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Platform 13

Author's note: What inspired me to write this novel was from a film I had recently seen entitled "Spirited Away"...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: What inspired me to write this novel was from a film I had recently seen entitled "Spirited Away" which was one of my most favorite anime movies ever.  « Hide author's note
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Blood and Steel

BLOOD & Steel
Karasu took his horse and swooped down extremely low to the ground; he had made it towards the edge of the island and had located the railroad. He began to follow the tracks knowing that it would lead straight towards the human realm. His mind was set on this task and this task only he knew not to worry about Eria, for he knew that deep down inside Eria loved Yume, though she did not show it.
The tracks suddenly appear as a clash of lightning shot down from one of the thunderheads. The bolt struck the train tracks sending out sparks which flew everywhere. He took a deep breath and steadied the horse as it flapped its large dragon wings and gained more leverage.
“Follow straight forward,” He ordered the beast as it tried to buck him off as another bolt of lightning cracked against the tracks. He looked behind him to make sure that the train wasn’t behind him. It seemed like hours and suddenly a sphere of light catches the corner of his eyes. He knows this light; it is indeed the entrance to the platform. The horse whinnies and shoots past through the clouds like a speeding bullet towards its destination.
“Although I can’t fully arise my army, I however can do this mistress,” Said the shadowed voice approaching the balcony of the castle, though the light of the silver moon still bathed the land, he remained within the shadows. He took ahold of an ebony black staff and grasped it. On top perched two purple amethysts that shimmered dimly in the night.
“Now my dear, is the time to witness true black magic,” He said and then rose his staff into the air.
“Malahestonya, Dlevoriostyniaha, ovestonrina, Akyna mordo!” He then rose the black staff into the air and a brilliant beam of purple light shot into the blackness of the lingering darkness. A roll of thunder was then heard as pelting rain began to fall from the sky. A strange cold wind began to lick at his heals; his eyes stared out into the openness.
“Nothing had happened my lord,” Protested the mistress.
The dark figure raised a hand to silence her. Just then a bolt of purple lightning shoots down towards the ground, barely illuminating his face, which was all mad of bone, the only thing you could see were his two red eyes that glowed like scorching coals.
The lightning in which had fell from the sky collided with a nearby rock that rested upon the mountain side. Then another flash came crashing down, this time in a different location. Then more lightning bolts began shooting down towards the earth like missiles. Each one hit a different area. Soon the whole night was lighted up in a purple glow because of so many bolts of lightning flashing all at once. Thunder boomed and echoed like the roar of a dragon. And just as soon as it had begun, it all vanished.
Everything was still, silent. Not even an animal dared to make a sound. Suddenly the earth began to shake, as if the ground began to tremble in fright. A loud snap sound was heard. Just then a jagged crack began to form upon the ground causing it to tremble as loose dirt and soil began to collapse upon each other making a large cavern.
Just then large dark creatures began to submerge from the depths of the ethereal darkness. Large black leather wings extended towards the black sky, and glowing eyes of various colors began to peak through the depths of the nocturnal. The black nightmares that arose from the ground had a grotesque appearance, even if described they would leave an imprint of nightmares upon one’s mind for the rest of their lives.
“Amas tornonis, Glachita!”
“Arise my friends arise from the black abyss in which you’ve slept, now is the time to take back the lands that have been taken from us, now is the time for war!”
Once upon land, Eria and Nanon had to rush through the chaotic city that was aflame. The large dragon was hovering above the sky spewing flames upon the glass buildings, causing them to shatter into millions of shards. The screams of citizens and the crying of children were painful to hear. Her heart was thudding against her chest; the ground was all disheveled from the large quake that happened not too long ago. A strange stillness had begun to overcome the world, as if death were approaching.
Eria had managed to smuggle out a sword and was holding it in her hand which was shacking for blood had already been shed upon it. Over twelve guards had made their attempts to kill her and Nanon. Nanon was in his werewolf form, armed with deadly claws and sharp teeth, he too had blood stained lips. The Kaleidoscope Tower’s entrance was just a few feet away. Fire blazed across the streets, and battle raged between man and demon.
Eria had crashed through the glass doors of the main chamber of the tower after flying through the flight of stairs. Her eyes looked and gasped seeing that all of the seven sages were lying upon the floor dead. There stood two figures, both female. One wore a strange black exotic dress, and the other had armor on and was holding a torch.
“My poor nephew, we never did get to know each other,” Spoke the woman in a low hiss. Suddenly a monk came into view, holding a strange bottle of black liquid.
“The poison mistress has you requested,” He said offering it to her and bowing slightly.
“Ah, perfect, and your positive this will reassure his death?” She asked.
“Who is here to witness the death of a Prince?” the Mistress hissed she then turned around.
“Ah, a werewolf, and a girl,” She smiled.
“And us,” Came Karasu’s voice as he then stepped inside the room with an elderly woman, Yume’s Grandmother.
“Get away from my Grandson,” Growled Natsu.
“Now have we met?” the Mistress asked.
“Let’s just say that you were my apprentice, just like Karasu was Yume’s,” She said.
“Ah, is that why I remember you, the dead woman’s memory still seems to work apparently,” She said.
“And it better by the time we’re through with you,” Natsu said.
“The only thing that can stop me is the Stars, and the only way I can stop you is with the Shadows,” She said.
“Yes, and we already have one star here!” She then took out the stone from her pocket. It was glowing a radiant bright blue light that shimmered. It casted a strange light anomaly upon the glass walls of the room.
“So I see, and the dark relic, did he find that as well,”
“As a matter of fact he has, but there is no way in hell you’re getting it,” Said Karasu.
“I’d watch your tongue, as if you don’t remember I am the Queen of this realm,”
“Your no Queen, you’re a demon from the depths of the shadows,” spat Karasu.
“Ha, that’s rich coming from a wizard,” She replied.
“Let’s get this over with,” She said to the monk whom bowed. She took hold of the bottle that obtained the black liquid and uncorked it. A strange black mist began to form out from the tip, and a foul smell made the air reek.
“Step back away from him,” Growled Natsu as then strands of light began to form around her hand taking the shape of a long sword with jagged dragon tooth like edges and a handle with a dragons head. She then lunges herself towards the woman yelling the blade rose for combat.
The mistress chuckled then pulled out her own weapon. A black blade with silver Celtic designs. Both of the blades clashed with each other
“You think you can stop me old woman, hu?” She withdrew her blade; both of the metal scraps against each other making a loud screeching sound making Eria, Karasu, and Nanon plug their ears, the windows and glass shudder as well from the sound.
“You honestly think that an old woman like yourself can defeat someone as powerful as me?” She pushed herself back then raised her hand in the air.
“GLAHTHEDIS!” Just then a burst of black and purple shadows burst out of her hand and hurtled towards Natsu.
“Step away from him,” Ordered Natsu.
“Fine,” The woman hissed and backed away from him.
Natsu glared at her, as if finding this a humorous trick.
“Give me the potion child,” Hissed Natsu whom reached out her hand.
Eria obeyed and handed her the potion.
Natsu quickly uncorked it and smelt the soothing fragments of the liquid. She took a deep breath and moved the bottle towards her Grandchild’s lips and slowly allowed the liquid to drain down into his mouth.
A strange sensational feeling began to overwhelm Yume’s body. At first it felt like static electricity, but then it began to grow.
“Good bye my child, good bye,” Said the old voice as it then faded into darkness. Yume then began to see a strange light, and staring at him, were a pairs of green eyes. That was all that could manage to see, and a strange five pointed star pendent necklace. It was odd to be seeing, this, was this a sign of the barrier for the next artifact? Suddenly something pushed him, and he screams. He felt as if he were falling. He then sees the inside of the chamber of the tower, he then saw a group of people, and then his own body. He collided right onto himself, and his eyes shoot right open.
He gasped breathing for air; his body goes into slight shock as he franticly looked around. It was blindingly bright as his eyes adjusted to the light. His heart thudded rapidly once more as he regained his conscience.
“Yume, your alive!” A familiar voice exclaimed as then arms wrapped around him hugging him tightly.
He moaned slightly feeling weak, hungry and thirsty all at the same time.
“W…where am I?” He asked dumbfounded and flabbergasted.
“Back in the tower, you took a rather nasty hit with that dragon, thank you my Prince for saving me,” The voice of Karasu reached his ears. He had gained enough vision to notice that his friends were bowing.
“Yume we most get out of here…” Suddenly the sound of a knife could be heard slicing the very skin of Grandmother Natsu. She gasped, eyes growing wide, as then all life drained from them, and her face grew suddenly pale. She fell to her knees, and onto the floor, body now limp. Yume’s eyes gazed upon her assassin and yelped. It was her…his mother.
“There now, that is settled, your awake and all,” She said.
“You killed her…” Yume growled looking at his now dead Grandmother. Tears began to swell in his eyes, his heart aching.
He glared at the woman and grabbed his wand from his pocket and growled slightly.
“You evil Witch,” He said hissing through his teeth. The Sushini letters upon the wand began to glow a strange glow, for on the base of the wand was stained with the blood of his Grandmother. He growled rising his wand he thrust it into the air and a blinding bright light flooded the room. It was as if rays from the sun had erupted from the tips of his wand. The woman shrieks in pain and crashes through the window and flies off and was never to be seen again.
“Coward!” He shouted falling to his knees for the aura inside of him was very weak.
“Yume!” Eria shouted rushing over to him getting on her knees to help prop him up. He was crying. Tears fell from his cheeks and she knew that he was in two kinds of pain.
Yume walked over towards his Grandmother and placed his wand and pleaded to the Gods and Goddess.
“Please, wake, please,” He pleaded tears in his eyes as he looked at his Grandmothers’ dead pale face, that wasn’t wakening up. He looked at his Grandmother, praying, hoping that something would happen. He looked at her, tears falling from his cheeks as he looked at her dead body. This wasn’t happening, none of this was happening. It was just all a bad dream. He wanted to wake up from it, he wanted to just have it end and that they would still be there.
Karasu approached Yume and sighed.
“I’m terribly sorry,” Karasu said bending down and looked at him. He knew that this was not supposed to happen; he wanted his Grandmother to be there for him when he woke, not to die in front of him.
Yume sobbed unsettlingly, tears stained his cheeks as he looked around himself.
“This is my entire fault,” He said.
“No, no it’s not your fault,” Karasu said sniffling slightly as he sat there on his knees.
“I want to bury her,” He said taking a deep breath.
Karasu nodded and took a deep breath.
“What was her favorite place that she loved to be?” He asked.
“The old Oak, in the eastern Kingdom in the city of Telmador,” He said.
“Take us there then,” He said pleadingly tears still in his eyes.
Karasu nodded and grabbed his staff; he allowed Yume to pick up his Grandmother and motioned the others to come around them. Nanon had returned to his human form and Eria was crying as well. Karasu grabbed his staff and a beam of light began to appear from the tip, the beam of light grew brighter and brighter. The light was so bright, that everything couldn’t be seen, then the light vanished and there was no one left.
Suddenly the sound of tiny bells filled the air. It took Yume a while to realize what it was. It was fairy music. He looked and a swarm of glistening light began swooping through a broken window. Their light was shimmering rather brightly that Yume had to over his eyes.
“What are they?” Yume asked looking at Karasu.
“The Fey,” He answered in a hushed tone.
Suddenly three figures stood at the edge of the broken window. The Fey obtained a transparent like skin, and had long white hair. Each one held a different kind of staff within their hands. The only thing that made them different was their size, they were much taller than the finger sized Fey, in fact they were as tall as a human.
“We are the elders of the Fey, and we were informed that a friend of our kind has been terribly injured,” Spoke the firs Elder.
Yume still holding Grandmother turned towards the Elder and sniffled.
“You know my Grandmother?” Yume asked in disbelief.
“Yes, she has always come to our village to entertain our children and to stories, we’ve come to call her Mother Goose,” Said the second Elder.
“Can you save her, she is losing her life,” He said in a whimper.
“Bring her child,” Said the third Elder.
Yume brought his Grandmother towards the Fey. They still hummed; their voices were combining with each other like a medieval sound that rang in his ears. Yume had taken notice of all the various verities of wings each fairy obtained. Some had butterfly wings, while others had dragonfly wings, and some appeared to almost have glass for wings for when they fluttered towards the light of the burning embers that were being produced outside, they seemed to glow.
“Let them heal her wounds, and her soul,” Said the second Elder rising her hands into the air.

The fairies then began to flutter over his Grandmother Natsu’s body. Strange dust particles began to fall towards the ground and onto her skin, it almost looked like flower pollen. He rested his Grandmother upon the ground and took a deep breath and backed away so that they could do what they had to do. More particles of light had begun to attach to his Grandmother. It was so mesmerizing, a little too mesmerizing. His eyes were watching the fairies as they each placed a small elegant hand upon her old frail skin. The particles upon her body began to glow brightly, as if being ignited by the fairies touch.
“May the Goddess of creation and life, bring our beloved Natsu back from the Thresh Hold of Dreams, may she become whole once again with her body, and may health be bestowed upon her as a parting gift from the Goddess,” Spoke all three Elders rising their hands together. The whole room had suddenly begun to brighten. It almost felt as if the sun had managed to squeeze itself into the room to blind the companions.
Suddenly a gasp erupted from Grandmother Natsu’s body as her eyes slightly flickered open to gaze at Yume. Tears had begun to flow through his eyes as he looked at his Grandmother, breathing and alive.
“You shouldn’t have done this,” Grandmother Natsu breathed heavily looking at her Grandson, a smile covering her face. Her soft eyes were gray, slowly regaining a strange different color, she had now violet eyes.
Karasu, Nanon, and Eria had gathered around them. Suddenly a strange event began to occur. Strange lights began to shimmer around the dead bodies of the seven sages that lye dead upon the chamber floor. Soft golden light swarmed over their bodies, as they vanished. Taking their place was the figures of the Sages.
“This world is falling to the darkness forever, there is however one way to be rid of it forever,” Said the first Lord.
“One way that cannot fail,” Said the third Lord.
“If you are capable of retrieving the Stars and Shadows, you shall be able to recreate this world,” all of them said.
“Combine the three stars, and destroy the shadows,” they said in unison.
Eria, Karasu, Yume and Grandmother Natsu stared.
“Awaken the dragon of old, to bring the down fall the dragon of shadow,” Said the fifth Sage.
“Awaken the Gods and Goddess, redeem this world,” That was all that was said. The words faded from the Sages as then their spirits suddenly vanished without a trace, never again to be seen nor heard except in the old legends of myths hidden within.
“You have to save us all, Yume,” Spoke Grandmother Natsu in a weak voice. She looked at him pleadingly.
“But I can’t,” He whimpered softly looking towards Karasu for help. He approaches then and kneels down lower and examines Yume’s eyes.
The Lord of the fairy people stepped forward.
“The only way you can truly save this world, is when you believe Yume,” Spoke his soft and gentle voice.
“If you believe, the light shall once again be rekindled within the stars, and the shadows shall be extinguished once more,” Said the soft bell like voice of the Queen who came by her husband’s side and smiled.
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