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SN Academy

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Chapter 1

“Hey Mom, hey Dad,” I say as I make my way downstairs for breakfast. I follow the wonderful smell of French toast over to the stove where mom left a pile for me. “Mmm, thanks mom!” I sigh as I take the whole plate and walk over to the table where mom is polishing her silver bullets, and dad is reading Supernatural Weekly.
“I’m glad you’re happy, sweetie. Now start eating, we have some things to tell you once you’re done,” Mom says as she picks up another bullet and starts
The beginning is a little boring, I know, please bare with it, after chapter 3 it gets waaay better!! (The chapters are short!!) :)
polishing it.
“Uh ohh,” I sigh.
“Here,” Dad says as he passes me the syrup.
“Thanks, but no thanks. I’m not hungry anymore. Just tell me what you want to say and get it over with,” I say as I push the syrup away and give my French toast to Dad.
Mom and Dad exchange looks. Mom looks worried, and Dad looks confident. He always does, which is why I always look up to him for help.
“Well sweetie, the thing is,” Mom says softly, “we need to relocate,” she reaches over and pats my hand. She knows how much I hate relocating.
I open my mouth to protest, but Dad interrupts me first. “Neona, you need to understand that this is our job, and when it gets too dangerous we have to leave it to the Council.” Dad says as he folds the newspaper and hands it to me. “Read that.”
“Ok,” I say as I read the head line, “Paranormal Outbreak.”
“Keep reading,” Dad says.
“‘Last night around 9:45pm, in the Silverwood region, a huge wave of paranormal activity hit a high 12.7 on the Activity Radar. 7 teen boys, 11 teen girls, and 2 adults, all ranging from the age 15-32 have disappeared around 10:00pm last night. Investigators think it is linked with the high amount of activity. The Council advises all non-human residents between the levels 1-5, to please evacuate the area. See below for a list of safe areas, or A3 for a list without human activity.’” I refold the paper and look at Mom.
“There’s nothing we can do sweetie. Now go get changed and grab your books. I’ll go warm up the car. Darren honey, write her a note for why she’s late to class, please.”
“No!” I jump, “last time he wrote me a note, it said I was attacked by a wild bear on my way to school, funny thing… it was in the middle of December. It’s my last day today; I’d rather take the tardy,”
“Darren,” Mom shakes her head, “and you always ask why I won’t let you drive or cook dinner. Act your age. You’re not 19 anymore! Our college days are over!”
“I’m going to get ready, and when I come back down, I better not hear anything about your college days.” I pretend to shiver as I make my way to the staircase. “Are you guys going to pack once I’m at school?” I call
“Yup, leave everything that you want in your overnight bag on your bed! Don’t forget your toothbrush!” Dad answers.
* * *
“I know your upset honey, but we need to be safe. But hey, look on the bright side; you get to choose where we live next!” Mom says trying to cheer me up.
“Why do we have to be level 3? Can’t we move to a place with more Activity so we can level up faster?” I whine
“I’m sorry Hun, but that’s just too dangerous,”
“Everything is always too dangerous! I’m almost 16 and you won’t even let me sit in the front seat!” I shout from the back of the car, “you’re always too over protective and its not-”
“Shhh!” My mom cut me off, “do you hear that?”
“No I-” I was cut off again, but this time is a by a high pitch screeching sound. I twist in my seat to see behind me. White, all I see is white, blinding snow. I twist back around in my seat and look out the window. Everything is a white blur, too blurry for 60mph.
“Mom! You’re going way to fast! Slow down!” I scream as I see the meter pass 120mph.
Suddenly the world slows down, like someone pushed a slow motion button, Mom was frozen in place, no wait, she’s moving, just really slowly if you stare long enough. The air feels thick like I’m under water. I slowly turned to the window, only this time I didn’t see snow. I saw fire; everything was on fire, the car, the trees, the tiny bits of road and grass. I could tell there was something here, I could feel it, smell it, sense it. It felt familiar, like I grew up with it, like I needed it as much as it needed me. I press my face against the glass, looking for it.
Farther up ahead, something tells me. I keep my face pressed against the glass, not blinking. Then I see it. A boy, he looks about the same age as me. I can see blond hair that blends in with the snow, and eyes. I don’t know how I can tell, but I can see the light blue eyes lined with silver.
Lined with silver? I think. Sven? Sven! It’s Sven! My neighbour from when I lived in Germany! I thought he died in the fire!
“Wait!” I scream, then the world speeds up again. My mom presses on the breaks, and my head smashes against the window. The car starts spinning out of control, and black spots cloud my vision.
“Hey, Neona? Are you ok?” Someone says.
“Oh, my poor baby! What have a done?” Someone sobs. I think it’s my mom. Who else would call me baby?
“Mommy?” I whisper.
“Yes sweetie! I’m here for you, don’t worry help is on the way,” she whispers.
“Mommy, I saw Sven! Did you see him? It was so weird, everything was on fire and in slow motion,” I giggle, “like in the movies.”
“No sweetie, you hit your head really hard. I shouldn’t have sped up like that, it’s my entire fault!” Mom sobs.
“Calm down Laurel! You said something was chasing your car! Neona probably didn’t see it because it was using a glamour her senses couldn’t pick up. There are claw marks down the side of your car too! It’s not your fault. The Council has caught 12 Rouge Were last night. What happened to you just proves there are more and we need to get out of here.” A strange male voice says.
“Your right Mark, I’m glad Neona has a friend like you. You always know how to make people feel better,”
“Thanks, power of an elf for ya!” Mark says.
I slowly sit up; I blink a few times and look around. I take in my surroundings looking for danger.
Rule 1, when waking up in a unfamiliar place, check your surroundings for danger, and be ready for anything.
“Lie down Nene, your heads bleeding pretty bad,” Mark says.
“I thought I told you not to call me that,” I say through clenched teeth. My head hurts so badly. It’s like I banged my head through a 3 inch sheet of ice.
“Sorry. Your dad will be here soon, so just be still,” he says as he leans over me, “oh, did you hear? The Council is opening an academy for kids between the ages 10-18 for training. Apparently there are only 193 people that are above level 5. Which is bad since the amount of activity is so high this year.”
“Don’t even think about it Neona, I can’t put you in danger. Your powers haven’t even developed yet!”
“Laurel, you don’t need to worry, its top security 100% safe, and all types of supernatural are going be there, which means if anything does happen, we’ll be stronger than ever!”
“I don’t know…” Mom hesitated.
“There’s going to be over 500 kids, 150 teachers, and 10 elders. I don’t think there’s going to be a problem,”
“Please Mom? I can finally stay in one place instead of moving all the time and living with humans. It’s so hard hiding things from my friends and making excuses for why I’m always late. I almost failed grade 9 last year!” I manage to choke out
“I know. I’m sorry. I’ll think about it, we’ll talk about this with your father later.”
“Mark, can you stop leaning on my face, you’re not helping the pain,” I moan.
“Sorry, but you need to apply pressure. I don’t have my powers yet either so I can’t help with the pain or healing.”
“Mark, are your parents relocating?” Mom asks.
“Umm, no. The Council cut down on our payment to get equipment for the academy.”
“What? They shouldn’t do that! And your father works for the Council too!” Mom rages, “That’s so unfair! We need the money more than the school does if they expect us to relocate every two damn weeks!”
“Those are the exact words my mother said!” Mark laughs as he doubles over, “geez Nene, their so alike you would guess their sisters!”
“Don’t call me that! I hate that name, call me Neon or Neona, just not Nene,” I tell Mark, not bothering to hide my annoyance, “Mom, when’s Dad getting here?”
“Soon sweetie, soon.” She said as she fiddled with her coat buttons. “I’m going to get the car out of the ditch,” then she left.
“Something’s wrong with her, she’s doing that nervous lie thing,” Mark says, his eyes trailing after her.
“How do you know?” I ask, worry overwhelming my voice. My mom hardly ever acts like that. She only acts like that when I go out longer than I’m supposed to. She thinks that I’ve been kidnapped or something.
My eyes widened in realization, and I sat up so fast I knocked heads with Mark. I fall back down into the snow blinking back tears. Not from the pain in my head, but the pain in my heart. Somehow I just knew, that the Rough have my dad.
The pain in my head has finally catches up with me. The pain is worse than before, now it feels like the time in Costa Rica, when that Werelion tackled me out of a 3 story window. “Mark…” I whisper weakly, then pass out.
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