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Destruction(part 1)-Book one in Gifted series

Author's note: I kinda crossed The White Fox with Avatar and added my own twist to it.
Author's note: I kinda crossed The White Fox with Avatar and added my own twist to it.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 1

I watched in horror as the bombs fell down lighting up the sky like a firey rain. Then it was as if I could see and hear everything going on around me. Mothers crying out to their children, only to be greeted witha long, creepy silence. Smoke and Ash filled the air making it immpossible for me to breathe. Making Tampa-my beautiful city- into a drak, disgustin war zone.

"Sarah, Sarah come on we have to hide." My 8 year old broth Nathaniel was tugging on my sweater but it was no use. I was glued to my spot in the middle of the street, watching in both awe and horror. Awe because someone had the guts to do what had been threatened before many times. Horror for those exact same ones.

"Nathaniel, Sarah, Hayleigh ...come to me." It wasn't my parent's voice but yet I felt drawn to it. Appearently I was the only one who did because when I turned around my parents along with Nathaniel and Hayleigh were staring at me like they'd seen a ghost. I felt no need to be scared, in fact I felt totally calm and happy. Like I could trust whatever was happening not to hurt me.

My vision was black; I knew I wasn't asleep or in some weird other state of mind for that matter. So where was I exactly and what was going on? Why were my parents not with me, were they along with Nathaniel and Hayleigh okay? A light turned on and a man in his 50's walked forward. I could barely make out his characteristics in the dimly lit room. He was Chinese, white hair and beard, along with dark brown eyes. He was followed by two girls, one close to his age and one to my age. Obviously they were his wife and daughter.

"I am Ling-Lo Soo; welcome my children to Region 5 School." I recognized his voice as the one from earlier. Just as soon as he appeared he was gone. What was the Region 5 School, and who exactly was this Ling-Lo guy. A tall guy with spikey black hair and bright blue eyes nudged me with the butt of his gun.

"Get in line and do exactly as I say if you don't want trouble." The guy whispered in my ear and nodded his head towards a line of girls close to my age. Now I was starting to feel the nervousness I probbably should have felt earlier. "Student? I will call four names at a time. Those are the names of the people you will be living with here at Region 5. step forward when I call your name, a guard will then escort you and your roommates to your chambers." Okay this guy was obviously top otch it was not only evident in his voice but the lines on his head as well. "Sarah Alexander, Raven Davis, Sophia Brown and Lynzi Ritter."

After I stepped up and olive complected girl with green eyes and black hair followed and stood beside me, Raven Davis. Next was a girl who was considerably younger than both Raven and I. she was fair skinned, had wavy dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She introduced heself as Sophia Mackenzie Brown. Lastly a girl with blonde hair and doe brown eyes took the other side of me; she could have been my twin if she had blue eyes. she of course was Lynzi Ritter.

"You have all ben given your rooms, please follow your guard." Why did I feel like this was more of a prision than a school? Surely our parents would be joining us shortly. Sophia, Raven and Lynzi quickly fell in step with me. Sophia took my hand and looked at me with worried eyes, the poor girl couldn't have been older than 13 and here she was with me a 19 year old. I'm quite sure the others were somewhat close to my age range, she probably felt extremely left out because of that.

"We'll be okay Sophia, let's just get to our rooms." She nodded and refused to look anywhere but straight ahead. I however let my eyes wonder, wanting to take in my surroundings. I caught the guard's eyes and he smirked before winking at me and walking off. WTF!? I looked to see if my roommates had caught that small exchange, If they did they didn't seem to care or didn't want to talk to me and ask. If I'm being honest both thoughts hurt me a little bit

It wasn't until we were in our chanber and changing that Raven decided to say something to me. "So Sarah, what up with the guard winking at you?" I had sincerely hoped that had gone unnoticed by those three, appearently not though.

"I honestly have no idea." Just by the snottyness in her voice I could tell Raven would be the drama starter of us. She got off her bed and walked over to were I was standing slowly circling me. She was inspecting me and it made me feel uncomfortable. I shifted my weight just the iniest bit so she wouldn't be so close to me.

“Nothing extraordinary about you, so he must just be a flirty person.” Was she suggesting I wasn’t pretty enough to catch his eye? Someone had serious self-esteem issues if she had to make me feel that crappy about myself in the 2 hours I’d known her.

“Ignore her Sarah, she’s jealous.” I gave Sophia-who’s actually 15- a look of gratitude. Lynzi nodded, silently agreeing with her. I knew Lynzi was the type of person who didn’t take sides. However she would still take my side. If Raven said anything though about her taking sides Lynzi can say she didn’t say anything to take anyone’s side. I really love people and their ability to manipulate things sometimes. Raven rolled her eyes at the three of us and grabbed her jacket to leave. Of course she couldn’t before checking her reflection, think if the shallowest person you know, times it by ten and you have Raven Davis.

I had just sat down next to Lynzi and was trying to figure out what exactly our supper was when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw the same bright blue eyes from earlier today. My breathing was momentarily caught in my throat and that didn’t go unnoticed by Raven or the guard, Kyle was his name I think. I had heard a bunch of girls saying how hot Kyle was and pointing in his direction. Apparently he was a teacher was well as a guard.

“Sarah when you’re done I’d like to see you in my chamber for a few minutes.” Eeeeeeppppp! Okay couldn’t say that as my response and clearly I was supposed to say something halfway smart in this recently made one-sided conversation. The only thing that I managed to get out of my mouth was Okay. Argh, ‘okay’ I wanted to just drop in a hole and never come out.

“Great, try to hurry up though. Curfew’s at ten and I’d like to talk to you before classes start tomorrow.” Huh, wonder what he wanted to talk about. Lynzi and Sophia squealed as soon as he walked away but the only thing I could notice was Raven staring after him like a lovesick puppy. Did they have a thing, or was she just taking as much notice to his beauty as I was? No, you’re not supposed to think your guard/teacher was beautiful and I would stop those thoughts, starting tomorrow.
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