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2. Mann Gegan Frau

I jump out of the way and strike him in the back as he charges by. The fool then trips over a root and face – plants onto the ground. Getting up, he leaps at me, knocking me over and sending us both rolling onto the ground. A punch there, a slap here, eventually we come to a stop with him pinning me down at the waist. A right hook connects with my face, before I grab him by the face and toss him against a tree. Flipping myself onto my feet, I charge back at him and kick him in the face as he gets to his feet, sending him sprawling onto his back again. He tries to sweep my legs out from under me, yet I jump back out of his reach. Clambering onto his feet he lunges at me and throws a left hook towards my face, following it up with a sucker – punch to the stomach. I duck under the left hook and catch his right arm at the wrist, and with a flick of my own wrist, send him sprawling face – down in the dirt. Lifting my foot, I drive it down onto the back of his neck. Stepping off him, I take a few steps back, and seeing that he isn’t moving, I turn my back to him and start to approach Cassie, who has been sitting up, staring at him with a shocked expression on her face. Standing up, she bolts past me and kneels by his side, shaking him. “Vhat in ze name of ze Vater are you doing!?” I shout in warning. Getting up, she runs over to me and embraces me in a rib cracking hug. “Yes! Thank you, thank you, and thank you! He’s dead! That manipulative jackass, motherf*ing piss – faced coward is dead!” “Eh…I need…to breathe?” I said, regardless of how false that statement was. Pulling away from her, I am greeted by a fist heading towards my face. Recoiling back, I grab her by the collar and pull her out of the way. Shoving her behind me as the punch connects with my face I manage to shout at her to run before I hit the ground. Getting up, I catch Eric’s ankle, tripping him. Wrestling him away from Cassie, I hoist him into the air from behind, with my arms around his torso and slam him onto the packed earth. Grabbing him by the hair I hoist him up and deliver a punch to the stomach, followed by a kick to the groin. He collapses gasping onto the ground, retches, and then begins to crawl away from me as I approach. Striding over to him, I kick him in the ribs and then stomp on his head. Grasping his ankles, I swing him against a tree, a few things break. Dropping him face – first onto the ground, I grasp him at the back of the head, and slam his face into the tree, where I proceed to scrape it against the trunk. After doing this a few times, I toss him against another tree. Walking over to his broken, battered form, I pin him to the trunk with my foot. “So, you filthy excuse for a vampire! How does zis feel you undead maggot – ridden fool! How does it feel to be left to die, lying broken against a tree?” Sticking my face towards his head, I lift his head up so we are glaring each other straight in the eyes. “Tell me, are you afraid of death? Because if you are afraid of death, zen you should have never bothered her in ze first place, you maggot.” “Please don’t kill me, please show mercy to your own kind!” He begs, his eyes beseeching me to let go. “Please, be reasonable! We could make a powerful team, don’t you think? With my brains and your brawn, many would fall before us. I could give you the world; my family has insurmountable wealth…All you have to do is let me go. Just let me go and…You might be able to see your parents again.” Recoiling slightly, I begin to loosen my hold on him. Stopping, I bend down and grab him by the front of the shirt, and pulling him close I ask “Promise me, zat you will leave Cassie alone, if I help you. Do I make myself clear?” “Oh you have my assurances, from this point onward I promise I won’t touch a hair on her head.” He replied. “Fine, it’s settled then, I’ll help you.” I answered. It will give me an excuse to get away from Mariska. Turning, I begin to walk away. “Hey! Where are you going?” He calls out after me. With a disgruntled sigh, I stop walking and turn around. “vhat more do du will?” If you’re going to help me, then you should stay at my place! That way we can always be within earshot of each other.” He replied, a sneering grin spreading across his face. “Forget it zen, I’m not going to remain under ze same roof vith a bunch of freaks like you.” I reply. Again I turn my back to him and start to walk away. “Don’t you turn your back to me!” He shouts as I continue to walk away. “Ficken dich!” I call out in reply, as I pass through the walls of trees and into the street. Footsteps echo off the asphalt behind me, and as I slow to a stop, a fist connects with the back of my head. Staggering forward, I turn around clumsily, stumbling like a circus bear. A second punch collides with the side of my head. Collapsing to the ground, my consciousness slips away as my vision blacks out. I am awakened, by a searing pain in my stomach. Eyes flying open, I try to pull away, yet I find myself bound by the ankles and wrists to a cluster of trees. Looking down, my eyes widen in shock. Why is there a KNIFE in my gut!?
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JohnCimeno said...
Nov. 18, 2012 at 10:12 pm
Thank you. I've started reading "A New Era" and I really like what I've seen so far.
Vagabond said...
Sept. 9, 2012 at 10:33 am
Hi! I really loved it!! Please read my book "a new era" and post your comments! :)

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