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leather bound destiny

Author's note: this is some older wrighting that i did back in 2010. in my opiion its not that great so i'm not...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: this is some older wrighting that i did back in 2010. in my opiion its not that great so i'm not really sure if i should continue with it but if people like it then i might. :)  « Hide author's note
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chapter 1

"You forgot your key again?!" I yelled at Luna. We were standing in the hall of the three story cinder block building that is the girl's dorm of Eastman high school. My twin sister(mentioned before is Luna) had forgotten her room key in the room again.
"Sorry," she said running her hand through her blue black hair," and don't yell at me, i don't see you whipping' out your key."
"Ha ha ha," I laughed sarcastically at her and shoved my hand into the front right pocket of my gray zip up
this is some older writing so i don't know whether i wanna continue with it or not, if people like it then i will :)
"You forgot it didn't you?" Luna asked me with an amused twinkle in her pale blue eyes.
"No," I countered and put my hand in my other pocket,"okay maybe."
"Ha!" She laughed at me,"Well now what are we gonna do? I have to get changed for drama practice!"
"Will you relax,"I said to her,"I'll get us in."I reached up to the back of my high set pony tail and grabbed the bobby pin I always kept there.
"And how do you expect to-" she broke off when she saw me bend down to eye level with the door nob,"Oh no"
"To late," I said when I heard the click that signaled the door was unlocked.
I straightened up onto my feet and turned the nob. The door swung open easily.
"I really wish you would stop doing that," She said disapprovingly as she stepped over the threshold.
I just rolled my eyes and replaced the black bobby pin to it's normal position. I picked my red book bag off the floor where it had fallen against the wall.
"If I didn't," I began," do you know how many times we would get detention for not having keys?"
At Eastman High boarding school if you had to either get a new key or get a teacher to unlock your dorm, you get after school detention. All students that attend this school are required to live on campus for all four years except for weekends and holidays. oh, and students have to be in their dorms by 10pm from Sunday to Thursday.
"Okay good point," Luna admitted reluctantly."Alright I'm going to Drama practice. I'll be back at like eight, some of us are going out for dinner after words, what are you gonna do?"She asked pulling a long white tank top with purple flowers on it over her head.
"I'm gonna go to the gym and do some climbing," I said nonchalantly," And then I'm gonna go get something to eat with Mason and Shane." I said and flipped my gold-blond hair out of my blue green eyes.
"What?!" Luna gasped," you're going to go eat with Shane?"
"It's nothing,"I insisted.
you see Mason is our best friend. And Shane is the guy I've been crushing on sense me and Luna were 6 when we first met in 1st grade.
"Iris, this is epic!"
"Oh what ever and would one of these people from drama be Gabrial?"(Shane's cousin)
"Maybe," she admitted with a smile.
"well have fun sis," I said smiling and giving her a tight hug.
"you too Iris," she replied and headed to the door."oh yeah and no free climbing!" She added and closed the door behind her.
After she left i walked over to the walk in closet next to the bathroom door and walked in. I breathed in deeply in the familiar smells of the only home me and Luna have left. See we have been skipping around to different family members sense our mom died when we were 10, our dad walked out on us when we were 6. A glimpse of orange from the end of the cluttered room caught my eye. I walked back to the bright orange jump suit in the very back.
"ugh," I groaned fingering the spongy material."'so you learn a lesson' they said' to keep you from doing anything worse' it was self defense! if some guy pulled a knife on them and cut their sisters arm almost to the damn bone would they have just stud there and let him kill them? No! they would have fought back if they were smart!" I yelled at the orange fibers.
The memory flashed through my mind as i glared down at the jump suit from my 'criminal days' and ground my teeth together:

"Why did you do this?!" our aunt Maggie yelled in my face. we were sitting at the round wooden visitors table in Oregon Juvenile Detention Center."How could you do this?! and at the age of 13!" She continued to scream in my face.
I rolled my eyes with every question not taking them off the small figure standing behind her with blood shot blue eyes and black hair being ruffled by the air vent on the wall next to us. Her right forearm as wrapped in a white bandage to protect the stitches.
"Look at me Iris!" our aunt screamed in my face.
I finally shifted my gaze to the plum old women. I looked into her flushed red face with bored eyes.
"That's it!"She said straightening up."When you get out of here in a month I'm sending you to your aunt Claira in Main"
"Fine with me," I said without hesitation.
"Me two," Luna said from where she had been silent,"I'd rather be any where but a place where my sister is punished for helping her twin."
Luna walked with her head high to the side of the table i was on and grabbed my hand.

That was always the best part of the memory.
she stuck with you when you needed it most, a voice whispered in my head,she'll stick with you until the day she dies, be there for her in the same way she'll need you....
the voice trailed off.
"okay that enough self loathing,"I said to my self and hung the bright orange fabric back up." time to climb." I smiled at the thought.
I walked back to the other end of the closet and slipped the mesh bag off one of the forest green plastic hangers. Then i grabbed the pair of stretchy black shorts off the next one.
I practically skipped out of the clothes surrounding me. I tossed the mesh bag on my bed and slipped into the shorts that fit me like a glove.I snatched the black mesh off my white comforter and slung it over my shoulder and headed over to the gym. Eastman high is made up of 10 buildings.the north wing is the music and the art buildings, the west wing is the English and history buildings, the east wing is the math and science buildings and the south wing is the gym and the cafe. The boys dorm is in the northwest part of campus and the girls is in the northeast and in the middle of them all is the commons. Really all it is is a big marble fountain and a bunch of matching marble benches.
I jogged through the late afternoon fog to the other side of campus to the tallest brick building in town. I slipped in through the side door and into the dimly lit interior. The air in the building was cold and crisp as always to keep people from over heating when they were working out. I walked calmly over to the rock wall on the north side of the gym. I pulled open the elastic band that sealed the items in the mesh bag from the world. I pulled out the purple climbing shoes out from the bottom and untangled them from the harness. I kicked off my tennis-shoes and jumped into the leg slots of the climbing gear.
Before I could bend down to get my climbing shoes on two hand folded over my eyes.
"Hi Joey," I said smiling at nothing.
"How'd you know it was me?" he asked and removed his hands.
I turn toward him and looked up into sandy brown eyes.(Joey's our little broth he's a freshman... an insanely tall freshman.)
"I could have been Mason or you boyfriend what's his face uh....Shane." He added while shoved my feet into the tight fit shoes.
"He's not my boyfriend!" I said bending over to lace up my shoes.
"Oh whatever," He said shaking his head."What me to handle the ropes?" he asked changing the subject.
"Yeah sure," i walked over to the dusty misshapen rocks in the wall and fasten my harness to the rope hanging there.
"Kay all set!" Joey called over to me where he had the other end of the rope to his harness.
I put my right hand up on one of the rocks farther up and began to climb.
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