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Author's note: What inspired me to write this story was that some children are not treated like children and...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: What inspired me to write this story was that some children are not treated like children and they can be neglected by their own parents. I wanted to tell teens everywhere that no matter what, your talent will be discovered by someone, and you will be free.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 2 I help a friend in need.

Sequoya and Zaire were at our special lunch table when it was lunch time. I bought my lunch and sat down with them. We’ve had this table since the beginning of the school year, ever since my bodyguard forgot to put a GPS in my phone and came back to do so at lunch time. People didn’t mess with me, and this became my permanent seat with my friends. People here also had parents and though they were hot shots. A few actors, singers, producers, and a few architectures. So nobody really felt left out here, it was like the school for children’s parents who were famous, and though there kids deserved the best. But my parents just want me away, and I felt okay with it. I wasn’t being bruised here since bystanders were here, and my parents weren’t here.
For me, school was like a force field that protected me from getting injured. Like when a nerd is being chased by a bully, and goes into the council’s office, and threatens the bully to back off. School was my escape from my parents.
“Hey Nathan, did you really have to dissect that frog in front of me, I’m still feeling nauseous.” I smiled.
“Man up Zaire, isn’t that what you always tell me?”
“This is different!” He declared.
“It’s a frog, get over it Zaire!” Sequoya demanded.
“My two best friends and one of them is a chicken.” I said laughing. Sequoya joined in.
“Oh ha-ha, real funny.” Zaire said sarcastically, pointing his spoon full of jelly at both of us. “And what was that about in the science room?”
“Sequoya knows.” I mumbled.
“What?” I quickly stuffed my mouth with mash potatoes to keep me from answering his question, and shrugged.
“Morphing.” Which was nothing.
“Come on, you said ‘Sequoya knows.’ Knows what?” I looked at Sequoya.
“Maybe you should tell him, he’s your chicken friend.” She said giggling. I spat the mashed potato in a napkin, and told Zaire how I’m not a 9th grade student and have passed high school and am in medical school. His brown eyes stared at me, and his mouth was wide open to speak but no words came out. He stood in that position, frozen. Sequoya and I stared at each other, and chanted his name.
“Zaire? Zaire?” He shook his head in disbelief.
“B-b-but…you…aren’t a 9th grader?”
“Well, I’m still 14, but I passed high school.” He sat back in his chair.
“Wow, that’s just wow. Do your parents know?” I could feel myself flushing.
“Why not?” He asked me.
“Because.” I said, leaving it like that, and taking a bite out of my sandwich. Zaire looked at Sequoya for an answer, but she shrugged.
“He didn’t tell me why, now let it go. He doesn’t want to talk about it, so leave him be.” She whispered to Zaire. He raised his hands in surrender.
“Okay, okay when did you become his bodyguard?” Sequoya shot him a nasty look.
“Don’t push me Zaire Mackery, or you’ll get it!”
“Ooh, using last names now are we, Miss.Gales?” She got up.
“That’s it!” I placed a hand on her arm, and that’s all it took to calm her down.
“Let’s all chill, okay? Sequoya, how’s your grandmother?” I said eager to change the subject. She sat down, and looked away from Zaire, and frowned at me.
“The doctors say she’s suffering from a certain disease. Her legs look so swollen and she doesn’t even work out. Her muscles are being effected, including her heart. If they don’t find out what’s wrong with her right now, she’ll…she’ll…” Her voice trailed off. I could feel how difficult this must be for her.
“Would it be okay if I took a look at her?” She looked up.
“Really, that would be great!”
“Great.” I quickly scrambled through my bag and got out my phone. While Zaire and Sequoya talked, I hid my hands and phone under the table, and texted the bodyguard that Mom and Dad had assigned for me.
“Is it okay If I go 2 the hospital, w/ a friend?” I texted him. It vibrated a few seconds later.
“Which hospital?” Was the respond, and a few cusses afterwards about how he hated looking out for me, and his job. I looked up.
“Sequoya, what hospital is it?”
“USC University Hospital.” She told me. I texted the hospital name to the cussing bodyguard. It vibrated again.
“Fine, but I’ll be there, watching ur every move & will tell ur parents if I c anything unusual, & if u try 2 call 4 help, got it?!” He responded back, with another few cusses.
“Got it, I promise.” I texted. No reply. I had tried to run away once when I was 8, but just got beaten up for it. Then I tried again when I was 12, and it didn’t work out so great. I almost lost my arm and leg. I’ve decided that since I’m young, I better not do anything stupid, or I’ll really get injured. Just go there and find out what’s wrong with Sequoya’s grandmother, that’s all, then rush back home with the guard. Simple and you wouldn’t get into trouble.
“Nathan, you okay?” Sequoya asked me. I looked up from my phone.
“Hmm? Yeah, wanna go after school?” She smiled.
“Sure and thank you.”
“No problem. How about you Zaire?” He munched on his carrot.
“Sure, beat’s doing pottery with my mother any day.”
The rest of the day went very smoothly, it was as if for the first time, the sun was actually accurate. It was shining on me, and I didn’t want to hide from it. I felt free for the first time in 14 years, but I knew better to not get too used to it. It would only be for a while. When my parents come back, I’ll be hiding in the shadows again.
Sequoya, Nathan, and I walked out from the school, and walked together to the hospital. It was only a few blocks from the school. I saw a black car on almost every sidewalk. Of course they were the bodyguards, all spying on me. I started to speed up.
When we got there, Sequoya waved high to many of the nurses, and doctors. She was a regular visitor here. She always came to visit her grandmother. I was a regular patient here, and knew almost all the nurses, and doctors names. Sequoya guided us to the 7th floor and room 704. On the bed, was a very pale old woman with gray hair that was spread on the pillow like spider webs. She looked pretty sick, and I knew that without even knowing her condition. Sequoya walked over to her grandmother, and took her boney hand.
“Grandmother.” She opened her eyes just a peek, but when she found out it was Sequoya; she smiled brightly and sat up.
“Sequoya, my darling, how are you?”
“I’m fine. Grandmother. Grandmother, this is Nathan, and Zaire, my best friends.”
“It’s nice to meet you.” I said. Zaire just waved hi.
“What a nice fella.” Zaire just looked at me with disgrace. I chuckled.
“Grandmother, I think maybe Nathan can figure out what’s wrong with you. He’s a medical student.” Her grandmother didn’t even question it. She just nodded.
“Diagnose me, Doctor Nathan.” She giggled. I smiled as I walked over to her bed, and took the clipboard hanging from the bed. I flipped through the papers very quickly, and was shocked that the doctors didn’t figure this out before.
“Nathan?” Sequoya asked me. I stared at the papers.
“Sequoya, call in the doctor. Your grandmother doesn’t belong in this hospital, and she needs treatment, right away!” Sequoya pressed the red button on the bed, and waited. A doctor who was pretty young, but looked smart enough, came in.
“Is something wrong?” Sequoya pointed the doctor at me. I shook the doctor’s hand warmly.
“Doctor, you might want to hear this.” I said. He folded his arms.
“Very well.”
“This patient’s muscles grow out of control, and it is starting to affect her heart, because she had a rare form of cancer, affecting the plasma cells of her bone marrow. You might not have tested this out, and might not have looked at your medical textbook in years, and might want to research this.” I said handing him the clipboard, and he looked shock. “A stem-cell bone marrow transplant must be preceded, before this gets out of hand.” I explained. He looked over the papers for a little while and 10 more doctors came in to check this out. All of the doctors stared at me.
“He’s right.” I smiled.
“Now, would you please get this grandmother to a cancer treatment center, she still has a life to live you know.” The doctors shook their heads, trying to think whether this was really happening. A 14 year old boy diagnosed this women, and found her cure. The doctors rolled her away, but before she left, she grabbed my hand.
“Thank you young man.”
“You’re very welcome.” And she left. One of the doctors still stayed, and shook my hand with such force, I was afraid it might come off.
“Thank you young man, thank you!” I smiled, and left.
“Wait!” Sequoya and Zaire said. “Where are you going?”
“Home.” I said, tossing my bag on my shoulder. “See you both on Monday.” I ran out of there, and looked around in the lobby. Looking for my body guard. Then, I felt a meaty hand in my neck. I was about to scream, when a hand got clapped over my mouth.
“It’s me you moron! What took you so long?!” I sighed with relief.
“S-sorry, a friend needed help.” He snorted.
“Like I care.” I could see Sequoya and Zaire from the corner of my eye, but didn’t look at them in the eye. He grabbed my wrist, got me in a black car, and drove me home. I leaned back in my seat. I was really tired, and hadn’t even realized that I fell asleep in the car.
My door opened up a few moments later.
“Nathan, I am not carrying you upstairs so you better wake up!” Said a cruel voice. I wanted to open my eyes, but they wouldn’t. They just stayed shut, I could only hear the voice, and even it sounded like talking in a tunnel.
“Here, I’ll take him, you can go.” Said a sweet innocent voice, belonging to Marina.
“Fine, I didn’t want to deal with him anyway. Take him upstairs.” I felt an arm grab me and let me lean on her shoulders, and climbed me up the stairs. She opened the door, and set me down on my bed carefully, and left. I wanted to get up, I had work to do, but my brain told me to shut up and go to sleep. So I did.
I woke up a few hours later, when the sun was about to set. I sat up with my elbows, staring out my window at the beautiful sunset. Pink and orange always seemed to be both peaceful and calming colors. I got up unsteadily, and walked downstairs. I walked to the dining room, where a huge table that could accompany 20 people. Marina was cleaning the room, but stopped when she saw me.
“Finally, I thought you would never wake up.” I smiled.
“Just tired, I guess.” She continued to clean.
“Dinner’s in the kitchen.”
“Thank you.” She looked up and studied me.
“Are you okay? You look a little beaten up?” Even I didn’t know what to feel, but I couldn’t tell Marina that I was beaten up because I thought with my parents still guarding me, I’ll never have a normal life.
“I’m fine. No need for you to worry.”
“You sure?” I sighed.
“Yes, mother.” She smiled.
“Just go and eat dinner, son.” We both laughed at that comment, and went our separate ways. To my defense, I thought of Marina more like my mother then my real mother, who has made me suffer since I day I was born. Even though Marina has her own family, she has always been there for me. Since the day I was born, she has looked out for me then my parents would ever. She was the one who taught me how to read, she taught me how to write, and she was the one who always read bedtime stories to me. I treated her like a good mother, with lots of respect.
I walked into the kitchen, and on the counter table, was my favorite, mac and cheese. While I sat down and ate silently, my bodyguard, who would never tell me his name, and if I was to address him, call him, sir, came in the kitchen, eyes directly locked on me.
“Do you need something, sir?” He sat down on the chair opposite of me, and stared at me. He never did this unless he was suspicious about something. Usually, I would be sweating, but I had nothing to hide, he was spying on me all day, so there wasn’t anything I was hiding. I poked the macaroni on my fork, and took a bite out of it, still looking at my bodyguard.
“Nathan, is there something you are not telling me?” I chewed my food and swallowed it without trying to choke.
“Sir, you have been spying on me all day, what is there to hide?” I said politely.
“Why did you need to go to the hospital?” He asked me. Uh-oh! I tried to keep a straight face.
“I was accompanying a friend whose grandmother is sick.” I said.
“Why did you need to go?”
“Because, if someone’s loved one is sick, they want others to join them so they don’t feel alone.” I said, taking another bite out of my dinner. He leaned forward.
“When did you become so smart?” I gulped. “And you were there for another reason too, weren’t you?” I sighed. Maybe he wouldn’t believe it and would laugh it up and leave.
“My friend wanted me to accompanying her because she thought maybe I could find out a diagnosis for her grandmother’s disease.” My bodyguard laughed so hard, that my dinner plate rattled.
“You? What could you do? You’re nothing but a worthless pest, that’s what you are.” He picked up a knife from the drawer, and studied it.
“You know Nathan, I have been itching all day to use this, but you haven’t seemed to be causing any trouble. Maybe you have been, and are keeping it a secret.” I stared at the knife; maybe I could avoid it when I might get hurt by it.
“But, sir, I don’t see why you have to get physical. I didn’t do anything wrong, and you would just hurt me, just like that?” I said, trying to reason with him. He pointed the knife at me, seeing my reaction made him laugh.
“Very well, tomorrow your parents come back, and I can’t wait to see when they torture you. They torture you sometimes for no reason, so that will be fun.” He got up, and picked me up from my chair; slamming me onto the wall, and dug the knife in my throat. Making it hard for me to breathe or swallow. “You are going to do something stupid, and when you do, I’ll be the first one there to hurt you, understand?!” I had one last breath to choke out a sentence.
“Understand, sir.” He let me fall to the ground, and left, laughing while I coughed, and gasped for air at the same time. I couldn’t eat my dinner in peace without almost getting hurt, and I didn’t even do anything! This was getting really out of control. I laid there, with my head leaning on the wall.
“What am I going to do?” I asked myself quietly. I got up and walked to my room. I still had two things that I was proud of, and nobody knew about it, therefore, nobody could take it away. My knowledge and my inventions. I was fond of both these things, and they cleared my head. Tomorrow was Saturday, so therefore, I could stay up late. I slammed my door shut, and sat on my desk. I rolled over to my huge steal safe, and opened the combination. I took out my laptop, and rolled it over to my desk.
I always loved inventing things. This was one of my biggest projects, and has taken me 6 years, and counting. I wanted to create a computer, so that it could understand the user better. People could talk to it like a person, and have a conversation with. I guess I got the idea from how lonely I am, and can’t have a heart-to-heart with my parents.
“Open infiniter.” I said to it. The screen opened up and the wallpaper with the infinity sign.
“Welcome, Nathan Jamie. How are you?” I just sighed. What could I tell a computer?
“I’m fine, let’s make you more functional, shall we?”
“Affirmative, Nathan Jamie.” It started loading and beeped a few seconds later. “What would you like to do today?”
“Why don’t we start by inputting those 95,000 other data’s in you. How long will it take for you to process all of this data?” I heard its motor purr for a few seconds.
“3 days, 5 hours, 27 minutes, and 59 seconds.” I sighed. It was a long time, but I guess it needed to have every data in the world.
“Alright, start loading and don’t stop.” A window popped up on the screen. It told me to choose other settings like, the languages it should have, and how much gigabytes of memory could it hold, and all that other detailed stuff.
It took an hour to do the details, but it was all worth it.
“Going to sleep mode, will wake up when data is inputted.”
“Good.” I watched as its screen turned black, and locked it in my safe again. DING DONG! I went downstairs to check on who it was.
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Born2Love97 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Sept. 16, 2012 at 7:56 pm
I like this. It's really good and you're one of those few people with the gift too! Happy Writing!! :)
Nimra replied...
Sept. 16, 2012 at 9:52 pm
Your too kind!
Nimra said...
Aug. 17, 2012 at 3:22 pm
So frightening!

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