The haunting

July 10, 2012
By JackieMena1 DIAMOND, bellflower, California
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JackieMena1 DIAMOND, Bellflower, California
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Chapter 1

When I came home from work I noticed something strange about the way the house felt. It didn’t feel right, I called out for my husband “Greg, Greg!”, but no answer. Maybe he fell asleep upstairs in the bedroom. I checked but he was no where to be found. So I took my chances and went to his work. As soon as I got there I thought “ Why not sneak in the back door?” I opened it, and a man appeared, he seemed drugged. Not drunk because he was in a sort of haze.
I asked him “Uh, excuse me do you know if Greg is in there?”
“ Leave, go, run. It’s not safe.” He said hesitantly, I didn’t really care about what he was saying at the moment, so I continued on and went in through the door. As I looked through it seemed a bit odd, it felt funny. Not the ordinary Lab’s that you see now a days. It was strange, rooms were filled with experimental tools, and it felt a little out of random, like it’s been out of place, nothing fit in. There were beakers here and there, flasks scattered on the floor, as if someone was in a rush to get out and didn’t care that they were knocking everything over.
I went to the last door on the left, and found him. He was talking to a man in a black suit on the opposite side of his work table. I couldn’t quite see what they were exchanging, but it seemed like Greg was handing him an envelope, but I couldn't make out what the mysterious man was handing over to Greg. I stepped into the doorway, I had many questions but refrained from asking most of them. “Hey, Greg, you didn’t call what‘s going on? Who’s the man outside?”
He looked puzzled. “Judy get out of her it’s not safe.” But, I didn’t care.
“Greg I'm not leaving until you tell me what the hell is going on!” he didn’t reply, but went back to what he was doing.
The man on the opposite side of the desk left stood up,walked around, and whispered something in Greg’s ear, and left bumping my shoulder on his way out. Greg got up, turned around, put the object in the inside pocket of his lab coat. That’s when I noticed the terror in his eyes. I haven’t seen it in years.
“It’s none of your business, Don’t ask me again.” His face outraged as if someone provoked him. He picked up a scalpel from the tools that lay on a trey perched on the cabinet. “You know I should have done this a long ago but I didn’t.”
I knew what he was plotting but I didn’t let him get to me. I slid between the chair and the cabinet for support, he came to me and swung his fist like an angry gorilla, and missed. “What are you talking about!?” I said, moving from the tiny space I was in. He grabbed another tool from the tray it was some sort of a drill. “You know exactly what I am talking about! My work, Judy!!” At that time he was just an inch away from my face. Oh God no. I knew i had act and i had to act quick. I grabbed the chair beneath the table and swung it, surprisingly whacking him. He fell to the floor bloody faced, He looked at me with eyes full of fear yelling, “Judy!!”

Oh my God what have I done!? Oh no, NO NO NO! I ran out of there as fast as I could trembling, hands shaking. Paid no attention to the man drugged in the corner. I can’t call the police, they... What would they do? I hesitated looking for something to ease my mind. It’s not my fault he- he- he tried to kill me. Searching from questions in my mind as I drove away back to the house. What was he doing to the people? His patients? Why haven’t I known about it? Wait, what was the object in his lab coat? I must find out.

The author's comments:
Will Judy go to talk with the mystery man?

Chapter 2
I went back. The man on the corner had left, humm wonder where he went? i ran back in “Hello?” i yelled, making sure no one was in the building. I entered the room and Greg was on lying floor .The sight nearly made me sick to my stomach. I grabbed the object from his pocket it was a piece of paper. I opened it and walked out. It read : Don’t forget our agreement 45th st. 93706 park ave.
As i drove home, I passed the street that the man wrote on the paper, i opened it up making sure it was the right address, the street was filled with apartments. i figured he lived in one of them. I laid low just in case he was around. I saw the man. He was talking to a man he gave the him an envelope. They went up stairs to one of the apartment i couldn't quite make out what the other man looked like so i jotted down the apartment number and drove on home.

Chapter 3
The next day I went to work, I worked at a law firm, I have to tell Scott. I said to myself

“Hey”, wow that’s a great way to get some one's attention I thought sarcastically. I turned around and saw Scott “why is it that every time I’m at work ,you seem to find me” .“fate” Scott said laughing a little laugh. Ha wow! The man is obsessed. I just couldn’t stop thinking of Greg. One night of absolutely nothing turned into absolutely something. God I’m so confused. Is this fate or just another day. “I know it’s a surprise“ “yeah… you tell me ” I said. I’m having a stressful day and now, it’s even more stressful because he showed up.

I tried to tell a joke but the tension won’t go away, it just kept growing and growing. “oh what do you want Scott can’t you see in so much pain right now?” “no” he said. Oh really? this man is unbelievable. “well, I’m going through and awful depression ,and your presence here is killing me” “well, if it is then why aren’t you dead? ” he laughed. I didn’t find the subject laughable. “well, enough said then done” he turned around to leave “I’ll leave you to your peace” I didn’t say a word as he left.

Wow what a day! As I walked slowly to the door. I realized I may have lost a friend the only friend that was there for everything. That friend was Scott . What have I done? As soon as I left my office and had shut the door behind me, I gave him a call. One ring… the second ring … finally an answer “hello? ” Scott listen before you hang up” Scott” “I’m listening” his voice was silent as I spoke. “yes I know I yelled at you but-” he cut me off “ Judy I know” what did he know? “what?” I asked, “I know what your going through don‘t worry everything is going to be alright” I said good night and hung up the phone. There were some major issues I had to look into before the next day.

I tried to figure out what he meant. I couldn’t figure it out. Although we’ve been friends for five years he’s been nothing but good to me and what do I do? Yell at him. I’m not proud but at least we worked it out. Everyone soon felt empathy for my loss but I didn’t ,that man was Crazy. Not to be mean he was my husband. But, God did he made me sick! The next few weeks I tried to get Greg out my mind I finally did , I through out all his things. It was the only way I could get him out of my mind.

Everyday I would pray for God’s forgiveness and go to a physiatrist to see my problems. Turned out it wasn’t me ,it was my marriage. Blame that. I knocked on her door. As if she were doing something important” Yes“ I couldn’t get the nerve to talk to her about the problems we had in the relationship , but hey, at least i had the nerves to show up to that stupid psychiatrist. Wow that lady gave me a head ache. Yeah now I know what they meant when they say “I’m getting paid by the hour” that sure bumped up her volume. I’m not talking about the hair, but ,God that woman had a mouth! And she was using it.

Later that night I went to sleep, but, suddenly I heard a knock at my door. I went to go check maybe it was Scott. Nothing. No one I went to grow grab my mug from the microwave and …”oh my God” I took a sip of my tea and burned myself from what I saw. It was Greg’s body hanging from the ceiling. “ahh!” I screamed I called the cops, as soon as they came around I was on my porch. I went to show them and the body was gone. How could this be? “bu-ut he w-a-as th-er-e”. They didn’t believe me, of course, how could they believe a psycho freak like me! “It’s true I’m not lying” “I’m sorry madam. As soon as we find some evidence then maybe we will believe you, but you might be having a psychotic break down.” evidence .. Proof? The man was there, I saw him with my own eyes, and all they can think of is psychotic break down. The hell with them!!!

The author's comments:
how will Judy tell Scott?

Chapter 4

Okay they needed proof and evidence, but I need them to believe me well, what do I do now? I tried to sleep but, I kept staring at the empty bed, his empty side of the bed. If I hadn’t done what I did, he would have been here, he would of kissed me goodnight. It’s just so hard with these thoughts running through my mind.

The next morning I made my coffee and ran to work. Being two minutes late my boss called me into his office. Now my boss can be a nice Guy but, today he was a total- well, you know the word. I guess his wife didn’t keep him satisfied. “ Judy, do you know why your still here?” I looked at him , searching for an answer “no” “That’s right!” he yelled. He got up from his chair and moved closer to me. “you’re the best person in the business -”

He turned around to look at a picture of him and his wife and turned to me and said “ but, you know what I don’t like” he swallowed “people who are late to work!” I walked towards him and said” I’m very sorry sir.. I-It won’t happen again I promise.” he turned to his desk “let’s hope not.”

I walked out of his office ,“Wow, what a B**** “. One of the assistance over heard and said” Excuse me?” I turned to her and said nothing. Turns out that lady wasn’t just an assistant but his wife. His wife !!! Wow what if she tells him? I walked to her she looked at me funny “let’s hope that you were referring to yourself and not my husband-” I cut her off “Busy morning I hadn’t had my coffee” laughing it off . she looked at me and said “well, I have a busy day also.“, and walked away. Wow that was close she would of gotten me fired. Ow, the pain that I’d have to go through just to get that job back.

I ran into Scott that afternoon, he was bummed out that I hadn’t called him first. But he understood and invited me to coffee. I couldn’t say no to that. Scott was a charming young man middle aged but, a little bit softer than I, I was a bit tougher when it came to men , in his case he let women in and out of his life like a baby sitter while I didn’t. There was something I’ve noticed about Scott that day his smile. His smile told it all.

He wasn’t that type to let anything go like the time his Ex wife left him, he begged ,and begged for her to come back. His smile covers his sadness, if it was a play he do the part very well, All Scott needed was a smile on his face and a women at his side. Scott always had a thing for women with glasses although I didn’t think he had a thing for me. But I was wrong he did indeed. I couldn’t help but ask him how he was doing by himself . But like always the smile covered up everything.

That night I invited Scott over. I though ah, what the heck. He’s charming isn’t he, but let’s not forget my husband, remember the one that I murdered. “Thanks, you know I’m not that good with women” He was lying. He was very good with women, Especially me. I laughed and he laughed also. It’s funny how we clicked, I never thought we would. After all ,he was my friend. “your very funny Scott” I said starring into his eyes. “you think so?” I turned to the couch where he was sitting . “yes” we looked into each other's eyes then I turned my eyes into another direction ,“you drew those?’ pointing to the pictures along the walls of my entrance . I said “no ..” I paused. “Gregory drew them” he could almost see my eyes tear up as I said those words but, I kept it in. I was very good at that.

Hiding my emotions was one of the things I did very well. He knew that, but Greg didn’t. Greg thought everything was fine when it really wasn’t. I guess you would say that was the bad part in our relationship. He always wanted me to shut up and push my emotions aside. That’s how I learned how to hide my tears. I did it to keep our relationship working but, it didn’t quite work. Greg always through stuff around including me.

Not literally. He always said what was on his mind it wasn’t a good thing because part of it , was hurting our relationship. The one thing I didn’t let get to me was the abuse. Greg would get upset, when things wouldn’t go his way he’d through his fists at practically everything. My parents never knew he was like that because well, I never told them and they would never see it . when we got married I thought if I left it all behind ,it wouldn’t matter, but it did.

The author's comments:
Will Jana tell Scott how she really feels? or will Judy get closer to Scott?

Chapter 5

That night was the best night of my life. I don’t want to say this but, I felt like myself with him. I could be me and that , that alone was the best part a woman could ever feel ,on top of being treated like one. Although we were the total opposite, it felt like we weren’t, like he liked everything I did. We just clicked so beautifully and nothing , nothing could take that away.

The next day I tried to stay focused at work but, I couldn’t I just wouldn’t stop thinking about him, and how he made me feel. But , I tried for the work, of course, Today I was a princess tomorrow I will be a queen. In my mind, I suppose. “hey Judy, how’s it coming along? ” Jana said. Jana was my co- worker . Gosh I wish I could sit and chat with her for hours but I told her it was magnificent and of course, The work was coming along pretty well.

“Ah hey after work do you want to stop by and grab some coffee?”
“Gees Jana, I wish but I have a date with-”
“Scott, yeah I understand”
“no “. I tried to say something I guess she took it the wrong way. Jana was a type of girl that takes no and shoves it the wrong way even more in a negative way. Their was nothing you can do to get around her, without her finding out. She was “ow, and ah” about things if something were to happen. She’d be there all the way.

Now that was a good thing, although sometimes it can be very, very annoying. Not to be rude or anything, she’s a great gal but , she’s not cut out for the whole live in the moment thing. More like live for today and see what happens tomorrow. I don’t know what her people see in her, but it’s got me thinking. That day was worth the wait the night you get home it’s just a great feeling that you have someone there for you every step of the way, and Scott was that great feeling. I mean ever since Greg, and the whole incident happened , he’s been all ears with me through thick and thin. Kind of creepy though but, I’ve had worse.

As soon as I got home I took a nap before Scott would come by and swoop me off my feet. As I tried to get some sleep the phone rang “hello” I said in a tired voice
“Judy, listen I know you probably got dressed-”
“I-” I tried to cut him off but he kept on talking.
“I’m not going to be able to take you out today, nothing personal it’s just.. Well I can’t explain it right now, but, by the time you’ll understand” he said with a sad but harsh voice. but, I know that deep inside he cares and if what he’s saying is really important than I understand.
“what do you mean” I replied
“well Judy….” he paused as if he was thinking on to what to say next.
“I can’t explain it to you ”
I understood, he wasn’t ready and for the most part I wasn’t either, but
He knew that I didn’t care. He made me feel good inside, no one has ever made me feel that way, but he is right .

That night I called Jana up after all I don’t want her to think she’s my last resort. “hey Jana you busy?” it seemed as if she didn’t want to talk , well to me. “look I don’t want to talk to you right now OK?”
“Jana listen-” she cut me off and said “ you never use to hang out with Scott until he started to give you gifts-” I cut her off and said “Jana that isn’t true and you know it” then silence. “look-” she paused as if making a expression on her face through the phone “When you shut me down for Scott I was bummed I thought you wanted to get back at me for what I said to you- but I know that he liked you and I was jealous-”
“why?” I said
“because I was chasing after him for so many years and I just didn’t have the guts to go up and talk to him”
“that’s the stupidest reason I’ve ever heard, go talk to him Jana I’m sure he’d talk to you”
“ok” she said as I was about to hang up she yelled through the phone “why aren’t you out with Scott?” I had to tell her although she’ll poke fun at me. She was also the type to do that. “wow! Why?”
I replied in a soft tone “ he said we needed time”
She then replied “for what?”
“ he said because of the whole Greg incident ” She understood , didn’t think she would , but she did!

The author's comments:
Will Judy find out her power? or will the Mystery Man turn out to be a killer? Will he help Judy? Or will she be on her own?

Chapter 6

I tried to get some rest but all I could think of was Greg's anger towards me, why was he acting strange ? what was it making him that way? was i really over the top about his work? All night I couldn't stop the terror's, the nightmares and the mood that came along with it. It was silent now, about 3o'clock. I thought of getting a stiff drink so i got up from my bedroom and went down stairs. I opened the cupboard and took out the champagne. I just drank right through the bottle eh, what the heck ! I am the only one in this two story house. An abrupt call came in , I answered the phone.
"Hello?" no answer. all I heard was nothing but the crackling of the wind on the other line but abruptly the voice came in through the other line "Judy?" no, not it,couldn't be. "Greg?" no I am just imagining his voice, it probably someone else. "No .. Judy I am the man that gave him the note" but how could this be? not can it? "what do you want? !!" I shouted
“ you” he said. “ meet me at Cavan’s road by 11 o’clock” Then he hung up the phone I ran upstairs grabbed Greg's gun from the drawer next to his bed and quickly got dressed putting the gun in my pants near the back pocket. The road was empty but no sign of anything near by. I drove slowly and carefully. As i got there i picked up a chill. Not any kind of chill but a chill down my spine as if i weren’t suppose to be there. I parked and got out. The place looked dead like no ones ever came across it in years. A noise rustled in the bushes behind me. I turned around, the rustling stopped. I was in a state of panic. I got out my gun, but as i did something grabbed me with force. Pulling the gun out my hands. Putting something over mouth Holding me tight, i couldn’t see who it was.

The next day I woke up. I was tied up. Everything was in a blur as if I'd been drugged. The place looked unfamiliar. No windows just walls. Where could i possibly be? I asked myself, As a noise came from one side of the room. I saw him ,it was the man. Welcome Judy i see we’ve became acquainted. I tried to yell “let me go!” but i couldn't the duck tape was on with force. i yelled. “ah ah ah” he came up to me. “ that is not a way to talk to me”. He took of the Duck tape. I spat in his face. Of course he didn’t like that he forced me to the floor
“ I don’t think you want to do that”
He let me go. He Looked at me with a grin on his face.
“ My friends will come find you” i yelled, Tears coming down from my eyes.
“ Well make sure of that”
He approached me a second time and said “ now you better speak, and you speak good.” getting a gun out of his back pocket that looked similar to mine. “ you tell me all you need to know about this husband of yours”. i looked at him with tears in my eyes.
“ I swear i know nothing, nothing. He wouldn’t tell me anything about his work.” he hit me on the face . I hit the floor shaking. “ please , please don’t hurt me!!” i screamed.
“you’re not telling the truth.” he hit me again. “ i want answerer's and i want it now.”

The author's comments:
What will happen next?

Chapter 7
Suddenly i awoke. It was all a dream. It was just a nightmare. This was my day off. I ran to my drawer and pulled out the paper the man handed to my husband and read the line” FELDMAN AND COMPANY.
I drove to the apartment. I put my gun in my back pocket and covering it up with my back shirt. I knocked a couple times then as i was about to leave he opened the door . “I’ve been expecting you, please do come in” He seemed nicer than the man that appeared in my dream. I stared at him blankly then said ”you have?” he pointed to the nearest seat in the apartment. I sat down. “yes, your Greg’s wife correct?” I looked at him now, his eyes met mine putting a glass of wine on the desk that he was leaning on, “ugh yes i am” I replied. “listen, I didn’t come for chit chat, I Wanted to ask you what you were dealing, with my husband?” He looked at me laughing then sat down a seat away from me.
“ Your husband wasn't the type of man he said he was” I looked at him and drinking a sip of the wine.
“ What are are you talking about?” He laughed. “ My, you’re quite the charming type.” being sarcastic. “” What kind of man was did Greg exactly. “ “What would my husband be doing at the lab if he wasn’t working on his patients ?” he looked at me and got up “ that’s exactly what i would like to know-” I interrupted him.
“Might i ask does this man work with you?” he moved to the window. “No he works for my father, it seems they have had some kind of filthy habit. “Drugging people?” He turned to me from the window. “ you might know a lot more than i thought.”

He took me to his work place. “ here is my father’s company” I stepped into his office.” It was a bit dim and musty. He pulled out a Cigarette and lit it up. “ Please take a seat”. he gestured. The place looked like it hadn't been putting in work in years or ages. “ your husband and my father didn’t quite get along. He would come over ask for some feverish amount of supplies. When my dad would ask what for, he would just say for his hospital training camp, but my dad knew something fishy was going on their. Your husband was drugging people. The only way we could find out is we go over there. There is no way we can get through those guards. I want you to think carefully, what did you see that night you went there?”

He told me is name was Ed, and that he can help me, if only I tell him exactly what happened on that night. So i told him. He looked at me irrationally. As if i knew what was going on but didn’t want to tell him. The place was closing and it was time to go. Something strange is going on and i have to find out.

The author's comments:
Judy's dream turned reality.. Will Judy find out how to use her Vision to help solve this haunting?

* * *

Later on that day i couldn’t help but think about Ed. He was all i could think of. I needed a break, i called in sick, so that i can relax and just keep to myself for a while. That is what i need to do. But suddenly the phone rang. It was Judy “hi Judy” she sounded a bit composed. But i knew something was wrong. “Hold on Judy, I'm on my way.” I got my keys and left the house. On my way to her house i suddenly realized i was passing through the road i had in my dream. It was a similar road, it was quite unusual. Things didn’t seem quite in the right order. I knew i wasn’t suppose to be there, But i went on an anyways. Suddenly it was as if i were in a haze, an unfamiliar territory. I seemed off road. I checked my GPS broken. How could it have broke? I didn’t use it. It was all mysterious to me. I looked up and there he was. Greg’s body hung from branches from a tree. I felt a chill down my spine. It was so surreal. it was horrifying. Something told me to turn around. I could see something behind me from my peripheral vision. But before i could turn around something grabbed me. Not letting me go. Oh God no! could this be? Ed? somethings smothering me, but i couldn’t tell what it was. A faint noise peered in the background. I couldn’t make out the words. My vision was hazy. Same as my dream. As soon as i knew it i was wrapped up in something that looked like duck tape. It was tight on my skin. Similar to the dream I had the night before, but this time i could see where we were going. I was on a truck it was red. Taking mental notes in my mind. I turned around. Two men were sitting in the front. The glass window was hard to see through, so i couldn’t make out what they were wearing. One of the men had a beard and a stash. The other I couldn’t see. I tried to trace all the men i could think of but none with a beard. I though i wouldn’t make it out alive. They kept swerving so i couldn’t see where we were going. I tried to yell but the duck tape was to tight on my mouth. I was chained to the door. I thought how could anyone not possibly see me? Before i knew it they opened the door of the truck and i was knocked out.

I woke in a white room, to blinding light. I was still chained. Sharp pain spiraling up my spine, making it unbearable to breathe. I came to a conclusion that i had been drugged. The place looked like an experimental unit. There was a dim light coming from the corner of the room. The duck tape was tight i could barely move. Trying to escape was the was the hardest thing to do.

It seemed as a couple hours passed by, I woke up and i heard a noise coming from the door near to me. I looked above and there he was, standing before me, Ed. As soon as he took the duck tape from my mouth i yelled
“ how could you do this to me?” all he did was giggle.
“ honey, calm down, now! i want you to tell me-” he paused.
I looked up and a needle was jabbed in his neck. A man stood behind him.
“ what are you doing?” i yelled.
“ come on. I’m taking you home.”

As he drove me home i couldn’t help but wonder

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