Shedding Silver Tears

June 25, 2012
By Ice_Queen PLATINUM, Peoria, Arizona
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Ice_Queen PLATINUM, Peoria, Arizona
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Silvia saw a bronze dragon flying around her. Smiling to herself she launched herself off the ground to join Breeze in his aerial dance. Opening her maw, she roars her delight at the sky. Blitz joins them. He sparkled in the sunlight, glittering like sapphires.
Flying in the air, she spirals down, landing in a great lake, barely making any splash as she enters the water. Breeze and Blitz come in to join her. She smiles, revealing her sparkling sharp teeth. Breeze and Blitz surround her, coming just close enough to have her heart jumping in her chest.
She submerges her head, and glides beneath the surface, twisting and turning in the water. It is now dark outside with a full moon out to shine through the water, throwing everything in a silver-white light.
They too, come near her in the water. Silvia bat a single silver eye toward her two lovers, whom she could never make up her mind on which one she loved. Breeze swam close, brushing his body against her in a sensual motion that appealed greatly to her, making her shiver with exaltation.
Gently, and in response to his touch, she bumped her muzzle against his, encouraging him to come closer to her in the brightly shining water beneath the surface of the lake. Above, Blitz slide into the water headfirst from a high flight, his landing in the water clearly audible in the silent, unmoving water, in which held the three dragons.
Both the Blitz and Breeze came and swam toward Silvia in a watery blue and bronze blur that latched onto Silvia, encasing her in her lovers embrace. Her reality starting to fade, she wanted the touch of her two lovers to last forever, but she needed to breathe.
Gently pulling the three of them upward, still having a hold on both of them, her head broke the surface, spraying silver dots across the black surface of the lake, only lit by the full moon.
"Come, stay with me my silver lover, stay in this embrace. I want you to surrender yourself to me!" Breeze's and Blitz voice sounded in her head.
The voices were strange. They weren't quite the way they should have been. But the sound was so perfect. How could she say no to them? But, it wasn't right to have two dragons as your own. You could only pick one. Silvia panicked; she wasn't even old enough yet to choose a mate. Her mind wandered, straying to the morning to come. The morning . . .

"No!" I lifted my head off the ground to look around. I wasn't happy with gritty and wide eyes; I looked like a zombie, which is saying something, considering I'm silver and glittery.

Gently, I put my head back down. Waking myself up in the middle of good dreams was a specialty of mine. I didn't like it. This one was probably the best of any of them so far. . .

Sighing, I closed my eyes, willing myself back into sleep. I was trying to sleep at the mouth of a high-up cave. The scenery before me was beautiful, but I didn't care. I wanted to go back into my dream. I tried, but it was all for naught, because just then, my friend, Arriane, came flying in. She was silver as well, but I didn't think she was quite as pretty as I was.

"Come on Silvia! Wake up! Today we need to find out if we have our powers!" I heard her silk- like voice resound in my head, stirring me in what I would want to be a peaceful dream.

"Fine. What day is today?"

"Fire-Song Day!"

"But we're metallic. We don't apply to that. We are applied to Ice-Fire Day, which isn't for another six months." I was a little irritated that she woke me up, and I kept my eyes closed until I heard the flapping of wings. What now?

"Silvia, Arriane, gets your lazy tails out here! It's Fire-Song Day! Silvia, come on!" It was Cordelia. She was a customary. A red dragon. Today was her day; I had to get up . . . but . . .

"Silvia! Get up! Cordelia, if you don't hurry, you're going to be late!"

"Ok, but what if I don't want to go because it's not my day?" I asked testily.

Esmeralda didn't answer. I opened my eyes, regarding Esmeralda carefully. Today was her day, too. Azura was hovering in the air next to her. They were the grass and sky, those two. Still, they got along, better than anyone would think. They practically shared body parts, they were so close. I swore they could read my mind sometimes, as well.

"You will go because Blitz and Breeze are going to be there," Azura and Esmeralda said together.

They struck a nerve. Why I ever told them that I was in love with those two, I will never know. Of course I liked those two. Since they said that, I just had to get up.

"Alright, fine. I will come to the Fire-Song Celebration. Only because you guys are annoying."

"No it's not!" Chided Cordelia. "You're only coming because Azura and Esmeralda told you that Breeze and Blitz are coming."

"Well, if you four are done teasing me, shouldn't we be getting to the Fire-Song Celebration?"

Arriane, Cordelia, Azura, and Esmeralda all looked at me with a blank expression. Arriane nodded her head, and flapped her way to the ceremonial ground. I lifted my body off the ground and shot up out of the cave with a swish of my wings. The customaries were already at the ceremonial ground, and I was one of the last metallic's to make it to the great stone. There was complete silence all around, for all of the dragons were speaking to each other quietly in our minds. Nobody was telepathically talking to me.

We were all placed by color, and I searched for Breeze among the bronze to my left. The most abundant color was the bronzes. The least abundant being me, the silvers, besides the one and only White Rainbow.

The White Rainbow is a dragon among us who loses his/her color after the first 20 years of life, or our Fire-Song or Ice-Fire Day, then his/her eyes will take on every color of the dragon kin there is (that's not very many), and he/she is then our ruler. The White Rainbow lives for only 100 years, and then they die. For almost all of the dragons, they live up to 500, if they die of natural causes and don't do something stupid.

"Hey, Breeze. How are you doing?"

"Fine. Bored, though."

"Do you see Blitz anywhere? Hear from him?"

"No, but I hope he gets his power."

"Well, he's got a 50-50 chance of getting one right? Who cares if he's normal?"

"50% of dragon kin." His voice was cold and emotionless, which scared me. I liked him, but I don't know what I'd do if I'd have to outcast him if he didn't get a power. Actually, I thought he would have the potential to fit into dragon society.

"Thank you all for attending the 20 years celebration of Fire-Song Day of Customary Intelligence!" I looked up at this century's White Rainbow. Her voice was beautiful, and every head turned to look up at her. The sun of her back gave her a yellow-golden glow amongst the white of her skin.

"It is time yet again for the Customaries coming of age at 20 years! Will the selected please come forth?"

There were about twenty-or-so dragons that put themselves forward. Among them, I saw my friends, and Blitz, as well as many others that I knew by name. It was a great rainbow of lights and darks. The sun glinted off them like gems under a bright light.

All of them stood before the great stone. It was the place of all power. This is where all of each generation of dragon kin were either gifted with a power or rejected of one, and put into another place of dragon society. I watched as the ceremony was about to begin. It would end well, or it would end up in near-discrimination.

I kept my eyes on Blitz the entire time the ceremony went on. I was anxious to have him be part of the higher part of society. In the back of my mind, I knew that he would be, but I just couldn't help myself for worrying.

"Silvia, calm down. You know that he'll make it. How could he not?" Breeze's voice soothed my worries better than anything. But he didn't sound very happy about that piece of information.


"You know how I feel about you. I dream of you every night."

"Actually, I didn't know that. . . . And you do?"

"Yes, I've just been afraid to tell you . . ."

"Blitz, Customary of Sapphire!" The White Rainbow's voice called him up to her. Breeze and I stopped talking and snapped our heads up to look. I watched him fly to the top of the stone, about five feet above his head. Slowly, but proudly he padded up to her. The White Rainbow was atleast twice his size, and just as, if not, more muscled than Blitz.

"Blitz, Customary of Saphire. I am ready to receive or accept rejection of my gift." He dipped his head then closed his eyes. The White Rainbow dipped her snout to the small indentation between his eyes, in the middle of his snout. There was a bright flash of light, and no one moved. That flash only happens with a certain gift . . .

"Blitz, born of the Saphire, you have acquired the gift of lightning! You able to control it easily with your will!"

Immediately, there was the sound of dragons pounding their feet on the ground, and the crackling of fire in the air above us as the elders blew fire above our heads. I smiled softly. I was proud, but at the same time disappointed. I didn't know why I felt
so disappointed and depressed.

"Of course he should get the lightning . . ." Breeze's deep voiced whispered to me in the back of my mind, half listening.

"What's wrong with the gift he got? He deserved it. The White Rainbow does not bestow his or her gifts wrongly. What? Do you think that you will not deserve such a gift? Do you think you are worthless?

"Well, to me, you're not. I think you will have a gift of greater importance! You have done nothing, but great things in the time that you have been alive. Why should you doubt?"

Soon the ceremony ended, and we were bade to leave, to allow the new gifted train with their respective trainers for their gift. There always seemed to be another dragon with knowledge of the gift you received. This meant that no matter what, someone would always be there to help you figure out what you and your gift really meant.

"Silvia! Silvia! Silvia! Silvia, wake up!"

It was Arriane again. I opened one silver eye to look up at hers. I didn't really want to get up, but at the same time, I really wanted to. That was a delema I had to face whether I wanted to or not. Closing my eye, I sucked in a deep breath, and blew flame out my nostrils toward Arriane. I heard her indifferent growl as she launched herself away from the molten-colored flame.

"Don't worry. I'm getting up. I know what day it is, and I'm excited for it. But you just make me want to want it to go by faster than I want it to."

"What? That made no sense!" Arriane's voice was now sounding like a squawk rather than a silky voice that she normally had.

"It wasn't supposed to. Any way, I'm going to the lake before I go to the ceremony. I want to get all the brown off me."

"Alright, but I'm coming with you."


"Fine. But I'm getting the rest of them."

I ignored her and took off. I headed toward Star Lake, looking for the deep blue among the green. It was easy to find, I was so high up in the air, and I made my rapid descent by tucking in my wings. I unfurled them at the last second, and landed heavily on the gravel on the shore. I looked around, and saw a bronze smudge on the opposite shore. I gently slide my body into the water, barely making a ripple. I swam toward what I knew was Breeze.

Breeze was drinking water when I put my head above the water. He looked at me without being startled. All he did was stare at me. I couldn't quite place why he was so beside himself. It looked like he didn't even care what was going to happen today.

"Hi, Breeze."

"Hi, Silvia."

"Are you ready for today? For Ice-Fire Day?"

Breeze looked at me strangly. I couldn't figure out what he was thinking or feeling. He just looked out of it. He didn't have any emotion, or really any care for anything. I had to ask, "What's wrong?"

I heard him release a long breath. But he anwered me. "I'm nervous. You remember what I said at the Fire-Song Ceremony."

"Stop it. You know you will receive a gift worthy of you as well as the other way around."

Breeze looked at me with glittering eyes. I said nothing, but waited for him. After a bit, he slid into the water next to me. We played around in the water, making each other laugh until we had to go.

I padded up out of the water first, Breeze directly behind me. I launched my self into the sky, blue flame trailing out of my nostrils behind me. Breeze blew a ball of flame toward me, a spinning yellow, following my upward pattern. I dodged it at the last second, and swooped down to meet Breeze in the air.

"So, what do you think you'll get?" I asked. My voice could've been water, it was so perfect.

"I don't know. But what I want is a more powerful breath of fire. What about you?"

"I don't know either. But, I do know that the silvers are supposed to be . . . or . . . we are supposed to get the best of gifts. As far as I know, no silver has ever been rejected of a gift. I don't know. I feel like I'm going to get the very best gift of all, but doesn't everyone feel that way?"

"I feel like that, too. I just have my own personal doubts that contradict with what I really feel."

"Don't. We will be fine. Let's go. They await us."

We flew in silence the entire way to the Ceremony, but it wasn't an awkward silence. It was a very peaceful silence. I could feel our calm and tranquil pleasure through our soft telepathic link. I had a very peaceful smile on my face as we flew.

When we reached the ceremonial grounds, most of the dragons that were attending were there.

Well, atleast we're not the last ones here this time. I thought to myself. I wonder where-

"Silvia!" The sound of five voices rang in my head making me sway, even though all four limbs on the ground before they called my name.

"Do you really have to do that? All of you? You know I hate it when you do that. It makes me feel overwhelmed."

They all mumbled their apologies to me, but they all asked me questions about how I thought the ceremony would go, and I asked back. They all told me about their cool new powers, except Arriane, who would soon experience what all of our friends were talking about. While all of our friends were engaged in conversation, I heard the rumble of excited voices.

Everyone was expecting Arriane and I to have a great gift from the White Rainbow. I didn't know what I would get, but I hoped that it would be pretty good. Since Arriane and I were the only silvers in the dragon kin, that made us even more special because we were so rare this time.

I waited and watched the White Rainbow fly to the top of the stone to begin the ceremony. She called for attention and began her speech on the coming of age for the metalics and receiving of our great gifts. She expected great things from all of us.

The White Rainbow started calling up names for the dragons to receive their gift. Most got very simple gifts. There were only one or two of the golds were rejected. The bronze ones were after the gold, and Breeze was the first one called.

"Breeze, Metalic of Bronze!" Breeze went up to the stone and flew up to the top. He stopped in front of the White Rainbow and recieted the promise of the Ice-Fire Ceremony. The White Rainbow lowered her nose to the small space between his eyes. With that, Breeze glowed gold.

"Congratulations, Breeze, Metalic of Bronze. You have received the gift of fire! No longer will your breath of fire be that of anyone else. The element is yours to guide!"

Breeze looked as if he could die right there, he was so happy. He flew off the stone to join his color, but he was probably the most proud dragon here. I was really happy for him. Now I was excited about being called. I was the last person called. Arriane got the gift of ice. She could freeze things with her breath.

When I was called, I became nervous and calm at the same time. I walked up to the stone, and I looked around at each of my friends. I flew up to the top of the stone. My heart started pounding, but I was incredibly confident.

"Silvia, Metalic of Silver. I am ready to receive or accept rejection of my gift."

As usual, the White Rainbow dipped her snout to touch the hollow between my eyes. My entire body hummed inside my head. I opened my eyes to look at her. I had a smile on my face. The White Rainbow said nothing. All around me was silence.

I started at her with questioning eyes. She shook her head gently, her eyes full of sadness. I heard her whispering voice inside my head said, "I'm sorry, Silvia . . ."

A single tear escaped my eyes, and I joined Arriane on the ground. The White Rainbow ended the ceremony, and I turned to fly off to my cave, overlooking the green valley, where I could watch the other dragons play in the river that stretched across. The White Rainbow started to come toward me, but I took off, not wanting to meet her eyes.

Still, she followed me. When I got to Star Lake, she stopped me mid-air. I tried to fly around her, but she blocked my path, so I landed. She landed next to me. I waited for her to say something.

Soon, she did. "Silvia," she began, "I know how you feel. So many of our kin expected something great from you. I know that-"

"No, I don't think you know that all will be fine. I have been rejected, and I can't change that. No one can!"

"Silvia, you weren't-"

I cut her voice out of my head, and I took off. I heard her voice become very angry, and I heard her shreak behind me, "Fine! You can figure it out then! On your own! Your own arrogance will be your downfall! You are the only one of your kind, and you won't even let me tell you how!"

I stopped and turned around, now listening. "What do you mean?"

She ignored me, a mask of anger on her face. I felt like I wanted to die. I just insulted one of the most powerful dragons of the century. Great that was smart.

I wondered what the White Rainbow had said. Had I actually gotten a gift? What was it? I was worried, but I had no mark proving that I had a gift given to me. It just didn't make any sense.

What have I done?

Silvia was flying around, looking for Breeze. It was a beautiful day in the green valley. Breeze wasn't in his cave, so she decided to go off in the direction of the lake, hoping that he might be there, instead.
Instead of finding Breeze, she saw Blitz. He was swimming in the crystalline water, just relaxing in this perfect day. Silvia came up to him, with a gentle smile on her face.
"Hello, Blitz." She said, her voice sultry with the pleasure of seeing one of them. She waited for a response. There was none.
Cocking her head, she slid into the water next to him. He swam away from her, acting like she carried some kind of disease that he would catch if he got too close or talked to her.
"What is wrong with you?" Finally, he looked at her. Just a blank stare. There was no emotion in his sparkled sapphire eyes.
"Why should I talk to you?" he asked. "Why? You have absolutely no power. You are a disgrace to your kin. You are silver. You should've gotten a great gift, but you couldn't even manage that. What do you think you are, talking to me, when you should be shunned from our race?"
Silvia was dismayed. She didn't know what to say. Blitz had never spoken to her like that. She wouldn't say something hurtful back. It would only make things worse. What could she do? She tried to reason with him, but that didn't work. He only continued to make her feel worse. Keeping herself calm, she left.
Flying high, she looked down on the lake one last time. Blitz looked up, and very quickly, was underneath the waters surface. About to turn, she saw something spread across the lake. She flew back down as fast as she could, fearing of what it could be.
The clear water of Star Lake now had a film of what looked like oil spread across it. As she inhaled through her nose, tears streaked across her face. The air smelled sour, like meat gone bad. The color of the water was the color of blood. Not animal blood, but from one of a dragon. Blitz's blood.
Her body screamed for her to go down and save him, but she knew he was dead. Slowly, she backed away from the water's edge, her tears leaving spots on the gravel like shining metal. Lifting her head to the sky, she howled her friend's death to the heavens. Her dragon's voice echoed across the land, signaling to every dragon for miles around, that this was not a natural death.
Gilda was the first to make it to her. Tears automatically fell to the ground at her feet. She took two steps toward Silvia, and stopped.
"This is your fault. It's your fault! It's your fault! It's your fault!" Gilda screamed at her in her mind. Silvia shrunk like a sheep inside. She felt so small at her friend's words. They stung and beat on her like nothing had before. She didn't know how it was her fault, but she still felt guilty none the less.
Gilda glared at her, and told the others that came what had happened. They all blamed Silvia, making her feel so much worse than before. Didn't they know that Silvia felt like she wanted to die as well because of their words? They didn't. They all only continued to beat her down with words, blaming her for something she had nothing to do with.
Trying to avoid their stares, she looked back at the blood-stained lake. A single scale floated atop the water. The tears flowed more heavily down her face. It was all she could do to take off and leave them, to wallow in her own despair.

I woke up with tears streaking down my face. My tears were the color of shining metal on the ground and my feet. I looked out at the night sky, feeling the cool wind against my skin. I ruffled my scales, and padded out to the lip of the cave. I felt awful from what I saw from the dream. It was so real. It burned behind my eyes like a memory that you want to forget, but can't because it makes a point to stay etched in your head.

I jumped out of the cave, and flew to Star Lake. I needed to make sure that the dream was just a dream. I didn't really want to go to the lake, for fear of what I might find . . . or rather what I wouldn't. Still, I went.

When I landed on the gravel shore, I closed my eyes and sniffed the air. I didn't smell the sour scent of dragon blood. So, I opened my eyes. Blitz was staring right at me from the opposite shore. This time I stayed right where I was, not wanting my dream to come true.

Instead, he came to me. I relaxed a little, but I was still wary of what might happen. He gently nuzzled my leg, and I sat down next to him and leaned my body against him. He licked the side of my face, where my tears had been. I felt the tip of his nose, on the side of my head, about an inch before my eyes.

"When did you get that tattoo?"

"What tattoo?"

"The ones before your eyes, and in between them."

I looked at him with a puzzled look. "I don't have any tattoos. I don't have a gift . . . A tattoo . . . would mean . . . that I have a gift!"

I jumped away from Blitz, and looked down on the water's reflection. My face was so different. I was still silver, but I now had a light blue streak that gently curved just before my eyes. I straightened my face and looked at the water dead on. There was a diamond tattoo, that had an eight-pointed star behind it, the points of the star all accentuating my face in the most beautiful way. I turned around and looked at Blitz. Then, I swivled my head around to stare into the surface of the water, shocked at my tattoos.

"This is . . . amazing! But, I've never seen this design before. I don't know what it means. Do you?" Blitz shook his head slowly. "The White Rainbow knew I had a gift. I don't know what it is. I didn't listen when she offered to teach me, and I have disgraced her. She will never forgive me."

"She is going to die next year, maybe the next White Rainbow would teach you?"

"No, I do not think so. I think that he or she will somehow remember what I said to this century's White Rainbow, and refuse to teach me how I can control my power."

Blitz became confused. "So, what is your gift?"

I began to form my answer, but I stopped myself from answering. I didn't really know what my gift was. It could be my dreams, but my dreams aren't even real. Are they? "I don't really know what my gift is, only that I have one."

"You seem . . . detached. Are you all right?"

I thought of a lie to cover up what my dream was, but I couldn't. I had to tell him about my dream. It was the only way that I would feel better about watching him die in this very lake, only to have Gilda tell me that his death was all my fault.

Feeling absolutely depressed, I told him about my dream, opting to leave nothing out. I told him everything, and he listened, without interrupting me. He only spoke when I finished. "I would never be mad at you. I know you had some potential in you, and I'd never let you get hurt that way."

"Thank you."

I gently nosed his side and then I took off toward my cave. The sweet night air was cool against my skin as I soared above the valley. When I landed in the mouth of my cave, Breeze was there. For a moment, I thought I went the wrong way, and I turned around. It was the same view, so I did go the right way.

Cocking my head, I padded up to him silently. He was asleep on the floor somewhere near the back, where he wouldn't accidentily be spotted by a passing night flyer.

"Breeze," I whispered. "Breeze. Wake-"

"What?" he asked angrily. Slowly, he lifted his eyes to mine, and his face lost the anger. "Oh, it's you, sorry. I must have fallen asleep waiting for you. I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry that you didn't receive your gift. You were so confident, and then . . ."

"No! I actually got a gift! I was with Blitz, and-"

"Why Blitz?"

"I was going to the lake. He just happened to be there. But, he noticed that I have tattoos! I actually have a gift!"

Breeze looked at me skeptically. Narrowing his eyes, he asked, "What tattoos? You don't have any. And I'm not blind, because I can see you perfectly."

What? What he said didn't make sense to me. I knew I had tattoos. I saw them. I went behind him to the very back of the cave, where a small hole in the top of the mountain, where light shone in on a reflective surface for me to look into. Silently, I did.

What did I see? Nothing. There were no tattoos. There were no addition to my silver face, and I felt awful. I turned back to him, with my eyes downcast.

"You're right. But, I did have the tattoos!"

"Sure you did."

"Why don't you believe me? There are many strange things that happen on this planet, to the dragons! You know that! I have never lied! Why should I start now?"

"You've had a disappointing week. Maybe you're hallucinating."

"What about Blitz? What about Blitz? WHAT ABOUT BLITZ? He never had a problem with that, and he has never lied to me or to anyone else! Why would you make such an accusation?"

Breeze only shook his head and walked toward the opening to the cave. My heart started breaking inside my chest. As much as I wanted to, I wouldn't let the tears come. I wouldn't show him any weakness.

"Get out of here. Now. Breeze, why I ever thought I could trust you the way I did before, I do not know. You will not speak to me again. Do you understand?"

"Crystal." Breeze sneered. It was almost like he wanted that to happen. I saw his giant bronze wings lift him farther away from me as he flew. There was a patch of silence as I thought of what to do. My anger was beyond its normal level, and I felt exhausted.

I only felt relief when I drifted off into sleep . . .

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