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Author's note: What inspired me to write this story was that some children are not treated like children and...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: What inspired me to write this story was that some children are not treated like children and they can be neglected by their own parents. I wanted to tell teens everywhere that no matter what, your talent will be discovered by someone, and you will be free.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 7 Freedom

Detective Hill’s placed a transparent earpiece in my ear, and a microphone in my hoodie, which I invented. He placed the hoodie over my head.
“Don’t you think they’ll notice?” He sighed.
“Honestly, let’s just see how it goes, okay? We’ve given you pain medicine so that your leg will be numb, but you’ll be able to walk.”
It was 10PM; we were all scared, and worried about what would happen. Most of them must be thinking if I’d live or not. I had one of my bags strapped over my back and the other one, Charles had it. We were all at the police station, trying to relax. Then, Zaire started laughing for no reason.
“This is all wrong!” I looked at him confused, and placed the glass of water down.
“What is?” He tried to breath and talk, but it just turned to laughter.
“Okay, I’m okay. So, your whole face is white, and so it your hair, but your whole outfit is black, that is just wrong!” We all groaned. He was telling us this for the past hour and a half.
“Wait, my face isn’t that white.”
“It is now.” I laid back in my chair, and looked at the ceiling, waiting for time to go by. The seconds were moving even closer.
“God, can’t time go faster!” Sequoya punched him in the arm. “Ow! What!”
“You’re asking time to go faster.” She hissed.
“Yeah, so?”
“That’s like asking Nathan to be dead quicker, you idiot!” She whispered, but I could hear her.
“Oh.” He said softly. He then nudged me. “That is so not what I meant.”
“I know.” After that, we were all silent.
When it was 10:50PM, Detective Hills ordered everybody to get into position, while I walked over to Hazard Park. The night seemed calmer, as if waiting for the minutes to go by for me to die. I felt as if this would be the last day of my life. If it was, I wouldn’t be upset. The police would finally know about my parents abusing me, and the world would know the real me. I was okay with it.
When I reached the park, the gate was closed. I climbed the gate and jumped to the other side. If my leg wasn’t numb, I would be in so much pain right now.
“So far so good Nathan, just keep walking.” Detective Hills whispered from the earpiece.
“No, really, didn’t think of that.” I hissed from the corner of my mouth. But kept on walking. As I walked, I could swear I felt the wind turning colder.
“Nathan, you made it.” I looked in front of me, Monica stood there with her arms folded. I looked behind of me and two men stood there with their guns pointed at me, and nudged me to move forward. I walked forward and saw the other three men and my bodyguard. He smiled at me, but I didn’t. I was in no mood to have a smart mouth right now. Monica smiled at me. “What, no smart comments.”
“Try not to get yourself hurt with that big mouth of yours.” Detective Hills whispered.
“What was that?” Monica asked me.
“I’m trying not to get myself hurt with my big mouth.” I responded.
“Cute. Boy’s check him.” They made me raise my arms up and patted me down.
“All clear.”
“Good, good. Now, hand it over cupcake, we don’t have all day.”
“Before I do, what about answering just two questions.” She crossed her arms.
“Alright. I guess it’s a small price to pay for the infiniter.”
“First, why did my bodyguard try to kill your men? Monica.” She smiled as she heard her name. She knew how I got her name and phone number. Because of the device in my bag.
“They were going solo. They thought they could just shoot you and figure out a way to open the infiniter, but we knew it was a one and a million chance those knuckle-brains could figure it out.”
“And, can I speak to my parents?” I asked innocently. Monica stared at me with shock. She was trying to hide it, but she couldn’t.
“How’d you know?”
“I’m not any ordinary 14 year old boy.” She smiled.
“Eloise, Davis, you have a visitor.” From behind the slides, my parents came out.
“Mommy, daddy, you look so pretty.” I said. They sneered at me.
“Nathan, you look so ugly.” My mother responded.
“Guess I get it from you.” I chuckled. My mother almost tied to strangle me, but my father held her back.
“Calm down. Now, Nathan, hand us the infiniter.”
“One last thing, why?” They stared at me.
“Why would you do all of this? You both are great, smart architectures. Lousy parents, but great architectures, so why are you becoming criminals?”
“Money, baby!” Mother responded. “Sure, having a job could get you money, but crime, it’s like getting free money without working.”
“But when doing crime, it takes a lot of planning.”
“Yes, but it’s a one-time plan, and you get more money than a year at work.” Dad claimed.
“Oh. Ingenious, but still stupid.”
“Enough questions, just give us the infiniter.”
“Tell your men to back off a bit; I don’t like people so close to me.” Monica gestured the men to back up a little. They did. I slid my bag off and tossed my ex-bodyguard the laptop-looking invention.
“It’s already open. Just tap the track-pad and it’ll wake up.”
“Very good, Nathan. Maybe we could use you to create other inventions. We’ve always under-estimated you, and now, we can use you for money!” Mom acknowledged. Mom pointed at the bodyguard to open it. He opened the lid and moved his finger along the track pad. It opened up and so did his eyes. I was backing up slowly and nobody noticed.
“This isn’t it!”
“What?” They all bellowed.
“This isn’t the infiniter, this is a regular laptop!” He showed the others the wallpaper, which was a picture of me, Sequoya, and Zaire. I smiled, and opened my bag.
“No, this is.” I said waving the real infiniter and running off.
“Stand down, I’ll get him!” My mother yelled, grabbed a gun, and ran after me.
“Nathan! I thought you left that here! Charles, is the infiniter in the bag?!”
“No, it’s just a book.” Charles responded.
“Damit, Nathan!” Detective Hills cussed. “Can’t you listen to a single dam thing I say?!”
“Calm down, I’ve got a plan. Tell your men to stand by the back door of the park.”
“Be careful.” I didn’t answer and ran as fast as I can.
When I reached the end of the park, I stood still. My mother stopped running and smiled, pointing the gun at me.
“End of the line, Nathan. You’ve been a bad boy lately, and now, you’re dead! But first, any last words?” I smiled as I saw the helicopter hovering over the park, waiting for my signal.
“Yeah, if I was a cop, I would say, FREEZE, LAPD!”I said as loudly as I could. My mother stared at me, confused. And right on cue, cops came down from the trees, the helicopters shone a light on my mother, and men jumped over the gate of the park. They all pointed a gun at my mother’s direction, and red lights were marked on her chest.
“LAPD, FREEZE!” They all yelled at once. I smiled as I saw Detective Hills car pulled over. He jumped over the fence, with a microphone in one hand, and a gun pointed at my mother with the other. While I was enjoying my moment of freedom, my mother quickly grabbed me from the neck with her arm, and pointed the gun at the back of my head.
“STAND DOWN!” Detective Hill yelled with his microphone. “Mrs. Jamie, we’ve already caught the others, let Nathan go, and surrender!” She just cried away, still holding the gun on my head, and spinning around, showing everybody that they better not mess with her, and she had control over all of them. I tried my best to struggle my way out, but my mother’ grip was strong. “Mrs. Jamie, let Nathan go! NOW!” Detective Hills yelled once more into the microphone. I could feel her tears falling onto my clothes. She pushed the gun harder.
“Nathan, do you love me?” She blurted out.
“Do you love me?!” She asked a little louder for everybody to hear. If your mother had a gun over your head and asked you that question, you would have said, “Of course mother,” or, “Mother, you’ve always been the best and I love you no matter what,” Since she have the choice of killing you and letting you live, you might want to make them happy. But not me, I wanted to tell her something I wanted to tell her for 14 years.
“No, mother! I have hated you! You’ve ruined my life since the day I was born! You’ve beaten me, you’ve harmed me, and you’ve never cared about me like my friends! I’ve never loved you, and never will!” I asserted. She stopped crying and thought about the words and I could feel her rage squeezing my throat.
“Okay then, good bye Nathan, I’ve never loved you either!” And that’s when a heard, and felt a bullet go through my head. I could feel everything spinning around me but kept conscious to see what would happen next.
“NO!” Detective Hills yelled. All the cops quickly moved in and removed my mother’s gun and her away from me, and to the ground, and they quickly cuffed her. I felt my knees fall to the ground. Before anybody could help me, Detective Hills quickly ran over and caught me before I laid faced down on the ground. He placed my head on his lap.
“CALL AN AMBULANCE!” He yelled, but to me, if felt like he was talking from a well.
“Me and my big mouth.” I croaked, giving him a slight smile.
“Nathan, listen to me. You have to stay with me, okay, just hold on!”
“Thanks…for everything.”
“Nathan, you’re going to be fine! You hear me; you’re going to be fine!” I shook my head slightly.
“Good bye Detective Hills.” I said, as my eyes started to close.
“Nathan, Nathan!” He said, shaking me to wake up, but I felt the world became silent. I could still see the dark night sky, but all the stars blinked out one by one, as my battle to stay consciousness failed. I wondered if this was really it, and if I was finally dead.

I felt my throat as dry as the Sahara desert, and it tasted of metal. If I really was dead, was it normal to feel pain all over. I opened one eye and took a look around. I was at the hospital again. I opened both my eyes. I was alive? I was alive! I wanted to cheer with excitement and jump up and down, if I could. I saw another surprise. By my bed, I saw Detective Hill sleeping in the chair next to me. Black circles surrounded his eyes and he looked like he aged 100 years. I guess I’ve really gave him a lot of trouble. I carefully sat up and ignored the pain all over, but I groaned a little too loud. Detective Hills woke up.
“Good morning Detective, how’d you sleep?” He looked at me and smiled.
“You, mister, have given me both a hard time to stick with my job, and I almost had a stroke.” I smiled.
“Guess it’s in the family, huh?” He sat up.
“You okay?”
“I feel like a million bucks.”
“Now, that’s a lie.” I nodded. The doctor that was here last time came in.
“Welcome back, Nathan. You almost had brain damage, and died, but, welcome back.” He said smiling and talking with his Irish accent.
“Doctor!” Detective yelled.
“Sorry, sorry. Let me try to sugarcoat it. Welcome back Nathan, you’re breathing.” He said. I turned to the Detective and he just sighed and shook his head.
“Well, doc, you’ve been a real help.” I said sarcastically.
“Why thank you.” He really didn’t get sarcasm. I placed my head into my hands and shook my head.
“Doc, why don’t you go out and leave us alone for a while.” He left.
“I have never hated a person that fast.” He laughed.
“I told you, you were going to be alright.” I nodded.
“So, my parents, what happen to them?”
“Well, they’re in jail right now and they’re gonna go to court in a few weeks.” I laid back. “I know it might be hard to see your parents going to jail.”
“Hard? Detective, this is the best day of my life! Well, other than the pain, but the best. I’m finally free from those people they called my parents.”
“That’s nice. And Nathan, never think for a second that they were right and you’re useless. I have kids of my own and I have never in my life seen this case before. It’s really disgraceful, and disgusting.” He handed me a bag which contained my laptop and the infiniter. I smiled.
“Who knew that such a little device could cause so much trouble?”
“Trouble? That doesn’t even describe what I’ve been through this week!” I laughed.
“Anyway, thank you, for everything.” He smiled.
“You’re very welcome. So, are you going to go to college now?”
“Well, I thought about it, and thought, maybe I’ll just stick to the home-schooling thing. I’m still young and still want to enjoy high school.” He ruffled my hair.
“Good choice. I’ll talk to you soon.” He got up and headed for the door. “But before I do, I have something.” He opened the door and 5 men walked in. They had guns in their hands and were wearing black suits.
“More criminals?” I moaned.
“No, bodyguards, and we did background checks on them.” Then he left. I stared at the bodyguards, they waved hi, and introduced there selves. One of them, Mark, was the friendliest. He tried to make the most conversation and humored me. The others were surrounding the door and the window, making sure nobody was there.
When a week had passed at the hospital, I begged them to release me. So they did. I had an arm and leg cast and crutches. But I was fine with it. I was finally out of the hospital. When I started going to school again, Sequoya, and Zaire never let me out of there sight again. Neither did Mark. We all sat down at the lunch table. Mark was trying to fit in the tiny chairs, but he was too talk and bulky.
“You know, you don’t have to be here.” I told him.
“You can’t go a minute without getting yourself hurt, Nathan. No, I’m gonna go to school with you for as long as your safe and I’m alive.”
“Nice speech, man.” Zaire said. Mark bowed slightly. Sequoya rolled her eyes.
“What do you both have next?” She asked us.
“Science.” Zaire and I responded.
“Ugh,” Mark sighed. “I’ve always hated science. There’s no use to it, but I was forced to take it.”
“Mark, science helps you with statistics and probability. Also, predictions. If you wanted to aim your gun at a target, you’d need to aim your gun at the right angle and try to-” Mark grabbed a piece of bread and stuffed it in my mouth.
“God, you talk a lot!”
After school, we all walked to my house together. Of course today was my birthday, but I told everybody that I didn’t want to celebrate it. I was already happy, and could ask for nothing else. I was safe, alive, and my parents were in jail. I didn’t have to live in fear anymore and I can tell the whole world who I really am. Plus, I had friends and people who really cared about me.
When the guards opened the gate to my house, Mark stopped me.
“Cover your eyes.” He said to me. I stared at him.
“If I do that, then I’d have to let go of my crutches and I’ll fall.”
“Whenever you talk, you make things so complicated.” He grabbed me by my waist with one arm, and gave my crutches to Zaire. He then carried me over his shoulder.
“Mark, put me down!”
“Just wait and see.”
“Hey, Nathan, remember when we were little and whenever you used to hang upside down on the jungle gym, you’d almost throw up?” Sequoya remembered. I puked a little in my mouth.
“Shut up, Sequoya.” As I got carried to my house, I noticed that the white walls were decorated with balloons and streamers, and a huge banner hung that said, Happy Birthday Nathan! Mark sat me down on the couch as I stared around.
“Happy birthday!” They all shouted.
“Guys, I told you I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday.”
“Like we’d listen to you.” They all said. Sequoya ran up and gave me a hug.
“Happy 15th birthday, Nathan.”
“Enough with this gooey stuff, let’s get to the games.” Zaire placed on a blindfold, and took a feather with a pin that looked like a tail.
“Pin the tail on the donkey? Isn’t that a little corny?” I asked him.
“Not to me, now tell me where the poster is!” Sequoya laughed as I just shook my head about how childish he could be.
After the party games we had cake. DING DONG! Mark quickly got out his gun and walked slowly to the door. But I wasn’t worried. The guards wouldn’t just let anybody in. When he opened the door, he relaxed.
“Calm down, Mark.” Said a very familiar voice. It was Detective Hills. He walked up to us.
“Hi Detective.”
“Hi Nathan, happy birthday.” He said handing me a blue gift and sitting down.
“What is it?”
“Open it.” So I did. Inside was a real LAPD badge.
“What’s this for?”
“Well, you’d make a really good Detective one day. Just another career option.”
“Thanks. And about the infiniter, I actually made a change.” I took it out of my bag and handed it to him. “I think you guys might need it more than I do. Of course I can’t sell it, but I could make a few inventions for you guys.” I tossed it to him. “Just show your badge where the camera is and everything about you will come up.” He waved his badge at the camera, and the infiniter opened up.
“Welcome, Detective Malcolm Hills.”
“That’s very good, thank you.” I shrugged.
“No problem”
“So, are you going to live here by yourself, or with a foster family?” I thought about it. Living with a family might be nice, but it would just be fake.
“I think I’ll stay here.”
“Fair enough. Listen, I’ve gotta run, just wanted to say happy birthday. I’ll see you all later, bye.”
“Bye.” We all said, and he left. Zaire got up.
“Well, if you need me I’ll be in your room.”
“I ate 10 slices of cake and my stomach hurts.” I smiled, and gestured him to go. That just left me and Sequoya. I fussed with my fingers.
“So…” I said. She smiled.
“Nice conversation.”
“Sorry, I’ve got nothing.” She smiled, and kissed me.
“No, but I do.” She said, holding my hand and smiling. I smiled at her. I was finally free. I was finally myself, and nobody could ruin it. My life was flawless, and perfect.
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Born2Love97 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Sept. 16, 2012 at 7:56 pm
I like this. It's really good and you're one of those few people with the gift too! Happy Writing!! :)
Nimra replied...
Sept. 16, 2012 at 9:52 pm
Your too kind!
Nimra said...
Aug. 17, 2012 at 3:22 pm
So frightening!

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