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Evil Loves to Party

Author's note: The horror Movie: House on Haunted Hill Gave kme the idea to trap a few people somehwere...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: The horror Movie:

House on Haunted Hill

Gave kme the idea to trap a few people somehwere with the weird connection that brings them all together...murder...  « Hide author's note
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Innocent until dead.

(They both disappear in their rooms and they shut their doors. Camera changes to the clock to show that it is 2:30 a.m. Camera changes to Chloe’s room where suddenly a bright light shoots through her window. She sits up, panicked as a beam of light shoots through her window. She makes her way over to see that the light in the lighthouse is aimed right at her window.)
Chloe: What the hell?
(She checks the clock before sighing and closing her blinds. Suddenly the sound of a foghorn stops her and she sits up again. She looks out the window to see the light still aimed at her window.)
Chloe: What is Mr. Tumbleweed up to now?
(Sighing she exits her room and walks across the hall to Oliver and knocks.)
Chloe (Whispers) Oliver-are you up by any chance?
(No answer and she sighs when suddenly the door opens, showing that no one is in his room. Oliver West is not in his room.)
Chloe: Oliver? Mr. Tumbleweed?
Chloe: Where are they?
(She starts walking down the hallway until she is stopped when a blinding light shoots through the window again. She looks and sure enough the light form the lighthouse is aimed at her again.)
Chloe: Oliver-this better not be some trick-
(She starts down the stairs and towards the front door and opens it to show the light is once again on her as she starts down the porch steps and towards the lighthouse. She slowly makes her way across to the lighthouse and stops when the door slowly swings open.)
Chloe: Ollie? Jonathon? Anyone there?
(She slowly walks inside the door just in time to have it slam shut behind her. She whirls around and tries opening the door, it won’t budge.)
Chloe: Hello? Hello?
Scarred Sailor (O.S.) they can’t hear you…no one can hear you…
(She yells as she whirls around to see the bloody, scarred man standing there menacingly.)
Chloe: Oh god-you’re him-from the story-
Scarred Sailor: You don’t believe everything you hear do you?
Chloe: What do you want?
(He cocks his head to the side; she gasps to see the large gash, revealing bone in the side of his neck. He smirks at her reaction as he takes a step closer to her as she presser herself against the door.)
Scarred Sailor: You want to know what I want: do you really want to know?
(She doesn’t answer as he steps closer as the light above her dims.)
Scarred Sailor: I want to hear you scream.
(He smiles devilishly as he grabs her shoulders and making her look into his long dead eyes.)
Scarred Sailor: I want to hear you scream as I kill you slowly.
Chloe: Why-
Scarred Sailor: What?
Chloe: Why do you want to kill me?
Scarred Sailor: You have no idea how many times I have been asked that.
(He vanishes and appears at the top of the stairs.)
Scarred Sailor: Who are you?
(He appears in the corner)
Scarred: What do you want?
(He smiles as he appears in front of her again.)
Scarred Sailor: Why are you doing this?
(He garbs her again as he hits her against the door.)
Scarred Sailor: Those are several questions I have heard so many times…each time sweeter than the last.
(She trembles against the door.)
Scarred Sailor: I’m not a bad man Chloe Fields.
Chloe: How do you know who I am?
(He smiles, showing his bloody teeth.)
Scarred Sailor: I know everything about everyone here.
(He grins.)
Scarred Sailor: Preston and his mediocre novels…Melissa Marston and her TV show and even your boyfriend’s not so great hits on his movies, I know everything about everyone here.
Chloe: Were we all really invited here for some stupid endorsement deal?
(He sneers.)
Scarred Sailor: I don’t care…I was killed by four men…the descendants of those four men are here, trapped on the island like all of the others. Waiting in that little house…one by one…I figure get the innocent out of the way first and then work on the fun ones. Who should I kill first? Among the ones who got away I mean… Preston? Oliver or Melissa? I think Melissa knows I’m real.
Chloe: How are you sure?
Scarred Sailor: I was up there…in the house after all of these years…she saw me through her camera…
Chloe: How can you get to the house?
Scarred Sailor: You can thank Oliver for that. He opened the door and I walked right by him.
Chloe: What do you plan on doing?
Scarred Sailor: Why are you worried-you won’t be around for it anyway-
(Then he lunges at her. Camera changes to Oliver walking down the hallway form the kitchen with a glass of water in his hand when he hears Chloe’s scream echo.)
Oliver: Chloe?
(Jonathon pokes his head out of his room and runs down the hallway, followed by Preston and Melissa.)
Jonathon: What was that?
Oliver: That sounded like Chloe.
Preston: Well where is she?
Susan (O.S.) perhaps being attacked by her ghosts again?
Jonathon: That is not funny.
(Oliver rushes to her room and looks inside.)
Oliver: she’s gone-
Preston: where could she have gone?
Susan: with your boogeyman possibly?
Melissa: I hope so-
(Oliver gazes threateningly at her. She gulps with nervous smile.)
Melissa: That sounded worse then I meant it to.
Oliver: Jonathon-where would Chloe have gone?
Susan: Why ask? Follow her hysterical screaming.
(Camera changes to Chloe and the scarred sailor, Chloe standing on the other side of the light, the scarred sailor looking at her with a grin.)
Scarred Sailor: Stop running-this will be quick and easy-
Chloe: Why do I doubt that?
Scarred Sailor: Come here and find out-
(He lunges at her and she moves and hits the panel on the side. In a flash the light powers up and shoots a beam right through the sailor’s body and in a flash of light he vanishes, leaving her there alone in the lighthouse. There is a frantic sound of footsteps coming up the stairs.)
Oliver: Chloe-
Chloe: Ollie-
(He gets to the top and sees her standing there, shaking and he runs over and hugs her. She breaks down crying into his shoulder. Jonathon and Preston appear in the doorway moments later.)
Preston: Is she okay?
Chloe: The sailor-
Jonathon: What sailor?
Chloe: the one in the story Mr. Brent told us about-
Oliver: Relax…let’s get back to the house.
Olive helps her to her feet and they both exit, followed by Jonathon. Preston stays behind and looks at the light again before turning it off and walking down the steps again, no body noticing the ghostly silhouette that appears at the top of the stairs.)
(Camera comes up to show the sun has risen and it is a sunny day. No storm clouds and there is very little signs of the storm from the night before. The clock shows 10:30 a.m. everyone except Chloe and Mathew are sitting in the kitchen while Jonathon makes a cold lunch.)
Oliver: Do you even have enough food to last us two days?
Jonathon: Oh no worries there.
Susan: Unless Jonathon eats, then we will all starve.
Jonathon: Takes one to know one dear.
(Camera changes to Chloe lying in bed. She sits up in bed. She sighs as she looks around the room before slowly standing and walking towards the bathroom almost ghostly. Camera changes to Oliver and the rest of the group now sitting by the counter in the kitchen.)
Preston: Do you think Chloe was really attacked by a ghost?
Oliver: I know Chloe…she doesn’t freak like that for nothing…
Melissa: What was she doing out there last night?
Preston: Did she tell you anything at all?
Oliver: Nothing other than telling me that some dead guy was after her…nothing…
Susan: Probably one of Jonathon’s party tricks.
Jonathon: What will it take to convince you I have nothing to do with what happened?
(She shrugs with a smile.)
Susan: If you die then it’ll put in a good word.
Jonathon: I think there’s a better chance of you going first.
(Camera changes to Chloe standing outside Mathew Brent’s door, knocking.)
Chloe: Mr. Brent…are…you here?
(No response and she jumps when the door slowly opens to reveal Mathew Brent on the floor, covered in blood.)
Chloe: Oh my god-
(Camera changes to everyone in the kitchen. They are silent when suddenly there is the sound of Chloe screaming.)
Susan: What is she screaming about now?
(They all run up the grand stairs and we see Chloe running right past them.)
Oliver: What is it?
Chloe: Brent-he’s dead-I found him dead-
Jonathon: Where?
Chloe: In his room-oh god-
(They all run up towards his room and the camera follows them. Oliver stays behind to comfort Chloe. The guests all run into the dead man’s room and gasp to see the corpse. Melissa gasps as she films the corpse.)
Melissa: She’s right.
Preston: Understatement of the year.
(Jonathon is silently staring at the corpse in shock.)
Jonathon: How could this have happened?
Susan: Ask Chloe there. She would probably have some clue.
Preston: Wait-we can’t leave him on the floor here can we?
Melissa: Yes we can.
Jonathon: Preston is right…please…help me get him on the bed.
Susan: you can have fun doing that yourself.
(She leaves the room and the camera follows her as she passes Oliver and Chloe.)
Susan: Nice work on the killing by the way.
Chloe: that was not me-
Susan: Everyone else thinks so.
(Camera changes back to Jonathon and Preston looking at the corpse of Mathew Brent already lying in his bed.)
Preston: Any idea how he was killed?
Jonathon: I’m not a doctor.
Preston: Neither am I but we have to have some clue.
Jonathon: I’d say knife wounds but I’m not sure.
(Jonathon drags the sheet over Mathew Brent and slowly walks out of the room with his head hung. Preston walks out after him and Melissa gets another shot of the sheet covered corpse before she leaves as well. Camera follows her and they all meet back in the living room. Chloe is sobbing into Oliver’s shoulder while the three remaining people file into the room. Susan sits down in her chair and starts painting her nails. They all share a silent moment before Jonathon looks up.)
Jonathon: What was that you were saying about this scarred sailor last night Chloe?
Susan: Don’t tell me you actually believe her about that?
Jonathon: Unless one of us murdered him.
Preston: What happened Chloe? With Mathew Brent?
Chloe: You think I killed him?
Oliver: no one is saying that.
(She suddenly stands.)
Chloe: You all think I killed him?
Jonathon: Of course not.
(She sobs as she leaves the room and we hear the so8und of the front door slamming shut behind her.)
Melissa: That was not too pretty.
(Oliver silently stands and starts after her until Jonathon stops him.)
Jonathon: How about if we all just-
Melissa: Can we explore the island today?
Preston: What about Brent?
Susan: He’s dead…what can we do for him?
(Sighing she stands and exits.)
Jonathon: I guess we are all going to go on our own pursuits today huh?
(Camera changes to Jonathon now in the kitchen, He is chopping celery and making himself lunch. Camera then changes to Susan sitting out on the porch sipping lemonade while Preston silently reads next to her.)
Susan: Do you really think Chloe killed Brent?
Preston: I don’t know what to think. Such an awful business.
Susan: You write about this all the time.
Preston: I’ve never been in this business before though.
(He stands and silently shuffles back into the house while the camera changes to Oliver, silently standing next to the house in the shade, thinking to himself silently. Camera changes to Chloe and Melissa both standing atop a large cliff that has a straight drop to the water and jagged rocks below.)
Melissa: Some drop huh?
Chloe: You’re telling me.
Melissa: So how did you do it?
Chloe: Do what?
Melissa: Kill Brent?
Chloe: I did not kill him. How do I know you didn’t kill him for a story?
Melissa: You never know.
(Melissa shrugs as she turns and starts walking down the path towards the lighthouse. Chloe chases after her.)
Chloe: Don’t go in there-
Melissa: I have wanted to go in there from day one.
Chloe: And what about the ghost that everyone thinks I made up? Going to take a chance I was not lying?
Melissa: Sweetie, I hope there is a ghost. I hope he’s not camera shy.
(Melissa enters the lighthouse and Chloe silently retreats from it and goes back to the large cliff and stands by the edge, silently looking at the land that seems miles away.)
Jonathon (O.S.) seems really close right?
Chloe: Yet it seems that I could just jump to it and run from all of this.
Jonathon: I hope you know that no one here thinks you killed Mr. Brent right?
Chloe: Do you have any other explanations?
Jonathon: No…but you don’t seem like the murderous type.
Chloe: Everyone else begs to differ.
Jonathon: They are just scared.
Chloe: Of me-
Jonathon: You can’t-
Chloe: Please Mr. Tumbleweed…I just wish to be alone right now.
Jonathon: As you wish.
(He silently turns from her and starts down the pathway towards the house. Chloe suddenly turns around.)
Chloe: Mr. Tumbleweed-
Jonathon: Call me Jonathon-
Chloe: Jonathon, where is everyone else?
Jonathon: Preston is in the library inside the mansion. Oliver is on the east side of the island, sitting silently and I thought Melissa was with you-
Chloe: She went up to look at the lighthouse-
Jonathon: And my wife is sadly on the porch.
Chloe: Do you really hate your wife?
Jonathon: no…I do not hate her…we just have a failing marriage is all…
(Chloe nods before turning and looking back at the mainland. Jonathon leaves her alone. Camera follows him down and changes to Melissa walking down the wooden steps in the old lighthouse. She is staring intently in her camera until there is the sound if a thump.)
Melissa: Chloe?
(She walks down the steps and gasps to see that a door has opened up inside the lighthouse. Several old stone steps lead into the ground, almost like a basement. Melissa stares at the opening in pure shock as she looks down. The steps lead down though the blinking lights in the tunnel offer little support.)
Melissa: Oh my god…wow…
(She bravely takes the first step as she starts walking down the stairs. Camera changes to Chloe looking intently at the lighthouse.)
Oliver: what is it?
Chloe: Melissa went in the lighthouse.
Oliver: So let her look for her story-
Chloe: But she’s been there for more than an hour.
Oliver: If we go loo will you stop worrying?
(Chloe starts towards the lighthouse.)
Chloe: Pardon me for not wanting to be blamed for another death-
Oliver: I do not think you killed anybody-
Chloe: Everyone else does-
(She opens the door and enters, followed by Oliver. They both look around to see no sign of Melissa or the open passage that Melissa found. They both look upstairs to see that the lighthouse is empty.)
Oliver: Are you sure she walked in here?
Chloe: I’m positive.
Chloe: Where could she have gone?
Oliver: She probably got bored…not a lot in here anyways.
(They both leave the lighthouse and see Jonathon coming towards them.)
Jonathon: Lunch is ready.
Chloe: Is Melissa around with you?
Jonathon: No…I saw her in the window at the top of the lighthouse but I have not seen her since.
Oliver: Well maybe she’s stalking around the mansion then?
Jonathon: Well I suppose we should try to look for her-
Preston (O.S.) is everything alright?
Jonathon: Perfectly fine, Miss Marston has wandered off is all-
Preston: Just wandered off?
(He looks at Chloe who scowls at him as she stalks away towards the house.)
Oliver: that was much uncalled for.
(Oliver chases after her while Jonathon and Preston silently watch them go. Camera changes to Susan standing there in the kitchen and watches as Chloe stalks into the house.)
Susan: Killed anyone yet?
Chloe: Shut up b****-
(Susan looks at her almost shocked as Chloe stalks away towards her room. Oliver silently chases after her with an apologetic shrug.)
Susan: What the hell is wrong with her?
(Preston enters.)
Preston: Melissa is missing and Jonathon is looking for her-
Susan: You thinking what I’m thinking?
Preston: That Fields killed Marston?
Susan: Well do you?
(Camera changes to Melissa walking down the dark tunnel, several lights flashing as she walks down the hallway with her camera in her hands, getting every bit of the tunnel. There is nothing but concrete tunnel that continues on in the distance.)
Melissa: Funny…looks like I’m being led back to the house.
(She continues to walk along the tunnel until she comes to a door.)
Melissa: A door?
(She slowly sees that there are no door knobs. She turns to look back down the tunnel to see that there is nothing there.)
Melissa: No sense in going back the way I came.
(She presses against the door and it slowly opens and she finds herself: in the basement of the mansion. It is covered in crates and old memorabilia.)
Melissa: Creepy…just what viewers are looking for-
(Melissa walks along and takes a turn and finds herself staring at a large old painting, of a young man, sharing a good resemblance of the scarred sailor that attacked and tried to kill Chloe Fields. She blinks and gets a good look of the painting with her camera as the camera changes to P.O.V. of Melissa’s camera. All we see is a blank picture.)
Melissa: What?
(She looks up to see that the picture is indeed blank. Suddenly there is a gust of wind from behind her and she gulps as she turns to see the scarred sailor looking right at her with a murderous look in his eyes.)
Melissa: oh god-
(He lunges at her. Camera changes to several quick images of the house as Melissa Marston’s screams echo through the house before the camera changes to the guests all standing in the kitchen. They all look up except for Susan, who is focused on pouring a drink for herself.)
Chloe: Melissa?
Oliver: Where did it come from?
(Susan sighs.)
Susan: Sounds like Miss Marston found what she was looking for.
(Jonathon gives her a deadly look as he runs after the rest of the guests who all follow Melissa’s dying screams. She sighs as she sips her drink before the camera changes to Jonathon and the others now running around until they reach the end of a new hallway: beyond the door leads to the basement. The screams suddenly stop.)
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