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Shedding Silver Tears

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Silvia saw a bronze dragon flying around her. Smiling to herself she launched herself off the ground to join Breeze in his aerial dance. Opening her maw, she roars her delight at the sky. Blitz joins them. He sparkled in the sunlight, glittering like sapphires.
Flying in the air, she spirals down, landing in a great lake, barely making any splash as she enters the water. Breeze and Blitz come in to join her. She smiles, revealing her sparkling sharp teeth. Breeze and Blitz surround her, coming just close enough to have her heart jumping in her chest.
She submerges her head, and glides beneath the surface, twisting and turning in the water. It is now dark outside with a full moon out to shine through the water, throwing everything in a silver-white light.
They too, come near her in the water. Silvia bat a single silver eye toward her two lovers, whom she could never make up her mind on which one she loved. Breeze swam close, brushing his body against her in a sensual motion that appealed greatly to her, making her shiver with exaltation.
Gently, and in response to his touch, she bumped her muzzle against his, encouraging him to come closer to her in the brightly shining water beneath the surface of the lake. Above, Blitz slide into the water headfirst from a high flight, his landing in the water clearly audible in the silent, unmoving water, in which held the three dragons.
Both the Blitz and Breeze came and swam toward Silvia in a watery blue and bronze blur that latched onto Silvia, encasing her in her lovers embrace. Her reality starting to fade, she wanted the touch of her two lovers to last forever, but she needed to breathe.
Gently pulling the three of them upward, still having a hold on both of them, her head broke the surface, spraying silver dots across the black surface of the lake, only lit by the full moon.
"Come, stay with me my silver lover, stay in this embrace. I want you to surrender yourself to me!" Breeze's and Blitz voice sounded in her head.
The voices were strange. They weren't quite the way they should have been. But the sound was so perfect. How could she say no to them? But, it wasn't right to have two dragons as your own. You could only pick one. Silvia panicked; she wasn't even old enough yet to choose a mate. Her mind wandered, straying to the morning to come. The morning . . .

"No!" I lifted my head off the ground to look around. I wasn't happy with gritty and wide eyes; I looked like a zombie, which is saying something, considering I'm silver and glittery.

Gently, I put my head back down. Waking myself up in the middle of good dreams was a specialty of mine. I didn't like it. This one was probably the best of any of them so far. . .

Sighing, I closed my eyes, willing myself back into sleep. I was trying to sleep at the mouth of a high-up cave. The scenery before me was beautiful, but I didn't care. I wanted to go back into my dream. I tried, but it was all for naught, because just then, my friend, Arriane, came flying in. She was silver as well, but I didn't think she was quite as pretty as I was.

"Come on Silvia! Wake up! Today we need to find out if we have our powers!" I heard her silk- like voice resound in my head, stirring me in what I would want to be a peaceful dream.

"Fine. What day is today?"

"Fire-Song Day!"

"But we're metallic. We don't apply to that. We are applied to Ice-Fire Day, which isn't for another six months." I was a little irritated that she woke me up, and I kept my eyes closed until I heard the flapping of wings. What now?

"Silvia, Arriane, gets your lazy tails out here! It's Fire-Song Day! Silvia, come on!" It was Cordelia. She was a customary. A red dragon. Today was her day; I had to get up . . . but . . .

"Silvia! Get up! Cordelia, if you don't hurry, you're going to be late!"

"Ok, but what if I don't want to go because it's not my day?" I asked testily.

Esmeralda didn't answer. I opened my eyes, regarding Esmeralda carefully. Today was her day, too. Azura was hovering in the air next to her. They were the grass and sky, those two. Still, they got along, better than anyone would think. They practically shared body parts, they were so close. I swore they could read my mind sometimes, as well.

"You will go because Blitz and Breeze are going to be there," Azura and Esmeralda said together.

They struck a nerve. Why I ever told them that I was in love with those two, I will never know. Of course I liked those two. Since they said that, I just had to get up.

"Alright, fine. I will come to the Fire-Song Celebration. Only because you guys are annoying."

"No it's not!" Chided Cordelia. "You're only coming because Azura and Esmeralda told you that Breeze and Blitz are coming."

"Well, if you four are done teasing me, shouldn't we be getting to the Fire-Song Celebration?"

Arriane, Cordelia, Azura, and Esmeralda all looked at me with a blank expression. Arriane nodded her head, and flapped her way to the ceremonial ground. I lifted my body off the ground and shot up out of the cave with a swish of my wings. The customaries were already at the ceremonial ground, and I was one of the last metallic's to make it to the great stone. There was complete silence all around, for all of the dragons were speaking to each other quietly in our minds. Nobody was telepathically talking to me.

We were all placed by color, and I searched for Breeze among the bronze to my left. The most abundant color was the bronzes. The least abundant being me, the silvers, besides the one and only White Rainbow.

The White Rainbow is a dragon among us who loses his/her color after the first 20 years of life, or our Fire-Song or Ice-Fire Day, then his/her eyes will take on every color of the dragon kin there is (that's not very many), and he/she is then our ruler. The White Rainbow lives for only 100 years, and then they die. For almost all of the dragons, they live up to 500, if they die of natural causes and don't do something stupid.

"Hey, Breeze. How are you doing?"

"Fine. Bored, though."

"Do you see Blitz anywhere? Hear from him?"

"No, but I hope he gets his power."

"Well, he's got a 50-50 chance of getting one right? Who cares if he's normal?"

"50% of dragon kin." His voice was cold and emotionless, which scared me. I liked him, but I don't know what I'd do if I'd have to outcast him if he didn't get a power. Actually, I thought he would have the potential to fit into dragon society.

"Thank you all for attending the 20 years celebration of Fire-Song Day of Customary Intelligence!" I looked up at this century's White Rainbow. Her voice was beautiful, and every head turned to look up at her. The sun of her back gave her a yellow-golden glow amongst the white of her skin.

"It is time yet again for the Customaries coming of age at 20 years! Will the selected please come forth?"

There were about twenty-or-so dragons that put themselves forward. Among them, I saw my friends, and Blitz, as well as many others that I knew by name. It was a great rainbow of lights and darks. The sun glinted off them like gems under a bright light.

All of them stood before the great stone. It was the place of all power. This is where all of each generation of dragon kin were either gifted with a power or rejected of one, and put into another place of dragon society. I watched as the ceremony was about to begin. It would end well, or it would end up in near-discrimination.
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