July 31, 2012
By Nimra BRONZE, New York, New York
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Nimra BRONZE, New York, New York
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Author's note: What inspired me to write this story was that some children are not treated like children and they can be neglected by their own parents. I wanted to tell teens everywhere that no matter what, your talent will be discovered by someone, and you will be free.

Maybe I should just tell the police. Or maybe, someone more advanced like the CIA, or the FBI, or The Children’s Aid Society. But what’s the point? If I told them that my parents have been brutally beating me up for no apparent reason, they’ll sit down with my parent’s on the couch and they’ll discuss the situation with my parent’s, and they would just laugh hard.
“Oh that Nathan always causes trouble. No, no, we love Nathan, and would never hurt him, ever!” Of course they’ll believe my parents, who are the smartest architectures here in Los Angeles. But as they slammed the car doors shut, and backing out of the driveway, realizing what a big mistake it was to come here, I’ll be crying and begging for them to come back, while my parents beat me up. Leaving me with bruises, and drowning in a pile of blood. Forget it! I’d rather die later than right now, trying to fight for my freedom, painfully, yet quickly.
My name is Nathan Jamie, and I live with my cruel parents. My Mom, Eloise Jamie, and my Dad, Davis Jamie are billionaire, smart architectures here in Los Angeles. One of the finest around. They build amazing buildings, and structures, but are very lousy parents. For 14 years, I suffered pain for no apparent reason. If you took a look at every single one of my pictures from the day I was born and now, you’ll find be bruised, scarred, or broken.

My parents would tell everyone, “Oh that boy, always getting into trouble. He’s always playing with knifes, and falling off beds. What am I ever going to do with him?” Of course that wasn’t even true, but people bought it. If they asked me from my opinion, I had to tell everyone the same story my parents would have me brain-washed to say. Sure I was smiling in every one of those pictures, but that was just for show. Inside I felt scared, afraid, and alone. I woke up, wondering what my parents would do to me today, and would end up crying myself to sleep at the end of the day.
I am a regular patient in the ER. I go there 5 times a month, or if my parents are really mad, every week. They never complained or questioned my clumsiness, which really insulted me that they wouldn’t even consider the fact of child abuse. I stared at my reflection in the bathroom mirror. People said that I had a nice smile, and a nice features, and I would think so too, except my parents only think like I’m a stray dog. My blonde hair was almost as if bleach has been spilled over it, sucking the color away and leaving it white, and laid flat on my forehead. My bright blue eyes, and my dimples that showed upon my face either I was crying or smiling, which I rarely do. But the one thing that was the reason my fair skin was not flawless was because of the huge red scar on my right check.
My Mom gave it to me when I showed her my A+ on a history test yesterday. Afterwards, she started laughing. “You got an A+ on a history test? As if! You are no smarter than our neighbors, the Dinkins, who can’t even change a single light bulb! You may be born from a smart, intelligent family, but that doesn’t mean you are one! Now, give that paper back to the child that actually earned it and deserves its. Their parents must be so proud on that child, and look at us, we are stuck with you!” She said flipping her golden hair over her shoulder. She was wrong, that kid’s parents were not proud of them. They hated him. They hated me.

I always tried to avoid showing my parents how smart I am. But when I accomplish something, I have an urge to tell someone, and by accident tell my parents, who don’t care what I do. Normal kid’s parents would give their child a reward like ice cream, or a gift they would like, or even a pat on the back. All I get are stars. Not those shiny stars you get, but the one when you get hit so hard that all you see are stars hovering all around you. But I wasn’t just smart, smart. No, I was extremely smart for a boy my age. I’ve been taking classes higher than 9th grade. I’ve passed high school, and have gotten my degree, and I am currently trying to get a medical college degree. But I didn’t tell my parents this yet, nor would I ever. I just repeat 9th grade, and at home, studied for my medical tests. I’m even investing a few things. Things that no 14 year old could ever design or built.
“Nathan, you pathetic excuse for a son, where are you?!” My Dad yelled. I dropped the cotton swab that had antibiotics, which I was using to clean my scar down in the sink. I ran out of my bathroom, and followed my Dad’s yelling into the living room. My mother and father sat together on the white couch, drinking away. My mother was really beautiful. When she smiled, her white teeth filled the whole room with joy, and her long golden hair was always on her shoulders. My father had blue eyes, and dark blonde hair. I was sort of in the middle when it came to my hair color. They were both dressed in fancy clothes and were angry when they saw me. Big whoop, they always looked like that. I folded my hand in front of me, straightened my hair, and stood tall. Just like I was supposed to look like when addressing at my parents.
“Mother. Father.”
“Nathan, you brat, what took you so long?!” My mother yelled at me.
“I’m sorry mother, I was cleaning my wound from when I accidentally scratched myself when playing with knifes. Foolish me.” My mother smiled like a vampire when they found there midnight bite.
“Well said. Why don’t you put lemon juice on it, so we can hear you cry in pain?” My mother suggested. My father laughed at this cruel joke. I could feel sweat coming down and dropping on my shirt.
“Is that a request?” I said softly. She sighed.
“No, I wish it was, but we have to go. Now, we are going out for a few days, and when we come back, we want this house clean, and spotless! And don’t you dare try to call anybody but a friend, and don’t call the police!”
“Mother, if I get hurt again? From my clumsiness?” She got up and stared directly at me.
“You better not ruin our trip, young man!”
“Of course mother, I would never do that.” She calmed down and took a deep breath out.
“Good, good. Remember, we have security camera’s everywhere. So if you dare call the police, I will hit you so hard, you’ll see stars! I have given your bodyguard certain instructions if you dare call the police or decide to run away. School and a friend, that’s it!”
“Of course mother. I would never dishonor you. You have left me alone many times, and I would never deceive my dearest family.” I said, holding back a snort. She gave me another cruel smile.
“Very good. Good bye.”
“Good bye mother, Good bye father.” They rolled their eyes and left. I sighed with relief. A few days without getting hit were okay. Even if I tried to run away when in school, my parents had a bodyguard watching me everywhere, and would tattle tale on me, so I decided not to tell the cops.

The house was actually a mansion. A huge mansion. The tiles were marble black, and the walls were painted brightly white. I felt a huge feeling of relief flowing through me as I sat down in the couch, covering my head into my hands. But thought to myself, is my life always going to be like this? When I grow up, will I ever get to have a regular life, and will I ever be free? My mother was the one who used weapons to hurt me, and my father; he loved knocking me out cold with either a plate, or his bare hands. I felt a cold hand touch my shoulder, and bolted right up. It was Marina, the maid.
“Are you okay?” She said sweetly. Of course she didn’t know about the beatings. Plus, she was only 35. I never treated her like a maid, but more as a friend.
“Hmm, yeah, never better.” I said sarcastically. She sat down next to me.
“Is there something you’re not telling me? You can tell me, I’m trustworthy.” I looked at the huge bulky guard standing by the door, cracking his knuckles and pulling out a knife. I’ve seen what he can do.
“No Marina, I’m fine.” I said giving her a weak smile. She looked at my check, and touched the scar.
“What happened?” She asked me.
“Just naturally clumsy, I guess.” She got up and ran upstairs.
She came down with an alcohol pad and a white butterfly bandage. She sat down next to me, and starting wiping my scar with the alcohol. I almost got out of my seat, because the pain was unbearable.
“Calm down, I’m almost done.” She then applied the bandage. “There, that better.” I smiled.
“Thank you.” She smiled back and left, but turned to me.
“You should get some sleep, you have school tomorrow.” I nodded, and went upstairs to my bedroom.

My bedroom was pretty awesome, and my parents never bothered to check it out. I had posters of famous people that have invented amazing everyday things we use today. My desk was filled with metal and electronic parts for my inventions. I sat down on my desk. One of my inventions was going to change the world! I was making an invention that could make diamonds appear by putting only rocks into it, and I was almost done with creating my new invention. The computer of the future. It could surf anything, anywhere, and could hack into any computer system known to demand. It was pretty cool, and I would soon show it to an inventor and would change the world. I opened the blue looking laptop, called the infiniter. This little computer holds infinity things, and can surf 50 times faster than the average computer’s speed.
“Open infiniter.” I said to it. It was voice activated, and only operated with my voice. The screen opened up and the wallpaper was the infinity sign.
“Welcome, Nathan Jamie. How are you?” It asked me. The computer of the future should communicate with their users.
“I’m fine, infiniter. How much more data must be stored into you?”
“95,000 more, Nathan Jamie.” That was better than when I first started with it.
“Infiniter, I’ll add those 95,000 information’s tomorrow. Close infiniter.”
“Closing. Good night Nathan Jamie.” I shut the infiniter down and hid it in my safe and applied the 6 digit code. 10 28 98. My birthday, I needed something easy to remember. I laid down on my bed and let all my stress go. I drifted off into a dreamless sleep from the chirping sounds of crickets.

“Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, Nathan.” I sat up, rubbing my tired eyes.
“What?” I looked at my alarm clock, which was chanting my name. Another invention of mine. 7:50 A.M. “Oh man!” I quickly tossed the sheets off, and quickly changed my clothes, took my bag, and headed downstairs. My bodyguard was waiting for me outside.
“You are late Nathan.” He said bitterly. He didn’t like the fact that he had to work for me, but my parents said that I might run away or something.
“I know, I’m sorry. Please, step on it.” He snorted, but opened the car door for me, and drove with speed to school. When I got there, I saw kids waving bye to their parents and meeting their friends. Everybody was laughing and smiling as they entered school. I got out of the car, and just stared at it for a moment. Then, I felt a meaty hand on my neck. I turned around and saw my guard from home.
“If you try to act smart, we’ll kill you. We have guards disguised everywhere, always. Even if you think you’re alone, you’re not. Understand!” He said, trying not to make a scene. “Yes.” He tossed me my bag, and pushed my forward. I quickly ran inside the school, and stood by my locker. Okay then, I’m not going to run away today. But soon, when I think of a plan. I will get my freedom, just not now. I opened my locker and stuffed a few books into my bag.
“Nathan.” Said someone. I looked behind my locker. Zaire and Sequoya stood behind my locker. Sequoya and Zaire gasped.
“Nathan, what happened to your check?” Sequoya asked me. I wish I could tell her, I just wish I could tell Zaire, my best friend too, but I couldn’t.
“Naturally clumsy.” I mumbled. That excuse was getting so lame.
“Dude, come on, you had a broken wrist a few weeks ago, and a broken arm a week ago, and a black eye a month ago. What are you, cursed or something?” Zaire asked me. I guess they weren’t stupid.
“It’s nothing. Let’s go to class.”
“But-” Sequoya stared to say.
“Please, change the subject.” I begged them. They both stared at each other, but let it go because I asked them.
“Okay Nathan.” She said softly. I smiled. Zaire placed an arm over me.
“Let’s go to class. See yeah Sequoya, sorry I had to steal him away from you when you wanted to ask him something.” Zaire said, chuckling. Sequoya hit his arm hard.
“Zaire, you‘ve got a mouth of a hippopotamus!” I stared at Sequoya, wondering what she was going to ask me. She blushed when she saw me looking.
“It’s nothing, see you at lunch.” She said running to her next class before the bell even rang. Zaire started laughing.
“Girls!” I still didn’t get it, but followed Zaire to our science class. One of the classes that I worshipped. Of course the other kids though the idea of cutting open a frog was disgusting, but I thought of it as a very exciting experiment.
“Who would like to go first?” Our science teacher asked our class. Nobody volunteered. Zaire, my partner, snorted.
“Like I would like to cut open a frog in front of the whole class and puke afterwards. No thanks.” He whispered to me, brushing his brown hair with his fingers. I raised my hand. He glared at me. “What are you doing?!”
“Volunteering.” The science teacher looked at me.
“Ah, Nathan, always you. Well, show these rookies how it’s done, my star pupil.” I smiled. School was the only place where I actually had freedom, and I enjoyed every bit of it. I just wished it could last. I took the scalpel placed on our tray, next to the frog on our desk, and made a straight cut from the top to the bottom. I heard Zaire wince as he saw the insides of the frog. The other kids started yelling,
“Eww! Why would he do that?”
“Enough, you little babies. Now Nathan, tell the whole class what you see and tell them about it.” The teacher asked me.
“I see its internal organs. They are small, but fragile. I wouldn’t move them so much or it might get damaged. If you cut off its toes and put it under a microtone and drop reactive dye on it, and wait. You can see the growth rings, and count them to find out the age.” I got disgusting looks everywhere, and a few gags. Our teacher just stared at me with fascination.
“How on Earth do you know all of this?” He asked me.
“I would like to be a doctor when I grow up.”
“Very fascinating, very fascinating.” He didn’t stop staring at me until the bell rang. “Well the rest of babies don’t have to descent a frog, today was the last day we were studying on animal life.”
“Yay!” Everybody yelled.
“And on Monday, we will learn about the human body.”
“Ugh!” As everybody left, Mr.Luisen stopped me.
“Can I speak to you?” I nodded, and placed my bag over a shoulder. He sat down next to me. “You are very interesting Nathan. Nobody would have known that. How did you?” I bit my lip.
“Would you like to hear a secret? But you have to promise not to tell anybody, not even my parents?” He could tell I looked serious.
“Okay Nathan, I promise.” I took a deep breath in, and ignored the guard that was looking at me from the open window.
“I have graduated high school, and am now in medical school. I’m still 14, but I graduated early. Very early.” Mr.Luisen looked a little shocked.
“I’m-you’re…” He cleared his throat. “What class do you enjoy the most?”
“Physiology! It’s interesting to know about the living things. I’m also an inventor, and love science. I’m trying to take a science class next.”
“That’s very secretive Nathan, why don’t you tell your parents, would you like me to-”
“No! I mean… you promised.” He hesitated, but nodded.
“Of course, this is your secret, and it shall stay with us.” He said giving me a smile. I smiled back.
“Thank you.” He still couldn’t get the shock from his eyes out. “Um, may I go?”
“Of course, of course. See you tomorrow my graduate.” I smiled and headed out. I looked back, and saw that the guard by the window pointed both his fingers in front of his eyes, and back at me. A sign that he’ll be watching me. I nodded, and left.

Sequoya and Zaire were at our special lunch table when it was lunch time. I bought my lunch and sat down with them. We’ve had this table since the beginning of the school year, ever since my bodyguard forgot to put a GPS in my phone and came back to do so at lunch time. People didn’t mess with me, and this became my permanent seat with my friends. People here also had parents and though they were hot shots. A few actors, singers, producers, and a few architectures. So nobody really felt left out here, it was like the school for children’s parents who were famous, and though there kids deserved the best. But my parents just want me away, and I felt okay with it. I wasn’t being bruised here since bystanders were here, and my parents weren’t here.

For me, school was like a force field that protected me from getting injured. Like when a nerd is being chased by a bully, and goes into the council’s office, and threatens the bully to back off. School was my escape from my parents.
“Hey Nathan, did you really have to dissect that frog in front of me, I’m still feeling nauseous.” I smiled.
“Man up Zaire, isn’t that what you always tell me?”
“This is different!” He declared.
“It’s a frog, get over it Zaire!” Sequoya demanded.
“My two best friends and one of them is a chicken.” I said laughing. Sequoya joined in.
“Oh ha-ha, real funny.” Zaire said sarcastically, pointing his spoon full of jelly at both of us. “And what was that about in the science room?”
“Sequoya knows.” I mumbled.
“What?” I quickly stuffed my mouth with mash potatoes to keep me from answering his question, and shrugged.
“Morphing.” Which was nothing.
“Come on, you said ‘Sequoya knows.’ Knows what?” I looked at Sequoya.
“Maybe you should tell him, he’s your chicken friend.” She said giggling. I spat the mashed potato in a napkin, and told Zaire how I’m not a 9th grade student and have passed high school and am in medical school. His brown eyes stared at me, and his mouth was wide open to speak but no words came out. He stood in that position, frozen. Sequoya and I stared at each other, and chanted his name.
“Zaire? Zaire?” He shook his head in disbelief.
“B-b-but…you…aren’t a 9th grader?”
“Well, I’m still 14, but I passed high school.” He sat back in his chair.
“Wow, that’s just wow. Do your parents know?” I could feel myself flushing.
“Why not?” He asked me.
“Because.” I said, leaving it like that, and taking a bite out of my sandwich. Zaire looked at Sequoya for an answer, but she shrugged.
“He didn’t tell me why, now let it go. He doesn’t want to talk about it, so leave him be.” She whispered to Zaire. He raised his hands in surrender.
“Okay, okay when did you become his bodyguard?” Sequoya shot him a nasty look.
“Don’t push me Zaire Mackery, or you’ll get it!”
“Ooh, using last names now are we, Miss.Gales?” She got up.
“That’s it!” I placed a hand on her arm, and that’s all it took to calm her down.
“Let’s all chill, okay? Sequoya, how’s your grandmother?” I said eager to change the subject. She sat down, and looked away from Zaire, and frowned at me.
“The doctors say she’s suffering from a certain disease. Her legs look so swollen and she doesn’t even work out. Her muscles are being effected, including her heart. If they don’t find out what’s wrong with her right now, she’ll…she’ll…” Her voice trailed off. I could feel how difficult this must be for her.
“Would it be okay if I took a look at her?” She looked up.
“Really, that would be great!”
“Great.” I quickly scrambled through my bag and got out my phone. While Zaire and Sequoya talked, I hid my hands and phone under the table, and texted the bodyguard that Mom and Dad had assigned for me.
“Is it okay If I go 2 the hospital, w/ a friend?” I texted him. It vibrated a few seconds later.
“Which hospital?” Was the respond, and a few cusses afterwards about how he hated looking out for me, and his job. I looked up.
“Sequoya, what hospital is it?”
“USC University Hospital.” She told me. I texted the hospital name to the cussing bodyguard. It vibrated again.
“Fine, but I’ll be there, watching ur every move & will tell ur parents if I c anything unusual, & if u try 2 call 4 help, got it?!” He responded back, with another few cusses.
“Got it, I promise.” I texted. No reply. I had tried to run away once when I was 8, but just got beaten up for it. Then I tried again when I was 12, and it didn’t work out so great. I almost lost my arm and leg. I’ve decided that since I’m young, I better not do anything stupid, or I’ll really get injured. Just go there and find out what’s wrong with Sequoya’s grandmother, that’s all, then rush back home with the guard. Simple and you wouldn’t get into trouble.
“Nathan, you okay?” Sequoya asked me. I looked up from my phone.
“Hmm? Yeah, wanna go after school?” She smiled.
“Sure and thank you.”
“No problem. How about you Zaire?” He munched on his carrot.
“Sure, beat’s doing pottery with my mother any day.”

The rest of the day went very smoothly, it was as if for the first time, the sun was actually accurate. It was shining on me, and I didn’t want to hide from it. I felt free for the first time in 14 years, but I knew better to not get too used to it. It would only be for a while. When my parents come back, I’ll be hiding in the shadows again.
Sequoya, Nathan, and I walked out from the school, and walked together to the hospital. It was only a few blocks from the school. I saw a black car on almost every sidewalk. Of course they were the bodyguards, all spying on me. I started to speed up.

When we got there, Sequoya waved high to many of the nurses, and doctors. She was a regular visitor here. She always came to visit her grandmother. I was a regular patient here, and knew almost all the nurses, and doctors names. Sequoya guided us to the 7th floor and room 704. On the bed, was a very pale old woman with gray hair that was spread on the pillow like spider webs. She looked pretty sick, and I knew that without even knowing her condition. Sequoya walked over to her grandmother, and took her boney hand.
“Grandmother.” She opened her eyes just a peek, but when she found out it was Sequoya; she smiled brightly and sat up.
“Sequoya, my darling, how are you?”
“I’m fine. Grandmother. Grandmother, this is Nathan, and Zaire, my best friends.”
“It’s nice to meet you.” I said. Zaire just waved hi.
“What a nice fella.” Zaire just looked at me with disgrace. I chuckled.
“Grandmother, I think maybe Nathan can figure out what’s wrong with you. He’s a medical student.” Her grandmother didn’t even question it. She just nodded.
“Diagnose me, Doctor Nathan.” She giggled. I smiled as I walked over to her bed, and took the clipboard hanging from the bed. I flipped through the papers very quickly, and was shocked that the doctors didn’t figure this out before.
“Nathan?” Sequoya asked me. I stared at the papers.
“Sequoya, call in the doctor. Your grandmother doesn’t belong in this hospital, and she needs treatment, right away!” Sequoya pressed the red button on the bed, and waited. A doctor who was pretty young, but looked smart enough, came in.
“Is something wrong?” Sequoya pointed the doctor at me. I shook the doctor’s hand warmly.
“Doctor, you might want to hear this.” I said. He folded his arms.
“Very well.”
“This patient’s muscles grow out of control, and it is starting to affect her heart, because she had a rare form of cancer, affecting the plasma cells of her bone marrow. You might not have tested this out, and might not have looked at your medical textbook in years, and might want to research this.” I said handing him the clipboard, and he looked shock. “A stem-cell bone marrow transplant must be preceded, before this gets out of hand.” I explained. He looked over the papers for a little while and 10 more doctors came in to check this out. All of the doctors stared at me.
“He’s right.” I smiled.
“Now, would you please get this grandmother to a cancer treatment center, she still has a life to live you know.” The doctors shook their heads, trying to think whether this was really happening. A 14 year old boy diagnosed this women, and found her cure. The doctors rolled her away, but before she left, she grabbed my hand.
“Thank you young man.”
“You’re very welcome.” And she left. One of the doctors still stayed, and shook my hand with such force, I was afraid it might come off.
“Thank you young man, thank you!” I smiled, and left.
“Wait!” Sequoya and Zaire said. “Where are you going?”
“Home.” I said, tossing my bag on my shoulder. “See you both on Monday.” I ran out of there, and looked around in the lobby. Looking for my body guard. Then, I felt a meaty hand in my neck. I was about to scream, when a hand got clapped over my mouth.
“It’s me you moron! What took you so long?!” I sighed with relief.
“S-sorry, a friend needed help.” He snorted.
“Like I care.” I could see Sequoya and Zaire from the corner of my eye, but didn’t look at them in the eye. He grabbed my wrist, got me in a black car, and drove me home. I leaned back in my seat. I was really tired, and hadn’t even realized that I fell asleep in the car.
My door opened up a few moments later.
“Nathan, I am not carrying you upstairs so you better wake up!” Said a cruel voice. I wanted to open my eyes, but they wouldn’t. They just stayed shut, I could only hear the voice, and even it sounded like talking in a tunnel.
“Here, I’ll take him, you can go.” Said a sweet innocent voice, belonging to Marina.
“Fine, I didn’t want to deal with him anyway. Take him upstairs.” I felt an arm grab me and let me lean on her shoulders, and climbed me up the stairs. She opened the door, and set me down on my bed carefully, and left. I wanted to get up, I had work to do, but my brain told me to shut up and go to sleep. So I did.

I woke up a few hours later, when the sun was about to set. I sat up with my elbows, staring out my window at the beautiful sunset. Pink and orange always seemed to be both peaceful and calming colors. I got up unsteadily, and walked downstairs. I walked to the dining room, where a huge table that could accompany 20 people. Marina was cleaning the room, but stopped when she saw me.
“Finally, I thought you would never wake up.” I smiled.
“Just tired, I guess.” She continued to clean.
“Dinner’s in the kitchen.”
“Thank you.” She looked up and studied me.
“Are you okay? You look a little beaten up?” Even I didn’t know what to feel, but I couldn’t tell Marina that I was beaten up because I thought with my parents still guarding me, I’ll never have a normal life.
“I’m fine. No need for you to worry.”
“You sure?” I sighed.
“Yes, mother.” She smiled.
“Just go and eat dinner, son.” We both laughed at that comment, and went our separate ways. To my defense, I thought of Marina more like my mother then my real mother, who has made me suffer since I day I was born. Even though Marina has her own family, she has always been there for me. Since the day I was born, she has looked out for me then my parents would ever. She was the one who taught me how to read, she taught me how to write, and she was the one who always read bedtime stories to me. I treated her like a good mother, with lots of respect.
I walked into the kitchen, and on the counter table, was my favorite, mac and cheese. While I sat down and ate silently, my bodyguard, who would never tell me his name, and if I was to address him, call him, sir, came in the kitchen, eyes directly locked on me.
“Do you need something, sir?” He sat down on the chair opposite of me, and stared at me. He never did this unless he was suspicious about something. Usually, I would be sweating, but I had nothing to hide, he was spying on me all day, so there wasn’t anything I was hiding. I poked the macaroni on my fork, and took a bite out of it, still looking at my bodyguard.
“Nathan, is there something you are not telling me?” I chewed my food and swallowed it without trying to choke.
“Sir, you have been spying on me all day, what is there to hide?” I said politely.
“Why did you need to go to the hospital?” He asked me. Uh-oh! I tried to keep a straight face.
“I was accompanying a friend whose grandmother is sick.” I said.
“Why did you need to go?”
“Because, if someone’s loved one is sick, they want others to join them so they don’t feel alone.” I said, taking another bite out of my dinner. He leaned forward.
“When did you become so smart?” I gulped. “And you were there for another reason too, weren’t you?” I sighed. Maybe he wouldn’t believe it and would laugh it up and leave.
“My friend wanted me to accompanying her because she thought maybe I could find out a diagnosis for her grandmother’s disease.” My bodyguard laughed so hard, that my dinner plate rattled.
“You? What could you do? You’re nothing but a worthless pest, that’s what you are.” He picked up a knife from the drawer, and studied it.
“You know Nathan, I have been itching all day to use this, but you haven’t seemed to be causing any trouble. Maybe you have been, and are keeping it a secret.” I stared at the knife; maybe I could avoid it when I might get hurt by it.
“But, sir, I don’t see why you have to get physical. I didn’t do anything wrong, and you would just hurt me, just like that?” I said, trying to reason with him. He pointed the knife at me, seeing my reaction made him laugh.
“Very well, tomorrow your parents come back, and I can’t wait to see when they torture you. They torture you sometimes for no reason, so that will be fun.” He got up, and picked me up from my chair; slamming me onto the wall, and dug the knife in my throat. Making it hard for me to breathe or swallow. “You are going to do something stupid, and when you do, I’ll be the first one there to hurt you, understand?!” I had one last breath to choke out a sentence.
“Understand, sir.” He let me fall to the ground, and left, laughing while I coughed, and gasped for air at the same time. I couldn’t eat my dinner in peace without almost getting hurt, and I didn’t even do anything! This was getting really out of control. I laid there, with my head leaning on the wall.
“What am I going to do?” I asked myself quietly. I got up and walked to my room. I still had two things that I was proud of, and nobody knew about it, therefore, nobody could take it away. My knowledge and my inventions. I was fond of both these things, and they cleared my head. Tomorrow was Saturday, so therefore, I could stay up late. I slammed my door shut, and sat on my desk. I rolled over to my huge steal safe, and opened the combination. I took out my laptop, and rolled it over to my desk.

I always loved inventing things. This was one of my biggest projects, and has taken me 6 years, and counting. I wanted to create a computer, so that it could understand the user better. People could talk to it like a person, and have a conversation with. I guess I got the idea from how lonely I am, and can’t have a heart-to-heart with my parents.
“Open infiniter.” I said to it. The screen opened up and the wallpaper with the infinity sign.
“Welcome, Nathan Jamie. How are you?” I just sighed. What could I tell a computer?
“I’m fine, let’s make you more functional, shall we?”
“Affirmative, Nathan Jamie.” It started loading and beeped a few seconds later. “What would you like to do today?”
“Why don’t we start by inputting those 95,000 other data’s in you. How long will it take for you to process all of this data?” I heard its motor purr for a few seconds.
“3 days, 5 hours, 27 minutes, and 59 seconds.” I sighed. It was a long time, but I guess it needed to have every data in the world.
“Alright, start loading and don’t stop.” A window popped up on the screen. It told me to choose other settings like, the languages it should have, and how much gigabytes of memory could it hold, and all that other detailed stuff.

It took an hour to do the details, but it was all worth it.
“Going to sleep mode, will wake up when data is inputted.”
“Good.” I watched as its screen turned black, and locked it in my safe again. DING DONG! I went downstairs to check on who it was.

Before I was even downstairs, my bodyguard beat me to the door, and answered it. He started talking to the person, and kept on nodding. He looked at my direction.
“It’s for you Nathan.” He left in a hurry, as if he just came out of doing something important. I went to the door and found my two best friends there, Zaire and Sequoya. I smiled at them.
“Hi guys, come in.” They did. Sequoya couldn’t stop smiling at me for some reason. I looked at Zaire for help, he smiled.
“Sequoya’s grandmother’s is alright. They gave her a transplant, and even though it’s soon, they said she would be alright. So, nice work genies.” He said, punching my arm lightly. Sequoya just gave me a huge hug.
“Thank you, thank you so much! I don’t even know how to repay you Nathan!”
“You don’t need to.” She let me go, looking at me confused.
“Why not?”
“It’d no big deal.” She punched my arm with frustration.
“Not a big deal? You saved my grandmother’s life with just a minutes look at some papers that even the best doctors there couldn’t even figure out what was wrong with her?!” I shrugged.
“That’s what doctors do all the time.”
“You 14, for heaven’s sake!”
“And the top in my class in medical school.” I pointed out. She just shook her head and smiled.
“So, are you going to offer to give us a tour or not? This house is huge!”
“Say’s the boy who is the son of actors.” Sequoya’s mother and father were both engineers, and we all lived very close by. Just a few blocks away.

I showed them around my house. I showed them the huge screening room where we watch movies, my parent’s office, where they design, and model the buildings they’re going to make next, and all the other rooms around the house. Zaire stopped in front of the plain white door that leads to my room.
“Is this your bedroom?”
“Oh, um…you don’t want to go in there.”
“And why not?” I bit my lip.
“It could be messy.” Zaire rolled his eyes.
“Nathan, have you seen my bed lately? Neither have I! It’s missing in my own room!” He barged in before I could say no. It wasn’t messy at all. I was a pretty neat freak. I mean my bedroom was huge and if one thing was misplaced, it could be a disaster. Zaire went straight for my safe.
“Ooh, what’s in here?”
“Nothing!” I snapped. They both stared at me. “Um… I mean it’s private.”
“Is the combination your birthday?”
“Zaire, it’s his stuff, leave him be!” Sequoya protested.
“Just a sec.” He punched in 6 numbers on the key pad, and the safe clicked opened. “Jake pot!” Before I could even react, he pulled out the infiniter.
“Zaire, please, put that away!” I demanded. He started flipping it, and spinning it around.
“Now, why would you need to put your laptop in safe?” It dropped on the floor, and before it could hit the ground, Sequoya caught it.
“Zaire, you idiot!” She declared. He handed it to me.
“Thanks.” I said, sighing with relief.
“No problem.”
“Dude, your parents are filthy rich! You could always buy another laptop.” Zaire explained. The truth just came out of my mouth before I could even stop myself.
“It’s not a laptop, it’s an infiniter! I have been making this thing for the past 6 years. It can hack into any security system; it can bypass firewalls, and is 50 times faster than a regular computer, Zaire. I’ve put a lot of work into it, and money can’t buy this, it’s way more expensive than a regular laptop, I can tell you that.” They stared at me with their jaws opened.
“Y-you invented this thing?” Sequoya asked me. I nodded.
“For the past 6 years?” I nodded once again.
“Just don’t tell anybody.” I said, locking it in the safe.
“But why not! You’re a graduate, you’re in medical school, and you are an inventor, why not tell the world about this?” Sequoya asked me. She thought of something else and gasped. “Did you even tell your parents?” My head dropped and I shook my head no. She slapped her head with her hand.
“Now what kind of secret is that?”
“A big one and you both have to promise me now to tell anybody? You have to swear!” I said, looking as serious as possible. They both exchanged looks, then looked back at me.
“Okay, we promise.” That was a load of my shoulder.
“Great.” I lead them outside. “Let’s go watch a movie that hasn’t been released in theaters yet.”
“Any movie? And snacks?”
“Yes Zaire.” He ran to the right.
“Screening room is downstairs.” I yelled at him. He ran downstairs, and ran to the screening room. Sequoya and I laughed our ways to the screening room.

We had a great time watching a horror movie. Sequoya was scared so much, that she used me to hide herself from watching the movie. Zaire just ate the popcorn and candy without paying attention that that was his 4th popcorn and 8th candy bar, and watched the movie with awe.

After the movie was over, it was already midnight.
“Well Nathan, thanks for the movie.” Sequoya said to me, standing by the door.
“No problem.” Zaire still looked in shock. We both smiled.
“It was his fault for choosing that scary movie.” Sequoya laughed. Her shoulder length curly brown hair was flipped to her side, and she stared at me with her twinkling golden eyes.
“Oh Sequoya, what was that thing you wanted to tell me?” She blushed.
“Um, it’s sort of late, you should go to sleep, I’ll take Zaire home. I’ll tell you on Monday, okay?” I nodded.
“Good night.”
“Good night.” She responded, and left with Zaire mumbling about the scary movie, and how he was scarred for life. When I closed the door, and turned around, I almost jumped out of my skin. My bodyguard stood over me with his eyes staring into my very soul.
“You should go to bed.” He commanded.
“Yes, sir.” I said, running up the stairs, and into my room. What was going on? Why was my bodyguard acting so weird, and suspicious? I gasped. Did he know that I was a medical student and tell my parents? Or worse, maybe he knew about my inventions, and my greatest one, the infiniter. I shook my head.
“No way,” I said, saying my thoughts out loud. “There’ no way he could have found out. Just go to sleep, you’ve got a whole mansion to clean tomorrow and your parents are coming back tomorrow. Just try to go to sleep.” So, I obeyed my thoughts and slept a peaceful sleep before tomorrow came.

When morning came, I woke up to the sun shining on my eyes. I squinted the sun out of my eyes. Wait, didn’t I close the curtains? I wondered.
“Rise and shine, it’s a brand new day.” Said a voice belonging to Marina. I took the pillow from under my head, and threw it over my face.
“What time is it?”
“Ugh, let me sleep.”
“Aren’t you suppose to clean the house, and your parents arrive in less than 2 hours.” I sat up.
“Yeah, they’re coming home early.” I gasped.
“Oh no, oh no no no no no no no!” She smiled.
“Don’t worry, I’ll help.” She leaned in closer to me. “It’ll be our little secret.” I quickly got up.
“Let’s get cleaning then!”

The whole morning was a disaster. Marina had made me breakfast, but I refused to eat it, as it took time away from my cleaning. It took us both one and a half hour to clean the house. Then, with the help of Marina, we both made breakfast for my parents. Red velvet pancakes with chocolate chips, and orange juice. We both sat on the chair, happy that our job was done.
“Thank you so much.”
“Hey, that’s what I’m here for.”
“How’d you know I had to clean the house?”
“You left your to-do list note under your shoe.” I took a look at my shoe, and there it was. I crumbled it into a ball and tossed it into the trash can.
“Again, thanks.” She smiled. I heard a honk come from the driveway. “They’re here.” I ran outside, but stopped by a mirror to fix my messed up hair, and the clothes I slept in from yesterday. My bodyguard and I stood by the steps. I folded my hands in front of me, and so did the man beside me. Mom and Dad came out of the car, all happy and still laughing. I smiled at this sight. They seemed like the perfect family. Whenever my friends used to come over to my house from when I was little they always told me, “You’re parents are the best, I wish I had parents like yours.” I never responded. If they knew what my parents were really like, they’d have a different opinion.

My parents climbed up the steps and faced us.
“Good morning.” They both said to us.
“Good morning.” We both responded. My mother turned to my bodyguard.
“Was Nathan any trouble?”
“No ma’am, he was as silent as a mouse, and didn’t cause any trouble. I have been spying on him for 2 days. He’s just been to the hospital with a friend, and a few friends came over yesterday. Nothing bad.” My mother faced me.
“Well, isn’t that good to here.” She said patting my checks. I gasped when she patted my checks happily. The only time she touched my checks were if she was about to slap me, or put a cut on my checks. But not a real pat on the check. My mother studied me. “Something the matter?” I shook my head.
“No mother, I’m just glad you are home, father too. I made breakfast in the kitchen for you.” My mother and father smiled.
“Now see, if you never cause trouble, he wouldn’t have to be hard on you.” My Dad explained.
“I agree.” I responded. I didn’t have any word to say and let my head droop to the floor.
“Is something bothering you, son?” They were calling me son too? Weird. I made eye contact immediately.
“No mother, I am fine.” She rustled my hair, and they both walked inside. My bodyguard snorted when they were out of sight.
“You, not make any trouble, please. I was just saving my strength for the big gun,” I took a few steps back until my head hit the wooden doors.
“Big gun? As an expression, or are you serious?” Then I remembered I forgot to say something. “Sir?” He gave me a big smile that showing his, gums, and yellow teeth.
“Both.” He took out his gun, and pointed it at me. I winced. He just laughed and put it away. “Not yet, I’m saving this part for later.” He said walking inside, and poking me in the stomach with his finger that was larger than a sausage.

Of course at this time, a normal person would have run out the doors and run to the police, but I was no ordinary person. Plus, the gates had electric wires, and guards stood out the gates too. I walked up the stairs into my room, ignoring what happened, and changed into jeans and a plain white shirt. As I was combing my hair above my forehead, I heard a knock at my door.
"Come in.” It was, once again, my bodyguard. I fell down on the floor when I saw him. He just smiled, and got me up. I just stared at him with my eyes that were filled with fright.
“I-I don’t think killing me in my room will do you any good, sir. It would be less than amusing.” He just did a quick search around my room. He pulled out his gun again, and fired. I quickly dropped to the floor, and covered my head as he shot and gave a few cries for help. At first, I thought he was trying to shoot at me, but then I realized he was shooting at my window. But I didn’t get up and kept my head in my knees.
After the firing was done, my parents rushed into my room.
“What in the world is going on here?” He placed his gun away.
“Master Jamie, I saw two criminals climbing the walls, and they lead to Nathan’s window. I had to stop them from hurting Nathan, they were armed.” My parents ran over to me, and checked me.
“Are you okay?” All I could do was nod. My parents helped me to my feet, and hugged me. I was shocked. What was happening? Was my luck actually changing? Then, I heard voices from downstairs. It was the security guards who always watched the perimeter of the mansion. They all had guns drawn to their side, and ran into my room.
“What happened? Is anybody hurt?” My parents cried a few tears.
“No, Nathan was close to being hurt thought, but thank god he’s alright.” Oh, I got it now. They were fake crying and hugging me so the guards could tell the police how terrifying the incident was.
“Should I call the police?” My bodyguards asked my parents.
“Yes, please do.” He ran downstairs with the guard. My parents let me go, and wiped the tears away.
“I think we pulled it off, don’t you think so honey?” My Dad nodded.
“Absolutely.” He faced me again, and this time his eyes were serious. It wasn’t that loving father who had tried to hug me for my safe, and well-being. It was the one who loved hitting me and destroying my faith in living. “The police will be here momentarily, but don’t you even think about telling them else, besides what happened today, do you understand young man?!” He bellowed. I nodded.
“I understand father, I do.” My mother punched my father’s arm lightly.
“Aw, give him a break. He’s too weak, and hasn’t got the guts to do anything. What can he say to the police anyway? He’s a good boy, and good boys don’t tell, do they Nathan?” I shook my head, and watched as my parents walked downstairs, shredding a few more fake tears. Amazing, they were really amazing actors.

I looked outside my window, and saw two men on the floor. They were swimming in their own pool of blood. I squinted to look at the wounds on their chests. They each had a few bullets in them. If they were lucky, they could survive if they were rushed to the hospital immediately. But with a fall like that, 4 stories high, they might not have made it. I saw as police cars came by our houses, and an ambulance.
The police came in quickly and talked to my parents by the steps, and they were crying their hearts out. Even more when they discovered I had been born, and had to be stuck with me. My parents pointed at the window that leads to my room, and the cops looked right at me. They gestured for me to come down stairs. So I did, and saw a nice police woman, and her partner, a very tall man, smiling at me.
“Hello young man, what’s your name?” I didn’t answer. I wasn’t really comfortable with talking with cops. I got all nervous. My parents put their arms around me and let their tears fall on my shirt.
“Nathan, say hi.” I still didn’t answer. “I’m sorry officer, he still in shock.”
“Not a surprise. Are you alright, Nathan?” The lady cop asked me. I nodded. My Dad ruffled my hair.
“He’s my brave little solider.” I knew he got that from a TV show, because I heard that line whenever I watched a crime show that was based on a real life event. The cops smiled.
“He sure is. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine, and these people are dead now. No harm done.”
“Why were they here?” I said, trying to make my voice terrified, but it came naturally.
“We’re not sure, but your parents are the best architectures here, what do you expect?” He had a point.
“But we’ll find out for sure. Stay in school, and be safe.” They said, waving good bye, but the woman looked back at me once more.
“Hon, are you alright? You are very pale?” Uh-oh!
“Oh, he must just be sick.” My mother said quickly. The cops might have had other ideas, like I might be hiding something, but shrugged it off.
“Alright, good bye.” And they left for good. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath, and took a deep breath out.
“S-sorry about that. I-I just don’t feel like myself today.” I explained to my parents. Normally they would have hit me for almost making the cops look suspicions, and me saying that I wasn’t well. They thought I was always faking when I was sick, but this time, for some reason, they believed me. Mom touched my forehead.
“Hmm? You seem to be burning up. Why don’t you lie down, we’ll talk about this tomorrow.”
“Yes mother, thank you.” I said, and running upstairs to my room. Ignoring the blood dripping down from the windows, and the bullet holes in the windows and laid on my bed. I was feeling very queasy with the idea that someone might have wanted me dead. What did I do? Was I a criminal, or a bad guy? Was I wanted? I didn’t think so.
On top of that, my parents were acting pretty strange, and so was my bodyguard. He tried to protect me, well that was his job. Maybe he didn’t like it when other’s held a gun at me; maybe he wanted to kill me on his own. Whatever the case, I was worried, and that churning feeling in my stomach really made me feel like throwing up, but I didn’t eat anything so what could I throw up?

I picked up the intercom on the wall and dialed the kitchen. After 2 rings, Marina answered.
“Marina, could you sent my lunch to my room? I feel very sick.”
“Of course, I’ll be there in a flash Nathan.” I hanged up, and laid on my bed.

Half an hour later, I heard a knock on the door. I didn’t answer. I closed my eyes, and hoped they would come in on their own. Someone opened the door.
“Nathan, are you dead? Cause then I made this lunch for no reason, and I’ll eat it up.” Marina giggled. I gave a slight smile.
“No, just resting my eyes.” I heard her set the lunch down and she sat on the corner of my bed.
“You okay?” I didn’t respond. She helped me sit up, and I managed to open my eyes. “I heard about the intruders. I’m glad you’re okay. You are okay, right?”
“Yeah, I’m just wondering why they were coming into my room.”
“I’m sure it’s nothing the police can’t find out about.”
“I hope.” She patted my head.
“Oh don’t be so glum…or pale. Eat your grilled cheese sandwich so you can stop being sick. A sick Nathan is not my happy Nathan.” She said giving me a hug, and left. I smiled. She was very sweet. She’d do anything for me, and I really respected that. I took a bite of my sandwich. She never changed her way of cooking and I loved that about her. My phone vibrated from my bag. I looked under my bed, got out my bag, and answered the phone.
“Mmmlloo?” This would have been a hello if it wasn’t for the cheese sandwich in my mouth.
“Nathan, is that you?” I took the sandwich out of my mouth and placed it on the plate.
“Sorry Sequoya, just eating.”
“Forget about that, are you okay?” She asked in a hurry.
“Um, yeah, why?”
“WHY?! I saw the LAPD and an ambulance by your house, why were they there? Are you hurt, is your family hurt?”
“Sequoya, calm down, I’m fine. My bodyguard saw two intruders climbing the house and were about to climb through my window if he hadn’t shot them.”
“Were they armed?”
“And you are sure you’re okay?”
“Yes, I’m absolutely fine. Not a scratch on me, just feeling sick, that’s all.” I heard her sigh with relief.
“God Nathan, you sure know how to scare a girl.”
“I try my best to.” I said, smiling.
“Um, remember that thing I wanted to ask you, well, I want to ask you right now.”
“Um, sure, what is it?” I didn’t hear her for a while, and thought she might have hanged up.
“Do you, maybe want to go to a movie, or something tomorrow?”
“Are you asking me out on a date?”
“Um, if you want to, you don’t need to, I was just wondering-”
“I’d love to.” She paused.
“I’d love to go on a date, Monday night at 8, okay?”
“Uh…yeah, sure, see you on Monday 8 PM. Stay safe.”
“Thanks, bye.” She said, hanging up. Wow, that explained a lot. Why she always has been smiling, and blushing at me. She had a crush on me, and I think I did too.

The next morning, I got up and got dressed for school. I was so tired from not getting any sleep; I almost rolled down the stairs. But before I did, my bodyguard quickly caught me from taking one more step to my doom. I quickly opened my eyes and realized I was still alive.
“T-thanks for the save.” I said.
“Maybe I should have let you fall.” I almost fell asleep again, ignoring his words that were either true or false.
“Then do it.” I said in a trance, closing my eyes, and sleeping into his arms. He snorted.
“Soon, but not now. “ He said shaking me to wake up, but my eyes remained shut. “Now, let’s get you to school so that I can have some peace and quiet.” He placed me over his shoulders, grabbed my bag, and climbed down the stairs.

He placed me flat in the car and drove me to school. He thought it would be funny to put on the music loud and drive fast, and knocked me out of my seat.
“Ugh!” I moaned. I could see him smiling from the rear mirror. I quickly got up and sat up in my seat, and strapped on my seatbelt. Why? Is the question I always asked myself in the morning. Why do these things always happen to me? Will I have to live like this forever? I slouched in my seat. Well, if I do have to live like this for the rest of my life, I know my best friends will always be there for me.

The car stopped a few minute later. I got out of the car and started walking up to my school.
“Don’t do anything stupid.” My bodyguard explained.
“Yeah, yeah.” I mumbled.
“Nathan!” I turned around, and he threw my bag in my chest.
“Nice throw.” He smiled.
“Maybe I should have thrown it harder.” I rolled my eyes, and left. I met with Zaire and Sequoya by the main door.
“OMG, it’s a ghost!” Zaire shouted. I stared at him like what the heck was he talking about. He started hitting my head with his bag. “Die again, stupid ghost!”
“Dude, cut it out!” He stopped hitting me.
“Oh, it’s you, Nathan. I thought you were a ghost.” I rolled my eyes. I saw my bodyguard out of the car, and almost came forward. I held up my hand to stop him, and gestured him to leave. He hesitated, but left. Zaire flushed. “Oh forgot about that big guy.”
“Who could, and what up with the ghost thing?”
“Look at you!” I looked down. I was wearing a white button down shirt, white pants, and a black tie. What was wrong?
“What?” I demanded. He rolled his eyes.
“You look like a freakin’ ghost! Since when do you wear so much white, and why’s your face all palish?” I shrugged, and walked inside to my locker. I quickly opened my locker and looked for my books. Sequoya and Zaire followed me. “Sequoya told me about the intruders, you all right?”
“I’m fine.” I said.
“Yeah Zaire, he said he was fine, now leave him alone, you’re so nosy!”
“Say’s the girl who wouldn’t stop talking to me all night if Nathan was alright.” I could feel my face burning up. When Zaire left, Sequoya shifted her feet uncomfortably.
“So, um…where do you want to go tonight?” I smiled.
“Wanna go to a movie theater?”
“Sure.” She responded. We both smiled and walked to our class together, with our shoulders touching.

The rest of my day went fine, well almost fine. Mr.Luisen wouldn’t stop staring at me, and always called on me for the answer. Zaire leaned close to me.
“Isn’t he freaking you out?” He hissed.
“A little.” I whispered back.

When school was over, I walked home with Zaire and Sequoya. My bodyguard wasn’t here to pick me up from school, so I had to walk home. I thought it was weird; he’d never let me walk home alone, especially with what happened yesterday. Zaire was talking to his parents on the phone.
“Yeah Dad, I know, okay, bye!” He said, slamming his phone close and grounding.
“Ooh, somebody’s got daddy issues.” Sequoya and I laughed. He punched me in the arm.
“Shut up. My parents have been all over me since they left for their new movie in England. Remember to do your homework, remember to me good, blah, blah, blah!”
“Zaire, they just care about you.” Sequoya explained.
“Yeah.” I said. At least Zaire’s parents loved him for real. At least he didn’t have to be hurt, at least Zaire’s parents loved him when he was born, and didn’t regret having him.
“What?” Sequoya said to me.
“What were you mumbling?” Oh shoot, I was talking out loud?
“N-nothing.” I saw my house. “I’ll see you tonight.” I whispered to her, and ran to my house. By the gate, there weren’t any guards standing there. Weird. I took out my keys, and opened the gate by myself, and walked up the door.
“Hello?” I said. Nobody responded. This was very strange. I walked up to my room, and closed the door. First, I looked out the window. Okay, nobody was there. Phew! I opened the safe and took out my infiniter, and opened the screen. It was still loading and would take a few more hours. I placed it away and walked over to my laptop. I hadn’t been studying a lot for my medical test, and it was in a few days. I filled my brain with all the information I could fill it with. Who says becoming a doctor is easy?

A few hours later, I closed the laptop. My brain throbbed in pain, and my stomach rumbled for food. I walked down the stairs and heard a noise. BANG, BANG, BANG! I took a few silent steps. Was it Mom, Dad, or the guards? Was it Marina? No, these footsteps sounded like they were heavier, and there were a few of them. I saw two men walk from the front door .They smiled at me.
“Ah, there he is.” They announced. I took a few steps up, but then I felt a hand on my neck. I turned around and saw another man.
“Hello.” I ran down the stairs, and started running for the kitchen, but then, two more men came out of the kitchen. All the men, 5 is total surrounded me, and I was in the center of them. They all took out guns from their jacket pockets and smiled at me.
“Don’t make this harder for you, Nathan.” One said. How did he know my name? A woman walked from the crowd and in front of me.
“Hmm?” She wondered. “Don’t hurt him. If he doesn’t come easily, then you can knock him out.” She said. I quickly ran and the men followed. One of them was really fast and hit the butt of the gun on my head, and I fell down hard.
“I did it!” He yelled, but I wasn’t giving up that easily. I quickly got up again and ran to the nearest phone, which was the kitchen.
“Ugh!” They said and started chasing me again. Another man hit me with a chair, and knocked me on the floor.
“I think I got him!” He did hit me hard, but I still couldn’t stop fighting. I crawled over to my stomach, and tried to get up with all 4.
“He’s still not down, can I just shoot him?”
“No, we have specific orders from the bosses.” Who were their bosses? But right now, I couldn’t think about that. All I could think about was if I’d live. The woman handed the man on the floor something. It was a towel.
“Here, try this.” He turned me around, and pressed the towel on my mouth with one hand. It was making my mind swirl, but I tried my best to fight conscious and tried to kick and scream my way free. The towel smelled faintly of chloroform, which could put a person to sleep, but I tried to be strong.
“He’s still not out!” The man yelled. The woman took another towel, and a bottle filled with brown stuff. She dumped half the bottle of liquid on the towel.
“Try this, he’s a tough one.” The man took the towel away from my face, and I gasped for air. He then took the other towel, and pressed it against my mouth with all his might. I grabbed the man’s arm to stop him, but the chloroform was too much. I could feel my head spinning and my vision turned blurry. The man smiled, and took the towel away from my mouth.
“Nighty night Nathan.” I wanted to run away, now was my chance, but the chloroform took over my body, and I fell unconscious.

When my brain started to work again, all I could feel was my head throbbing like crazy. I opened my eyes but all I saw was black. I wanted to yell and scream for help, but felt something over my mouth. I shook my head, maybe I was still dreaming, but why could I hear voices?
“Take his blindfold off, I think he’s awake.” I felt my vision clear up, but blinked a couple of times. The light was really bright, and hurting my eyes. I was in my living room, and I saw a woman in front of me, and the men were covering the perimeter of the room. The woman smiled at me.
“Well, Nathan, you’re a tough one.” I moaned. What was it now! Couldn’t my life be like any normal 14 year old? But no, I always had to suffer. I tried to talk, but a gag was over my mouth.
“Take his gag out. Let’s see what he has to say.” My gag was taken off, and I coughed a few times to get that chloroform taste out of my mouth.
“Ugh! I hate the taste of chloroform!” I confessed. She smiled.
“Well, we wouldn’t have had to give it to you if you just stayed down.” I rolled my eyes.
“Nobody’s that stupid to listen to criminals, missy.”
“Ooh, this one’s got an attitude. Would you like one of my men to show you what they’ll do if you don’t listen to what I have to say? Show him boys.” They all took their guns out, and aimed it at me. I gulped.
“But you need me; you can’t just kill me without even telling me what you need.” She patted my checks.
“I like you Nathan, so please, don’t do anything stupid.”
“I’ll try my best.” I said sarcastically. She smiled, and walked over to the table, and sat down on it.
“Careful that was sent all the way from Paris. It’s a gift to my Mom.”
“Nathan, I know you really don’t care about that.” I smiled.
“Smart woman.”
“Smart boy. Now Nathan do you know what this is?” She said holding a bag.
“It’s a bag.” She sighed and opened the bag, and inside, was my infiniter. I gulped.
“A laptop.” She snickered.
“This isn’t just any laptop, is it Nathan?” I held my breath. “This is your invention, what do you call it, an infiniter?” I gave a big laugh.
“I built that invention? Ha-ha, that’s very funny. A 14 year old boy knows how to make a…an infiniter, what the heck is that?”
“It’s your invention, and stop playing dumb with us.” She flipped it over, and on a white label, it said, Inventor by Nathan Jamie. I sighed, stupid labels. “So, whose name is this, hmm, I think it’s yours. Nathan Jamie.”
“How do you know my name?”
“I have my resources. Now, how do you open it?”
“My voice command.”
“Only with your voice?” I nodded.
“Well than, use your voice to open it then?” I thought of something tricky, and risky.
“But…it also needs my finger print and all that stuff. But if I do open it, what would you want to do with it?”
“What do you kids say these days, duh? This invention could make us millions, or even billions! An invention like this has a huge price value.” I looked around. All the men were sitting down, watching TV, and eating cashews that were on the table.
“Seems like you’re the only one who cares about this.” She sighed.
“The pretty ones are always the smart ones.” I looked her over. She had black hair and her red lipstick might have been a little too much. She wore a beige overcoat, which wasn’t necessary, because it was only the middle of October. I looked at me. I was tied to a chair. My hands behind the chair, and my feet on the legs of the chair.
“So?” She sighed.
“Okay, but no funny business.”
“I’ve been living with parents who are very cruel to me, and I haven’t had the guts to escape yet. What do you think?” She smiled, and cut my feet and hands free.
“Just get to work.” I climbed out of the chair, and the woman sat on the couch, while I sat on my knees in front of my infiniter. I held my hands on it.
“Open, infiniter.” The screen opened up.
“Amazing.” The woman gasped.
“Welcome, Nathan Jamie, how are you?” I rolled my eyes.
“Don’t even ask. How many more minutes till all the data is done, infiniter?” I heard its motor running fast.
“Exactly 15 minutes, Nathan Jamie.” I waited. The woman laid back on the couch.
“Hope you didn’t have plan’s Nathan, you’re gonna be here for a while.”
“Aw man, I have a date tonight in a few minutes, couldn’t this have happened tomorrow?” She patted my head.
“Sorry hon.” I watched the screen as the infiniter loaded. The men were laughing it up watching SpongeBob, and the woman just stared at my invention in awe. My heart started beating faster. I needed to get out of here, and everybody was distracted. I had a 50-50 chance of making it out of here. It was risky, but what else had I got to lose. I watched the clock, and waited exactly two minutes. When the second hand pointed at the 12, I grabbed my infiniter and started running out of there.
“Men, catch him! Catch him!” But I was pretty fast. I ran out of the living room, and I heard the men started shooting. A few of the bullets hit the wall and our furniture’s. I hugged my invention and hoped I could make it out alive. A few bullets hit my back, but I didn’t feel the pain yet, because the chloroform had made my body go numb, but when I could feel pain, it would not be pleasant. A bullet hit my leg. My leg sank down on the ground. They were getting closer, and closer, and soon, I would be caught.
No! I thought. I quickly got up, and limped to the gate door, and outside. They fired a few more times as I was out on the sidewalk, heading for Sequoya’s house. A bullet hit my shoulder and my arm. I wanted to cry, but kept on running.
“Men, evacuate! Let’s go!” The woman yelled. I kept on limping to my friend’s house. Just a few more steps, come on Nathan, I thought. You can do it! I coughed up blood on the way to Sequoya’s house. My whole shirt was covered in blood, and it was spreading, fast!

Finally, I reached her house. I quickly ran her doorbell, because they could be coming for me, and I was running out my oxygen. Sequoya was talking to someone when she answered the door.
“I got it Mom!” She said, smiling. “Hi Nathan. NATHAN!” She yelled when she saw me. I kept my balance with the help of the door.
“S-Sequoya, I-I need you’re…” I couldn’t speak anymore, because blood was blocking my windpipe. Sequoya grabbed my shoulders.
“Nathan, what happened?!” I sank to the floor, but she quickly caught me. “Nathan, Nathan, Nathan!” She said, slapping my face. I could see her crying, but that was the last image I had of her before my eyes rolled over my head, and I fell out of consciousness.

I felt myself bumping up and down on a very uncomfortable bed. I tried to sit up, but it just hurted all over.
“Lay down, son. We’re almost at the hospital, and you’ll be with your family.”
“No.” I said quietly.
“What?” The paramedic asked me.
“No.” I croaked a bit louder, and fell unconsciousness again.

When I woke up again, I could tell it was the afternoon. The sun shined through the window, but not so much. I wanted to sit up and call someone, but who would come for me? I closed my eyes, hoping I might have been died, because the pain was unbearable. But I opened my eyes, and tried my best to sit up, but just winced.
“You might want to lie down.” Said a male voice. I turned around and found a police officer sitting in the chair next to my bed. He faced me and I saw his LAPD badge around his neck. He had all the looks to be a cop. Dirty blonde hair, and was very fit and in shape. He had a gun strapped in his belt. He smiled at me. “You are at the hospital, how do you feel?”
“Terrible.” I moaned. He frowned.
“Do you remember what happened to you last night?” I laid down on the hard hospital bed.
“I don’t want to talk about it.” I said softly.
“I know you don’t want to, Nathan, but as an FBI, I need to know.” I turned towards him.
“Would you mind showing me your badge, I’m not really a trusting person right now.” He smiled.
“Sure thing, kiddo.” He took out a wallet from his jacket pocket and flipped it open. I saw the words, FBI on the top, and his picture and information on the bottom. Apparently, his name was Mr. Malcolm Hill.
“Okay then, Detective Hill, what do you want to ask me?”
“First I just wanted to tell you, you look very terrible and beaten up and we will put these terrible people to jail for what they did, and second, we need to know the whole story.” I gulped. I couldn’t tell them the whole story, or they would know that I have a very important invention, and my parents would find out, and beat me up even worse than this. I looked at myself. My leg was in a cast, and my arm was also. I felt a big pain from my back, as if someone stabbed me with 1000s of knifes. I can’t imagine what could be worse than this.
“Okay, you might want to take notes.” He scooted his chair closer to my bed, and helped me sit up. Then, he sat down and took out a pen and pad.
“I’m listening.” I thought about it for a while, trying to think about how I should lie.
“So, I was just in my house, doing my homework.” He nodded, and must have thought this seemed accurate. “So, I heard a noise downstairs, and went downstairs to find 5 men, and a woman. The men all had guns and the woman seemed to be the one in charge.” I slowed down to let him write this down. He rolled his pen to tell me to go on. “The men tried to knock me out with a few items, but it didn’t go so well. So, they tried to knock me out with chloroform, but it wasn’t enough, so they knocked me out with half a bottle of it, and it finally worked.” I paused, and tried to think of the next part. “Um…so when I woke up, they said they wanted me…just because I was the son of two architectures.” Detective Hill looked up.
“Really, that’s the only reason why they captured you? No motive, no jewelry, just you?” I nodded. He tapped the pen on his chin. “Okay, continue.” He said, unsure of this story.
“Um, so the men were pretty lazy. They just sat down on the couch, and the woman let her guard down, and that’s when I made an escape. They fired a lot of times while I attempted to run to my friend, Sequoya’s house, who lives down the block.” Detective Hill chuckled.
“Oh, we know. That girl cried all night for you, and almost had a heart attack when she saw you injured.” I smiled. That’s Sequoya, she’s so sensitive, and little things freak her out, but I was almost killed so she had a point. “Anyway, is that it?”
“Um…yeah, pretty much.” He made a big dot on the pad, and smiled.
“Good, thanks for your help.”
“Um…a question, if you don’t mind, Detective?” He placed the pad and pen in his jacket pocket.
“Not at all, ask away?”
“Well, my bodyguard, security guards, Marina, and my parents weren’t at home. Why was that?”
“Well, we found the security guards and Marina tied up in a closet. For the bodyguard and your parents, we aren’t sure, but your parents will come and visit you soon. They’re just at the police station, filing a report.”
“Okay.” I said, looking on the ground, and hoped I was a real good liar. He studied me.
“You know Nathan, if you need anything, the LAPD, and I are here for you.” He pulled out a card and handed it to me. “Give me a call if you need anything, promise?”
“Promise.” He patted my head.
“Don’t worry, we’ll catch those lunatics and make sure your safe.” Not with my parents in my life, but I couldn’t tell him that. He smiled at me and left.

A few minutes later, I had a nurse come in.
“Nathan, you have a visitor, would you like me to let her in?” Her? It was Sequoya for sure. I nodded. Sequoya came running inside, and gave me a big hug.
“Oh, I’m so glad you’re alright!” She said, squeezing the life out of me. The nurse smiled, and closed the door behind her.
“Sequoya, I’m still in pain.” I winced. She let go, and wiped the tears from her check.
“S-sorry, I was just so worried about you.”
“I’m fine.”
“Nathan! That would have worked on me a few days ago, but today, oh, don’t you even dare play that card!” She said seriously.
“Sorry.” I said, and sat up with the help of my elbows. Sequoya sat down on the chair next to me.
“Nathan, I don’t know what to do with this, so I told nobody about it. Just like I promised.” She zipped her bag open, and pulled out my infiniter.
“You didn’t tell anybody?” She shook her head, and handed it to me.
“I know you might have lied to the police, but Nathan, you can’t lie to me.”
“You’re right.” So, I told her the whole story of what happened last night. She slouched in her chair with shock.
“All this, for an invention? And who are their bosses, and how on Earth did they know about your invention?”
“Hmm? I didn’t think about that.” Then, I felt as if a light bulb flashed above my head. I sat up quickly. “Maybe someone from my house was like a spy or something. Maybe they told the men, and the woman.” Sequoya sat up quickly.
“You think?”
“Do you have another idea?” She thought about it.
“Okay, that is a really good prediction. Well, let’s see, it can’t be Marina, that’s for sure.” Sequoya knew Marin, and she was very trust worthy.
“It couldn’t have been one of the security guards. All of them were tied up.”
“Who were the only people that weren’t at the house or tied up?” I thought about it, and gasped.
“My parents and my bodyguard.” Sequoya looked at me.
“You can’t be serious. Your bodyguard has known you forever, and your parents, they’re your parents, Nathan!” It all made sense. My bodyguard was being very suspicious with me lastly, and he wasn’t letting me out of my sight for even once. My parents, they could be their bosses! Oh my god! I knew my parents were bad, but not that bad! But I couldn’t tell the LAPD or Sequoya about that. Not yet anyway. I needed to make sure, and even if it was true, I had to handle it.
“Y-yeah. Yeah, you’re probably right. I’m just not thinking straight right now.” I said hitting myself with the pillow, and mumbling, “Stupid, stupid, stupid Nathan.”
“Why are you calling yourself stupid?” Man, I have to stop saying my thoughts out loud.
“No reason.” I said, sitting my quickly Sequoya smiled.
“You are very strange sometimes Nathan, but the best friend ever. You helped save my grandmother, and the doctors are still wondering how you outsmarted them. You, a 14 year old boy.” I smiled.
“Don’t thank me, you saved my life.” She smiled, and before I knew it, she kissed me.
“That’s for my brave hero.”
“Um…uh…” Come on Nathan, say something! I thought. “Sorry about messing up the date.”
“We can reschedule it when your better, promise. I’ll see you later.” She placed the infiniter in her bag, and slid it under the hospital bed, and left. I laid down. What was I supposed to do now? My parents were out to get my invention, and would do anything to get it.

The doctor came in a few minutes later. He had red rimmed glasses and a clipboard in his hands. He had gray hair, but his smile that made the whole room bright made him seem younger.
“How yeah doin’ Nathan?” He said in an Irish accent.
“I’m doin’ swell, doc, thanks for asking.” I said, mimicking his accent. He crossed his arms.
“We’ve got a smart mouth over here.”
“Sorry, I’ve always wanted to do that.” He let his grudge go, and smiled.
“Okay then, how’s it goin’?”
“I’m fine.” He checked out with clipboard.
“Very good, very good. Would you like a diagnosis?”
“You had about 6 bullet holes in your chest, one in your leg, one on your shoulder, and one in your arm.”
“Oh thanks a bunch for sugarcoating it, doc.” I said, sarcastically.
“Sorry kiddo, I’m not good with kids.”
“So, am I fine?” I asked him, because after lying to so many people I was, I wasn’t even sure I was myself anymore.
“Um, yeah sure.” I raised a brow.
“Are you sure you’re a real doctor?” I said nervously. He rolled his eyes.
“Yes. Anyway, we did surgery on you, and you have been responding well to it. Does it hurt?”
“All over.” I responded. He called in a nurse.
“Give him some pain medicine. The side effect might make you fall asleep for a little while, so, see you sometime tomorrow.” Sometime tomorrow? The nurse injected the small syringe into the needle on my hand. I started to drowse off, but my thoughts blocked the medicine. “You asleep yet?”
“Hmm, the doctors told me it took half a bottle of chloroform to put you out. Nurse, not this syringe, the one in the cabinet.” The nurse pulled out a huge syringe. I quickly got up.
“Is that even safe?” The nurse pushed me back down.
“Oh relax, just lay back and fall asleep.” The nurse injected the huge medicine in me, and that really made me dizzy. The room started to spin, and soon, I was out.

It’s weird how if you think about something when you fall asleep, that’s exactly what you think about. I slept, thinking how my own parents were fugitives, and have reached another new level of hurting me.

I dreamed the shooting that had happened. But instead of the men shooting me, it was my Mom and Dad. They were chasing me around the block, and laughing when all the shooting knocked me down on my back. They walked over to me and placed their foot on my chest.
“Nathan, you have been a really bad boy.” They said, and shot me to my death.

I woke up sweating, shivering, and screaming.
“NOOOOOOOO!” I yelled from the top of my lungs and sat up. Detective Hill placed his hand on my chest.
“Calm down, calm down. You must have just had a nightmare, Nathan.” I could still feel my heart beating fast, and tried to steady my breathing. That dream felt so real, it was as if the bullets were actually shot by my parents. I didn’t realize Detective Hill was looking at me with fright, and still talking to me. “Nathan, I said, are you okay?” I nodded slightly. He calmed down. “You really gave me a scare there Nathan.”
“You’re not one only one.” I whispered to myself. Maybe he heard me, because he tilted his head at me. I tried to give him a reassuring smile. “I’m okay. So, why are you here?”
“Right, I was just waiting for you to wake up so I could tell you the news.”
“What news?” He sat down on the chair.
“We found out that the men who intruded into your house were also with those people that shot you. They’re in a group that steals very expensive or antique items. The men and woman, well, we searched them up, and they are, were, with the two men. Do you know anything about that?” He asked me suspiciously. I could feel the blood from my face draining.
“I-um…no. I’m not sure. Maybe they wanted a sketch of my parent’s new building.”
“Maybe.” He said, scratching his chin and looking my way. He was giving that look at me so I could spill it. He knew I was hiding something.
“Where are my parents?” Right on cue, my parents ran over to me and gave me a big hug. They started crying, but I knew it was all an act.
“Oh my little Nathan, we’re so sorry we weren’t there to protect you, we were at a meeting and had to take your bodyguard with us. What a foolish mistake!” My mother cried. I could hear my ribs cracking.
“Your my brave little solider.” My Dad cried. I didn’t hug them back, even if I could, or show any emotions. I knew my parents were behind all of this, and that they weren’t sorry for what happened to me. This was my cruel life.
When my parents finally let me go, they gave me a kiss. I could see Detective Hill staring at me. I knew he was thinking, “Why isn’t he happy? His family is with him who love and care for him?” Of course, he doesn’t know the truth. The Detective cleared his throat, and my parents looked up.
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie, my name’s Detective Malcolm Hills, and I will be investigating this case.” My parents shook his hand.
“Oh thank you so much Detective. Have you found anything yet?” He looked at me and I quickly looked away.
“We think that these people might be the kinds that steal very expensive or antique things.”
“Hmm? So, why would they targeting Nathan?” My mother asked, even though I knew that she knew exactly why.
“We aren’t sure yet, but will keep on investigating. We wouldn’t stop until these people are put to justice for what they did to your son.” My parents nodded, agreeing with the Detective. I didn’t look anybody in the eye. I just laid back and hoped I would be ignored. But that was hard since I was the reason everybody was here.
“Nathan, do you think why they might be targeting you?” I shook my head, lying to the Detective who was trying to help me. He cleared his throat. “Very well, I’ll see you all tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening.”
“You too.” Before the Detective left, I had a plan.
“Oh Mom, Dad, please don’t leave me here alone. I don’t feel safe, not here. Would you be so grateful and spent the night here?” They exchanged looks. Of course they had to plan their next move, but with the Detective around, they couldn’t say no.
“Of course sweetheart.” They both said, and I could see them grinding their teeth. The Detective smiled, and left. Thinking he had left me in good hands. My parents stared at me.
“Thank you for staying.” They rolled their eyes, stood in the corner of the rom, and took out their phones.
I feel asleep a few minutes later. Sure I just woke up, but I felt sleepy when I woke up because of the surgery. I also felt very weak, and sleep seemed to make me stronger. I could hear my parents whispering something, and it sounded important. I kept my eyes closed, and pretended to be asleep, when I was really outsmarting my parents.
“What went wrong?” My Dad whispered, but turned into a shout.
“I know. We told them specifically to just get Nathan to open the infiniter and walk away. Easy as that.” My mother paused. “Check if Nathan is asleep.” I could hear my father walking over to my bed. I pretended to snore softly. He walked over to me, and opened my eye lid. I tried to keep my pupil in the middle, but look dazed. My father let my eye lid drop.
“Yeah, yeah. I just can’t believe all this time he’s been tricking us. We should give him a shot that will kill him. No one will know when he’s asleep.” Please don’t, I begged. Please.
“Shhh, people can hear you. Plus, there are security cameras over here. They’ll find out. No, we’ll think of another plan to steal the infiniter.”
“We’ve really got to give that bodyguard a raise for finding this entire thing out. He placed a camera in Nathan’s room, that’s brilliant!” I almost gasped but held it in. My bodyguard was the spy, he was working with the men and woman, and my parents were their bosses.
“Yes. Let’s go, we can think about a plan while we’re at the meeting. Tomorrow, we’ll be back and discuss another plan with the others.”
“Right, don’t think for a minute I would spend the night here with that!” They quietly tip-toed their way to the door, and closed it gently. I opened my eyes a few minutes later when I was sure they were gone. My own parents were criminals. Well, they were criminals the day they started hitting me, but this was beyond belief. I was alone, and nobody could see what I was doing. No guards, no parents, no suffer. I quickly got out the card Detective Hill gave me, and dialed the number on the hospital phone next to my bed.

After 3 rings, someone picked up.
“Hello.” Said Detective Hill very sleepily. I guess when you wake up someone at 2 in the morning; they’re not going to be happy.
“Detective Hills, this is Nathan Jamie.”
“Nathan, is something wrong? If not, then why are you calling me at 2 in the morning?”
“Would you mind coming over, I have something very urgent to tell you. It’s very important, and about the case. I have a few leads.”
“Really, now?”
“I’m sorry, but this is a now or never situation.” I could hear his groan.
“Fine, I’ll be over as fast as I can.”
“Thanks.” I closed the phone. Now, I just wait. I sipped the orange juice. I was so anxious to tell him what I knew, but also scared that they might ask my parents about all of this.

A few minutes later, Detective Hill came in with another guy that looked pretty nerdy and had a laptop in his arms, and a very long coat. What was it with coats, it’s only October, people!
“Nathan, this better be good.” When I stared at him, I chuckled. “What?” He demanded. The nerdy guy pointed at Detective Hills legs. Where there were supposed to be pants, he was wearing duck boxers. He blushed as red as a tomato. “What do you expect; it’s 2 in the morning!”
“And that would explain all the laughing and pointing.” The nerdy man pointed out.
“Okay, okay. I need you to tell me something. Do you think I was hiding something when I told you my story?”
“Nathan-” He started to say.
“Oh come on Malcolm, you’ve been obsessing about this all day. You wouldn’t stop talking to me about how Nathan was lying, how his story was absurd, and that he was hiding something.” The nerdy guy said.
“Who’s your friend?” I asked.
“This is Charles Grails. He’s the LAPD tech nerd.” Charles scowled at him. Detective Hills sighed.
“Yes, Nathan, I do think you are hiding something, and I hope you are going to tell me.” I nodded. I told them both how my parents were behind of all of this, and so was my bodyguard. Which also led me to telling them how my parents brutally hit, and have beaten me up. It took a lot of guts and courage to tell my story, but I did.

When I was done, they both were in shock.
“How do we not know this is a lie?” Detective Hills asked me. I crossed my arm around my chest and turned away.
“I knew you’d say that. I tell people the truth, they’ll ask my parents about all of this, they’ll laugh it up and you’ll believe them and then I’ll get even more bruised.”
“How do you know that?” Charles asked me.
“What do you think?” I snapped, without looking at him. “This had happened before, but nobody bothers to ask how I got my injuries. Just forget about it. It was a waste of time telling you all of this.”
“Malcolm, come on. This kid sounds like he really needs our help. It does sound true.” Detective Hills scratched his head.
“Okay, even if this is all true, I still don’t get why you’re the target.” I had the answer for that. I leaned to the right, and pulled out the bag from under the bed.
“Because of this.” They both stared at me.
“A bag?” They both asked me. I rolled my eyes.
“Come on gentlemen; let’s at least try to imagine we have a brain.” They scowled at me, but I quickly opened the bag and pulled out the infiniter. “This is called the infiniter.”
“Isn’t that just an ordinary laptop?” The nerdy guy asked me. I tried not to make another sarcastic comment about how to use their brains, because it was useless.
“No, Charles. I invented this thing. It’s called the infiniter and I have been making this thing for the past 6 years. It can hack into any security system; it can bypass firewalls, and is 50 times faster than a regular computer. It took a lot of time and knowledge to put this thing together, and my bodyguard found about this, and he told my parents, and now there are trying everything they can to get this thing.” They both stared at me with their jaws wide open.
“B-but you’re 14!” They both bellowed.
“And a half.” I said, hurt that they thought I was like any other 14 year old.
“You couldn’t have invented this; you’re only in high school!” I smiled.
“That’s where you’re wrong, gentlemen. I have graduated high school and am in my 7th year of medical school.” Detective Hills just stared at me.
“Charles, look up Nathan Jamie. Bypass any school securities and private files and find every detail about this kid!” Charles quickly did as he was told. I sipped my orange juice, feeling very proud of myself.

After a few minutes, Charles looked up from his laptop.
“He’s right. He’s passed high school and is in med school. He’s even invented many things!” I smiled.
“Ah, there, you see. Using your brain is fun!” Detective Hills walked over to me.
“Nathan, you are a brilliant 14 year old boy! Why on Earth would you hide that?!”
“Because, my parents didn’t like me to be smart. I got an A+ for a history test, and got a bloody scratch. Imagine what they would do if they knew about what I’ve been doing.” I said softly. I could hear Charles sniffing.
“That’s such a sad story. Detective, we’ve got to bring those people to justice.”
“Show me.” He said.
“Show you what?”
“The infiniter. Let’s see if it works.”
“Okay then.” I opened it up. “Infiniter, open.” It quickly turned bright.
“Welcome, Nathan Jamie.”
“Infiniter, detect the phones in this room.” It beeped a few seconds later.
“Two phones detected. One blackberry, one HTC.”
“Hack into the HTC, and do a background check on the user.” It beeped again.
“HTC user, Detective Malcolm Hills. Contacts, 578, birthday, today.” I looked up.
“Well, happy birthday. No wonder you’re so grouchy.” He looked at the screen.
“Amazing.” He gasped.
“Hack into the Blackberry, and look over the user.” It beeped in less than a second.
“Blackberry user, Charles Grendel, contact, 1 named Mommy.” Detective and I couldn’t help but give a quiet laugh.
“Hey, nobody asked for that things permission to hack my phone!”
“Actually, I did.” Detective said. “Okay Nathan, I believe you, but you are now in serious danger, and we have to arrest your parents, and the others.”
“Not so fast, I’ve got a plan. See, my parents are of at a meeting right now, and tomorrow, they’re going to be making another plan with the others about this mission. Now, if I could track one person’s number, then we’ll give them a call, telling them that I’ll give this the infiniter. Then, you’ll have cops everywhere surrounded where I’m going to meet them, and we’ll catch them. Very simple.”
“Wow, that’s one smart cookie.” Charles declared.
“Very clever, but one thing, we’re not letting you go. We’ll set a look alike like you. We can’t have you running around town on a wild goose chase. You’ll get hurt, again, and I am not letting that happen to you.”
“Nathan, we really need to put these people in jail, and we can’t have your life in stake.” I sighed.
“Okay,” I lied. They both sighed with relief.
“Okay, we’ll have police’s surrounding this room, because we’re not taking any chances with you, and tomorrow, we’ll catch those thief’s.” He patted my head. “Don’t worry, we’ll catch them all and bring them to justice. Now, why don’t you go to sleep, you need it. Good night.” And they left.

I laid back on the bed, trying to steady my breathing, but I was just thinking about everything that has happened in the past week. Also, I lied to a Detective, and would be putting my life in danger. I laid back, and after 5 hours, I finally fell asleep, but for only a short amount of time.

When it was 8AM, I dialed my house. Someone quickly picked up.
“Hello?” Marina said.
“Marina, is that you? Are you alright?” She sighed.
“Yes Nathan, I’m fine. Thank god, when I heard what happened to you, I nearly died. Please tell me you’re alright?”
“Marina, I’m very well. But I need the hugest favor anybody could ask.”
“Of course, just name it.”
“I need you to come to the hospital and come to room 605. Bring a change of clothes, and a small power saw.” I didn’t hear her voice for a while.
“Nathan, what for?”
“Marina, this is very important, my life depends on it, please. For me.” I knew that just from hearing the tone of my voice, Marina was getting goose bumps.
“Okay Nathan, I’ll be right there.”
“Thank you.” I quickly hanged up. I needed to plan something, but I couldn’t tell anybody about it.

Half an hour later, Marina came in, and gave me a hug.
“Oh Nathan, poor Nathan.”
“I’m fine Marina, really.”
“Nathan, I really hate it when you say that.” She handed me the bag with all the stuff inside. I snapped the needle and tape from my hand, and took out the small power saw. Marina gasped. “Nathan, please don’t tell me you’re going to do what I think you’re going to do!”
“Don’t worry Marina.” I quickly summed up everything I told the Detectives. She stared at me with shock.
“Your parents hit you since you were little! Why didn’t you tell me?!”
“That stupid bodyguard always spied on me, and would tell my parents, and I’d get in even more trouble.” She placed her hands on her mouth.
“Oh my god!” She sat down on the chair with shock, staring at the floor.
“Calm down, Marina.” I activated the small power saw, and did by best to cut through my leg cast.

When it was off, I didn’t want to even look at my leg. I could see where the bullet once was, and the stiches, and the shot was red and purple. I got up on both legs and with the help of the rooms walls. I picked up the clothes from the bag, and headed in the bathroom. I quickly changed the hospital gown for black jeans and a dark hoodie. I washed my hair and face with water, and limped out of there.

Marina still was in shock. I limped to her direction.
“Marina, Marina. Come on, I’m fine, and this was none of your fault.” She looked up.
“Nathan…” She said, and her voice trailed off. She had nothing else to say. I grabbed the bag with my infiniter and placed it over my back. I tried to help Marina up, but I just fell down. I got up, and finally got Marina to her feet.
“Come on, let’s go.” I walked her out of the room, and luckily, nobody spotted us. I saw a few cops looking at my room, but with my disguise, they must have thought I was a visitor. One of them walked over to us.
“Young man, isn’t it a little early for visitor hours?” I tried to make my voice a little deeper.
“Oh…um, Nathans a good friend of mine and just wanted me to say hi, cause I was just in town and am leaving today.” The cop looked at me.
“Very well, have a safe trip.”
“Thanks,dude.” And I quickly limped away. Marina finally shook her shock away.
“Nathan, why are you helping me? You’re the one injured.” She held herself up and carried me to her black Nissan. She helped me in the front seat, and drove us home. While in the car, she started crying a few tears, and mumbling how she’d been in the house since the day I was born and never noticed this. I felt bad that all of this was happening because of me.

We got home in a few minutes. Marina parked the car in the driveway and got out. Then, she opened my door, and placed my arm around her shoulders and led me inside. She took a pillow and placed it on the table, and my leg that was shot, on the pillow. She patted my head.
“I’ll make some sandwiches, okay?” She said and quickly left. Wow, she felt as bad as I did. I quickly took out my infiniter. I needed to know one of their names and phone numbers. But how? I typed up the LAPD website and clicked on the Log in option.
“Infiniter, hack into Detective Malcolm Hill’s account.” It beeped for a second, and then typed a user name and a password and his page appeared. I looked over his files. I clicked on the file that said Top secret. There was a picture of the exact woman who had me hostage in my own home. Her name was Monica DiAngelo. “Infiniter, get me Monica DiAngelo’s phone number.” In a few second, everything about Monica came up. I scrolled down and found her private phone number. I smiled. “Gotcha.”

Marina came back with a plate full of sandwiches and all of them were soaking in tears.
“Hospital foods are never good, so I made you a plateful of all your favorite sandwiches.” I was in no mood to eat, especially sandwiches with tears in them, but I would hurt her feelings. I picked up a sandwich and took a bite out of it. It wasn’t bad, but salty. I smiled.
“Thank you.” She sat down next to me.
“No problem. Now, what’s this about finding these people?”
“They want this, my invention called the infiniter. But with a technology like this, they could really take over all banks, credit cards, and personal IDs .We can’t let that happen. So, I got one of their phone numbers, and I’ll call them and pretend to make a deal with them of giving them the infiniter.”
“Didn’t that nice Detective say they were going to assign someone else to do that?”
“Marina, who listens to adults anymore?” She smiled.
“What will you need?”
“I’ll need another black bag like this one, and my laptop.”
“On it.” She ran upstairs, and came back with those things.
“Okay, so I’ll schedule them to come at night.” I said, placing the laptop in the bag.
“Where?” I thought about it.
“How about Hazard Park?” She looked at me confused.
“Why would you want to lead them to a park?”
“Okay, so the park closes at 10Pm, and there will be no bystanders. Also, it’s a good place to hide; you know the slides and all that.” She smiled.
“You sound like a little kid.” I smiled, looking down at the screen of the infiniter.
“Marina, with something this difficult, I don’t think I’m a regular kid.” DING DONG! Marina and I stared at each other. Marina gave me a signal to stay down. She quietly creped to the door, and looked at the crack on the bottom of the door. She sighed with relief, and opened the door. I looked from the couch to see who it was. When I saw who it was, I wanted to run and hide if it wasn’t for my sore leg.

It was Detective Hills, Charles, Zaire, and Sequoya. They all stood by the door and stared at me.
“Are you serious?!” They all asked me. I was relieved it was only them, but they would interfere with the plan.
“Oh hello, welcome to my house. Please, make yourself comfortable.” I said chuckling. Detective Hills walked over to me.
“Nathan, this is serious! Why would you escape the hospital? Unless…” He stared at me with his eyes in shock. “No, don’t tell me!” I nodded. He slapped his head with his hand.
“There are two reasons why I should go and nobody else.”
“Nathan, you’ll get seriously hurt! I’ve already got a guy just like you to go.”
“When you told his about the case, did he run away like a chicken?” He folded his arms.
“Pshw, no.” I raised a brow.“Okay, fine. But why should I let you go? I mean look at you, you look like you’ve been run over by a truck!”
“Real smooth, Detective.” Zaire said sarcastically.
“One, I’m the only one who’s got guts to do this, and two, the infiniter is my invention, therefore I should be the one to trick them.” Everybody else walked in and sat down on the chairs, while the Detective sat down next to me.
“And don’t forget about that big mouth of yours.” He mumbled.
“Who would?” I looked at him seriously. “Listen, I’ve already got Monica’s number, and got everything planned out, so if you’d-”
“Hold on a minute, nobody knows about that information except me and Charles. How’d you find out?” I tapped my fingers on the infiniter. He sighed. “No wonder they want that thing.”
“Just hear me out.” I quickly told him my plan. He seemed into it, but not very relieved that I was the bait.
“Nathan, I’m not sure this is a good idea.” Sequoya expressed. “This could get ugly, and when do criminals keep their promises?”
“Plus, they’ll find out that you’re tricking them.” Charles pointed out.
“And your white hair is totally ruining your black look.” Zaire pointed out. We all stared at him. He placed his hands up. “Sorry, off topic.” Detective Hills looked at me.
“You really want to do this?”
“They’re my parents, I want to face them.” He sighed and got up reluctantly.
“Alright, let’s go.”
“Where?” We all asked him.
“To the police department. We need to record the call and maybe see if we can trace it.” Everybody got up, but when I tried to, I fell down. Detective Hills helped me up. “Maybe I should just retire already. Working with kids, this is a new one.” I kept the bags steady on my back.
“Technically, you can’t retire. You have to at least work 25 years, and you’ve only worked for 19, but keep it up. And 291 arrests, nice. We have 9 more, and then you’ll reach 300.”
“You’ve really got to control that mouth on yours. It could really get you hurt.”
“Too late.” Detective Hills just smiled, and lead me to his car and placed me in the front car with the Charles, Sequoya, and Zaire behind.
“Why do we have to take the 2 kids, Malcolm?” Charles wined.
“They wanted to, now would you shut up, I’ve got a big headache today.” He quickly stepped on it and drove over all the stop lights. The sirens were on, and we covered our ears with one hand and a shoulder, and held on to the safety bars on the car with the other.

When we finally got to the police station, Detective Hills helped me out of the car and walked us all into the room where some people were wearing headphones attached to laptops and a few recording devices. Detective Hills placed me on a chair.
“Everybody listen up!” The whole room went silent, and all eyes turned to Detective Hills. “We are about to make a call, now everybody quiet down and get ready to record this call.” He leaned next to me. “Do you have the number?”
“I have it memorized by heart.” He smiled and pointed me to the phone in front of me.
“You ready?” I took a deep breath out, and nodded. I dialed the number, and waited.
“Hello, who are you and why is your number blocked?” A woman’s voice snapped.
“Is that a nice way to greet a person who has a very important deal for you?” The woman’s voice gasped.
“Nathan Jamie, how did you get this number?!”
“Oh you know, just resources.”
“Listen to me young man, you may have gotten away, but-”
“Would you calm down and let me talk? And I have a big mouth? Please.”
“Okay, what do you want?”
“Well, actually, it’s what you want. You want the infiniter; I’ll give it to you.”
“Just like that?”
“Just leave me alone, and yes.”
“Okay Nathan, but if you pull something, we will kill you this time.”
“Yeah, yeah. Now, I’ll meet you with the infiniter at 11PM tonight, at Hazard Park.”
“Why Hazard Park?”
“First, don’t interrupt me, and second, so nobody gets hurt. This is just between you and me. Got it?”
“Fine, but tell those cops that are recording this call that if they dare to show up, or have wired you, your dead! Just like that, understand?”
“Sure, see you tonight.”
“This is not a date cupcake; this is a serious deal!
“Shesh, you guys are so rude.” I closed the phone, and looked at Detective Hill. He gave me a thumbs up.
“Okay people, listen up. We’re going to surround that whole park, every inch of it, but secretly, let’s move people! Get the FBI, the CIA, and the SWAT patrol. Go, go, go!” Everybody ran all over the place. One woman came up to us.
“Detective Hills, who said to give you the right to give the orders?”
“Since I got assigned to this case and am protecting a young man from danger. Now, chief, I’d like you to let me give the orders today, this is my investigation, and I would like to lead it my way.” A comment like that could have gotten somebody fired, but the chief tried to stay calm and breath.
“Fine, Detective, you call the shots, for this investigation.” And she walked away.
“But they said no cops.” Sequoya said.
“Sweetie, that’s what they always say, but we’re not leaving your boyfriend alone.” Charles chuckled. Sequoya stomped her foot.
“You watch it mister, I have a black belt in karate, and you’re pretty boney. I think I could snap a rib or two.” Charles backed up.
“Charles, you have officially lost your game.” Zaire sighed, shaking his head.

Detective Hill’s placed a transparent earpiece in my ear, and a microphone in my hoodie, which I invented. He placed the hoodie over my head.
“Don’t you think they’ll notice?” He sighed.
“Honestly, let’s just see how it goes, okay? We’ve given you pain medicine so that your leg will be numb, but you’ll be able to walk.”

It was 10PM; we were all scared, and worried about what would happen. Most of them must be thinking if I’d live or not. I had one of my bags strapped over my back and the other one, Charles had it. We were all at the police station, trying to relax. Then, Zaire started laughing for no reason.
“This is all wrong!” I looked at him confused, and placed the glass of water down.
“What is?” He tried to breath and talk, but it just turned to laughter.

“Okay, I’m okay. So, your whole face is white, and so it your hair, but your whole outfit is black, that is just wrong!” We all groaned. He was telling us this for the past hour and a half.
“Wait, my face isn’t that white.”
“It is now.” I laid back in my chair, and looked at the ceiling, waiting for time to go by. The seconds were moving even closer.
“God, can’t time go faster!” Sequoya punched him in the arm. “Ow! What!”
“You’re asking time to go faster.” She hissed.
“Yeah, so?”
“That’s like asking Nathan to be dead quicker, you idiot!” She whispered, but I could hear her.
“Oh.” He said softly. He then nudged me. “That is so not what I meant.”
“I know.” After that, we were all silent.

When it was 10:50PM, Detective Hills ordered everybody to get into position, while I walked over to Hazard Park. The night seemed calmer, as if waiting for the minutes to go by for me to die. I felt as if this would be the last day of my life. If it was, I wouldn’t be upset. The police would finally know about my parents abusing me, and the world would know the real me. I was okay with it.

When I reached the park, the gate was closed. I climbed the gate and jumped to the other side. If my leg wasn’t numb, I would be in so much pain right now.
“So far so good Nathan, just keep walking.” Detective Hills whispered from the earpiece.
“No, really, didn’t think of that.” I hissed from the corner of my mouth. But kept on walking. As I walked, I could swear I felt the wind turning colder.
“Nathan, you made it.” I looked in front of me, Monica stood there with her arms folded. I looked behind of me and two men stood there with their guns pointed at me, and nudged me to move forward. I walked forward and saw the other three men and my bodyguard. He smiled at me, but I didn’t. I was in no mood to have a smart mouth right now. Monica smiled at me. “What, no smart comments.”
“Try not to get yourself hurt with that big mouth of yours.” Detective Hills whispered.
“What was that?” Monica asked me.
“I’m trying not to get myself hurt with my big mouth.” I responded.
“Cute. Boy’s check him.” They made me raise my arms up and patted me down.
“All clear.”
“Good, good. Now, hand it over cupcake, we don’t have all day.”
“Before I do, what about answering just two questions.” She crossed her arms.
“Alright. I guess it’s a small price to pay for the infiniter.”
“First, why did my bodyguard try to kill your men? Monica.” She smiled as she heard her name. She knew how I got her name and phone number. Because of the device in my bag.
“They were going solo. They thought they could just shoot you and figure out a way to open the infiniter, but we knew it was a one and a million chance those knuckle-brains could figure it out.”
“And, can I speak to my parents?” I asked innocently. Monica stared at me with shock. She was trying to hide it, but she couldn’t.
“How’d you know?”
“I’m not any ordinary 14 year old boy.” She smiled.
“Eloise, Davis, you have a visitor.” From behind the slides, my parents came out.
“Mommy, daddy, you look so pretty.” I said. They sneered at me.
“Nathan, you look so ugly.” My mother responded.
“Guess I get it from you.” I chuckled. My mother almost tied to strangle me, but my father held her back.
“Calm down. Now, Nathan, hand us the infiniter.”
“One last thing, why?” They stared at me.
“Why would you do all of this? You both are great, smart architectures. Lousy parents, but great architectures, so why are you becoming criminals?”
“Money, baby!” Mother responded. “Sure, having a job could get you money, but crime, it’s like getting free money without working.”
“But when doing crime, it takes a lot of planning.”
“Yes, but it’s a one-time plan, and you get more money than a year at work.” Dad claimed.
“Oh. Ingenious, but still stupid.”
“Enough questions, just give us the infiniter.”
“Tell your men to back off a bit; I don’t like people so close to me.” Monica gestured the men to back up a little. They did. I slid my bag off and tossed my ex-bodyguard the laptop-looking invention.
“It’s already open. Just tap the track-pad and it’ll wake up.”
“Very good, Nathan. Maybe we could use you to create other inventions. We’ve always under-estimated you, and now, we can use you for money!” Mom acknowledged. Mom pointed at the bodyguard to open it. He opened the lid and moved his finger along the track pad. It opened up and so did his eyes. I was backing up slowly and nobody noticed.
“This isn’t it!”
“What?” They all bellowed.
“This isn’t the infiniter, this is a regular laptop!” He showed the others the wallpaper, which was a picture of me, Sequoya, and Zaire. I smiled, and opened my bag.
“No, this is.” I said waving the real infiniter and running off.
“Stand down, I’ll get him!” My mother yelled, grabbed a gun, and ran after me.
“Nathan! I thought you left that here! Charles, is the infiniter in the bag?!”
“No, it’s just a book.” Charles responded.
“Damit, Nathan!” Detective Hills cussed. “Can’t you listen to a single dam thing I say?!”
“Calm down, I’ve got a plan. Tell your men to stand by the back door of the park.”
“Be careful.” I didn’t answer and ran as fast as I can.

When I reached the end of the park, I stood still. My mother stopped running and smiled, pointing the gun at me.
“End of the line, Nathan. You’ve been a bad boy lately, and now, you’re dead! But first, any last words?” I smiled as I saw the helicopter hovering over the park, waiting for my signal.
“Yeah, if I was a cop, I would say, FREEZE, LAPD!”I said as loudly as I could. My mother stared at me, confused. And right on cue, cops came down from the trees, the helicopters shone a light on my mother, and men jumped over the gate of the park. They all pointed a gun at my mother’s direction, and red lights were marked on her chest.
“LAPD, FREEZE!” They all yelled at once. I smiled as I saw Detective Hills car pulled over. He jumped over the fence, with a microphone in one hand, and a gun pointed at my mother with the other. While I was enjoying my moment of freedom, my mother quickly grabbed me from the neck with her arm, and pointed the gun at the back of my head.
“STAND DOWN!” Detective Hill yelled with his microphone. “Mrs. Jamie, we’ve already caught the others, let Nathan go, and surrender!” She just cried away, still holding the gun on my head, and spinning around, showing everybody that they better not mess with her, and she had control over all of them. I tried my best to struggle my way out, but my mother’ grip was strong. “Mrs. Jamie, let Nathan go! NOW!” Detective Hills yelled once more into the microphone. I could feel her tears falling onto my clothes. She pushed the gun harder.
“Nathan, do you love me?” She blurted out.
“Do you love me?!” She asked a little louder for everybody to hear. If your mother had a gun over your head and asked you that question, you would have said, “Of course mother,” or, “Mother, you’ve always been the best and I love you no matter what,” Since she have the choice of killing you and letting you live, you might want to make them happy. But not me, I wanted to tell her something I wanted to tell her for 14 years.
“No, mother! I have hated you! You’ve ruined my life since the day I was born! You’ve beaten me, you’ve harmed me, and you’ve never cared about me like my friends! I’ve never loved you, and never will!” I asserted. She stopped crying and thought about the words and I could feel her rage squeezing my throat.
“Okay then, good bye Nathan, I’ve never loved you either!” And that’s when a heard, and felt a bullet go through my head. I could feel everything spinning around me but kept conscious to see what would happen next.
“NO!” Detective Hills yelled. All the cops quickly moved in and removed my mother’s gun and her away from me, and to the ground, and they quickly cuffed her. I felt my knees fall to the ground. Before anybody could help me, Detective Hills quickly ran over and caught me before I laid faced down on the ground. He placed my head on his lap.
“CALL AN AMBULANCE!” He yelled, but to me, if felt like he was talking from a well.
“Me and my big mouth.” I croaked, giving him a slight smile.
“Nathan, listen to me. You have to stay with me, okay, just hold on!”
“Thanks…for everything.”
“Nathan, you’re going to be fine! You hear me; you’re going to be fine!” I shook my head slightly.
“Good bye Detective Hills.” I said, as my eyes started to close.
“Nathan, Nathan!” He said, shaking me to wake up, but I felt the world became silent. I could still see the dark night sky, but all the stars blinked out one by one, as my battle to stay consciousness failed. I wondered if this was really it, and if I was finally dead.

I felt my throat as dry as the Sahara desert, and it tasted of metal. If I really was dead, was it normal to feel pain all over. I opened one eye and took a look around. I was at the hospital again. I opened both my eyes. I was alive? I was alive! I wanted to cheer with excitement and jump up and down, if I could. I saw another surprise. By my bed, I saw Detective Hill sleeping in the chair next to me. Black circles surrounded his eyes and he looked like he aged 100 years. I guess I’ve really gave him a lot of trouble. I carefully sat up and ignored the pain all over, but I groaned a little too loud. Detective Hills woke up.
“Good morning Detective, how’d you sleep?” He looked at me and smiled.
“You, mister, have given me both a hard time to stick with my job, and I almost had a stroke.” I smiled.
“Guess it’s in the family, huh?” He sat up.
“You okay?”
“I feel like a million bucks.”
“Now, that’s a lie.” I nodded. The doctor that was here last time came in.
“Welcome back, Nathan. You almost had brain damage, and died, but, welcome back.” He said smiling and talking with his Irish accent.
“Doctor!” Detective yelled.
“Sorry, sorry. Let me try to sugarcoat it. Welcome back Nathan, you’re breathing.” He said. I turned to the Detective and he just sighed and shook his head.
“Well, doc, you’ve been a real help.” I said sarcastically.
“Why thank you.” He really didn’t get sarcasm. I placed my head into my hands and shook my head.
“Doc, why don’t you go out and leave us alone for a while.” He left.
“I have never hated a person that fast.” He laughed.
“I told you, you were going to be alright.” I nodded.
“So, my parents, what happen to them?”
“Well, they’re in jail right now and they’re gonna go to court in a few weeks.” I laid back. “I know it might be hard to see your parents going to jail.”
“Hard? Detective, this is the best day of my life! Well, other than the pain, but the best. I’m finally free from those people they called my parents.”
“That’s nice. And Nathan, never think for a second that they were right and you’re useless. I have kids of my own and I have never in my life seen this case before. It’s really disgraceful, and disgusting.” He handed me a bag which contained my laptop and the infiniter. I smiled.
“Who knew that such a little device could cause so much trouble?”
“Trouble? That doesn’t even describe what I’ve been through this week!” I laughed.
“Anyway, thank you, for everything.” He smiled.
“You’re very welcome. So, are you going to go to college now?”
“Well, I thought about it, and thought, maybe I’ll just stick to the home-schooling thing. I’m still young and still want to enjoy high school.” He ruffled my hair.
“Good choice. I’ll talk to you soon.” He got up and headed for the door. “But before I do, I have something.” He opened the door and 5 men walked in. They had guns in their hands and were wearing black suits.
“More criminals?” I moaned.
“No, bodyguards, and we did background checks on them.” Then he left. I stared at the bodyguards, they waved hi, and introduced there selves. One of them, Mark, was the friendliest. He tried to make the most conversation and humored me. The others were surrounding the door and the window, making sure nobody was there.

When a week had passed at the hospital, I begged them to release me. So they did. I had an arm and leg cast and crutches. But I was fine with it. I was finally out of the hospital. When I started going to school again, Sequoya, and Zaire never let me out of there sight again. Neither did Mark. We all sat down at the lunch table. Mark was trying to fit in the tiny chairs, but he was too talk and bulky.
“You know, you don’t have to be here.” I told him.
“You can’t go a minute without getting yourself hurt, Nathan. No, I’m gonna go to school with you for as long as your safe and I’m alive.”
“Nice speech, man.” Zaire said. Mark bowed slightly. Sequoya rolled her eyes.
“What do you both have next?” She asked us.
“Science.” Zaire and I responded.
“Ugh,” Mark sighed. “I’ve always hated science. There’s no use to it, but I was forced to take it.”
“Mark, science helps you with statistics and probability. Also, predictions. If you wanted to aim your gun at a target, you’d need to aim your gun at the right angle and try to-” Mark grabbed a piece of bread and stuffed it in my mouth.
“God, you talk a lot!”

After school, we all walked to my house together. Of course today was my birthday, but I told everybody that I didn’t want to celebrate it. I was already happy, and could ask for nothing else. I was safe, alive, and my parents were in jail. I didn’t have to live in fear anymore and I can tell the whole world who I really am. Plus, I had friends and people who really cared about me.

When the guards opened the gate to my house, Mark stopped me.
“Cover your eyes.” He said to me. I stared at him.
“If I do that, then I’d have to let go of my crutches and I’ll fall.”
“Whenever you talk, you make things so complicated.” He grabbed me by my waist with one arm, and gave my crutches to Zaire. He then carried me over his shoulder.
“Mark, put me down!”
“Just wait and see.”
“Hey, Nathan, remember when we were little and whenever you used to hang upside down on the jungle gym, you’d almost throw up?” Sequoya remembered. I puked a little in my mouth.
“Shut up, Sequoya.” As I got carried to my house, I noticed that the white walls were decorated with balloons and streamers, and a huge banner hung that said, Happy Birthday Nathan! Mark sat me down on the couch as I stared around.
“Happy birthday!” They all shouted.
“Guys, I told you I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday.”
“Like we’d listen to you.” They all said. Sequoya ran up and gave me a hug.
“Happy 15th birthday, Nathan.”
“Enough with this gooey stuff, let’s get to the games.” Zaire placed on a blindfold, and took a feather with a pin that looked like a tail.
“Pin the tail on the donkey? Isn’t that a little corny?” I asked him.
“Not to me, now tell me where the poster is!” Sequoya laughed as I just shook my head about how childish he could be.

After the party games we had cake. DING DONG! Mark quickly got out his gun and walked slowly to the door. But I wasn’t worried. The guards wouldn’t just let anybody in. When he opened the door, he relaxed.
“Calm down, Mark.” Said a very familiar voice. It was Detective Hills. He walked up to us.
“Hi Detective.”
“Hi Nathan, happy birthday.” He said handing me a blue gift and sitting down.
“What is it?”
“Open it.” So I did. Inside was a real LAPD badge.
“What’s this for?”
“Well, you’d make a really good Detective one day. Just another career option.”
“Thanks. And about the infiniter, I actually made a change.” I took it out of my bag and handed it to him. “I think you guys might need it more than I do. Of course I can’t sell it, but I could make a few inventions for you guys.” I tossed it to him. “Just show your badge where the camera is and everything about you will come up.” He waved his badge at the camera, and the infiniter opened up.
“Welcome, Detective Malcolm Hills.”
“That’s very good, thank you.” I shrugged.
“No problem”
“So, are you going to live here by yourself, or with a foster family?” I thought about it. Living with a family might be nice, but it would just be fake.
“I think I’ll stay here.”
“Fair enough. Listen, I’ve gotta run, just wanted to say happy birthday. I’ll see you all later, bye.”
“Bye.” We all said, and he left. Zaire got up.
“Well, if you need me I’ll be in your room.”
“I ate 10 slices of cake and my stomach hurts.” I smiled, and gestured him to go. That just left me and Sequoya. I fussed with my fingers.
“So…” I said. She smiled.
“Nice conversation.”
“Sorry, I’ve got nothing.” She smiled, and kissed me.
“No, but I do.” She said, holding my hand and smiling. I smiled at her. I was finally free. I was finally myself, and nobody could ruin it. My life was flawless, and perfect.

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