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The Gasoline Ignites

Author's note: The walking dead inspired my story
Author's note: The walking dead inspired my story  « Hide author's note
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Band Class Will Never Be the Same

The melody of Variations of a Korean Folk Song resonate through the air as I sit in the back of the band room whispering in the ear of Julia Wilkins. She's a pretty girl, and very sweet, but there is nothing between us. She’s more like my sister than a girl I would date. I can tell her anything though and she will listen, keeping my secrets locked away from anyone else. She’s someone I can trust.
The sun shining through the opaque windows dimly lights the band room. Mr. Cibor likes to turn the lights off in the band room when we play sometimes to make the students less tense after a long day at school because band was the last class of the day.
When the percussionists aren't playing we tend to sit in the back of the room and talk. We chat about the most random things, like Skyrim, zombies, girls, you know, guy stuff. The girls also like to chime in every once in a while but usually they don't have any constructive input to the conversations.
"Hey Neal," Jack Howard says sitting down on the opposite side of me. "We need to talk. Did you see The Walking Dead last night?"
"Yes, I did!" It was nuts man. Although there were not nearly enough zombies. The only good scene was at the end when the sheriff shot those two guys in the bar at the end. That was some crazy s*** man," I responded sounding very intellectual.
"Dude, that pissed me off," Jack said in a slightly agitated tone. "I mean if the zombie apocalypse actually happened I would never kill a person that was not infected. Its the living vs. the dead, not the living vs. the living."
"I know what you mean but the guy tried to pull his weapon first. I would have done the exact same thing."
"Well then I’ll make sure I never get stuck with you when the zombies come."
"Jack, I would never kill you. I'd stick with you as long as I can. We’d make a boss zombie killing team."
"Would you guys let me stay with you when the zombies come?" Julia asked looking over at me.
"Of course Julia! We will need women to repopulate the earth when the zombies come," I sarcastically replied. She scowled at me with a slightly irritated look in her eyes.
Suddenly, mid song, we hear a loud thump followed buy a few more. Mr. Cibor stops conducting the band and turns around glancing up at the window. The class all started to laugh and whisper amongst each other as they looked up towards the source of the noise. A person on the other side projected a silhouette onto the window.
"Must be someone mowing the grass out there," Cibor remarked turning back to the band to resume conducting.
Suddenly shattered glass was raining to the ground as a body fell lifelessly toward the ground. It well to the ground next to the podium with a loud thud and the crackle of snapping bones. Screams shrieked from all the girls in the front or the room. I stood up instantly with the others in the back of the room to get a glance at the commotion in the front of the room.
The students in the front row started to stand up and run away followed by the people in the second and third row. As they ran towards the doors I stood up and started to walk forward towards the front of the room. I needed to know what it was and why it jumped through the window. I looked at the creature on the floor from only a few feet away. It lay there motionless. Its clothes were dirty and stained with blood on the front of his shirt. Blood was dripping from his mouth and his eyes were red and glazed. . His face was and shot a glance at jack. To my surprise he was looking straight back at me.
The body lay still on the ground for a moment and then started to twitch. He lifted his arm and placed it on the ground and proceeded to lift his body revealing a gruesome, bloody face.
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DrMitchellPhD said...
May 29, 2016 at 11:50 pm
OMG, amazing!!!!!

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