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The Perfect Soldier

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With a thunderous roar of screaming and pounding footsteps of people near by, Vigilance ships vastly approached the shore.

"What the heck is going on?!" Bryton yelled.
"Vigilance is invading! Everyone get to my car! Leave the stuff behind!" Emily yelled as they all ran to where the car was parked. They got in the car and quickly sped away.

"Why are they attacking us? I thought we had a treaty!" Amy yelled.
"We do, but that doesn't look like it's doing much good." Emily said.
"Matt, is Shawn at home?"
"No he went to a party downtown at a friend’s house." Matt answered.
"Do you know where that is? He needs to get home." Emily said.

"I don't know."
Emily dropped Bryton and Amy off at Amy's house and drove towards Matt's.
"Call Shawn, tell him to get home now!" Emily roared. Matt could tell she was in a high state of panic. He dialed Shawn’s number, but no answer.

“He didn't answer?"
"Straight to voicemail."
"Forget it we gotta get home now!"

They got to Matt’s house and they got out of the car.
"Aren’t you going home?"
"No! Are you crazy? I'm not going into the city with Vigilance here! I'm staying here!" Emily yelled as she ran into the house.
"Okay then."
Matt walked inside and Emily was sitting on the couch, looking out the window.

"My dads in the basement don't disturb him he's doing something important."

"Turn on the TV, see if they're saying anything on the news."

Matt pressed the button to turn the TV on, it didn't work, and power was down.
"I'm calling Shawn again.” Matt said.

Emily quieted her nervous mouth and Matt pressed the phone to his ear. It rang and rang but no one answered. Then suddenly a spine chilling roar shook everything.
"Quake!" Emily said as she leaped up and dove under the near by table.

Matt stepped under a door frame until the shaking stopped.
There was nothing but still quiet around. No sound what so ever. Then gunshots and the sounds of planes flying over head shook Matt and Emily to their core. They were scared for their lives.

"What are we going to do?!" Emily yelled.
Just then Matt's father came up the squeaky steps from the basement.

"Uncle Miller! Vigilance is attacking!" Emily screamed.
"What?!" Mr. Miller yelled frantically.
"You two, get down stairs now! And don't touch anything! I’m going to get Shawn."

Matt and Emily stepped down the squeaky steps to the dark basement where only a few lights gave them any visibility to their surroundings.

"What do you think they want?" Matt asked.
"To kill us!"
"I doubt that."
"What are we going to do?!"
"You’re going to calm down."

Emily rolled her eyes and became silent.
Matt started looking through some things in a near by closet.

"What are you doing?! Your dads said don’t touch anything!" Emily yelled.
"Will you please just shut up?" Matt yelled.

Emily was quiet as she sat down on the floor, leaning up against the wall.
Matt continued to shuffle through the closet.

"Ah ha! I found it!" Matt said as he pulled an old radio out of the closet and placed it in the floor.
"A radio...what are you going to do with an old radio? It's ancient, I doubt it even works!"
"Guess we'll find out." Matt said as he plugged the radio into the wall outlet and the radio turned on with the sound of static rustling through the beat up speakers.

Matt began to turn the knob back and forth, trying to find a signal.

"Matt it’s broken, give it up, you'll never find a signal." Emily said pessimistically.
"I'm almost there." Matt said as he began to hear voices through the crackling static of the radio.

He turned the knob and he finally got a signal.
"It works!"
"Knew it would. Let’s see what they're saying about Vigilance."

The man on the radio began to speak.
"Ladies and gentlemen, as you may know, Vigilance ships arrived on our coasts and fighter jets in our skies. So far there has been no attack against us. We've been told that supreme leader of Kalhoun, Vilroy will make a speech tomorrow morning regarding these events. Until further notice, we ask that all citizens please stay in doors and stay tuned for more information." the voice cut off after that.

"Your dad better hurry back with Shawn."

An hour passed by and Matt and Emily remained in the basement, silent, until they herd the sound of the front door fly open and things being violently hit.
"Who is that?" Emily asked.
"I don't know."
"That boy is going to get it when he gets home!" the voice upstairs roared.
"It’s my dad." Matt said.

Matt and Emily ran upstairs and opened the door to see Mr. Miller picking up broken shards of glass.

"What happened?" Matt asked.
"I got mad and broke the vase on accident."
"You find Shawn?"
"No." Mr. Miller said.

The chaos ended and it was 1:49am, Emily was asleep in the guestroom and Mr. Miller was asleep in his room. Matt was sitting outside on the roof looking at the dark night sky, only illuminated by the faint distant stars and the two moons up above. The night was quiet; all to be heard was the sound of wind rustling through the trees, a peaceful serenity. Matt was almost asleep when gun shots ripped through the silence. Then headlights of two upcoming cars approaching the house. The car in front drove to the side of Matt’s house. Matt slowly crawled to the back of the house and inside from the back door. He quickly ran to the couch and looked out the window. The second car was parked outside the front of the house and two men stepped out of each side of the car. Matt saw the vigilance uniform they wore. They came to the door.

"Are you Shawn Miller?" one of the soldiers asked.
"No sir." Matt said.
"Is he here?"
Matt looked past the soldiers towards the Forrest where someone was running towards. The soldiers turned around and saw the person running.

"Fire!" one yelled. The second soldier fired his rifle and the person running collapsed holding his leg.
The soldier who gave the order to shoot turned to Matt and wished him goodnight and he shut the door. The two soldiers made their way towards the wounded person and picked him up and dragged him to the car. They threw him in and they drove away.
Matt walked outside after they were out of sight and he walked to where the first car was parked on the side of the house. The driver side door was open. Matt recognized the car. It was Shawn’s, the soldiers took Shawn.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 23 Next »

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writer112358 said...
Jul. 9, 2012 at 8:03 pm
I agree. It's a good story, but don't tell as much. Show the reader the same information in the first page as part of the progression of the plot.
gavinbob said...
Jun. 15, 2012 at 12:10 pm
I really like the names and vocabulary. Perhaps you could not explain so much in the first page. Maybe just get into it a little slower. Explain everything on the way; as the plot is progressing.
fk[s said...
Feb. 4, 2012 at 9:35 am
Too much information on the first page.

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