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The Afterlife of Beck Lovett

Author's note: This is the second book in my series the afterlife, so I hope you afterlife fans enjoy it very...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This is the second book in my series the afterlife, so I hope you afterlife fans enjoy it very much! :) ps. If you are first looking at this book, you can find the first and be less confused by clicking on my screen name, and finding the novel The Afterlife of Faylene Harps)  « Hide author's note
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Beck walked down the narrow infirmary hallway to Wolf’s office. He remembered being there so many times. The many times Fay had gotten injured, he had gotten injured, and where Fay’s mother lay now. He vowed to himself he wouldn’t let it happen again, even though he knew he couldn’t protect her from everything. She was a bridge, so it’s not like she was a delicate flower. She’d been getting excellent training from the bridges that lived there, including him. She was smart and strong,
Are new relationships forming?
and could protect herself if need be. Hell, she could always protect herself, and yet . . .

“Beck, I’m glad you came so quickly.” Wolf said, standing from behind his desk as Beck entered. Wolf looked older than ever. Beck noticed that he needed his cane to stand from his chair now. Something he never needed before. It scared him for times to come.

“I guess I was just curious to see what you wanted.” Beck replied, refusing to look at only Wolf’s eyes-his grayish yellow eyes that were unmistakable his own. Beck knew no one else with eyes like Wolf’s. It was his secret trademark.

“Sit child.” Wolf said, so together they both sat-Beck on the couch facing Wolf’s desk, while Wolf sat slowly back in his desk chair. A moment of silence past between them, then Wolf spoke up. “So how are Fay, and Colt’s training sessions going?”

“Great!” Beck exclaimed, glad to be talking about something good. He thought he would have brought up something completely different. “They’re both picking up the material on demons with amazing speed, you wouldn’t believe it Wolf!”

“That’s great, I’m really happy for you beck . . .” Wolf said, wearing a smile that looked like it took some effort. There was something else on his mind, and Beck had a pretty good idea about what it was.

“You found out about the link, didn’t you?” Beck asked. Wolf looked away, and when he looked back his eyes were full of sadness.

“I don’t believe you when you say the link is broken Beck. Links just don’t hold fast one day then break in a fraction of a second. The only way a link could dissipate that quickly is if you have love at first sight for someone else, but even then it takes the link to the other person to dissipate. Why are you lying to the others?”

“Because I can’t protect her Wolf,” Beck said looking away from him. When he looked back his eyes were full of strain. “She’s a bridge, so it’s not like she’s not going to see some action, fighting and bloodshed. I wish so badly I could shield her from that all because of the way I feel. I just figure if I tell the others my link to Fay is gone then maybe I’ll start believing it too. . .”

“But you can’t just deny it Beck. It will only haunt you more and more.” Wolf replied gentle.
“But because of us she suffers more!” Beck said, his voice rising. “Every single day she has to put up with training, and then has her mother in the infirmary to deal with! I can see the pain in her face Wolf! I just wish I could take it all away, but I can’t!”

“Her mother’s case is very unfortunate, but . . .” Wolf started, however Beck cut him off.

“Unfortunate! It was because of our carelessness that her possessed body was able to wander around the streets, be left dumped in an alley by whatever the hell possessed her in the first place, and still lay half-dead in a coma!” Beck shouted.
“And we still don’t know why that thing that possessed her mom led Fay to death! That’s the most frustrating part! That thing that possessed Fay’s mom was supposed to be a demon but it took Fay straight into Death’s un-feeling hands! This is the thing I’m talking about Wolf! I can’t protect Fay from everything, and as each day goes by she gets closer and closer to death!” Wolf sighed, and breathed in deeply. He knew how the boy felt. He knew what it was like to care for a girl who was constantly in danger. However sympathy wasn’t what Beck needed, it was answers, and gratification.

“Look, how’s about this? I’ll allow you to accompany Fay on every mission she does for the bridges here. I can’t promise the same if she gets sent to the Golden Gate . . .”

“They want her at the Golden Gate?!” Beck exclaimed.

“Yes.” Wolf admitted. “They believe, along with Hunter Cold, and Death that she knows the Enigma of the Ages, and want to question her for it. Along with that, they want to train her more expertly because they believe her capabilities are beyond those of a normal bridge.”

“I can’t believe this.” Beck breathed out, not wanting Wolf to hear the utter despair in his voice. “How come you never bothered to tell anyone?”

“It was mentioned to me in passing, but I don’t know for sure.” Wolf said. “And if I were you I would want to keep it on the down low or you’ll regret it.”

“Are you threatening me?” Beck asked, now not even bothering to hide his disbelief.

“No, I’m warning you. If you let it slip that Fay might be leaving for California you will get more then threats from the Golden Gate.” Wolf said coldly. At that Beck stood, and left the room. He couldn’t take it anymore, and he didn’t want Wolf to see him crying. He had to stay strong for Fay’s sake rather than his own. Besides, all the others believed that his link was broken. Little did either of them know that Lina, who was now out of breath from running to catch the elevator, had listened to every word of their conversation.

~ ~ ~ ~

Colt was given a room on the floor below the infirmary hallway. Fay’s mom needed the room more than he did, so he was happy to give it up for her. Overall Colt was happy. He was living in this new place, the hideout, with these people called the bridges. Basically awesome earthbound angelic-like ninjas who brought “lost souls” from their grave sites to heaven, along the way kicking some serious demon butt. To him it was a new adventure waiting to happen.

Colt strode down the long hotel-like hallway to his room. His mind was uneasy, and his thoughts were hurried. He was just visiting Fay’s mom with Fay were she burst into tears again. Colt felt so sorry. His parents were safe and happy, thinking Colt got a four year scholarship to some fancy boarding school that offers summer programs. He imagined his own mother in that bed, looking dead, and being unresponsive. He had never felt more empathetic.
Colt got to his door, and was about to open it, when there was a huge flash of light, and none other than the girl he had only heard about Torrin Bonds stood in front of him. Even though Colt had lived at the hideout for a month he had still never come face to face with Torrin. He heard she was the devil’s spawn from most however to him she looked like something delicate with a tough shell on. She appeared at the door next to his, Beck’s room, using the method of transportation only known to bridges called flashes. Colt had just learned about it from Wolf the other day.

“Hey! You scared me!” Colt said indignantly, rubbing his eyes, and blinking repeatedly. They were watering, and giving him white patches here and there. Torrin looked at him, and was surprised to find that the Colt Brenner she had heard about was exactly how her dad, Wolf had described it to her. He was tall, strong, with Golden blond hair, and ocean blue eyes that looked deep and beautiful as they sparkled in the light.

“Uh, sorry, didn’t mean to do that. Not used to flash yet newbie?” she asked.

“Apparently not . . .” Colt replied, still rubbing his eyes. As they began to clear he was able to get a good look at her. She had shagged, and layered black hair with streaked of bright red going through it. Her ears were pierced a few times over, and he could swear there was the slightest hint of a tattoo under the shoulder of her long sleeve t-shirt. She was pale, lanky, and tall, but not as tall as he was. He could look straight into her dark hawk eyes. Even through all that Colt found something interestingly
attractive about her. She was different.

“Newbies,” Torrin said rolling her eyes, while turning away to knock on Beck’s door.

“Hey! Stop calling me a newbie! I’ve been living here for a month!” Colt piped up defensively. She turned back to him and smiled ever so slightly.

“What are you going to do about it?” Torrin asked. Colt had no trouble coming up with a smooth flirtatious answer.

“Well I would challenge you to a fight, but you’re a girl so . . .” Colt said, looking away.

“Excuse me! I happen to be the best d*mn fighter this stupid hideout’s got!” Torrin snapped back, walking over to him, and getting in his face. He smirked at her over confidence. She was close to him now. She could feel his warm energy flowing through him. She felt herself drawn to him in a way so different then she was drawn to Beck. It felt more real, and hot. Most of all she felt above all else she wasn’t on a one way street anymore.

“Prove it,” Colt said, looking down at her completely fascinated by her. She leaned into him, as if she was going to kiss him, and he fell for it. He leaned back, and at that final moment she kicked out and luckily slamming his stomach. He fell to the floor, clutching it, while laughing at himself for being a moron. He looked up at her, as if to say what the h*ll!?

“You said prove it. I hope you learned your lesson newbie.” She replied, winking at him, and walking back down the hall. For some reason she lost the impetus to talk to Beck Lovett, and felt a new impetus to talk to Colt Brenner. Most of all when attempting to reach into the mind of Beck Lovett, she found a brick wall blocking her path. At that moment she felt free and as high flying as an eagle. She started to sprint down the hall to the elevator, letting her senses and emotions take off into something new. Colt just stared after her, bemused, yet smirking all at the same time.
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Bladewolf17This teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Jun. 23, 2016 at 12:16 pm
is there going to be a third?
MeggieMills said...
Jul. 25, 2013 at 11:49 pm
I am a Fay-Fan  now! Loooooove the story!!! Keep writing. I love it!
Tinyclaw said...
Apr. 19, 2012 at 6:31 pm
Ohmigosh!! love it!! I'm a devoted fan :) Can't wait to read more!!
CautionwetPaint replied...
Apr. 19, 2012 at 9:18 pm
Hehehe that's great! Thanks so much! :D 

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