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The haunting

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Scott (Judy's friend)

Chapter 3
The next day I went to work, I worked at a law firm, I have to tell Scott. I said to myself
“Hey”, wow that’s a great way to get some one's attention I thought sarcastically. I turned around and saw Scott “why is it that every time I’m at work ,you seem to find me” .“fate” Scott said laughing a little laugh. Ha wow! The man is obsessed. I just couldn’t stop thinking of Greg. One night of absolutely nothing turned into absolutely something. God I’m so confused. Is this fate or just another day. “I know it’s a surprise“ “yeah… you tell me ” I said. I’m having a stressful day and now, it’s even more stressful because he showed up.
I tried to tell a joke but the tension won’t go away, it just kept growing and growing. “oh what do you want Scott can’t you see in so much pain right now?” “no” he said. Oh really? this man is unbelievable. “well, I’m going through and awful depression ,and your presence here is killing me” “well, if it is then why aren’t you dead? ” he laughed. I didn’t find the subject laughable. “well, enough said then done” he turned around to leave “I’ll leave you to your peace” I didn’t say a word as he left.
Wow what a day! As I walked slowly to the door. I realized I may have lost a friend the only friend that was there for everything. That friend was Scott . What have I done? As soon as I left my office and had shut the door behind me, I gave him a call. One ring… the second ring … finally an answer “hello? ” Scott listen before you hang up” Scott” “I’m listening” his voice was silent as I spoke. “yes I know I yelled at you but-” he cut me off “ Judy I know” what did he know? “what?” I asked, “I know what your going through don‘t worry everything is going to be alright” I said good night and hung up the phone. There were some major issues I had to look into before the next day.
I tried to figure out what he meant. I couldn’t figure it out. Although we’ve been friends for five years he’s been nothing but good to me and what do I do? Yell at him. I’m not proud but at least we worked it out. Everyone soon felt empathy for my loss but I didn’t ,that man was Crazy. Not to be mean he was my husband. But, God did he made me sick! The next few weeks I tried to get Greg out my mind I finally did , I through out all his things. It was the only way I could get him out of my mind.
Everyday I would pray for God’s forgiveness and go to a physiatrist to see my problems. Turned out it wasn’t me ,it was my marriage. Blame that. I knocked on her door. As if she were doing something important” Yes“ I couldn’t get the nerve to talk to her about the problems we had in the relationship , but hey, at least i had the nerves to show up to that stupid psychiatrist. Wow that lady gave me a head ache. Yeah now I know what they meant when they say “I’m getting paid by the hour” that sure bumped up her volume. I’m not talking about the hair, but ,God that woman had a mouth! And she was using it.
Later that night I went to sleep, but, suddenly I heard a knock at my door. I went to go check maybe it was Scott. Nothing. No one I went to grow grab my mug from the microwave and …”oh my God” I took a sip of my tea and burned myself from what I saw. It was Greg’s body hanging from the ceiling. “ahh!” I screamed I called the cops, as soon as they came around I was on my porch. I went to show them and the body was gone. How could this be? “bu-ut he w-a-as th-er-e”. They didn’t believe me, of course, how could they believe a psycho freak like me! “It’s true I’m not lying” “I’m sorry madam. As soon as we find some evidence then maybe we will believe you, but you might be having a psychotic break down.” evidence .. Proof? The man was there, I saw him with my own eyes, and all they can think of is psychotic break down. The hell with them!!!
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 8 Next »

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