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Evil Loves to Party

September 21, 2012
By Marston, Perry, Ohio
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Marston, Perry, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Journalists never believe in coincidences."

Author's note: The horror Movie: House on Haunted Hill Gave kme the idea to trap a few people somehwere with the weird connection that brings them all together...murder...

Who will survive and what will be left of them?

Oliver West: a successful movie maker who has gained quite a bit of fame through his many movies and has now been invited to this old island for a party that he has no idea what it is about. All he knows is that this island will be a good place for a movie and a romantic evening for Chloe as well. Too bad he fails to realize that he is walking back into a horror movie that soon may be starring him and this time the lead may not make it to curtain call.
Chloe Fields: The pretty and shy graphics designer who helps Oliver design horrible creatures for his movies. He has recently invited her to join him on a romantic getaway to an island that she read about as a kid. One that seems to have a dark murderous past that intrigues her. She may be the only one who has any idea what this place really hides in its many caves and deep waters.
Jonathon Tumbleweed: the rich billionaire who invited the descendants of those who got away so many years ago to creep out the guests during one of his many famous Halloween parties. He has always been known to be a little eccentric but to rent a whole island? Something else is definitely going on in his mind. He hates Susan though he asked her to have the party on the island. Why? What does he have planned for Susan and the rest of the guests that have been invited there?
Susan Scarlet: The ex-wife who bought the island to get away from her own murderous past and yet Jonathon, the latest husband she tried to kill has come back to her, wanting to have a party on her island. So why did she let him? He may have been the one who got away once…but he may not be the one who got away twice. She also recognizes Mathew and Bobby from her old past…but from where? And how far is she willing to go to get rid of Jonathon?
Preston Gates: A nosy and pushy salesman who sold the island to Susan, never knowing of the murderous past. He was surprised to see that he also got an invite to the party as well but he was and now he wishes that he had never decided to go and also will be hoping by the end of the night that he never sold Susan the island as well.
Melissa Marston: the beautiful ex TV show hostess who lost her show due to suicide ratings when she exposed people’s secrets on national TV. She is hunting for a story and this old island is full of secrets that she could definitely discover…and maybe even pay dearly for as well.
Mathew Brent: The boat man who was stranded on the island by accident and now hopes to go home to his family and live to see another day. Though he has been lucky before and his luck may have just worn off.

(A TV is seen turning on and we see a nicely dressed man in a suit, his name is Steve Gold, a TV show host.)
Steve: What makes us shiver in the night? What sends goose bumps up your spine? Murder? Blood? How about ghosts and a horrible island recently named Island of Corpses where hundreds of murders have taken place on one very scary and dark island? Sound scary enough?
(An overview of the island is seen.)
Steve: The Island was bought a long time ago, many, many years ago and since then there have been reports of ghostly beings walking the island? Is this true? Murders first started in 1934 with a nameless victim that was found washed up on shore. Since then there have been dozens more with horrible victims.
(Images of dismembered corpses and maimed people appears on the screen as they lay in the sand as water rushes over them, then the bodies are gone the next second when the water recedes.)
Steve: The bodies were never found and we can only assume that anyone who has gone on the island has never survived a trip or vacation there and ever shown their face to the public again. Now reports of a ghostly fog and a lighthouse whose light has never burned out have arisen. And I can only ask one question: Who is the next victim on the Island of Bodies?
(In a quick flash of lightning we get a look of this old island, covered by large storming clouds and a raging amount of water waves that crash upon the shores. The camera moves in closer to show that there is also an island sitting on the top of the island with an old man sitting all alone on a rocker with a cane at his side and he is sipping a drink as he watches the storm brewing above him on his cozy little island. We see a sign that hangs above the porch that reads JOE’S SHRIMP SHACK, though it is clear that he has not had much business in a long time. He sighs as he closes his eyes.)
Joe: Sounds like there will be a storm tonight.
(Suddenly he is interrupted by a light being shot in his eyes. He yells and nearly falls off his rocker and looks to see that a light has turns on in the old, dusty lighthouse that sits several yards away from the house.)
Joe: that old girl has not worked in years.
(He groans as he sits up, grabs his cane and starts towards the old lighthouse as the light follows him like a spotlight.)
Joe: so much for a relaxing day at home.
(He gets to the door and the light goes out. The camera changes so that it is looking out a cracked window and is watching as the old man fiddles with the keys. Then in a flash we see the reflection of a scar faced person looking out the window as well. He is blue skinned and one bone is sticking out of his shoulder. Clearly this guy is a member of the not so recently deceased. We hear the door creak open off screen and we watch as the scarred figure disappears as well.)
Joe: Hello? Is anyone up here?
(The camera shows the old man climbing the stairs and we see the old dusty light in the house that has a thick layer of dust over it. This light has not been working for years and it looks like it has not been used for years either.)
Joe: Hello, what do we have here?
(The old man seems befuddled that the light was supposedly on when it clearly looks that it has not been in years.)
Joe: Well that is odd…must be my old eyes…
(He blows on the glass but the dust barely moves. He coughs twice and we catch a glimpse of a blue skinned person behind him but it is gone the next moment.)
Joe: Is anyone here? Or am I just crazy?
(He laughs loudly and he starts back down the stairs. He fails to notice the silhouette of a disfigured person watch him as he descends.)
Joe: I must be crazy.
(He laughs some more until he shuts the door. The camera turns and faces the scarred man staring at the closed door. He starts towards the door and tries the knob and we see a very angered face as he sees the door is locked before he kicks it and disappears as he walks up the stairs. Then the camera catches another glimpse of the man before it changes to show the old man asleep in bed while the storm has stopped raging as much outside. He is snoring softly until suddenly a bright light shoots through his window and wakes him up with a start.)
Joe: What the hell-
(He looks out into the light to see that it is coming from the lighthouse once again.)
Joe: Damn lighthouse…damned island…damn it all…
(He growls as he looks deeper into the light and we see a seriously disfigured person stand in the light, casting a silhouette.)
Joe: What in the world-
(He grabs his slippers and cane and starts out of his room and enters the main hallway and we see that the light has followed him and is now shooting through the screen door. He sighs as he starts hobbling towards the lighthouse while thunder shakes the sky again.)
Joe: Looks like the storm is far from over.
(He starts walking and the light follows him like a spotlight as he starts towards the house that the light is coming from. We see the shadowy figure turn away and step out of the light and seconds later is goes out. The old man however does not stop walking and instead continues to walk to the door only to find that there is a thud on the other side of the door. Then another and we see the door shake, as though there is something seriously wanting to get out of there.)
Joe: Who is in there?
(He shakily opens the door with the keys and we see that there is nothing. Joe silently starts up the stairs, wobbly and sweat is dripping down his forehead as he walks along towards the light, only to see that once again there is no light anymore and there is no one there anymore either.)
Joe: Who is in here? This is my property-
(Suddenly the camera catches a glimpse of the blue sinned man standing behind him. The old man does not see him and instead bends over to permanently turn off the light while the blue skinned man watches.)
Scarred Man: Yoho Yoho…a pirates life for me-
Joe: What the hell are you doing in here?
(He stops talking when he sees the scarred man standing there in front of him. The scarred man stars at him through a pair of pure black eyes. He suddenly smiles, a horribly crooked and scary smile that sends chills down the old man’s back.)
Joe: Who-What-are you?
Scarred Man: A sailor.
Joe: Who-
(He never gets to finish as he is suddenly hurled onto the light, the glass breaking underneath him as the scarred man hold him by his shirt front. He slams his head down on the glass.)
Joe: Help-Help me-
(He slams the man on the light again and now sparks shoot across the room while the scarred man laughs shortly before he raises his fist above the old man, now bleeding in several places. Right before he punches the camera changes to the base of the lighthouse. There is a scream before there is utter silence. Then suddenly the light turns on again, this time shooting up in the sky and we see: a silhouette of a corpse lying on the light as it shoots the image into the air before it goes out.)
Scarred Man (O.S.) a pirate’s life for me.
Oliver (O.S.) Oh come on-just a little break-
(Camera comes up to show a blond male of twenty five talking to a blond woman of twenty three as she attempts to work on an animation scheme as he looks over her shoulder, watching her intently until she turns on him and sighs as she leans up and kisses his cheek softly before returning to her work.)
Chloe: Be quiet and let me finish my work.
Oliver: you don’t have to work you know.
Chloe: who else is the best at graphic design huh? Think you could Mr. Big shot director?
(He chuckles as he rolls his eyes before taking the seat next to her as she continues to work on the animation.)
Chloe: Besides…I owe this job…
Oliver: How do you owe this job anything other than dealing with snobby actors?
Chloe: I never would have met you…nor would I have ever gotten to work on five star movies.
Oliver: Touché.
Chloe: what are you here for anyway? Don’t you have a sale pitch for some new movie in half an hour anyway?
Oliver: They can wait.
Chloe: No they can’t now go.
(He kisses her softly before he takes a step back and starts towards the door.)
Oliver: I’ll drop by the files later.
Chloe: Oh lucky me.
(She rolls her eyes as he smiles before he starts towards the door until he stops and turns with an excited look in his eyes.)
Oliver: I forgot to tell you what was going on this weekend that we both have been specially invited to.
Chloe: Invited or bought our way in?
Oliver: Invited.
Chloe: What?
Oliver: a party on an island for a romantic weekend.
Chloe: Do we actually know the host?
Oliver: No…perhaps you do…you’ve met him before…
Chloe: I have?
Oliver: he was an extra in one of our movies.
Chloe: For heaven sakes who is it?
Oliver: Jonathon Tumbleweed.
(She frowns as she turns and goes back to her work.)
Oliver: what?
(A beat)
Oliver: what is it Chloe?
Chloe: Of all of the parties to get invited to you get invited to his?
Oliver: What’s wrong with him?
Chloe: He’s an ass.
Oliver: Gee…you don’t like him much do you?
Chloe: No jokes Oliver this is serious.
Oliver: It’s a party on an island for a weekend getaway.
Chloe: Can’t we just spend the weekend at home?
Oliver: where’s the fun in that?
(She shoots him a look and he chuckles nervously.)
Oliver: Come on-it could be fun.
Chloe: Pass.
Oliver: Please can we go?
(He gives her a small smile and eventually she agrees with a sigh.)
Chloe: Fine…we can go…

Oliver: Get packed for a weekend of sun and fun.
Chloe: When do we leave?
Oliver: Saturday at five.
Chloe: This party better be worth it.
Oliver: I have a good feeling it will be.
Chloe: Where is this party anyway?
(Camera changes to the island we saw in the beginning this time it is a sunny day and we catch a glimpse of a large mansion sitting atop the island instead of the small house we saw earlier. We see the old lighthouse again only this time there is no light and no signs of the murderous man we saw earlier.)
Jonathon: It’s perfect.
(We see a little man walking towards the house, dressed in a white suit, looking like a sailor.)
Jonathon: This shall be a party to remember.
(He starts walking towards the house and we see Susan, dressed nicely in a dress, sitting there in the same chair that the old man was sitting in earlier, filing her nails as she hums to herself. She runs a hand through her hair and looks up at him and her smile instantly fades from her face.)
Susan: Did you send out the invites Mr. Tumbleweed?
Jonathon: Can it Susan.
Susan: Language, language…don’t be so mad…your guests will be here soon enough and then the party will really begin.
Jonathon: I hope by then you will be off the island.
Susan: Relax I’ll be gone…I wouldn’t want to be here anyway.
Jonathon: Glad we both can agree on something…I don’t want you here either.
(They stare at each other with angry glance before she relents and goes back to looking at her nails. Jonathon opens the door and disappears inside while she looks around and sees a storm approaching slowly in the distance.)
Susan: Looks like a storm is coming.
Jonathon: Then you should leave now before you drown without my help.
Susan: A comedian now too huh?
(He scowls at her as he looks back out onto the water with a pair of binoculars. He looks through them, looking for the signs of an approaching boat; one of them is visible through the pair.)
Jonathon: Looks like my guests are on their way.
Susan: Are they all women this time?
Jonathon: No.
Susan: Into men as well now?
Jonathon: No.
Susan: Out of curiosity who did you invite to this little shindig?
Jonathon: If I tell you will you leave sooner?
Susan: Possibly.
Jonathon: I invited several guests that are…related to a certain event that happened on this island.
Susan: The one with the old man?
Jonathon: No…that was unfortunate…he was a good worker…always on time…
Susan: Anyways…who did you invite?
Jonathon: You’ll see soon enough.
(She snorts as she stands and dusts her dress off before she starts inside the house.)
Jonathon: Need help with your bags or something?
Susan: No-I got it covered.
Jonathon: good, I wouldn’t help you anyways.
Susan: You would if it meant me leaving quicker wouldn’t you?
(The sound of a horn stops them and they look to see that the boat is preparing to dock. Camera changes so it is looking through a window of the lighthouse again to two individuals walking off the dock while their bags sit there on the dock. Melissa Marston and Preston Gates. Melissa eagerly gets out her camera as she glances around the area.)
Melissa: Wow-this is gold-

Preston: What did you say your name was again?
Melissa: Melissa Marston…you sweetheart?
Preston: Preston Gates…have you ever-
Melissa: Met this Jonathon character before? No…have you met him before?
Preston: Heard about him…that’s all…
Melissa: Same here.
(A beat.)
Preston: Is that him?
(He points to a short little man being Jonathon Tumbleweed, walking merrily towards them with an eager smile.)
Melissa: Not much in person.
Jonathon: Hello, I’m Jonathon…by the looks of it-0you must be Miss Marston and Mister Gates, right?
Melissa: You bet I am. Is there anything creepy going on in this place?
Jonathon: Preston Gates, your novels are simply amazing; I have read several of them.
Melissa: Um hello-
Preston: Why thank you-
Melissa: Hello-
Jonathon: And I recognize you form your show Miss Marston.
Melissa: Thank y9ou but is there-
Jonathon: Would any of you care for a drink while we wait for the others to arrive?
Preston: Others?
Jonathon: Yes, we are expecting two more.
Melissa: What about-
Jonathon: Yes Miss Marston?
(She sighs as she looks at him with an annoyed look, Jonathon looks unaffected.)
Melissa: Is there anything creepy about this place?

Jonathon: You will definitely find a story here of all places Miss Marston.
Preston: Why have we been invited here anyways?
Jonathon: When the others get here will tell you the reason for this very random party.
Preston: So this is not some book signing contract?
(Melissa looks at him like he is crazy.)
Jonathon: Sorry but no, though I do have some friends of mine who would love to meet you in person.
Melissa: that is great and all but are we going to just wait here until the rest of the guests get here?
Jonathon: Would you like to go up to the house and wait?
Preston: May I if it is not too much trouble?
Jonathon: Of course not.
Preston: Thank you.
(Preston starts towards the house. Leaving Melissa and Jonathon standing there by the dock.)
Melissa: when can we be expecting the other two guests?
Jonathon: Soon, very soon.
(Camera changes to Oliver and Chloe both rushing to the dock just in time to catch the boat driver, Mathew Brent standing there looking very annoyed with the late guests.)
Mathew: about time.
Oliver: sorry…we got tied up…
(Chloe scowls at him as she takes her bag and starts onto the boat while Oliver glances at Mathew with an unreadable expression.)
Mathew: Come, come, we don’t have all day you know.
Oliver: Sorry, yeah, let’s get moving then.
(Oliver climbs aboard the boat and finds Chloe looking over the railing at the water below as the boat starts moving in the direction of the island in the distance, mostly covered in fog now. He approaches Chloe and places a hand on her shoulder, dressed in dress pants and a red top. He is dressed in a dress shirt and dress pants as well. She looks at him with an annoyed expression before she turns back to the water.)
Oliver: what did I do now?
Chloe: You forgot to mention we were going by boat.
Oliver: It’s just a little seasickness; it’ll pass when we get on the island.
Chloe: do you know about this island at all Ollie?
Oliver: no...Why?
Chloe: It has a very nasty past.
Oliver: It is a bit scary but I really don’t see anything that scary.
Chloe: People were kidnapped…kidnapped, tortured in underground caves and slaughtered on that island.

Oliver: That kind of ruined a romantic moment there.
(She scowls at him.)
Chloe: I’m serious…this place is creepy.
Oliver: It’s just an island.
Chloe: With a bunch of dead people on it.
Oliver: I have a feeling you want to be alone.
Chloe: Good plan.
(He leaves her standing there and mutters to himself.)
Oliver: amazing, I invite her to a romantic getaway and she gets mad at me because I didn’t know this island had a heinous past. What have I gotten myself into?
Mathew (O.S.) a lot.
(He turns to see Mathew is standing there, looking at him darkly.)
Oliver: Pardon?
Mathew: She is right. This island is evil.
Oliver: Okay…two people are paranoid now.
Mathew: She is right…this island has a hideous past.
Oliver: Aren’t they just stories?
Mathew: No…imagine being grabbed in the middle of the night from your comfy house wherever you live and being dragged out onto an island where they torture you for days before the finally do you the pleasure of killing you off softly.
Oliver: Sounds very unpleasant.
Mathew: It is.
Oliver: how would you know?
Mathew: I’ve heard stories.
Oliver: So…are you going to tell me to avoid this place or something?
Mathew: Indeed I am…I warned two others before you as well.
Oliver: Others?
Mathew: Yes…a young TV reporter gal and an author. They both ignored my advice as well.
Oliver: I don’t believe in ghost stories anymore.
Mathew: you don’t?
Oliver: No…so you can spare me the warnings…I am here for a romantic getaway with that woman right over there and all of your stories are just your damn imagination scaring her and yourself to death.
Mathew: Forget I said anything lad…go and face a fate worse than death for all I care. But if you care about her-
(Camera shows Chloe hugging herself against a chilly wind as the boat gets closer to the island.)
Mathew: then you will heed my warning and have me drive you back right now.
(Oliver rolls his eyes as he turns form the man and walks away back onto deck. Suddenly there is this horrible ear piercing sound that shakes the whole boat.)
Oliver: what was that?
(Chloe makes her way back over to him.)
Chloe: That did not sound too good.
(They see that the water ash started to turn choppy as large waves hit the boat, rocking it side to side. They both shakily make their way towards the captain who is struggling with the burden of the wheel.)
Mathew: you kids had better hold on-the island has heard us-
Oliver: What?
Mathew: the island knows we are here now.
Chloe: What did we just hit?
Mathew: A fallen vessel most likely.
Chloe: a fallen vessel? Like a ship?
Mathew: They don’t call this Shipwreck Cove for nothing lassie.
Oliver: I didn’t know this place had a name?
Mathew: It got the name form all of the ships that have sunk form mysterious things in the waters.
Chloe: What kind of things?
Mathew: Nobody knows…some say it is from the ghostly keeper that haunts the old lighthouse up yonder.
(Oliver rolls his eyes as the ship shudders again as more waves hit it)
Oliver: Like a ghost?
Mathew: What is today’s date?
Chloe: Halloween…why?
Mathew: Jonathon sure picked a good time to have a bash.
(Another screech shakes the ship.)
(A beat.)
(Suddenly the ship is swiftly hit by a large wave, sending it further along in the water and the camera gets an underwater view of the ship hitting several chunks of rock along the way.)
Chloe: What is happening?
(Mathew struggles with the wheel.)
Mathew: We have been hit-we are taking water fast-
Oliver: What does that mean for us?
Mathew: We are almost to land-we will get out of here as soon as-
(Suddenly a bright light is shot through the glass and the three all rush out onto deck to see that the light from the lighthouse is aimed right at them.)
Chloe: Someone spotted us-
Mathew: Not someone…something…
Oliver: what are you talking about now?
Mathew: that light is not light that you want to be seen by…it’s a signal…
Chloe: A signal for what?
Mathew: That light is never used to show the way to the island.
Oliver: we don’t have time for this-
Mathew: It leads ships to their doom…
Oliver: how about you tell us the story after we get off the ship alive?
(Chloe runs to the edge of the ship and looks to see that they are in swimming distance from the island.)
Chloe: We aren’t that far off.
Oliver: Will the ship stay afloat long enough for us to get there or are we swimming the rest of the way?
Chloe: Oliver-
Mathew: We are taking water fast-
(They all stop talking when they see a large wave of water speeding right at them.)
Mathew: Hang on everyone-
(The wave hits the ship, propelling it right towards the island. Camera goes in slow motion as the ship smashes into the side of the island, hurling Chloe into Oliver and Mathew is seen in slow motion ducking as huge glass shards fly right at his head. The last images we see is the ship rolling over onto its side on dry land, the three people on board are not seen. Camera changes to Jonathon, standing on the porch with a horrified expression. Melissa is filming while he runs down to the crashed boat. Susan is seen looking through her window at the mess.)
Melissa: Holy S***-
(Jonathon reaches the ship and he looks to see Preston and Melissa both on their way as well. He starts running around through the rubble, looking for the three people on the boat. Preston helps him search while Melissa gets the whole thing on film.)
Preston: Hello-anyone in here?
Jonathon: Make a sound-oh god-
(He runs around a little, unsure of what to do now.)
Oliver (O.S.) Where’s Chloe?
(They all look to see Oliver West standing there, covered in scratches and blood coming from his arm. Jonathon begins scrambling around, looking for the missing two people.)
Chloe (O.S.) Oh-oh-god-
(They find her, standing in the midst of the shattered remains of the ship, shattered glass all around her. Her dress is in tatters much as Oliver’s suit is as well. Oliver runs up and hugs her tightly.)
Chloe: where is-
Mathew (O.S.) I’m right here
(He is seen lying in the midst of shattered glass, his leg bleeding profusely. Jonathon and Preston bot rush to his aid while Oliver holds Chloe.)
Jonathon: Sir-are you okay?
Mathew: Names Mathew Brent-I’m okay…
Preston: you can’t walk with that injury-
Mathew: I’ll be fine-
Preston: We have to get it disinfected to be safe.
Mathew: Fine…
Jonathon: We had better get to the house-the storm is really coming down now-
(Jonathon and Preston both help Mathew to his feet and help him limp back to the house while Melissa follows.)
Chloe: Amazing-
Oliver: What?
Chloe: We go for a romantic getaway, get told ghost stories and then we almost get killed before we even make it to the island.
Oliver: Chloe-don’t tell me you blame me for that-
Chloe: Of course not.
Oliver: Oh good-
Chloe: I just blame you for everything else.
Oliver: Chloe come on-
Chloe: Maybe you should go see if our luggage is anywhere?
(She smiles sweetly before she starts walking away, following the rest of the group. Oliver rolls his eyes at her as he stalks away, following the group as he looks back at the lighthouse and scowls to see that the light has gone out.)
Oliver: Damn trip.
(He stalks up towards the house until he is stopped by the groan of the ship. When he turns around he sees that their baggage has been strewn across the ground and he sighs before grabbing several suit cases and lugging them towards the house.)
Oliver: thanks for the help.
(He slowly makes his way up to the old house as he looks around the grounds. The place is littered with fallen dead tree trunks and barely any signs of life. He also sees an old pool off to the side, with dirty green water and leafs strewn across it. There are two old deck chairs as well. He shudders as the cold wind picks up again as he walks along. He sees that the guests have all gathered on the porch. None of them are looking in his direction and abruptly, a thump, he turns to see the old lighthouse door.)
Jonathon (O.S.) is everyone else okay?
Melissa (O.S.): I am thank you.
Preston (O.S.): I think he meant…um…
Chloe (O.S.): Chloe Fields…that’s Oliver West…
(Camera changes to Jonathon and in the background we see Oliver still staring at the old lighthouse, like he is hypnotized by the thought of it.)
Jonathon: I am very glad to see that all of you are okay.
Preston: What are we going to do about Mr. Brent’s leg?
Melissa: Makes a good story.
Chloe: What can we do now? Are we trapped on the island?
Jonathon: No worries…perhaps we should take this into the living room before the storm really hits us.
(It has started to drizzle.)
Jonathon: Mr. West, do you need help with that luggage?
Oliver: no…I got it…
(Jonathon motions for the group to move inside. Melissa grabs her luggage that she brought up earlier and Preston holds the door open for her. She rolls her eyes as she walks inside. Chloe runs inside as thunder and lightning are seen and heard in the distance. Oliver rushes onto the porch and runs inside; Jonathon is the last one inside, looking at the wreckage. Camera shifts to the living room where Preston is attending to the open fireplace as a fire crackles inside. Oliver drops the luggage and takes a seat near the window, looking at the lighthouse again.)
Jonathon: Is everyone okay?
Preston: What are we going to do about Mr. Brent’s leg? We can’t leave him up in bed all weekend can we?
Jonathon: I don’t suppose anyone has any medical experience?
(A beat.)
Jonathon: I didn’t think so.
(A beat.)
Chloe: What-What are we supposed to do now? Aren’t we all being a little calm for something like this?
Preston: Panic helps everything.
Chloe: I don’t believe you were on the boat that we were nearly killed on-
Jonathon: Please…it seems we are stuck here for the weekend…so we may as well get acquainted.
(The group, minus Oliver looks at each other, Melissa in disdain.)
Melissa: Must we?
Jonathon: Come now, if we are going to be trapped here we might as well be friendly.
(Preston clears his throat.)
Preston: I am Preston Gates…I’m a writer from Cleveland here on vacation when I got a letter form Jonathon inviting me up here.
Melissa: speaking of which-why were we all invited up here anyways?
Jonathon: All in good time.
(A beat.)
Chloe: I’m Chloe Fields…I work as a special effects artist for movies…
(Melissa puts down her camera for the first time this evening.)
Melissa: Wait…you have worked with famous directors then right?
Chloe: Some…yeah…
Melissa: so…you have met famous directors with casting and all that?
Chloe: Yes…I have…
(She drops her head back to her camera.)
Melissa: Melissa Marston…celebrity…
(Everyone looks at Jonathon)
Jonathon: I hope we all know me…I am Jonathon Tumbleweed…
Oliver: So you’re the one who invited us up here for this Halloween party? Are we dressing up in costumes too or not your style?
Jonathon: No costumes…I don’t believe we ever got your name…
Oliver: Oh come on…you know my name already Jonathon…
Jonathon: Indeed…shall I?
(Oliver snorts as he looks back out the window.)
Jonathon: Everyone, this is Oliver West, a movie director.
(Melissa looks up again. She silently looks between Oliver and Chloe.)
Jonathon: I was in one of your movies.
Oliver: Until you tried to buy the movie rights right from under my nose.
Jonathon: Live and let live, that is my motto.
(Oliver snorts as he rolls his eyes.)
Chloe: So…
(Everyone looks at her.)
Chloe: Are we really trapped here until a boat comes for us whenever it does?
Mathew (O.S.) not quite.
(Everyone turns to see Mathew standing there, his pants leg rolled up and his leg bandaged.)
Mathew: The boat docks work in time increments…if this storm blows over a boat will be sent back for us possibly tonight.
Chloe: Really?
Mathew: Yes.
Jonathon: How are you feeling-are you feeling? Hopefully not in too much pain?
Mathew: I feel better thank you.
(A beat.)
Jonathon: Well I am glad to see everyone is okay…shall we move to the dining room for dinner?
Oliver: you go one without me…I’m not that hungry.
Chloe: Are you sure?
Oliver: I’m fine…just damn fine…
(A beat before Jonathon smiles and leads the group out of the room. Chloe looks at him one last time before she turns and leaves him alone.)
Jonathon (O.S.) if you will follow me you will see several exquisite paintings that were painted in the late eighteen hundreds.
(Oliver jumps up the second he feels they are gone before he starts towards the hallway and sees that they all have gone. He then opens the front door just as lightning strikes in the distance and we see the lighthouse, looking menacingly in the dark sky as he runs over towards the door.)
Oliver: I know I heard something.
(There is another thump from inside the house and he jumps.)
Oliver: I definitely heard that.
(He slowly reaches for the door knob and throws open the door to reveal nothing but an old staircase that looks like it will give at any second.)
Oliver: Nothing?
(He slowly starts into the lighthouse, when suddenly a huge gust of wind rushes right past him, emanating from seemingly nowhere and right behind him the door slams shut.)
Oliver: Just the wind.
(He continues to walk along the old wooden floor towards the steps. There is a large creak above him and he jumps and looks around to see that he is alone on this floor. He gulps before he starts walking again. Camera changes to Jonathon and the others all seated at the dinner tables with a buffet of food in front of them.)
Chloe: do you do this for all of your guests?
Jonathon: Well this is a special party for a special group of people?
Melissa: Hey, it tall blonde and handsome coming or not?
(Chloe gives her a look before she sees that Oliver is not coming.)
Chloe: Perhaps I should go look for him?
Jonathon: We shall keep dinner waiting for you.
Preston: What?
Chloe: No, you don’t need to do that.
(She smiles as she sets her napkin down on the table and she exits while the other four sit there silent.)
Jonathon: So…Preston, have you been working on any other books?
Preston: I have actually…one of a grisly murder of a grandmother…
Jonathon: Sounds really good.
Melissa: sounds very boring.
Preston It should be a very good book.
Jonathon: Have you ever thought of making a movie?
(Suddenly the doors that Chloe walked out burst open, sending a cold gust of wind coming from nowhere rushes into the room, blowing out the candles in the room. The whole room goes silent as the lights begin to flicker.)
Preston: J-Jonathon-are you doing this?
Mathew: no-
(Preston turns to him.)
Mathew: the ghosts of the dead are.
Melissa: I for one think dead really makes a good story-
(Suddenly-the camera goes into slow motion as the chandelier above their heads breaks loose, shooting sparks down on the guests as they each one by one scramble for cover. Mathew dives for the floor, Jonathon backs away quickly and Melissa dives underneath the table. In a flash the chandelier smashes into the table and the camera gets a quick shot of Melissa under the table as a shard of glass imbeds itself through the table, barely missing her.)
Jonathon (O.S.) Oh my god-

(Preston gets up from the floor and helps Mathew to his feet as Melissa pokes her head out from under the table. Jonathon is staring shocked at the whole scene.)
Jonathon: Is everyone all right?
Melissa: Tell me I got that on film-
Preston: I think so-
Chloe (O.S.) Are you guys all right?
(She and Oliver are both standing there in the doorway, staring shocked at the whole scene of smashed food and glass all lying around in shards on the floor.)
Jonathon: I believe so.
Mathew: The ghost…
(The group falls silent and stares at him in shock or disbelief.)
Oliver: Ghost? Not this bullshit again.
Preston: Again?
Mathew: Someone released the ghost from the lighthouse.
Oliver: Okay before we get downright scared of nothing, how about you tell us why we are here before we all die from some other accident?
Jonathon: How about if we move to a more comfortable room before I tell you the news, eh?
(the group silently all stare at him before he leads them all back to the living room where a brand new tray of drinks is sitting on the coffee table and the fire is still going. Everyone sits down comfily and Oliver once again takes his seat by the window.)
Oliver: alright Jonathon-why have you brought us all up here to this hellish house?
Jonathon: you asked for Miss Fields to join you-
Oliver: But why did I get the invite in the first place? Why did any of us get the invite?
Mathew: I think we deserve to know.
Jonathon: You were not even invited-
Susan (O.S.) Oh for the love of s***-
(Everyone jumps to see Susan standing on the staircase, holding a cocktail glass, rolling her eyes as she walks down the rest of the stairs and faces the group.)
Oliver: who is-
Susan: The games are over now Jonathon.
Jonathon: I had nothing to do with that chandelier.
Susan: A chandelier after a boat crash?
Jonathon: Are you really going to try and get everyone to believe that I caused a shipwreck and made the chandelier fall?
Oliver: Wait-backup-who are you?
Susan: Wouldn’t you like to know?
Jonathon: Susan Scarlet…I thought I told you to stay in your room.
Susan: Why stay in my room when there is a great party going on down here?
Jonathon: May I ask why you are still here?
Susan: How am I supposed to go when the boat is sunk?
Jonathon: Swim for all I care.
Oliver: Jonathon-
(Jonathon looks over at Oliver.)
Oliver: Can we stay on topic here?
Jonathon: What was I going to do?
Susan: You were going to tell them all why they have been brought up here…I’m wondering the same thing.
Jonathon: Ah-right.
Melissa: So why have we been brought up here?
Jonathon You are all descendants.
(A beat.)
Oliver: descendants of whom?
(Jonathon walks towards Melissa first.)
Jonathon: Michael Marston.
(He approaches Preston.)
Jonathon: Alexandra Gates.
(He walks towards Oliver.)
Jonathon: Samuel West.
(He then retreats to the center of the room.)
Jonathon: And Lance Tumbleweed.
Preston: What does all of this mean?
Jonathon: Do any of you know the story of this island?
(Oliver looks right at Chloe and Jonathon smiles.)
Jonathon: What do you know of the island?
Chloe: I know enough from Mr. Brent and from stories I have heard as well.
Jonathon: What has he told you?
Chloe: I’ve heard that this island was once used for…horrible torture. That people were kidnapped by one ruthless man and tortured for two days before they were killed and thrown in the water. The island has two names…I believe.
(Melissa pulls out her camera and starts filming Chloe as she continues to speak. Everyone sits there in silence.)
Chloe: One name is Shipwreck Island…named that because ships often ran a ground here and…the other pertains to the killing and maiming of innocent people…the other name is called the Island of Bodies. But I have no idea what the descendants have to do with anything at all.
Susan (Looking at Jonathon): Only one person does.
Jonathon (Smiling): You have pretty good knowledge on this island Miss Fields.

Chloe: There’s one more thing I forgot to mention.
Jonathon: And that is?
Chloe: People say the place is haunted.
Preston: By what?
Chloe: The ghost of the killer who murdered so many people.
Oliver: How did he die?
Chloe: Some say he was murdered when several people he kidnapped fought back. He used to run the lighthouse, purposely running ships aground so they would sink. To keep people away while he tortured victims who survived the sinking ships, that is before he was killed under mysterious terms.
Jonathon: Is it safe to say that some of the people on the ships fought back and killed him?
Chloe: I suppose so.
Jonathon: May I take over?
(She nods)
Jonathon: She is right. This mysterious man murdered anyone who came to the island many years ago. First he would sink the ships they came on, trapping them on this very island and then he would hunt them down, one by one until there were no victims. He used the lighthouse light to bring ships right into the rocks and force people to face him. But four people got together and fought back.
Chloe: Do you know the names of those who fought back and killed him?
Jonathon: I do.
Susan: Who fought back and killed this guy?
(Jonathon smirks, almost devilishly as he looks around the room at the scared and confused faces of the guests.)
Jonathon: Michael Marston, Lance Tumbleweed, Alexander Gates and-
(He glances at Oliver.)
Jonathon: Samuel West.
(Group falls into utter silence. Jonathon looks very amused as he looks around in the group. Preston suddenly starts laughing, one that turns into a dark and creepy laugh that sends shivers down everyone’s spines.)
Preston: Cute, Jonathon, real cute.
(Everyone looks at him, completely lost.)
Preston: What a happy damn Halloween everybody.
(Everyone looks at him questioningly.)
Preston: Does nobody see the irony in this?
Susan: I’m guessing no.
Preston: think about it…the descendants of those who got killed the man is back on the island and they are trapped just like in the damn story. Isn’t it damned funny? And to top it off there may be a ghost out there going to kill the ones who got away. HA!
(Everyone looks shocked as Preston downs his drink again before looking to see that his glass is empty.)
Preston: Can someone refill this for me?
Oliver: Maybe you should ease off the drink a bit.
Mathew: Preston is right…this place is haunted and the descendants have all been gathered here thanks to Jonathon for a party that is going to get someone killed.
Chloe: I doubt anyone here is going to kill anyone else…right?
Mathew: that’s not what I meant.
Oliver: what did you mean then? Ghosts?
Mathew: Yes…there are ghosts here after all…how do you expect the chandelier?
Susan: Faulty wiring?
Jonathon: Very funny…trying to make me look like I was the one who tried to kill everyone.
Susan: Well, have you?
Jonathon: No.
Preston: Do you believe that this place is haunted Mr. West?
Oliver: No. I do not believe in boogeyman bullshit.
Chloe: Oliver-
Oliver: What? It’s the truth-I don’t believe in this.
Susan: Then why did you come here?
Oliver: If I had known what this party entailed then I would not have come. And I certainly would not have dragged my girlfriend up here as well.
(Silence before Susan chuckles as she starts pouring herself another drink.)
Susan: Some party Jonathon.
Jonathon: This was not part of my plan.
Chloe: Then what did you plan?
Susan: Yeah, what did you plan?
Jonathon: I planned to have everyone here, the descendants and have a Halloween party and call it a night. I did not plan to have everyone trapped her for the weekend.
Chloe: Why does this seem like some kind of joke?
(Everyone looks at her.)
Chloe: Why do I have a feeling that we were brought here for some joke?
Jonathon: you were not supposed to be here in the first place. Neither was Mr. Brent or Susan. It was supposed to be a simply party that was new and eccentric.
Susan: Why does that seem like not the type of parties you usually host?
Jonathon: How many parties of mine have you been to in order to even have a clue as to what my parties are like?
Susan: Enough to know that you would not invite strangers that are descendants of those who got away without another reason.
Melissa: What do we get for staying here anyways? Why were we invited here? For just a stupid party?
Jonathon: No.
(Now Oliver takes his eyes off the lighthouse and looks at Jonathon.)
Oliver: Is there some kind of prize for coming here?
Jonathon: Yes…anyone who stays here will be eligible for a prize.
Melissa: What kind of prize?
Jonathon: Each of you are hard workers. Melissa and your TV show. Preston and your two starred books. Oliver and your movies that have barely brought in an audience.
Preston: How dare you-
Jonathon: It’s the truth and the truth hurts. Anyone who stays gets major credit. Endorsement deals.
Oliver: this is what we came here for? Deals so you can take over our lives?
Susan: That’s what Jonathon does best. Taking over your life till it’s worth nothing.
Preston: Was that really what you planned for having us brought here?
Jonathon: If you put it the harsh way.
Oliver: What a waste of my time. Dragging me here just so you could form a partnership with my movies?
Jonathon: You could only benefit from it.
Melissa: How could I benefit from this?
Oliver: Do not tell me you are seriously considering a job proposition from Jonathon?
Melissa: How do you know I don’t need it?
Jonathon: Before you knock it, think it over. Having my millionaire name over your head will gain you a lot of attention.
Chloe: Wait-let me get this straight. You invited those descendants of those who got away just so you could offer the guests a chance to have your million dollar support?
Jonathon: Yes…it would help get my name around.
(He walks towards Oliver.)
Jonathon: You would have millions standing at the box office to see your movies.
(He turns to Melissa.)
Jonathon: You would have millions watching your TV show again.
Melissa: My show…millions watching my show?
Oliver: What-you have your own TV show?
Melissa: Had sweet heart, lost it because bad ratings, I lost it. Got replaced.
Chloe: But you hounded them for their secrets and exposed them on national television.
Melissa: I never killed anybody.
(Jonathon clears his throat.)
Jonathon: We all know Melissa would never do anything to hurt people.
(Lastly Jonathon looks to Preston who waves another full glass as he drinks it down.)
Oliver: that’s it.
(He stands and motions for Chloe. She joins him and he takes her arm, leading her out of the room, towards the front door where their luggage waits.)
Susan: where do they think they are going?
(Camera changes so it is following both Oliver and Chloe as they start towards the front door.)
Chloe: Oliver where are we going?
Oliver: We are leaving here.
Chloe: Where exactly do we plan on doing? We are trapped on an island after all.
Oliver: anywhere but here so we don’t get a sales pitch all night long.
Chloe: I am not staying in the rain Oliver.
Oliver: Then-Then we could stay in the lighthouse-
Chloe: No-
Oliver: Come on Chloe-
Chloe: This was supposed to be romantic. Not being trapped here with a crazy billionaire and company.
Oliver: I didn’t exactly plan on this either.
(She stops running and we see Jonathon, Susan and Preston all running after them.)
Jonathon: Please-let’s all go back to the party-
Oliver: Forget it-I am not sitting here and letting you talk me into some damn sales pitch.
Susan: I believe this guy is the only smart one in this whole group.
Jonathon: whether you want my help or not-I am not going to let you all spend the night in the rain.
Chloe: I think he is being reasonable.
Oliver: Are you on his side as well?
Chloe: I am on no one’s side. I just don’t want to spend the night outside or in some creepy lighthouse. But that does not mean I like what Jonathon pulled here.
Jonathon: Please return to the party.
Oliver: Fine…but the first sign of a boat and Chloe and I are leaving.
Susan: To quote my husband…’swim’.
(Oliver scowls at her as they all start back towards the living room.)
Jonathon: May I speak to you in private, Susan?
Susan: No you may not.
Jonathon: Just a friendly chat.
Susan: Nothing with you is friendly.
(Camera changes back to the living room, P.O.V. of the fireplace. Everyone slowly enters the room one by one. Mathew is seated by the window, looking at his boat. Melissa is nowhere to be found.)
Preston: Has anyone seen Miss Marston?
Jonathon: where has she gone off to?
Mathew: I thought she was with you all.
Jonathon: I thought we left her with you.
Mathew: She left shortly after you guys did. I thought she was following. I would have to except for my leg.
Preston: Should we go look for her?
Jonathon: Unless Mr. Brent’s ghosts are true there should be nothing to really hurt her. Let her wander for a few.
(Chloe lets out a strained laugh.)
Chloe: and if Mr. Brent is right about this dead killer coming after us?
Susan: Then Miss Marston may find her story after all.
Jonathon: That is not funny in the least.
Mathew: Susan is right. Melissa is a sitting duck.
Chloe: I swear-
(Everybody looks at her. Oliver just looks at her with an annoyed look.)
Chloe: How can all of you say that? I say we should go look for Melissa.
Mathew: then you can go look on your own.
Chloe: Fine I will.
(She starts out of the room and quickly makes her way towards the large stairs. The hallway is elegant with large furnishings and another fireplace. There are two sofas and another table with drinks on it as well. She looks around and clicks her tongue as she walks along towards the stairs. Suddenly a hand reaches into view and grabs her shoulder, making her scream and whirl around. She sighs to see that it is only Oliver.)
Chloe: Oh god Ollie-you scared me to death-
Oliver: sorry about that…some vacation huh?
Chloe: It’s not that bad…maybe a little exciting.
Oliver: Sorry about this…
Chloe: Oh forget it.
(She kisses his cheek before she starts towards the stairs.)
Oliver: Be careful-
Chloe: Oh you know me-
Oliver: This is why I am telling you.
(She laughs as she makes it to the top of the stairs.)
Chloe: Wish me luck.
Oliver: You don’t need luck.
(She disappears down a hallway at the top of the stairs and Oliver sighs as he watches her go before he turns and walks back into the room to see that Susan is busy filing her nails as Preston and Mathew pay attention to the working television. Jonathon looks at him.)
Jonathon: Has she gone to find Miss Marston?
Oliver: Yes she has.
Jonathon: Good, we are thinking about hot chocolate later and would hate for them both to miss out on it.
Oliver: hope you don’t mind of course.
Susan: Better her than me.
Oliver: what is that supposed to mean?
Susan: If Mathew’s ghost is really around-then they both are in danger.
Oliver: I doubt anyone believes in ghosts.
Preston: I don’t.
Jonathon: Neither do I.
Susan: I never have and never will…doesn’t mean I’m not careful though.
(She gives a knowing look at Jonathon who only shrugs at her comment.)
Mathew: You are all doomed then.
Susan: And you’re safe?
Mathew: I believe in ghosts…the ghost ash no reason to want to hurt me.
Oliver: and what revenge would he have on the rest of us?
Susan: Aren’t you the descendant of some man?
Oliver: He was a director too…
Susan: He lived and killed a man whose ghost now wants revenge. Simple as that.
Mathew: So that’s why the ghost has no reason to hurt me.
Susan: Correct me if I’m wrong but…didn’t that man kill anyone who came on the island? Last I checked you are trapped on the island as well.
(Jonathon sighs as he starts towards the main hallway.)
Susan: And where are we off to Mr. Tumbleweed? Checking the wiring on the animatronic mummies?
Jonathon: Very funny.
(He leaves with an annoyed sigh and she chuckles as she sips her glass again before the camera changes to Chloe walking down a hallway by herself. It is a long hallway with many different doors.)
Chloe: Hello-Melissa-are you here?
Melissa (O.S.) Chloe-is that you?
Chloe: Yes-I came to see what you were up to-
(She nears another turn in the hallway.)
Chloe: Oh good are you-
(She screams when a skeleton face lunges from the corner and falls to the floor right in front of her, revealing a snickering Melissa with her camera.)
Chloe: What the hell is wrong with you?
Melissa: sorry…that thing lunged at me.
Chloe: How did that happen?
Melissa: I stepped on a trip wire that caused the skeleton to swing from the ceiling and land on me. A trick from Jonathon.
Jonathon (O.S.) a good one at that.
(They both scream as they throw themselves against the wall, hugging each other only to see that it is Jonathon and they sigh.)
Chloe: That was a great way to kill us.
Melissa: That was awful
(Chloe picks up the skeleton.)
Chloe: What the hell was that?
Jonathon: A joke…it was really meant for the haunted tour we were going to have later but no one is in the mood for exploring other than you two.
Chloe: Cheep ass joke.
Jonathon: There are only little tricks in the house, nothing else.
Chloe: Define little tricks.
Jonathon: Just basic, you know, skeleton falling from ceiling and a moan or two here.
Chloe: You call that basic?
Melissa: Anything else here that could be creepy enough for me to film?
Jonathon: Not a lot no.
Melissa: But- can I still snoop around a little more?
Jonathon: Sure-as long as you come down at ten o’clock for hot chocolate.
Melissa: Chloe-do you want to join me?
Chloe: Why do you want me to join you?
Melissa: Well, duh, so I have someone to film.
Jonathon: Would you mind if I tagged along?
Melissa: More the merrier.
Jonathon: Then shall we get started then?
Melissa: Lead the way you two.
(Chloe and Jonathon both begin walking slowly. Melissa follows in back, getting film of everything they pass as the camera changes to Oliver and the other guests all sitting in the living room.)
Preston: All I am saying is that your movies need more of a story.
Oliver: My movies are perfectly fine.
Preston: They lack a good story with some sort of a happy ending, oaky?
Oliver: Guess what? Life does not always have a happy ending okay?
Susan: Will you two shut up?
Mathew: How about you all shut up and we watch something that is somewhat interesting.
Susan: What-no more ghost stories?
Oliver: I think the others have been gone too long.
Susan: Let them have their fun.
Oliver: I’m going to look for them.
(Oliver begins to exit.)
Preston: Have you read any of my books Susan?
(She rolls her eyes as she stands and walks out after Oliver.)
Susan: Wait for me handsome.
(Camera follows Susan and Oliver as they begin walking.)
Oliver: Don’t like the company?
Susan: I am not sitting there with four eyes and sea dog all night.
Oliver: Why do you think I left?
Susan: So you are not just looking for your sweet little girlfriend?
Oliver: No-I am.
Susan: Fine…
(They walk in silence for a long moment.)
Susan: I need to tell you something.
Oliver: what?
Susan: Watch out for Jonathon…I have a feeling he ash a few tricks up his sleeves.
Oliver: you think something for us?
Susan: I think my husband is going to try anything he can.
Oliver: He’s your husband?
Susan: Sadly.
(They make it to the top of the stairs and we see two hallways, each stretching in different directions.)
Susan: Do you know which way your girlfriend went?
Oliver: I don’t have the slightest idea.
Susan: I wish you good luck.
Oliver: you’re not going to help me look?
Susan: Not at all. I am going to bed.
(She nods and then starts walking down the opposite hallway that Chloe went down. Oliver stands there awkwardly by himself until he looks down the hallway that Susan just disappeared down. He sighs as he starts following her. This hallway is similar like the one before the only difference is that this one has two large stain glass windows at the end of the hallway.)
Oliver: Artistic.
Preston (O.S.) it’s a painting of the angel of death.
(He jumps as he turns to see Preston standing there, with an apologetic smile.)
Preston: Sorry did I scare you?
Oliver: It’s okay.
Preston: I got worried so I came to see what was going on up here.
Oliver: Just trying to see that the girls are okay.
Preston: Are they okay?
Oliver: I have no idea. I hope so though.
Preston: You seem in better spirits.
Oliver: Sorry about earlier.
Preston: No hard feelings.
Oliver: I’m going to look for Chloe and Melissa.
Preston: I think I’m going to look around a little.
(Camera changes to Chloe and Jonathon. They have lost Melissa.)
Chloe: did you see where she went?
Jonathon: No I have not seen where she went.
(Chloe stifles a yawn.)
Jonathon: Maybe we should turn around.
(They both sigh as they turn to walk back down the way they came. We hear the sound of the grandfather clock. Midnight.)
Jonathon: We have been searching for quite some time now haven’t we?

Chloe: We have and the worst part is that we lost the one person we were looking for.
(They laugh as they make it to the staircase and see the rest of the guests, including Melissa, all standing there waiting for them.)
Oliver: found her.
Chloe: I see that.
Jonathon: It is very late.
Mathew: Well observed.
(Melissa and Susan chuckle.)
Jonathon: How about I show you to your rooms?
Chloe: Guess we don’t have much of a choice?
Susan: In a house with all of you for a weekend.
Preston: Lead the way.
(Jonathon begins leading them down a long hallway with many doors on either side. Jonathon stops at the first door.)
Jonathon: These rooms should suffice for the weekend.
(He holds a door open and Melissa walks inside the room without even a question and shuts the door behind her.)
Preston: We see what room she wants.
(One by one Jonathon shows them their rooms, until there is only Susan standing there with an annoyed look on her face.)
Susan: Happy now?
Jonathon: Do you still have this sick fantasy that I had something to do with this?
Susan: Not a fantasy, a fact.
Jonathon: Tell me this…if I wanted you off the island so badly then why would I trap you here on the island too?
(With that he walks away, leaving Susan alone in the hallway.)
Susan: I know you have something to do with this.
(Camera changes to Oliver standing in his room, it is very large. There is one large king sized bed with large windows and elegant patterns on the wall and carpeting. He pushes aside the drapes to reveal a lush landscape of the island with a clear view of the moon. The storm has long since gone away. He focuses on the ship before there is a knock at his door. He opens the door to reveal Chloe standing there.)
Oliver: you okay?
Chloe: Fine…I came to ask you something…
Oliver: Okay shoot.
Chloe: What did you see in the lighthouse?
Oliver: what makes you think I went there?
Chloe: Because you were not there when I came back during dinner to see what was bothering you.
Oliver: That doesn’t mean I went there.
(She sighs as she rolls her eyes.)
Chloe: You know you can talk to me right?
Oliver: I know.
Chloe: Okay good. You just seem quiet tonight.
Oliver: Chloe I don’t know if you realize this but we almost died tonight. Why am I the only one concerned about that?
(Her smile goes away.)
Chloe: Because it does us no good.
(She kisses him before she walks away to her room across the hall.)
Chloe: Night Ollie.
(He silently shuts his door without a word and falls back onto the bed, staring up at the ceiling. Camera changes to Chloe in her room, she sits at the vanity with a hurt expression. She looks in the mirror, staring at her reflection until camera focuses in on the mirror, giving us a good view of a decapitated head hanging in the closet. She yelps as she whirls around to see nothing is there.)/
Chloe: O-Oliver?
(Sound of the floor creaking outside her door.)
Chloe: Um…hello?
(Camera focuses in on the doorknob as it starts to turn on its own. She stars at the door in horror. Camera changes to Preston in his room, reading quietly one of the books form the shelf behind him. He calmly sighs, content until there is a frantic knocking at his door.)
Preston: Yes-yes what is it?
(He opens the door to see no one is there and pokes his head out in the hallway to see that Chloe has also down the same down the hallway.)
Preston: Was that knocking you?
Chloe: Someone just tried to open my door.
(Suddenly the door across from Preston opens and Melissa appears in her doorway.)
Melissa: What is with all the noise?
Preston: Someone was knocking on my door.
Chloe: Someone was trying to open mine.
Melissa: Can you at least keep the panicking and blood curdling screams to a minimum?
(She slams her door shut.)
Chloe: That was not friendly.
Preston: Well good night Miss Fields.

(They both disappear in their rooms and they shut their doors. Camera changes to the clock to show that it is 2:30 a.m. Camera changes to Chloe’s room where suddenly a bright light shoots through her window. She sits up, panicked as a beam of light shoots through her window. She makes her way over to see that the light in the lighthouse is aimed right at her window.)
Chloe: What the hell?
(She checks the clock before sighing and closing her blinds. Suddenly the sound of a foghorn stops her and she sits up again. She looks out the window to see the light still aimed at her window.)
Chloe: What is Mr. Tumbleweed up to now?
(Sighing she exits her room and walks across the hall to Oliver and knocks.)
Chloe (Whispers) Oliver-are you up by any chance?
(No answer and she sighs when suddenly the door opens, showing that no one is in his room. Oliver West is not in his room.)
Chloe: Oliver? Mr. Tumbleweed?
Chloe: Where are they?
(She starts walking down the hallway until she is stopped when a blinding light shoots through the window again. She looks and sure enough the light form the lighthouse is aimed at her again.)
Chloe: Oliver-this better not be some trick-
(She starts down the stairs and towards the front door and opens it to show the light is once again on her as she starts down the porch steps and towards the lighthouse. She slowly makes her way across to the lighthouse and stops when the door slowly swings open.)
Chloe: Ollie? Jonathon? Anyone there?
(She slowly walks inside the door just in time to have it slam shut behind her. She whirls around and tries opening the door, it won’t budge.)
Chloe: Hello? Hello?
Scarred Sailor (O.S.) they can’t hear you…no one can hear you…
(She yells as she whirls around to see the bloody, scarred man standing there menacingly.)
Chloe: Oh god-you’re him-from the story-
Scarred Sailor: You don’t believe everything you hear do you?
Chloe: What do you want?
(He cocks his head to the side; she gasps to see the large gash, revealing bone in the side of his neck. He smirks at her reaction as he takes a step closer to her as she presser herself against the door.)
Scarred Sailor: You want to know what I want: do you really want to know?
(She doesn’t answer as he steps closer as the light above her dims.)
Scarred Sailor: I want to hear you scream.
(He smiles devilishly as he grabs her shoulders and making her look into his long dead eyes.)
Scarred Sailor: I want to hear you scream as I kill you slowly.
Chloe: Why-
Scarred Sailor: What?
Chloe: Why do you want to kill me?
Scarred Sailor: You have no idea how many times I have been asked that.
(He vanishes and appears at the top of the stairs.)
Scarred Sailor: Who are you?
(He appears in the corner)
Scarred: What do you want?
(He smiles as he appears in front of her again.)
Scarred Sailor: Why are you doing this?
(He garbs her again as he hits her against the door.)
Scarred Sailor: Those are several questions I have heard so many times…each time sweeter than the last.
(She trembles against the door.)
Scarred Sailor: I’m not a bad man Chloe Fields.
Chloe: How do you know who I am?
(He smiles, showing his bloody teeth.)
Scarred Sailor: I know everything about everyone here.
(He grins.)
Scarred Sailor: Preston and his mediocre novels…Melissa Marston and her TV show and even your boyfriend’s not so great hits on his movies, I know everything about everyone here.
Chloe: Were we all really invited here for some stupid endorsement deal?
(He sneers.)
Scarred Sailor: I don’t care…I was killed by four men…the descendants of those four men are here, trapped on the island like all of the others. Waiting in that little house…one by one…I figure get the innocent out of the way first and then work on the fun ones. Who should I kill first? Among the ones who got away I mean… Preston? Oliver or Melissa? I think Melissa knows I’m real.
Chloe: How are you sure?
Scarred Sailor: I was up there…in the house after all of these years…she saw me through her camera…
Chloe: How can you get to the house?
Scarred Sailor: You can thank Oliver for that. He opened the door and I walked right by him.
Chloe: What do you plan on doing?
Scarred Sailor: Why are you worried-you won’t be around for it anyway-
(Then he lunges at her. Camera changes to Oliver walking down the hallway form the kitchen with a glass of water in his hand when he hears Chloe’s scream echo.)
Oliver: Chloe?
(Jonathon pokes his head out of his room and runs down the hallway, followed by Preston and Melissa.)
Jonathon: What was that?
Oliver: That sounded like Chloe.
Preston: Well where is she?
Susan (O.S.) perhaps being attacked by her ghosts again?
Jonathon: That is not funny.
(Oliver rushes to her room and looks inside.)
Oliver: she’s gone-
Preston: where could she have gone?
Susan: with your boogeyman possibly?
Melissa: I hope so-
(Oliver gazes threateningly at her. She gulps with nervous smile.)
Melissa: That sounded worse then I meant it to.
Oliver: Jonathon-where would Chloe have gone?
Susan: Why ask? Follow her hysterical screaming.
(Camera changes to Chloe and the scarred sailor, Chloe standing on the other side of the light, the scarred sailor looking at her with a grin.)
Scarred Sailor: Stop running-this will be quick and easy-
Chloe: Why do I doubt that?
Scarred Sailor: Come here and find out-
(He lunges at her and she moves and hits the panel on the side. In a flash the light powers up and shoots a beam right through the sailor’s body and in a flash of light he vanishes, leaving her there alone in the lighthouse. There is a frantic sound of footsteps coming up the stairs.)
Oliver: Chloe-
Chloe: Ollie-
(He gets to the top and sees her standing there, shaking and he runs over and hugs her. She breaks down crying into his shoulder. Jonathon and Preston appear in the doorway moments later.)
Preston: Is she okay?
Chloe: The sailor-
Jonathon: What sailor?
Chloe: the one in the story Mr. Brent told us about-
Oliver: Relax…let’s get back to the house.
Olive helps her to her feet and they both exit, followed by Jonathon. Preston stays behind and looks at the light again before turning it off and walking down the steps again, no body noticing the ghostly silhouette that appears at the top of the stairs.)
(Camera comes up to show the sun has risen and it is a sunny day. No storm clouds and there is very little signs of the storm from the night before. The clock shows 10:30 a.m. everyone except Chloe and Mathew are sitting in the kitchen while Jonathon makes a cold lunch.)
Oliver: Do you even have enough food to last us two days?
Jonathon: Oh no worries there.
Susan: Unless Jonathon eats, then we will all starve.
Jonathon: Takes one to know one dear.
(Camera changes to Chloe lying in bed. She sits up in bed. She sighs as she looks around the room before slowly standing and walking towards the bathroom almost ghostly. Camera changes to Oliver and the rest of the group now sitting by the counter in the kitchen.)
Preston: Do you think Chloe was really attacked by a ghost?
Oliver: I know Chloe…she doesn’t freak like that for nothing…
Melissa: What was she doing out there last night?
Preston: Did she tell you anything at all?
Oliver: Nothing other than telling me that some dead guy was after her…nothing…
Susan: Probably one of Jonathon’s party tricks.
Jonathon: What will it take to convince you I have nothing to do with what happened?
(She shrugs with a smile.)
Susan: If you die then it’ll put in a good word.
Jonathon: I think there’s a better chance of you going first.
(Camera changes to Chloe standing outside Mathew Brent’s door, knocking.)
Chloe: Mr. Brent…are…you here?
(No response and she jumps when the door slowly opens to reveal Mathew Brent on the floor, covered in blood.)
Chloe: Oh my god-
(Camera changes to everyone in the kitchen. They are silent when suddenly there is the sound of Chloe screaming.)
Susan: What is she screaming about now?
(They all run up the grand stairs and we see Chloe running right past them.)
Oliver: What is it?
Chloe: Brent-he’s dead-I found him dead-
Jonathon: Where?
Chloe: In his room-oh god-
(They all run up towards his room and the camera follows them. Oliver stays behind to comfort Chloe. The guests all run into the dead man’s room and gasp to see the corpse. Melissa gasps as she films the corpse.)
Melissa: She’s right.
Preston: Understatement of the year.
(Jonathon is silently staring at the corpse in shock.)
Jonathon: How could this have happened?
Susan: Ask Chloe there. She would probably have some clue.
Preston: Wait-we can’t leave him on the floor here can we?
Melissa: Yes we can.
Jonathon: Preston is right…please…help me get him on the bed.
Susan: you can have fun doing that yourself.
(She leaves the room and the camera follows her as she passes Oliver and Chloe.)
Susan: Nice work on the killing by the way.
Chloe: that was not me-
Susan: Everyone else thinks so.
(Camera changes back to Jonathon and Preston looking at the corpse of Mathew Brent already lying in his bed.)
Preston: Any idea how he was killed?
Jonathon: I’m not a doctor.
Preston: Neither am I but we have to have some clue.
Jonathon: I’d say knife wounds but I’m not sure.
(Jonathon drags the sheet over Mathew Brent and slowly walks out of the room with his head hung. Preston walks out after him and Melissa gets another shot of the sheet covered corpse before she leaves as well. Camera follows her and they all meet back in the living room. Chloe is sobbing into Oliver’s shoulder while the three remaining people file into the room. Susan sits down in her chair and starts painting her nails. They all share a silent moment before Jonathon looks up.)
Jonathon: What was that you were saying about this scarred sailor last night Chloe?
Susan: Don’t tell me you actually believe her about that?
Jonathon: Unless one of us murdered him.
Preston: What happened Chloe? With Mathew Brent?
Chloe: You think I killed him?
Oliver: no one is saying that.
(She suddenly stands.)
Chloe: You all think I killed him?
Jonathon: Of course not.
(She sobs as she leaves the room and we hear the so8und of the front door slamming shut behind her.)
Melissa: That was not too pretty.
(Oliver silently stands and starts after her until Jonathon stops him.)
Jonathon: How about if we all just-
Melissa: Can we explore the island today?
Preston: What about Brent?
Susan: He’s dead…what can we do for him?
(Sighing she stands and exits.)
Jonathon: I guess we are all going to go on our own pursuits today huh?
(Camera changes to Jonathon now in the kitchen, He is chopping celery and making himself lunch. Camera then changes to Susan sitting out on the porch sipping lemonade while Preston silently reads next to her.)
Susan: Do you really think Chloe killed Brent?
Preston: I don’t know what to think. Such an awful business.
Susan: You write about this all the time.
Preston: I’ve never been in this business before though.
(He stands and silently shuffles back into the house while the camera changes to Oliver, silently standing next to the house in the shade, thinking to himself silently. Camera changes to Chloe and Melissa both standing atop a large cliff that has a straight drop to the water and jagged rocks below.)
Melissa: Some drop huh?
Chloe: You’re telling me.
Melissa: So how did you do it?
Chloe: Do what?
Melissa: Kill Brent?
Chloe: I did not kill him. How do I know you didn’t kill him for a story?
Melissa: You never know.
(Melissa shrugs as she turns and starts walking down the path towards the lighthouse. Chloe chases after her.)
Chloe: Don’t go in there-
Melissa: I have wanted to go in there from day one.
Chloe: And what about the ghost that everyone thinks I made up? Going to take a chance I was not lying?
Melissa: Sweetie, I hope there is a ghost. I hope he’s not camera shy.
(Melissa enters the lighthouse and Chloe silently retreats from it and goes back to the large cliff and stands by the edge, silently looking at the land that seems miles away.)
Jonathon (O.S.) seems really close right?
Chloe: Yet it seems that I could just jump to it and run from all of this.
Jonathon: I hope you know that no one here thinks you killed Mr. Brent right?
Chloe: Do you have any other explanations?
Jonathon: No…but you don’t seem like the murderous type.
Chloe: Everyone else begs to differ.
Jonathon: They are just scared.
Chloe: Of me-
Jonathon: You can’t-
Chloe: Please Mr. Tumbleweed…I just wish to be alone right now.
Jonathon: As you wish.
(He silently turns from her and starts down the pathway towards the house. Chloe suddenly turns around.)
Chloe: Mr. Tumbleweed-
Jonathon: Call me Jonathon-
Chloe: Jonathon, where is everyone else?
Jonathon: Preston is in the library inside the mansion. Oliver is on the east side of the island, sitting silently and I thought Melissa was with you-
Chloe: She went up to look at the lighthouse-
Jonathon: And my wife is sadly on the porch.
Chloe: Do you really hate your wife?
Jonathon: no…I do not hate her…we just have a failing marriage is all…
(Chloe nods before turning and looking back at the mainland. Jonathon leaves her alone. Camera follows him down and changes to Melissa walking down the wooden steps in the old lighthouse. She is staring intently in her camera until there is the sound if a thump.)
Melissa: Chloe?
(She walks down the steps and gasps to see that a door has opened up inside the lighthouse. Several old stone steps lead into the ground, almost like a basement. Melissa stares at the opening in pure shock as she looks down. The steps lead down though the blinking lights in the tunnel offer little support.)
Melissa: Oh my god…wow…
(She bravely takes the first step as she starts walking down the stairs. Camera changes to Chloe looking intently at the lighthouse.)
Oliver: what is it?
Chloe: Melissa went in the lighthouse.
Oliver: So let her look for her story-
Chloe: But she’s been there for more than an hour.
Oliver: If we go loo will you stop worrying?
(Chloe starts towards the lighthouse.)
Chloe: Pardon me for not wanting to be blamed for another death-
Oliver: I do not think you killed anybody-
Chloe: Everyone else does-
(She opens the door and enters, followed by Oliver. They both look around to see no sign of Melissa or the open passage that Melissa found. They both look upstairs to see that the lighthouse is empty.)
Oliver: Are you sure she walked in here?
Chloe: I’m positive.
Chloe: Where could she have gone?
Oliver: She probably got bored…not a lot in here anyways.
(They both leave the lighthouse and see Jonathon coming towards them.)
Jonathon: Lunch is ready.
Chloe: Is Melissa around with you?
Jonathon: No…I saw her in the window at the top of the lighthouse but I have not seen her since.
Oliver: Well maybe she’s stalking around the mansion then?
Jonathon: Well I suppose we should try to look for her-
Preston (O.S.) is everything alright?
Jonathon: Perfectly fine, Miss Marston has wandered off is all-
Preston: Just wandered off?
(He looks at Chloe who scowls at him as she stalks away towards the house.)
Oliver: that was much uncalled for.
(Oliver chases after her while Jonathon and Preston silently watch them go. Camera changes to Susan standing there in the kitchen and watches as Chloe stalks into the house.)
Susan: Killed anyone yet?
Chloe: Shut up b****-
(Susan looks at her almost shocked as Chloe stalks away towards her room. Oliver silently chases after her with an apologetic shrug.)
Susan: What the hell is wrong with her?
(Preston enters.)
Preston: Melissa is missing and Jonathon is looking for her-
Susan: You thinking what I’m thinking?
Preston: That Fields killed Marston?
Susan: Well do you?
(Camera changes to Melissa walking down the dark tunnel, several lights flashing as she walks down the hallway with her camera in her hands, getting every bit of the tunnel. There is nothing but concrete tunnel that continues on in the distance.)
Melissa: Funny…looks like I’m being led back to the house.
(She continues to walk along the tunnel until she comes to a door.)
Melissa: A door?
(She slowly sees that there are no door knobs. She turns to look back down the tunnel to see that there is nothing there.)
Melissa: No sense in going back the way I came.
(She presses against the door and it slowly opens and she finds herself: in the basement of the mansion. It is covered in crates and old memorabilia.)
Melissa: Creepy…just what viewers are looking for-
(Melissa walks along and takes a turn and finds herself staring at a large old painting, of a young man, sharing a good resemblance of the scarred sailor that attacked and tried to kill Chloe Fields. She blinks and gets a good look of the painting with her camera as the camera changes to P.O.V. of Melissa’s camera. All we see is a blank picture.)
Melissa: What?
(She looks up to see that the picture is indeed blank. Suddenly there is a gust of wind from behind her and she gulps as she turns to see the scarred sailor looking right at her with a murderous look in his eyes.)
Melissa: oh god-
(He lunges at her. Camera changes to several quick images of the house as Melissa Marston’s screams echo through the house before the camera changes to the guests all standing in the kitchen. They all look up except for Susan, who is focused on pouring a drink for herself.)
Chloe: Melissa?
Oliver: Where did it come from?
(Susan sighs.)
Susan: Sounds like Miss Marston found what she was looking for.
(Jonathon gives her a deadly look as he runs after the rest of the guests who all follow Melissa’s dying screams. She sighs as she sips her drink before the camera changes to Jonathon and the others now running around until they reach the end of a new hallway: beyond the door leads to the basement. The screams suddenly stop.)

Chloe: Are you sure it came from here?
Preston: I was just following the scream-
Jonathon: We don’t have time to argue-
(He opens the door and they all start down the stairs except for Preston. Camera follows behind Chloe as they all frantically search the cramped basement. The passage from the tunnel is closed.)
Preston: Where did she go?
Oliver: Do you see anything?
Chloe: Oh my god-
(They all rush to her side and stop when they see: a large pool of blood and a trail of blood that leads further into the basement around the corner of a crate against the wall. They all silently stare at one another before Jonathon starts following the path; the blood continues up to the wall and ends there.)
Chloe: Oh god-oh god-
Oliver: the blood leads into the wall-
Preston: Chloe didn’t do this-
Oliver: No s***-
(Jonathon turns to them, a grave look in his eyes.)
Jonathon: We must get off this island right away.
(Camera changes to the group in the kitchen now. Chloe is silently staring out the window. Jonathon is silently staring at the wall. Oliver and Preston are arguing over ways to get off the island. Susan is sipping her drink.)
Oliver: What if we got wood together and made a boat?
Preston: With what?
Oliver: Surely there must be trees or something here-
Jonathon: There is nothing here that could be used for a boat…only Mathew Brent knew how to use a boat.
Preston: Besides-what about the weather? It is going to get worse than better real quick-
Oliver: Do you have any ideas about leaving? Or do you intend to be the third victim?
Preston: We don’t even know of she’s dead-
Oliver: the blood begs to differ. You were so sure that Chloe was a killer but that little display in the basement changes things doesn’t it?
(Susan sighs as she slams her hand on the table.)
Susan: Did it ever occur to you that this is one man’s island?
Jonathon: Susan-
Susan: Does anyone else have any kind of experience in being an insufferable bastard?
Susan: I guess we all know who the real culprit is then.
Jonathon: I did not kill Mathew Brent or Melissa Marston.
Susan: But this is you’re island…so we know that only one man has the time to fix this place up with all kinds of traps.
(Chloe abruptly turns around to look at the group.)
Chloe: Did anyone pay a little attention to that little story last night?
(No one answer and she continues.)
Chloe: Think about it. Jonathon explained this so well. There were four descendants on this island. One of them is dead. There are three more left.
Jonathon: If this ghost did exist then why would it kill Mathew Brent? You claim you were attacked the other night as well.
Chloe: What am I doing? Why tell you when you won’t believe me anyways?
Oliver: Maybe…
(Everyone looks at him as he speaks softly.)
Oliver: Maybe we don’t have a choice but to believe. None of us were in the basement where Melissa supposedly was. Just because Chloe was near Brent’s room does not mean that she killed him nor does she have a reason to do so.
Susan: Are you trying to convince us of this boogeyman bullshit then?
Oliver: I would love to say that one of us is a murderer, would follow most life then right? But that blood that led right into a wall…how could any of us do that?
(Everyone falls silent.)
Oliver: no amount of movie magic or million dollars could do that. Melissa may have seemed off but she never would have done that…not that she could do that on her own either.
Susan: So where does that leave us?
Preston: Chalk another one up for the island.
(Camera changes to a clock that shows that it is about 9:35. Chloe and Oliver are sitting on the couch silent. They both are silently thinking until Preston suddenly runs into the room with Jonathon right behind him.)
Oliver: What is it?
(Preston shows them a broken video camera. Melissa Marston’s broken and blood spattered camera.)
Preston: We found it in the basement when we went to look for her again.
Chloe: Did you find Melissa?
Jonathon: No...But wait till you see what is on this camera.
(Preston hands them the camera and walks around the couch so he is behind them. Jonathon only looks out the window as the camera focuses in on the broken camcorder. The screen is cracked in several places and the strap is torn. Several spots of blood are stained on it as well. Preston reaches over and presses REVIEW. We see: nothing but static at first and then we see the last recording Melissa had before she was killed.)
Chloe: Is there anything on it?
Preston: Sh-
(We see nothing but darkness through the shattered lens. Recording: We see nothing but a blank painting until suddenly the camera hits the floor and the lens shatters, and suddenly we hear horrible agonizing screams from Melissa but nothing is visible of the TV show hostess. We see blood splatter the camera lens. Then the camera goes dark and all we hear is Melissa’s last scream before the camera dies.)
Preston: Damn it-there was more-
Oliver: Looks like the camera is dead as well-
Chloe: She never got a good shot of her killer then-
Jonathon: Sorry to say this Chloe but then this clears nobody’s name.
Oliver: How does it not? None of us were in the basement-
Jonathon: I refuse to believe in ghosts-
Oliver: Wasn’t that the whole plan of this damned party?
Chloe: Stop it…I don’t care as long as I am no longer the only suspect.
Jonathon: No…you are not the only suspect…we all are now…two murders and nothing to go on.
Chloe: I’m just sorry it took Melissa’s death to get that through your damn heads.
(She stands and starts out of the room towards the stairs. She turns at the top of them and looks at the men at the bottom of them.)
Chloe: Goodnight gentleman.
(With that she exits.)
Oliver: Are you happy now Jonathon?
Jonathon: No…I am not happy…do you really think that I planned this?
Oliver: Either you or the Island. I’m against both of you now.
Jonathon: Is there anyone here who does not think I planned this whole massacre?
Oliver: I guess not.
(Jonathon drops his head and shuffles out of the room towards the library door.)
Preston: So…do you think there is a ghost here to kill us all?
Oliver: Why not believe in both? One of us could have killed Brent and a ghost could have killed Marston.
Preston: That is very unlikely.
Oliver: So is being attacked by a ghost.
Preston: What you are suggesting is that we trust no one but ourselves?
Oliver: I would not have said that if it weren’t for the fact that Melissa is dead. And she was alone and she’s dead. With all of us in the same room as well.
Preston: Let me get this straight. We stick together and one of us is a possible murder. We split up and we have the possibility to be killed by a ghost.
Oliver: that’s right-
Preston: So unless we lock ourselves in our rooms and never leave them until Monday-
Oliver: Which by the way being alone never saved Melissa-
Preston: We aren’t going to live to the boat getting us off?
Oliver: In summary, we stick together and we die. We go alone and we die. There aren’t very many options that have us all leaving here alive is there?
Preston: Stay in a group and we die…go off on our own and we die…
Oliver: There’s only one option then.
Preston: Dare I ask what that is?
Oliver: We find a way off the island by tomorrow night. Hopefully by then there might be at least two of us alive. Obviously having more people alive is good but we need a minimum of two otherwise one man or woman will be leaving the island and be convicted of killing six people.
Preston: Then there are not very many options for us are there?
Oliver: That’s what I have been saying all along.

(Camera changes to Susan in her own room, in front of a vanity. She sighs as she looks around and sees that she is happily alone. She walks to the door and makes sure that it is locked before turning and seeing her beautiful reflection in the mirror.)
Susan: I know that Jonathon is up something. I just have to play the game as well.
(She begins talking to herself.)
Susan: Poor Marston. Never really had a chance did she?
(She sighs.)
Susan: But why did Jonathon kill Brent? Jonathon has never killed before and I’m sure that he would not kill without a reason.
(Camera gives a close up of her face and behind her we see the scarred sailor looking at her.)
Susan: Too bad-
(The sailor disappears.)
Susan: Jonathon doesn’t realize something. That when he entered this little game of murder. I was playing the game too.
(She opens her door and leaves her room and runs down the hallway to Oliver’s. She knocks frantically on the door and he opens it, she gives him a fake hurt look.)
Susan: Oliver hide me-
Oliver: What-
Susan: Jonathon has gone mad-I just know it-I think he plans on killing me next-

(He steps aside and allows her to enter the room and he shuts the door behind her.)
Oliver: Are you sure that Jonathon is the one doing this?
Susan: Look at the facts Oliver-Jonathon made this whole party idea up. He owns the island and now there are two corpses on the island somewhere. Not to mention that he invited total strangers up here. Everything points to Jonathon being the culprit. Surely you don’t believe in ghosts do you?
Oliver: Maybe we have a good reason to-
Susan: There is no boat.
Oliver: What-
Susan: He never called the boat. There isn’t even a phone on this island.
Oliver: Surely Brent will be expected soon right?
Susan: Not if he was never supposed to be the boat man in the first place.
Oliver: Brent was never a boat driver?
Susan: He never even had his driver’s license. Mathew Brent was an actor hired by my husband to make this whole scheme of his more believable. Brent was an actor that was looking for a job and Jonathon hired him and had the guy use his boat. Even paid for hundred dollar lessons to fit the part as well.
(She hands him a receipt for boaters driving lessons.)
Oliver: then all of this really is fake-what about the boat crash then?
Susan: He may not have had control of that-
Oliver: I don’t know if I believe you or not-
Susan: You clearly don’t believe Jonathon so who else do you believe? Mathew Brent was not supposed to be on the island. Neither was Chloe and I was supposed to be hitching a ride with Brent back to the mainland once you guys got here. Brent knew that this whole island thing was faked and Jonathon killed him. Chloe was attacked in the lighthouse. I bet she was supposed to die as well.
Oliver: What about Melissa Marston? Do you think she found something then? Something she was not supposed to have seen?
Susan: I think that Melissa got in too deep. This island was supposed to be the host of a party for four people. Jonathon, Preston, Melissa and you. Chloe Mathew and I have nothing to do with this. So what better thing to do than get rid of the unwelcomed ones first? Scare the party a little more.
Oliver: Test the waters and see if he is able to do this right-without getting caught-
(A beat.)
Oliver: then how did Jonathon kill Melissa?
Susan: We have to find that out for ourselves before Monday.
Oliver: why Monday?
Susan: Because…Mathew told us to expect a boat on Monday…so Jonathon will likely kill us before Monday.
Oliver: But he will then be found with six bodies? Unless…he is one of the victims…
(The sound of thunder outside. Camera changes to the sky. It is dark and thunder and lightning shows. Camera changes to Chloe’s room where she is in bed. She is staring out the window as rain pours down outside. Then it changes to Oliver where he is up as well. Then it changes to Preston’s room where he is reading as well. Finally to Jonathon’s room where he is asleep as well. Camera then shows that it has lightened up a little bit and we see that Chloe is not in bed. Camera changes to Chloe in the kitchen as Oliver comes up behind her.)
Oliver: Did you sleep well last night?
Chloe: No…not at all…someone tried opening my door again last night…
Oliver: Someone tried opening my door as well.
(She sips her coffee as she looks at him.)
Chloe: Oliver…do you think we’ll be alive to get on the boat on Monday?
Oliver: If we are all careful then yes.
Chloe: How do we be careful? Go alone and we die…stick together and we risk the chance of being a murder victim…
Oliver: you sound like Preston.
Chloe: I have a feeling that he is getting to me.
Oliver: I think we all are.
(She starts walking towards the back door.)
Oliver: where are you going?
Chloe: To that summit on the island.
Preston (O.S.) be careful-don’t want to end up like-
Chloe: Don’t even say it-
(Preston enters.)
Preston: Jonathon tried to warn me-
Oliver: So did Susan-
Chloe: Why does it seem like this whole thing is to turn us on each other?
(With that she opens the door and steps outside, Oliver and Preston follows her.)
Oliver: Dare I ask what you mean?
Chloe: Simple…they both want us to turn on each other. Susan tells you one thing and Jonathon tells you another. They don’t seem to like each other…so what better than have the guests tear each other apart?
(A beat.)
Chloe: Ghosts, murder and being trapped on an island. This is not what I planned a romantic weekend would be like.
Preston: Should we look in the lighthouse?
Oliver: what for?
Preston: Maybe there’s a clue for us-
Oliver: what good will it do us? Besides, the last place Melissa was seen was in that lighthouse.
Preston: But her blood was found in the mansion.
Oliver: Then obviously there must be something to look for.
(Preston sighs as he looks up at the sky. Hardly any clouds are in the sky.)
Oliver: Where does this leave us?
Preston: Hopefully not dead.
Chloe: I think we need to stick together and shut up.
(She stands and looks away at the lighthouse. Sighing, she starts out towards the summit.)
Preston: And where are you going?
Chloe: I am not going to sit here and listen to this.
(She exits.)
(Camera changes to Susan as she walks down the stairs into the basement. She silently looks around and lays eyes on the painting that Melissa saw. This time there is a picture of the scarred sailor again.)
Susan: Funny…I was told there was a blank one instead.
(She slowly follows the trail of blood and this time she sees no wall but the entrance to the secret passage. The blood continues down the tunnel.)
Susan: What have you done Jonathon?
(She starts walking down the path and gasps when she lays eyes on the trail of blood.)
Susan: what did Melissa find before she was taken out?
(Camera changes to Chloe standing on top of the summit as she looks down at the roaring waters.)
Chloe: Just think…I was standing here with Melissa…and Mathew…oh…
(We see her shadow break down and start sobbing before the camera changes back to Susan in the tunnels under the house.)
Susan: Did Jonathon know about this?
(She continues to walk down the narrow tunnel and stops when she comes to a set of stairs that leads up to the bottom of the lighthouse.)
Susan: What has Jonathon been hiding?
(She jumps when a hand falls on her shoulder and she is confronted by the scarred sailor.)
Susan: You’re the one who killed Brent and Marston aren’t you?
Scarred Sailor: I am…who knows…you may be next…
Susan: Oh my god-Jonathon never did any of this-
Scarred Sailor: No-he never did-
Susan: You want to kill the others? Go ahead, do it, kill Jonathon, kill that b**** Fields. Kill any of them. I could care less if you kill them.
Scarred Sailor: Chloe Fields is saved for last.
Susan: Why?
Scarred Sailor: She got away once…she is not going to get away again.
(She stalks backing up as he starts walking towards her.)
Scarred Sailor: Are you going to run?
Susan: You have no reason for wanting to kill me-
Scarred Sailor: You are on my island aren’t you?
(He suddenly lunges at her. Camera changes to Jonathon and Preston both inside the lighthouse, walking down the steps when suddenly the floor opens up, revealing a set of stairs and they watch as Susan runs up them.)
Jonathon: One of your many boyfriends angry with you?
Susan: This place really is haunted-
Jonathon: I thought this was boogeyman bullshit? Scared because of a little passage?
Susan: You’ve known about it?
Jonathon: Of course not.
(They fail to notice the Scarred Sailor looking up at them, smiling as she watches them argue.)
Susan: Something tried to kill me down there-
Jonathon: Tried? Why can’t anyone just murder you and get it over with?
Susan: It’ll take more than cheap thrills to kill me-but I am serious-there really is something down there and it nearly killed me…I think it killed Melissa…maybe even Mathew…
Jonathon: Preston do you hear this nonsense?
(They look at Preston to see he is not listening, merely glancing back down at the stairs. The Scarred Sailor is gone.)
Jonathon: Preston-
Preston: Yes?
Jonathon: Are you alright?
Preston: Fine…
Susan: Look for yourself…there is something down there…
Jonathon: IF it tried to kill you it can’t be all bad…
(He starts down the stairs. Susan stays where she is while Preston nervously follows.)
Preston: Are you sure this is a good idea?
Jonathon: Why not? If it tried to kill Susan then it can’t be all bad.
(They enter the tunnels and they stop to see there is a straight tunnel right towards the house.)
Jonathon: A tunnel that leads straight to the house.
Preston: Could this have been where Melissa was taken?
Jonathon: So Chloe could have done the murder then.
(Jonathon and Preston both start up the stairs and confront Susan.)
Jonathon: How long have you known about that passage? Where did it come from?
Susan: What about-
Preston: Oh my god-look-
(They all look to see the Scarred Sailor walking towards them, more malevolent.)
Jonathon: Oh my god-
Scarred Sailor: you can’t escape-
(Susan turns to run when suddenly she is yanked backwards by an invisible force. She hits the opposite wall and slumps to the ground and looks up to see the sailor standing there. Now his eyes are red and he looks more shadow like.)
Jonathon: You’re the one that killed Melissa-
Scarred Sailor: And Mathew Brent. You are all so pathetic. Thinking that it was Chloe Fields who killed Mathew.
(He looks at them all devilishly.)
Scarred Sailor: You all were easy to manipulate. Making each of you turn on the other.
Jonathon: The darkness-
Scarred Sailor: How right-I was released. By Oliver West, by accident.
Preston: He never knew that he-
Scarred Sailor: Released the darkness of the island? A darkness that has been trapped in this lighthouse. And thank you Jonathon, for bringing the four that got away right back to this island. And one of them is here, with me now.
(Suddenly we see a dark figure slowly appear and we see that it is Melissa Marston.)
Melissa: Wait-don’t go-you have to help me with my show-
Susan: Fat chance with that sister-
(She runs towards the door until suddenly she is yanked backwards again and this time the Sailor grabs her and jumps down the large opening in the floor. A beat.)
Jonathon: Susan?
(We see Susan as she cries out in agony as she tries climbing up the stairs, her skin turning paper white, her dress tearing and her hair turning pure white and grow past her shoulder. We watch as she is corroded until she becomes nothing but a skeleton. Then the Darkness appears, a shape shifting cold and dark collection of every person that has ever been killed on the island.)
Darkness: their all here- everyone who has died-every single victim that has ever died on this damned island. Now-
(We watch as the darkness takes the look of Susan.)
Darkness: It’s your turn.
(It flies at them. Camera changes to Chloe and Oliver standing in the kitchen of the house and they watch in confusion as Jonathon and Preston both come running towards the house, yelling and waving their arms.)
Oliver: what are they doing?
Chloe: Where’s Susan?
(Jonathon and Preston both run inside, gasping for breath.)
Chloe: where’s the fire?
Jonathon: Susan-she’s dead-the sailor-they were right-Mathew was right-
Oliver: huh?
Jonathon: IT got them all. Melissa Mathew and Susan-it has them now-we’re next unless we get out of here-
(Chloe looks at him until she hears something coming from the pantry. She starts walking towards it as the men speak.)
Oliver: What are you talking about?
(Chloe throws open the door and screams when she lays eyes on the dead sailor. He suddenly lunges at her and hurls her across the room.)
Chloe: Oh my god-
Darkness: Miss me Chloe?
(Oliver helps her to her feet.)
Chloe: Hardly-
Darkness: five second head start-I like playing with my victims-
(Oliver and Chloe start running, ignoring the laugh while Jonathon and Preston both are cut off when the floor explodes in front of them, separating them form Chloe and Oliver.)
Preston: What do we do?
Jonathon: This way-
(They start running back through the other hallway as the Darkness follows them with dead hands reaching out for them, moans and screams and the face of Susan as it charges after the two men. Chloe and Oliver are both pursued by the Scarred Sailor. They run out into the hallway.)
Chloe: Which way?
Oliver: The stairs-
(They run up the stairs but are stopped when the Sailor rounds the corner at the bottom of them. Suddenly Oliver is hurled through the air and smashes through the door of the coat closet. Chloe stares at the sailor as he smiles at her.)
Scarred Sailor: Light won’t save you this time Chloe-
(She runs and he chases after her before the camera changes back to Jonathon and Preston as they run from the Darkness. They both turn and look to see the Darkness turn into Mathew Brent.)
Mathew: Wait-don’t go-there’s no hope for a boat anyways-
(They both run out a door and slam it behind them and stop to catch their breath to see the Darkness suddenly explode from the door and send them both flying backwards. They look as the ghost of Mathew slowly walks towards them.)
Mathew: Who do I kill first? The rich millionaire or the writer? Why not both?
(Suddenly the ground starts to shake under the men and several pairs of hands grab at them. Slowly the reanimated corpses of the Darkness’s victims reanimate and start grabbing at the two men. The two of them try running again.)
Preston: where are we going now?
Jonathon: there’s an old vacant fishing village on the other side of the island-if we can keep running-
Preston: What about Oliver or Chloe?
Jonathon: Don’t grow a conscious now Preston-
(They continue to run until Jonathon trips. He falls forward in a half filled grave and he gasps to see Melissa’s half buried corpse, dried blood from the corner of her mouth and her eyes stare at him.)
Jonathon: Miss Marston-
(Camera changes to Chloe running for her life as she avoids the exploding doors from the house as the Sailor chases after her.)
Scarred Sailor: Stop running-there’s no escape for you-
Chloe: I can try can’t I?
Scarred Sailor: Try all you want.
(She stops to try and open a door, only to have it open and scream as Mathew Brent’s corpse tries to grab her. She slams the door and continues to run as the Sailor walks out of Brent’s bedroom.)
Scarred Sailor: you can’t run from me and you know it-
(Chloe runs down the hallway and throws open the nearest door and runs inside, locking it. She quickly looks around for any ways out and she notices the glass doors that show there is a terrace. She runs out on the terrace and looks down to see the dark and murky pool.)
Chloe: Oh s***-
(She turns and is grabbed by the sailor. He shakes her and presses her against the railing. He looks coldly in her eyes.)
Chloe: Why are you-doing this to us-?
Scarred Sailor: You’re on my island…I want you off now…
Chloe: I want off too.
Scarred Sailor: But mine is a more permanent solution.
(A beat. He looks suddenly very fondly at her.)
Scarred Sailor: What do you want most Miss Fields?
Chloe: I want to get out of here-
Scarred Sailor: Out? I can help you out-goodnight Miss Fields-
(Suddenly he hurls her off the terrace and she looks down to see the murky watered pool she is about to land in. She screams as she plunges into the water. She immediately resurfaces to see the Scarred Sailor gone. Sighing she turns and screams as several reanimated corpses swim to the surface of the pool and start grabbing at her as they try to drown her.)
Chloe: Oliver-Jonathon-Help-
(She screams as she tries to get out though the corpses do not let her go as they drag her under water. She fights against them as she surfaces again, gasping for air as she presses herself against the side of the pool and we see a pair of hands grab her shoulders. She screams as she whirls around only to see Oliver there instead.)
Oliver: Are you coming or are you enjoying your late night swim?
(He grabs her arms and pulls her out of the water as the corpses crawl; overtop one another as they try to get out of the pool.)
Oliver: come on-
(They both start running away from the house, down the hill to the docks. We see the Scarred Sailor watches them as they disappear in the night, he then looks at the corpses and smirks.)
Scarred Sailor: Destroy the house.
(We watch as the corpses all start towards the house and we see several smash open doors or throw furniture through windows, etc.)
(Camera comes up to show that there is now sunlight and that it must be early in the morning. Oliver and Chloe are both by the wreckage of the ship, curled up together as the sun shoots down on them. Chloe slowly stirs awake.)
Chloe: Ollie…wake up…come on wake up-
Oliver: What is it?
Chloe: Look.
(He looks at her and follows her eyes to the house and they gasp. The house has been destroyed. The windows have been shattered and the doors have been broken. Several walls have been dismantled. The contents of the house, tables, chairs and clothing all lay out on the yard.)
Oliver: Oh my god…the house…
Chloe: He destroyed the house…why?
Jonathon (O.S.) because he built it.
(They both jumps to see Jonathon and Preston both standing there. They both are bruised and bleeding. Preston nods as he looks up at the house.)
Jonathon: Are you two okay?
Oliver: Just damn fine.
(Jonathon says nothing more as he sits down and leans his back against the boat.)
Preston: That man built the house?
Jonathon: His name was Jeffery Wilkins. He was the brutal murderer that Miss Fields here told us about. She was right. She was right all along. We are all doomed here if we don’t get off this island real quick.
Oliver: Susan told me that there was no boat after all-
Jonathon: Of course there is-we wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for you.
Oliver: what do you mean by that?
(Jonathon gets to his feet.)
Jonathon: This is your entire fault.
Oliver: The hell is this my fault?
Jonathon: If you hadn’t gone into that lighthouse-
(Oliver gets to his feet.)
Oliver: what huh? It’s not my fault-how was I supposed to know that if I went there I would be attacked?
Jonathon: Ever heard of asking?
Oliver: you didn’t know either you bastard-
(Jonathon lunges and they soon are in an all-out fight.)
Chloe: This is hardly the time-
Preston: We can’t sit here and fight-
Oliver: Watch-me-
(Oliver pushes Jonathon off and jumps back. Jonathon runs at him and Oliver responds with a quick punch. Jonathon collapses to the ground and lays there.)
Oliver: This is not my fault. It’s not your fault either.
(He covers his bloody nose and tilts his head back.)
Preston: Those guys are both idiots.
Chloe: no kidding.
(She looks at him.)
Chloe: What happened to you last night?
Preston: We were attacked by that Darkness thing…it reanimated corpses to attack us.
Chloe: Doors exploded behind me as I was thrown off a terrace and into the pool where a bunch of dead corpses also attacked me. Oliver was out in a closet during the whole thing.
Preston: Oh.
(They stand there until Chloe screams.)
Preston: What-
(He freezes when they lay eyes on the Sailor, standing there, with a dark look in his eyes.)
Scarred Sailor: four of you left…last few hours and this is how you spend it? Fighting amongst each other? Pathetic.
Oliver (Sarcastically): Coming from the king of humanity over there?

(The Sailor looks over at them.)
Scarred Sailor: I’ll take pleasure in killing you next.
(He looks at Chloe.)
Scarred Sailor: Look around you…this will be your grave. Just like hundreds before you.
Chloe: Hundreds?
Scarred Sailors: Well yes…hundreds…cruise ships, people buying this island…all kinds of events have left this island uninhabitable for human life. Hundreds have died here on this island…and they only make me stronger.
Chloe: What are you?
Scarred Sailor: A retriever…I’m a murderer…simple as that…
Preston: What is the Darkness?
Scarred Sailor: A thing…a collection of the souls…it’s made out of everyone who has died…I believe Melissa, Mathew and Susan are with it right now…and soon you will be as well…
Chloe: why do you do this?
Scarred Sailor: I have no reason…perhaps it’s a calling…perhaps I’m just born evil…no…I think I’m just clinically insane. To quote a victim of mine: ‘The Doctor will see you now’
(He laughs wildly and turns away and starts towards the house.)
Scarred Sailor: I will kill one of you soon…the other three I want to watch as they die…slowly as the boat comes tomorrow…
Oliver: There is a boat after all?
Scarred Sailor: And tomorrow…you will all die as you watch it sail by slowly…knowing that you have failed to survive this party…I like to play with my prey first…them assimilate them into my ranks…
(They watch as he disappears.)
Chloe: He’s going to kill one of us tonight…then tomorrow he’s…going to kill all of us…
Oliver: Not if we get off this island.
Preston: How are we going to do that?
(Oliver looks over at the broken remains of the ship. He starts towards it and picks up a sheet of scrap metal.)
Oliver: this is buoyant enough that maybe…just maybe…we can float right out of here.
Preston: Can…we really do that…without tools?
Chloe: What do we do when that guy comes back?
(Oliver looks around and sees a small emergency kit lying open with its contents scattered on the ground. He looks through it before he picks up a flare gun and tosses it over to her.)
Oliver: Use that…
Jonathon: Wait…
(They look at him, he holds out a pistol and they look at him shocked.)
Jonathon: This will do you better than a flare gun.
Chloe: You’ve had a gun this whole time?
Jonathon: Yes…you’re lucky I don’t use it on you.
Chloe: Use it on one of us…then have the scarred man come back and kill another. Well, if you’re lucky then you could end up trapped on an island with one other person. You shoot me and I’m sure Oliver would kill you. You shoot him and you will have Preston and I to deal with. You shoot him and you have Oliver and I. shooting any of us will have you on your own for the rest of this damned weekend. Alone and frightened as that man comes back for you on Monday. Threats are no good anymore, Mr. Tumbleweed.
(She yanks the gun from his hand and aims it at him.)
Oliver: Chloe-
Chloe: Shut up-doing this would mean one last person we have to deal with.
Preston: Don’t-
(She turns on him and aims it at him as well.)
Chloe: You want a chest full of lead instead Preston? You thought I was the killer in the first place.
Preston: I’m sorry-I never meant-
Chloe: Shut up.
Oliver: Chloe-put the gun down.
(She looks at him, staring at him, takes deep breaths as she looks at him, back at the gun and slowly lowers it.)

Oliver: There you go…shooting any of us will get you nowhere.

Jonathon: I beg to differ. Let’s see which guy she likes more. There’s a full round in that gun. Let’s see what she does. Does she kill the rich man? The boyfriend? The bookworm, no offense. Or does she shoot all of us and then shoot herself?
Chloe: What if I shoot all three of you and choose not to shoot myself?
Jonathon: Go ask the scarred man and tell him that plan-see what he says before he shoots you.
(Chloe looks at him as he passes her and pats her on her shoulder. He then starts climbing up the side of the ship when suddenly there is gunfire and a bullet ricochets off the steel near Jonathon’s head. He turns and looks over his shoulder and sees Chloe with the gun aimed at him.)
Chloe: Seven shots left Mr. Tumbleweed. I’d be careful if I were you. I’m not that bad of an aim you know.
Jonathon: Did you mean to shoot me?
Chloe: Say something else that will piss me off and let’s see if I missed on purpose.
(She looks at a shaking Preston and a shocked Oliver before she smiles at the men and starts down the deck towards the sand on the beach. She stops abruptly and looks at them.)
Chloe: By the way…if any of you dare to come within five feet of me I shoot them…regardless of who they are.
(With that she leaves them standing there, shocked.)
Preston: Your girlfriend almost shot him-
Jonathon: She almost shot me-
Oliver: Forget it okay? You’re the ass that gave her the gun in the first place.
Jonathon: I thought she would use it on them…not me…
Oliver: just help me find something to build a raft okay?
Preston: A raft? I am not going to stay on a raft.
Oliver: Then stay here until that dead guy comes after us tonight.
Jonathon: If we work fast we could get off this island by tonight. The three of us would get off the island and we would be saved.
Oliver: Three?
Jonathon: Well no offense but…I figure if we ditch the girl the three of us could make it…
Oliver: We are not leaving her.
Jonathon: One of us was going to die anyways.
Oliver: Then why am I hoping it’s you?
(A beat.)
Jonathon: You…want to leave me behind?
Oliver: We make a boat for four or we make a boat of three then Preston, Chloe and I all leave you behind on your island.
Jonathon: How do you know it would be me being left behind and not you?

Preston: Because on Oliver West’s side he would have Chloe and I. no matter how strong you are you can’t beat three of us, especially when one of us has a gun.
Oliver: so either help us make a raft to float off the island that will hold four or sit there and not help and later be left here and killed.
Jonathon: What about Chloe? Is she not going to help us?
Oliver: She has a gun and will shoot us if we come anywhere near her without saying anything.
Jonathon: Let’s see…three against one…great odds…
(Oliver sighs as he jumps down and starts walking towards the beach and the quiet surf as well. Preston and Jonathon get to work. Camera follows Oliver as he weaves throughout the large rocks until suddenly she jumps from around the corner and aims the gun at him.)
Chloe: I warned you-
(Oliver raises an eyebrow.)
Oliver: Now are you really going to shoot me of all people?
(She lowers the gun and lowers her head.)
Chloe: No.
(He hugs her tightly.)
Oliver: Relax okay…just take a breather for a second oaky? We have an idea.
Chloe: What’s that?
Oliver: Build a raft and float away from this damn island.
Chloe: And be eaten by whatever is in the water?
Oliver: There’s nothing in the water.
Chloe: I won’t shoot you Ollie…
Oliver: Thank you I think?
Chloe: But I will shoot Preston or Jonathon if they come near me.
Oliver: don’t let them come near you then. They took the warning seriously.
Chloe: Good…I’m sorry…
Oliver: Just don’t shoot me and I can forgive you.
(They share a laugh.)
Oliver: Good…wait here and please-if you hear any yelling then please come, okay?
Chloe: Promise.
(He nods and then starts on his way back to the dock. There is the sound of yelling.)
Preston (O.S.) what are you doing?
Jonathon (O.S.) getting off this damned island-
(Oliver runs up to see Jonathon had jumped in the water and is attempting to swim his way to shore.)
Oliver: That’s too far away-you won’t make it-
Jonathon: Yes-I will-
Preston: No you won’t-
(They watch as Jonathon struggles and soon they can only see a little speck of Jonathon. Camera changes to Jonathon as he struggles to swim against the tide. It keeps pushing him backwards. He coughs as waves start getting bigger and hurl him underwater.)
Oliver (O.S.) you won’t make it-
Jonathon: Yes I will-
(He starts to struggle.)
Jonathon: No…I won’t…make it…oh…s***…
(Camera changes to the dock again and Chloe comes running up behind them.)
Chloe: What’s he doing?
Oliver: He’s trying to swim for land-
Chloe: No one can make that-it must be miles away-
Preston: He’s still going to try- oh goodness-
(They watch in horror as Jonathon struggles until he disappears underwater.)
Chloe: Oh my god-
Preston: Jonathon-
Oliver: Do you think he’s-
Preston: Dead?
Chloe: I…don’t…know…
(Chloe turns and starts walking back to the beach. Preston looks at Oliver before they silently start building a raft out of scrap metal.)
Preston: I can’t believe it…
Oliver: What did he say before he jumped in?
Preston: Nothing…all he said was that he didn’t want to be around when scar-face came back.
Oliver: Do you think we are going to get out of here Preston?
Preston: I don’t know…I hope and pray we do but…I don’t have the slightest idea.
Oliver: Do you feel bad that Susan and the others are dead?
Preston: Do I have reasons to?
(Oliver stops working and looks at him.)
Preston: Susan threatened to kill us more than once…Jonathon had a gun the whole time…Melissa never even had a chance at getting out of here.
Oliver: Mathew was a paid actor.
Preston: He was?
Oliver: Susan, before she was killed, told me that Mathew Brent was a hired actor to make this whole party more believable. Susan told me that before she was killed.
Preston: Well Melissa was not as innocent as you think either. Do you want to know why she really lost her show?
Oliver: Doubt it would hurt my thoughts of her but okay.
Preston: She exposed people and their secrets on National television. Some committed suicide because their secret was that bad.
(Camera changes to Chloe who is sitting there as the sky darkens over them. She looks around and stops when she sees something wash up on shore. Slowly she holds out the gun and walks towards the body. She gasps to see that it is Jonathon Tumbleweed’s corpse.)
Chloe: Jonathon?
(She looks at him and her sad face slowly goes away.)
Chloe: I’m sorry…sorry that…it wasn’t me that killed you…sorry you got off easy unlike three other people who were brought here because of you, you dirty bastard. I hate you. I hate you so much. I am glad you are dead. You jerk…you deserved it more than anyone else here on this island. I’m just sorry you got off so easy.
(She turns and starts to walk away. Camera looks over her shoulder and we see Jonathon’s head look up at her.)
Jonathon: Is that so Miss Fields?
(Camera changes to Oliver and Preston both stepping back and looking at their handiwork. There sits on the calm water a raft made out of wood and scrap metal.)
Preston: Well…I guess we could use that…not too bad…
Oliver: It’ll do…I am not leaving anyone on this island.
Preston: You care that much about strangers?
Oliver: Jonathon…I have no clue if he’s dead or not…that means it could very well be just the three of us.
(Suddenly there is a scream.)
Oliver: Chloe?
(They both start running down towards the beach.)
Chloe (O.S.) Stay there you damn bastard-
(They both freeze as the voice continues, weaker.)
Chloe: The hell back-
Jonathon (O.S.) you…won’t shoot me…
Chloe (O.S.) Wanna’ bet-stay the hell back or I shoot you-
(They round the corner and find Chloe, pressed up against a wall, horrified, aiming a gun at a soaked Jonathon Tumbleweed.)
Chloe: He’s alive-
Oliver: Put the gun down Chloe-let him go-he is no worry to us-
Chloe: Not if he’s dead-
Jonathon: I want to see her shoot me…does she have the guts?
Chloe: I didn’t shoot you last time but I will definitely shoot you now-
Oliver: Stop it Chloe-
(She aims the gun at him.)
Chloe: Now you’re on his side?
Oliver: No…I most certainly am not…
(Oliver takes a step towards her and she holds up a shaky gun.)
Chloe: Stay back-
Oliver: I trust you Chloe…you wouldn’t shoot me…
(Suddenly Jonathon lunges at her and she screams as she shoots the gun at him. In a flash Preston collapses to the ground, clutching his arm and Chloe clubs Jonathon with the end of the gun, watching as he fell backwards and looks at her as she holds the gun aimed at his face.)
Oliver: Preston-oh s***-he’s been shot-
Chloe: What?
Jonathon: Look at that-you shot him-now he’s going to die because of you-
Chloe: How?
Preston: It…ricocheted off…the rock…god damn it…
Chloe: He…lunged at me…he…
(No one says anything.)
Oliver: We’re going to have to get something to put over this-s*** its bad-
Jonathon: Nice shooting b****-
Chloe: It wouldn’t be like this if you hadn’t lunged at me-
Oliver: Guys-he is going to need help right now-
Chloe: What can we do?
Jonathon: Get the first aid kit-
Chloe: Where is it?
Jonathon: In the house…where the new ‘tenant’ is currently staying.
Chloe: Go get it.
Jonathon: I am not going to go get it…you shot him you go get it…
Chloe: The girl with the gun says you go and get it…six bullets left and one of them could be planted in your head.
Jonathon: Why should I go?
Chloe: Better you than any of us.
(A beat.)
Jonathon: I don’t want to go alone.
Chloe: Then I’ll go.
Jonathon: Don’t want to give me the gun eh?
Chloe: Not for a million dollars.
Jonathon: How about two million?
Oliver: What good is cash if you’re dead?
(She motions for Jonathon to get up and slowly he starts walking towards the house.)
Oliver: Be careful Chloe.
Chloe: It’s Jonathon that should be careful.
(They both slowly start towards the house.)
Jonathon: Shooting me will do you no cause I hope you know.
Chloe: There’s enough bullets for you and whatever we find in this house.
Jonathon: I hope you’re smart about that. Think, you have wasted two shots on me already. Both times you have missed…on purpose or not is not important. All that is important is that there are six bullets in that gun…don’t waste another failed shot at me.
Chloe: I have no intention on wasting bullets. I’m half tempted to leave you here for that man.
Jonathon: You are just like Susan.
Chloe: No...I like to think that right now in the position I am in…I’m worse… Susan would be glad for what I’m about to do to you.
(He turns on her and towers over her as he stares into her eyes.)
Jonathon: I wasn’t going to leave you on the island…I really meant Preston. Let’s just go back to the boat and leave Preston on the island; he’s going to die anyways.
Chloe: Stop it-
Jonathon: I say we put him out of his misery and the three of us all get the first raft out of here.
(They turn at the sound of running and they look to see Oliver running up to them.)
Oliver: I’m coming too.
Chloe: What about Preston?
Oliver: We made him a temporary sling out of the bandages in the emergency kit.
Chloe: Is he okay?
Oliver: He’s fine…he doesn’t blame you
(He looks at Jonathon.)
Jonathon: Now I know how Chloe felt when everyone suspected her of murder.
Chloe: Not fun is it?
Jonathon: Only I have a gun aimed at my head instead.
Oliver: Damn right you do…and if you try anything…if she doesn’t I will definitely shoot you.
Jonathon: I can believe you.
(They all slowly start inside the house. The hallway is a mess. The couches are overturned and the wallpaper is torn in several places. Almost immediately they feel a chilling breeze and they all freeze and stare at one another and then around the room. Camera focuses on the carpet as it comes to life and slowly starts moving towards Chloe’s leg.)
Chloe: Is he around here?
(Suddenly it wraps around her leg and yanks her to the floor with a flourish, the gun falls out of her grasp as it drags her away. Jonathon goes for the gun but Oliver grabs it first and looks around the room to see that Chloe has disappeared.)
Oliver: Chloe? Chloe where are you?
(Behind him we see Jonathon bend over and pick up a vase and slowly start towards Oliver. He raises it above Oliver’s head and smashes it on top of Oliver’s skull. Oliver turns without flinching, looks at him with a shocked gaze before collapsing backwards on the floor in a pile of shattered glass.)
Jonathon (Sarcastic) Whoops.
(He picks up the gun before walking down the hallway.)
Jonathon: Chloe? Chloe Fields where are you? I have a surprise for you.
(He walks down the hallway slowly and he passes by the mirror but instead of his reflection we see the Scarred Sailor, looking at him, watching as Jonathon stalks down the hallway.)
Jonathon: Don’t be afraid…what’s a bullet or two among friends?
(Camera changes to Chloe, lying there on the floor of a room that is completely empty. She looks around when she hears the floor creak and Jonathon’s voice.)
Jonathon (O.S.) Chloe, come out come out wherever you are.
(She looks around, realizing that there is nowhere to hide. She looks around before finally hiding behind the door just as it swings open and Jonathon walks in the room, looking around.)
Jonathon: Chloe-are you here-face me b****-you wanted to shoot me-well I want to shoot you.
(She holds her breath as he looks at the door and he starts walking towards the door.)
Jonathon: I am going to kill you Chloe…with pleasure…
(She slides her hand in her pocket and she pulls out a small pen. No sooner than he pushes as die the door she stabs him with the pen and shoves him. He stumbles and drops to the floor. She grabs the gun as he clutches himself in pain and she runs for her life. She continues to run until she is stopped when there is a creaking behind her. She looks just in time to see the floor behind her explode. She starts running when the floor explodes in a direct path after her as a dark laugh echoes through the house. She runs back to the main hallway and she stops to see Oliver sitting up and holding his head, blood trickling form the corner of his mouth and head.)
Oliver: Chloe…what happened…where’s Jonathon?
(She runs over and grabs his arm as she helps him to his feet and they start running towards the broken door.)
Chloe: I stabbed him-
Oliver: With what?
Chloe: A pen-
Oliver: A pen?
Chloe: He was going to shoot me so I stabbed him-
Oliver: You surprise me every day-
(They stumble away from the house. They turn just in time to gasp and see the whole second floor collapse inwards, revealing a destroyed library and more rooms.)
Oliver: Did you get the medical kit?
Chloe: I couldn’t he was going to shoot me and then there was an exploding floor-
Oliver: Exploding floor?
Chloe: Where were you during all of this?
Oliver: I was knocked out with a vase.
(They stumble back to the dock and they see Preston, walking around muttering to himself.)
Oliver: How are you holding up?
Preston: I think I’ll be okay.
Chloe: Preston I am so sorry…I never meant to ever shoot you-
Preston: I know…you were not aiming at me…
Chloe: How’s the raft holding up?
Preston: Pretty good…it’ll definitely hold three of us.
Oliver: We built it from scratch too.
Chloe: Can we actually use it and get out of here? Preferably before Jonathon comes and kills me.
Oliver: You still have the gun right?
Chloe: I think Jonathon shot at me but missed…but I still have at least four shots.
Preston: Make them count.
(They watch as Oliver’s eyes widen in horror.)
Oliver: Looks like you’ll have a good chance right now.
(They turn and see a bloody Jonathon walking towards them. Chloe holds her breath as he nears the dock. He is unarmed and covered in blood coming from his head and arms.)
Jonathon: B****…I’ll kill you…
Chloe: Stay back-I will shoot you and I promise I will-
Jonathon: You won’t.
(Oliver takes the gun from her.)
Oliver: But I will.
(Jonathon keeps walking closer.)
Oliver: Stay back-
(He now is close enough to stand on the deck as the other make their way towards the raft.)
Jonathon: Are you going to shoot me? Shoot her-she is planning to kill us all-
Chloe: I would never do that.
Jonathon: B**** I know you would.
(Suddenly she takes the gun from Oliver’s hand and fires. Camera shows Jonathon grabbing his stomach in pain.)
Jonathon: Help…me…god…
Chloe: I don’t owe you anything-
(She empties the rest of the remaining bullets into Jonathon and they watch as he falls backwards onto the deck.)

Chloe: Oh my god-
(They look at her and she is shaking horribly.)
Chloe: I killed him-I killed him-
(She drops the gun and it clatters on the wood. She breaks down and starts sobbing.)
Oliver: It’s okay.
(He hugs her as she sobs into his shoulder. Preston pats her shoulder as he kicks the gun into the water.)
Preston: He is really dead.
Oliver: We’d better get on that boat as soon as possible.
(They all start towards the boat until they are stopped by the sound of footsteps. They all turn to see the Scarred Sailor walking towards them with a deadly look in his eyes. He stops and looks at the corpse of Jonathon Tumbleweed.)
Scarred Sailor: Tsk, Tsk.
(He shoves the body into the water with the side of his foot. He holds his arms out wide.)
Scarred Sailor: That was unexpected.
Oliver: What do you want? There’s the man responsible so take him.
Scarred Sailor: He is responsible…and I will take him…I just thought you’d like someone to see you off.
(He smiles with a horrifying expression as snaps his finger and fire appears on his thumb.)
Scarred Sailor: Have a fun swim.
(He lightly touches his finger to the deck and slowly it catches fire. He laughs wickedly as the three guests all run for the raft. Preston grabs the makeshift oar as Chloe and Oliver climb inside. They help Preston inside and they shove off.)
Chloe: We…made it…
(They watch the man’s face as he waves to them, laughing again as he reaches down and starts dragging Jonathon Tumbleweed’s corpse from the water and onto the shore where he bends over the man and they never see what he does to the man.)
Oliver: We made it…
(Camera changes to the mainland. The raft is empty as it sits in the water while three happy people all lay there in the sand as cars drive by busily. They all sit there, looking at the fire of the deck that has spread to some trees.)
Oliver: We’re survivors.
(He looks over at her while Preston stands and tries motioning for a car.)
Chloe: You bet we are.
(He leans down and kisses her as the camera shows a shot of the gleaming sun. Then the camera comes down to show dozens of police officers and doctors all standing there on the remains of the island.)

Preston (O.S.) They came and saw the remnants of the island.
(Images of gurneys with filled body bags sitting on the charred dock and images of officers going through the lighthouse.)
Preston (O.S.) they found most of the bodies, except that the body of Jonathon Tumbleweed was never found... They found Melissa half buried. Mathew Brent dead in his room. Susan, decomposed, as though she has been dead for many years but no Jonathon Tumbleweed. They never found the Scarred Sailor nor did they find any letter or anything that had to do with the anonymous phone caller that told them where to go.
(Images of cops going through the basement and following the trail of blood that leads to the lighthouse.)
Preston (O.S.) they found everything. They have no lists of the guests that came on the island, since the letters were soon burned by my fellow survivors. They found everything and dozens more decomposed bodies buried all around the island. What was really strange was that the island was owned by Miss Susan Scarlet. Jonathon never owned the island. Though I suspect that the police know that Jonathon was to be expected on the island.
(A shot of the body of Jonathon being dragged away by the Scarred Sailor towards the lighthouse, then he looks over at the camera with a smile.)
Preston (O.S.) I don’t know what became of Oliver West or Miss Fields but I have heard that they are now engaged. I on the other hand have given up my life as a novelist. What confuses me though it that the Scarred Sailor let us go so easily. Oliver and Chloe don’t know why but I know why. Because no matter where we go or how far we go…
(Image of the gurneys being moved onto the ship and all of the cops and doctors climbing aboard the ship.)
Preston (O.S.) we are always playing his game.
(Then we hear the voice of the Host from the TV show from the beginning sequence, Steve Gold.)
Steve: The police came and saw. They saw bodies and a destroyed house, remnants of the islands murderous past. What else did they find? Three bodies, each one brutally murdered in cold blood. Yet the body of Jonathon Tumbleweed was never found.
(An image of the Scarred Sailor laughing appears on screen.)
Steve: What happened on the island to the dozens of missing decomposed bodies? Who murdered all of these people? And why do we see the lighthouse on every other night? Is it warning ships not to come to the island? Or is it bringing possible victims there for more slaughter? What ever became of Jonathon Tumbleweed? We all may never know…unless…
(Camera changes to a scene of Jonathon being attacked by the ghosts of the island.)
Steve: You decide to spend a weekend in the House on the Island of Bodies.
(Final Blackout.)
(End credits role.)

The author's comments:
This Alternate Ending continues from "The Other Side"

(Alternate Ending)
Chloe: I don’t owe you anything.
(She pulls the trigger and shoots Jonathon Tumbleweed. She shoots him twice and watches as he slumps to the ground and she realizes what she has just done. Oliver walks up behind her.)
Oliver: You did it Chloe…you killed Jonathon.
(Camera focuses on her hand and we see as she sneaks her hand into her front pocket and pulls out another pen. She turns to face him.)
Preston: We did it…we’re survivors.
Chloe: Not quite.
(Suddenly she stabs Oliver and winces as he collapses to his knees and looks at her in complete and utter shock and pain.)
Oliver: C-Chloe? W-Why?
(She aims the gun at Preston and before he can move she shoots him. They both watch as Preston stumbles backwards and collapse onto the dock. She walks over towards the corpse of Preston Gates. Oliver groans as he turns to look at her.)
Chloe: Why? Because…it’s a game…games only have one winner Oliver…I’m sorry you have to be the opponent.
Oliver: I was never-you’re enemy-I loved you-
Chloe: I loved you too…but I also love being able to breath as well.
(He looks at her and she smiles softly as she gets on her knees and looks at him.)
Chloe: I love you…I will always love you…
(She kisses him before standing.)
Oliver: Don’t do this-I love-
Chloe: I’m glad Mathew is dead by the way.
Oliver: Why-
Chloe: He…He…actually…I have no idea why I hated him…I just despised him…I think perhaps it was because he got us trapped on the island in the first place.
Oliver: And Melissa? Or Susan?
Chloe: I never killed anybody.
(She smiles as she clicks the gun and aims it at his forehead.)
Chloe: The only ones that I have killed are Jonathon, Preston-
(Camera closes up on her face as she pulls the trigger. The sound of a bang followed by a thud. She smiles softly.)
Chloe: and you, sweetheart.
(Camera gets one shot of the three corpses lying on the dock as Chloe starts towards the raft.)
Chloe: That makes six.
Scarred Sailor (O.S.) Soon to be seven.
(She whirls around to see the Scarred Sailor looking at her deviously as he walks towards her. She aims the gun at him.)
Chloe: Stay back…I am warning you…
Scarred Sailor: Do you really think a gun can kill me? I’m already dead.
(He reaches over and knocks the gun out of her hand. She watches solemnly as it falls into the water below her.)
Scarred Sailor: This is the end for you Miss Fields…I promise it will not be too painful.
Chloe: I don’t trust you.
(He suddenly grabs her and slings her over his shoulder. He starts carrying her towards the house while she fights against him.)
Scarred Sailor: Congrats…you are the only one who has ever gotten that close to getting away.
(He drops her to the ground and she looks around to see that she is surrounded by the ghosts of the dead guests.)
Chloe: Mathew? Oliver? Susan?
(They all slowly start crowding her and she is soon submerged in hands. We hear one last scream.)
(Camera comes up to show dozens of police and doctors all on the island, cleaning up the island. Camera comes up on the Chief of Police and one doctor.)
Chief: how long has it been since there have been issues on this island?
Doctor: Years and years.
Chief: Did you find anything?
Doctor: A lot of things…this was some kind of party…
Chief: Deceased?
Doctor: Seven.
(They walk over towards seven gurneys all next to each other; each has a body bag on top of them as well.)
Chief: who are they?
Doctor: From what we could tell they are: Jonathon Tumbleweed, Susan Scarlet, Oliver West, Melissa Marston, Preston Gates, Mathew Brent and Chloe Fields. Seven people.
Chief: They were all big business people too. Two millionaires and several media enticed people.
Cop: What we found also was a diary kept by Chloe Fields. From what we could gather it was Mathew Brent who died first and then Melissa Marston. From there we have no idea what happened to them or the house.
Chief: So we have no idea what happened to any of the others? Five people and we have no idea what happened to them?
Cop (O.S.) Chief-look what we found-
(The chief walks over towards the cop wielding Melissa’s old video camera.)
Chief: What’s on it?
Cop: You need to see it for yourself.
(The video recording: several images. Oliver lying on top of the broken lighthouse light. Chloe being dragged away by a mysterious figure. And Melissa half buried underneath the ground.)
Chief: That’s the bodies I’m guessing? Who is the guy that was dragging her away?
Cop: We never see his face.
(Then suddenly we see two people shoved onto the kitchen table as we watch dozens of corpses all armed with kitchen knives or other various weapons, all crowding two people on the table. Then we see who the people shoved on the small table are. Jonathon Tumbleweed and Susan Scarlet. They both are silently crying in agony as they are tortured while the camera films the whole thing. Then suddenly the camera dies for good this time.)
Chief: Oh my god…
Cop: But did you see the wounds on Jonathon? They don’t match the wounds on the body.
Chief: That makes no sense at all. How could the sounds on the camera not match the body? What about the woman on the table?
Cop: Her name is Susan Scarlet. Her body was found in the lighthouse…nothing but a skeleton.
Chief: But…then…how is this possible?
(A beat.)
Chief: So…what if it was Oliver West or Preston that killed everyone?
Cop: But the dozens of people were torturing those two on the camera…
Chief: You’re right…maybe it was Jonathon…
Cop: But why would any of them kill themselves then? The gun was recovered from the water. How? How is any of this possible?
Chief: I don’t have the slightest idea.
(A beat.)
Cop: I have no clue.
(The Chief looks at the Doctor and the Cop.)
Chief: Then who killed them?
(End credits roll.)
(Then after the credits we see the scene where dozens of people are crowding a table, similar to the one we saw earlier, only now it is one person shoved on the table. We get a look of Chloe Field’s agonizing face as she is tortured by the ghosts of the past victims. Camera closes in on her face and then it shifts to her bleeding side and we see the words THE END written in her blood.)
(Final Blackout.)

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