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Evil Loves to Party

Author's note: The horror Movie: House on Haunted Hill Gave kme the idea to trap a few people somehwere...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: The horror Movie:

House on Haunted Hill

Gave kme the idea to trap a few people somehwere with the weird connection that brings them all together...murder...  « Hide author's note
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The Other Side

Jonathon: I beg to differ. Let’s see which guy she likes more. There’s a full round in that gun. Let’s see what she does. Does she kill the rich man? The boyfriend? The bookworm, no offense. Or does she shoot all of us and then shoot herself?
Chloe: What if I shoot all three of you and choose not to shoot myself?
Jonathon: Go ask the scarred man and tell him that plan-see what he says before he shoots you.
(Chloe looks at him as he passes her and pats her on her shoulder. He then starts climbing up the side of the ship when suddenly there is gunfire and a bullet ricochets off the steel near Jonathon’s head. He turns and looks over his shoulder and sees Chloe with the gun aimed at him.)
Chloe: Seven shots left Mr. Tumbleweed. I’d be careful if I were you. I’m not that bad of an aim you know.
Jonathon: Did you mean to shoot me?
Chloe: Say something else that will piss me off and let’s see if I missed on purpose.
(She looks at a shaking Preston and a shocked Oliver before she smiles at the men and starts down the deck towards the sand on the beach. She stops abruptly and looks at them.)
Chloe: By the way…if any of you dare to come within five feet of me I shoot them…regardless of who they are.
(With that she leaves them standing there, shocked.)
Preston: Your girlfriend almost shot him-
Jonathon: She almost shot me-
Oliver: Forget it okay? You’re the ass that gave her the gun in the first place.
Jonathon: I thought she would use it on them…not me…
Oliver: just help me find something to build a raft okay?
Preston: A raft? I am not going to stay on a raft.
Oliver: Then stay here until that dead guy comes after us tonight.
Jonathon: If we work fast we could get off this island by tonight. The three of us would get off the island and we would be saved.
Oliver: Three?
Jonathon: Well no offense but…I figure if we ditch the girl the three of us could make it…
Oliver: We are not leaving her.
Jonathon: One of us was going to die anyways.
Oliver: Then why am I hoping it’s you?
(A beat.)
Jonathon: You…want to leave me behind?
Oliver: We make a boat for four or we make a boat of three then Preston, Chloe and I all leave you behind on your island.
Jonathon: How do you know it would be me being left behind and not you?
Preston: Because on Oliver West’s side he would have Chloe and I. no matter how strong you are you can’t beat three of us, especially when one of us has a gun.
Oliver: so either help us make a raft to float off the island that will hold four or sit there and not help and later be left here and killed.
Jonathon: What about Chloe? Is she not going to help us?
Oliver: She has a gun and will shoot us if we come anywhere near her without saying anything.
Jonathon: Let’s see…three against one…great odds…
(Oliver sighs as he jumps down and starts walking towards the beach and the quiet surf as well. Preston and Jonathon get to work. Camera follows Oliver as he weaves throughout the large rocks until suddenly she jumps from around the corner and aims the gun at him.)
Chloe: I warned you-
(Oliver raises an eyebrow.)
Oliver: Now are you really going to shoot me of all people?
(She lowers the gun and lowers her head.)
Chloe: No.
(He hugs her tightly.)
Oliver: Relax okay…just take a breather for a second oaky? We have an idea.
Chloe: What’s that?
Oliver: Build a raft and float away from this damn island.
Chloe: And be eaten by whatever is in the water?
Oliver: There’s nothing in the water.
Chloe: I won’t shoot you Ollie…
Oliver: Thank you I think?
Chloe: But I will shoot Preston or Jonathon if they come near me.
Oliver: don’t let them come near you then. They took the warning seriously.
Chloe: Good…I’m sorry…
Oliver: Just don’t shoot me and I can forgive you.
(They share a laugh.)
Oliver: Good…wait here and please-if you hear any yelling then please come, okay?
Chloe: Promise.
(He nods and then starts on his way back to the dock. There is the sound of yelling.)
Preston (O.S.) what are you doing?
Jonathon (O.S.) getting off this damned island-
(Oliver runs up to see Jonathon had jumped in the water and is attempting to swim his way to shore.)
Oliver: That’s too far away-you won’t make it-
Jonathon: Yes-I will-
Preston: No you won’t-
(They watch as Jonathon struggles and soon they can only see a little speck of Jonathon. Camera changes to Jonathon as he struggles to swim against the tide. It keeps pushing him backwards. He coughs as waves start getting bigger and hurl him underwater.)
Oliver (O.S.) you won’t make it-
Jonathon: Yes I will-
(He starts to struggle.)
Jonathon: No…I won’t…make it…oh…s***…
(Camera changes to the dock again and Chloe comes running up behind them.)
Chloe: What’s he doing?
Oliver: He’s trying to swim for land-
Chloe: No one can make that-it must be miles away-
Preston: He’s still going to try- oh goodness-
(They watch in horror as Jonathon struggles until he disappears underwater.)
Chloe: Oh my god-
Preston: Jonathon-
Oliver: Do you think he’s-
Preston: Dead?
Chloe: I…don’t…know…
(Chloe turns and starts walking back to the beach. Preston looks at Oliver before they silently start building a raft out of scrap metal.)
Preston: I can’t believe it…
Oliver: What did he say before he jumped in?
Preston: Nothing…all he said was that he didn’t want to be around when scar-face came back.
Oliver: Do you think we are going to get out of here Preston?
Preston: I don’t know…I hope and pray we do but…I don’t have the slightest idea.
Oliver: Do you feel bad that Susan and the others are dead?
Preston: Do I have reasons to?
(Oliver stops working and looks at him.)
Preston: Susan threatened to kill us more than once…Jonathon had a gun the whole time…Melissa never even had a chance at getting out of here.
Oliver: Mathew was a paid actor.
Preston: He was?
Oliver: Susan, before she was killed, told me that Mathew Brent was a hired actor to make this whole party more believable. Susan told me that before she was killed.
Preston: Well Melissa was not as innocent as you think either. Do you want to know why she really lost her show?
Oliver: Doubt it would hurt my thoughts of her but okay.
Preston: She exposed people and their secrets on National television. Some committed suicide because their secret was that bad.
(Camera changes to Chloe who is sitting there as the sky darkens over them. She looks around and stops when she sees something wash up on shore. Slowly she holds out the gun and walks towards the body. She gasps to see that it is Jonathon Tumbleweed’s corpse.)
Chloe: Jonathon?
(She looks at him and her sad face slowly goes away.)
Chloe: I’m sorry…sorry that…it wasn’t me that killed you…sorry you got off easy unlike three other people who were brought here because of you, you dirty bastard. I hate you. I hate you so much. I am glad you are dead. You jerk…you deserved it more than anyone else here on this island. I’m just sorry you got off so easy.
(She turns and starts to walk away. Camera looks over her shoulder and we see Jonathon’s head look up at her.)
Jonathon: Is that so Miss Fields?
(Camera changes to Oliver and Preston both stepping back and looking at their handiwork. There sits on the calm water a raft made out of wood and scrap metal.)
Preston: Well…I guess we could use that…not too bad…
Oliver: It’ll do…I am not leaving anyone on this island.
Preston: You care that much about strangers?
Oliver: Jonathon…I have no clue if he’s dead or not…that means it could very well be just the three of us.
(Suddenly there is a scream.)
Oliver: Chloe?
(They both start running down towards the beach.)
Chloe (O.S.) Stay there you damn bastard-
(They both freeze as the voice continues, weaker.)
Chloe: The hell back-
Jonathon (O.S.) you…won’t shoot me…
Chloe (O.S.) Wanna’ bet-stay the hell back or I shoot you-
(They round the corner and find Chloe, pressed up against a wall, horrified, aiming a gun at a soaked Jonathon Tumbleweed.)
Chloe: He’s alive-
Oliver: Put the gun down Chloe-let him go-he is no worry to us-
Chloe: Not if he’s dead-
Jonathon: I want to see her shoot me…does she have the guts?
Chloe: I didn’t shoot you last time but I will definitely shoot you now-
Oliver: Stop it Chloe-
(She aims the gun at him.)
Chloe: Now you’re on his side?
Oliver: No…I most certainly am not…
(Oliver takes a step towards her and she holds up a shaky gun.)
Chloe: Stay back-
Oliver: I trust you Chloe…you wouldn’t shoot me…
(Suddenly Jonathon lunges at her and she screams as she shoots the gun at him. In a flash Preston collapses to the ground, clutching his arm and Chloe clubs Jonathon with the end of the gun, watching as he fell backwards and looks at her as she holds the gun aimed at his face.)
Oliver: Preston-oh s***-he’s been shot-
Chloe: What?
Jonathon: Look at that-you shot him-now he’s going to die because of you-
Chloe: How?
Preston: It…ricocheted off…the rock…god damn it…
Chloe: He…lunged at me…he…
(No one says anything.)
Oliver: We’re going to have to get something to put over this-s*** its bad-
Jonathon: Nice shooting b****-
Chloe: It wouldn’t be like this if you hadn’t lunged at me-
Oliver: Guys-he is going to need help right now-
Chloe: What can we do?
Jonathon: Get the first aid kit-
Chloe: Where is it?
Jonathon: In the house…where the new ‘tenant’ is currently staying.
Chloe: Go get it.
Jonathon: I am not going to go get it…you shot him you go get it…
Chloe: The girl with the gun says you go and get it…six bullets left and one of them could be planted in your head.
Jonathon: Why should I go?
Chloe: Better you than any of us.
(A beat.)
Jonathon: I don’t want to go alone.
Chloe: Then I’ll go.
Jonathon: Don’t want to give me the gun eh?
Chloe: Not for a million dollars.
Jonathon: How about two million?
Oliver: What good is cash if you’re dead?
(She motions for Jonathon to get up and slowly he starts walking towards the house.)
Oliver: Be careful Chloe.
Chloe: It’s Jonathon that should be careful.
(They both slowly start towards the house.)
Jonathon: Shooting me will do you no cause I hope you know.
Chloe: There’s enough bullets for you and whatever we find in this house.
Jonathon: I hope you’re smart about that. Think, you have wasted two shots on me already. Both times you have missed…on purpose or not is not important. All that is important is that there are six bullets in that gun…don’t waste another failed shot at me.
Chloe: I have no intention on wasting bullets. I’m half tempted to leave you here for that man.
Jonathon: You are just like Susan.
Chloe: No...I like to think that right now in the position I am in…I’m worse… Susan would be glad for what I’m about to do to you.
(He turns on her and towers over her as he stares into her eyes.)
Jonathon: I wasn’t going to leave you on the island…I really meant Preston. Let’s just go back to the boat and leave Preston on the island; he’s going to die anyways.
Chloe: Stop it-
Jonathon: I say we put him out of his misery and the three of us all get the first raft out of here.
(They turn at the sound of running and they look to see Oliver running up to them.)
Oliver: I’m coming too.
Chloe: What about Preston?
Oliver: We made him a temporary sling out of the bandages in the emergency kit.
Chloe: Is he okay?
Oliver: He’s fine…he doesn’t blame you
(He looks at Jonathon.)
Jonathon: Now I know how Chloe felt when everyone suspected her of murder.
Chloe: Not fun is it?
Jonathon: Only I have a gun aimed at my head instead.
Oliver: Damn right you do…and if you try anything…if she doesn’t I will definitely shoot you.
Jonathon: I can believe you.
(They all slowly start inside the house. The hallway is a mess. The couches are overturned and the wallpaper is torn in several places. Almost immediately they feel a chilling breeze and they all freeze and stare at one another and then around the room. Camera focuses on the carpet as it comes to life and slowly starts moving towards Chloe’s leg.)
Chloe: Is he around here?
(Suddenly it wraps around her leg and yanks her to the floor with a flourish, the gun falls out of her grasp as it drags her away. Jonathon goes for the gun but Oliver grabs it first and looks around the room to see that Chloe has disappeared.)
Oliver: Chloe? Chloe where are you?
(Behind him we see Jonathon bend over and pick up a vase and slowly start towards Oliver. He raises it above Oliver’s head and smashes it on top of Oliver’s skull. Oliver turns without flinching, looks at him with a shocked gaze before collapsing backwards on the floor in a pile of shattered glass.)
Jonathon (Sarcastic) Whoops.
(He picks up the gun before walking down the hallway.)
Jonathon: Chloe? Chloe Fields where are you? I have a surprise for you.
(He walks down the hallway slowly and he passes by the mirror but instead of his reflection we see the Scarred Sailor, looking at him, watching as Jonathon stalks down the hallway.)
Jonathon: Don’t be afraid…what’s a bullet or two among friends?
(Camera changes to Chloe, lying there on the floor of a room that is completely empty. She looks around when she hears the floor creak and Jonathon’s voice.)
Jonathon (O.S.) Chloe, come out come out wherever you are.
(She looks around, realizing that there is nowhere to hide. She looks around before finally hiding behind the door just as it swings open and Jonathon walks in the room, looking around.)
Jonathon: Chloe-are you here-face me b****-you wanted to shoot me-well I want to shoot you.
(She holds her breath as he looks at the door and he starts walking towards the door.)
Jonathon: I am going to kill you Chloe…with pleasure…
(She slides her hand in her pocket and she pulls out a small pen. No sooner than he pushes as die the door she stabs him with the pen and shoves him. He stumbles and drops to the floor. She grabs the gun as he clutches himself in pain and she runs for her life. She continues to run until she is stopped when there is a creaking behind her. She looks just in time to see the floor behind her explode. She starts running when the floor explodes in a direct path after her as a dark laugh echoes through the house. She runs back to the main hallway and she stops to see Oliver sitting up and holding his head, blood trickling form the corner of his mouth and head.)
Oliver: Chloe…what happened…where’s Jonathon?
(She runs over and grabs his arm as she helps him to his feet and they start running towards the broken door.)
Chloe: I stabbed him-
Oliver: With what?
Chloe: A pen-
Oliver: A pen?
Chloe: He was going to shoot me so I stabbed him-
Oliver: You surprise me every day-
(They stumble away from the house. They turn just in time to gasp and see the whole second floor collapse inwards, revealing a destroyed library and more rooms.)
Oliver: Did you get the medical kit?
Chloe: I couldn’t he was going to shoot me and then there was an exploding floor-
Oliver: Exploding floor?
Chloe: Where were you during all of this?
Oliver: I was knocked out with a vase.
(They stumble back to the dock and they see Preston, walking around muttering to himself.)
Oliver: How are you holding up?
Preston: I think I’ll be okay.
Chloe: Preston I am so sorry…I never meant to ever shoot you-
Preston: I know…you were not aiming at me…
Chloe: How’s the raft holding up?
Preston: Pretty good…it’ll definitely hold three of us.
Oliver: We built it from scratch too.
Chloe: Can we actually use it and get out of here? Preferably before Jonathon comes and kills me.
Oliver: You still have the gun right?
Chloe: I think Jonathon shot at me but missed…but I still have at least four shots.
Preston: Make them count.
(They watch as Oliver’s eyes widen in horror.)
Oliver: Looks like you’ll have a good chance right now.
(They turn and see a bloody Jonathon walking towards them. Chloe holds her breath as he nears the dock. He is unarmed and covered in blood coming from his head and arms.)
Jonathon: B****…I’ll kill you…
Chloe: Stay back-I will shoot you and I promise I will-
Jonathon: You won’t.
(Oliver takes the gun from her.)
Oliver: But I will.
(Jonathon keeps walking closer.)
Oliver: Stay back-
(He now is close enough to stand on the deck as the other make their way towards the raft.)
Jonathon: Are you going to shoot me? Shoot her-she is planning to kill us all-
Chloe: I would never do that.
Jonathon: B**** I know you would.
(Suddenly she takes the gun from Oliver’s hand and fires. Camera shows Jonathon grabbing his stomach in pain.)
Jonathon: Help…me…god…
Chloe: I don’t owe you anything-
(She empties the rest of the remaining bullets into Jonathon and they watch as he falls backwards onto the deck.)
Chloe: Oh my god-
(They look at her and she is shaking horribly.)
Chloe: I killed him-I killed him-
(She drops the gun and it clatters on the wood. She breaks down and starts sobbing.)
Oliver: It’s okay.
(He hugs her as she sobs into his shoulder. Preston pats her shoulder as he kicks the gun into the water.)
Preston: He is really dead.
Oliver: We’d better get on that boat as soon as possible.
(They all start towards the boat until they are stopped by the sound of footsteps. They all turn to see the Scarred Sailor walking towards them with a deadly look in his eyes. He stops and looks at the corpse of Jonathon Tumbleweed.)
Scarred Sailor: Tsk, Tsk.
(He shoves the body into the water with the side of his foot. He holds his arms out wide.)
Scarred Sailor: That was unexpected.
Oliver: What do you want? There’s the man responsible so take him.
Scarred Sailor: He is responsible…and I will take him…I just thought you’d like someone to see you off.
(He smiles with a horrifying expression as snaps his finger and fire appears on his thumb.)
Scarred Sailor: Have a fun swim.
(He lightly touches his finger to the deck and slowly it catches fire. He laughs wickedly as the three guests all run for the raft. Preston grabs the makeshift oar as Chloe and Oliver climb inside. They help Preston inside and they shove off.)
Chloe: We…made it…
(They watch the man’s face as he waves to them, laughing again as he reaches down and starts dragging Jonathon Tumbleweed’s corpse from the water and onto the shore where he bends over the man and they never see what he does to the man.)
Oliver: We made it…
(Camera changes to the mainland. The raft is empty as it sits in the water while three happy people all lay there in the sand as cars drive by busily. They all sit there, looking at the fire of the deck that has spread to some trees.)
Oliver: We’re survivors.
(He looks over at her while Preston stands and tries motioning for a car.)
Chloe: You bet we are.
(He leans down and kisses her as the camera shows a shot of the gleaming sun. Then the camera comes down to show dozens of police officers and doctors all standing there on the remains of the island.)
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 5 6 7 8 9 Next »

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