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Evil Loves to Party

Author's note: The horror Movie: House on Haunted Hill Gave kme the idea to trap a few people somehwere...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: The horror Movie:

House on Haunted Hill

Gave kme the idea to trap a few people somehwere with the weird connection that brings them all together...murder...  « Hide author's note
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Sleep tight

(Preston gets up from the floor and helps Mathew to his feet as Melissa pokes her head out from under the table. Jonathon is staring shocked at the whole scene.)
Jonathon: Is everyone all right?
Melissa: Tell me I got that on film-
Preston: I think so-
Chloe (O.S.) Are you guys all right?
(She and Oliver are both standing there in the doorway, staring shocked at the whole scene of smashed food and glass all lying around in shards on the floor.)
Jonathon: I believe so.
Mathew: The ghost…
(The group falls silent and stares at him in shock or disbelief.)
Oliver: Ghost? Not this bullshit again.
Preston: Again?
Mathew: Someone released the ghost from the lighthouse.
Oliver: Okay before we get downright scared of nothing, how about you tell us why we are here before we all die from some other accident?
Jonathon: How about if we move to a more comfortable room before I tell you the news, eh?
(the group silently all stare at him before he leads them all back to the living room where a brand new tray of drinks is sitting on the coffee table and the fire is still going. Everyone sits down comfily and Oliver once again takes his seat by the window.)
Oliver: alright Jonathon-why have you brought us all up here to this hellish house?
Jonathon: you asked for Miss Fields to join you-
Oliver: But why did I get the invite in the first place? Why did any of us get the invite?
Mathew: I think we deserve to know.
Jonathon: You were not even invited-
Susan (O.S.) Oh for the love of s***-
(Everyone jumps to see Susan standing on the staircase, holding a cocktail glass, rolling her eyes as she walks down the rest of the stairs and faces the group.)
Oliver: who is-
Susan: The games are over now Jonathon.
Jonathon: I had nothing to do with that chandelier.
Susan: A chandelier after a boat crash?
Jonathon: Are you really going to try and get everyone to believe that I caused a shipwreck and made the chandelier fall?
Oliver: Wait-backup-who are you?
Susan: Wouldn’t you like to know?
Jonathon: Susan Scarlet…I thought I told you to stay in your room.
Susan: Why stay in my room when there is a great party going on down here?
Jonathon: May I ask why you are still here?
Susan: How am I supposed to go when the boat is sunk?
Jonathon: Swim for all I care.
Oliver: Jonathon-
(Jonathon looks over at Oliver.)
Oliver: Can we stay on topic here?
Jonathon: What was I going to do?
Susan: You were going to tell them all why they have been brought up here…I’m wondering the same thing.
Jonathon: Ah-right.
Melissa: So why have we been brought up here?
Jonathon You are all descendants.
(A beat.)
Oliver: descendants of whom?
(Jonathon walks towards Melissa first.)
Jonathon: Michael Marston.
(He approaches Preston.)
Jonathon: Alexandra Gates.
(He walks towards Oliver.)
Jonathon: Samuel West.
(He then retreats to the center of the room.)
Jonathon: And Lance Tumbleweed.
Preston: What does all of this mean?
Jonathon: Do any of you know the story of this island?
(Oliver looks right at Chloe and Jonathon smiles.)
Jonathon: What do you know of the island?
Chloe: I know enough from Mr. Brent and from stories I have heard as well.
Jonathon: What has he told you?
Chloe: I’ve heard that this island was once used for…horrible torture. That people were kidnapped by one ruthless man and tortured for two days before they were killed and thrown in the water. The island has two names…I believe.
(Melissa pulls out her camera and starts filming Chloe as she continues to speak. Everyone sits there in silence.)
Chloe: One name is Shipwreck Island…named that because ships often ran a ground here and…the other pertains to the killing and maiming of innocent people…the other name is called the Island of Bodies. But I have no idea what the descendants have to do with anything at all.
Susan (Looking at Jonathon): Only one person does.
Jonathon (Smiling): You have pretty good knowledge on this island Miss Fields.
Chloe: There’s one more thing I forgot to mention.
Jonathon: And that is?
Chloe: People say the place is haunted.
Preston: By what?
Chloe: The ghost of the killer who murdered so many people.
Oliver: How did he die?
Chloe: Some say he was murdered when several people he kidnapped fought back. He used to run the lighthouse, purposely running ships aground so they would sink. To keep people away while he tortured victims who survived the sinking ships, that is before he was killed under mysterious terms.
Jonathon: Is it safe to say that some of the people on the ships fought back and killed him?
Chloe: I suppose so.
Jonathon: May I take over?
(She nods)
Jonathon: She is right. This mysterious man murdered anyone who came to the island many years ago. First he would sink the ships they came on, trapping them on this very island and then he would hunt them down, one by one until there were no victims. He used the lighthouse light to bring ships right into the rocks and force people to face him. But four people got together and fought back.
Chloe: Do you know the names of those who fought back and killed him?
Jonathon: I do.
Susan: Who fought back and killed this guy?
(Jonathon smirks, almost devilishly as he looks around the room at the scared and confused faces of the guests.)
Jonathon: Michael Marston, Lance Tumbleweed, Alexander Gates and-
(He glances at Oliver.)
Jonathon: Samuel West.
(Group falls into utter silence. Jonathon looks very amused as he looks around in the group. Preston suddenly starts laughing, one that turns into a dark and creepy laugh that sends shivers down everyone’s spines.)
Preston: Cute, Jonathon, real cute.
(Everyone looks at him, completely lost.)
Preston: What a happy damn Halloween everybody.
(Everyone looks at him questioningly.)
Preston: Does nobody see the irony in this?
Susan: I’m guessing no.
Preston: think about it…the descendants of those who got killed the man is back on the island and they are trapped just like in the damn story. Isn’t it damned funny? And to top it off there may be a ghost out there going to kill the ones who got away. HA!
(Everyone looks shocked as Preston downs his drink again before looking to see that his glass is empty.)
Preston: Can someone refill this for me?
Oliver: Maybe you should ease off the drink a bit.
Mathew: Preston is right…this place is haunted and the descendants have all been gathered here thanks to Jonathon for a party that is going to get someone killed.
Chloe: I doubt anyone here is going to kill anyone else…right?
Mathew: that’s not what I meant.
Oliver: what did you mean then? Ghosts?
Mathew: Yes…there are ghosts here after all…how do you expect the chandelier?
Susan: Faulty wiring?
Jonathon: Very funny…trying to make me look like I was the one who tried to kill everyone.
Susan: Well, have you?
Jonathon: No.
Preston: Do you believe that this place is haunted Mr. West?
Oliver: No. I do not believe in boogeyman bullshit.
Chloe: Oliver-
Oliver: What? It’s the truth-I don’t believe in this.
Susan: Then why did you come here?
Oliver: If I had known what this party entailed then I would not have come. And I certainly would not have dragged my girlfriend up here as well.
(Silence before Susan chuckles as she starts pouring herself another drink.)
Susan: Some party Jonathon.
Jonathon: This was not part of my plan.
Chloe: Then what did you plan?
Susan: Yeah, what did you plan?
Jonathon: I planned to have everyone here, the descendants and have a Halloween party and call it a night. I did not plan to have everyone trapped her for the weekend.
Chloe: Why does this seem like some kind of joke?
(Everyone looks at her.)
Chloe: Why do I have a feeling that we were brought here for some joke?
Jonathon: you were not supposed to be here in the first place. Neither was Mr. Brent or Susan. It was supposed to be a simply party that was new and eccentric.
Susan: Why does that seem like not the type of parties you usually host?
Jonathon: How many parties of mine have you been to in order to even have a clue as to what my parties are like?
Susan: Enough to know that you would not invite strangers that are descendants of those who got away without another reason.
Melissa: What do we get for staying here anyways? Why were we invited here? For just a stupid party?
Jonathon: No.
(Now Oliver takes his eyes off the lighthouse and looks at Jonathon.)
Oliver: Is there some kind of prize for coming here?
Jonathon: Yes…anyone who stays here will be eligible for a prize.
Melissa: What kind of prize?
Jonathon: Each of you are hard workers. Melissa and your TV show. Preston and your two starred books. Oliver and your movies that have barely brought in an audience.
Preston: How dare you-
Jonathon: It’s the truth and the truth hurts. Anyone who stays gets major credit. Endorsement deals.
Oliver: this is what we came here for? Deals so you can take over our lives?
Susan: That’s what Jonathon does best. Taking over your life till it’s worth nothing.
Preston: Was that really what you planned for having us brought here?
Jonathon: If you put it the harsh way.
Oliver: What a waste of my time. Dragging me here just so you could form a partnership with my movies?
Jonathon: You could only benefit from it.
Melissa: How could I benefit from this?
Oliver: Do not tell me you are seriously considering a job proposition from Jonathon?
Melissa: How do you know I don’t need it?
Jonathon: Before you knock it, think it over. Having my millionaire name over your head will gain you a lot of attention.
Chloe: Wait-let me get this straight. You invited those descendants of those who got away just so you could offer the guests a chance to have your million dollar support?
Jonathon: Yes…it would help get my name around.
(He walks towards Oliver.)
Jonathon: You would have millions standing at the box office to see your movies.
(He turns to Melissa.)
Jonathon: You would have millions watching your TV show again.
Melissa: My show…millions watching my show?
Oliver: What-you have your own TV show?
Melissa: Had sweet heart, lost it because bad ratings, I lost it. Got replaced.
Chloe: But you hounded them for their secrets and exposed them on national television.
Melissa: I never killed anybody.
(Jonathon clears his throat.)
Jonathon: We all know Melissa would never do anything to hurt people.
(Lastly Jonathon looks to Preston who waves another full glass as he drinks it down.)
Oliver: that’s it.
(He stands and motions for Chloe. She joins him and he takes her arm, leading her out of the room, towards the front door where their luggage waits.)
Susan: where do they think they are going?
(Camera changes so it is following both Oliver and Chloe as they start towards the front door.)
Chloe: Oliver where are we going?
Oliver: We are leaving here.
Chloe: Where exactly do we plan on doing? We are trapped on an island after all.
Oliver: anywhere but here so we don’t get a sales pitch all night long.
Chloe: I am not staying in the rain Oliver.
Oliver: Then-Then we could stay in the lighthouse-
Chloe: No-
Oliver: Come on Chloe-
Chloe: This was supposed to be romantic. Not being trapped here with a crazy billionaire and company.
Oliver: I didn’t exactly plan on this either.
(She stops running and we see Jonathon, Susan and Preston all running after them.)
Jonathon: Please-let’s all go back to the party-
Oliver: Forget it-I am not sitting here and letting you talk me into some damn sales pitch.
Susan: I believe this guy is the only smart one in this whole group.
Jonathon: whether you want my help or not-I am not going to let you all spend the night in the rain.
Chloe: I think he is being reasonable.
Oliver: Are you on his side as well?
Chloe: I am on no one’s side. I just don’t want to spend the night outside or in some creepy lighthouse. But that does not mean I like what Jonathon pulled here.
Jonathon: Please return to the party.
Oliver: Fine…but the first sign of a boat and Chloe and I are leaving.
Susan: To quote my husband…’swim’.
(Oliver scowls at her as they all start back towards the living room.)
Jonathon: May I speak to you in private, Susan?
Susan: No you may not.
Jonathon: Just a friendly chat.
Susan: Nothing with you is friendly.
(Camera changes back to the living room, P.O.V. of the fireplace. Everyone slowly enters the room one by one. Mathew is seated by the window, looking at his boat. Melissa is nowhere to be found.)
Preston: Has anyone seen Miss Marston?
Jonathon: where has she gone off to?
Mathew: I thought she was with you all.
Jonathon: I thought we left her with you.
Mathew: She left shortly after you guys did. I thought she was following. I would have to except for my leg.
Preston: Should we go look for her?
Jonathon: Unless Mr. Brent’s ghosts are true there should be nothing to really hurt her. Let her wander for a few.
(Chloe lets out a strained laugh.)
Chloe: and if Mr. Brent is right about this dead killer coming after us?
Susan: Then Miss Marston may find her story after all.
Jonathon: That is not funny in the least.
Mathew: Susan is right. Melissa is a sitting duck.
Chloe: I swear-
(Everybody looks at her. Oliver just looks at her with an annoyed look.)
Chloe: How can all of you say that? I say we should go look for Melissa.
Mathew: then you can go look on your own.
Chloe: Fine I will.
(She starts out of the room and quickly makes her way towards the large stairs. The hallway is elegant with large furnishings and another fireplace. There are two sofas and another table with drinks on it as well. She looks around and clicks her tongue as she walks along towards the stairs. Suddenly a hand reaches into view and grabs her shoulder, making her scream and whirl around. She sighs to see that it is only Oliver.)
Chloe: Oh god Ollie-you scared me to death-
Oliver: sorry about that…some vacation huh?
Chloe: It’s not that bad…maybe a little exciting.
Oliver: Sorry about this…
Chloe: Oh forget it.
(She kisses his cheek before she starts towards the stairs.)
Oliver: Be careful-
Chloe: Oh you know me-
Oliver: This is why I am telling you.
(She laughs as she makes it to the top of the stairs.)
Chloe: Wish me luck.
Oliver: You don’t need luck.
(She disappears down a hallway at the top of the stairs and Oliver sighs as he watches her go before he turns and walks back into the room to see that Susan is busy filing her nails as Preston and Mathew pay attention to the working television. Jonathon looks at him.)
Jonathon: Has she gone to find Miss Marston?
Oliver: Yes she has.
Jonathon: Good, we are thinking about hot chocolate later and would hate for them both to miss out on it.
Oliver: hope you don’t mind of course.
Susan: Better her than me.
Oliver: what is that supposed to mean?
Susan: If Mathew’s ghost is really around-then they both are in danger.
Oliver: I doubt anyone believes in ghosts.
Preston: I don’t.
Jonathon: Neither do I.
Susan: I never have and never will…doesn’t mean I’m not careful though.
(She gives a knowing look at Jonathon who only shrugs at her comment.)
Mathew: You are all doomed then.
Susan: And you’re safe?
Mathew: I believe in ghosts…the ghost ash no reason to want to hurt me.
Oliver: and what revenge would he have on the rest of us?
Susan: Aren’t you the descendant of some man?
Oliver: He was a director too…
Susan: He lived and killed a man whose ghost now wants revenge. Simple as that.
Mathew: So that’s why the ghost has no reason to hurt me.
Susan: Correct me if I’m wrong but…didn’t that man kill anyone who came on the island? Last I checked you are trapped on the island as well.
(Jonathon sighs as he starts towards the main hallway.)
Susan: And where are we off to Mr. Tumbleweed? Checking the wiring on the animatronic mummies?
Jonathon: Very funny.
(He leaves with an annoyed sigh and she chuckles as she sips her glass again before the camera changes to Chloe walking down a hallway by herself. It is a long hallway with many different doors.)
Chloe: Hello-Melissa-are you here?
Melissa (O.S.) Chloe-is that you?
Chloe: Yes-I came to see what you were up to-
(She nears another turn in the hallway.)
Chloe: Oh good are you-
(She screams when a skeleton face lunges from the corner and falls to the floor right in front of her, revealing a snickering Melissa with her camera.)
Chloe: What the hell is wrong with you?
Melissa: sorry…that thing lunged at me.
Chloe: How did that happen?
Melissa: I stepped on a trip wire that caused the skeleton to swing from the ceiling and land on me. A trick from Jonathon.
Jonathon (O.S.) a good one at that.
(They both scream as they throw themselves against the wall, hugging each other only to see that it is Jonathon and they sigh.)
Chloe: That was a great way to kill us.
Melissa: That was awful
(Chloe picks up the skeleton.)
Chloe: What the hell was that?
Jonathon: A joke…it was really meant for the haunted tour we were going to have later but no one is in the mood for exploring other than you two.
Chloe: Cheep ass joke.
Jonathon: There are only little tricks in the house, nothing else.
Chloe: Define little tricks.
Jonathon: Just basic, you know, skeleton falling from ceiling and a moan or two here.
Chloe: You call that basic?
Melissa: Anything else here that could be creepy enough for me to film?
Jonathon: Not a lot no.
Melissa: But- can I still snoop around a little more?
Jonathon: Sure-as long as you come down at ten o’clock for hot chocolate.
Melissa: Chloe-do you want to join me?
Chloe: Why do you want me to join you?
Melissa: Well, duh, so I have someone to film.
Jonathon: Would you mind if I tagged along?
Melissa: More the merrier.
Jonathon: Then shall we get started then?
Melissa: Lead the way you two.
(Chloe and Jonathon both begin walking slowly. Melissa follows in back, getting film of everything they pass as the camera changes to Oliver and the other guests all sitting in the living room.)
Preston: All I am saying is that your movies need more of a story.
Oliver: My movies are perfectly fine.
Preston: They lack a good story with some sort of a happy ending, oaky?
Oliver: Guess what? Life does not always have a happy ending okay?
Susan: Will you two shut up?
Mathew: How about you all shut up and we watch something that is somewhat interesting.
Susan: What-no more ghost stories?
Oliver: I think the others have been gone too long.
Susan: Let them have their fun.
Oliver: I’m going to look for them.
(Oliver begins to exit.)
Preston: Have you read any of my books Susan?
(She rolls her eyes as she stands and walks out after Oliver.)
Susan: Wait for me handsome.
(Camera follows Susan and Oliver as they begin walking.)
Oliver: Don’t like the company?
Susan: I am not sitting there with four eyes and sea dog all night.
Oliver: Why do you think I left?
Susan: So you are not just looking for your sweet little girlfriend?
Oliver: No-I am.
Susan: Fine…
(They walk in silence for a long moment.)
Susan: I need to tell you something.
Oliver: what?
Susan: Watch out for Jonathon…I have a feeling he ash a few tricks up his sleeves.
Oliver: you think something for us?
Susan: I think my husband is going to try anything he can.
Oliver: He’s your husband?
Susan: Sadly.
(They make it to the top of the stairs and we see two hallways, each stretching in different directions.)
Susan: Do you know which way your girlfriend went?
Oliver: I don’t have the slightest idea.
Susan: I wish you good luck.
Oliver: you’re not going to help me look?
Susan: Not at all. I am going to bed.
(She nods and then starts walking down the opposite hallway that Chloe went down. Oliver stands there awkwardly by himself until he looks down the hallway that Susan just disappeared down. He sighs as he starts following her. This hallway is similar like the one before the only difference is that this one has two large stain glass windows at the end of the hallway.)
Oliver: Artistic.
Preston (O.S.) it’s a painting of the angel of death.
(He jumps as he turns to see Preston standing there, with an apologetic smile.)
Preston: Sorry did I scare you?
Oliver: It’s okay.
Preston: I got worried so I came to see what was going on up here.
Oliver: Just trying to see that the girls are okay.
Preston: Are they okay?
Oliver: I have no idea. I hope so though.
Preston: You seem in better spirits.
Oliver: Sorry about earlier.
Preston: No hard feelings.
Oliver: I’m going to look for Chloe and Melissa.
Preston: I think I’m going to look around a little.
(Camera changes to Chloe and Jonathon. They have lost Melissa.)
Chloe: did you see where she went?
Jonathon: No I have not seen where she went.
(Chloe stifles a yawn.)
Jonathon: Maybe we should turn around.
(They both sigh as they turn to walk back down the way they came. We hear the sound of the grandfather clock. Midnight.)
Jonathon: We have been searching for quite some time now haven’t we?
Chloe: We have and the worst part is that we lost the one person we were looking for.
(They laugh as they make it to the staircase and see the rest of the guests, including Melissa, all standing there waiting for them.)
Oliver: found her.
Chloe: I see that.
Jonathon: It is very late.
Mathew: Well observed.
(Melissa and Susan chuckle.)
Jonathon: How about I show you to your rooms?
Chloe: Guess we don’t have much of a choice?
Susan: In a house with all of you for a weekend.
Preston: Lead the way.
(Jonathon begins leading them down a long hallway with many doors on either side. Jonathon stops at the first door.)
Jonathon: These rooms should suffice for the weekend.
(He holds a door open and Melissa walks inside the room without even a question and shuts the door behind her.)
Preston: We see what room she wants.
(One by one Jonathon shows them their rooms, until there is only Susan standing there with an annoyed look on her face.)
Susan: Happy now?
Jonathon: Do you still have this sick fantasy that I had something to do with this?
Susan: Not a fantasy, a fact.
Jonathon: Tell me this…if I wanted you off the island so badly then why would I trap you here on the island too?
(With that he walks away, leaving Susan alone in the hallway.)
Susan: I know you have something to do with this.
(Camera changes to Oliver standing in his room, it is very large. There is one large king sized bed with large windows and elegant patterns on the wall and carpeting. He pushes aside the drapes to reveal a lush landscape of the island with a clear view of the moon. The storm has long since gone away. He focuses on the ship before there is a knock at his door. He opens the door to reveal Chloe standing there.)
Oliver: you okay?
Chloe: Fine…I came to ask you something…
Oliver: Okay shoot.
Chloe: What did you see in the lighthouse?
Oliver: what makes you think I went there?
Chloe: Because you were not there when I came back during dinner to see what was bothering you.
Oliver: That doesn’t mean I went there.
(She sighs as she rolls her eyes.)
Chloe: You know you can talk to me right?
Oliver: I know.
Chloe: Okay good. You just seem quiet tonight.
Oliver: Chloe I don’t know if you realize this but we almost died tonight. Why am I the only one concerned about that?
(Her smile goes away.)
Chloe: Because it does us no good.
(She kisses him before she walks away to her room across the hall.)
Chloe: Night Ollie.
(He silently shuts his door without a word and falls back onto the bed, staring up at the ceiling. Camera changes to Chloe in her room, she sits at the vanity with a hurt expression. She looks in the mirror, staring at her reflection until camera focuses in on the mirror, giving us a good view of a decapitated head hanging in the closet. She yelps as she whirls around to see nothing is there.)/
Chloe: O-Oliver?
(Sound of the floor creaking outside her door.)
Chloe: Um…hello?
(Camera focuses in on the doorknob as it starts to turn on its own. She stars at the door in horror. Camera changes to Preston in his room, reading quietly one of the books form the shelf behind him. He calmly sighs, content until there is a frantic knocking at his door.)
Preston: Yes-yes what is it?
(He opens the door to see no one is there and pokes his head out in the hallway to see that Chloe has also down the same down the hallway.)
Preston: Was that knocking you?
Chloe: Someone just tried to open my door.
(Suddenly the door across from Preston opens and Melissa appears in her doorway.)
Melissa: What is with all the noise?
Preston: Someone was knocking on my door.
Chloe: Someone was trying to open mine.
Melissa: Can you at least keep the panicking and blood curdling screams to a minimum?
(She slams her door shut.)
Chloe: That was not friendly.
Preston: Well good night Miss Fields.
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