The Miranda and Amanda Chronicles: Fates Meet

February 21, 2012
By Mira Blumen, Sharon, Massachusetts
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Mira Blumen, Sharon, Massachusetts
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Author's note: My best friend and I co-authored this book. It is the first of what is going to be a seven book long series.

Chapter 1: (Miranda) My Dream Comes True

I had just finally started to get into a normal routine at Olympian Academy, a training school for mortal relations of the Greek gods, when my life turned upside down yet again.

It all started one night when I had the weirdest dream. I saw my mother, Aphrodite, along with an auburn-haired woman, talking at a food court in a mall. With the auburn-haired woman was a girl that looked about a year older than me. She had wavy red-hair in two pigtails with a moon-shaped hairpin, and plenty of freckles with big brown eyes. She was wearing ripped jeans, green Converse One-Stars, a green t-shirt with a yellow smiley face on it, a gold heart locket, and a black leather jacket. She had a great smile that matched her t-shirt. She seemed to radiate some sort of power. I couldn’t put my finger on it…then again; I’ve never had a demigod dream where everything made sense.

Then, I woke up with a start. I was in my House, surrounded by an atrocious amount of pink. That’s Aphrodite House for you. Everything was like out of a Barbie movie, including the Ken-like boys.

The rest of the day was as normal as possible when you’re a demigod. I got an A+ on my Greek test, as usual. I managed not to be beaned in Sword fighting, which was a plus. Claire didn’t pick on me, which was nice.

I was reading The Odyssey (in Greek, of course) for my book report after lunch on the lawn bench. Then, I heard an engine. I looked up, and saw a girl on a motorbike. It wasn’t just any girl—it was the girl from my dream. She was looking at me funny, as if she was thinking really hard.

She walked up to me, and asked, “Do I know you?”

“I don’t believe so,” I said. “But you were in my dream last night.”

“Who are you?” she asked.

“My name is Miranda,” I said. “I’m a daughter of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.”

“Are you related to Barbie?” she asked, excitedly.

I was very surprised. Here was this very tough looking teenager, and she was talking about Barbie!

“Can I have her autograph?” she asked. “By the way, my name is Amanda.”

“OK, first of all, I’m not related to Barbie, although you wouldn’t know that by the look of our House. Secondly, you’re creeping me out.”

“I have a talent for that,” said Amanda. “I was just teasing.”

“I think I knew that,” I said, though not so sure inside.

“Where am I?” she asked.

Chapter 2: (Amanda) I Meet Wise Beauty Queen

“You are at the Olympian Academy,” Miranda said. ”Training school for mortal relations of the Greek gods.”

“This is so pawsum!” I exclaimed.

“What?” She asked. “Do you mean awesome?”

“No,” I said. “Pawsum means better than awesome. It’s a word I made up.”

“Alright, I guess.” She answered. She seemed unsure. This girl was different than anyone I’ve ever met. She had wavy dark brown hair and eyes that I couldn’t tell the color of. She was wearing pink Converse One-Stars, jean cutoffs, and a pink shirt with three red hearts on it. Her voice was very persuasive-like and she was reading a book in ancient Greek.

“Which god are you descended from?” She asked looking at me judgingly.

“I’m mixed of all of the gods,” I said. “I’m mortal though.”

“That’s unusual,” She said. “Most kids don’t know who they are related to when they come.”

“I’m unusual,” I explained. “Strange is the new normal.”

“We have so much in common,” She said to me. “I was regarded as highly unusual in the mortal world.”

“Me too,” I said. “But I try to stand out. I don’t care what anyone says about me.”

“I used to,” She said. “But I was intimidated to join the crowd, although I never quite fit in.”

“I just be myself,” I said. I could tell we would be good friends. Maybe that was why I thought I knew her from somewhere.

“Do you want me to show you around the school?” She asked. “We could always use new students.”

“I would like that,” I said. “Wise Beauty Queen.”

Chapter Three: (Miranda) I Show Obsessed with Music Girl My School

“Welcome to Olympian Academy,” I said, walking through the double doors of my school.

“That makes sense,” Amanda said. “Olympian as in the Olympian gods.”

“Correct,” I said. “You know much for a new kid. Even more than I did when I came here, which I thought not possible.”

“I learned about Greek gods in Social Studies in the sixth grade,” said Amanda.

“I never did,” I said. “I just read up on my own.”

“That’s cool!” Amanda said.

“I’m glad that you think so,” I said.

“Where is your house?” Amanda asked. “Can I see it?”

“Uhh…if you like Barbie explosions,” I said.

“Yes!” Amanda said. “I wasn’t lying about liking Barbie.”

“I apologize in advance for my sister’s behavior,” I said.

“No apology will be necessary,” said Amanda. “I can defend myself.”

We started to walk towards my House. Before I knew it, Amanda and I were strolling through the doors. Of course, Claire got on my case right away.

“What are you doing with that filth, One-Star?” she asked. “I told you not to bring in strangers!”

She had just drawn the line. “One-Star” was her name for me due to the fact that I am addicted to Converse One-Stars. Claire found this the worst offense ever, because if she EVER wore Converse, they would be All-Stars.

“Do you know Barbie?” Amanda asked. “Can I have her autograph?”

Claire snapped her fingers, and suddenly, Amanda had a complete makeover. Her hair was curly, and she was wearing full make-up. I’m talking pink eye shadow, black eyeliner, red lipstick, and blush. She was wearing a hot pink dress with too many frills, even for my taste. To go with the torture, she was also wearing pink pumps.

“Really, Claire? Even I can do better than that,” I said.

Then, Amanda snapped her fingers. Suddenly, she was back to normal.

“Now, it’s time to deal with you, One-Star,” said Claire. She snapped her fingers once again. My hair was stick straight, with bangs, I may mention. I was wearing a sparkly yellow tank top, a yellow and white plaid skirt, and yellow All-Stars. I may also mention that I wearing yellow eye shadow, deep black eye liner, too much pink blush, and hot pink lipstick.

That was it. This meant WAR!

Then, Amanda snapped her fingers once again. I was back to normal, with my lovely wavy long hair, heart-shirt, cutoffs, and ONE-STARS!

“Don’t you diss my friend, girl!” said Amanda. “That was not very nice what you did.”

“Well, I’m not a very nice person. That’s just how I roll,” said Claire.

“You can roll,” said Amanda, “but you can’t rock!”

Just then, Amanda burst into We Rock from Camp Rock. She was seriously amazing.

“GET OUT!” Claire yelled.

Everybody in the school started to join Amanda in song. Even I did! Then, I knew that Amanda would be a great person to have on my side.

Miranda and I had fun making Claire scream her head off. We walked out of the House laughing hysterically. I knew I would have fun at this school. Wait until I told Alex. I wondered where my boyfriend, Brandon was. I knew that he was going to this private school but I didn’t quite know why.

“Where is the Apollo House?” I asked Miranda. I already knew that Brandon was a son of Apollo so he would probably be in that House.

“Right next to the Athena House,” She said. “I’ll get my friend, Nicole. She is an Athena girl.”

I waited patiently for Miranda to return. She came back with a Californian looking teenage girl. She was tan with wavy blond hair but her eyes were gray. She was wearing a brown shirt with a gray owl, jeans, and gray Nikes.

“Hi,” She said. “I’m Nicole.”

“Yo,” I said. “I’m Amanda. What’s up?”

“I don’t know what you are saying,” She said. “I speak proper English.” I had the impression that this girl was even more egg headed than Miranda.

“I said hi. How are you, today?” I told her.

“Oh,” Nicole said blushing. “I will show you to the Apollo House.”

We walked over to the House. It was big with a musical note over the doors. The walls inside had speakers all over, in other words it was my dream room. I looked around and immediately saw Brandon. His back was to me, though I could see his longish, auburn Justin Bieber haircut. He looked hot today!

“Brandon!” I screamed. He quickly turned and shot me a smile. I blushed as I looked into his hazel eyes. He was wearing his blue T-shirt with a musical note, ripped Capri jeans, and blue Converse One-Stars. He ran over and lifted me into a hug.

“I missed you,” He said.

“I missed you more,” I said.

“That is so cute,” Miranda said. He put me down as we both blushed.

“Miranda!” Brandon said. “You just ruined the moment.”

“Now,” She said. “I understand why you wanted to come in here, Amanda.”

“Do you know Miranda?” I asked Brandon.

“Yeah,” Brandon said. “She is the know-it-all in my class. She is the youngest in our level too.”

“I knew Miranda was smart,” I said. “But I didn’t know she was that smart.”

“Please,” Miranda said. “This moment is all for you. Enjoy yourselves.”

I did just that. I pulled Brandon in for a kiss and he kissed back. As usual it felt like complete bliss. Once I pulled away I saw that everyone was looking at us. I gave them a death stare and they looked away.

“I knew you went to this private school,” I said. “But I now I know why.”

“Come on,” I said to Amanda. “Pull away from the boy.”

“No!” Amanda said. “Five more minutes?”

“It’s time for you to get placed for classes,” I said. “Normally, you’d get a blood test to determine the god you’re related too, but since you already know, we’ll just skip to the placement.”

“Does that mean I get to meet Chiron?” Amanda asked.

“Sure,” I said. “You’ll have to meet him sometime. Then, Nicole will administer the test. I’ll have to go to classes.”

“Sad face,” Amanda said.

“House classes don’t last forever,” I said.

“Bye, Brandon!” Amanda said, blushing to the roots of her red hair.

“Bye, Mandy!” said Brandon.

I tore the lovebirds apart before there was any more smooching.

Chiron was in his office, as always.

“This is my friend, Amanda,” I said. “I met her when I was reading outside. She says that she is a descendant of all the gods. I thought that we could skip to the placement test.”

“Alright,” said Chiron.

Then, he looked to my friend. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Amanda,” he said.

“It’s cool to meet a centaur for real,” said Amanda.

Amanda and I found Nicole reading an architecture book in Ancient Greek.

“It’s time for the placement,” I said.

“As long as it’s not torture,” said Amanda.

Nicole laughed. “Don’t worry,” she said. “My mother grades the test. It’s easy, believe me.”

“I will,” said Amanda.

Then, Nicole and Amanda walked out of my sight.

I followed Nicole into a small room. I sat down at a desk with a thick test. It wasn’t hard at all. I breezed through it. It asked a bunch of questions for subjects like Language Arts, Science, Math, Mythology, and Greek language. I don’t think I got a single question wrong. I finished in less than a half hour.

“Amazing!” Nicole said. “Miranda held the record for the fastest before. How did you finish so fast?”

“I have a talent,” I said.

“My mother will have your results as soon as possible,” She said.

“You mean ASAP?” I asked.

“I suppose,” She said looking at me funny.

“Girl,” I said. “I need to teach you slang. You’re clueless.”

We walked out and looked for Miranda. We found her reading Twilight in Greek while crying.

“Team Jacob all the way!” She said.

“I agree,” I said as Miranda snapped back to Earth.

“You finished already?” She asked in awe. “You broke my record! Never mind . . . it’s time for lunch.” We walked to the cafeteria with everyone else.

“I have to sit with my House,” Miranda said grudgingly towards Claire.

“I hope you survive,” I said.

“Time will tell,” She said. “You are sitting with me. You get to sit wherever.”

“Then I’ll sit with Brandon,” I said dreamily.

“Gods!” She said. “You are worse than my sisters.”

“Yeah,” I said still in Dreamland. “Sure.” I walked over to where Brandon was sitting.

“Hey,” Brandon said. “You finished your test! I held the record before Miranda.”

“You are so smart,” I said.

“Did you come here just to see me?” He asked.

“Yeah,” I said twirling my hair nervously. He always made me feel that way. That’s how I knew we were meant to be.

“How’s your twin, Alex?” He asked me.

“She’s good,” I said.

“Does she know you’re here?” He asked.

“No,” I said. “Tony doesn’t know either.” Tony was my tiger guardian.

“They might get mad at you,” He warned.

“I can survive it,” I said.

“Earth to Mandy!” I said. “Get out of Dream-boy mode! Claire’s acting up, and I need you to help me!”

“Ahh…get someone else to help you,” said Amanda. “Don’t try your fancy persuasiveness on me.”

“I don’t need to,” I said. “It comes without thought.”

“Leave me and Brandon alone!” said Amanda. “You have a talent for ruining moments.”

“Come on, Miranda,” said Brandon. “She has a point. We haven’t seen each other for weeks! You, as the daughter of the love goddess, should understand.”

“Fine,” I said. “But only for the sake of my stupid, superficial Mom. No offense, Aphrodite!”

I walked back over to where Claire was on a rampage on criticizing some helpless new girl’s lack of make-up.

“Stop it, Claire!” I said. “Picking on me is one thing. Picking on some helpless new girl is another. I thought that Aphrodite represented the power of love. How can that be, if you pick on your own sisters?”

Just then, Amanda burst into Sailor Moon’s The Power of Love.

“Seriously?” I said. “Right now?”

“There’s no wrong time to sing!” she said.

“I can’t believe you heard all of this,” I said.

“I have good ears,” Amanda said. “Plus, you were talking pretty loud.”

“Get out, you losers!” said Claire.

“We’re too cool for you,” said Amanda. “Face it.”

Then, she started Camp Rock’s Too Cool.

“You must have a lot of Apollo, girl,” I said.

“I think it’s just my boyfriend,” Amanda said.

“It’s true,” Brandon said. “I’m just pawsum like that. Amanda would agree.”

“I would,” said Amanda.

Just then, the new girl walked over. She had straight brown hair with bangs that kind of covered her color changing eyes. Her eyes looked brown mostly though. She was wearing an All-Star Weekend shirt and ripped denim cutoffs. She was also wearing pink Converse One-Stars, just like me!

“Thanks for sticking up for me,” she said. “My name is Megan. I just arrived here the other day, and so did my boyfriend.”

Then, this boy walked over, and I knew that he was Megan’s boyfriend. He had longish brown hair, and intense light blue eyes. He was also wearing an All-Star Weekend t-shirt and ripped denim cutoffs. The only difference between Megan and her boyfriend’s outfit was that he was wearing black Converse One-Stars.

A boy then walked over right next to me, and my heart stopped for a second. He had perfect brown hair and big dreamy blue/green eyes. He was wearing jeans, a blue t-shirt with a green trident on it, and green Converse One-Stars. From the shirt, I could tell he was a son of Poseidon.

“Hey,” he said. “My name is Arthur. Arthur Oceanus. You’re kind of cute. Would you like to go to the start-of-school dance with me?”

“This is so sudden,” I said. “However, given that I have no other appointments on that day, I would say yes. I’ll go to the dance with you, Gill Face.”

“Aw! You already have a nickname for me,” he said.

I think I might have fainted.

I just saw the cutest thing. A cute dude asked Miranda out. And she fainted! Megan’s boyfriend rushed over and shocked her awake with electricity. (Her boyfriend is a son of Zeus.)

“That is my girl!” Arthur said. Water started gushing from his hands and hit Megan’s boyfriend.

“Hey man,” He said. “Stop! I was only trying to help.”

“Sorry,” Arthur said blushing. “I got jealous.” Miranda woke up.

“Did I faint?” She asked. “Oopsy.”

“Pawsum!” I said to change the subject.

“What?” Everyone but Brandon asked.

Claire came over and started making fun of Miranda.

“Oh,” She said. “One-Star is finally in love! I am going to tell the whole school!”

“That would take a long while,” I said.

“Stay out of this, newbie,” She said. “Oooooooo, I’m so scared. Yeah, right.”

“I’ve just about had it with you,” I said. “Do you really want to see me when I’m angry?”

“Bring it on!” She answered. I became so enraged that I turned into a tiger. Claire and everyone else screamed except for Brandon. They all ran away except my friends. I was happy, I showed Claire not to mess with me!

“I thought you were a descendant of the gods,” Miranda said. “How does the tiger come into play?”

“You look so cute as a tiger,” Brandon told me. That made me so happy that I turned back into human form.

“That was so cool,” Megan said. “Can you teach me how to do that?”

“Sadly no,” I said.

“Phew!” Miranda said. “You’re in human form again. Can I give you a makeover?”

“No,” I said my face becoming red.

“For Brandon,” She said. “Please.”

Before the dance, I said in my mind to her.

Believe me I’ll be there, She answered.

It was the next morning, and a weekend. Students at Olympian Academy have no classes at all on the weekends, even in the summer. We get to pretty much do what we want.

I decided that it was time to help Amanda face her fear of shopping.

Amanda had slept in the House for the descendants of more than one god. I walked into the dormitory in the morning.

“Good morning,” I said. “Get up! It’s time to hit the mall! All the sales are early in the morning!”

“Go away!” Amanda said. “I’m still sleeping!”

“No you’re not,” I said. “You just talked to me!”

“I talk in my sleep,” Amanda said.

“Come on,” I said. “It’s already ten.”

“Give me another five hours, then,” said Amanda.

“No way, Jose,” I said.

“Who’s Jose?” asked Amanda.

I dragged Amanda out of bed and picked out a clean green t-shirt with a smiley face on it, ripped Capri jeans, and green Converse One-Stars from the chest at the foot of her bed. Grudgingly, she got dressed.

“Brandon is going to meet us at the mall, you know,” I said.

“If you’re lying, I’m going to kill you,” said Amanda.

“Aphrodite girls never lie about romance,” I said.

“Swear upon the River Styx?” asked Amanda.

“Fine,” I said. “I, Miranda Blumen, daughter of Aphrodite, do solemnly swear upon the River Styx that your boyfriend, Brandon, will be at the mall.”

“Fine,” said Amanda.

“May I mention that he’s taking you out to dinner afterwards?” I added.

“Did you ask him, because I don’t remember that?” asked Amanda.

“Aphrodite girls know these things. It’s like a sixth sense,” I said. “Let’s go!”

Amanda grudgingly followed me out the door. We took the T-train to the local mall.

First of all, I dragged Amanda to the Converse Outlet as a peace offering. Of course, she headed right away to the One-Stars. I wasn’t surprised one bit. She found a pair of plain green One-Stars and a pair of black ones with a yellow moon on the side in place of the star. The box was labeled “Sailor Moon: Special Edition.”

After that, it was time to get down to business. I took her to my favorite store, Too Cool for You. I hadn’t noticed it before, but everything was inspired by Demi Lovato’s style. I guess that was just the new line.

I looked around, but I couldn’t find Mandy. I looked around the mall, before I finally located her in the store called Sailor M’s smooching Brandon.

“Oh, come on!” I said. “Really?”

Just then, Mandy burst out into Two Stars from Camp Rock.

“Seriously?” I said. “We’re in a public place.”

“Singing never takes a holiday,” said Amanda.

I sighed. This girl was impossible.

“Come on in Miranda,” I said. “This place is Sailor Moon heaven!”

“Although I generally detest anime,” She said. “I will indulge this once.”

“Can you say that in English?” I asked not quite knowing what she meant.

“I said,” She said. “I usually don’t like anime but I’ll go in.”

“How could you not like anime?” I asked with sarcastic anger.

“’Cause I don’t see it that much,” She replied. Once she was in the store her eyes grew wide with awe. She was looking at the miniskirts and bows hanging on the walls.

Everywhere I looked I saw Sailor Moon outfits, DVDs, and comics. I even saw Sailor Moon dolls! In the back of the store there was a make-your-own-Sailor-Scout-uniform station. Miranda ran to it and picked out a pink and turquoise outfit. I picked out a green and red one (my fave colors). When we walked out of the dressing rooms I saw Brandon, Arthur, and Zach (Megan’s boyfriend) picking out Tuxedo Mask tuxes. Brandon was looking at a black one with a blue bow tie. On the bow tie I saw some black musical notes too. He would look so hot at the dance! I saw Megan walking out the dressing room in a pink and purple sailor outfit.

I just noticed a woman behind the counter. She had sunglasses and a veil. Had she been there the whole time? She gave a creepy smile like she knew me.

“Hey!” Miranda said to her. “I know you! Does your name start with an M?”

“Of course it does, my dear.” The woman said. “This store is called Sailor M’s, is it not?”

“Look away,” Miranda yelled. “She is Medusa!” Everyone closed their eyes or looked away. I had to be the dumb one. I saw her take off her veil and glasses. Her snakes hissed at me.

“Foolish girl!” Medusa screamed. “You will become part of my collection!” I saw her eyes . . . they were stone gray with fire flickering inside. I was surprised that I didn’t turn to stone. Then I remembered that everyone from Planet Athena had protection from Medusa. The queen was a daughter of Athena so she wanted to protect her subjects from her mother’s enemy.

“What?” Medusa screamed. “Ugh, Planet Athena scum!”

“You’re from a different planet?” Miranda asked without opening her eyes. “Scientists have proved that no one can live on another planet.”

“Those are mortal scientists,” I said. “They don’t use imagination.”

I pulled my sword from my magic pocket and charged Medusa. She didn’t stand a chance against my pawsumness. I cut off her head in two seconds and closed her eyes.

“You can open your eyes now,” I said. Everyone opened their eyes and stared at me in awe.

“You’ve got some explaining to do,” Miranda told me. “I’ve also slain Medusa but that was with an iPod.”

At that moment my twin sister Alex and my friend Lep burst through the doors.

Just then, a girl exactly like Amanda came in, down to the green Converse One-Stars, smiley-face shirt, and ripped Capri jeans. Her hair was the same shade of auburn, too, with the same brown eyes. With her was a short teenage boy wearing a green shirt with a rainbow on it, also with bright red hair and freckles, but his eyes were bright green.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Ummm…Alex, do you want to tell?” asked Amanda apprehensively.

“I’m Amanda’s twin sister, Alex,” the girl said.

“Twin sisters?” I asked. “Man, this day just keeps getting more and more complex. You must be from that Planet Athena, too.”

“Course,” said Alex. “We got separated after birth, though. Amanda stayed on Earth, but I, along with my other siblings, was raised on Planet Athena. That and we were reborn from a thousand years ago like the legend says.”

“I thought that Planet Athena was just a story that parents would tell their children to shut up at bedtime,” I said.

“Oh no, it’s so real,” said Alex. “Although, the shutting up part sounds true as well.”

“So, let’s finish shopping!” said Megan.

We took our outfits form the store and left as fast as we could. We went over to my mother’s makeover store chain that also sold clothes and beauty products called Love by Aphrodite. Amanda and Alex found the pawsumest strapless dress of light and dark green for the dance. I also talked her into buying some green eye-shadow, red lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara. I bought myself a hot pink v-necked silk dress that had a full skirt and matched my pink Converse One-Stars perfectly, and refilled on my make-up supply. Megan got the same dress in a deep purple. The boys already had their tuxes from the Sailor Moon store. Then, we left and went back to Olympian Academy. The next day went by like a blur. I mostly hung out with Amanda, Alex, and the gang, and read until my eyes could take it no more.

The rest of the week was a bore. I couldn’t wait until Friday, The Back-To-School Dance. Finally it came. Instead of going to archery with Brandon for House classes I walked to the Aphrodite House for Beautification. I know that doesn’t sound like me but I wanted to look nice for the dance.

“Hey,” I said as I walked through the doors.

“What are you doing here?” Miranda asked me.

“I can go wherever I want since I’m related to all of the gods,” I said.

“You want to look nice for Brandon tonight,” She said.

“Maybe,” I said blushing. All the Aphrodite girls sighed.

“Sit down and let me work my magic,” She told me. I sat down in a salon-type chair and closed my eyes.

“Don’t be scared,” I heard Miranda say. “I won’t let Claire near your makeup.” I laughed. I waited as Miranda and a couple Aphrodite girls did my makeup and hair.

“You can open your eyes,” Miranda said to me. I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror. I looked HOT! I was wearing green eye shadow, black eyeliner, red lipstick and a little pink blush. It was done almost too perfectly. My hair was completely curly with a green streak in it.

“You like it?” Miranda asked. I nodded slowly. Brandon would be blown away. Claire walked over at that moment and looked at me in disbelief. She snapped her fingers and Miranda had a torturous makeover. She looked like a bumblebee and not the cute kind. I saw a flash of light and Miranda’s makeup was perfect. It was just like mine but pink instead of green including the lipstick. Her hair was wavy and frizz free. She was wearing the dress she bought at the mall and her pink Converse. I assumed Aphrodite was behind it.

“I’ll get you, One-Star.” Claire said. “And your shoes too!” Claire groaned and walked away. The rest of classes were fun. No one could take their eyes off of us including Brandon and Arthur. Right before the dance I ran to my house and changed into my dress and green Converse One-Stars. Of course my locket went with it. When I walked out of my House Brandon was waiting for me in his tuxedo. He was so hot . . . where was I? Yeah and we found Arthur and Miranda in the gymnasium.

As we walked in Start the Party from Camp Rock blared in our ears. I saw everyone in the school at the dance. Some Apollo kids were DJing the dance. You could spot the Aphrodite kids from a mile away. They were the best-dressed people at the dance. The Hephaestus kids were in the back waiting for someone to dance with while tinkering with metal parts. The Poseidon kids were doing the wave in the middle of the gym. The Athena kids were reading books in a corner. The people dancing with the Zeus kids had hair standing on end.

Brandon, Arthur, and Zach went on the stage. They were the band playing for the dance. Their band name was ZAP for their fathers’ initials (Zeus, Apollo, and Poseidon). At that moment I had the best idea!

“Miranda! Megan! I have a pawsum idea!” I said.

“What is it?” Miranda asked.

“We should sing Breakout!” I said. “It’s the weekend and we have no classes. It’s perfect!”

“That sounds immensely brilliant!” Miranda replied. All three of us walked on the stage. I whispered my plan in Brandon’s ear. He nodded and told the others what to play.
“The girls here are going to sing Breakout by Miley Cyrus,” Brandon announced to the audience.
I took a mike and started belting out the song with Miranda and Megan. It felt amazing! I had never sung like that in front of so many people. Plus I had pawsum backup singers.

“Us guys are gonna sing a song now,” Brandon told everyone once our song was over. They sang Come Down with Love by Allstar Weekend. I could tell Zach and Megan loved it! I didn’t know Arthur could sing like that. I saw Miranda’s whole face turn red. She must’ve enjoyed it. Brandon was staring right at me and I started blushing too. Once their song was over I walked on the stage.

“Step aside,” I said to Brandon. “It’s my turn.” He gave me the microphone and smiled at me.

“What song?” He asked.

“I think you know,” I said. He got my message and played the instrumentals to Feels Like Love. I sang my heart out. Brandon knew I was singing about him. He answered by singing the next song to me.

“I’m going to sing a song I wrote myself for my girlfriend,” He said. I was so happy I almost fainted.
If I had to pick of all the girls in the world,
I would pick you . . .
‘Cause dearest Mandy,
You rock my world,
With your pawsumness,
No one can compare,
To how much I care,
For you . . .
What can I do?
But think of you!
(But think of you!)

‘Cause no matter what,
True love conquers all,
You’ve got to believe,
That I love you . . .
Our love will conquer all evil,
No one will be a better match for us.

So know that I love you,
And we will never be apart,
Our love is true,
I’ll only love you . . .

I was so amazed. He wrote this song just for me. I began to sing with him as I walked onstage.

‘Cause no matter what,
True love conquers all,
You’ve got to believe,
That I love you . . .
Our love will conquer all evil,
No one will be a better match for us.

This I sang:

I know you love me,
I know you’ll always be there,
I love you just the same,
Never forget my name . . .

We ended it together:

Our love will never fall,
True love will always conquer all . . .

He pulled me close and kissed me! I kissed him back. I never wanted to stop!

I can’t believe it. The sweetest thing just happened. Brandon sung a song that he wrote for Amanda. It was really good, too. I had no idea that he was that talented!

Amanda came over to me. “Take the mike,” she said. “It’s your turn.”

I walked over to the band. “One in a Million,” I told them.

They turned on the song. I took the mike, and took center stage. I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to get through the song without majorly embarrassing myself, or making a clumsy move; that was unusual for me, let me tell you!

After I was done, Arthur took the mike from me. “I have a song I’d like to sing,” he said. “It’s for a very special girl, Miranda. I wrote it myself.”

Then, he took the stage, and began. The song went like this:

When I first met you,
I didn’t know what to think,
But now I know exactly how I feel . . .

My feelings for you are,
As clear as the sea,
Just you and me . . .
I’ll never leave you,
You’ll never leave me . . .

This was just too much. I wanted to faint, to go crying into his arms. Instead, I found another mike and joined him. This is what I sang:

Dear Gill Face,
I dig you as well,
But can’t you tell?
I’ve always felt that way . . .

He started in on the chorus, and of course, I had to join him.

My feelings for you are,
As clear as the sea,
Just you and me . . .
I’ll never leave you,
You’ll never leave me . . .

I can swim through the sea,
As long as you are with me . . .
Together we can catch the tide,
When I have you by my side . . .
I love you,
Don’t be blue,
Because you knew,
How I felt about you . . .

Then, he did what I had been wishing he would for as long as I had known him. He leaned into me. After that, he ran his hand across my cheek, and pulled back my hair. Just then, he…he…he…he KISSED me! It felt like utter bliss—as if all time had stopped. Suddenly, at that moment, I forgot about everything else, and everything was a clear as the sea. What could I do but lean in and take it? After all, your first kiss only comes once!

“You need a duet!” said Amanda.
The next thing I knew, Just Wanna Be With You from High School Musical was playing, and Arthur and I were shoved onto the stage once again. We got through the song, with me singing Gabriella’s lines, and Arthur being Troy. We actually sounded cute together; I’d have to admit.
That called for revenge, though. Once the song was over, I shoved Brandon and Amanda onto the stage. In the spirit of High School Musical, I told the DJs to play You Are the Music In Me.
Amanda, forever longing for a spot in the spotlight, took it happily. Her light, airy alto sounded so cute next to Brandon’s tenor. I’d have to hand it to her—Brandon could really rock that long, red Bieber cut of his. I can’t believe that I just said that, when my dream guy had just kissed me! Shut up, the Aphrodite in me!
Then, everyone got off of the stage. The boys all went up to their dates, and began to sing Can I Have This Dance? from High School Musical. Arthur, of course, went up to me right after Brandon took Amanda. I expected no less from him. If I was going to have a boyfriend, he’d better step up to the plate.
After the song was over, Amanda took over the DJ booth. Her favorite song, The Power of Love, came on. She took it, of course, and everyone joined in.
Then, a ninja jumped in. “Isn’t that cute?” he sneered. “Cute makes me puke!”
“What?” I asked.
Amanda stepped in, pushing me out of the way.
“Leave them alone,” she said. “It’s me you want.”
“Yes,” he said. “But these are possible allies. I must kill them before they join your side.”
“You won’t get the chance,” said Amanda.
Then, these weird creatures jumped into the room out of nowhere. They had the head and tail of dog, yet the torso of a human, with very large claws. They began to attack the dancers, and total chaos ensued. Brandon and Amanda took on the ninja, while the rest of the school, jumping at the chance to get some real life experience, (and possibly get extra credit), fought the strange monsters.
Just then, I saw that Amanda’s sword had been knocked out of her hand, and was at the other end of the room from where she was. She ran to go get it, but while she did, the creatures attacked her.
“Someone help!” I called.
Just then, Chiron burst into the room. With a clap of his hands, the monsters were gone.

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on Jun. 15 2013 at 1:43 pm
BlazeRayn BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Favorite Quote:
"If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it's yours to keep."
"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only thing left to do."
"When the world says Give Up, Faith says Try it One More Time."

well... i must say, theres nothing totally wrong with the writing, but... when i first was introduced to Amanda, i expected her to be a tough, fierce Artemis-like girl, as thats how she was introduced. but then she goes on about liking Barbie and starts singing Camp Rock... and Claire and Miranda and... just all the characters were very childish. Its hard to take any of it seriously, and because of that the romance is just strange and doesnt feel real. the story also goes really fast, and some parts, like when Medusa showed up, didnt seem threatening when they were supposed to be. People showed up so quickly in one scene that i almost completely skipped over Medusa's entry and was confused when there was a fight scene. Arthur's asking Miranda to the dance also seemed fake and unrealistic. The fight scene at the dance also only lasted a couple paragraphs, so there was no real time to feel afraid for the characters lives, or really know what intirely is happening. and, how am i supposed to believe that Amanda is a great warrior/tiger girl who can handle any fight situation when she sings Miley Cyrus and Camp Rock and any possible moment? Even though i know Amanda and Miranda are much older, to me they feel 8 or 9 years, by the way they dress or act. Sorry. I hope you dont take this comment the wrong way, I just felt i should tell you...


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