The Key

June 27, 2012
By Florence BRONZE, las vegas, Nevada
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Florence BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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The muse of inspiration is the flame that lies within.

I walked into class feeling good with my I-POD blasting music in my ears, my hoodie hung over my head obscuring my head phones from the teachers view. “Natasha!” the computer teacher Mr. Kennedy yelled at me. I scoffed. “What now!”. He gestured at my head. “No hoodies Natasha” I slid down my hoodie yanking off my headphones as I did so. “Give me the I-POD” he said.

“You can have it back afterschool” He said making me furious. I shoved out my I-POD and wrapped the headphones around it and handed it over.

“Thank you Natasha for being so cooperative” he said. I gave him the look and he shut up and left me alone.

“Ok class” he said as I sat down. “Turn on your computers” he ordered. Before I could even touch it, as soon as my hand got near it sparks flew and the screen went white and the computer was fried.

“Natasha what are you doing to that computer!” Mr. Kennedy yelled at me.

“Nothing I didn’t even touch it!”. Which was true I didn’t even touch the danm confound thing.

“Yes you did you liar” “Yeah we saw you messing with the wires” the two girls Roxy and Shakira who on a regular basis bullied me both convicted me of something I didn’t do.

They were the two nastiest meanest girls in school.
“I didn’t you stupid cow!” I told Shakira, the fat one of the duo.

“Natasha get your bag and go to the Deans office!” the teacher yelled at me.

And so I did. I grabbed my backpack slung it over my shoulder and stalked out of class with a note the teacher wrote in scribbled angry handwriting saying: Natasha has been engaging in destruction of property please call her parents and have her sit with the principal.

Stupid teacher. I didn’t do that. I don’t know what happened but that couldn’t have been me I didn’t even touch the danm thing.
I walked into the Deans office and was met by a blast of cold air.

“Hi, do you have a note?” the cheery front office lady asked.
“Yeah” I said and handed her the note.

“Oh dear” was all she said and told me to follow her. I followed her into the indoor suspension room. Basically all of them were weird looking Goth’s and jersey shore doppelgangers.

Only one girl seemed pretty normal. She had sandy hazel blonde hair and emerald green eyes a thin nose and pink lips that blended in with her pallid white skin. She looked average. I pulled my hoodie on and sat in the empty seat next to her.

“Hey” she whispered.
“Hey” I whispered back.
“I’m Sarah” she whispered.
“Natasha” I whispered and took her outstretched hand and shook it.
“So what brings you to suspension?” she asked.

“Destruction of property, I didn’t even touch anything and that’s what they’re blaming me for” I whispered to her. “And you?” I asked.

The usual, I wouldn’t listen to a teacher, Latisha’s busting me out though”
“Do you want in?” Sarah asked me.

The next thing I knew Sarah tapped my shoulder and was standing like she had flashed there suddenly. A girl with latte dark skin and a braid running down her back and brown hazel eyes stood next to her. Where had she come from? What had happened? Almost as if reading my mind Sarah answered my question.

“She’s a half demon and that’s her power, time”
What? Were these people crazy? Talking about half demons and time.

“If you don’t believe us then check this out. She pointed at a fly suspended in air. How?
“If not just look at the rest of the class” I looked at a girl with her mouth open chewing gum. I looked at the teacher with a magazine and the page flipped but suspended in the air right in the middle.

They were for real.

“But how…” “We’ll explain it on the way” the girl I’m assuming was Latisha “on the way to where?” I asked. “Your new foster home” she said.

“You mean you guys are the new foster parents my foster mom was talking about?”

“Yeah, Rachel made us look older so we could get you”
“Who’s Rachel, and what do you want with me?”
“We’ll explain it all on the way”, Latisha said her nose bleeding.
“Are you ok?” I asked her in shock. “No I can’t hold them much longer” she said. “well then come on” Sarah said and led us out of the classroom. Outside everything was normal people were moving and time kept its pace.

“No time to explain we need to move” Sarah said.

I followed her and Latisha outside and they led me over to a black jeep.
“Nice ride” I said and jumped into the back seat. Latisha drove wildly running red lights and stop signs I’m surprised we didn’t get stopped by police.

“So what do you want to know?” Sarah asked me.
“Wait I already know what you want to know” she told me. “you want to know how I know what you’re thinking. That’s because I’m a half demon and my power is telepathy” she said.

“ok then what do you want with me?” I asked her.
“we want you to join the rebellion” she told me. “rebellion against what?”
“the core” she said bluntly. Latisha turned in front of a metal bar with a no crossing sign plastered on it.

She got off and opened it and got back in and drove through then got off and closed it behind us.

“What’s that?” I asked her. “The demon world, sometimes they escape from there and have children on this earth, me and Latisha are the result of a human and a demon inter breeding.”

“They’re goal” Latisha said. “Is
to over-ride this earth and kill all humans”
“It’s genocide and we won’t accept that” Sarah said.
“So why do you need me?” I asked.
“Believe it or not you have a power, you just haven’t recognized it yet, but with our help you will”

“I do?”
“Yeah I’ve been watching people in the school to scan them for powers and you were it, you proved it today, you’re either a techno path or a telekinetic or maybe even both.”

“you mean that was me with the computer today”

“Yeah” she said. No way but I didn’t even touch it.
“That may be one of your powers doing afflicting objects with your mind”

“And you’ll help me with it, so I don’t do that again” I said.
“Yeah that’s what friends do right”

“Thank you” I thanked.
We reached a house in a clearing.
It had a wraparound porch and a roof deck and on the roof a widows walk. The roof was an indigo blue and the house was painted white.
“That’s my new foster home?” I asked excitedly.

“It’s beautiful” I said.
“Thank you” Latisha and Sarah both said in unison.

We parked the car inside the garage and I saw the floor plan. They had two floors the first one held Larfor and Jaypes’s room whoever that was. It also held the kitchen and the training room. And there was a wall that separated the stairs to go upstairs from the rest of the house. How did they get upstairs?

“There’s a portal on the wall” Sarah said matter-of-factly as if that should explain everything . “It lets you go through the wall. It keeps the intruders from going upstairs, and that’s if they get past Jaypes and Larfor. Whose Larfor and Jaypes?
“They’re twins and they’re werewolves” Sarah said.
“Larfor, he’s the kind one but he’s playful just like his brother Jaypes who by the way hates new comers but once he gets used to you he just teases you” Sarah said.

“Oh joy” as if I didn’t get made fun of enough at school.
“Just give him a chance”
“Besides you are the youngest here we know better” Latisha said.
“Everybody in this house is either seventeen or fifteen” Sarah Informed.
“The twins are fifteen, me and Sarah are seventeen”

“You guys are seniors, I’m only in eight grade and I’m fourteen!” I said.

“That’s why we said you’re the
youngest so just listen to us” Latisha snapped.

I scoffed. “Whatever” I said.
They led me through the Garage door into the kitchen.

“This is the kitchen” Sarah said. and when we exited there was a door that I began to head to “that’s Larfor’s room” she said. Almost as if hearing her he came out. He was tall and lanky with a slim build, he had auburn red hair and brown eyes and a serious expression on his face.
“Hey Jaypes fresh meat he yelled to the right of him to the other room , and smiled a lazy smile at me.

“For real, again!” someone yelled
back to Larfor.

“What?” I spat out with venom.
He blushed and Sarah whispered to me.
“You’re his type”
“She is not!” Jaypes yelled.
I noticed he had ruffled auburn hair and a toned slim body and he wore a cross around his neck. He had chestnut brown eyes exactly like his brothers, the only thing different was they’re hair color. Jaypes’s was redder than Larfor’s and that Jaypes had adorable freckles. I felt like slapping myself for noticing his adorable freckles.
“What do you want, do you want to tell me to get lost?” I asked. “Well get in line because there’s a whole other lot of people who tell me the same thing”
He scowled and I stood my ground firm and scowled back.
He walked away angrily muttering to himself.
“wow I’ve never seen anyone stand their ground like that to my brother before” Larfor said.
I turned to face him.
He was inches away from my face. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and I got goose bumps. I doubled back. “Oh I think I found you’re weak point , you don’t like close proximity’s” he said and strode over to my side so close our hips touched.
“Larfor leave the girl alone, she has enough to deal with” Latisha said.
“Alright” he said in his jazz singer voice. “But I’ll get you later, so what’s your name” he asked me.
“Natasha” I answered as he walked away and turned around to face me.
“The girl with light green eyes, I won’t forget your name” he said and winked at me then fled into his room.
“What was that all about?”
“It’s his way of being friendly” Latisha said and walked out continuing with Sarah on the house tour.

I slid my hoodie on for safety. The smell of sage over flooded my nose. I always felt safer with my hoodie on. My Mother had given it to me when she died. And it forever smelled like sage.

“The room next to Larfor’s is Jaypes’s”
Sarah said. “And in front of his room is the living room” Latisha said.

They led me into another room filled with exercise equipment, swords, stuffed dummies, and fighting sticks.

“This is the training room, until you figure out you’re power you’ll be training here with Jaypes in self-defense” Sarah said. “but…” “No buts your training” she said.

“Fine” I groaned.

Sarah touched the wall directly in front of us and it rippled. Latisha passed through a wall. This was the portal she was talking about. Sarah grabbed my hand jumped through and pulled me through. I shrieked. And wrangled out of her grasp, when I reached the other side I was breathing hard in fear, my heart going a thousand miles per hour.

“You’ll get used to it” Latisha assured. I shook my head weakly and clutched at my jackets hem holding it tight. I didn’t let it go and followed Sarah and Latisha up the stairs. The stars creaked and resounded throughout the staircase like a gunshot with every step.

When we reached the top we entered a hallway and turned and was met by another hallway, directly in front of us a door.

“That’s the meeting room” Sarah said.

“It’s where we decide on important

“If you’re a techno path you could help us create weapons to defeat the core” Sarah said with a grim face. You could tell she was absolutely serious about the rebellion.

Right behind this room is Rachel’s magic room. If you care about your life don’t go in there, it’s her private sanctuary” “whose Rachel” I asked.

“She’s a witch” Latisha said.
“She’s Larfor and Jaypes older sister” Sarah said. “They came all the way from Russia”

“Hello” said a crystal clear voice. I turned the corner of the hallway to see a beautiful girl with long flowing black hair, porcelain skin and violet eyes. Violet eyes how cool is that!
“Hi” I said awe struck by her beauty.

“Rachel this is Natasha, she’s a local” Sarah said putting a hand on my shoulder.

“Rodilsya na Rozhdestvo” she said in a language I recognized as Russian. “The girl born on Christmas day” she said. “That’s what your name means”.

“Glad I could talk to you” she said and fled into a room. There were only three doors along this hall. So where was my room?

“Your room is in the attic, it’s all set up with scrap metal and spare auto pats and a laptop and auto books you can try to practice there with our supervision ok” Sarah said. well show me! I wanted to say giddily

Sarah kicked the wall next to her and a ladder un-folded down from a flap in the roof.
“Were waiting for you” I ran up the stairs precariously because there was no handrail.

I entered a room with a twin size bed set against the wall under a round window the beams of the attic hung low so I could grab onto them I had a staircase leading up to the widows walk and a desk attached to the wall that ran along its full length. Shelved above to carry books and some auto books were already set there a bean bag chair in the corner. This was something I couldn’t even dream of, I had my own room.

I whipped around and hugged Sarah then Latisha. Tears swelling in my eyes.

Awe she’s so adorable I heard Latisha’s voice say.
“Did you just call me adorable?” I asked her. “No but I thought it” I could have sworn I heard her say something but it kind of echoed.
“It echoed?” Sarah asked. “Yeah she said something and it sounded like an echo”.

“Hold onto my hand” she ordered. I followed instructions.
“What do you hear?” she asked me.
I hear music.

“That’s because Larfor’s listening to music downstairs”.

“What else do you hear?’ she asked me.

“I hear chanting” I told her
“That’s Rachel, I hear her too” She said.

“How is this happening I thought you said I was either a techno path or a telekinetic not a telepath!” I yelled

“I think you’re a power mimic”
“But no one was there with supernatural powers in the lab this morning!” I told her.
“There’s a chance you may be both a mimic and a techno path or both a mimic and a telekinetic, most mimics have more than just that power” Sarah said
“There’s only one way to find out” Latisha said and took my hand.

“You see that clock on the wall” she pointed at a clock on the wall, “I want you to concentrate on stopping the hands on that clock”

“Ok” I said and clasped her hand tight.

I looked at the hand and it stopped. Everything stopped. Latisha was frozen in place and so was Sarah. I let go of Latisha’s hand and waved a hand in front of her eyes, they were un-blinking.
I tapped they’re shoulders and they came back to motion.

“Yeah your definitely a mimic” Sarah said. Latisha snapped her fingers and time began to move again.

“Let’s try for three shall we” Sarah said.
“Sarah you know that’s impossible the only way she could have three powers is if she were the…”

Sarah gave her a look that stopped her.

“I know what having the power of three means, I know the prophecy as well as you do” she said and recited something in ancient Latin.

“Tertio potestatem, facultatem omnem virtutem hodie vim pede” .

“The power of three, the power of all, the power of today, the power of feet” Latisha translated.

“Quod est key liberare nos omnes” Sarah ended it

“That is the key to free us all” Latisha translated.

“What does that have to do with me?” I asked

“It doesn’t yet” Latisha said.
“But it might, and we need to find out now, it can’t wait” Sarah rushed. She took my hand and I could hear her thoughts.

She might be the key to save us all.

She led me to the open computer and instructed me.

“Place your hand on the computer and think of what you want to search”.

I followed her instructions but as soon as I touched it the screen went white and I felt something inside me unsettle.

“That’s normal just think”

I thought of my mother’s name and whatever had unsettled let loose and the name was instantly typed into the computer on the white screen. A bunch of sites opened showing her name, articles of the car crash, and her death. It was too much for me to bear. I whimpered and a lamp crashed into the opposite wall and startled me so much that I let out a yelp and from the computer sparks flew and fell on my hand burning me, the screen went dead.

“She has the power of today, of technology”

“And she has the power of feet, of movement”

“She’s the key” Sarah said in realization.

“You can’t tell the rest” Latisha said.

“I think it’s too late for that” Sarah said and lifted open the flap to reveal a grinning Rachel on the stairs and below a mischievous Larfor and a scowling Jaypes.
“How long have they been there” I asked.

“Ever since they felt someone else, A.K.A. not me, prowling in their minds, ahem that would be you” she said.

Sarah moved aside to let them come up. And they all came in single file and lined up so Sarah could scold at them for eavesdropping. Latisha stood next to me dumbfounded.

“You got to love the way she commands us, with all the pride of a leader”

“Sarah’s the leader of the rebellion?” I asked. “Hadn’t you figured it out by now?” She asked me. “Actually no…” “You’ll catch on to the dynamics of the house eventually” she said and patted my back walking next to Sarah.

“And how many times have I told you not to eavesdrop on private conference meetings!”

“But Sarah this is different!” Larfor said. “Yeah this isn’t a conference meeting this is Natasha’s room!” Jaypes said with a puppy dog stare. He looked adorable. I blushed and looked away towards the ceiling.

Why was I noticing that again?
“And Natasha, why are you not training downstairs with Jaypes!”
“I-I-I” my stutter acted up.
“I nothing go downstairs and train with Jaypes”

“And don’t think just because I was scolding them I didn’t catch that thought either” she whispered to me smiling as she passed by, walked behind me and pushed me towards the stairs. “Ok I’m going!” I said and followed the group out of my room. I followed down the halls and down the staircase and waited for everyone to pass. Only Jaypes stayed behind with me.

“What’s wrong?” he asked me.
“Portal creeps me out” I said inching away from it.

“Stop being a sissy” he said and shoved me through. I felt my body fade then materialize again on the other side. He stepped through calmly.

“What was that you jerk?” I yelled at him and punched his arm.
“Dude you punch like a girl!” he said laughing. That was when I noticed his smile was adorable too.
“I am a girl!” I yelled at him my face red.

“You can’t tell with that hood on your head” he said and slid it down to reveal my naturally bleach blonde hair.

“There that’s better” he said and when he actually got a good look at me he blushed.

“What!” I spat at him. “Nothing just that you’re actually kind of cute” he muttered still blushing.
I blushed. No one had ever called me cute before except my mother… a tear escaped me as I pulled on my hoodie and soaked in the smell of sage. The smell of home and of mom…

“I’m sorry” he said.
“For what?” I asked him feigning a cool and collected tone in my voice.
“Werewolves have natural empathy powers; I sense that what I said brought back bad memories of your mother”

“Yeah it did but that’s not your problem” I said and walked away he followed me into the training room.
“So what’s first” I asked him feeling gloomy.

“First you need to lose that sad pathetic attitude or you’re going to stick it onto me” he said.
“Just tell me what to do!” I told him angrily. “fine” he said. He picked up a stick and swished it under my feet knocking me down onto the blue gymnastic mats. Face first.

Tears swelled in my eyes and I brushed them off now very, very furious.

“What was that for?” I yelled at him.
“That was so you know to expect the unexpected” he said calmly leaning on the staff.
“Why do I need to know that?” I asked. My hoodie had fallen off and I secured it onto my head.
“You don’t really I just did it because it amuses me” he said with a sly grin.

“Now get up, were going to do some real training now” he said and picked up a ball.

“You see this ball” he said.
“Yeah” I said. “I want you…” but I stopped his words before he could continue “to go fetch?” I asked him as a joke.

I was starting to laugh my butt off. I entered a giggle fit.
“Ha, ha, very funny” he said being sarcastic. I started to laugh so hard I doubled over on the floor.
“Get up” he said and nudged me with his foot. I couldn’t stop laughing.
But eventually I did and got up.

“I know you’re telekinetic and you can stop this tennis ball if I throw it at you” he said when I got up.

“Wait what?” I said. “You expect me to stop a tennis ball. What if I can’t and you hit me?” I asked
“Then that’s really too bad.” He said and threw the ball at me full force. I saw the ball coming but I couldn’t stop it. it hit me hard in the gut. I took a sharp intake of breath and chocked on it. I coughed and wheezed until my mouth and throat were dry. “Are you ok?” he said and kneeled down beside me.

“What do you think you moron” I said and began to puke my guts out. When I finished I noticed he was holding back my hair back and rubbing my back comforting hoodie was down but I left it that way too weak to fix it.

“Thanks” I said with a raspy throat. I cleaned my mouth with the sleeve of my sweater.
“Let’s try just throwing the ball in the air” he said.

“Gee you couldn’t have done that first?” I asked. He didn’t say anything just threw the ball in the air. This time I could stop it. it stood suspended in air for brief seconds before my nose started to bleed and I had to stop concentrating on the ball.
“Great now we got puke and a nose bleed to clean up”
“Sorry” I said. “I’ll clean it up”. By the time I finished cleaning everything up it was night time.
Jaypes yawned.

“Well I’m hitting the sack” he said. he darted from the training room into his own. I had to face the portal sooner or later. I rather it be later.

I stayed in the training room and grabbed a fighting stick. I tried to whip it around but it turned around and hit my wrist. I let out a low shrill yelp.

“Here” Sarah said and took the stick out of my hand. She had come out of nowhere.

She twisted the stick professionally and stabbed at an invisible opponent.

“Now you try” she said. She threw me the stick and I caught it. I lunged with the stick.

“You used to do fencing didn’t you” Sarah asked me circling around me assuring what she already knew.

“Actuallyeah " I said.
“Here” she said and threw me a thin long sword. One specifically made for fencing.
“Show me what you got” she said and stood at the ready with her own sword. She lunged with her sword and I did a sort of parry with my own sword blocking her lunge and twisted it around to knock the hilt out of her handi succeded. the fencing sword flew out of her hand.

“Not bad, not bad, go upstairs we’ll practice tomorrow, It’s already midnight” she said.

“Yeah I better go” I said and rubbed the back of my head. I sighed.
I did not want to go through the portal.

“Want me to give you a push through” she asked me. “No thanks I said.
Minutes later I stood in front of the rippling surface. It was like the wall were a pool of water someone head thrown a pebble into.

I put one foot in first then the rest of me passed through. I took a deep breath once on the other side.
I climbed the stairs up and through the hallways. I jumped up to get the stairs but I was to short to reach the roof.What had Sarah done to open it.Oh yeah.

I kicked the wall and the stairs unfolded down.

Sarah had already Transferred my clothes from my old foster home to this one. I scavenged through the boxes to Find my pajamas and found my black and grey plaid pajama pants and a gray tank top.
I went downstairs barefoot with my sweater hung over my arm, my feet padding softly against the wooden floor. I knocked on Rachel’s door. She answered the knock.

“Hey what’s up?” she asked. “Do you have a washing machine?” I asked her.
“There’s one in the meeting room, tomorrow’s Friday which is Laundry day so you might want to wait till then” she told me.

“No thanks it’s just that I got puke on my jacket and I really need it”
“I understand” she said.
She led me to the meeting room. I entered a room with a long table with a T.V. on one end and chairs surrounding the table like a group of circling sharks.

I put the sweater in the washer and added detergent and set it on thirty minutes.

I went upstairs in my pajamas and fell asleep in my new bed happily.
But as soon as I dozed off I began to hear voices.

Free us… Please free us…
No…I answered.
I command you to free us!

I woke up sweating and panting, my forehead had a mop of hair plastered to it. I wiped my face. I got up out of bed and went to the bathroom when I saw pale sunshine passing through the window.

I had forgotten to dry my sweater so it would be humid now but at least not soaked or smelly.
I took a shower and dressed in low rise jeans and an Aeropostale black t-shirt. It was June first only eleven more days of school.

I went downstairs to the meeting room and pulled my sweater out of the washer. I was right it was humid.

I squeezed it out to get it drained of the remaining water and pulled it on. I ran downstairs and forced myself through the portal.

I darted to the kitchen and saw Larfor pouring himself a bowl of coco puffs and milk in a bowl.

Latisha was eating pancakes and Sarah was cooking some concoction in a blender, I think it was supposed to be an energy drink but from the brown brackish color I wouldn’t dare try it even if she paid me.

I decided to ask Sarah for a bowl and ask Larfor for some cereal.
I sat down to enjoy breakfast and took my first spoonful.

Rachel sat down in front of me with a stack of steaming microwave pancakes like Latisha.

“Natasha” Rachel called me. “Yeah” I answered. “Be careful at school today” she told me.

“Why?” I asked. “I just have a feeling, Larfor keep an eye out for Natasha today ok”
Larfor just answered a yawning “Ok”
Jaypes walked in to the kitchen with a bad attitude then and Larfor nudged him.

“Keep an eye out for Natasha today, Ray has a bad feeling”

“Whatever” he said and took the box of coco puffs away from me along with the jug of milk. He poured himself cereal and sat next to me.

“Seriously listen to Ray" Jaypes said "When she has a bad feeling it's bad" he said.

“Stay away from guys today” Rachel warned me.
“I usually stay away from people in general” I said and finished my cereal and drank the milk straight from the bowl then got up to put in the dishwasher.

“Just be aware” she said and left to the living room to go get her backpack.

“Jaypes and Larfor left first In a rusty muddy red pickup truck. Then we all loaded into Latisha’s jeep.

“One more thing” Sarah said. “You can’t tell anybody that you live with us” Sarah instructed.
“Fine with me” I said pulling on my hoodie as the wind ruffled my hair. I shoved my hands in my jacket pocket and bobbed my head to the music blasting in the car.

When we rched schoolI went direc the computtlly to the lab to retrieve my I-Pod,

“Mr. Kennedy” I said peering my head into his computer lab.
“Yes"he said.
“I need my I-pod back” I said.
“Give me one good reason I should give it back”
“Because if you do we won’t have to bicker about the hoodie I’ll never put it on in your class again”
He stayed mute for a few seconds, thinking it over.
“Fine” he said and dug out of his desk drawer my I-POD and handed it over.

“You’re welcome” he said sourly and continued doing whatever he was doing on his P.C.

I walked out and fled to go to the bathroom but was stopped by some boys. Oh no I knew them, they were Ryan and Caden. These guys tormented me most of my middle school years and they were both a couple years older than me.

“Hey Natasha” they said in a voice that made my stomach churn. It was a voice that felt dangerous and made me tremble in fear.
Worst of all the hallways were now vacant without any students to hear me getting bullied or at least try to help. But that never happened so why should it work now. Besides it will spare me some embarrassment.

They grabbed me by the arms and dragged me into the guys bathroom. I flailed my legs kicking at Ryan who was playing guard while Caden did whatever it was that he wanted to do with me in the bathroom. Probably dunk my head in the toilet. But I was surpised when he pinned me against the wall holding my hands up against the wall with both hands. I squirmed and complained and try to knee him in the gut but he caught my leg with his. I sucked in breath to scream help and managed to whimper it but not scream it. he opened my mouth with a finger and he breathed in and out of my mouth came out a golden wispy, air. Like a golden pixie dust almost. And as it left my body I became weaker, I felt my body go frail. Tears swelled in my eyes.

I couldn’t breathe.
What was he doing to me?
What are you doing to me! I wanted to scream at him.
There was a flash of light auburn hair a black -T and jeans.
The next thing I knew I was crouching on the floor sobbing and flinching at every sound of punches landing. Eventually they ceased.
Jaypes crouched down next to me and hugged me tightly.

I hugged him back and sobbed into his chest. “I was so scared.
“It’s alright, everything’s going to be ok” he whispered the comforting words in my ear.

“What was he doing to me?” I asked him full out crying.

“They were energy vampires sent by the core to collect souls, those two have been feeding on you for years, It’s now wonder you were always so down” he said and kissed my temple softly.

“Everything’s going to be ok, I’m here” he said.
“Thank you” I managed to get out through sobs.

“It’s alright just hold on tight” he said and picked me up and carried me out of the school going out through the front doors and setting me in the passenger’s side of his rusty red pick-up truck.
He sat in front of the steering wheel key in the ignition. And I wondered how long he would stay like that until he stepped on the gas and drove out of the parking lot. I gathered my lags onto the seat and hugged them tight and buried my head in my knees.
“Why did you save me?” I asked him my head still buried.

"I heard you say help, I couldn’t just let that go Natasha” he said matter-of-factly.

There was another reason he wasn’t telling me. I would figure it out. “where are we going?” I asked Jaypes.

“Somewhere where I’m sure you’ll feel much better, I know from Rachel you haven’t been there in a while”


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