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July 25, 2012
By Anonymous


Jack Crier wasn't like most cops in Chicago. He was stoic, brash, headstrong, egotistical and likes to keep to himself.
Eventually he stumbled upon the body of Louie Russo, a mob hit man. He and his partner Sgt. Brock go on a quest to find and apprehend the killer by any means necessary. But when they find him...a question is raised that will change the way they think forever.



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on Aug. 21 2012 at 5:40 am
Vagabond SILVER, New Delhi, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Every end is a new beginning;
What a caterpillar calls an end the rest of the world calls a butterfly;
"Begining are normally sacary endings are normally sad,
it's in the middle which makes life worth living"

OMG!! it is such a cool book!! i felt every thing you worte in it! Good Job!! :)

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