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The Sins of a Politician

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Tragedy and Mystery

Anthony walked in toward the attendance office very slowly and tried not to draw any attention to himself. Unfortunately, that was not accomplished very well as the attendance office was on the other side of the school building. He immediately saw his assistant principle that he had gotten to know very well through his campaigning, Mr. Anderson.

“Well, Mr. Pierce, finally showing up to school today, are we?” he said very slyly.

“I just got here a little late,” replied Anthony, still breathing hard.

“A little late?” scorned Mr. Anderson. “You realize that you will barely make it half day? Just because your father won the election again doesn’t mean that you can just skip half a day of school, Mr. Pierce.”

“I didn’t do it on purpose,” said Anthony.

“Well, don’t think that I will excuse you just because your father is governor,” said Mr. Anderson.

“Is that all, Mr. Anderson?” asked Anthony as he emphasized his name.

“No, actually,” said Mr. Anderson in a somewhat chilly tone. “There was a man by the name of Roger Daniel’s who called earlier today and wanted to talk to you. I said that you would go to see him after school today. He said that he had contacted your parents in advance and that they would take you to his house. It sounded as though he was a family friend.”

“I have only heard the name once before,” replied Anthony. “That was my father’s old opponents assistant campaign manager from four years ago. Why would he want to talk to me now?”

“I don’t know,” said Mr. Anderson in a somewhat cautious tone. “I will contact your parents and see if he did indeed call them to confirm a meeting with you.”

“Thank you,” said Anthony.

Anthony went off to his class that he figured out was the Advanced Placement European History, a class which he was not failing, but he wasn’t passing either. He couldn’t figure out why the teacher, Mr. Westland had such high expectations when he was barely actually teaching much of anything during the actual class time.

“Ah, Anthony, you finally decided to show up,” said Mr. Westland as Anthony entered the classroom. “One of your friends will get you up to speed on what you missed thus far today.”

Anthony listened as Mr. Westland in his normal way rambled on about what he hated about the subject they were studying. This one was one of the most ludicrous. The previous night, they had just read or were supposed to read about the advancement of literature in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Mr. Westland was especially rambling on about why he hated the literature type of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Anthony wondered why he hated it so much, but he did.

Once class was over, Anthony went to the restroom as he always did before lunchtime. The restroom that he went to was the one that was directly beside the back exit. When Anthony was finished washing his hands, he realized that he forgot his lunch back at home, so he just decided to go get lunch at the McDonalds, which was less than 400 meters away.

When he got to the restaurant, he saw that there was no one really there, but he proceeded inside anyway. He didn’t mind that he was the only one there, and it would speed getting food up a lot. He went to the cashier, and ordered hamburger, and then ate it and left the restaurant quickly in order to get back to school on time.

When he got to the street that the school was on, he noticed a hooded man walking towards him. Anthony didn’t think anything of it because it was cold out, but he would soon find out that he would later regret that. When he got closer to the man, he could actually make out the face of what appeared to be a middle aged man with scars on either side of his face.

When they walked by each other, the man grabbed Anthony’s neck and pulled him over towards him. Anthony fought, but the man covered Anthony’s mouth so he could not make a sound. Anthony’s hands were unable to do anything, and the man broke both of Anthony’s legs. Anthony finally gave up struggling, and the man stopped torturing him. It all happened in a few seconds, and since there was not really anyone around, no one knew what had happened. Anthony then fell unconscious, and the man picked up his body, and brought it with him.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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