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Author's note: What inspired me to write this story was that some children are not treated like children and...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: What inspired me to write this story was that some children are not treated like children and they can be neglected by their own parents. I wanted to tell teens everywhere that no matter what, your talent will be discovered by someone, and you will be free.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 3 My parents return, ugh!

Before I was even downstairs, my bodyguard beat me to the door, and answered it. He started talking to the person, and kept on nodding. He looked at my direction.
“It’s for you Nathan.” He left in a hurry, as if he just came out of doing something important. I went to the door and found my two best friends there, Zaire and Sequoya. I smiled at them.
“Hi guys, come in.” They did. Sequoya couldn’t stop smiling at me for some reason. I looked at Zaire for help, he smiled.
“Sequoya’s grandmother’s is alright. They gave her a transplant, and even though it’s soon, they said she would be alright. So, nice work genies.” He said, punching my arm lightly. Sequoya just gave me a huge hug.
“Thank you, thank you so much! I don’t even know how to repay you Nathan!”
“You don’t need to.” She let me go, looking at me confused.
“Why not?”
“It’d no big deal.” She punched my arm with frustration.
“Not a big deal? You saved my grandmother’s life with just a minutes look at some papers that even the best doctors there couldn’t even figure out what was wrong with her?!” I shrugged.
“That’s what doctors do all the time.”
“You 14, for heaven’s sake!”
“And the top in my class in medical school.” I pointed out. She just shook her head and smiled.
“So, are you going to offer to give us a tour or not? This house is huge!”
“Say’s the boy who is the son of actors.” Sequoya’s mother and father were both engineers, and we all lived very close by. Just a few blocks away.
I showed them around my house. I showed them the huge screening room where we watch movies, my parent’s office, where they design, and model the buildings they’re going to make next, and all the other rooms around the house. Zaire stopped in front of the plain white door that leads to my room.
“Is this your bedroom?”
“Oh, um…you don’t want to go in there.”
“And why not?” I bit my lip.
“It could be messy.” Zaire rolled his eyes.
“Nathan, have you seen my bed lately? Neither have I! It’s missing in my own room!” He barged in before I could say no. It wasn’t messy at all. I was a pretty neat freak. I mean my bedroom was huge and if one thing was misplaced, it could be a disaster. Zaire went straight for my safe.
“Ooh, what’s in here?”
“Nothing!” I snapped. They both stared at me. “Um… I mean it’s private.”
“Is the combination your birthday?”
“Zaire, it’s his stuff, leave him be!” Sequoya protested.
“Just a sec.” He punched in 6 numbers on the key pad, and the safe clicked opened. “Jake pot!” Before I could even react, he pulled out the infiniter.
“Zaire, please, put that away!” I demanded. He started flipping it, and spinning it around.
“Now, why would you need to put your laptop in safe?” It dropped on the floor, and before it could hit the ground, Sequoya caught it.
“Zaire, you idiot!” She declared. He handed it to me.
“Thanks.” I said, sighing with relief.
“No problem.”
“Dude, your parents are filthy rich! You could always buy another laptop.” Zaire explained. The truth just came out of my mouth before I could even stop myself.
“It’s not a laptop, it’s an infiniter! I have been making this thing for the past 6 years. It can hack into any security system; it can bypass firewalls, and is 50 times faster than a regular computer, Zaire. I’ve put a lot of work into it, and money can’t buy this, it’s way more expensive than a regular laptop, I can tell you that.” They stared at me with their jaws opened.
“Y-you invented this thing?” Sequoya asked me. I nodded.
“For the past 6 years?” I nodded once again.
“Just don’t tell anybody.” I said, locking it in the safe.
“But why not! You’re a graduate, you’re in medical school, and you are an inventor, why not tell the world about this?” Sequoya asked me. She thought of something else and gasped. “Did you even tell your parents?” My head dropped and I shook my head no. She slapped her head with her hand.
“Now what kind of secret is that?”
“A big one and you both have to promise me now to tell anybody? You have to swear!” I said, looking as serious as possible. They both exchanged looks, then looked back at me.
“Okay, we promise.” That was a load of my shoulder.
“Great.” I lead them outside. “Let’s go watch a movie that hasn’t been released in theaters yet.”
“Any movie? And snacks?”
“Yes Zaire.” He ran to the right.
“Screening room is downstairs.” I yelled at him. He ran downstairs, and ran to the screening room. Sequoya and I laughed our ways to the screening room.
We had a great time watching a horror movie. Sequoya was scared so much, that she used me to hide herself from watching the movie. Zaire just ate the popcorn and candy without paying attention that that was his 4th popcorn and 8th candy bar, and watched the movie with awe.
After the movie was over, it was already midnight.
“Well Nathan, thanks for the movie.” Sequoya said to me, standing by the door.
“No problem.” Zaire still looked in shock. We both smiled.
“It was his fault for choosing that scary movie.” Sequoya laughed. Her shoulder length curly brown hair was flipped to her side, and she stared at me with her twinkling golden eyes.
“Oh Sequoya, what was that thing you wanted to tell me?” She blushed.
“Um, it’s sort of late, you should go to sleep, I’ll take Zaire home. I’ll tell you on Monday, okay?” I nodded.
“Good night.”
“Good night.” She responded, and left with Zaire mumbling about the scary movie, and how he was scarred for life. When I closed the door, and turned around, I almost jumped out of my skin. My bodyguard stood over me with his eyes staring into my very soul.
“You should go to bed.” He commanded.
“Yes, sir.” I said, running up the stairs, and into my room. What was going on? Why was my bodyguard acting so weird, and suspicious? I gasped. Did he know that I was a medical student and tell my parents? Or worse, maybe he knew about my inventions, and my greatest one, the infiniter. I shook my head.
“No way,” I said, saying my thoughts out loud. “There’ no way he could have found out. Just go to sleep, you’ve got a whole mansion to clean tomorrow and your parents are coming back tomorrow. Just try to go to sleep.” So, I obeyed my thoughts and slept a peaceful sleep before tomorrow came.
When morning came, I woke up to the sun shining on my eyes. I squinted the sun out of my eyes. Wait, didn’t I close the curtains? I wondered.
“Rise and shine, it’s a brand new day.” Said a voice belonging to Marina. I took the pillow from under my head, and threw it over my face.
“What time is it?”
“Ugh, let me sleep.”
“Aren’t you suppose to clean the house, and your parents arrive in less than 2 hours.” I sat up.
“Yeah, they’re coming home early.” I gasped.
“Oh no, oh no no no no no no no!” She smiled.
“Don’t worry, I’ll help.” She leaned in closer to me. “It’ll be our little secret.” I quickly got up.
“Let’s get cleaning then!”
The whole morning was a disaster. Marina had made me breakfast, but I refused to eat it, as it took time away from my cleaning. It took us both one and a half hour to clean the house. Then, with the help of Marina, we both made breakfast for my parents. Red velvet pancakes with chocolate chips, and orange juice. We both sat on the chair, happy that our job was done.
“Thank you so much.”
“Hey, that’s what I’m here for.”
“How’d you know I had to clean the house?”
“You left your to-do list note under your shoe.” I took a look at my shoe, and there it was. I crumbled it into a ball and tossed it into the trash can.
“Again, thanks.” She smiled. I heard a honk come from the driveway. “They’re here.” I ran outside, but stopped by a mirror to fix my messed up hair, and the clothes I slept in from yesterday. My bodyguard and I stood by the steps. I folded my hands in front of me, and so did the man beside me. Mom and Dad came out of the car, all happy and still laughing. I smiled at this sight. They seemed like the perfect family. Whenever my friends used to come over to my house from when I was little they always told me, “You’re parents are the best, I wish I had parents like yours.” I never responded. If they knew what my parents were really like, they’d have a different opinion.
My parents climbed up the steps and faced us.
“Good morning.” They both said to us.
“Good morning.” We both responded. My mother turned to my bodyguard.
“Was Nathan any trouble?”
“No ma’am, he was as silent as a mouse, and didn’t cause any trouble. I have been spying on him for 2 days. He’s just been to the hospital with a friend, and a few friends came over yesterday. Nothing bad.” My mother faced me.
“Well, isn’t that good to here.” She said patting my checks. I gasped when she patted my checks happily. The only time she touched my checks were if she was about to slap me, or put a cut on my checks. But not a real pat on the check. My mother studied me. “Something the matter?” I shook my head.
“No mother, I’m just glad you are home, father too. I made breakfast in the kitchen for you.” My mother and father smiled.
“Now see, if you never cause trouble, he wouldn’t have to be hard on you.” My Dad explained.
“I agree.” I responded. I didn’t have any word to say and let my head droop to the floor.
“Is something bothering you, son?” They were calling me son too? Weird. I made eye contact immediately.
“No mother, I am fine.” She rustled my hair, and they both walked inside. My bodyguard snorted when they were out of sight.
“You, not make any trouble, please. I was just saving my strength for the big gun,” I took a few steps back until my head hit the wooden doors.
“Big gun? As an expression, or are you serious?” Then I remembered I forgot to say something. “Sir?” He gave me a big smile that showing his, gums, and yellow teeth.
“Both.” He took out his gun, and pointed it at me. I winced. He just laughed and put it away. “Not yet, I’m saving this part for later.” He said walking inside, and poking me in the stomach with his finger that was larger than a sausage.
Of course at this time, a normal person would have run out the doors and run to the police, but I was no ordinary person. Plus, the gates had electric wires, and guards stood out the gates too. I walked up the stairs into my room, ignoring what happened, and changed into jeans and a plain white shirt. As I was combing my hair above my forehead, I heard a knock at my door.
"Come in.” It was, once again, my bodyguard. I fell down on the floor when I saw him. He just smiled, and got me up. I just stared at him with my eyes that were filled with fright.
“I-I don’t think killing me in my room will do you any good, sir. It would be less than amusing.” He just did a quick search around my room. He pulled out his gun again, and fired. I quickly dropped to the floor, and covered my head as he shot and gave a few cries for help. At first, I thought he was trying to shoot at me, but then I realized he was shooting at my window. But I didn’t get up and kept my head in my knees.
After the firing was done, my parents rushed into my room.
“What in the world is going on here?” He placed his gun away.
“Master Jamie, I saw two criminals climbing the walls, and they lead to Nathan’s window. I had to stop them from hurting Nathan, they were armed.” My parents ran over to me, and checked me.
“Are you okay?” All I could do was nod. My parents helped me to my feet, and hugged me. I was shocked. What was happening? Was my luck actually changing? Then, I heard voices from downstairs. It was the security guards who always watched the perimeter of the mansion. They all had guns drawn to their side, and ran into my room.
“What happened? Is anybody hurt?” My parents cried a few tears.
“No, Nathan was close to being hurt thought, but thank god he’s alright.” Oh, I got it now. They were fake crying and hugging me so the guards could tell the police how terrifying the incident was.
“Should I call the police?” My bodyguards asked my parents.
“Yes, please do.” He ran downstairs with the guard. My parents let me go, and wiped the tears away.
“I think we pulled it off, don’t you think so honey?” My Dad nodded.
“Absolutely.” He faced me again, and this time his eyes were serious. It wasn’t that loving father who had tried to hug me for my safe, and well-being. It was the one who loved hitting me and destroying my faith in living. “The police will be here momentarily, but don’t you even think about telling them else, besides what happened today, do you understand young man?!” He bellowed. I nodded.
“I understand father, I do.” My mother punched my father’s arm lightly.
“Aw, give him a break. He’s too weak, and hasn’t got the guts to do anything. What can he say to the police anyway? He’s a good boy, and good boys don’t tell, do they Nathan?” I shook my head, and watched as my parents walked downstairs, shredding a few more fake tears. Amazing, they were really amazing actors.
I looked outside my window, and saw two men on the floor. They were swimming in their own pool of blood. I squinted to look at the wounds on their chests. They each had a few bullets in them. If they were lucky, they could survive if they were rushed to the hospital immediately. But with a fall like that, 4 stories high, they might not have made it. I saw as police cars came by our houses, and an ambulance.
The police came in quickly and talked to my parents by the steps, and they were crying their hearts out. Even more when they discovered I had been born, and had to be stuck with me. My parents pointed at the window that leads to my room, and the cops looked right at me. They gestured for me to come down stairs. So I did, and saw a nice police woman, and her partner, a very tall man, smiling at me.
“Hello young man, what’s your name?” I didn’t answer. I wasn’t really comfortable with talking with cops. I got all nervous. My parents put their arms around me and let their tears fall on my shirt.
“Nathan, say hi.” I still didn’t answer. “I’m sorry officer, he still in shock.”
“Not a surprise. Are you alright, Nathan?” The lady cop asked me. I nodded. My Dad ruffled my hair.
“He’s my brave little solider.” I knew he got that from a TV show, because I heard that line whenever I watched a crime show that was based on a real life event. The cops smiled.
“He sure is. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine, and these people are dead now. No harm done.”
“Why were they here?” I said, trying to make my voice terrified, but it came naturally.
“We’re not sure, but your parents are the best architectures here, what do you expect?” He had a point.
“But we’ll find out for sure. Stay in school, and be safe.” They said, waving good bye, but the woman looked back at me once more.
“Hon, are you alright? You are very pale?” Uh-oh!
“Oh, he must just be sick.” My mother said quickly. The cops might have had other ideas, like I might be hiding something, but shrugged it off.
“Alright, good bye.” And they left for good. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath, and took a deep breath out.
“S-sorry about that. I-I just don’t feel like myself today.” I explained to my parents. Normally they would have hit me for almost making the cops look suspicions, and me saying that I wasn’t well. They thought I was always faking when I was sick, but this time, for some reason, they believed me. Mom touched my forehead.
“Hmm? You seem to be burning up. Why don’t you lie down, we’ll talk about this tomorrow.”
“Yes mother, thank you.” I said, and running upstairs to my room. Ignoring the blood dripping down from the windows, and the bullet holes in the windows and laid on my bed. I was feeling very queasy with the idea that someone might have wanted me dead. What did I do? Was I a criminal, or a bad guy? Was I wanted? I didn’t think so.
On top of that, my parents were acting pretty strange, and so was my bodyguard. He tried to protect me, well that was his job. Maybe he didn’t like it when other’s held a gun at me; maybe he wanted to kill me on his own. Whatever the case, I was worried, and that churning feeling in my stomach really made me feel like throwing up, but I didn’t eat anything so what could I throw up?
I picked up the intercom on the wall and dialed the kitchen. After 2 rings, Marina answered.
“Marina, could you sent my lunch to my room? I feel very sick.”
“Of course, I’ll be there in a flash Nathan.” I hanged up, and laid on my bed.
Half an hour later, I heard a knock on the door. I didn’t answer. I closed my eyes, and hoped they would come in on their own. Someone opened the door.
“Nathan, are you dead? Cause then I made this lunch for no reason, and I’ll eat it up.” Marina giggled. I gave a slight smile.
“No, just resting my eyes.” I heard her set the lunch down and she sat on the corner of my bed.
“You okay?” I didn’t respond. She helped me sit up, and I managed to open my eyes. “I heard about the intruders. I’m glad you’re okay. You are okay, right?”
“Yeah, I’m just wondering why they were coming into my room.”
“I’m sure it’s nothing the police can’t find out about.”
“I hope.” She patted my head.
“Oh don’t be so glum…or pale. Eat your grilled cheese sandwich so you can stop being sick. A sick Nathan is not my happy Nathan.” She said giving me a hug, and left. I smiled. She was very sweet. She’d do anything for me, and I really respected that. I took a bite of my sandwich. She never changed her way of cooking and I loved that about her. My phone vibrated from my bag. I looked under my bed, got out my bag, and answered the phone.
“Mmmlloo?” This would have been a hello if it wasn’t for the cheese sandwich in my mouth.
“Nathan, is that you?” I took the sandwich out of my mouth and placed it on the plate.
“Sorry Sequoya, just eating.”
“Forget about that, are you okay?” She asked in a hurry.
“Um, yeah, why?”
“WHY?! I saw the LAPD and an ambulance by your house, why were they there? Are you hurt, is your family hurt?”
“Sequoya, calm down, I’m fine. My bodyguard saw two intruders climbing the house and were about to climb through my window if he hadn’t shot them.”
“Were they armed?”
“And you are sure you’re okay?”
“Yes, I’m absolutely fine. Not a scratch on me, just feeling sick, that’s all.” I heard her sigh with relief.
“God Nathan, you sure know how to scare a girl.”
“I try my best to.” I said, smiling.
“Um, remember that thing I wanted to ask you, well, I want to ask you right now.”
“Um, sure, what is it?” I didn’t hear her for a while, and thought she might have hanged up.
“Do you, maybe want to go to a movie, or something tomorrow?”
“Are you asking me out on a date?”
“Um, if you want to, you don’t need to, I was just wondering-”
“I’d love to.” She paused.
“I’d love to go on a date, Monday night at 8, okay?”
“Uh…yeah, sure, see you on Monday 8 PM. Stay safe.”
“Thanks, bye.” She said, hanging up. Wow, that explained a lot. Why she always has been smiling, and blushing at me. She had a crush on me, and I think I did too.
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Born2Love97 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Sept. 16, 2012 at 7:56 pm
I like this. It's really good and you're one of those few people with the gift too! Happy Writing!! :)
Nimra replied...
Sept. 16, 2012 at 9:52 pm
Your too kind!
Nimra said...
Aug. 17, 2012 at 3:22 pm
So frightening!

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