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11. Abstauben zu Abstauben

Sitting up, I unzip the tent, and cautiously slip by Caleb’s sleeping form. I walk through the columns of trees, and step onto the beaten dirt road. I slowly progress from an ambling stride into a jog, my bare feet pounding against the dirt. I come to a stop, at the place where Caleb and I had fought against Mariska. Shifting aside a few fallen trees, I succeed in freeing Irene’s body. Picking it up, I carry it past the upper half of Mariska’s corpse, which is mostly bones by now, having been left out in the open for animals to find.

As I pass by the remains of Mariska’s bisected body, I spit on it and give it a sharp kick. Continuing along the road, I reach the crumbling remains of the inn, and setting her down on an undamaged table, I reach over to the other victims, and pull them down. Grabbing four tablecloths, I pick up Irene’s body and carry it outside.

Pulling out handfuls of soil, I dig a shallow six foot trench in the ground. Wrapping her in one of the tablecloths, I set her down gently in the trench. Slowly, I begin to refill the trench. I repeat this process with the other two deceased servants.

Approaching the last body, a wave of indignant anger rises in my gut. No one deserves to be mistreated after death so…so…depravedly. Grabbing the last tablecloth, I wrap the body in it and lower it into the last open trench. Sealing it up, I walk back inside, and lift up the fallen beam. Carrying it outside, I stick in the ground above the graves as a headstone.

Pulling a penknife from my pocket, I carve their names into the wood. Under the names, I carve: The world is not enough, for it has failed you all. Good – bye and God bless. Stepping back, I evaluate my handiwork. Shrugging, I turn around and walk back over to the ruined inn. Stepping inside, I pass through the ruined bar, and into the back hallway where the servants had been hiding. Opening the door to their room, I step inside and take a seat on the sofa.

Mariska was correct…the people that I try to help always seem to suffer the most. Just as my recklessness causes others to suffer, it seems that doing good is something that I am incapable of accomplishing. I should just give up; it seems that I will follow in Mariska’s footsteps after all. What…What am I thinking? If I follow in her footsteps, I’ll just be another monster. Help…someone…anyone, please help me.

I am broken out of my reverie by voices coming from outside the inn. Freezing in place, I stand stock still, my ears tuned to catch the slightest sound.

“Someone has buried her.”

“Who cares about who has buried her? Dig out the body and string it up by the neck again! Hurry!” A male voice snaps back.

“If you two haven’t noticed, there are four graves. Which one contains the whore that was going out with Eric?” Another voice, obviously female adds.

I stirred up a flock of Leasingnehmers…Scheisse!

“Who cares? We’ll just dig up all the graves, and leave the other bodies out to rot.” The male voice answers.

Scheiss drauf! I’ll need a weapon.

“Fair enough…let us begin.”

I step out of the room I am in, and sneak across the hall, and enter the innkeeper’s bedroom. There should be a meat cleaver from his days as a meat packing factory worker mounted on the wall. The cleaver is mounted directly above the headboard of the bed taking it down; I feel its heft and swing. Perfect. Now to greet the unwelcomed guests.

Walking out of his room, I jog to the entrance of the inn. Stepping outside, I stand still, the cleaver held loosely by my side. Pursing my lips, I whistle shrilly, causing the three of them to look up quickly.

“Who are you?” The tall male one asks.

“Ze harbinger of your deaths.” (Is there something wrong with wanting to say those lines?)

“Oh look…a hunter!” The fool drawls.

“I’m not a hunter; I’m ze Shinso fledgling zat killed Eric.” I reply, bringing the cleaver to bear, a slasher smile spreading across my lips.

“Get her! She’s the filthy Shinso that we’re looking for!” He barks, drawing away from me. The other two Leasingnehmers hesitate, before charging toward me.

“Now, now children; no roughhousing, or you vill need to be punished.” I duck under them, and grabbing the blond one by her hair, I bisect her with the cleaver, before running her through. Getting away with murder.

The second, a tall brunette, lunges at me, aiming a punch for my head. I pull my head to the side, and plant a boot to her stomach. She doubles up in pain, and I slash out her eyes. It is impossible to never tell the truth.

Blinded and in pain, she stumbles away from me and trips over a root, falling backward onto her rear. Leering at her, I raise the cleaver over my head and bring it down, slicing her clean in half down the middle. I’m addicted to your punishment.

“Next?” I ask, turning away from the two corpses beside me.

“How…how did you…”

“I told you; I’m ze shinso fledgling zat killed Eric…I take ze existence of you freaks as a personal insult. So just leave. Tuck tail and run for your life! Isn’t zat vhat your kind is good for? You sniveling maggot.”


“Vhat? Vhat am I? A freak? A bitch? Or a monster?” I ask approaching him, swinging the cleaver from side to side.

“Monster! You’re a monster!” He shrieks, sweat running down his face in rivulets.

“You have answered correctly! Now leave, your faith has saved you.” I mock, taking another step forward.

“Would you…would you really let me go?” He sobs, hands over his eyes, mouth frothing.


He begins to bawl, and prostrates himself on the ground in front of me, groveling and begging for mercy. Raising the cleaver over my head, I bring it down on his neck, decapitating him. Raising it again, I stab him through the back with it. Pulling it free with a vile squelch, I wipe the blade clean on his pants. Sie sind welches sie sind.

Picking up the bodies, I stack them one on top of the other, and pulling a box of matches out of my pocket, I set them on fire with the help of a can of gasoline taken from inside the inn.

I repair the damage to the graves, and returning to the remains of the inn, I set fire to the structure, letting the memories that accompanied it go up in flames alongside the wooden framework.

I jog back to camp along the road, the cleaver strapped to my back. Entering the camp, I return to the tent, and lie down.

I’ll talk to Caleb tomorrow.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 9 10 11

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JohnCimeno said...
Nov. 18, 2012 at 10:12 pm
Thank you. I've started reading "A New Era" and I really like what I've seen so far.
Vagabond said...
Sept. 9, 2012 at 10:33 am
Hi! I really loved it!! Please read my book "a new era" and post your comments! :)

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