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Evil Loves to Party

Author's note: The horror Movie: House on Haunted Hill Gave kme the idea to trap a few people somehwere...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: The horror Movie:

House on Haunted Hill

Gave kme the idea to trap a few people somehwere with the weird connection that brings them all together...murder...  « Hide author's note
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What they saw...

Preston: What did you say your name was again?
Melissa: Melissa Marston…you sweetheart?
Preston: Preston Gates…have you ever-
Melissa: Met this Jonathon character before? No…have you met him before?
Preston: Heard about him…that’s all…
Melissa: Same here.
(A beat.)
Preston: Is that him?
(He points to a short little man being Jonathon Tumbleweed, walking merrily towards them with an eager smile.)
Melissa: Not much in person.
Jonathon: Hello, I’m Jonathon…by the looks of it-0you must be Miss Marston and Mister Gates, right?
Melissa: You bet I am. Is there anything creepy going on in this place?
Jonathon: Preston Gates, your novels are simply amazing; I have read several of them.
Melissa: Um hello-
Preston: Why thank you-
Melissa: Hello-
Jonathon: And I recognize you form your show Miss Marston.
Melissa: Thank y9ou but is there-
Jonathon: Would any of you care for a drink while we wait for the others to arrive?
Preston: Others?
Jonathon: Yes, we are expecting two more.
Melissa: What about-
Jonathon: Yes Miss Marston?
(She sighs as she looks at him with an annoyed look, Jonathon looks unaffected.)
Melissa: Is there anything creepy about this place?
Jonathon: You will definitely find a story here of all places Miss Marston.
Preston: Why have we been invited here anyways?
Jonathon: When the others get here will tell you the reason for this very random party.
Preston: So this is not some book signing contract?
(Melissa looks at him like he is crazy.)
Jonathon: Sorry but no, though I do have some friends of mine who would love to meet you in person.
Melissa: that is great and all but are we going to just wait here until the rest of the guests get here?
Jonathon: Would you like to go up to the house and wait?
Preston: May I if it is not too much trouble?
Jonathon: Of course not.
Preston: Thank you.
(Preston starts towards the house. Leaving Melissa and Jonathon standing there by the dock.)
Melissa: when can we be expecting the other two guests?
Jonathon: Soon, very soon.
(Camera changes to Oliver and Chloe both rushing to the dock just in time to catch the boat driver, Mathew Brent standing there looking very annoyed with the late guests.)
Mathew: about time.
Oliver: sorry…we got tied up…
(Chloe scowls at him as she takes her bag and starts onto the boat while Oliver glances at Mathew with an unreadable expression.)
Mathew: Come, come, we don’t have all day you know.
Oliver: Sorry, yeah, let’s get moving then.
(Oliver climbs aboard the boat and finds Chloe looking over the railing at the water below as the boat starts moving in the direction of the island in the distance, mostly covered in fog now. He approaches Chloe and places a hand on her shoulder, dressed in dress pants and a red top. He is dressed in a dress shirt and dress pants as well. She looks at him with an annoyed expression before she turns back to the water.)
Oliver: what did I do now?
Chloe: You forgot to mention we were going by boat.
Oliver: It’s just a little seasickness; it’ll pass when we get on the island.
Chloe: do you know about this island at all Ollie?
Oliver: no...Why?
Chloe: It has a very nasty past.
Oliver: It is a bit scary but I really don’t see anything that scary.
Chloe: People were kidnapped…kidnapped, tortured in underground caves and slaughtered on that island.
Oliver: That kind of ruined a romantic moment there.
(She scowls at him.)
Chloe: I’m serious…this place is creepy.
Oliver: It’s just an island.
Chloe: With a bunch of dead people on it.
Oliver: I have a feeling you want to be alone.
Chloe: Good plan.
(He leaves her standing there and mutters to himself.)
Oliver: amazing, I invite her to a romantic getaway and she gets mad at me because I didn’t know this island had a heinous past. What have I gotten myself into?
Mathew (O.S.) a lot.
(He turns to see Mathew is standing there, looking at him darkly.)
Oliver: Pardon?
Mathew: She is right. This island is evil.
Oliver: Okay…two people are paranoid now.
Mathew: She is right…this island has a hideous past.
Oliver: Aren’t they just stories?
Mathew: No…imagine being grabbed in the middle of the night from your comfy house wherever you live and being dragged out onto an island where they torture you for days before the finally do you the pleasure of killing you off softly.
Oliver: Sounds very unpleasant.
Mathew: It is.
Oliver: how would you know?
Mathew: I’ve heard stories.
Oliver: So…are you going to tell me to avoid this place or something?
Mathew: Indeed I am…I warned two others before you as well.
Oliver: Others?
Mathew: Yes…a young TV reporter gal and an author. They both ignored my advice as well.
Oliver: I don’t believe in ghost stories anymore.
Mathew: you don’t?
Oliver: No…so you can spare me the warnings…I am here for a romantic getaway with that woman right over there and all of your stories are just your damn imagination scaring her and yourself to death.
Mathew: Forget I said anything lad…go and face a fate worse than death for all I care. But if you care about her-
(Camera shows Chloe hugging herself against a chilly wind as the boat gets closer to the island.)
Mathew: then you will heed my warning and have me drive you back right now.
(Oliver rolls his eyes as he turns form the man and walks away back onto deck. Suddenly there is this horrible ear piercing sound that shakes the whole boat.)
Oliver: what was that?
(Chloe makes her way back over to him.)
Chloe: That did not sound too good.
(They see that the water ash started to turn choppy as large waves hit the boat, rocking it side to side. They both shakily make their way towards the captain who is struggling with the burden of the wheel.)
Mathew: you kids had better hold on-the island has heard us-
Oliver: What?
Mathew: the island knows we are here now.
Chloe: What did we just hit?
Mathew: A fallen vessel most likely.
Chloe: a fallen vessel? Like a ship?
Mathew: They don’t call this Shipwreck Cove for nothing lassie.
Oliver: I didn’t know this place had a name?
Mathew: It got the name form all of the ships that have sunk form mysterious things in the waters.
Chloe: What kind of things?
Mathew: Nobody knows…some say it is from the ghostly keeper that haunts the old lighthouse up yonder.
(Oliver rolls his eyes as the ship shudders again as more waves hit it)
Oliver: Like a ghost?
Mathew: What is today’s date?
Chloe: Halloween…why?
Mathew: Jonathon sure picked a good time to have a bash.
(Another screech shakes the ship.)
(A beat.)
(Suddenly the ship is swiftly hit by a large wave, sending it further along in the water and the camera gets an underwater view of the ship hitting several chunks of rock along the way.)
Chloe: What is happening?
(Mathew struggles with the wheel.)
Mathew: We have been hit-we are taking water fast-
Oliver: What does that mean for us?
Mathew: We are almost to land-we will get out of here as soon as-
(Suddenly a bright light is shot through the glass and the three all rush out onto deck to see that the light from the lighthouse is aimed right at them.)
Chloe: Someone spotted us-
Mathew: Not someone…something…
Oliver: what are you talking about now?
Mathew: that light is not light that you want to be seen by…it’s a signal…
Chloe: A signal for what?
Mathew: That light is never used to show the way to the island.
Oliver: we don’t have time for this-
Mathew: It leads ships to their doom…
Oliver: how about you tell us the story after we get off the ship alive?
(Chloe runs to the edge of the ship and looks to see that they are in swimming distance from the island.)
Chloe: We aren’t that far off.
Oliver: Will the ship stay afloat long enough for us to get there or are we swimming the rest of the way?
Chloe: Oliver-
Mathew: We are taking water fast-
(They all stop talking when they see a large wave of water speeding right at them.)
Mathew: Hang on everyone-
(The wave hits the ship, propelling it right towards the island. Camera goes in slow motion as the ship smashes into the side of the island, hurling Chloe into Oliver and Mathew is seen in slow motion ducking as huge glass shards fly right at his head. The last images we see is the ship rolling over onto its side on dry land, the three people on board are not seen. Camera changes to Jonathon, standing on the porch with a horrified expression. Melissa is filming while he runs down to the crashed boat. Susan is seen looking through her window at the mess.)
Melissa: Holy S***-
(Jonathon reaches the ship and he looks to see Preston and Melissa both on their way as well. He starts running around through the rubble, looking for the three people on the boat. Preston helps him search while Melissa gets the whole thing on film.)
Preston: Hello-anyone in here?
Jonathon: Make a sound-oh god-
(He runs around a little, unsure of what to do now.)
Oliver (O.S.) Where’s Chloe?
(They all look to see Oliver West standing there, covered in scratches and blood coming from his arm. Jonathon begins scrambling around, looking for the missing two people.)
Chloe (O.S.) Oh-oh-god-
(They find her, standing in the midst of the shattered remains of the ship, shattered glass all around her. Her dress is in tatters much as Oliver’s suit is as well. Oliver runs up and hugs her tightly.)
Chloe: where is-
Mathew (O.S.) I’m right here
(He is seen lying in the midst of shattered glass, his leg bleeding profusely. Jonathon and Preston bot rush to his aid while Oliver holds Chloe.)
Jonathon: Sir-are you okay?
Mathew: Names Mathew Brent-I’m okay…
Preston: you can’t walk with that injury-
Mathew: I’ll be fine-
Preston: We have to get it disinfected to be safe.
Mathew: Fine…
Jonathon: We had better get to the house-the storm is really coming down now-
(Jonathon and Preston both help Mathew to his feet and help him limp back to the house while Melissa follows.)
Chloe: Amazing-
Oliver: What?
Chloe: We go for a romantic getaway, get told ghost stories and then we almost get killed before we even make it to the island.
Oliver: Chloe-don’t tell me you blame me for that-
Chloe: Of course not.
Oliver: Oh good-
Chloe: I just blame you for everything else.
Oliver: Chloe come on-
Chloe: Maybe you should go see if our luggage is anywhere?
(She smiles sweetly before she starts walking away, following the rest of the group. Oliver rolls his eyes at her as he stalks away, following the group as he looks back at the lighthouse and scowls to see that the light has gone out.)
Oliver: Damn trip.
(He stalks up towards the house until he is stopped by the groan of the ship. When he turns around he sees that their baggage has been strewn across the ground and he sighs before grabbing several suit cases and lugging them towards the house.)
Oliver: thanks for the help.
(He slowly makes his way up to the old house as he looks around the grounds. The place is littered with fallen dead tree trunks and barely any signs of life. He also sees an old pool off to the side, with dirty green water and leafs strewn across it. There are two old deck chairs as well. He shudders as the cold wind picks up again as he walks along. He sees that the guests have all gathered on the porch. None of them are looking in his direction and abruptly, a thump, he turns to see the old lighthouse door.)
Jonathon (O.S.) is everyone else okay?
Melissa (O.S.): I am thank you.
Preston (O.S.): I think he meant…um…
Chloe (O.S.): Chloe Fields…that’s Oliver West…
(Camera changes to Jonathon and in the background we see Oliver still staring at the old lighthouse, like he is hypnotized by the thought of it.)
Jonathon: I am very glad to see that all of you are okay.
Preston: What are we going to do about Mr. Brent’s leg?
Melissa: Makes a good story.
Chloe: What can we do now? Are we trapped on the island?
Jonathon: No worries…perhaps we should take this into the living room before the storm really hits us.
(It has started to drizzle.)
Jonathon: Mr. West, do you need help with that luggage?
Oliver: no…I got it…
(Jonathon motions for the group to move inside. Melissa grabs her luggage that she brought up earlier and Preston holds the door open for her. She rolls her eyes as she walks inside. Chloe runs inside as thunder and lightning are seen and heard in the distance. Oliver rushes onto the porch and runs inside; Jonathon is the last one inside, looking at the wreckage. Camera shifts to the living room where Preston is attending to the open fireplace as a fire crackles inside. Oliver drops the luggage and takes a seat near the window, looking at the lighthouse again.)
Jonathon: Is everyone okay?
Preston: What are we going to do about Mr. Brent’s leg? We can’t leave him up in bed all weekend can we?
Jonathon: I don’t suppose anyone has any medical experience?
(A beat.)
Jonathon: I didn’t think so.
(A beat.)
Chloe: What-What are we supposed to do now? Aren’t we all being a little calm for something like this?
Preston: Panic helps everything.
Chloe: I don’t believe you were on the boat that we were nearly killed on-
Jonathon: Please…it seems we are stuck here for the weekend…so we may as well get acquainted.
(The group, minus Oliver looks at each other, Melissa in disdain.)
Melissa: Must we?
Jonathon: Come now, if we are going to be trapped here we might as well be friendly.
(Preston clears his throat.)
Preston: I am Preston Gates…I’m a writer from Cleveland here on vacation when I got a letter form Jonathon inviting me up here.
Melissa: speaking of which-why were we all invited up here anyways?
Jonathon: All in good time.
(A beat.)
Chloe: I’m Chloe Fields…I work as a special effects artist for movies…
(Melissa puts down her camera for the first time this evening.)
Melissa: Wait…you have worked with famous directors then right?
Chloe: Some…yeah…
Melissa: so…you have met famous directors with casting and all that?
Chloe: Yes…I have…
(She drops her head back to her camera.)
Melissa: Melissa Marston…celebrity…
(Everyone looks at Jonathon)
Jonathon: I hope we all know me…I am Jonathon Tumbleweed…
Oliver: So you’re the one who invited us up here for this Halloween party? Are we dressing up in costumes too or not your style?
Jonathon: No costumes…I don’t believe we ever got your name…
Oliver: Oh come on…you know my name already Jonathon…
Jonathon: Indeed…shall I?
(Oliver snorts as he looks back out the window.)
Jonathon: Everyone, this is Oliver West, a movie director.
(Melissa looks up again. She silently looks between Oliver and Chloe.)
Jonathon: I was in one of your movies.
Oliver: Until you tried to buy the movie rights right from under my nose.
Jonathon: Live and let live, that is my motto.
(Oliver snorts as he rolls his eyes.)
Chloe: So…
(Everyone looks at her.)
Chloe: Are we really trapped here until a boat comes for us whenever it does?
Mathew (O.S.) not quite.
(Everyone turns to see Mathew standing there, his pants leg rolled up and his leg bandaged.)
Mathew: The boat docks work in time increments…if this storm blows over a boat will be sent back for us possibly tonight.
Chloe: Really?
Mathew: Yes.
Jonathon: How are you feeling-are you feeling? Hopefully not in too much pain?
Mathew: I feel better thank you.
(A beat.)
Jonathon: Well I am glad to see everyone is okay…shall we move to the dining room for dinner?
Oliver: you go one without me…I’m not that hungry.
Chloe: Are you sure?
Oliver: I’m fine…just damn fine…
(A beat before Jonathon smiles and leads the group out of the room. Chloe looks at him one last time before she turns and leaves him alone.)
Jonathon (O.S.) if you will follow me you will see several exquisite paintings that were painted in the late eighteen hundreds.
(Oliver jumps up the second he feels they are gone before he starts towards the hallway and sees that they all have gone. He then opens the front door just as lightning strikes in the distance and we see the lighthouse, looking menacingly in the dark sky as he runs over towards the door.)
Oliver: I know I heard something.
(There is another thump from inside the house and he jumps.)
Oliver: I definitely heard that.
(He slowly reaches for the door knob and throws open the door to reveal nothing but an old staircase that looks like it will give at any second.)
Oliver: Nothing?
(He slowly starts into the lighthouse, when suddenly a huge gust of wind rushes right past him, emanating from seemingly nowhere and right behind him the door slams shut.)
Oliver: Just the wind.
(He continues to walk along the old wooden floor towards the steps. There is a large creak above him and he jumps and looks around to see that he is alone on this floor. He gulps before he starts walking again. Camera changes to Jonathon and the others all seated at the dinner tables with a buffet of food in front of them.)
Chloe: do you do this for all of your guests?
Jonathon: Well this is a special party for a special group of people?
Melissa: Hey, it tall blonde and handsome coming or not?
(Chloe gives her a look before she sees that Oliver is not coming.)
Chloe: Perhaps I should go look for him?
Jonathon: We shall keep dinner waiting for you.
Preston: What?
Chloe: No, you don’t need to do that.
(She smiles as she sets her napkin down on the table and she exits while the other four sit there silent.)
Jonathon: So…Preston, have you been working on any other books?
Preston: I have actually…one of a grisly murder of a grandmother…
Jonathon: Sounds really good.
Melissa: sounds very boring.
Preston It should be a very good book.
Jonathon: Have you ever thought of making a movie?
(Suddenly the doors that Chloe walked out burst open, sending a cold gust of wind coming from nowhere rushes into the room, blowing out the candles in the room. The whole room goes silent as the lights begin to flicker.)
Preston: J-Jonathon-are you doing this?
Mathew: no-
(Preston turns to him.)
Mathew: the ghosts of the dead are.
Melissa: I for one think dead really makes a good story-
(Suddenly-the camera goes into slow motion as the chandelier above their heads breaks loose, shooting sparks down on the guests as they each one by one scramble for cover. Mathew dives for the floor, Jonathon backs away quickly and Melissa dives underneath the table. In a flash the chandelier smashes into the table and the camera gets a quick shot of Melissa under the table as a shard of glass imbeds itself through the table, barely missing her.)
Jonathon (O.S.) Oh my god-
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