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Author's note: What inspired me to write this story was that some children are not treated like children and...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: What inspired me to write this story was that some children are not treated like children and they can be neglected by their own parents. I wanted to tell teens everywhere that no matter what, your talent will be discovered by someone, and you will be free.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 5 I find out something about my parents

I felt myself bumping up and down on a very uncomfortable bed. I tried to sit up, but it just hurted all over.
“Lay down, son. We’re almost at the hospital, and you’ll be with your family.”
“No.” I said quietly.
“What?” The paramedic asked me.
“No.” I croaked a bit louder, and fell unconsciousness again.
When I woke up again, I could tell it was the afternoon. The sun shined through the window, but not so much. I wanted to sit up and call someone, but who would come for me? I closed my eyes, hoping I might have been died, because the pain was unbearable. But I opened my eyes, and tried my best to sit up, but just winced.
“You might want to lie down.” Said a male voice. I turned around and found a police officer sitting in the chair next to my bed. He faced me and I saw his LAPD badge around his neck. He had all the looks to be a cop. Dirty blonde hair, and was very fit and in shape. He had a gun strapped in his belt. He smiled at me. “You are at the hospital, how do you feel?”
“Terrible.” I moaned. He frowned.
“Do you remember what happened to you last night?” I laid down on the hard hospital bed.
“I don’t want to talk about it.” I said softly.
“I know you don’t want to, Nathan, but as an FBI, I need to know.” I turned towards him.
“Would you mind showing me your badge, I’m not really a trusting person right now.” He smiled.
“Sure thing, kiddo.” He took out a wallet from his jacket pocket and flipped it open. I saw the words, FBI on the top, and his picture and information on the bottom. Apparently, his name was Mr. Malcolm Hill.
“Okay then, Detective Hill, what do you want to ask me?”
“First I just wanted to tell you, you look very terrible and beaten up and we will put these terrible people to jail for what they did, and second, we need to know the whole story.” I gulped. I couldn’t tell them the whole story, or they would know that I have a very important invention, and my parents would find out, and beat me up even worse than this. I looked at myself. My leg was in a cast, and my arm was also. I felt a big pain from my back, as if someone stabbed me with 1000s of knifes. I can’t imagine what could be worse than this.
“Okay, you might want to take notes.” He scooted his chair closer to my bed, and helped me sit up. Then, he sat down and took out a pen and pad.
“I’m listening.” I thought about it for a while, trying to think about how I should lie.
“So, I was just in my house, doing my homework.” He nodded, and must have thought this seemed accurate. “So, I heard a noise downstairs, and went downstairs to find 5 men, and a woman. The men all had guns and the woman seemed to be the one in charge.” I slowed down to let him write this down. He rolled his pen to tell me to go on. “The men tried to knock me out with a few items, but it didn’t go so well. So, they tried to knock me out with chloroform, but it wasn’t enough, so they knocked me out with half a bottle of it, and it finally worked.” I paused, and tried to think of the next part. “Um…so when I woke up, they said they wanted me…just because I was the son of two architectures.” Detective Hill looked up.
“Really, that’s the only reason why they captured you? No motive, no jewelry, just you?” I nodded. He tapped the pen on his chin. “Okay, continue.” He said, unsure of this story.
“Um, so the men were pretty lazy. They just sat down on the couch, and the woman let her guard down, and that’s when I made an escape. They fired a lot of times while I attempted to run to my friend, Sequoya’s house, who lives down the block.” Detective Hill chuckled.
“Oh, we know. That girl cried all night for you, and almost had a heart attack when she saw you injured.” I smiled. That’s Sequoya, she’s so sensitive, and little things freak her out, but I was almost killed so she had a point. “Anyway, is that it?”
“Um…yeah, pretty much.” He made a big dot on the pad, and smiled.
“Good, thanks for your help.”
“Um…a question, if you don’t mind, Detective?” He placed the pad and pen in his jacket pocket.
“Not at all, ask away?”
“Well, my bodyguard, security guards, Marina, and my parents weren’t at home. Why was that?”
“Well, we found the security guards and Marina tied up in a closet. For the bodyguard and your parents, we aren’t sure, but your parents will come and visit you soon. They’re just at the police station, filing a report.”
“Okay.” I said, looking on the ground, and hoped I was a real good liar. He studied me.
“You know Nathan, if you need anything, the LAPD, and I are here for you.” He pulled out a card and handed it to me. “Give me a call if you need anything, promise?”
“Promise.” He patted my head.
“Don’t worry, we’ll catch those lunatics and make sure your safe.” Not with my parents in my life, but I couldn’t tell him that. He smiled at me and left.
A few minutes later, I had a nurse come in.
“Nathan, you have a visitor, would you like me to let her in?” Her? It was Sequoya for sure. I nodded. Sequoya came running inside, and gave me a big hug.
“Oh, I’m so glad you’re alright!” She said, squeezing the life out of me. The nurse smiled, and closed the door behind her.
“Sequoya, I’m still in pain.” I winced. She let go, and wiped the tears from her check.
“S-sorry, I was just so worried about you.”
“I’m fine.”
“Nathan! That would have worked on me a few days ago, but today, oh, don’t you even dare play that card!” She said seriously.
“Sorry.” I said, and sat up with the help of my elbows. Sequoya sat down on the chair next to me.
“Nathan, I don’t know what to do with this, so I told nobody about it. Just like I promised.” She zipped her bag open, and pulled out my infiniter.
“You didn’t tell anybody?” She shook her head, and handed it to me.
“I know you might have lied to the police, but Nathan, you can’t lie to me.”
“You’re right.” So, I told her the whole story of what happened last night. She slouched in her chair with shock.
“All this, for an invention? And who are their bosses, and how on Earth did they know about your invention?”
“Hmm? I didn’t think about that.” Then, I felt as if a light bulb flashed above my head. I sat up quickly. “Maybe someone from my house was like a spy or something. Maybe they told the men, and the woman.” Sequoya sat up quickly.
“You think?”
“Do you have another idea?” She thought about it.
“Okay, that is a really good prediction. Well, let’s see, it can’t be Marina, that’s for sure.” Sequoya knew Marin, and she was very trust worthy.
“It couldn’t have been one of the security guards. All of them were tied up.”
“Who were the only people that weren’t at the house or tied up?” I thought about it, and gasped.
“My parents and my bodyguard.” Sequoya looked at me.
“You can’t be serious. Your bodyguard has known you forever, and your parents, they’re your parents, Nathan!” It all made sense. My bodyguard was being very suspicious with me lastly, and he wasn’t letting me out of my sight for even once. My parents, they could be their bosses! Oh my god! I knew my parents were bad, but not that bad! But I couldn’t tell the LAPD or Sequoya about that. Not yet anyway. I needed to make sure, and even if it was true, I had to handle it.
“Y-yeah. Yeah, you’re probably right. I’m just not thinking straight right now.” I said hitting myself with the pillow, and mumbling, “Stupid, stupid, stupid Nathan.”
“Why are you calling yourself stupid?” Man, I have to stop saying my thoughts out loud.
“No reason.” I said, sitting my quickly Sequoya smiled.
“You are very strange sometimes Nathan, but the best friend ever. You helped save my grandmother, and the doctors are still wondering how you outsmarted them. You, a 14 year old boy.” I smiled.
“Don’t thank me, you saved my life.” She smiled, and before I knew it, she kissed me.
“That’s for my brave hero.”
“Um…uh…” Come on Nathan, say something! I thought. “Sorry about messing up the date.”
“We can reschedule it when your better, promise. I’ll see you later.” She placed the infiniter in her bag, and slid it under the hospital bed, and left. I laid down. What was I supposed to do now? My parents were out to get my invention, and would do anything to get it.
The doctor came in a few minutes later. He had red rimmed glasses and a clipboard in his hands. He had gray hair, but his smile that made the whole room bright made him seem younger.
“How yeah doin’ Nathan?” He said in an Irish accent.
“I’m doin’ swell, doc, thanks for asking.” I said, mimicking his accent. He crossed his arms.
“We’ve got a smart mouth over here.”
“Sorry, I’ve always wanted to do that.” He let his grudge go, and smiled.
“Okay then, how’s it goin’?”
“I’m fine.” He checked out with clipboard.
“Very good, very good. Would you like a diagnosis?”
“You had about 6 bullet holes in your chest, one in your leg, one on your shoulder, and one in your arm.”
“Oh thanks a bunch for sugarcoating it, doc.” I said, sarcastically.
“Sorry kiddo, I’m not good with kids.”
“So, am I fine?” I asked him, because after lying to so many people I was, I wasn’t even sure I was myself anymore.
“Um, yeah sure.” I raised a brow.
“Are you sure you’re a real doctor?” I said nervously. He rolled his eyes.
“Yes. Anyway, we did surgery on you, and you have been responding well to it. Does it hurt?”
“All over.” I responded. He called in a nurse.
“Give him some pain medicine. The side effect might make you fall asleep for a little while, so, see you sometime tomorrow.” Sometime tomorrow? The nurse injected the small syringe into the needle on my hand. I started to drowse off, but my thoughts blocked the medicine. “You asleep yet?”
“Hmm, the doctors told me it took half a bottle of chloroform to put you out. Nurse, not this syringe, the one in the cabinet.” The nurse pulled out a huge syringe. I quickly got up.
“Is that even safe?” The nurse pushed me back down.
“Oh relax, just lay back and fall asleep.” The nurse injected the huge medicine in me, and that really made me dizzy. The room started to spin, and soon, I was out.
It’s weird how if you think about something when you fall asleep, that’s exactly what you think about. I slept, thinking how my own parents were fugitives, and have reached another new level of hurting me.
I dreamed the shooting that had happened. But instead of the men shooting me, it was my Mom and Dad. They were chasing me around the block, and laughing when all the shooting knocked me down on my back. They walked over to me and placed their foot on my chest.
“Nathan, you have been a really bad boy.” They said, and shot me to my death.
I woke up sweating, shivering, and screaming.
“NOOOOOOOO!” I yelled from the top of my lungs and sat up. Detective Hill placed his hand on my chest.
“Calm down, calm down. You must have just had a nightmare, Nathan.” I could still feel my heart beating fast, and tried to steady my breathing. That dream felt so real, it was as if the bullets were actually shot by my parents. I didn’t realize Detective Hill was looking at me with fright, and still talking to me. “Nathan, I said, are you okay?” I nodded slightly. He calmed down. “You really gave me a scare there Nathan.”
“You’re not one only one.” I whispered to myself. Maybe he heard me, because he tilted his head at me. I tried to give him a reassuring smile. “I’m okay. So, why are you here?”
“Right, I was just waiting for you to wake up so I could tell you the news.”
“What news?” He sat down on the chair.
“We found out that the men who intruded into your house were also with those people that shot you. They’re in a group that steals very expensive or antique items. The men and woman, well, we searched them up, and they are, were, with the two men. Do you know anything about that?” He asked me suspiciously. I could feel the blood from my face draining.
“I-um…no. I’m not sure. Maybe they wanted a sketch of my parent’s new building.”
“Maybe.” He said, scratching his chin and looking my way. He was giving that look at me so I could spill it. He knew I was hiding something.
“Where are my parents?” Right on cue, my parents ran over to me and gave me a big hug. They started crying, but I knew it was all an act.
“Oh my little Nathan, we’re so sorry we weren’t there to protect you, we were at a meeting and had to take your bodyguard with us. What a foolish mistake!” My mother cried. I could hear my ribs cracking.
“Your my brave little solider.” My Dad cried. I didn’t hug them back, even if I could, or show any emotions. I knew my parents were behind all of this, and that they weren’t sorry for what happened to me. This was my cruel life.
When my parents finally let me go, they gave me a kiss. I could see Detective Hill staring at me. I knew he was thinking, “Why isn’t he happy? His family is with him who love and care for him?” Of course, he doesn’t know the truth. The Detective cleared his throat, and my parents looked up.
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie, my name’s Detective Malcolm Hills, and I will be investigating this case.” My parents shook his hand.
“Oh thank you so much Detective. Have you found anything yet?” He looked at me and I quickly looked away.
“We think that these people might be the kinds that steal very expensive or antique things.”
“Hmm? So, why would they targeting Nathan?” My mother asked, even though I knew that she knew exactly why.
“We aren’t sure yet, but will keep on investigating. We wouldn’t stop until these people are put to justice for what they did to your son.” My parents nodded, agreeing with the Detective. I didn’t look anybody in the eye. I just laid back and hoped I would be ignored. But that was hard since I was the reason everybody was here.
“Nathan, do you think why they might be targeting you?” I shook my head, lying to the Detective who was trying to help me. He cleared his throat. “Very well, I’ll see you all tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening.”
“You too.” Before the Detective left, I had a plan.
“Oh Mom, Dad, please don’t leave me here alone. I don’t feel safe, not here. Would you be so grateful and spent the night here?” They exchanged looks. Of course they had to plan their next move, but with the Detective around, they couldn’t say no.
“Of course sweetheart.” They both said, and I could see them grinding their teeth. The Detective smiled, and left. Thinking he had left me in good hands. My parents stared at me.
“Thank you for staying.” They rolled their eyes, stood in the corner of the rom, and took out their phones.
I feel asleep a few minutes later. Sure I just woke up, but I felt sleepy when I woke up because of the surgery. I also felt very weak, and sleep seemed to make me stronger. I could hear my parents whispering something, and it sounded important. I kept my eyes closed, and pretended to be asleep, when I was really outsmarting my parents.
“What went wrong?” My Dad whispered, but turned into a shout.
“I know. We told them specifically to just get Nathan to open the infiniter and walk away. Easy as that.” My mother paused. “Check if Nathan is asleep.” I could hear my father walking over to my bed. I pretended to snore softly. He walked over to me, and opened my eye lid. I tried to keep my pupil in the middle, but look dazed. My father let my eye lid drop.
“Yeah, yeah. I just can’t believe all this time he’s been tricking us. We should give him a shot that will kill him. No one will know when he’s asleep.” Please don’t, I begged. Please.
“Shhh, people can hear you. Plus, there are security cameras over here. They’ll find out. No, we’ll think of another plan to steal the infiniter.”
“We’ve really got to give that bodyguard a raise for finding this entire thing out. He placed a camera in Nathan’s room, that’s brilliant!” I almost gasped but held it in. My bodyguard was the spy, he was working with the men and woman, and my parents were their bosses.
“Yes. Let’s go, we can think about a plan while we’re at the meeting. Tomorrow, we’ll be back and discuss another plan with the others.”
“Right, don’t think for a minute I would spend the night here with that!” They quietly tip-toed their way to the door, and closed it gently. I opened my eyes a few minutes later when I was sure they were gone. My own parents were criminals. Well, they were criminals the day they started hitting me, but this was beyond belief. I was alone, and nobody could see what I was doing. No guards, no parents, no suffer. I quickly got out the card Detective Hill gave me, and dialed the number on the hospital phone next to my bed.
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Born2Love97 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Sept. 16, 2012 at 7:56 pm
I like this. It's really good and you're one of those few people with the gift too! Happy Writing!! :)
Nimra replied...
Sept. 16, 2012 at 9:52 pm
Your too kind!
Nimra said...
Aug. 17, 2012 at 3:22 pm
So frightening!

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