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Platform 13

Author's note: What inspired me to write this novel was from a film I had recently seen entitled "Spirited Away"...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: What inspired me to write this novel was from a film I had recently seen entitled "Spirited Away" which was one of my most favorite anime movies ever.  « Hide author's note
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The Messenger

The snake that was wrapped around the monk’s neck hissed hesitantly and spoke to his master.
“What if they stop the beast that you have summoned?” The snake hissed, flicking its tongue out occasionally tasting the air.
“If they destroy the Galahar, then I’m afraid we have no choice but to head the mistress of the return of our beloved prince,” Said the Monk taking a deep breath. His eyes pierced through the fog, he rises his hand as then a large slit appears in midair, inside the slit was purple and black light that submerged from the other realm. He smiles softly and places the snake down upon the ground.
“I shall warn her anyways,” He said sighing softly before vanishing.
“Keep an eye on them,” He said and then vanished through the slit as it to evaporated. The snake hissed slightly and then slithered into the mist. Its body weaved itself through the tall blades of dead grass and through piles of fallen leaves towards its destination, Yume’s home.
Yume was sitting alone with his Grandmother. He was sitting straight and on his knees looking at her. She was digging through a series of drawers trying to find what she had attended to give Yume as a birthday gift when the time was right. It made Yume feel bad inside that she had to give this gift to him now, since times have changed and the one fact had been proven to him, spirits existed.
“Here it is,” His Grandmother’s old gravelly voice said walking back towards him kneeling down upon the soft bamboo carpet smiling at him.
“This is a very magical item within the Seishinr-yoiki realm,”
The tiny fluff ball that Yume conjured in the graveyard bounced up and down repeatedly and making small peeping sounds like a baby bird. Yume reached out his hand, the spirit bounced again and he caught it right in the middle of the bounce and tightened his hand around it and had an annoyed expression as the spirit giggled and squirmed out of his palm.
“Go play with my brother Gray, I’m sure he’ll need some company,” Suggested Yume to the disappointed spirit whom bounced out of the room grumpily, just then Karasu stepped inside the threshold.
“Found it at last madam?” Karasu winked slightly at Yume. It took some time, but Yume convinced Karasu to prove that Gray was real, and not a toy, that everything around him was full of spirits, wizards, witches, demons, and gods. Yume still found it hard to believe, that such creatures existed, but a strange sensation lingered within the air that Yume could not ignore, it was his destiny, he in fact was a prince of the Seishin-Sekai realm, that meant his dream would be real, and he would be boarding that beautiful train to return back to his own world.
“Grandmother, how is this stuff all real, I mean didn’t history find out of this realm?” He asked her as she took out a small black box that was wrapped with a silver ribbon.
“Yes my dear, all those fairytales you have been read to, those are magical accounts by those authors, each piece of fantasy is based off the Seishin-Sekai realm, this world is the main source of all of our creations, the skyscrapers represent the giants of the Northern mountains, and many other inspirations have come from the spirit world,” She said smiling softly handing him the small black box.
Yume took hold of the box and noticed that it was rather heavy even for a box. It was a rectangular box and there were inscriptions written on the cardboard that made up the box’s foundation.
“What are these markings?” Yume questioned examining the strange language, it almost looked like modern runes but different.
“It’s known as the Sushini language, it was the clan that your mother was born in, you see each territory within the realm is separated into clans, and Sushini is but one of those many clans,” She said.
“What does it read?” He asked wondering if he would be regretting ever asking.
“To my beloved child, this shall aid your magic once it begins to grow when you discover the hidden secret of your blood, and remember my love, the only way back to the real realm, is if you believe,” Resided his Grandmother.

“So you want me to go into this other realm, and save it, and then return here?” Asked Yume rising an eyebrow.
“It won’t be that easy child, once you’ve entered the world of spirits, your mind will become clouded with skeptical illusions and opinions on whether or not what you see is real, I can scenes that you are still having troubles believing in it, and that is a major issue that needs to be solved, and the only way for that to be solved is with patients,” She said smiling.

Yume sat in silence for a while, he then took his fingers and wrapped them around the lid of the box and then lifted it open. Inside was a wand made of black stone, its tip was twisted into spirals, and its handle took the form of a wolf’s head. The stone looked like black ebony, or obsidian, Yume wasn’t sure, and those markings, the Sushini language were displayed on its smooth glossy surface.
“It’s beautiful,” He murmured taking hold of the wand’s handle and feeling its weight pressure down upon his flesh, suddenly a brilliant flash of emerald light filled the room, and a strange yet beautiful song began to fill the air. It was a low hum of a soprano voice, it lingered in the air like a lingering lullaby, its tone was so beautiful, that it almost hypnotized Yume, the song sounded so familiar, as if he had heard it before. He carefully listened to each note.
Somewhere deep within the hidden realm of Seishin-Sekai the monk walked into a dark landscape. Mountains surrounded him from each direction; a heavy rain fell in sheets like a spirit weeping. He notices a woman wondering around in the rain and realizes that it is an ame-onna. He ignored the spirit and continued on towards the path towards the bridge that would lead to the entrance of a magnificently dark castle that loomed above the rainclouds. Though it was hard to see in the thick rain, the monk could easily see the three main towers of the castle, along with the large door entrance that provided a rather dark entrance. He knew that the tallest tower would lead up to the mistress’s chamber. A fowl tempered spirit that was not to be tampered with; she in fact was the queen of the realm.
He came into view of the large French double doors that were painted a lavender tent mixed in with a blood red. Atop the doors rested an evil looking gargoyle that guarded the doors, at night the beast would come to life and keep watch over the castle’s grounds. The large double doors swung open and he walked inside the great hall that was shrouded into darkness. Just like the walls of the exterior, everything was blackened, not even a hint of light could be seen anywhere. It took only but a few moments for the monk’s eyes to adjust to the candle light that was the only source of light provided. He walked among the empty halls of the castle and towards a spiral staircase that would take him to the tower of his mistress. He exits the main hall, leaving the six evenly paced pillars behind that support the castles weight.
He approaches three spiral staircases, one to his left, and one in the middle. He made his decedents to the staircase to the left and began walking upwards towards the tower where his mistress rested. The railing of the staircase is exquisitely engraved with flowers and vines, never one to be the same, each with its own individual detail that sets each one apart from the other. When he reaches his destination, he stands in front of a tall black wall, and that’s all that it was, a pure black wall. No frames, no design, not even a torch.
The monk lifted his hand and placed it upon the black surface and murmured a strange incantation.
“Declorious, Vevorious, Bartary,” He spoke the words flawlessly as then a hissing voice echoes from behind the wall, like a trapped ghost whispering in his ear.
“Enter,” Was all the voice had said.
Suddenly the wall gives out a low groan, soon an outline of a doorway begins to form and then he is standing in front of an old Victorian style wooden door with purple and red upon it, just like the main entrance, purple and red were the realms new colors. The monk reaches out his hand, that was now shacking and places his fingers around the knob and lightly turns it. The door gives out a low groan and then opens revealing a dimly light room covered in red and purple, along with crystal.
The monk peered inside. The walls were painted purple, with red designs, crystal goblets, crystal candles, almost everything crystal was inside the room, even flowers. The drapes of the room were a deep blood red, when the sun is normally out, the room would be bathed in bloody light. He looked towards his mistresses bed, red drapes were also hiding her slumber.
“Come closer, monk,” Hissed the same haunting voice that he had heard from behind the giant wall. The monk obeys and walks closer to the mistresses bed.
“You have come back, when I told you not to unless you bring forth information in which I should know about,” The mistress whispered.
“And I do bring forth to you information worth hearing my lady,” Replied the monk bowing low to the ground until his face presses up against its cold black surface.
“Rotten news from the other realm I assume,” Hissed the mistress in disgust.
“No my lady, dire news,” He said rising up from the ground taking slow even breaths. He was prepared for the reaction his mistress will bring froth.
“Your son, he has found out about our realm,” Said the monk sighing.
“How has this come to be,” She said hissing.
“Karasu, the watcher has shown himself to the boy, and also explained to him about the train and the platform in which he most find to enter our realm,” He said.
“Stop them from coming, stop them,” She said growling softly in anger.
“I’ve sent a monster into the village, right now its terrizing them, and I’m afraid that the boy is being equipped as we speak right now,” He said.
“Then why are you standing here, instead of going out and fighting him,” Growled the mistress.
“Because I’ve conjured an idea that my mistress will desire most,” He said straightening up.
“Do explain your idea,” She said in a mocking tone.
The monk paused a moment, taking deep breaths thinking thorough as how he was going to word this, he knew that his mistress was very keen on purity and perfection upon how a plan is described, he knew that for a fact for she gone through about twenty-five captains each year due to the lack of poor planning.

“Well you see my lady, what I’m trying to say is this, since your son now knows of our realm, we can use this to our advantage, I can “Pretend” To be a good hearted kind monk that I really should be, and tell him of what I’ve learned about these four missing relics that withhold a very dark secret,” He said taking a deep breath smiling softly.
“And what are these dark relics monk?” Questioned the Mistress raising an eyebrow in the upmost suspicion.
“What I’m talking about is this, there are four relics located on the four kingdoms of this realm, The first relic is the Mooncrystal which is located in the Northern Kingdom of Aurora Glass, and then the second relic the scale of Lord Drakonous is hidden in the Southern Kingdom of Ashenesse located within Shadow City, then the third relic lurks within the Eastern Kingdom of Aellea, and the last,”
“And the last which is the sphere of shadows lies within the Western Kingdom of Grayvale, hidden deep within the Shadowed Labyrinth,” Interrupted the mistress.
“Yes my mistress,” Replied the monk bowing slightly.
“Bring me one of my crystal artifacts,” She hissed as she rose up out of her bed. She then placed her feet upon the cold hard surface of the ground and stood up. Her long black dress flowed to the ground like a dusky river.
“My dear monk, you have the most clever of minds, unlike so few others that are in this castle, I suspect you will do the deed of playing the good guy, and then when the time is right, reveal the true purpose of the relics the four seals in which contain the darkness,” She grinned softly walking towards one of the windows that over looked the kingdoms.
“I may rule all of the four kingdoms, however there is a slight problem that we face within our plan my monk,” She said looking up towards the darkened sky.
“The guardians of the realm might be reawaken, and destroy my powers forever,” She said sighing slightly.
“The guardians have not shown themselves since the battle of CrystalGate my lady, you should have nothing to fear, they had not come when you claimed your darker side,” He also added.
“Yes, but what if there was a way that they could be summoned, a secret spell that only the chosen one could cast, if the Guardians arise, they shall also awaken the four ancient Gods of this realm, and my rein shall come to an end,” She said.
“That cannot happen, those Guardians have no such power to rise the Gods of this realm, sure they created the realm, but only one specific being has that capability of rising the Gods from their slumber,” He said.
“And what if my son is that person?” She hissed staring at him.
“What’s life without a little risk?” Questioned the Monk.
“Good point dear Monk, now leave me in peace, I shall think of what is to come,”
The monk bowed and then walked towards his mistress handing her a crystal the size of one’s fist and gave it to her.
She gripped the crystal that was colored a deep purple and stared into it. The crystal had various lights that flowed inside of it like sparks of electricity. She rose her finger and placed the tip of it onto the surface of the crystal as one of the thousands of sparks arose and met the tip of her finger. She slowly rose her finger and the spark was removed from within the crystal and now rested at the top of her finger dancing in spirals.
“Lets us take it to the next level!” She shouted flinging her finger in the air as the zap of lightning flung itself through the air towards its destination.
The rain now began falling in heavy sheets as Karasu led Yume towards the city where the monster supposedly remained hidden amongst the buildings of the town.
“Things can get ugly from this day forward, you do realize that, this is one of many demons you’ll be facing, just wait till you get to our realm,” He said sighing softly.
“The beast should be in this ally way somewhere, I can smell it,” He said.
Yume took deep even breaths as he looked around, the rain had made his silver hair dampen and flat, he had to move it away occasionally from his eyes so he could see where he was going .He looked around the dark alley seeing no signs of life, not even an ally cat or rats that normally occupied the ally.
“Its quite here,” Yume said.
“To quite,” Replied Karasu. Suddenly a growling sound could be heard, it was a deep throaty growl that ripped through the silence of the night, it even made the rain shudder.
Yume turned around when all of a sudden something began to wrap around his body. He gasped and tried to find the source of what was going on, but it grew tighter and tighter as if rope wrapped around him.
“YUME!” Shouted Karasu looking around for the foe.
Suddenly Yume felt hot breath in his face, and then the outline of a large snake head began to appear in thin air at least a few feet above him. The large snake hissed slightly flickering its long forked tongue in front of Yume’s face, tasting the air, or possibly him.
“So, this is the human boy that is said to walk the lines of both worlds,” Hissed the serpent tightening its grip around Yume’s body.
“Leave him be you fowl beast!” Shouted Karasu waving his staff into the air a few times as then a green electric light began to form a circle around him as he tossed it into the air and grabbed hold of it and slammed the end of the staff into the ground as bolds of green lightning flung themselves towards the snake causing it to hurtle itself against one of the storefronts making shingles from the ruff fall on top of it, losing its grip around Yume whom fell to the floor.
“Yume get up!” He shouted rushing towards him helping him get up.
“Get out your wand and try using it to summon your magic,” He demanded.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 30 Next »

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