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The Rohubot Chronicles : She Came...

Author's note: READ ME!!! I know I should name the people at the very beginning, BUT THAT WOULD RUIN THE ENTIRE...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: READ ME!!!
I know I should name the people at the very beginning, BUT THAT WOULD RUIN THE ENTIRE REASON OF THESE BOOKS! They are KEY players in the book.

Now, I would like you guys to answer THESE questions:
What do you think of the cover, SP, And LP?

Who do you think the people are in the prologue?

Who do you think you can refer to?

What type of relationships do you think all the characters have?

What type of errors are there? Should I add/remove certain details, sentences, etc.?


~Danii Two~  « Hide author's note
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Intro and Prolouge

She Came…

By Danii Two

Book #1 of the Rohubot Chronicles

Author’s Note
After years of thinking, imagining, writing, fussing and dreaming, I have made this story. I wish to thank everyone who helped and supported me, and those who doubted me so I could prove them wrong (Nathaniel).PLEASE don’t take these stories seriously and try some of the thing I wrote. If you have a problem with violence and a little language, I don’t suggest these books. These are stories of searching, finding, enemies, friends, danger, safety, not knowing, knowing, love, and hate. These are
The Rohubot Chronicles …

Special Thanks
To all my friends, especially my library peeps, who supported me to the end…

If you have a problem saying or reading names or words I wrote, please go to Pronunciations in the back of the book. ☺

Prophecy of Hope
“No! No Way!”
“I’m serious, it’s time for bed,” said the mother
“Tell us a story first!” said the youngest boy, who was about 7.
“Yeah mom, it’s been a while. You should,” said the oldest daughter who was in her pre- teen years, almost 13.
“Well, alright,” said the mother, seeing the excitement in the youngest children’s eyes. “What type of story do you want to hear?”

“A story with battles and high action!” said the youngest boy, and one of the teenage boys who was mute did a “thumbs up”.
“Something with romance,” said the youngest daughter who was about 9. The oldest teen rolled his eyes and stuck out his tongue.
“How about something with truth, bravery, and leadership?” he said.

As the six children continued to throw out ideas, the mother closed her eyes, and a light went on. “I have one.” All the children hushed. The mother smiled. “A long, long time ago, on a planet…”
“I’ve heard this one,” said the oldest boy again, and the other teenage boy who could speak turned around and spoke.
“Well then, go and sulk in a corner because ‘you’ve heard this one’. I haven’t, and a bet pipsqueak here hasn’t heard it either,” said a boy the same age as the one who couldn’t speak. There was silence for a moment, and the teenage boy who had spoken noticed all eyes were on him. He blushed. “Sorry.”

“Go on mom,” said the youngest daughter. The mother looked over her brood, smirking.
“I don’t know. The way you keep interrupting…”
“We won’t interrupt anymore, mom!”
“Promise?” asked the mother and all the kids answer simultaneously.
“OK, then, where was I. Ah yes, the Planet…”
“A long time ago, on planet galaxies from our galaxy, a war was going on. The two enemies, the Trudacons and Tradicons, were fighting fiercely when the Trudacon leader was injured. As the leader, Maleicon, crawled over to a boulder to lean against it, another Trudacon ran to him. ‘Are you alright?’
‘I am fine, Lizapana.’
‘You’re badly bleeding. I need to get Fuze, he’ll...’ She stared into his eyes. They don’t look right. He began to speak. ‘In a time when the Trudacons is failing, the Tradicons seem to rule, two humans will save you. First, a girl, who knows none of her past and life we must save. Then, she will go find a boy, who is of the “Strong People” and he will find affection for the girl. They will come together to save their planet and ours, and continue the Race of the Rohubots.’ He breathed his last. After almost 100 years of waiting, she came. After 17 years of not seeing earth, making friends and enemies, she went to her home to fulfill her prophecy and save two worlds.…”
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 18 Next »

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