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Evil Loves to Party

Author's note: The horror Movie: House on Haunted Hill Gave kme the idea to trap a few people somehwere...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: The horror Movie:

House on Haunted Hill

Gave kme the idea to trap a few people somehwere with the weird connection that brings them all together...murder...  « Hide author's note
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Alternate Ending

(Alternate Ending)
Chloe: I don’t owe you anything.
(She pulls the trigger and shoots Jonathon Tumbleweed. She shoots him twice and watches as he slumps to the ground and she realizes what she has just done. Oliver walks up behind her.)
Oliver: You did it Chloe…you killed Jonathon.
(Camera focuses on her hand and we see as she sneaks her hand into her front pocket and pulls out another pen. She turns to face him.)
Preston: We did it…we’re survivors.
This Alternate Ending continues from "The Other Side"
Chloe: Not quite.
(Suddenly she stabs Oliver and winces as he collapses to his knees and looks at her in complete and utter shock and pain.)
Oliver: C-Chloe? W-Why?
(She aims the gun at Preston and before he can move she shoots him. They both watch as Preston stumbles backwards and collapse onto the dock. She walks over towards the corpse of Preston Gates. Oliver groans as he turns to look at her.)
Chloe: Why? Because…it’s a game…games only have one winner Oliver…I’m sorry you have to be the opponent.
Oliver: I was never-you’re enemy-I loved you-
Chloe: I loved you too…but I also love being able to breath as well.
(He looks at her and she smiles softly as she gets on her knees and looks at him.)
Chloe: I love you…I will always love you…
(She kisses him before standing.)
Oliver: Don’t do this-I love-
Chloe: I’m glad Mathew is dead by the way.
Oliver: Why-
Chloe: He…He…actually…I have no idea why I hated him…I just despised him…I think perhaps it was because he got us trapped on the island in the first place.
Oliver: And Melissa? Or Susan?
Chloe: I never killed anybody.
(She smiles as she clicks the gun and aims it at his forehead.)
Chloe: The only ones that I have killed are Jonathon, Preston-
(Camera closes up on her face as she pulls the trigger. The sound of a bang followed by a thud. She smiles softly.)
Chloe: and you, sweetheart.
(Camera gets one shot of the three corpses lying on the dock as Chloe starts towards the raft.)
Chloe: That makes six.
Scarred Sailor (O.S.) Soon to be seven.
(She whirls around to see the Scarred Sailor looking at her deviously as he walks towards her. She aims the gun at him.)
Chloe: Stay back…I am warning you…
Scarred Sailor: Do you really think a gun can kill me? I’m already dead.
(He reaches over and knocks the gun out of her hand. She watches solemnly as it falls into the water below her.)
Scarred Sailor: This is the end for you Miss Fields…I promise it will not be too painful.
Chloe: I don’t trust you.
(He suddenly grabs her and slings her over his shoulder. He starts carrying her towards the house while she fights against him.)
Scarred Sailor: Congrats…you are the only one who has ever gotten that close to getting away.
(He drops her to the ground and she looks around to see that she is surrounded by the ghosts of the dead guests.)
Chloe: Mathew? Oliver? Susan?
(They all slowly start crowding her and she is soon submerged in hands. We hear one last scream.)
(Camera comes up to show dozens of police and doctors all on the island, cleaning up the island. Camera comes up on the Chief of Police and one doctor.)
Chief: how long has it been since there have been issues on this island?
Doctor: Years and years.
Chief: Did you find anything?
Doctor: A lot of things…this was some kind of party…
Chief: Deceased?
Doctor: Seven.
(They walk over towards seven gurneys all next to each other; each has a body bag on top of them as well.)
Chief: who are they?
Doctor: From what we could tell they are: Jonathon Tumbleweed, Susan Scarlet, Oliver West, Melissa Marston, Preston Gates, Mathew Brent and Chloe Fields. Seven people.
Chief: They were all big business people too. Two millionaires and several media enticed people.
Cop: What we found also was a diary kept by Chloe Fields. From what we could gather it was Mathew Brent who died first and then Melissa Marston. From there we have no idea what happened to them or the house.
Chief: So we have no idea what happened to any of the others? Five people and we have no idea what happened to them?
Cop (O.S.) Chief-look what we found-
(The chief walks over towards the cop wielding Melissa’s old video camera.)
Chief: What’s on it?
Cop: You need to see it for yourself.
(The video recording: several images. Oliver lying on top of the broken lighthouse light. Chloe being dragged away by a mysterious figure. And Melissa half buried underneath the ground.)
Chief: That’s the bodies I’m guessing? Who is the guy that was dragging her away?
Cop: We never see his face.
(Then suddenly we see two people shoved onto the kitchen table as we watch dozens of corpses all armed with kitchen knives or other various weapons, all crowding two people on the table. Then we see who the people shoved on the small table are. Jonathon Tumbleweed and Susan Scarlet. They both are silently crying in agony as they are tortured while the camera films the whole thing. Then suddenly the camera dies for good this time.)
Chief: Oh my god…
Cop: But did you see the wounds on Jonathon? They don’t match the wounds on the body.
Chief: That makes no sense at all. How could the sounds on the camera not match the body? What about the woman on the table?
Cop: Her name is Susan Scarlet. Her body was found in the lighthouse…nothing but a skeleton.
Chief: But…then…how is this possible?
(A beat.)
Chief: So…what if it was Oliver West or Preston that killed everyone?
Cop: But the dozens of people were torturing those two on the camera…
Chief: You’re right…maybe it was Jonathon…
Cop: But why would any of them kill themselves then? The gun was recovered from the water. How? How is any of this possible?
Chief: I don’t have the slightest idea.
(A beat.)
Cop: I have no clue.
(The Chief looks at the Doctor and the Cop.)
Chief: Then who killed them?
(End credits roll.)
(Then after the credits we see the scene where dozens of people are crowding a table, similar to the one we saw earlier, only now it is one person shoved on the table. We get a look of Chloe Field’s agonizing face as she is tortured by the ghosts of the past victims. Camera closes in on her face and then it shifts to her bleeding side and we see the words THE END written in her blood.)
(Final Blackout.)
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 7 8 9

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