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Author's note: My story is based on conflicts that I have helped those around me overcome, although I did not...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: My story is based on conflicts that I have helped those around me overcome, although I did not take their personal experiences but rather took the feelings that they experienced and shared with me into a fantasy novel that can relate to people who feel rejected and alone.  « Hide author's note
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The meeting

I never thought it would end up like this. My parents think I’m dead my best friend thinks I’m a monster and the only person who I can talk to is the person who turned me, my supposed boyfriend. Who by the way if you haven’t picked it up yet is a vampire, who is 120 years old! Can you believe it 120 YEARS OLD! How couldn’t I of seen it, I mean he was a wiz at history (and every other subject he took). But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.
I was walking to school with my best friend Caitlyn and she was spilling her guts out about her OWN problems. While I was “listening” all of a sudden this maniac with a jaguar drives around the corners like a dog trying to make a sharp turn while running on a wet tile floor. (I know hilarious but seriously scary). I only got a glimpse of the driver, I could see it was a guy but I couldn’t see who he was because he wore these ginormic sunglasses. I mean they were huge, they covered up half his face.
We got to school late (as usual) and I noticed the jaguar that almost ran us over was parked in the student parking area.
“Hey Caitlyn isn’t that the jaguar that almost ran us over earlier?” I asked interrupting her babble.
“I think it is Katie. Do you think he goes to school with us?” She asked.
“Well he is in the student parking area and students aren’t allowed to park in the visitors parking” I said sarcastically.
“I wonder if he’s hot.”
“Caitlyn he almost ran us over, how can you think about something as trivial as how ‘hot’ he is?”
“How can’t you, I mean seriously any guy with a Jaguar has serious dough so I was just wondering if he was hot. It’s the perfect package hotness and money what more could you want”
I couldn’t answer her because we were almost at our register class room and I would just die if our teacher, Mrs Pierce embarrasses us like she always instinctively does when we are late.
“Caitlyn and Katie what a surprise you’re late, how about sitting on the floor since I gave your seats to the new kid and to Ms Dudley” Mrs Pierce said.
“Sorry Mrs Pierce” we said in unison.
“Don’t be sorry just sit!” she said
“Mrs Pierce! Why don’t I sit on the floor the girls can have my seat” the new guy said surprisingly.
“If you insist Aegis” Mrs Pierce said.
Caitlyn and I walked over to Aegis’s desk, as we passed each other he quickly whispered “sorry about earlier”. So he was the one in the jaguar with those seriously ginormic glasses. Caitlyn couldn’t stop staring at him when we sat (very uncomfortably I must add, she’s got such a huge butt). Not that he wasn’t handsome and all with his chocolate brown neatly cut hair, green piercing eyes and over all, well hotness as Caitlyn would say. But her staring was kinda creeping me out because she never opened her reverse black hole of a mouth.
Finally its break, I can relax.
“Hey, isn’t that new kid Aegis coming over here?” Caitlyn said totally spoiling my mood.
“Hi Katie, how you doing?” Aegis said sympathetically.
“Hi your names Aegis right”
“Yeah I’m Aegis. Again I’m so sorry for earlier I didn’t want to be late to school on my 1st day”
“Don’t worry already forgotten, but why were you wearing such huge sunglasses?”
“Long story, let’s just say I have an eye condition”
I couldn’t help but doubt that was true. I mean seriously my dad had this major eye condition and he had to wear sunglasses but they weren’t that big.
“Hey, are you going to that dance Monday?” he asked me.
“Oh no, I almost forgot to buy my ticket, thanks”
“No I mean, are you going with anyone?’
“Are you asking me out?”
“I guess I am, and don’t worry I already bought tickets”
How did he know I was going to say yes or the fact that I didn’t buy my ticket yet? He is new in the school after all and the buzz only starts the week of the dance. I must be over exaggerating. What other reason would he wear those huge glasses, because he was a vampire, please.
Afterschool Caitlyn and I walked home together.
“So how’s it going with Aegis” she said.
“What do you mean?”
“You know the asking the flirting, the saying yes”
“I didn’t say yes, he just assumed I was going to say yes and I wasn’t flirting!”
“But you would of said yes because you were flirting “
“I wasn’t Flirting” I snapped.
“Calm down I was just making an observation”
“Sorry I really don’t want to talk about the guy who almost ran us over this morning”
“But he didn’t”
“We still on to go to the shops for our dresses tomorrow?” I said trying to change to a less awkward subject. Even though I love Caitlyn and she’s my BFF, I seriously didn’t want to stay on that subject.
“Ya, I’ll meet you at your house tomorrow and we can walk together” she said going along with it.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 8 Next »

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