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Author's note: What inspired me to write this story was that some children are not treated like children and...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: What inspired me to write this story was that some children are not treated like children and they can be neglected by their own parents. I wanted to tell teens everywhere that no matter what, your talent will be discovered by someone, and you will be free.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 6 I tell a big secret

After 3 rings, someone picked up.
“Hello.” Said Detective Hill very sleepily. I guess when you wake up someone at 2 in the morning; they’re not going to be happy.
“Detective Hills, this is Nathan Jamie.”
“Nathan, is something wrong? If not, then why are you calling me at 2 in the morning?”
“Would you mind coming over, I have something very urgent to tell you. It’s very important, and about the case. I have a few leads.”
“Really, now?”
“I’m sorry, but this is a now or never situation.” I could hear his groan.
“Fine, I’ll be over as fast as I can.”
“Thanks.” I closed the phone. Now, I just wait. I sipped the orange juice. I was so anxious to tell him what I knew, but also scared that they might ask my parents about all of this.
A few minutes later, Detective Hill came in with another guy that looked pretty nerdy and had a laptop in his arms, and a very long coat. What was it with coats, it’s only October, people!
“Nathan, this better be good.” When I stared at him, I chuckled. “What?” He demanded. The nerdy guy pointed at Detective Hills legs. Where there were supposed to be pants, he was wearing duck boxers. He blushed as red as a tomato. “What do you expect; it’s 2 in the morning!”
“And that would explain all the laughing and pointing.” The nerdy man pointed out.
“Okay, okay. I need you to tell me something. Do you think I was hiding something when I told you my story?”
“Nathan-” He started to say.
“Oh come on Malcolm, you’ve been obsessing about this all day. You wouldn’t stop talking to me about how Nathan was lying, how his story was absurd, and that he was hiding something.” The nerdy guy said.
“Who’s your friend?” I asked.
“This is Charles Grails. He’s the LAPD tech nerd.” Charles scowled at him. Detective Hills sighed.
“Yes, Nathan, I do think you are hiding something, and I hope you are going to tell me.” I nodded. I told them both how my parents were behind of all of this, and so was my bodyguard. Which also led me to telling them how my parents brutally hit, and have beaten me up. It took a lot of guts and courage to tell my story, but I did.
When I was done, they both were in shock.
“How do we not know this is a lie?” Detective Hills asked me. I crossed my arm around my chest and turned away.
“I knew you’d say that. I tell people the truth, they’ll ask my parents about all of this, they’ll laugh it up and you’ll believe them and then I’ll get even more bruised.”
“How do you know that?” Charles asked me.
“What do you think?” I snapped, without looking at him. “This had happened before, but nobody bothers to ask how I got my injuries. Just forget about it. It was a waste of time telling you all of this.”
“Malcolm, come on. This kid sounds like he really needs our help. It does sound true.” Detective Hills scratched his head.
“Okay, even if this is all true, I still don’t get why you’re the target.” I had the answer for that. I leaned to the right, and pulled out the bag from under the bed.
“Because of this.” They both stared at me.
“A bag?” They both asked me. I rolled my eyes.
“Come on gentlemen; let’s at least try to imagine we have a brain.” They scowled at me, but I quickly opened the bag and pulled out the infiniter. “This is called the infiniter.”
“Isn’t that just an ordinary laptop?” The nerdy guy asked me. I tried not to make another sarcastic comment about how to use their brains, because it was useless.
“No, Charles. I invented this thing. It’s called the infiniter and I have been making this thing for the past 6 years. It can hack into any security system; it can bypass firewalls, and is 50 times faster than a regular computer. It took a lot of time and knowledge to put this thing together, and my bodyguard found about this, and he told my parents, and now there are trying everything they can to get this thing.” They both stared at me with their jaws wide open.
“B-but you’re 14!” They both bellowed.
“And a half.” I said, hurt that they thought I was like any other 14 year old.
“You couldn’t have invented this; you’re only in high school!” I smiled.
“That’s where you’re wrong, gentlemen. I have graduated high school and am in my 7th year of medical school.” Detective Hills just stared at me.
“Charles, look up Nathan Jamie. Bypass any school securities and private files and find every detail about this kid!” Charles quickly did as he was told. I sipped my orange juice, feeling very proud of myself.
After a few minutes, Charles looked up from his laptop.
“He’s right. He’s passed high school and is in med school. He’s even invented many things!” I smiled.
“Ah, there, you see. Using your brain is fun!” Detective Hills walked over to me.
“Nathan, you are a brilliant 14 year old boy! Why on Earth would you hide that?!”
“Because, my parents didn’t like me to be smart. I got an A+ for a history test, and got a bloody scratch. Imagine what they would do if they knew about what I’ve been doing.” I said softly. I could hear Charles sniffing.
“That’s such a sad story. Detective, we’ve got to bring those people to justice.”
“Show me.” He said.
“Show you what?”
“The infiniter. Let’s see if it works.”
“Okay then.” I opened it up. “Infiniter, open.” It quickly turned bright.
“Welcome, Nathan Jamie.”
“Infiniter, detect the phones in this room.” It beeped a few seconds later.
“Two phones detected. One blackberry, one HTC.”
“Hack into the HTC, and do a background check on the user.” It beeped again.
“HTC user, Detective Malcolm Hills. Contacts, 578, birthday, today.” I looked up.
“Well, happy birthday. No wonder you’re so grouchy.” He looked at the screen.
“Amazing.” He gasped.
“Hack into the Blackberry, and look over the user.” It beeped in less than a second.
“Blackberry user, Charles Grendel, contact, 1 named Mommy.” Detective and I couldn’t help but give a quiet laugh.
“Hey, nobody asked for that things permission to hack my phone!”
“Actually, I did.” Detective said. “Okay Nathan, I believe you, but you are now in serious danger, and we have to arrest your parents, and the others.”
“Not so fast, I’ve got a plan. See, my parents are of at a meeting right now, and tomorrow, they’re going to be making another plan with the others about this mission. Now, if I could track one person’s number, then we’ll give them a call, telling them that I’ll give this the infiniter. Then, you’ll have cops everywhere surrounded where I’m going to meet them, and we’ll catch them. Very simple.”
“Wow, that’s one smart cookie.” Charles declared.
“Very clever, but one thing, we’re not letting you go. We’ll set a look alike like you. We can’t have you running around town on a wild goose chase. You’ll get hurt, again, and I am not letting that happen to you.”
“Nathan, we really need to put these people in jail, and we can’t have your life in stake.” I sighed.
“Okay,” I lied. They both sighed with relief.
“Okay, we’ll have police’s surrounding this room, because we’re not taking any chances with you, and tomorrow, we’ll catch those thief’s.” He patted my head. “Don’t worry, we’ll catch them all and bring them to justice. Now, why don’t you go to sleep, you need it. Good night.” And they left.
I laid back on the bed, trying to steady my breathing, but I was just thinking about everything that has happened in the past week. Also, I lied to a Detective, and would be putting my life in danger. I laid back, and after 5 hours, I finally fell asleep, but for only a short amount of time.
When it was 8AM, I dialed my house. Someone quickly picked up.
“Hello?” Marina said.
“Marina, is that you? Are you alright?” She sighed.
“Yes Nathan, I’m fine. Thank god, when I heard what happened to you, I nearly died. Please tell me you’re alright?”
“Marina, I’m very well. But I need the hugest favor anybody could ask.”
“Of course, just name it.”
“I need you to come to the hospital and come to room 605. Bring a change of clothes, and a small power saw.” I didn’t hear her voice for a while.
“Nathan, what for?”
“Marina, this is very important, my life depends on it, please. For me.” I knew that just from hearing the tone of my voice, Marina was getting goose bumps.
“Okay Nathan, I’ll be right there.”
“Thank you.” I quickly hanged up. I needed to plan something, but I couldn’t tell anybody about it.
Half an hour later, Marina came in, and gave me a hug.
“Oh Nathan, poor Nathan.”
“I’m fine Marina, really.”
“Nathan, I really hate it when you say that.” She handed me the bag with all the stuff inside. I snapped the needle and tape from my hand, and took out the small power saw. Marina gasped. “Nathan, please don’t tell me you’re going to do what I think you’re going to do!”
“Don’t worry Marina.” I quickly summed up everything I told the Detectives. She stared at me with shock.
“Your parents hit you since you were little! Why didn’t you tell me?!”
“That stupid bodyguard always spied on me, and would tell my parents, and I’d get in even more trouble.” She placed her hands on her mouth.
“Oh my god!” She sat down on the chair with shock, staring at the floor.
“Calm down, Marina.” I activated the small power saw, and did by best to cut through my leg cast.
When it was off, I didn’t want to even look at my leg. I could see where the bullet once was, and the stiches, and the shot was red and purple. I got up on both legs and with the help of the rooms walls. I picked up the clothes from the bag, and headed in the bathroom. I quickly changed the hospital gown for black jeans and a dark hoodie. I washed my hair and face with water, and limped out of there.
Marina still was in shock. I limped to her direction.
“Marina, Marina. Come on, I’m fine, and this was none of your fault.” She looked up.
“Nathan…” She said, and her voice trailed off. She had nothing else to say. I grabbed the bag with my infiniter and placed it over my back. I tried to help Marina up, but I just fell down. I got up, and finally got Marina to her feet.
“Come on, let’s go.” I walked her out of the room, and luckily, nobody spotted us. I saw a few cops looking at my room, but with my disguise, they must have thought I was a visitor. One of them walked over to us.
“Young man, isn’t it a little early for visitor hours?” I tried to make my voice a little deeper.
“Oh…um, Nathans a good friend of mine and just wanted me to say hi, cause I was just in town and am leaving today.” The cop looked at me.
“Very well, have a safe trip.”
“Thanks,dude.” And I quickly limped away. Marina finally shook her shock away.
“Nathan, why are you helping me? You’re the one injured.” She held herself up and carried me to her black Nissan. She helped me in the front seat, and drove us home. While in the car, she started crying a few tears, and mumbling how she’d been in the house since the day I was born and never noticed this. I felt bad that all of this was happening because of me.
We got home in a few minutes. Marina parked the car in the driveway and got out. Then, she opened my door, and placed my arm around her shoulders and led me inside. She took a pillow and placed it on the table, and my leg that was shot, on the pillow. She patted my head.
“I’ll make some sandwiches, okay?” She said and quickly left. Wow, she felt as bad as I did. I quickly took out my infiniter. I needed to know one of their names and phone numbers. But how? I typed up the LAPD website and clicked on the Log in option.
“Infiniter, hack into Detective Malcolm Hill’s account.” It beeped for a second, and then typed a user name and a password and his page appeared. I looked over his files. I clicked on the file that said Top secret. There was a picture of the exact woman who had me hostage in my own home. Her name was Monica DiAngelo. “Infiniter, get me Monica DiAngelo’s phone number.” In a few second, everything about Monica came up. I scrolled down and found her private phone number. I smiled. “Gotcha.”
Marina came back with a plate full of sandwiches and all of them were soaking in tears.
“Hospital foods are never good, so I made you a plateful of all your favorite sandwiches.” I was in no mood to eat, especially sandwiches with tears in them, but I would hurt her feelings. I picked up a sandwich and took a bite out of it. It wasn’t bad, but salty. I smiled.
“Thank you.” She sat down next to me.
“No problem. Now, what’s this about finding these people?”
“They want this, my invention called the infiniter. But with a technology like this, they could really take over all banks, credit cards, and personal IDs .We can’t let that happen. So, I got one of their phone numbers, and I’ll call them and pretend to make a deal with them of giving them the infiniter.”
“Didn’t that nice Detective say they were going to assign someone else to do that?”
“Marina, who listens to adults anymore?” She smiled.
“What will you need?”
“I’ll need another black bag like this one, and my laptop.”
“On it.” She ran upstairs, and came back with those things.
“Okay, so I’ll schedule them to come at night.” I said, placing the laptop in the bag.
“Where?” I thought about it.
“How about Hazard Park?” She looked at me confused.
“Why would you want to lead them to a park?”
“Okay, so the park closes at 10Pm, and there will be no bystanders. Also, it’s a good place to hide; you know the slides and all that.” She smiled.
“You sound like a little kid.” I smiled, looking down at the screen of the infiniter.
“Marina, with something this difficult, I don’t think I’m a regular kid.” DING DONG! Marina and I stared at each other. Marina gave me a signal to stay down. She quietly creped to the door, and looked at the crack on the bottom of the door. She sighed with relief, and opened the door. I looked from the couch to see who it was. When I saw who it was, I wanted to run and hide if it wasn’t for my sore leg.
It was Detective Hills, Charles, Zaire, and Sequoya. They all stood by the door and stared at me.
“Are you serious?!” They all asked me. I was relieved it was only them, but they would interfere with the plan.
“Oh hello, welcome to my house. Please, make yourself comfortable.” I said chuckling. Detective Hills walked over to me.
“Nathan, this is serious! Why would you escape the hospital? Unless…” He stared at me with his eyes in shock. “No, don’t tell me!” I nodded. He slapped his head with his hand.
“There are two reasons why I should go and nobody else.”
“Nathan, you’ll get seriously hurt! I’ve already got a guy just like you to go.”
“When you told his about the case, did he run away like a chicken?” He folded his arms.
“Pshw, no.” I raised a brow.“Okay, fine. But why should I let you go? I mean look at you, you look like you’ve been run over by a truck!”
“Real smooth, Detective.” Zaire said sarcastically.
“One, I’m the only one who’s got guts to do this, and two, the infiniter is my invention, therefore I should be the one to trick them.” Everybody else walked in and sat down on the chairs, while the Detective sat down next to me.
“And don’t forget about that big mouth of yours.” He mumbled.
“Who would?” I looked at him seriously. “Listen, I’ve already got Monica’s number, and got everything planned out, so if you’d-”
“Hold on a minute, nobody knows about that information except me and Charles. How’d you find out?” I tapped my fingers on the infiniter. He sighed. “No wonder they want that thing.”
“Just hear me out.” I quickly told him my plan. He seemed into it, but not very relieved that I was the bait.
“Nathan, I’m not sure this is a good idea.” Sequoya expressed. “This could get ugly, and when do criminals keep their promises?”
“Plus, they’ll find out that you’re tricking them.” Charles pointed out.
“And your white hair is totally ruining your black look.” Zaire pointed out. We all stared at him. He placed his hands up. “Sorry, off topic.” Detective Hills looked at me.
“You really want to do this?”
“They’re my parents, I want to face them.” He sighed and got up reluctantly.
“Alright, let’s go.”
“Where?” We all asked him.
“To the police department. We need to record the call and maybe see if we can trace it.” Everybody got up, but when I tried to, I fell down. Detective Hills helped me up. “Maybe I should just retire already. Working with kids, this is a new one.” I kept the bags steady on my back.
“Technically, you can’t retire. You have to at least work 25 years, and you’ve only worked for 19, but keep it up. And 291 arrests, nice. We have 9 more, and then you’ll reach 300.”
“You’ve really got to control that mouth on yours. It could really get you hurt.”
“Too late.” Detective Hills just smiled, and lead me to his car and placed me in the front car with the Charles, Sequoya, and Zaire behind.
“Why do we have to take the 2 kids, Malcolm?” Charles wined.
“They wanted to, now would you shut up, I’ve got a big headache today.” He quickly stepped on it and drove over all the stop lights. The sirens were on, and we covered our ears with one hand and a shoulder, and held on to the safety bars on the car with the other.
When we finally got to the police station, Detective Hills helped me out of the car and walked us all into the room where some people were wearing headphones attached to laptops and a few recording devices. Detective Hills placed me on a chair.
“Everybody listen up!” The whole room went silent, and all eyes turned to Detective Hills. “We are about to make a call, now everybody quiet down and get ready to record this call.” He leaned next to me. “Do you have the number?”
“I have it memorized by heart.” He smiled and pointed me to the phone in front of me.
“You ready?” I took a deep breath out, and nodded. I dialed the number, and waited.
“Hello, who are you and why is your number blocked?” A woman’s voice snapped.
“Is that a nice way to greet a person who has a very important deal for you?” The woman’s voice gasped.
“Nathan Jamie, how did you get this number?!”
“Oh you know, just resources.”
“Listen to me young man, you may have gotten away, but-”
“Would you calm down and let me talk? And I have a big mouth? Please.”
“Okay, what do you want?”
“Well, actually, it’s what you want. You want the infiniter; I’ll give it to you.”
“Just like that?”
“Just leave me alone, and yes.”
“Okay Nathan, but if you pull something, we will kill you this time.”
“Yeah, yeah. Now, I’ll meet you with the infiniter at 11PM tonight, at Hazard Park.”
“Why Hazard Park?”
“First, don’t interrupt me, and second, so nobody gets hurt. This is just between you and me. Got it?”
“Fine, but tell those cops that are recording this call that if they dare to show up, or have wired you, your dead! Just like that, understand?”
“Sure, see you tonight.”
“This is not a date cupcake; this is a serious deal!
“Shesh, you guys are so rude.” I closed the phone, and looked at Detective Hill. He gave me a thumbs up.
“Okay people, listen up. We’re going to surround that whole park, every inch of it, but secretly, let’s move people! Get the FBI, the CIA, and the SWAT patrol. Go, go, go!” Everybody ran all over the place. One woman came up to us.
“Detective Hills, who said to give you the right to give the orders?”
“Since I got assigned to this case and am protecting a young man from danger. Now, chief, I’d like you to let me give the orders today, this is my investigation, and I would like to lead it my way.” A comment like that could have gotten somebody fired, but the chief tried to stay calm and breath.
“Fine, Detective, you call the shots, for this investigation.” And she walked away.
“But they said no cops.” Sequoya said.
“Sweetie, that’s what they always say, but we’re not leaving your boyfriend alone.” Charles chuckled. Sequoya stomped her foot.
“You watch it mister, I have a black belt in karate, and you’re pretty boney. I think I could snap a rib or two.” Charles backed up.
“Charles, you have officially lost your game.” Zaire sighed, shaking his head.
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Born2Love97 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Sept. 16, 2012 at 7:56 pm
I like this. It's really good and you're one of those few people with the gift too! Happy Writing!! :)
Nimra replied...
Sept. 16, 2012 at 9:52 pm
Your too kind!
Nimra said...
Aug. 17, 2012 at 3:22 pm
So frightening!

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