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Bay Reach Point

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Chapter 6


2000 house diary. Monday 12. February

More rooms in the hotel. Keith is making room for my meals. I offered him a gift but he would not take it. It was a test; if he decided to leave I would send the front doorframe crashing down on him……


The rain crashed down on the roof of the car. The petrol meter started to drop like a fly with a broken wing. Max feared he wouldn’t get to the nearest town before his car died. The wind
aaaaaaaa Toms found the diary and Max is dead,read on for the climax.
had come in gale-force on his front window; the wiper snapped of and flew behind the car like a plastic bag in the wind. That was when the hail started to fall.Water covered the window. He was blind; all that was in front of him was a blurry haze. The Prius hit a bump on the side of the road. Max went flying like a ragdoll, slamming into the insides of the car, destroying his internal organs. The car rolled of the bank of the road and stopped. Max realized thatthe Priuses electric battery had probably gotten water in it; he wished his wife hadn’t talked him into getting an electric car.Then the Prius burst into flame.

Little Tom fletcher was lying in bed with his mum. He hadn’t seen his sister anywhere. He couldn’t sleep, he hated the smell of the hotel and it kept him awake. Suddenly Tom heard thumping in the room next door. Someone was moving around. He had learnt about hotels in his nursery, it was where lots of people went to stay. During his time here Tom hadn’t seen anyone else or heard any remotely human sounds.He decided to investigate the noises next door.Tom tiptoed across the room and out into the hallway. As he walked the floorboards creaked almost like warning signs to tell Tom to go back, but this did not stop him. He went up to the door and tuned the knob.

The smell almost knocked him over, it was as bad as an international cesspool. As he slowly walked in he stepped in something. It was sticky and crispy. Tom knew what it was; it was the gooey stuff that comes out of you when you fall over, the thing in your body that they teach you about at school. Blood. The further Tom went in to the room the more putrid the smell became. It was dark but Tom could make out the shape of somebody lying in bed. The person’s tummy didn’t seem to be going up and down, so Tom suspected he had….. ..He couldn’t remember the word; it was one that mummy and daddy used. Yes now he remembered… the word was PASSED. The man on the bed had PASSED. Tom backed out of the room. As he reached for the door he tripped over something. It was a book; he picked it up and held it to the moonlight. Holetel dariaray perhaps he was reading it wrong, hotels can’t make diaries. He wasn’t very good at reading maybe he would go and ask his mum for help.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 Next »

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