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Author's note: What inspired me to write this story was that some children are not treated like children and...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: What inspired me to write this story was that some children are not treated like children and they can be neglected by their own parents. I wanted to tell teens everywhere that no matter what, your talent will be discovered by someone, and you will be free.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 1 I’m free, for the time being

Maybe I should just tell the police. Or maybe, someone more advanced like the CIA, or the FBI, or The Children’s Aid Society. But what’s the point? If I told them that my parents have been brutally beating me up for no apparent reason, they’ll sit down with my parent’s on the couch and they’ll discuss the situation with my parent’s, and they would just laugh hard.
“Oh that Nathan always causes trouble. No, no, we love Nathan, and would never hurt him, ever!” Of course they’ll believe my parents, who are the smartest architectures here in Los Angeles. But as they slammed the car doors shut, and backing out of the driveway, realizing what a big mistake it was to come here, I’ll be crying and begging for them to come back, while my parents beat me up. Leaving me with bruises, and drowning in a pile of blood. Forget it! I’d rather die later than right now, trying to fight for my freedom, painfully, yet quickly.
My name is Nathan Jamie, and I live with my cruel parents. My Mom, Eloise Jamie, and my Dad, Davis Jamie are billionaire, smart architectures here in Los Angeles. One of the finest around. They build amazing buildings, and structures, but are very lousy parents. For 14 years, I suffered pain for no apparent reason. If you took a look at every single one of my pictures from the day I was born and now, you’ll find be bruised, scarred, or broken.
My parents would tell everyone, “Oh that boy, always getting into trouble. He’s always playing with knifes, and falling off beds. What am I ever going to do with him?” Of course that wasn’t even true, but people bought it. If they asked me from my opinion, I had to tell everyone the same story my parents would have me brain-washed to say. Sure I was smiling in every one of those pictures, but that was just for show. Inside I felt scared, afraid, and alone. I woke up, wondering what my parents would do to me today, and would end up crying myself to sleep at the end of the day.
I am a regular patient in the ER. I go there 5 times a month, or if my parents are really mad, every week. They never complained or questioned my clumsiness, which really insulted me that they wouldn’t even consider the fact of child abuse. I stared at my reflection in the bathroom mirror. People said that I had a nice smile, and a nice features, and I would think so too, except my parents only think like I’m a stray dog. My blonde hair was almost as if bleach has been spilled over it, sucking the color away and leaving it white, and laid flat on my forehead. My bright blue eyes, and my dimples that showed upon my face either I was crying or smiling, which I rarely do. But the one thing that was the reason my fair skin was not flawless was because of the huge red scar on my right check.
My Mom gave it to me when I showed her my A+ on a history test yesterday. Afterwards, she started laughing. “You got an A+ on a history test? As if! You are no smarter than our neighbors, the Dinkins, who can’t even change a single light bulb! You may be born from a smart, intelligent family, but that doesn’t mean you are one! Now, give that paper back to the child that actually earned it and deserves its. Their parents must be so proud on that child, and look at us, we are stuck with you!” She said flipping her golden hair over her shoulder. She was wrong, that kid’s parents were not proud of them. They hated him. They hated me.
I always tried to avoid showing my parents how smart I am. But when I accomplish something, I have an urge to tell someone, and by accident tell my parents, who don’t care what I do. Normal kid’s parents would give their child a reward like ice cream, or a gift they would like, or even a pat on the back. All I get are stars. Not those shiny stars you get, but the one when you get hit so hard that all you see are stars hovering all around you. But I wasn’t just smart, smart. No, I was extremely smart for a boy my age. I’ve been taking classes higher than 9th grade. I’ve passed high school, and have gotten my degree, and I am currently trying to get a medical college degree. But I didn’t tell my parents this yet, nor would I ever. I just repeat 9th grade, and at home, studied for my medical tests. I’m even investing a few things. Things that no 14 year old could ever design or built.
“Nathan, you pathetic excuse for a son, where are you?!” My Dad yelled. I dropped the cotton swab that had antibiotics, which I was using to clean my scar down in the sink. I ran out of my bathroom, and followed my Dad’s yelling into the living room. My mother and father sat together on the white couch, drinking away. My mother was really beautiful. When she smiled, her white teeth filled the whole room with joy, and her long golden hair was always on her shoulders. My father had blue eyes, and dark blonde hair. I was sort of in the middle when it came to my hair color. They were both dressed in fancy clothes and were angry when they saw me. Big whoop, they always looked like that. I folded my hand in front of me, straightened my hair, and stood tall. Just like I was supposed to look like when addressing at my parents.
“Mother. Father.”
“Nathan, you brat, what took you so long?!” My mother yelled at me.
“I’m sorry mother, I was cleaning my wound from when I accidentally scratched myself when playing with knifes. Foolish me.” My mother smiled like a vampire when they found there midnight bite.
“Well said. Why don’t you put lemon juice on it, so we can hear you cry in pain?” My mother suggested. My father laughed at this cruel joke. I could feel sweat coming down and dropping on my shirt.
“Is that a request?” I said softly. She sighed.
“No, I wish it was, but we have to go. Now, we are going out for a few days, and when we come back, we want this house clean, and spotless! And don’t you dare try to call anybody but a friend, and don’t call the police!”
“Mother, if I get hurt again? From my clumsiness?” She got up and stared directly at me.
“You better not ruin our trip, young man!”
“Of course mother, I would never do that.” She calmed down and took a deep breath out.
“Good, good. Remember, we have security camera’s everywhere. So if you dare call the police, I will hit you so hard, you’ll see stars! I have given your bodyguard certain instructions if you dare call the police or decide to run away. School and a friend, that’s it!”
“Of course mother. I would never dishonor you. You have left me alone many times, and I would never deceive my dearest family.” I said, holding back a snort. She gave me another cruel smile.
“Very good. Good bye.”
“Good bye mother, Good bye father.” They rolled their eyes and left. I sighed with relief. A few days without getting hit were okay. Even if I tried to run away when in school, my parents had a bodyguard watching me everywhere, and would tattle tale on me, so I decided not to tell the cops.
The house was actually a mansion. A huge mansion. The tiles were marble black, and the walls were painted brightly white. I felt a huge feeling of relief flowing through me as I sat down in the couch, covering my head into my hands. But thought to myself, is my life always going to be like this? When I grow up, will I ever get to have a regular life, and will I ever be free? My mother was the one who used weapons to hurt me, and my father; he loved knocking me out cold with either a plate, or his bare hands. I felt a cold hand touch my shoulder, and bolted right up. It was Marina, the maid.
“Are you okay?” She said sweetly. Of course she didn’t know about the beatings. Plus, she was only 35. I never treated her like a maid, but more as a friend.
“Hmm, yeah, never better.” I said sarcastically. She sat down next to me.
“Is there something you’re not telling me? You can tell me, I’m trustworthy.” I looked at the huge bulky guard standing by the door, cracking his knuckles and pulling out a knife. I’ve seen what he can do.
“No Marina, I’m fine.” I said giving her a weak smile. She looked at my check, and touched the scar.
“What happened?” She asked me.
“Just naturally clumsy, I guess.” She got up and ran upstairs.
She came down with an alcohol pad and a white butterfly bandage. She sat down next to me, and starting wiping my scar with the alcohol. I almost got out of my seat, because the pain was unbearable.
“Calm down, I’m almost done.” She then applied the bandage. “There, that better.” I smiled.
“Thank you.” She smiled back and left, but turned to me.
“You should get some sleep, you have school tomorrow.” I nodded, and went upstairs to my bedroom.
My bedroom was pretty awesome, and my parents never bothered to check it out. I had posters of famous people that have invented amazing everyday things we use today. My desk was filled with metal and electronic parts for my inventions. I sat down on my desk. One of my inventions was going to change the world! I was making an invention that could make diamonds appear by putting only rocks into it, and I was almost done with creating my new invention. The computer of the future. It could surf anything, anywhere, and could hack into any computer system known to demand. It was pretty cool, and I would soon show it to an inventor and would change the world. I opened the blue looking laptop, called the infiniter. This little computer holds infinity things, and can surf 50 times faster than the average computer’s speed.
“Open infiniter.” I said to it. It was voice activated, and only operated with my voice. The screen opened up and the wallpaper was the infinity sign.
“Welcome, Nathan Jamie. How are you?” It asked me. The computer of the future should communicate with their users.
“I’m fine, infiniter. How much more data must be stored into you?”
“95,000 more, Nathan Jamie.” That was better than when I first started with it.
“Infiniter, I’ll add those 95,000 information’s tomorrow. Close infiniter.”
“Closing. Good night Nathan Jamie.” I shut the infiniter down and hid it in my safe and applied the 6 digit code. 10 28 98. My birthday, I needed something easy to remember. I laid down on my bed and let all my stress go. I drifted off into a dreamless sleep from the chirping sounds of crickets.

“Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, Nathan.” I sat up, rubbing my tired eyes.
“What?” I looked at my alarm clock, which was chanting my name. Another invention of mine. 7:50 A.M. “Oh man!” I quickly tossed the sheets off, and quickly changed my clothes, took my bag, and headed downstairs. My bodyguard was waiting for me outside.
“You are late Nathan.” He said bitterly. He didn’t like the fact that he had to work for me, but my parents said that I might run away or something.
“I know, I’m sorry. Please, step on it.” He snorted, but opened the car door for me, and drove with speed to school. When I got there, I saw kids waving bye to their parents and meeting their friends. Everybody was laughing and smiling as they entered school. I got out of the car, and just stared at it for a moment. Then, I felt a meaty hand on my neck. I turned around and saw my guard from home.
“If you try to act smart, we’ll kill you. We have guards disguised everywhere, always. Even if you think you’re alone, you’re not. Understand!” He said, trying not to make a scene. “Yes.” He tossed me my bag, and pushed my forward. I quickly ran inside the school, and stood by my locker. Okay then, I’m not going to run away today. But soon, when I think of a plan. I will get my freedom, just not now. I opened my locker and stuffed a few books into my bag.
“Nathan.” Said someone. I looked behind my locker. Zaire and Sequoya stood behind my locker. Sequoya and Zaire gasped.
“Nathan, what happened to your check?” Sequoya asked me. I wish I could tell her, I just wish I could tell Zaire, my best friend too, but I couldn’t.
“Naturally clumsy.” I mumbled. That excuse was getting so lame.
“Dude, come on, you had a broken wrist a few weeks ago, and a broken arm a week ago, and a black eye a month ago. What are you, cursed or something?” Zaire asked me. I guess they weren’t stupid.
“It’s nothing. Let’s go to class.”
“But-” Sequoya stared to say.
“Please, change the subject.” I begged them. They both stared at each other, but let it go because I asked them.
“Okay Nathan.” She said softly. I smiled. Zaire placed an arm over me.
“Let’s go to class. See yeah Sequoya, sorry I had to steal him away from you when you wanted to ask him something.” Zaire said, chuckling. Sequoya hit his arm hard.
“Zaire, you‘ve got a mouth of a hippopotamus!” I stared at Sequoya, wondering what she was going to ask me. She blushed when she saw me looking.
“It’s nothing, see you at lunch.” She said running to her next class before the bell even rang. Zaire started laughing.
“Girls!” I still didn’t get it, but followed Zaire to our science class. One of the classes that I worshipped. Of course the other kids though the idea of cutting open a frog was disgusting, but I thought of it as a very exciting experiment.
“Who would like to go first?” Our science teacher asked our class. Nobody volunteered. Zaire, my partner, snorted.
“Like I would like to cut open a frog in front of the whole class and puke afterwards. No thanks.” He whispered to me, brushing his brown hair with his fingers. I raised my hand. He glared at me. “What are you doing?!”
“Volunteering.” The science teacher looked at me.
“Ah, Nathan, always you. Well, show these rookies how it’s done, my star pupil.” I smiled. School was the only place where I actually had freedom, and I enjoyed every bit of it. I just wished it could last. I took the scalpel placed on our tray, next to the frog on our desk, and made a straight cut from the top to the bottom. I heard Zaire wince as he saw the insides of the frog. The other kids started yelling,
“Eww! Why would he do that?”
“Enough, you little babies. Now Nathan, tell the whole class what you see and tell them about it.” The teacher asked me.
“I see its internal organs. They are small, but fragile. I wouldn’t move them so much or it might get damaged. If you cut off its toes and put it under a microtone and drop reactive dye on it, and wait. You can see the growth rings, and count them to find out the age.” I got disgusting looks everywhere, and a few gags. Our teacher just stared at me with fascination.
“How on Earth do you know all of this?” He asked me.
“I would like to be a doctor when I grow up.”
“Very fascinating, very fascinating.” He didn’t stop staring at me until the bell rang. “Well the rest of babies don’t have to descent a frog, today was the last day we were studying on animal life.”
“Yay!” Everybody yelled.
“And on Monday, we will learn about the human body.”
“Ugh!” As everybody left, Mr.Luisen stopped me.
“Can I speak to you?” I nodded, and placed my bag over a shoulder. He sat down next to me. “You are very interesting Nathan. Nobody would have known that. How did you?” I bit my lip.
“Would you like to hear a secret? But you have to promise not to tell anybody, not even my parents?” He could tell I looked serious.
“Okay Nathan, I promise.” I took a deep breath in, and ignored the guard that was looking at me from the open window.
“I have graduated high school, and am now in medical school. I’m still 14, but I graduated early. Very early.” Mr.Luisen looked a little shocked.
“I’m-you’re…” He cleared his throat. “What class do you enjoy the most?”
“Physiology! It’s interesting to know about the living things. I’m also an inventor, and love science. I’m trying to take a science class next.”
“That’s very secretive Nathan, why don’t you tell your parents, would you like me to-”
“No! I mean… you promised.” He hesitated, but nodded.
“Of course, this is your secret, and it shall stay with us.” He said giving me a smile. I smiled back.
“Thank you.” He still couldn’t get the shock from his eyes out. “Um, may I go?”
“Of course, of course. See you tomorrow my graduate.” I smiled and headed out. I looked back, and saw that the guard by the window pointed both his fingers in front of his eyes, and back at me. A sign that he’ll be watching me. I nodded, and left.
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Born2Love97 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Sept. 16, 2012 at 7:56 pm
I like this. It's really good and you're one of those few people with the gift too! Happy Writing!! :)
Nimra replied...
Sept. 16, 2012 at 9:52 pm
Your too kind!
Nimra said...
Aug. 17, 2012 at 3:22 pm
So frightening!

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