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Past Apocalypses

Author's note: My friend had a dream about this and told me about it and i thought i could write it and give it...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: My friend had a dream about this and told me about it and i thought i could write it and give it life. The idea kind of sprouted and grew from there and I've been writing and re-writing and adding since then.  « Hide author's note
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“Run!” I screamed at the family. They were huddled in a corner behind a shelf of cereal. I stood in front of the family, Caden by my side. We were circled in by 5 diseased people. They shuffled along and were slow, but their bites were dangerous and they were wielding garden tools. The man on the left swung his rake around and at the last second I grabbed the end and rammed it forward. The end of the rake shoved through his exposed rib cage. Yellow pus-like liquid poured from the open wound. He moaned at me and tried to bite my neck to spread his sickly disease, but I pulled my knife out of my belt and slashed it across his throat. The knife sliced through his throat cleanly and cut his head right off of his neck before he could sink his teeth into mine. His head rolled over to the feet of the woman next to him and she stumbled over it, Caden sprung into action and pulled the cord on his massive yellow chainsaw to start it up. The saw’s blade spun around and around and he spun it in an arc towards the woman and sliced her through the middle, right in half. Her limbs twitched and then went still. I took the chance and jumped around Caden and cut the other man’s arm off. He shrieked at me and slashed at my side with his clippers, I didn’t react quickly enough and the clippers cut deep into the left side of my torso. I grit my teeth to keep myself from crying out in pain and attracting the attention of other diseased people. The pain from my side radiated through my body and it was almost impossible to concentrate through it. The wound was pouring blood down my side, and I could see the light in the diseased people’s eyes as they smelled the fresh blood; their next meal if we didn’t hurry and kill them all. I pushed through the pain and attacked the man with as much energy as I could muster. He tried to slash me again and I spun around and kicked out my foot at his head. I caught him clear in the middle of his head and I heard a crunch as his head disconnected from the rest of his body and dropped to the floor. His body slumped down to his knees and then hit the floor and went completely still. “Ebony!” Caden cried in panic. The second man was holding him by his shirt and trying to sink his yellowing teeth into Caden’s right arm. I leapt towards them and barrelled into the man knocking him off of his feet. I shoved my carving knife into his side and sliced it straight up to tear him open. Blood and yellow pus oozed out of his side as he shrieked and struggled to get us. He shrieked and shrieked until the pus started foaming at his mouth and running down his face and he slumped to the ground and went still too. Caden had rolled free of the man and went on to attack the last woman. He cut her head off in one wicked slice of his chainsaw, and I could see a cold glint in his eyes. Killing these people was a sport of revenge for him. I whirled around to the shelves where the family was hiding, but they were gone. I doubted that they’d made it out of this grocery store alive. “Caden, were are th-” he cut me off with a “Shh!” I went completely silent at Caden’s hushed warning. We could hear a soft whimpering sound which I assumed was the little boy that was with the family. I could also hear some shuffling and then a loud scream pierced the air. “NO!” I screamed and ran towards the sounds, bracing myself for the worst.
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Jack_Wilka said...
May 11, 2017 at 12:04 pm
Loved it just it got a bit confusing...
AlexanderBurton said...
Jan. 6, 2012 at 10:12 am
Plz indent a little bit more
RemorsefulPrincess replied...
Feb. 1, 2013 at 11:21 pm
Sorry it was indented, I just had to copy and paste it into here (what I'd had so far) and the formatting went wonky on me :S

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