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Evil Loves to Party

Author's note: The horror Movie: House on Haunted Hill Gave kme the idea to trap a few people somehwere...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: The horror Movie:

House on Haunted Hill

Gave kme the idea to trap a few people somehwere with the weird connection that brings them all together...murder...  « Hide author's note
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They arrive.

(A TV is seen turning on and we see a nicely dressed man in a suit, his name is Steve Gold, a TV show host.)
Steve: What makes us shiver in the night? What sends goose bumps up your spine? Murder? Blood? How about ghosts and a horrible island recently named Island of Corpses where hundreds of murders have taken place on one very scary and dark island? Sound scary enough?
(An overview of the island is seen.)
Steve: The Island was bought a long time ago, many, many years ago and since then there have been reports of ghostly beings walking the island? Is this true? Murders first started in 1934 with a nameless victim that was found washed up on shore. Since then there have been dozens more with horrible victims.
(Images of dismembered corpses and maimed people appears on the screen as they lay in the sand as water rushes over them, then the bodies are gone the next second when the water recedes.)
Steve: The bodies were never found and we can only assume that anyone who has gone on the island has never survived a trip or vacation there and ever shown their face to the public again. Now reports of a ghostly fog and a lighthouse whose light has never burned out have arisen. And I can only ask one question: Who is the next victim on the Island of Bodies?
(In a quick flash of lightning we get a look of this old island, covered by large storming clouds and a raging amount of water waves that crash upon the shores. The camera moves in closer to show that there is also an island sitting on the top of the island with an old man sitting all alone on a rocker with a cane at his side and he is sipping a drink as he watches the storm brewing above him on his cozy little island. We see a sign that hangs above the porch that reads JOE’S SHRIMP SHACK, though it is clear that he has not had much business in a long time. He sighs as he closes his eyes.)
Joe: Sounds like there will be a storm tonight.
(Suddenly he is interrupted by a light being shot in his eyes. He yells and nearly falls off his rocker and looks to see that a light has turns on in the old, dusty lighthouse that sits several yards away from the house.)
Joe: that old girl has not worked in years.
(He groans as he sits up, grabs his cane and starts towards the old lighthouse as the light follows him like a spotlight.)
Joe: so much for a relaxing day at home.
(He gets to the door and the light goes out. The camera changes so that it is looking out a cracked window and is watching as the old man fiddles with the keys. Then in a flash we see the reflection of a scar faced person looking out the window as well. He is blue skinned and one bone is sticking out of his shoulder. Clearly this guy is a member of the not so recently deceased. We hear the door creak open off screen and we watch as the scarred figure disappears as well.)
Joe: Hello? Is anyone up here?
(The camera shows the old man climbing the stairs and we see the old dusty light in the house that has a thick layer of dust over it. This light has not been working for years and it looks like it has not been used for years either.)
Joe: Hello, what do we have here?
(The old man seems befuddled that the light was supposedly on when it clearly looks that it has not been in years.)
Joe: Well that is odd…must be my old eyes…
(He blows on the glass but the dust barely moves. He coughs twice and we catch a glimpse of a blue skinned person behind him but it is gone the next moment.)
Joe: Is anyone here? Or am I just crazy?
(He laughs loudly and he starts back down the stairs. He fails to notice the silhouette of a disfigured person watch him as he descends.)
Joe: I must be crazy.
(He laughs some more until he shuts the door. The camera turns and faces the scarred man staring at the closed door. He starts towards the door and tries the knob and we see a very angered face as he sees the door is locked before he kicks it and disappears as he walks up the stairs. Then the camera catches another glimpse of the man before it changes to show the old man asleep in bed while the storm has stopped raging as much outside. He is snoring softly until suddenly a bright light shoots through his window and wakes him up with a start.)
Joe: What the hell-
(He looks out into the light to see that it is coming from the lighthouse once again.)
Joe: Damn lighthouse…damned island…damn it all…
(He growls as he looks deeper into the light and we see a seriously disfigured person stand in the light, casting a silhouette.)
Joe: What in the world-
(He grabs his slippers and cane and starts out of his room and enters the main hallway and we see that the light has followed him and is now shooting through the screen door. He sighs as he starts hobbling towards the lighthouse while thunder shakes the sky again.)
Joe: Looks like the storm is far from over.
(He starts walking and the light follows him like a spotlight as he starts towards the house that the light is coming from. We see the shadowy figure turn away and step out of the light and seconds later is goes out. The old man however does not stop walking and instead continues to walk to the door only to find that there is a thud on the other side of the door. Then another and we see the door shake, as though there is something seriously wanting to get out of there.)
Joe: Who is in there?
(He shakily opens the door with the keys and we see that there is nothing. Joe silently starts up the stairs, wobbly and sweat is dripping down his forehead as he walks along towards the light, only to see that once again there is no light anymore and there is no one there anymore either.)
Joe: Who is in here? This is my property-
(Suddenly the camera catches a glimpse of the blue sinned man standing behind him. The old man does not see him and instead bends over to permanently turn off the light while the blue skinned man watches.)
Scarred Man: Yoho Yoho…a pirates life for me-
Joe: What the hell are you doing in here?
(He stops talking when he sees the scarred man standing there in front of him. The scarred man stars at him through a pair of pure black eyes. He suddenly smiles, a horribly crooked and scary smile that sends chills down the old man’s back.)
Joe: Who-What-are you?
Scarred Man: A sailor.
Joe: Who-
(He never gets to finish as he is suddenly hurled onto the light, the glass breaking underneath him as the scarred man hold him by his shirt front. He slams his head down on the glass.)
Joe: Help-Help me-
(He slams the man on the light again and now sparks shoot across the room while the scarred man laughs shortly before he raises his fist above the old man, now bleeding in several places. Right before he punches the camera changes to the base of the lighthouse. There is a scream before there is utter silence. Then suddenly the light turns on again, this time shooting up in the sky and we see: a silhouette of a corpse lying on the light as it shoots the image into the air before it goes out.)
Scarred Man (O.S.) a pirate’s life for me.
Oliver (O.S.) Oh come on-just a little break-
(Camera comes up to show a blond male of twenty five talking to a blond woman of twenty three as she attempts to work on an animation scheme as he looks over her shoulder, watching her intently until she turns on him and sighs as she leans up and kisses his cheek softly before returning to her work.)
Chloe: Be quiet and let me finish my work.
Oliver: you don’t have to work you know.
Chloe: who else is the best at graphic design huh? Think you could Mr. Big shot director?
(He chuckles as he rolls his eyes before taking the seat next to her as she continues to work on the animation.)
Chloe: Besides…I owe this job…
Oliver: How do you owe this job anything other than dealing with snobby actors?
Chloe: I never would have met you…nor would I have ever gotten to work on five star movies.
Oliver: Touché.
Chloe: what are you here for anyway? Don’t you have a sale pitch for some new movie in half an hour anyway?
Oliver: They can wait.
Chloe: No they can’t now go.
(He kisses her softly before he takes a step back and starts towards the door.)
Oliver: I’ll drop by the files later.
Chloe: Oh lucky me.
(She rolls her eyes as he smiles before he starts towards the door until he stops and turns with an excited look in his eyes.)
Oliver: I forgot to tell you what was going on this weekend that we both have been specially invited to.
Chloe: Invited or bought our way in?
Oliver: Invited.
Chloe: What?
Oliver: a party on an island for a romantic weekend.
Chloe: Do we actually know the host?
Oliver: No…perhaps you do…you’ve met him before…
Chloe: I have?
Oliver: he was an extra in one of our movies.
Chloe: For heaven sakes who is it?
Oliver: Jonathon Tumbleweed.
(She frowns as she turns and goes back to her work.)
Oliver: what?
(A beat)
Oliver: what is it Chloe?
Chloe: Of all of the parties to get invited to you get invited to his?
Oliver: What’s wrong with him?
Chloe: He’s an ass.
Oliver: Gee…you don’t like him much do you?
Chloe: No jokes Oliver this is serious.
Oliver: It’s a party on an island for a weekend getaway.
Chloe: Can’t we just spend the weekend at home?
Oliver: where’s the fun in that?
(She shoots him a look and he chuckles nervously.)
Oliver: Come on-it could be fun.
Chloe: Pass.
Oliver: Please can we go?
(He gives her a small smile and eventually she agrees with a sigh.)
Chloe: Fine…we can go…
Oliver: Get packed for a weekend of sun and fun.
Chloe: When do we leave?
Oliver: Saturday at five.
Chloe: This party better be worth it.
Oliver: I have a good feeling it will be.
Chloe: Where is this party anyway?
(Camera changes to the island we saw in the beginning this time it is a sunny day and we catch a glimpse of a large mansion sitting atop the island instead of the small house we saw earlier. We see the old lighthouse again only this time there is no light and no signs of the murderous man we saw earlier.)
Jonathon: It’s perfect.
(We see a little man walking towards the house, dressed in a white suit, looking like a sailor.)
Jonathon: This shall be a party to remember.
(He starts walking towards the house and we see Susan, dressed nicely in a dress, sitting there in the same chair that the old man was sitting in earlier, filing her nails as she hums to herself. She runs a hand through her hair and looks up at him and her smile instantly fades from her face.)
Susan: Did you send out the invites Mr. Tumbleweed?
Jonathon: Can it Susan.
Susan: Language, language…don’t be so mad…your guests will be here soon enough and then the party will really begin.
Jonathon: I hope by then you will be off the island.
Susan: Relax I’ll be gone…I wouldn’t want to be here anyway.
Jonathon: Glad we both can agree on something…I don’t want you here either.
(They stare at each other with angry glance before she relents and goes back to looking at her nails. Jonathon opens the door and disappears inside while she looks around and sees a storm approaching slowly in the distance.)
Susan: Looks like a storm is coming.
Jonathon: Then you should leave now before you drown without my help.
Susan: A comedian now too huh?
(He scowls at her as he looks back out onto the water with a pair of binoculars. He looks through them, looking for the signs of an approaching boat; one of them is visible through the pair.)
Jonathon: Looks like my guests are on their way.
Susan: Are they all women this time?
Jonathon: No.
Susan: Into men as well now?
Jonathon: No.
Susan: Out of curiosity who did you invite to this little shindig?
Jonathon: If I tell you will you leave sooner?
Susan: Possibly.
Jonathon: I invited several guests that are…related to a certain event that happened on this island.
Susan: The one with the old man?
Jonathon: No…that was unfortunate…he was a good worker…always on time…
Susan: Anyways…who did you invite?
Jonathon: You’ll see soon enough.
(She snorts as she stands and dusts her dress off before she starts inside the house.)
Jonathon: Need help with your bags or something?
Susan: No-I got it covered.
Jonathon: good, I wouldn’t help you anyways.
Susan: You would if it meant me leaving quicker wouldn’t you?
(The sound of a horn stops them and they look to see that the boat is preparing to dock. Camera changes so it is looking through a window of the lighthouse again to two individuals walking off the dock while their bags sit there on the dock. Melissa Marston and Preston Gates. Melissa eagerly gets out her camera as she glances around the area.)
Melissa: Wow-this is gold-
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 9 Next »

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