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To Link the Cosmos

Author's note: I read a book with a similar setting to Alec and Reese's true setting, and I really liked it. So...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I read a book with a similar setting to Alec and Reese's true setting, and I really liked it. So I decided to write a different story with a different plot, characters, and everything different except for the setting. I would tell you the book, but it would give away the story. So read and find out and in a later chapter I will tell you! Enjoy and please comment!  « Hide author's note
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The bright sun and the smell of wood awaken me from my relaxing sleep. I step out of my soft cotton bed and into my favorite white tunic and jean shorts. As I braid back my long golden hair, I peer out the window of my apartment to the world below. The town, the neighberhood, the farms, and then way off in the distance, the ocean that ends our paradisical island.
Quietyly, so I do not disturb my Aunt and Uncle, I slip through our front door, and into the hallway that adjoins all of the other
Please keep reading! If anything doesn't make sense, please ask!
apartments in my sector. I walk down the long corridor, and am almost out into the gardens of our shared courtyard, when I hear a door open behind me. I immediately can guess who it is by his footsteps: Adrian.
I reluctantly turn around as he calls out my name, and sure enough he is there. With brown hair, hungry, lingering, searching green eyes, a smirk, and huge biceps, Adrian is a year older than me, and always seems to be... watching.
His dragon scale eyes feast on the sight of me and his smirk grows as I look away.
“Good morning, Reese,” he says to me in his low voice.
“Hello, Adrian.”
“So, have any plans for tonight?”
His eyes search me, lingering. I fold my arms and answer curtly, “Yes.” I don’t trust him.
“Hm, I thought you might say that,” he answers with a grin. “You’ve been avoiding me ever since you turned 17 last month.”
“Well, let’s just say that I became more responsible and found that the dating age opened a window for you to take something precious from me.”
He opens his mouth to retaliate, but I don’t give him a chance. Instead, I turn on my heels and run out the door, starting a search for my best friend, Luke.
To explain Adrian’s words, the dating age is 17. Once you turn 17, you are allowed to date, marry, and interact with the opposite gender. It is the age of accountability so there is no shame, but apparently accountability and responsibility are two totally different things, because most girls are not married, but pregnant by 18. Boys start to look for more than friendship, and so once I turned 17, I lost all of my male friends except for one: Luke. And because girls cause too much drama, and I can’t stand to be around them, and boys are always wanting something more (except for Luke), I now only have him as a friend.
I arrive at Luke’s house in the Neighberhood and ring his doorbell. He answers and his face lights up as he sees me. I smile back, and he comes outside as we sit on his white wood porch swing. Luke is so respectful towards girls. He never lets me come into his house, because he is afraid that one of these days he will lose control and something will happen. And he couldn’t bare to disrespect me like that, so he takes no chances.
Luke has never done any of the things allowed by the dating age. One of the reasons is because he is not the most attractive young man in the world. He is shorter than most guys his age, but still taller than me, because I am short myself. He is scrawny and has messy brown hair and big brown eyes that are covered by thick lensed glasses. His nose is long and his teeth are crooked. But on the inside, he is the most attractive and handsome guy in the world. He is sweet, smart, and witty, and always knows exactly what to say. A true gentleman, he has always known how to treat a girl. If only a girl besides me would notice him.
We talk about life for a bit. He tells me about his recent piano recital, and I tell him about my goal in the soccer game that won the game for my team. We decide to go for a walk on the beach after a half hour.
We stroll the sand for a bit, and then sit down and eat our traditional picnic of sandwiches, plums, and lemonade. We laugh, talk, and enjoy eachother’s company for at least an hour, when suddenly Luke grows silent. He looks over at me and asks, “Reese, what do you think is beyond the ocean?” It’s such a silly, obvious question, that I simply just shake my head and laugh.
“No, Reese, don’t do that again! I’m serious.”
I look up into his pleading eyes, and answer, “Luke, you know what’s beyond there. You’ve heard the stories all your life.”
He scoffs at me. “Reese, surely you don’t believe what they say. I know that I don’t. Honestly, Reese: ferocious, man-eating water monsters, flesh-chasing, blood-drinking dinosaurs that haunt the land? There isn’t any proof! No pictures, no first-hand accounts, nothing. Nothing but old stories that our grandparents heard. Reese, things change! They could be gone, and we wouldn’t even know it! If they ever even were there in the first place...”
“Luke, stop! You know that the only man who ever went into the ocean died!”
“And he didn’t live to tell the tale, so where did the stories come from?”
He’s got me. I had never even thought of that reasoning before. I had just accepted the rote stories being drilled into my brain, so consequently I don’t have an answer. I’m just gaping at him like the ignorant idiot I am.
“Reese, I’m going to take a boat into the ocean. You can come with me, but there is nothing you can say to stop me.”
He’s serious. I need to protect him. I have no other choice.
Deep breath, “All right then, Luke. I’ll go with you.”
This is going to be one hell of an adventure.
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