Destruction(part 1)-Book one in Gifted series

June 21, 2012
By shaylakassidy SILVER, Milton, Kentucky
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shaylakassidy SILVER, Milton, Kentucky
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what you see in the mirror is not you but one of two paths you can take. -Shayla Crumley 2010

Author's note: I kinda crossed The White Fox with Avatar and added my own twist to it.

I watched in horror as the bombs fell down lighting up the sky like a firey rain. Then it was as if I could see and hear everything going on around me. Mothers crying out to their children, only to be greeted witha long, creepy silence. Smoke and Ash filled the air making it immpossible for me to breathe. Making Tampa-my beautiful city- into a drak, disgustin war zone.

"Sarah, Sarah come on we have to hide." My 8 year old broth Nathaniel was tugging on my sweater but it was no use. I was glued to my spot in the middle of the street, watching in both awe and horror. Awe because someone had the guts to do what had been threatened before many times. Horror for those exact same ones.

"Nathaniel, Sarah, Hayleigh ...come to me." It wasn't my parent's voice but yet I felt drawn to it. Appearently I was the only one who did because when I turned around my parents along with Nathaniel and Hayleigh were staring at me like they'd seen a ghost. I felt no need to be scared, in fact I felt totally calm and happy. Like I could trust whatever was happening not to hurt me.

My vision was black; I knew I wasn't asleep or in some weird other state of mind for that matter. So where was I exactly and what was going on? Why were my parents not with me, were they along with Nathaniel and Hayleigh okay? A light turned on and a man in his 50's walked forward. I could barely make out his characteristics in the dimly lit room. He was Chinese, white hair and beard, along with dark brown eyes. He was followed by two girls, one close to his age and one to my age. Obviously they were his wife and daughter.

"I am Ling-Lo Soo; welcome my children to Region 5 School." I recognized his voice as the one from earlier. Just as soon as he appeared he was gone. What was the Region 5 School, and who exactly was this Ling-Lo guy. A tall guy with spikey black hair and bright blue eyes nudged me with the butt of his gun.

"Get in line and do exactly as I say if you don't want trouble." The guy whispered in my ear and nodded his head towards a line of girls close to my age. Now I was starting to feel the nervousness I probbably should have felt earlier. "Student? I will call four names at a time. Those are the names of the people you will be living with here at Region 5. step forward when I call your name, a guard will then escort you and your roommates to your chambers." Okay this guy was obviously top otch it was not only evident in his voice but the lines on his head as well. "Sarah Alexander, Raven Davis, Sophia Brown and Lynzi Ritter."

After I stepped up and olive complected girl with green eyes and black hair followed and stood beside me, Raven Davis. Next was a girl who was considerably younger than both Raven and I. she was fair skinned, had wavy dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She introduced heself as Sophia Mackenzie Brown. Lastly a girl with blonde hair and doe brown eyes took the other side of me; she could have been my twin if she had blue eyes. she of course was Lynzi Ritter.

"You have all ben given your rooms, please follow your guard." Why did I feel like this was more of a prision than a school? Surely our parents would be joining us shortly. Sophia, Raven and Lynzi quickly fell in step with me. Sophia took my hand and looked at me with worried eyes, the poor girl couldn't have been older than 13 and here she was with me a 19 year old. I'm quite sure the others were somewhat close to my age range, she probably felt extremely left out because of that.

"We'll be okay Sophia, let's just get to our rooms." She nodded and refused to look anywhere but straight ahead. I however let my eyes wonder, wanting to take in my surroundings. I caught the guard's eyes and he smirked before winking at me and walking off. WTF!? I looked to see if my roommates had caught that small exchange, If they did they didn't seem to care or didn't want to talk to me and ask. If I'm being honest both thoughts hurt me a little bit

It wasn't until we were in our chanber and changing that Raven decided to say something to me. "So Sarah, what up with the guard winking at you?" I had sincerely hoped that had gone unnoticed by those three, appearently not though.

"I honestly have no idea." Just by the snottyness in her voice I could tell Raven would be the drama starter of us. She got off her bed and walked over to were I was standing slowly circling me. She was inspecting me and it made me feel uncomfortable. I shifted my weight just the iniest bit so she wouldn't be so close to me.

“Nothing extraordinary about you, so he must just be a flirty person.” Was she suggesting I wasn’t pretty enough to catch his eye? Someone had serious self-esteem issues if she had to make me feel that crappy about myself in the 2 hours I’d known her.

“Ignore her Sarah, she’s jealous.” I gave Sophia-who’s actually 15- a look of gratitude. Lynzi nodded, silently agreeing with her. I knew Lynzi was the type of person who didn’t take sides. However she would still take my side. If Raven said anything though about her taking sides Lynzi can say she didn’t say anything to take anyone’s side. I really love people and their ability to manipulate things sometimes. Raven rolled her eyes at the three of us and grabbed her jacket to leave. Of course she couldn’t before checking her reflection, think if the shallowest person you know, times it by ten and you have Raven Davis.

I had just sat down next to Lynzi and was trying to figure out what exactly our supper was when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw the same bright blue eyes from earlier today. My breathing was momentarily caught in my throat and that didn’t go unnoticed by Raven or the guard, Kyle was his name I think. I had heard a bunch of girls saying how hot Kyle was and pointing in his direction. Apparently he was a teacher was well as a guard.

“Sarah when you’re done I’d like to see you in my chamber for a few minutes.” Eeeeeeppppp! Okay couldn’t say that as my response and clearly I was supposed to say something halfway smart in this recently made one-sided conversation. The only thing that I managed to get out of my mouth was Okay. Argh, ‘okay’ I wanted to just drop in a hole and never come out.

“Great, try to hurry up though. Curfew’s at ten and I’d like to talk to you before classes start tomorrow.” Huh, wonder what he wanted to talk about. Lynzi and Sophia squealed as soon as he walked away but the only thing I could notice was Raven staring after him like a lovesick puppy. Did they have a thing, or was she just taking as much notice to his beauty as I was? No, you’re not supposed to think your guard/teacher was beautiful and I would stop those thoughts, starting tomorrow.

I walked down the unfamiliar passageways, it was a little creepy it reminded me of an old castle or even a dungeon. The further down I walked I noticed the temperature dropped by at least 5 degrees, by the time I reached the bottom it was the temperature of a morgue. Now how in the world am I supposed to find his chambers in all these doors? Shrugging and then pulling on a door I was led to a giant bathroom. I tried again and saw a teacher tutoring a couple of her students, she nodded a hello and I shut the door quietly. The next door I opened led to an open meadow with all kind of flowers and shrubbery. As much as I wanted to stay and explore it I really needed to find the guard’s chambers. Finally deciding to open one more door I was a living room lit by a fireplace, in a velvet chair in front of it sat the guard from earlier.

“Trouble finding my room Sarah?” It was creepy how did he know it was me at the door; it could have been anyone else. “To answer your unasked question I figured it would take you this long to finally get here.” So, that didn’t mean it still freak me out and made me second guess to meeting him here. “Sit down Sarah; I need to get some things straightened out.” I sat in the chair across from him and waited for him to talk.

“You’re exceptionally smart, that’s what all your teachers have said.” My teachers talked to the guard, so was this so kind of elite school or something? “I want you put in some of the higher level classes, if that’s okay with you.” I was shocked, sure my school offered AP back when I was a student but I never thought to take them. I always sought the easy way out of everything, only taking what was required. “This school, well there’s other schools actually like this one. These schools took in the people we thought could help us most in reshaping America.”

Reshaping America? What was that supposed to mean, that Ling-Lo was running for president and we were to help with his campaign? I guess the look of confusion that was in my brain was also evident on my face because the guard explained. “Something big is happening, and we need the brightest minds on our side. Do you understand?” I shook my head not trusting my mouth to say anything. He smiled and led me to the door. “From now on you are to call me Kyle, seeing as how I’m going to take you under my wing.”

“I assume I need to get back to my chamber now, its past 10.” He looked at the clock hanging above the mantle and cursed to himself. He didn’t look to happy about keeping me out that late but still managed to smile when he turned back around to face me. Something was wrong here but I just couldn’t put my finger on it, more like a bad vibe about this whole place.

“Go on; if anyone stops you tell them where you were.” I knew no one would dare punish me if I said I had been with Kyle that was evident in his voice. Clearly what he said goes with anyone underneath him…including me. “You have me for homeroom and First Period; you’ll need the sociology book that’s in the trunk underneath your bed.” I nodded again and gathered my cloak around me tighter before stepping into the drafty dungeon hallway.

Sophia was already asleep when I got back but I saw both Raven and Lynzi were wide awake and waiting on me. Lynzi just had a look on her face that said I’m-curious-but-you-don’t-have-to-tell-me. Raven on the other hand had a look that scared the crap outta me it was the, the-hot-guy’s-mine-back-off-and-tell-me-everything. I decided just to shrug and walk to the bathroom so I could take a shower.

“So Alexander, what happened between you and Kyle?” I really hated how Raven called me by my last name. I had no idea where my real family was so these people were supposed to be like my new family. It was obvious though she hated me. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my toothbrush. I didn’t owe her an explanation, she wasn’t my mother. She grabbed my arm and I could feel her nails digging into my skin, I whimpered and she let go. It was bleeding and I could already see a black and purple bruise forming.

“Nothing happened Davis, so you can have the guard all to yourself.” She sneered at me and walked back to her room. Lynzi came in and put a cold washcloth over it and held me close while I cried. It hadn’t even been a day and my roommate had already started to make my life Hell. After a good 20 minutes of crying I realized it wasn’t solving anything and started my shower water. Lynzi helped carefully slip the shirt over my injured arm and off my body. She left and I stripped the rest of the way down.

I stepped in the shower and screamed when the hot water drops hit the open wounds from Raven’s talon like claws. She didn’t care she was a sadist and would do anything to get what she wanted. I wasn’t going to be the person to give her satisfaction by letting her know the pain she caused me. If she
didn’t know then she couldn’t feed off of it. Eventually causing her to leave me alone.

I carefully patted myself dry and put on the flannel gown that was issued to every student. Raven and Lynzi both had fallen asleep so I crept quietly back into my bed and hid underneath the covers. Praying tomorrow wouldn’t come so I didn’t have to face Raven, or worse tell Sophia what she did.

It seemed like the alarm went off only minutes after I fell asleep, Raven was already up and about to walk out the door when she spotted me. She quickly got ride of her smile and replaced it with her ugly sneer, it made her look uglier than she already was, but not by much. “Aw look Sarah’s up and she looks like crap. What’s wrong honey, long night?” I rolled my eyes and shoved past her to the bathroom. She scowled and grabbed my already injured arm and flung me back causing me to hit my head on the corner of the bookshelf. Sophia screamed but I signaled for her to stay there, I didn’t want her hurt. “I said what’s wrong with little Sarah.” Each word that came out of her mouth backed up with a blow to my body from her foot. I couldn’t move. She laughed and I swear it was the laugh of Satan, gave me one last kick and walked out towards the dining hall.

Sophia and Lynzi just stared at me in shock, I was about to ask what was wrong when I looked in the mirror and saw. My face had blue bruises around my eyes; my left temple was bleeding-from where I hit the bookshelf-. I lifted my shirt and saw a sickingly purple and red bruise on my ribs; I would defiantly have to get that checked out after First Period with Kyle.

Kyle. No way could I tell him about this, I had a weird feeling he would take it to Ling-Lo and that guy creeped me out without even seeing him. I sighed and grabbed my stuff not wanting to see their faces. Once I was dressed I didn’t wait for them but just walked on to Sociology class. Thank the dear Lord that Raven wasn’t in this class with me.

I tried to focus on Kyle’s lesson I really did. Then I would feel the familiar sharp pain ignite everywhere on my body and have to find a more comfortable position. It was so bad I didn’t even know class had ended until a girl behind me, Becca, touched my ribs to ask me to move over. It hurt so bad a firey pain rippled though my body and I fell to the floor, blackness consuming me.

I woke up and the first thing I noticed was all the tubes hooked up into my arms and nose. I tried to get up and away but the pain in my torso stopped me. I lifted up my shirt and saw a giant gash where my ribs were; it had exactly 17 stitches in it and looked kind of like a star. I sighed I remembered what happened now. Becca had touched my ribs and it hurt so bad that I passed out from the pain. Oh no what would Kyle say, and Sophia, and Lynzi? I didn’t really care about what Raven had to say right now.

“Sarah, can you tell me what happened?” The voice was distant yet somehow near and oh so familiar. Who’s was it, not my roommates, or Kyle’s for that matter. I looked up and saw that one guy Ling-Lo; gosh he was more intimidating up close than he was yesterday. “Sarah, what happened to you?” That’s when I saw everyone else closed in a circle around me and Ling-Lo was sitting on my bed.

“I, uh, fell and hit my err- head……really bad. Looks like I hit my ribs too.” H didn’t look pleased with my answer but no way was I going to snitch on Raven and give her more reasons to beat my butt. “Sorry if I inconvenienced you or something.”

“Are you sure you fell, because your friends here told us a different story.” I saw Lynzi and Sophia urging me to tell him what really happened; they didn’t like Raven anymore than I did. “Because if I find out you’re lying not only will the person who did this be punished but you will too.” I looked around at their faces and they were white with horror, even Kyle’s and I knew I had to tell or something really bad was going to happen to me.

“Raven kind of got mad at me and may have hit me around a little bit but I’m fine, see?” He stiffened and got of my bed looking out the door and motioning for someone to come in. My breath caught when I saw the evil smile on her face, Raven was going to straight up lie to Ling-Lo and say I was probably suicidal or something. How did I know this, because that’s exactly what she had been repeating in her head for the last 15 minutes. “Before Raven says anything I want you all to know I’m not suicidal like she’s going to suggest.” She blinked and then the sneer was right back on her face, either way this was a win-win situation for her.

“How did you know I was going to suggest it, guilty conscience?” How did I explain this to my friends, mentor and Ling-Lo? That after you almost killed me I magically got the ability to read people’s minds. This means. I could probably tap into Ling-Lo’s mind.

She’s crazy Ling-Lo whatever she says don’t believe her. She hit her head and almost died of course she’s going to be hysteric. Plus she hates me so she’s going to try and blame all this on me. You know I would never do anything to hurt a sister, especially after what happened with my own.

Oh she is so full of crap. She would do anything to get what she wants that’s how Raven works. She manipulates and scares people with her strength to get them to do what she wants. Now let’s hear what Ling-Lo has to say about her mini self pity monologue crap she spit to him.

Calm down daughter I have no doubt in my mind that Sarah will tell me the truth about her accident. Why are you getting so worked up about what she might say if she’s sustained head truama? Have you any secrets you wish to confess at Church later?

Ha-ha yes! He wasn’t buying any of this crap that was going through her head or out of her mouth. “Raven was mad because Kyle wanted to talk to me about classes. When I told her nothing happened she dug her nails in my arm. Then this morning when I ignored her she flung me across the room earning me these beautiful scars and bruises.” Raven got up out of the chair so fast it actually started to fall back but Sophia caught it. Raven’s eyes were side with anger and disbelief that I would rat her out like that.

“She’s lying so you don’t think she’s crazy, do you really think I would do something like that to my sister?” He sister, bull now she was starting to act like she cared. Lynzi and Sophia were about ready to rip out her throat. I concentrated on them not being able to move from their spot and it was like there was an invisible force holding them there. So apparently I had an almost death and that gives me freak abnormal powers. That.Is.Awesome!

“Hey what’s going on, we can’t move!” Sophia yelled glaring at Raven when she should have been directing it my way. Ling-Lo laughed and clapped his hands before turning to me. His eyes filled with laughter and happiness. “What the heck old man, have you gone nuts?”

He turned back towards the room and took a breath preparing himself to give

. “My students I hopped each and every one of you would have some abnormal talent like your sister Sarah when I chose you.” Huh, what the heck was going on, so what I was super smart, he thought that meant I had some freaky voodoo thing going on in my body?

“Hey uh Ling-lo, what are you going on about?” I asked sitting up, I was already starting to feel better and wanted to get out of my laying position. He turned back to me and took my hand in his hands, okay creepy guy please let go of me now.

“I am a priest from China. You my students are descendants of an ancient tribe who were very powerful. Kyle here is too and was blessed with the gift of being able to tell who else was Gifted.” Okay so basically I’m important because I’m magical and Kyle saw that who told Ling-Lo who basically kidnapped me and brought me to Region 5. “Jewel, a very powerful sorceress wishes to control the Unites States, she was the one who launched the attack and killed most of your families.”

Whoa just because they weren’t gifted like me they decided it was okay to let them die. It was making sense now; Jewel was the very bad happening, and the ones of us who survived needed to defeat her. God why couldn’t we just go back to elementary school were everything was so dang simple? “So what we defeat her and then rebuild America?” I asked Ling-Lo but was looking at Kyle the entire time with Anger in my eyes. He turned his head down and didn’t look back up at me until Ling-Lo started talking again.

“Do not blame Kyle for this, blame Jewel or even me. I asked him to gather you, he should have been here sooner and hidden you, but it was too late.”
Ling-Lo didn’t look too happy that I was directing all my anger towards Kyle and I realized he was right, it wasn’t Kyle’s fault. It was the evil chick who decided to would be fun to go around blowing up the United States and killing everyone.

“Weather you like it or not all of use are a family now. We need to start acting like one if we want to defeat Jewel. That means if you are Gifted you only use it in training and in battle. Never on each other, is that understood?”
I met the cold icy gaze of Kyle and nodded. The cocky persona was gone and he was strictly all war and no play anymore. Ha-ha Raven sucks for you, but me as well. Aside from my sisters he was the only one I talked too.

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