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Dawn Walkers

Author's note: First off, this was thought of, written, and edited by my best friend (only to be known as A.W.),...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: First off, this was thought of, written, and edited by my best friend (only to be known as A.W.), I was just there for when he got writer's block and needed help thinking up some twists or turns. He and I have spent countless hours thinking this book over and trying to make it as glorious as we can. A.W. was inspired to write this by his love of epic fantasy stories telling of daring heroes completing impossible quests.  « Hide author's note
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By A Random Happenstance

On a cold cloudy day on the western continent, Yeva, a young girl was sleeping after a hunt in the woods with her wolf. She had found rabbits and squirrels in plentiful amounts throughout the woods on her island, the southernmost island of Yeva. She was resting before trekking back home to her village. The girl was in a deep sleep as it began to rain. The wolf came to her and covered her best she could from the rain, and waited for her friend, Kiera, to awaken.

this is a complete work by my best friend. i was just given permission to post.

Elsewhere on Yeva an Oracle and a Morpher were taken into custody by the Dragoners, mercenaries who ride dragons for, presently, the president of the eastern continent, Brandies, for crimes against the country. The Oracle was arrested first. Dressed in a white robe, the Oracle was taken from her home on the mainland of Yeva, she lived in a rundown hut with moss and shrubs growing wherever they could find a place to latch onto. Then they took the Morpher into custody. The Morpher defended herself from the Dragoners. She changed from leopards to tigers to birds. After three rounds of tranquilizers the Morpher finally lay unconscious on the edge of Kieras’ village. The third fugitive they were hunting for was Kiera. The Dragoners entered her village and after failing to find her began to burn buildings and kill the townspeople. Soon after, the black charred skeletons of the once beautiful village fell to the ground. None were left alive in the village. And so the Dragoners waited for their target.
Kiera woke up wet and miserable. Her body ached from the weight of Ain, her wolf companion. She had traces of her off white colored hair all over her. She wiped off the fur and picked up her now drenched backpack and knives and started for home. Ain followed behind her hoping that Kiera would give her some of the now wet game in her pack, but Kiera did not oblige. She could see smoke over the horizon. Fires were a common place in her village so the fact that there was smoke did not worry her. What worried her was that it wasn’t the normal gray smoke of the cooking fires but the black smoke of burning huts. She did not concern herself with the idea much though. She wondered what her mother was cooking for her when she got home and what she would tell her when she got there.
“Kiera!” she mocked her mother, “what do you think your doing coming home so late? A seventeen year old girl should not be out wandering the island at this time of night!” Kiera laughed to herself. She loved her mother but sometimes she was a pain. Always worrying about her and the children of the village. She was getting close to the village now, and now she was getting worried. The children were not out playing magic versus swords and there was no sound coming from the village but a strange crackling sound. She passed the guard gate. The gate was a great bamboo structure with wood supports and served as protection from animals. “Yerik’s not on duty.” She said to herself. From the looks of it no one was on duty. “That’s odd. Ain go see if you can find Yerik okay girl?” Kiera said with a shaky voice. Now she knew something was wrong. There was always someone on guard. Even on holidays there was someone there. She walked through the gate. Kiera stood in shock and horror as she watched the last of her village burn. The entire village was engulfed in a shade of red. Kiera fell to her knees. Her friends were bloodied on the ground in attempts to escape the massacre. Some looked like they were fighting as they died, she could tell from the broken spears and bloody knives they had in their hands. Ain was next to her licking her face trying to comfort her. Nothing registered in Kieras’ mind though. She was numb to her surroundings. Her home was destroyed and her family and friends dead. Her pack slid off her shoulder and landed in a puddle of blood. Following it down she saw that she had landed in someone’s blood. She felt something drip onto her head. She looked up to see Yerik’s’ body hanging from the guard tower. He had arrows sticking from his chest and shoulder. Blood flowed down off of him and dripped onto Kiera. She wiped his blood off of her face and walked into town.
The buildings were but shadows of the lush green beauty that they once were. She walked to where her house would be, but there was nothing there. No trace that a house was there, not even her family. The thought of her family brought her back to the harsh reality she was living. Kiera fell on her hands and knees and began to cry. The tears stung her eyes. “No…this can’t…happen. It…no…” she whispered to herself. She heard foot steps behind her. She didn’t care anymore. She let them drag her away and throw her in a cage tied to the mercenary’s dragon. She saw the face of the man responsible for this. It was harsh and scarred. Then he climbed onto his dragon and flew away with her attached. She watched as her home disappeared, then she heard Ain howl. Though weather it was caused by separation from her or physical pain she did not know, tears stained her eyes again, then Kiera slept.


The Dragoner was watching as the girl just sat there staring at her village. He took his sword out of the fresh corpse at his feet. He glanced down at the woman’s calm expression and her curly red hair and cut off her head. Death was not peaceful; people should suffer when they die. They shouldn’t feel calm, they should feel pain. As the Dragoner thought this he started toward the girl. He noticed that the annoying guard was bleeding on her. He allowed himself a chuckle as he remembered how pathetically the boy fought. He turned to his soldiers. “Capture her. Try not to kill her though.” The soldiers moved forward with the Dragoner as the girl stood and walked into the smoking village. They approached her from behind. She had just fallen on her knees and muttered something. “Get her.” He said. The soldiers walked up and dragged her away and put her in the empty cage left on the captains’ dragon. That made the three fugitives he needed. The Dragoner was walking back to his dragon when a wolf came to attack him from behind one of the still burning buildings. The beast leapt for his throat with intent to kill. The Dragoner quickly crouched and drew his sword pushing the hilt of his sword into the chest of the animal. The wolf lay motionless on the ground. “Let’s get out of here.” The Dragoner said to his men pointing to their dragons with his head. As the Dragoners’ mounted and took off the wolf howled from behind them. “Should have killed it.” The Dragoner said to no one in particular.
The Dragoner left his prisoners at the holding facility on the northern end of the mainland and collected his bounty. He and his men returned to their mountain home on the eastern continent, Brandies. It was not a long flight dragons were the fastest way to travel, besides magic. Their castle was in view after a few hours of flight and the dragons landed to rest and soldiers went to their quarters to sleep. The castle was made of a deep grey rock that felt constantly cold. It was fairly clean, for a mercenary’s hideout. The Dragoner headed towards his bed chamber. As he approached his door he checked behind him to make sure no one was there. Once he was satisfied he walked past his door and down the hall to the church. The cold stone of the castle cut away into a polished marble room. As he entered the church he thought for the hundredth time how beautiful it was. There was a single stained glass window with the goddess opening her hands towards those who would pray to her. The floors were black marble and the walls white. There was a single pew make of oak that had carvings of the goddess and her gifts to humanity on it. As the Dragoner passed he removed his dark blue shoulder amour and his black chest plate and placed them on one of the oak armor racks. The Dragoner knelt down in front of the image of the goddess and prayed for forgiveness.
“Goddess, forgive me, I have taken more lives this day. Take their souls into your ever guiding hands. Show mercy to those who deserve it and protect the soul of my brother.” The Dragoner heard foot steps behind him and quickly rose and put on his armor. He left the church from the way he came and came in contact with none of his men. The Dragoner entered his room and striped off his armor. He put his armor on a steel rack and examined it. The dark blue and black looked well together and provided protection. His rank was shown by the gold trim found on his shoulder plates. The family crest, two swords intersecting at the base of a tribal design pointing upward, on his chest plate was beginning to fade. He placed his katanas’ by his bed and prepared himself for the night and for the dreams that would undoubtedly follow. He looked at his katanas’. “On second thought.” He said as he put them out of arms reach.


On the northern tip of the mainland of Yeva there is a cold cement prison that found itself short on cells for prisoners. The warren decided to put multiple inmates in one cell to hold more prisoners, this resulted in the three newest inmates sharing a cell with a regular. The prison was a musty old place. The walls exuded a sense of misery. There was little light throughout the prison and what little there was barely lit up the room. Luckily Kiera found herself in a cell with a window and, what she saw as unfortunately, three new roommates. She recognized two of them from cages, like her own, hanging from the dragon. A woman with long white hair that extended down to her shoulders wearing a white robe with black trim and symbols all over her. From the looks of her Kiera assumed she was some sort of magic user. Kiera had seen only a few of them in her life. The second roommate that was brought courtesy of the Dragoner was a girl with brown hair that looped behind her ears and came back in front of them and tied into her bangs. Kiera decided to call them hair-loopies. She was in a strange outfit that Kiera had never seen before. It looked like a uniform of sorts. The sleeves were flared out at the end though and the shirt split towards the bottom revealing part of her stomach. She wore short pants with a small dress over them that cut at an angle downward. All of it was colored like it was from nature. The third cellmate that she didn’t recognize in the least was a teen boy with a robe on that pointed outwards at the sleeves and was colored in a royal purple, though he was obviously not royalty. His robe was torn in places and discolored towards the bottom. He had obviously been here for some time.
While Kiera was taking note of everyone in her cell one of the guards walked by and saw her just sitting there by the entrance to the cell. He kicked her in the back through the bars and knocked her onto the floor. “Island whore.” He scoffed at her as he walked by. Kiera, unprepared, fell and scratched her hands and knees. Her left knee was bleeding but other than that Kiera suffered no physical injuries.
“HEY”, screamed the girl in the strange outfit. Kiera noticed she had a collar around her neck now. “Dumbass! Try that again and I’ll rip your throat out!”
“Heh, like you could do anything with that collar around your neck you bitchy morp.” The guard responded arrogantly.
“MORP!?” the girl screamed as she lunged at the bars teeth flaring. Kiera assumed that the girl must be a Morpher a being that can change from one form to another at a whim, because morp was the most derogatory word you can call them. Kiera wondered why she wasn’t morphing, but remembered the collar around her neck. “I’ll kill you! Bastard!” the Morpher was screaming trying her hardest to get to the guard though to no avail.
“Come and get me morp.” said the guard as he laughed and walked away.
“Get back here bastard!” yelled the Morpher after him causing more laughter from the guard.
“Calm down we’re supposed to be here.” Said the woman in white to the Morpher. “Well all of us but the boy.”
“And what’s that supposed to mean?” said the boy.
“It means that the three of us need to be here. You do not.” Said the woman.
“How would you know? You look like a loon.” The boy scoffed at her.
“How would…? Because I’m an Oracle that’s why!” she said raising her voice. In this time the angry girl moved closer to Kiera and sat on the ground angry.
“Bastard deserved to die. Calling you a whore.” She grumbled to Kiera.
“He’s not the one I would kill.” Kiera said to the Morpher. “I want the Dragoners head.”
“HOW DARE YOU DOUBT MY ABILITYS!” the oracle was screaming at the top of her lungs now. “WHAT CAN YOU DO? THROW A SWORD AROUND LIKE A BRUTE?” the boy must have said something during their brief exchange about her powers.
“WHAT CAN I DO? I’LL… I would show you but… I can’t.” said the boy.
“Oh. Poor little boy can’t show me what he’ll do?” the Oracle was mocking him now sure of her victory in this verbal fight.
“Not now I can’t.” said the boy disheartened from the confrontation.
“Oh, stop pouting. If you can’t even deal with losing an argument with me how did you survive this long in life?” said the Oracle.
“Can you keep a secret? All of you?” the boy asked starting to get excited.
The Oracle snorted “Of course I can.”
“Don’t give me a reason to tell and I won’t.” Said the Morpher.
“I can.” Kiera said.
“Good. I am a Warlock.” Said the boy proudly. The rest of the cell was quiet. Then the Oracle burst into laughter.
“You? A Warlock? That’s laughable!” The Oracle said between fits of laughter. The Morpher walked over to a corner and sat scratching at the collar around her neck.
“Are you really?” Kiera asked. “I’ve only ever seen witches and that’s when we had executions in my… village.” Kiera sat down.
“Your village? Where i-” the Warlock got out before the Oracle covered his mouth and the Morpher growled at him.
“Don’t ask.” The Morpher growled. Kiera refused to let herself cry. She was going to avenge her family and friends. Kiera would kill the Dragoner if it were the last thing she ever did. At this point the Warlock realized his mistake.
“So what are all of you in for?” he asked changing the subject.
“Oh! That’s right I forgot.” The Oracle said remembering why everyone was here. “Village girl?”
“My name is Kiera.” Kiera said apathetically
“Ok. Kiera”, the Oracle pulled something out of her sleeve. “This is why we’re here. I stole it from the head chieftain on the main land.”
“What are you? Crazy! You stole something from the chieftain so you could end up here?” The Morpher said exasperatedly.
“Sort of. I stole it so I could give it to Kiera here.” The Oracle said.
“Do you know why I’m here then?” Kiera asked.
“I told the chieftain you were a threat to national security.” The Oracle said.
“You put me in here?!” Kiera yelled.
“I had a vision that you, me, and miss. Angry over there need to be together so I thought jail would be easiest.” The Oracle said. “Miss. Angry had a warrant out for arrest anyway so I just told him where she was.”
“You! You told them where I was?!” the Morpher said bearing teeth and getting ready for attack.
“I did but before we start killing me we should at least look at it!” the Oracle said quickly hoping she might get some sense through to the Morpher. She held out the paper to Kiera. Kiera took it and looked it over.
“It’s a treasure map. Of sorts anyway.” Kiera said looking at it.
“Yes I know. I just can’t read maps, so my vision told me to get you.” The Oracle said slightly embarrassed.
“A map! That’s what you got me arrested for!” the Morpher yelled as she lunged at the Oracle. The two fought on the ground Morpher scratching at the Oracle and the Oracle kicking and punching the Morpher.
“Its only a part.” Kiera said to herself out loud. The Morpher heard.
“A PIECE OF A MAP!” the Morpher was screaming now ready to rip out her throat.
“A piece?!” the Oracle yelled still fighting the Morpher.
“Don’t pretend you didn’t know Oracle!” the Morpher yelled.”
“I didn’t!” the Oracle yelled back. The two of them got off of each other and were poised to start again though neither of them had an advantage. The Oracle never fought hand to hand and the Morpher was not used to using her human body.
“Stop it!” the Warlock yelled at both of them. They all realized that he had been in the corner going over something. “If you guys keep this up their going to either kill us all or stuff you two in a ring for their entertainment. So I suggest that you stop fighting like a water dragon and lightning fox and come here.” The two of them grudgingly walked over trying not to look at the other though in this small cell it was difficult. “I’m assuming you all want out of here?”
“That would be a nice change of events.” Growled the Morpher.
“If it gets me closer to that bastard dragoner.” Kiera said.
“Yes. Obviously.” The Oracle said.
“Good. Well if your’ willing to listen to me I think I might have a plan to get us out of here. And I know someone that can get that collar off of you.” He said to the Morpher. “My name is Jason but everyone calls me Tiki.”
“Tiki? Why?” Kiera asked.
“Because, my preferred weapon is a tiki torch.” Tiki said proudly.
“A tiki torch? I’m pretty sure that does a whole lot of nothing.” The Morpher said.
“Wait till you see me in action then. Anyway, what are your names? Well I know you Kiera.” Tiki said gesturing towards her.
“I am Rachel the Oracle of Yeva.” Rachel said.
“Some Oracle.” Said the Morpher. “I’m Nicole. I’m obviously a Morpher if you didn’t catch that earlier.”
“Good now that we all know each others name we don’t have to call each other by silly titles.” Tiki said.
“Because you really don’t have one?” said Nicole.
“One reason of many. But that’s not the point. Now since were getting out of here we need to know what everyone can do and thanks to the anti magic shield around the prison we can’t just blow our way out.” Tiki said.
“Well that makes me useless for lack of a better word.” Said Rachel.
“If I can get my hands on knives I can do pretty well.” Kiera said flexing her hands.
“I can’t morph so I’m useless. Give me a knife and I should be able to at least hurt them pretty bad.” Nicole said with, what was becoming, her usual growl and scowl.
“Well you two should try and get to the shield generator and knock it down if you can do that then I can get the other mages in here to start causing chaos.” Tiki said happily now that someone was listening to him. “After that it should be fairly simple to escape. We just need somewhere to go.”
“Well I think we should go to the central continent. At least there we won’t look like fugitives and we might be able to get her collar off. Not to mention maybe find someone who knows about that map.” Rachel said.
“I know a girl there her name is Audrii. She should be able to help you get that collar off. She’s an exotic person though.” Tiki said.
“Well we’re all a little off.” Kiera said.
“In a different way.” Tiki said. “Well, when should we go about our escaping?”
“As soon as I get knives and Nicole has something to kill people with.” Kiera said.
“Well by the looks of how less light there is now I would say that we should sleep. When we’re all ready I’ll tell my fellow mages and we can start. Kiera, I’ll leave it up to you on how to get the knives.” Said tiki
“Well, I might have a plan, but it’s a long shot. Then again the entire plan is, so let’s wait awhile so I can get used to the time schedule. Then we’ll get ourselves out of this hell hole.” Kiera said.
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Light_Walker said...
May 4, 2012 at 10:08 am
I take NO credit for this. It was thought up and writen by my best friend, A.W. I was his main editor (Noted, there are still mistakes) and I gave him inspiration for times when he had major writer's block. All characters and names in this book are based on A.W's friends, such as myself. The Character Levi was based on me. Please leave a comment if you enjoyed the story!

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