on Anthony’s face, he noticed that Anthony looked barely awake.

“How is he doing?” asked Jameson, looking at his son.

“I don’t know,” replied Julie in a worried tone. “Anthony hasn’t said a single word to me.”

“Patrick said that he never said a single word to him either,” said Jameson. “He must be shaken up by the whole experience. I don’t blame him either, because from what Patrick said, he was supposed to be dead. Why don’t you lay him down after you finish cleaning him off.”

“I’ll do that,” said Julie as Jameson went downstairs to rejoin Patrick outside again.

Once he got downstairs, Jameson went outside to join Patrick once again, and this time shut the door behind him. “Okay, Patrick,” said Jameson. “What is all of this about?”

“This morning, while you were celebrating your victory, Charles Baker was found dead and his body mutilated right outside his house,” said Patrick. “Nobody knows why he was killed, but they are doing forensic tests on the body. He was decapitated, so it will take a few days for them to come out with actual final results.”

“Do they have any suspects in the murder?” asked Jameson.

“Not in the actual murder,” said Patrick in an official tone. “However, there is some suspicion that you were somehow involved in the murder of Charles Baker.”

Jameson took a step back. “That’s ludicrous!” he cried.

“That’s what I told them,” replied Patrick in an understanding tone. “I have called your Lieutenant Governor Jane Greebes to come here and discuss things over with you as to what evidence is stacked against you.”

Jameson took another step forward in somewhat offense. “What, are you arresting me?” asked Jameson, in an offensive tone.

“Not yet,” said Patrick. “However, I am asking you to keep an ear open for anything dealing with this. Mrs. Greebes will have a personal meeting with you tomorrow going over any further developments.”

“That would be great,” said Jameson somewhat sarcastically. “Should I tell my wife that I am a suspect?”

“Not yet,” replied Patrick. “There isn’t enough evidence to classify you officially as a person of interest, but unofficially you are. She has enough stress that unless you become an official person of interest you should keep it from her.”

“I see,” said Jameson slowly. “Well, thank you for letting me in on this little bit of information.”

“I will do the best I can to try and keep this scandal away from you,” said Patrick comfortingly.
Patrick then waved goodbye as he went off in the dark to go back home, and Jameson just stood there for a moment, not knowing what to think. He realized that if anyone got anything on him, regardless of the fact that he was innocent, he knew his political future would be over. He also was worried about the fact that they didn’t seem to have a suspect for who kidnapped Anthony, and somehow Jameson had a small inkling in his mind that told him that Charles Baker’s murder and his son’s kidnapping were in some way connected. He would think about that after he went in and made sure everything was alright on the home front.
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