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The haunting

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Scott's house

Chapter 4
Okay they needed proof and evidence, but I need them to believe me well, what do I do now? I tried to sleep but, I kept staring at the empty bed, his empty side of the bed. If I hadn’t done what I did, he would have been here, he would of kissed me goodnight. It’s just so hard with these thoughts running through my mind.
The next morning I made my coffee and ran to work. Being two minutes late my boss called me into his office. Now my boss can be a nice Guy but, today
how will Judy tell Scott?
he was a total- well, you know the word. I guess his wife didn’t keep him satisfied. “ Judy, do you know why your still here?” I looked at him , searching for an answer “no” “That’s right!” he yelled. He got up from his chair and moved closer to me. “you’re the best person in the business -”
He turned around to look at a picture of him and his wife and turned to me and said “ but, you know what I don’t like” he swallowed “people who are late to work!” I walked towards him and said” I’m very sorry sir.. I-It won’t happen again I promise.” he turned to his desk “let’s hope not.”
I walked out of his office ,“Wow, what a B**** “. One of the assistance over heard and said” Excuse me?” I turned to her and said nothing. Turns out that lady wasn’t just an assistant but his wife. His wife !!! Wow what if she tells him? I walked to her she looked at me funny “let’s hope that you were referring to yourself and not my husband-” I cut her off “Busy morning I hadn’t had my coffee” laughing it off . she looked at me and said “well, I have a busy day also.“, and walked away. Wow that was close she would of gotten me fired. Ow, the pain that I’d have to go through just to get that job back.
I ran into Scott that afternoon, he was bummed out that I hadn’t called him first. But he understood and invited me to coffee. I couldn’t say no to that. Scott was a charming young man middle aged but, a little bit softer than I, I was a bit tougher when it came to men , in his case he let women in and out of his life like a baby sitter while I didn’t. There was something I’ve noticed about Scott that day his smile. His smile told it all.
He wasn’t that type to let anything go like the time his Ex wife left him, he begged ,and begged for her to come back. His smile covers his sadness, if it was a play he do the part very well, All Scott needed was a smile on his face and a women at his side. Scott always had a thing for women with glasses although I didn’t think he had a thing for me. But I was wrong he did indeed. I couldn’t help but ask him how he was doing by himself . But like always the smile covered up everything.
That night I invited Scott over. I though ah, what the heck. He’s charming isn’t he, but let’s not forget my husband, remember the one that I murdered. “Thanks, you know I’m not that good with women” He was lying. He was very good with women, Especially me. I laughed and he laughed also. It’s funny how we clicked, I never thought we would. After all ,he was my friend. “your very funny Scott” I said starring into his eyes. “you think so?” I turned to the couch where he was sitting . “yes” we looked into each other's eyes then I turned my eyes into another direction ,“you drew those?’ pointing to the pictures along the walls of my entrance . I said “no ..” I paused. “Gregory drew them” he could almost see my eyes tear up as I said those words but, I kept it in. I was very good at that.
Hiding my emotions was one of the things I did very well. He knew that, but Greg didn’t. Greg thought everything was fine when it really wasn’t. I guess you would say that was the bad part in our relationship. He always wanted me to shut up and push my emotions aside. That’s how I learned how to hide my tears. I did it to keep our relationship working but, it didn’t quite work. Greg always through stuff around including me.
Not literally. He always said what was on his mind it wasn’t a good thing because part of it , was hurting our relationship. The one thing I didn’t let get to me was the abuse. Greg would get upset, when things wouldn’t go his way he’d through his fists at practically everything. My parents never knew he was like that because well, I never told them and they would never see it . when we got married I thought if I left it all behind ,it wouldn’t matter, but it did.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Next »

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