The Perfect Soldier

December 28, 2011
By Alec.M.Strong BRONZE, Kent, Washington
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Alec.M.Strong BRONZE, Kent, Washington
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War, a method used since ancient times to gain territory, independence, power, or to achieve the “perfect world”. The year is 2113 and the world is at its darkest hour. Verosha is a small island that has isolated itself from all wars ever fought. For decades a large country of Kalhoun has been under siege of a ruthless dictator named Vilroy, his goal, simple, to take control over the entire planet of splice. His ruthless brutality strikes fear into all human’s on the planet, even the mention of his name can cause panic. His army is known as Vigilance. Everyone that works with Vigilance is just as ruthless and heartless as their leader Vilroy. They dominate countries without hesitation. They are not one’s to accept surrender; they murder all who stand in their way. Since the war’s beginning in 2095 Vilroy and his Vigilance army has taken over more then half of splice without a single defeat.

Vilroy is a large, tall strong man with long dark hair and illuminating, piercing red eyes. He wears a military uniform and a long black cape with the Vigilance insignia of the eight pointed red and black star on the back. Vilroy was a former military general who was known and feared for his brutality when he viciously murdered his enemies during the war of 2080 in which his father Morgan ruled over Kalhoun, looking to make the world, in his eye’s “Perfect”. He was defeated and killed in his sleep by an unknown assassin, who was never found. The war soon ended and ten years later, Vilroy has taken over Kalhoun to continue his father’s goal. After five years, the world is in peril.

Verosha and Kalhoun have been allies for generations and often trade goods across the ocean. Verosha is isolated far away from any other country except a larger but still small island of Kilmona. Kalhoun has promised peace to Verosha and Kilmona as long as they provide them with resources.

Kilmona and Verosha very close to each other, only a few miles apart. The governments are the same and people are very friendly towards each other.

Matt is a sixteen year old boy that is the son of a famous scientist that came up with the design of the linger, a vehicle that has the ability to travel on all terrains and through the air. Matt is a tall, lean, but strong teenager with short blonde hair and had scar on his face over his eye socket from when he was involved in a nasty collision during a game of Veerball, a game played on a circular field with four goals and four teams. The object of the game is to score the most goals in opponent’s nets anyway possible in the time limit.

Matt’s mother passed away due to complications during Matt’s birth. He has an older brother Shawn, who is twenty-three and his father’s partner in work. Shawn is a short, larger person with medium length black hair and a goatee.

Verosha is one of the most beautiful countries on Splice. With extravagant palm trees and rich, smooth sand and the illuminating blue glow of ocean waves crashing against the shore. With magnificent vivid colors of the hundreds of flower species that grow all over the island; with foamy waterfalls and rapid rivers winding throughout the island. It’s known as one of the most peaceful, relaxing, and tranquil places on Splice.

The population is miniscule, only about twenty-thousand people. Verosha was mostly forestation, the only large city was the capital which inhabited the majority of the Island. Matt was one of the popular students at Verosha Senior High school. He was a talented surfer and captain of the school Veerball team. His best friend Bryton Carmichael was the goalkeeper of the Veerball team. Bryton was an only child with traveling business men parents who were often out of town or out of the country, leaving Bryton to live alone for most of the time. Bryton was dating one of the most beautiful teenage girls on Verosha, Amy Pierce. She was very short and had long brunette hair, beautiful brown eyes and a great smile.

Matt, Bryton, and Amy were three best friends since they were very little kids. Matt didn’t have a girlfriend; he was very quiet and shy. He didn’t like people very much but constantly got attention that he didn’t enjoy. Bryton on the other hand loved the attention he got; he loved being the center of attention. Amy was the school’s head cheerleader and received a lot of attention as well. Although she was like Matt, didn’t enjoy the attention, she didn’t have guys flirting with her because Bryton was extremely strong and loved to fight which kept guys away from her. Bryton had a tendency to be highly over protective.

It was the last day of school and Matt, Bryton, Amy, and Matt’s older cousin Emily were going to the beach to celebrate Emily’s graduation and the first day of summer vacation. As the last bell of the school year rang hundreds of students poured from the doors of the school yelling in excitement for their freedom. Matt, Emily, Bryton and Amy all got into Emily’s car and drove to the beach about thirty minutes away. Bryton was extremely excited and sprinted straight to the water where he tripped and fell on his face.

“He’s special.” Amy said with a laugh after watching Bryton face plant into the water. Amy ran after Bryton and Matt and Emily were left to unpack the chairs and food from the trunk of the car.

Matt and Emily found a place on the beach and set up their chairs and pulled out some food.

“Beautiful day, it couldn’t be any better.”
“Well I don’t know about that, a nice chocolate milkshake would be nice right now, other then that it’s a great day.” Matt said humorously.
“That’s typical; all you ever want is more food. You’re gonna get fat when you’re old, you know that right?”
“No I won’t, I work out to much to get fat.”
“Well there is a food stand over there, go get a milkshake.”
“That’s to far away, I will later.”
“See, you’re fat and lazy.”
“Shut up!”

“Oh Matt.”

Bryton and Amy came to where Matt and Emily were sitting and plopped down on a towel and Bryton immediately began eating.

“You need to slow down.” Amy said
Bryton just continued to eat while Matt laughed hysterically.

“So Emily, What are you going to do about college this fall?” Amy asked.
“I was accepted to Mullinger University in Kilmona, I’m going to major in medicine there.” Emily explained.
“That’s so cool! They have a good medical program there.”
“Blah! Blah! Blah!” Bryton said.
“It’s summer! We don’t wanna talk about school! Let’s bury Matt in sand!” Bryton yelled. Amy and Emily laughed.

“Here’s a better idea! Let’s Dig a big hole and put you and your big head in there!” Matt said.
“Very funny.” Bryton said sarcastically.
“You guys wanna go to the water?” Amy asked.
“YES!” Bryton yelled as he ran towards the water again.
“He really seems to love the water.” Emily said.
“I bet he’s part fish.” Matt said.
“Em, I’m going to the car to get my surf board, I’ll meet you guys down there.” Matt said.

Matt got his surf board and headed towards the beach to join the others. He got in the water and paddled out and caught a big wave. A thunderous roar of cheers and applause echoed the beach of people watching and cheering him on, in awe of his talent on the board. He came back to shore and high-five’d Bryton and went back to the chair and sat down and starred at the blue ocean waves. He put on his sun glasses and laid back soaking up the sun and listening to the waves and seagulls and the people on the beach. Matt was starring at the ocean when he saw something blurry on the horizon. He removed his sunglasses to get a better view and noticed they were ships, naval ships. Approaching the coast of Verosha, he saw black and red flags on the masts of the ships, and he knew what was happening, Vigilance was coming towards shore.

With a thunderous roar of screaming and pounding footsteps of people near by, Vigilance ships vastly approached the shore.

"What the heck is going on?!" Bryton yelled.
"Vigilance is invading! Everyone get to my car! Leave the stuff behind!" Emily yelled as they all ran to where the car was parked. They got in the car and quickly sped away.

"Why are they attacking us? I thought we had a treaty!" Amy yelled.
"We do, but that doesn't look like it's doing much good." Emily said.
"Matt, is Shawn at home?"
"No he went to a party downtown at a friend’s house." Matt answered.
"Do you know where that is? He needs to get home." Emily said.

"I don't know."
Emily dropped Bryton and Amy off at Amy's house and drove towards Matt's.
"Call Shawn, tell him to get home now!" Emily roared. Matt could tell she was in a high state of panic. He dialed Shawn’s number, but no answer.

“He didn't answer?"
"Straight to voicemail."
"Forget it we gotta get home now!"

They got to Matt’s house and they got out of the car.
"Aren’t you going home?"
"No! Are you crazy? I'm not going into the city with Vigilance here! I'm staying here!" Emily yelled as she ran into the house.
"Okay then."
Matt walked inside and Emily was sitting on the couch, looking out the window.

"My dads in the basement don't disturb him he's doing something important."

"Turn on the TV, see if they're saying anything on the news."

Matt pressed the button to turn the TV on, it didn't work, and power was down.
"I'm calling Shawn again.” Matt said.

Emily quieted her nervous mouth and Matt pressed the phone to his ear. It rang and rang but no one answered. Then suddenly a spine chilling roar shook everything.
"Quake!" Emily said as she leaped up and dove under the near by table.

Matt stepped under a door frame until the shaking stopped.
There was nothing but still quiet around. No sound what so ever. Then gunshots and the sounds of planes flying over head shook Matt and Emily to their core. They were scared for their lives.

"What are we going to do?!" Emily yelled.
Just then Matt's father came up the squeaky steps from the basement.

"Uncle Miller! Vigilance is attacking!" Emily screamed.
"What?!" Mr. Miller yelled frantically.
"You two, get down stairs now! And don't touch anything! I’m going to get Shawn."

Matt and Emily stepped down the squeaky steps to the dark basement where only a few lights gave them any visibility to their surroundings.

"What do you think they want?" Matt asked.
"To kill us!"
"I doubt that."
"What are we going to do?!"
"You’re going to calm down."

Emily rolled her eyes and became silent.
Matt started looking through some things in a near by closet.

"What are you doing?! Your dads said don’t touch anything!" Emily yelled.
"Will you please just shut up?" Matt yelled.

Emily was quiet as she sat down on the floor, leaning up against the wall.
Matt continued to shuffle through the closet.

"Ah ha! I found it!" Matt said as he pulled an old radio out of the closet and placed it in the floor.
"A radio...what are you going to do with an old radio? It's ancient, I doubt it even works!"
"Guess we'll find out." Matt said as he plugged the radio into the wall outlet and the radio turned on with the sound of static rustling through the beat up speakers.

Matt began to turn the knob back and forth, trying to find a signal.

"Matt it’s broken, give it up, you'll never find a signal." Emily said pessimistically.
"I'm almost there." Matt said as he began to hear voices through the crackling static of the radio.

He turned the knob and he finally got a signal.
"It works!"
"Knew it would. Let’s see what they're saying about Vigilance."

The man on the radio began to speak.
"Ladies and gentlemen, as you may know, Vigilance ships arrived on our coasts and fighter jets in our skies. So far there has been no attack against us. We've been told that supreme leader of Kalhoun, Vilroy will make a speech tomorrow morning regarding these events. Until further notice, we ask that all citizens please stay in doors and stay tuned for more information." the voice cut off after that.

"Your dad better hurry back with Shawn."

An hour passed by and Matt and Emily remained in the basement, silent, until they herd the sound of the front door fly open and things being violently hit.
"Who is that?" Emily asked.
"I don't know."
"That boy is going to get it when he gets home!" the voice upstairs roared.
"It’s my dad." Matt said.

Matt and Emily ran upstairs and opened the door to see Mr. Miller picking up broken shards of glass.

"What happened?" Matt asked.
"I got mad and broke the vase on accident."
"You find Shawn?"
"No." Mr. Miller said.

The chaos ended and it was 1:49am, Emily was asleep in the guestroom and Mr. Miller was asleep in his room. Matt was sitting outside on the roof looking at the dark night sky, only illuminated by the faint distant stars and the two moons up above. The night was quiet; all to be heard was the sound of wind rustling through the trees, a peaceful serenity. Matt was almost asleep when gun shots ripped through the silence. Then headlights of two upcoming cars approaching the house. The car in front drove to the side of Matt’s house. Matt slowly crawled to the back of the house and inside from the back door. He quickly ran to the couch and looked out the window. The second car was parked outside the front of the house and two men stepped out of each side of the car. Matt saw the vigilance uniform they wore. They came to the door.

"Are you Shawn Miller?" one of the soldiers asked.
"No sir." Matt said.
"Is he here?"
Matt looked past the soldiers towards the Forrest where someone was running towards. The soldiers turned around and saw the person running.

"Fire!" one yelled. The second soldier fired his rifle and the person running collapsed holding his leg.
The soldier who gave the order to shoot turned to Matt and wished him goodnight and he shut the door. The two soldiers made their way towards the wounded person and picked him up and dragged him to the car. They threw him in and they drove away.
Matt walked outside after they were out of sight and he walked to where the first car was parked on the side of the house. The driver side door was open. Matt recognized the car. It was Shawn’s, the soldiers took Shawn.

It didn’t take long for the soldiers to race out of sight and back into the darkness of the night. Matt was in shock; He had no idea what to do. His brother was just shot and kidnapped by invading soldiers. He had no idea what to do.

“What do I do? Why did they take Shawn? Where did they take him?” Questions raced through Matt’s mind as the adrenaline was pulsing through his body.

He ran over to Shawn’s car; hoping that the keys were left in the ignition. No such luck. He rushed to the storage unit of the house and opened the large door. He quickly removed an old dusty tarp from over his father’s rev-cycle, a three wheeled vehicle with extreme speed and control. He ran to the desk and grabbed the keys and started the rev-cycle. He jumped on and quickly sped off, following the direction of the soldier’s truck.

“They went east, towards the forest.” Matt thought to himself as he turned unto the road and sped off. Blazing down the road at nearly 100 miles per hour, Matt could begin to faintly see the taillights of the truck, way off in the dense forest. He slowed down to avoid being seen by the soldiers and the risk of being shot at. Matt trailed them about five miles when the truck made a quick, sharp turn. When Matt turned onto the same road as the soldiers had, he couldn’t believe his eyes. A huge fortress like structure under construction was in the middle of the forest.

Surrounded by chain link fences layered by sharp razor wire. Armed guards surrounded the entrance to the stronghold. Matt could see three huge buildings at the center of the stronghold and soldiers by the hundreds all over the place.

He came to a screeching stop on the rev-cycle and parked it behind a bushel of large trees. Out of the sight of any of the guards he peered around the tree to watch the fascinating facility.

He saw the truck that took Shawn go behind the building on the right and he started slyly dashing through the forest, avoiding being seen. He reached a side of the facility where no guards would see him.

He looked up at the fence, examining the intimidating razor wire atop the fence. He slowly made his way up the fence and carefully maneuvering over the fence, avoiding the razor wire cutting him up. He failed to avoid all of the razors; he had a minimal number of cuts across his arms, legs, and torso, but without significant blood loss, he made it to his feet on the inside of the stronghold.

With soldiers patrolling all over the place, Matt quickly ran to the building on the right, where the truck drove behind. All of the building looked exactly the same but this building had more windows and was slightly taller.

Matt quickly peeked into many windows. Many were empty and others had people sleeping in hospital beds. It was a hospital. Matt checked a window near the back of the building to see two doctors forcefully laying down a man on a bed and strapping him down with restraints. The man squirmed and squirmed but he couldn’t free himself. He turned his head to the window, it was Shawn. Matt and Shawn made eye contact and one of the doctors pulled out a needle filled with a red liquid. The doctor jammed the needle into Shawn’s temple of his skull and he fell unconscious.

“No!” Matt screamed as he smashed his fists on the window.

One doctor pulled out a handgun and fired at Matt. Matt ducked and the window shattered. Matt ran towards the fence where he climbed into the stronghold. Soldiers firing guns at him as he sprinted as fast as he could towards the fence. A blaring alarm echoed through the forest and red glowing lights flashed all over the stronghold.

Matt quickly made his way over the fence, not caring about the sharp razor wire. He dodged most bullets as he ran through the trees, but one penetrated his leg and he collapsed to the ground, but he shot back up to his feet and ran back to the rev-cycle. He started the vehicle and quickly sped away. Getting home as fast as he could, he didn’t notice the amount of blood he was losing.

By the time he made it back home and put the rev-cycle back in the storage unit, he had lost so much blood that when he walked into the house he collapsed, unconscious. Emily, who was sitting in the living room reading a book ran to Matt’s aid and helped his limp body into the car and drove him to Verosha General Hospital.

Matt was coming in and out of conscious, not understanding anything Emily was saying.

“Shawn…Vigilance…kidnapped…” was all Matt could mutter before he fell back unconscious.

Matt regained consciousness, lying in the hospital, dazed, confused, and sore.

“What happened?” Matt asked.
“We don’t know, you walked in the house late last night, bloody from all the lacerations. You fainted as you walked in the door.” Emily answered.
“Shawn, they took Shawn.” Matt slurred.

“Who’s Shawn?”
“Shawn! My brother! Vigilance kidnapped him!”
“Matt, you don’t have a brother, you’re an only child.”

“What are you talking about?!”

The nurse walked into the room from all of the commotion.
“What’s going on?”

“He’s talking about some imaginary brother.” Emily answered.
“He’s on morphine, probably just high out of his mind.”

“I feel fine! I know I have a brother! Vigilance took Shawn!” Matt yelled at the top of his lungs.
“Mr. Miller, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” The nurse said.

“Okay. Probably a good thing, he seems to need rest.”
“Let’s go Em, bye Matt.”

Mr. Miller and Emily walked out of the room and headed home. The nurse grabbed a needle and filled it with medicine.

“Don’t talk about Vigilance!” The nurse whispered angrily as she stabbed Matt in the thigh with the piercing needle.

Matt immediately fell unconscious after the red serum was injected into him. The powerful narcotic kept him unconscious for longer then six hours.

"You're not the same nurse I had earlier." Matt said dazedly to the nurse looking over his charts by his bed.

"Sure I am I've been here all day; the morphine must have given you a weird dream." the nurse said.
"I guess, where's my dad?"

"He just left; he said he'll be back tomorrow."

Matt fell asleep and awoke the next morning to see his dad, Emily, and Bryton in his hospital room.

"Hey! He's awake!" Emily said loudly.
"Morning son."
"What happened to you? You look terrible!" Bryton said.
"Chased vigilance soldiers, they took Shawn."
"This again? What are they giving you to make you have such weird dreams?" Mr. Miller asked.

The nurse from last night came into the room.
"Hey, how you feeling?" she asked.
"Still delusional." Emily answered.
"Still talking about some brother he doesn't have." Mr. Miller said.
"Dad! How could you forget your own son?!"
"I didn't, he's right in front of me lying in a hospital bed."
"Seriously Matt, who's Shawn?" Bryton asked.
"Just forget it." Matt said angrily.
"That stuff must give you weird dreams." Mr. Miller said pointing to the IV bag containing the morphine.
"yeah, it can sometimes." the nurse said.
"How did I get all these cuts if it was just a dream?"
"Rev-cycle crash, you were racing someone." the nurse answered.
"And the gun shot?"
"It’s not a gunshot; part of the cycle broke off in the crash and impaled your leg."

Matt sighed; they seemed to have a reason for everything.
"Was it really a dream? Why was it so vivid? Why do I remember having a brother my whole life but now no one remembers him?" Matt asked himself in his head. Mr. Miller, Emily, and Bryton left the hospital soon after and Matt fell asleep.

Matt went home the next morning and went to sleep on the couch. He slept throughout the whole day and woke up and the whole house was pitch black. He looked at a clock; it was 1:14 am. He rose to his feet and stumbled a bit and fell to the cold hard floor. He got up again and looked out the window. He was trying to remember his so called dream about Shawn and his injuries. He knew it wasn't a dream, but why couldn't anyone remember Shawn?

"Was it really a dream?" matt thought to himself.

He remembered chasing the soldiers, getting into the stronghold, seeing Shawn and the doctors, escaping the stronghold, getting home, it was all so vivid, it couldn't have been a dream. Matt looked outside into the black emptiness then ran outside quickly.

He ran to the side of the house where Shawn had parked his car. He opened the door and rustled through things, trying to find something that would prove Shawn existed. He failed to find anything that’d help him. So he went back inside and went to bed.
“If it wasn’t a dream, then why did the nurse make up an accident? And who was the first nurse I saw? Was she just a dream?” Matt thought.

The next morning Matt called the hospital hoping to find out more as to why the nurse made up his accident.
“I didn’t make it up Matt; the doctor assistant told me the story while you were asleep the first night you were here.” The nurse said.
“You told me you were the only nurse I had.”
“I was, she was the doctor’s assistant.”
“Okay, can I talk to a hospital administrator?”
“Sure it’ll be a few minutes before they can get to you, let me put you on hold.”
“Okay.” Matt said. After about fifteen minutes an administrator answered the phone.

“Hello, Verosha General Hospital Administrations Office how can I help you?” The man said.
“Hey my name is Matt Miller I was recently admitted to your hospital and I had a few questions for you.” Matt said.
“I’ll answer what I can for you. What are your questions?”

“My doctor is Dr. Willgood, but I was wondering what his assistant’s name was, my nurse told me his assistant was in my room.”
“Dr. Willgood? He hasn’t had an assistant in twenty years. Are you sure there was an assistant working with him?”

“The nurse said there was, this assistant told my nurse the story of my accident that was misunderstood completely.”
“Dr. Willgood just walked in, I’ll ask him.”

Matt could faintly hear the conversation from the other line then the Man got back on the phone.

“Matt are you still there?”

“Dr. Willgood said there wasn’t anyone working with him when you first came in, however he did see a woman in a nurse gown that wasn’t an employee. But he has no idea who she was or if she came to your room.”
“Okay thank you for your time.” Matt said before hanging up the phone.

The next day Matt woke to have Emily cooking breakfast in the kitchen. He knew it was her because there was too much smoke for his dad to be cooking.
“Yum, burnt breakfast.” He said humorously as he walked into the kitchen.
“I don’t see you making it, so don’t complain.” Emily said.
“Calm down, I was only kidding.”
“I know, what do you want?”
“Just eggs and sausage is fine.”
“Okay, comin right up.”
“When are you going home?” Matt asked as Mr. Miller walked into the kitchen.
“Matt, I need to talk to you outside real quick, and then you can eat.” Mr. Miller said.
“Okay.” Matt said as he got up from his seat at the table and walked out the backdoor followed closely by Mr. Miller.

“Matt, sit down.”
“What’s up?”
“Please, whatever you do, don’t tell Emily...”
“Is everything okay?”

“Not really.”
“Well, what’s going on?”

“Emily’s Mom had to get out of the country.”
“What for?”

“She has been getting threatening letters.”
“Where did she go?”

“She just told me she’ll be okay and to take care of Emily.”
“So Emily is staying here? For how long?”

“I don’t know, as long as needed.”

Emily peeked her head out the sliding glass door.
“Breakfast is in the table.” She said then walked back inside.

“Matt, don’t say anything to anyone, go along with what I say.” Mr. Miller said.

The two walked inside and into the kitchen and sat down in chairs around the table and began to eat.

“This is great Emily, thank you.” Mr. Miller said after swallowing a bite of sausage.
“Thank you and you’re welcome.” She said with a smile.

The three continued to eat until everyone was finished. Matt started taking things from the table to the sink and began washing them.

“So, Emily, I talked to your mother this morning.” Mr. Miller said.
“Does she want me to come home?” Emily asked.

“Not exactly. How would you like to spend the summer here with us?” Mr. Miller asked.
“That’s very nice, but I’d like to get home.”

“Well, your mother wants you here; she had to leave for a few weeks.”
“What for?” Emily asked nervously.

Matt turned with interest in the conversation.
“Well, she would only tell me she had an emergency and she had to leave as soon as possible.”

“What kind of emergency?”
“Wouldn’t tell me.”

“That figures, she’s just like my father.” Emily said angrily.
“Don’t say that, your father abandoned you and your mother because he was an irresponsible and classless.”

“Well he is your brother.”
“Maybe by blood, but I do not consider him my brother.”

“When was the last time you saw him dad?” Matt asked.
“A few days before Carly told me she was pregnant with Emily, and that he ran away.” Mr. Miller said angrily.

“I hope he’s dead.” Emily said fiercely.
“Brutal much?”

“It’s the truth.”
“It’s not all his fault, our father ran out on us too.” Mr. Miller said.

“Thanks dad.”
“For what?” Mr. Miller asked.

“For not leaving me and Shawn.”
“This again?!”

“Em, easy.” Mr. Miller said.
“This is so weird!” Emily yelled.

“I know.” Mr. Miller said.
“Why don’t you guys believe me?!” Matt yelled.

“Matt, you don’t have a brother, if you did there would be some sort of proof he existed.”

“There is! Come on!” Matt yelled as he ran out the front door and to the side of the house where Shawn’s car was parked.

“See! That’s his car!”
“Matt that’s my car from when I was a kid.”
“I know then you gave it to Shawn!”
“Matt, Shawn isn’t real.” Emily said.

Matt got angry and gave up and walked back inside and sat down on the living room couch. Mr. Miller and Emily followed him.
“Emily, I’m sorry about your mom.” Matt said as she walked back into the house.

“Oh well”
“Emily, just because your mom had to leave and your father ran away before you were born, doesn’t mean you don’t have family.” Mr. Miller said.

“Thanks.” Emily said with a smile as she hugged Mr. Miller.
“You know, I’ve always treated you like my daughter, because I know you never had a father.”

“You’ve always been my father figure, I love you Uncle Movoro.”
“You’re more then welcome darling.”

“This is heartwarming and all but how about you do something about your son.”
“What do you want Matt?”

“Um, my brother? Call the police or something!” Matt yelled.

“If that will end this non-sense.” Mr. Miller said as he picked up the phone and called the police. He was on the phone for over thirty minutes in his bedroom when he finally hung up and walked back into the living room.

“What did they say?” Emily asked.
“Well first, no one in the entire station had any idea who he was.” Mr. Miller said.

“That’s surprising.” Matt said sarcastically.
“Well, then they said that if he was twenty-three, he couldn’t be listed as a runaway because he’s an adult, and that there was nothing they could do to search for a missing person that doesn’t’ exist.” Mr. Miller said.

Matt angrily hit the table.
“Why can’t anyone remember him?!” He yelled.

“Matt, calm down.” Emily said.
Matt hung his head and took deep breathes then rose to his feet and walked out the back door.

“Where’s he going?” Emily asked.
“Just to get some fresh air, he’ll be fine.” Mr. Miller said.

“How bout’ we go get you some stuff for your room?”

“Let me just call Matt and tell him and we’ll go.”

Matt answered his ringing cell phone.

“I’m taking Emily to the store, the backdoor will be unlocked.”

“Whatever.” Matt said angrily.
“Matt, if you did have a brother, then why hasn’t he come home, and why is there no evidence?”

“He was kidnapped, he didn’t run away. Vigilance probably destroyed it all! ”
“Okay, you said you followed his kidnappers?”


“Into the forest.”
“The forest? Why would they go into the forest? It’s full of dangerous animals and plants.”

“They took him to a fortress like building.”
“Matt, there is no fortress in the forest; there is no Shawn, so drop it.” Mr. Miller said before he hung up the phone.

Matt was irate that no one would believe him about Shawn. He couldn’t know what reality was and what was a dream anymore, he knew Shawn existed but didn’t understand why no one would believe it or why no one remembered him.

“How was everyone’s memory wiped but mine?” Matt thought to himself as he was walking towards the school to be alone.

There was a river behind the school that was a popular hangout spot for students during lunch and after school. Matt had to cross the foamy white river to get to the school or walk a mile to get to the bridge. He decided to just swim across, after throwing all of his valuables across to avoid any water damage. He made it to the other side of the river and took off his soaking wet shirt.

“Lookin’ good Mattie boy!” A voice said from above Matt.
“What are you doing in that tree moron?” Matt said.

“Just enjoying the view, you can see the ocean from up there.” Bryton said as he climbed down the tall oak tree.
“What are you doing here?” He added.
“Needed to get out of the house, dad and Em were driving me nuts.”

“I see.”
“Why are you out here by yourself?”

“I like being alone sometimes, just enjoying the peaceful serenity.”
“Since when? You’re always with people.”

“Not really, only at school, at the beach, or in town, other then that I’m alone all the time. Remember, I do live alone most of the time.” Bryton said.
“Yeah, I know, I think that’s really irresponsible of your parents by the way, you’re only seventeen, you can’t live by yourself.”

“They never leave me alone for longer then five days, at a time I can handle myself for that long. I like having the house to myself.”
“Knowing you I’m surprised you don’t throw parties.”

“After the one last year, I’m never doing that again.”
“What party last year?” Matt asked.

“The one when half the people there got in fist fights and a bunch of people got sent to the hospital. Remember?”
“Oh yeah, I remember that now.”

“Yeah, that’s why I don’t throw parties anymore, even though people keep telling me I should.”
“Well I know you have Amy and I there all the time.”

“You two are the only ones ever at my house.”

“Does Amy ever stay the night? And I’m not implying anything I’m just asking.”

“She has a few times, but nothing like that has happened, you know I don’t I believe in that before marriage.”
“I know, we all do.” Matt said with a chuckle.

“Even though the three of us haven’t been to church in five years.” Bryton said humorously.
“It’s just really boring, I don’t see the point.”

“Hey, do you want to get the guys here to play some Veerball?”
“That sounds good start callin.” Matt said as he picked up his phone off the ground.

He dialed his team mate’s numbers and one by one they arrived at the school.

"This was sudden." mike the Assistant Captain said.
"We gotta get ready for next year, we can't fail to make the finals three years in a row, and this is our year." Bryton said enthusiastically.

A roar of cheers bellowed from the pumped up boys on the field.

"Bryton, this is why you always do the pregame talks." mike said.

Bryton laughed and grabbed 4 balls they kept in a bush for practice.
"Let’s split to teams of 4." matt said.

The boys shuffled around like chickens with their heads chopped off.

"You lady's can't even get into teams?!" A loud voice yelled from the otherwise of the field.

"Nathan!" a boy yelled.
Nathan was a defender on the team and he was huge. He was the strongest high school student in Verosha. He was aggressive and feared by all opposing teams.

"Let’s make this simple, Bryton, Matt, Rainwater, and I will captain, takes turns picking teams Matt starts.

Rainwater was the freshman attacker, he was skilled but because of his freshman status he got the nickname rain water because he had a habit of sweating a lot.

The teams were picked and they all ran to the field simultaneously.

The game kicked off and the team’s scrimmage ended after the time limit was reached. They all huddled in the middle of the field.

“Rainwater, you need to keep your head up and pass sooner, I get open runs and you’re not seeing the lanes open quickly enough.” Matt said.
“Alright, I’ll do that.”
“Bryton, you are getting really good in goal, keep it up!” Nathan said.
“Thanks bro.”

“Hey guys, my parents are out of town, want to chill at my place? Maybe invite the girls?” Bryton added with a playful tone.

A bunch of the guys started laughing and randomly uttered “yes.” One by one.

“Yeah, sounds good, maybe we’ll get Matt a lady friend of his own!” Nathan said humoursly. The rest of the time laughed as Matt embarrassingly blushed and playfully punched Nathan in the shoulder.

“Alright, alright, guys, I have no food or drinks at my house, so everyone bring stuff, we’ll have a pot-luck.”
“What do you want us to bring?” someone asked from the crowd.

“Anything that tastes good!” Bryton said.

The huddled team all laughed and started walking in scattered directions, making their way home.

“8’o Clock!” Bryton yelled across the field.
“Ok!” was the answer from everyone.
“Dude, care if I just crash at your place tonight?” Matt asked Bryton as the two walked towards the road heading towards Bryton’s house.

“Fine by me, Amy’s stayin too, you care?”
“That’s cool, as long as I don’t end up sleepin on the floor!”

“No worries, I have a nice box you can sleep in!” Bryton responded with a laugh.
“Oh nice! So comfortable! But I think I’ll settle for the sofa.”

“Fine by me!”

Matt and Bryton got back to Bryton’s house.

“Dude, you got any soda?” Matt asked as he sat down in a recliner.
“Yeah, cola or cream?” Bryton asked from the kitchen.

“Cola.” Matt answered.
Bryton came into the living room and tossed the can to Matt and plopped down on the other recliner next to Matt.

“I love these chairs, I might just steal one.” Matt said humoursly.
“Yeah, they’re nice, I spend a lot of time right here, and this chair and my butt are good friends.” Bryton said.

Matt let out a laugh and snapped open the can of soda and took a sip.
“There any games on today?” Bryton asked turning on the TV.

“Maybe, I think there might be some Veerball on channel 534, check.”
“Whatya know, it’s a playoff game.” Bryton said turning the TV to the game.

“Sweet it just started.”
“Who’s all playing?” Bryton asked.

“Looks like, Remtol, Hulver, Julk, and Frena.
“I knew it was Hulver, they’re the best team in the world.” Bryton said arrogantly, showing he’s a Hulver fan.

“Well they just scored.” Matt said pointing to the TV.
“Awesome shot!” Bryton yelled, showing his excitement towards the reply of the goal.

Matt and Bryton watched the game and soon fell asleep in the recliners and were woken by Amy jumping onto Bryton’s lap.

“Ow!” Bryton yelled.
“Hi!” Amy said sweetly.

“Hey Amy.”

“How did you get in here?”
“Well, there is a door knob, I turned it, knowing you never lock it, I walked in and jumped on you. Any other questions?” Amy said sarcastically.

Matt laughed at Amy’s answer and rose to his feet and walked into the bathroom.

“All you do is sleep and eat.” Amy said to Bryton who grabbed chips out of the bag that was on the floor and put them in his mouth.
“That’s not true.” Bryton said with his mouth full of food.

“That’s attractive.” Amy said sarcastically.
“I know.” Bryton said with a smile as he pulled Amy closer to him.

Matt walked out of the bathroom and saw the two kissing on the chair.

“Can I get you two anything? Maybe some more food? A drink? A condom?” Matt said as he sat back down in his chair.
“Sorry Matt.” Amy said.

“It’s fine.”
“Amy, we’re havin a party tonight, you comin? I know your parents are gone so you can just stay here tonight.” Bryton said as he pulled Amy closer once again.

“Cool! Okay!” Amy said energetically and with a huge smile on her face.
“Call your friends and invite them.” Bryton said.

“I will right now!” Amy said as she shot up and ran to the backyard and immediately started calling.

“Let’s not give her any sugar. She doesn’t need more energy.” Bryton said.
Matt laughed. “You love her hyper-ness though.” Matt said.

“This is true.” Bryton said turning off the TV and rising to his feet.
“I’m going to go clean up.” Bryton said.

“Alright, I’m going to go to the store and get some things, throw me your keys.” Matt said.

Bryton threw the keys from the table by the door to Matt, try not to destroy her, she just got a new paintjob.” Bryton said.
“Your car is safe with me.”

“Good, cause I’d have to kill you if you hurt her.” Bryton said with a laugh as he walked in the bathroom.

Matt walked out the back door.
“Amy, wanna run to the store with me?”

“I hate running!”
“I have Bryton’s car.” Matt said showing her the keys.

“Oh! Okay!” Amy said happily.
“You are so blonde.”


Matt and Amy got in Bryton’s car and drove towards the store.

“So what are we getting?” Amy asked.

“At a grocery store? Really, I didn’t know they had food here!” Amy said sarcastically.
“Oh it’s new, just put it in last weekend.”

Amy laughed and got out of the car and ran towards the store with Matt walking slowly behind her.

Amy grabbed a cart and started going down the aisles, putting random food in the cart.

“Sure, let’s just buy the whole store.” Matt said annoyingly.

“Sorry!” Amy said putting stuff back on the shelves.
“No, get what you want, I was only kidding.”

Matt and Amy finished shopping and drove back to Bryton’s house to find him outside mowing the backyard.

“Whatcha doin!” Amy yelled.
Bryton turned off the lawn Mower and said. “Mowing, you went with Matt?”

“Yup, I’m gonna go help him then I’ll start cleaning inside.”
“Alright, I’m mowing then I’m gonna need both of your help.”

“Okay!” Amy said then ran inside to help Matt put groceries away and Bryton resumed mowing the lawn.

“Bryton wants our help outside when he’s done with the yard.” Amy said.
“With what?”

“I don’t know. He didn’t say.”

The lawn mower turned off and Matt and Amy heard a whistle come from the backyard.

“Why does he whistle when he needs something?”
“Not sure, just a habit of his.”

They walked outside to see Bryton carrying out a huge piece of flat, polished wood from the garage.

“What is that?” Amy asked.
“You’ll see, go get the rest of these out of the garage.”

Matt and Amy walked into the garage to see a bunch of the pieces of wood stacked up in three piles.

“How many are there?!” Amy yelled.
“One hundred, they’re not that heavy.”

“This is gonna take forever!”
“It won’t take long.”


After about a half hour all of the boards were stacked in the backyard.

“Alright, now all we have to do is lay them out in a ten by ten grid.”
“What is this thing?”

“It’s a floor, thought maybe people wanted to dance or something, better then everyone crammed into my house, this way people have something to do.”
“Good idea!” Amy yelled with excitement!

“I think I’ll pass.”
“Why won’t you dance?!” Amy yelled.

“I can’t dance.” Matt said.
“That’s okay, you’ll do fine.”

“Besides, I have a surprise for you!”
“I told you already, I’m not interested in your friend.”

“Come on, just dance with her!”
“Fine, one dance, that’s it.”

“Yay! She’ll be so happy!” Amy yelled as she picked up the boards and started laying them out on the grass and connecting them.

The three finished setting up the floor and went back inside and started getting everything ready for that night.

Matt was lying on the couch in Bryton’s living room, watching the TV, before he fell asleep. He was awoken by Bryton yelling at him to get up.

“What time is it?” he asked, sitting up.
“Quarter to eight, party is starting soon; people will be here any minute so go get the food ready.”

“Okay.” Matt said rising to his feet and walking into the kitchen. Getting all the food laid out across the countertops and drinks to go with them. Right before he was finished someone lifted Matt in the air and started carrying him to the living room and proceeded to slam him to the floor.

“Geez Nathan, hello to you to!” Matt said, grabbing Nathans hand for assistance to rise to his feet.
“Oh come on, I had to!” Nathan said as he slapped Matt on the back.

“Well now you have to go outside and turn on all the lights.” Matt said, pointing to the backdoor.
Nathan let out a groan and headed to the door and one by one the lights in the backyard started illuminating the yard with a bright yellow glow.

More and more people started coming into the house and some into the backyard. Matt turned on the stereo and Bryton came out of his room with Amy and they went outside and started dancing.

Matt made his way to the kitchen and grabbed a drink and stood against the refrigerator.

“Looks like you’re havin fun!” Rainwater said, entering the kitchen.
“I don’t feel like dancing, I’m just gonna go sit in the living room and relax.” Matt said, grabbing a bag of chips and heading into the living room.

Rainwater followed close behind him and sat down next to Matt on the couch.
“What’s wrong man? You seem down.”

“Long story.”
“Tell me.”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I did.” Matt said, before drinking a large gulp of soda.
“Okay?” Rainwater said confused before he left and went to another room.

Matt got annoyed with the people being so loud so he took his stuff and went downstairs and turned on the TV and sat down in a recliner.

Matt was down there for a few hours and before he knew it all the noise from upstairs soon stopped and he knew people started going home. He could hear someone yelling “Matt!” from upstairs so he got up and made his way up the stairs.

“There you are!” Amy said.
“Here I am.”

“Why were you downstairs?!”
“Headache.” Matt lied.

“Awwww! I’m sorry!” Amy said then hugged Matt.
“Bro, where you been?” Bryton asked as he walked in from the backyard.

“He had a headache.”

“Want me to drive you home?”
“No, I’m still stayin here aren’t I?”

“If you want.”
“Well I want.” Matt said as he laid on the couch.

“Well we’re gonna clean up the kitchen then go to bed; we’ll clean up outside tomorrow.” Bryton said.

Bryton and Amy headed to the kitchen and started cleaning up when it suddenly went silent. Matt got up and walked to the kitchen to see Amy and Bryton making out on the counter. Matt quietly opened the refrigerator and grabbed a soda and shut the door. Amy and Bryton were startled and Amy hopped off the counter. Matt just laughed and headed back to the living room and turned on the TV and laid back down and soon fell asleep.

A few hours passed and Matt woke up and looked at the clock to see it was 2:46 am. He couldn’t get back to sleep so he decided to go for a walk outside. He walked so far into town that it was quicker to just go home then go back to Bryton’s so he headed home.

Matt walked through the dark, foggy road; only illuminated by the glow of the moon above him. The road was silent, for a moment Matt stopped to look up at the moon. He looked back down the street to see a faint, dim light in the far distance. His house was only about a mile away so he kept walking. He was getting closer to his house and the faint light which seemed to be getting closer to him really quickly. He saw headlights, six of them. Three trucks were driving slowly down the road towards him. He was in sight of his house when the trucks stopped in front of him and half a dozen soldiers exited the trucks, approaching him.

“Sorry son, the road is closed.” One of the soldiers said as others began pulling barricades out of the back of the trucks and laying them across the road to block it.
“I live right there, can I just go home?”

“Road is closed.” The soldier repeated.

Footsteps of someone running came up from behind Matt.

“Bryton? What are you doin out here?”
“You left; I wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“I’m fine, but this idiot won’t let me go home.”
“Road is closed.” The soldier said again in monotone.

“Hey! Dumbass! Let him pass!” Bryton demanded.
“Road is closed.”

Bryton punched the soldier, knocking him flat on his back. The other five soldiers rushed towards Bryton. Bryton struggled free of their grips, punching and kicking to avoid their restraint attempts. Bryton was hit in the back of the head with a rifle and fell to the cold hard concrete below him. A soldier picked up Bryton and started carrying him towards the trucks when Matt rushed to his friend’s aide but fell victim to a clothesline from one of the soldiers who the strapped Matt’s wrists to one of the barricades then hit him in the head with the rifle, leaving Matt unconscious, bloody from the blow of the rifle, and strapped to the barricade, laying on the cold cement. The last thing he saw before he completely lost all consciousness was the trucks driving away into the distant forest.

Matt laid on the cement for hours, the bleeding of Matt’s head stopped as he slowly regained consciousness he could hear a girl yelling, he couldn’t make out what she was saying or even if it was real but it grew louder and louder. He then saw a girl coming towards him from down the road.

“Matt! Bryton!” she yelled.
“Amy...Amy…Amy” Matt said louder and louder, trying to get her attention. She saw him and ran towards him and untied his hands from the barricade and helped him sit up.

“Bryton…They took…Bryton…” Matt said slowly.
“Who did?”

“Vigilance? Why did they take him?”

“Punched a soldier.”

“I don’t know.” Matt said as he faded back unconscious.

Amy lifted Matt to his feet and struggled helping him to his house. She opened the door and laid Matt on the couch. Amy grabbed a wet rag from the kitchen and began to clean up Matt’s bloody head. She wrapped it in a bandage and sat down in the chair next to him and turned on the TV.

Mr. Miller came out of the hallway and into the living room to see Matt asleep on the couch and Amy in the chair.

“Hi Mr. Miller, can I talk to you in the kitchen?” Amy asked, rising to her feet and walking towards the kitchen.

“Sorry about being here so early, Matt and Bryton were attacked last night and I found Matt strapped to that wood thing down the street.” Amy said pointing out the window at the barricade down the road.

“Attacked? Who’s Bryton?”
“Matt’s head was all bloody and he has a big cut and bump on his head. Who’s Bryton? Our best friend, my boyfriend? You’ve known him forever.”
“I’m too tired to talk right now Amy,
thanks for bringing him home. You’re welcome to stay if you want.”

“Thanks!” Amy said energetically.

A couple hours later Matt woke up to see Amy asleep in the chair next to him so he kicked her and she jumped up and fell onto the floor. Matt let out a big laugh then groaned in pain, grabbing his head.

“Be careful, your head has a huge bump on it.” She added.

“I can feel that.” Matt said, rubbing his head.
“What time is it?” He asked..

“4:32” Amy said, looking at her watch.
“Geez. I’m hungry.” Matt said.

“Sandwich!” Amy yelled amusingly as she grabbed a half eaten sandwich off the plate on the table next to the chair and threw at it him.

“Why, thank you.” Matt said with a laugh.

Matt ate the sandwich and sat on the couch and talked to Amy for a few hours about Bryton and the Vigilance soldiers.

“I think they took him into the forest, where they took Shawn, to that prison place.” Matt said.
“Matt, who’s this Shawn person

Matt got annoyed and then got a look on his face as though he got an idea, he shot up and ran to his room and started shuffling through things in his closet.

“Looking for something?”
“This!” Matt said, pulling out a wooden box covered in dust.

“What is that?”
“It was my mother’s.” Matt said, opening the box and pulling out pictures and handing them to Amy.

“Hey it’s us!” She said, looking at the picture.
“Who’s the guy sticking his tongue out at me?”

“That’s Shawn.” Matt explained.
“He’s in all of these. You, Bryton, Me, and Him.”

“We’ve all been friends since we were really little. But now no one remembers Shawn.” Matt explained.
“He does look like you.”

“That’s because he’s my brother.”
“Maybe you’re right. But why can’t anyone remember him?”

“I have no idea.”
“Can you walk me home?” Amy asked.


The two walked towards Amy’s house and asked someone walking on the sidewalk if they knew who Bryton Carmichael was.

“No, sorry.” They said.
“Okay, thanks.” Amy said.

“Wait, wasn’t that Connor?” Matt asked.
“Bryton’s neighbor? Yeah it was.” Amy said.

“So no one remembers Bryton either? Perfect.”

“This is so weird!”

They got to Amy’s house and a thundering roar came from the sky. Matt and Amy looked up towards the ocean sky and saw Hundreds of planes flying towards Verosha.

“It looks like a black cloud!”
“This is not good; Get inside now!” Matt yelled as he nudged Amy toward the door and follow her close behind. The two looked out the window to see all of the planes circling the skies.

The roar of the black planes circling the sky was on going for hours.

“When are they gonna stop?” Amy asked.
“What are they even doing?”

The two just stared out the window at the planes flying around.

“Turn on the TV, see if the news is saying anything.”
“Good idea.” Amy said, grabbing the remote and trying to turn the TV on.

“It won’t turn on, the power is out.”
“That’s weird.”

After and hour or so the power came on and Vilroy’s Face appeared on the TV.

“Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children of Verosha, Our countries have remained allies since before this was has begun. You have provided us with great resources and good that we greatly appreciate. We ask for your compliance in the creation of a base station here, in your Montolo forest for our army. In exchange we offer and guarantee each and every one of your safety. Refuse and our alliance will be cut short. We also ask your ties with Kilmona end now. Their betrayal to our republic will cost them. They will fall. We greatly appreciate your cooperation with this project. If anyone would like to assist us in our ambitions, you will be taken care of. We thank you! Long rein Vigilance!” Vilroy yelled through the microphone placed on a podium.

“Oh no.”

“Amy, where are your parents?”
“I was just wondering the same thing.”

The two looked all over the house and back yard and couldn’t find them. While walking back inside from the back yard, Amy froze dead in her tracks with a blank, worried look on her face.

“What’s wrong?”
“I know where they are!”

“Why is that bad?”
“They went out on the boat down on Oak’s peninsula!” she yelled as she began to cry.

“They’ll be okay.”

“How are we going to get Bryton back?” Amy asked with a whisper as she sat down on the couch and buried her face into her hands and started sobbing.
“I don’t know.”

“If he’s in that prison place in the woods you mentioned, let’s go break him out.” Amy said through the tears.
“You want to break into a prison to break someone out? Are you out of your mind?”

“Well we have to do something!” Amy beckoned.
“We’ll think of something.”

“It’s getting late, you should head home.”
“Okay, I’ll talk to you later.”

“Bye.” Matt said as he walked out the front door.

Matt made his way home, keeping an eye on the planes overhead. There were so many planes it looked like they darkened the sky like nightfall. Matt got home shortly after leaving Amy’s and he went to his room and fell asleep on his bed.

Hours passed and Matt was awoken by the slamming of car doors from outside. He peeked out his bedroom window and saw trucks outside his house, just like the ones from last night. Soon Vigilance soldiers exited the trucks and two of them headed towards the front door. The pounding of the knocking shook the whole house; Matt didn’t want to leave his room. He could hear the front door open so he pressed his head against the wall to listen to what was going on.

“Are you Movoro Miller?” The soldier asked.
“Yes, what do you want!?”

“We’re looking for Matt Miller. Is he here?”

Mr. Miller tried slamming the door in the face of the soldiers but one of them put their foot between the door and the frame and made his way into the house.

Matt panicked and grabbed his switch blade out of his bedside table and slid it into his sock and hid under the blankets on his bed.

A gunshot cut through the air and a scream bellowed from Mr. Miller as he fell to the floor grabbing his leg in pain. The soldier had shot him in the thigh and the two soldiers made their way down the hall and kicked in doors until they found Matt in his bed and they grabbed him and carried the squirming Matt outside.

“Let my son go!” Mr. Miller roared as he crawled his way to a cabinet and opened it to grab a pistol.

The soldier bound Matt’s wrists and ankles together and blindfolded him and threw him into the back of one of the trucks. Cries for help beckoned from the truck as Matt landed on other people in the back of the truck.

“Ow!” someone cried as Matt landed on him.
The clicking of the locks on the back of the truck frightened those captured inside. The soldiers made their way into the trucks. Mr. Miller, with adrenaline pulsing through him, opened fire on the truck, trying to flatten the tires, and being careful enough to not hit the back where Matt was held.

The clip emptied and the trucks remained undamaged and drove into the forest and out of sight. Mr. Miller collapsed in pain and sadness. Emily rushed outside to her uncle’s aide. She helped him into her car and drove him to the hospital.

The back of the truck was surrounded by wood panels; surrounded by a steel, chain link cage surrounding the bed of the truck. Matt leaned up against an empty area of the truck against the wood surrounding which was splintered and rough.

“Does anyone know where we’re going?” A boy’s voice asked.
“No” was said numerous times throughout the back of the truck. Matt knew where they were headed, but kept to himself.

The truck came to a stop and the sound of the truck doors opening cause chaos in the back of the three trucks.

The yells and cries to be let free from those capture and held in the backs of the trucks, filled the air.

The sound of gunshots broke the chaos and everyone was silent. They could hear the sound of the soldiers dragging someone out and them screaming and struggling to free themselves from the soldiers grip.

The back of the truck that Matt was in opened and the boy was throw in and landed on Matt’s legs. Then someone jumped out of the back, avoiding the clutches of the soldiers. Matt could hear the sound of the running footsteps.

“Stop!” a soldier yelled then a gunshot was fired, the footsteps stopped and a cry of pain came from the escapee. The guards seized their injured prisoner and tossed him back in the truck. The gates closed and locked and the soldiers entered the front of the truck and all three trucks continued driving.

“Where did they hit you?” A female voice next to Matt asked the injured boy.
“My leg!” he screamed.

“Shh quiet, take off your shirt and wrap it around your leg, to stop the bleeding.”
“Okay.” The boy said then proceeded to nurse his injured leg.

The truck came to a screeching stop and the captured people began to panic again. The truck slowly made its way then stopped again and the soldiers exited the truck once more.

The gates were opened and Matt could hear someone trying to run out, then an impact and grown.

“Would anyone else like to try to escape? I’ll punch and shoot anyone trying to.”
“Now, one by one you’ll be taken out of the truck and placed into two lines, boy and girl. Got it?” The soldier asked.

The prisoners were silent. The first person was grabbed from the truck and throw to the ground.
“Get him up!” The soldier yelled to the other soldiers.
Slowly, people were being thrown from the truck. Matt was shaking with freight.

“Hi, I’m Brooklyn.” The girl next to him said.

“Where are we?”
“Seems like a prison, guess we’ll see when we get out of this truck and have these blindfolds taken off of us.”

“I’m scared.”
“This can’t be good, I’m scared too.”

“I…” Brooklyn said before she was pulled out by the guards.

Matt was grabbed seconds later and thrown to the ground; he rose to his feet and was pulled to the line of boys.

Now, each of you will go to the barracks and get your uniforms and rooms, you’ll get your job in the morning.

Brooklyn hesitantly followed the line of girls lead to one of the many large buildings. The feel in the air was hostile and tense. Brooklyn walked into the barracks following the numerous numbers of girls ahead of her.

“Up against the wall!” the guard yelled then proceeded out the door, leaving the girls alone in the smelly and dimly lit room. Whispers and crying filled the room until the slam of a door silenced the room and a large, tall, ugly woman approached came from the long hallway across from the wall. The girls stared in fear at the hideous woman approaching them. She stood in front of the girl closest to the door and pulled her close to her.

“Having fun yet?” She said with a yellow smile combined with repulsing breath.

The girl in the woman’s clutches began to cry and turned her head away from the atrocious woman.

The woman shoved the girl with a powerful thrust into the wall. The girl fell to the floor, unconscious. Screams from the other girls echoed throughout the room.

The woman grabbed the next girl by her shirt and pulled her close just as she did with the other girl.

“Stop!” Brooklyn yelled angrily at the woman.

The woman released the girl and lightly pushed the girl back into the line.

“What did you say to me b****?” The woman said standing in front of Brooklyn and pressing her forehead against Brooklyn’s.

Brooklyn stood there, silent, staring into the woman’s eyes. The woman stood up straight and grabbed Brooklyn by her hair with both hands and threw her to the floor and walked toward her with a prideful strut.

“Let this be a lesson to all of you filthy pests!” The woman roared as she picked Brooklyn up by her hair and made her stand up only to receive a powerful head-butt from the woman and falling to the floor once again. The woman kicked the unconscious Brooklyn in the ribs and walked back towards the girls.

“Now that that’s over, let’s go get your clothes and job shall we?” The woman said with a prideful tone and smile and began to walk down the hall with the line of girls following behind her; leaving Brooklyn and the other girl unconscious on the cold, damp floor. The girls entered an enormous room with piles and piles of bright red clothes.

“Now, you will each receive two sets of clothes.” The woman said.

“And, I’ll be cutting your hair off.” She added with a laugh.

The girls stared at each other with the same nervous look on all of their faces.

“No!” one of them yelled.
“Excuse me? Do you want to end up like those bitches out there?” The woman yelled, pointing down the hallway where they could faintly see the unconscious girls on the floor.

“Well? Do you?” The woman asked.
“You’re the b****.” The girl said.

The woman angrily pulled a knife from her pocket and slashed the girl’s cheek and began to cut locks of hair off of the girls head. The woman stood up and smiled at the girls.

“Who’s getting their hair done next?” The woman said with a laugh.

None of the girls moved a muscle as the girl rose to her feet, holding her bloody cheek. Her hair looked as if it were cut by a blind woman.

The woman pulled each girl one by one and slashed at their hair furiously. After all of the girls hair was cut they began walking slowly towards the piles of clothes.

“Two shirts, two pants; now change, now!” The woman yelled.

Matt entered the boy’s barracks behind all of the other boys and formed an identical line against the wall of the barracks.

“Heads shaved, clothes that way, two sets each. Rooms are that way.” The guard said pointing to each direction to where they were to go.

Each of the boys sat in a splintery chair and had their heads shaved and were escorted down the hall to get their clothes and to their rooms. Matt was assigned Room 18. The guard opened the door and shoved Matt into the room and locked the door behind him. The room was very small and had three cot beds which two were already occupied by two other boys who were staring at Matt who fell to the floor from the guard’s ruthless shove.

Matt rose to his feet and set the extra pair of clothes on the empty bed and sat beside them.

“I’m Matt, who are you?” Matt asked the other boys.
“Kyle.” One boy said with a grown of pain.

“You came in tonight?” Matt asked.
“Yeah, after those idiotic guards kidnapped me and then shot me when I tried to escape.” Kyle said.

“I was in your truck, I heard that.”
“That’s J, he isn’t much of a talker.”

“J? Is that short for anything?”
“Stands for shut your mouth, or I’ll shut it for you.” J said angrily then stared at the brick wall surrounding the room.

“Do you know anything about why we’re here?” Kyle asked.

“Not a clue.”
“It’s work.” J said, turning to face the other boys.
“Work?” Kyle asked.

“It doesn’t seem like work, more like a prison.” Matt said.
“When you’re in prison, you work, this is a prison.” J said angrily then pulled a crumpled picture from his pocket and stared at it.

“That your family?” Kyle asked.
J looked up and glared at Kyle and put the picture back in his pocket.

“How did you get anything in here? They took our clothes.” Kyle asked.
“Shut up and sleep.” J said furiously.

Matt removed the knife from his sock and hid it behind his bed, by the wall without letting Kyle or J notice what he was doing. He laid on the uncomfortable cot and stared at the ceiling and slowly fell asleep.

Matt was awoken by a soldier slamming the butt of a rifle into Matt’s chest. Matt groaned in pain as he clutched his chest.

“You’re late!” the soldier yelled.
“Sorry! You didn’t have to hit me!”

The soldier punched Matt in the face.
“No. But I enjoy it. Hurry up!” The soldier said as he made his way to the door with Matt following him.

The guard escorted him to the uniform room where Matt was to sew military uniforms together. He arrived in the room and the guard locked the door from the outside, leaving Matt alone in the small room with a girl who was already sewing uniforms.

Matt grabbed the stool next to the girl and started grabbing uniform sleeves and torsos and started to sew.

“What happened?” The girl asked, pointing to Matt’s injured ribs.
“I can tell you’re in a lot of pain.” She added.

“I um, fell.” Matt answered.
“You don’t have to lie to me.”

“I fell.”

“I’m Matt, What’s your name?”

“You don’t have to lie to me.” Matt said with a smirk on his face.
“My name is Mary.”

“Really? You sound exactly like this girl I was talking to on the truck last night, Brooklyn.”
“You remembered my voice? I don’t know to be flattered or concerned.” Brooklyn said.

“Let’s go with flattered.” Matt said with a chuckle.

Matt was mesmerized by Brooklyn’s beauty. She was a short girl with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes and a small white smile.

Matt and Brooklyn worked throughout the whole day, talking and sewing until the door swung open and a soldier entered.

“Your day is over; tomorrow starts at five a.m. boy.” The soldier said.

Matt and Brooklyn left the room and said their goodbyes and headed to the dinner hall.
Matt wasn’t very hungry so he asked a soldier standing by the door if he could go to the hospital.

“Why?” The soldier said.
“I feel really sick; I’m going to throw up.” Matt said as he faked a little choke.

“Alright, follow me.”

Matt followed the soldier to the hospital wing, the soldier left Matt in the room and a nurse came in a few minutes later.

“What’s the problem?”
“I might have broken ribs.” Matt said.

“Let’s see, lift your shirt.”
“Wow! Those are really swollen, they’re broken, at least two of them. I’ll wrap them but there isn’t much I can do other then that.”


Matt left the room and entered the elevator to go back to the ground floor. There was a woman standing there facing the wall in a nurse uniform.

Matt walked in and stared at the lady, she looked familiar.

“Do I know you?” He asked.

The woman slowly turned her head to face Matt.

“Okay, sorry for the mistake.” Matt said apologetically.

The elevator stopped and the doors opened and the nurse turned to Matt and smiled an evil smile.

Matt knew where he has seen her before. She was the nurse that was in his room after he got shot in the leg after escaping.

Matt was in shock and made his way back to the dinner hall and sat next to Kyle and J who were talking about how Kyle got shot.

“How long will it take to heal?” J asked.

“Doctor said six to ten weeks.” Kyle answered.
“That sounds about right.” Matt replied.

“How would you know? You a doctor?” J asked angrily.
“No.” Matt answered.

Matt decided not to tell Kyle and J about how he was shot escaping the camp after Charlie was kidnapped.

Matt, Kyle and J left the dinner hall and went to their room and were all lying in their beds talking.

“What part of the island you guys from?” Kyle asked.
“The city, what about you?”

“I’m from the city too.”
“I’m not from here, I live on Kilmona, my family was here on vacation when we were separated and I was taken here.” J answered.
“Why would you come here to vacation? Kilmona is a much more luxurious island then Verosha.”
“We weren’t looking for luxury; it was more like safety, we were refugees.”

“Refugees?” Kyle asked.
“Kalhoun attacked us, they broke our treaty and attacked us, my family fled here but they came here too.”

“Wait, so they’re going to attack us?” Kyle asked.
“Looks like it.”

“We already are at war, we’re their prisoners.” J said.

Nothing was said for minutes, the boys just looked at one another in silence.

“What about your families?” J asked, breaking the silence.
“My parents died in a boating accident eight months ago, I live with my girlfriend and her family.’ Kyle answered.

“My mom died during my birth, my dad was out with friends the night they took me.” Matt lied.
“Any siblings?”

“I had a little sister, lost her with my parents.” Kyle said with sorrow.
“I’m sorry.” Matt said sympathetically.

“What about girls?” Kyle asked.
“What do you mean?” Matt asked.

“He means girlfriends.” J answered.
“Oh, no.” Matt answered.

“I have a little too much on my plate for that.” J said.

A loud bang echoed throughout the camp and a guard opened their door.

“Let’s go! To the supply room!” the soldier yelled and quickly made his way down the corridor towards the supply room.

They entered the supply room and were told to get a dressed and head outside. The three boys were getting their boots on when Matt noticed J putting the picture in his pocket. He couldn’t see it all too well but saw three people in the picture.

They went outside to see the entire courtyard illuminated by spotlights and a bunch of soldiers standing in a circle facing the crowd of boys and girls.

“Everybody listen up!” A guard yelled.
“One of you dirty rat bags tried to leave tonight. A failed attempt resulted in this!” he yelled as the guards separated, revealing a beaten and bloody boy lying motionless on the cold concrete.

“For any of you that wish to escape, think twice, if you try, your fate will be worse then this!” the guard yelled.

The whole courtyard was silent and still. No one dared to move or speak.

“Lift him up!” The soldier yelled at two other soldiers.

The soldiers lifted the boy and held him up by his arms.

“Anyone want the honor?” The soldier asked?
“No?” he added. “Fine!” He yelled as he whipped out a large handgun and shot the boy in the head. The soldiers released his arms and the dead body fell to the ground.

Screams bellowed from the crowd of boys and girls as they stood and watched the boy get murdered.

“Silence!” the soldier yelled ferociously.
“You will not escape! Make even an attempt and you will die just as he did!” The soldier yelled, pointing to the dead boy he just murdered.
“Now everyone back to your rooms!” He roared.

Everyone made a mad dash to their rooms in a panic, as the soldier fired another round into the sky.

Matt pushed the door to the boys barracks open and the swinging door hit a soldier.

“I’m sorry!” Matt said sincerely.
“It’s fine.” The soldier said with a blank stare at Matt, Kyle, and J

“Shawn?” Matt asked the soldier.
“To your room please.”

“Yeah…okay…” Matt said softly.
“Let’s go!” J yelled as he made his way down the hall

The two boys followed J back to their room, with Matt constantly looking back at the soldier.

When the boys got back to the room and a soldier shut and locked their door, the boys sat down on their beds.

“I know a way out.” J said.
“Are you out of your mind?!” Kyle exclaimed.

“No really, I know a way to get out of here, we won’t be caught, and I just need a few weeks.”
“I’m with Kyle, you’ve got to be out of your mind, unless you want to get shot like that one guy did then I suggest you don’t even think about escaping.”

“Whether you guys want out or not, I’m getting out, you can join if you want.” J said as he laid on his bed.
“I kind of like my life, I’ll pass.” Matt said.

“Suit yourself.”
Matt laid in his bed staring at the ceiling above him, pondering if J was crazy or if he really could get out. Matt was skeptical about trusting J, he didn’t even know him but was he willing to put his life in his hands for freedom?

The next couple of days were the same as usual; Matt worked in the uniform room with Brooklyn.

“Tell me about your family?” He asked.
“Probably dead.” She answered sadly.

“I’m sure they’re okay.”
“What about you?”

“Mom died during my birth, I live with my dad and cousin.”
“I’m sorry.” Brooklyn said sympathetically.

“It’s okay. Hey, how would you like to join me for dinner tonight?”
“Okay, I’ll meet you in the dinner hall, where do you usually sit?”

“Second row, by the back door.”
“I’ll meet you there.”

The door swung open and the soldier entered.

“You’re done, dinner is in thirty minutes.”

“Bye.” Brooklyn said with a smile as she walked out of the room with Matt leaving behind her when the guard pulled him back.

“You’re not here to hook up with girls, you’re here to work!” the soldier yelled in Matt’s face.

The soldier released his grip on Matt’s shirt and Matt went back to his room.

A half hour later he was released from his room and escorted to the dinner hall by a soldier. He entered the dinner hall and made his way to the back of the room and sat down across from Kyle and J.

“Someone’s joining us tonight.” Matt said with a small smile.
“Who?” Kyle asked.

“Brooklyn, a friend I work with in the uniform room.” Matt said.
“Mattie’s got himself a girly friend!” Kyle exclaimed.

‘She’s just a friend.”

Brooklyn came to the table and took the empty seat next to Matt.

“Damn! Matt’s got himself a looker!” Kyle said with a laugh.

Brooklyn blushed at the compliment.
“Will you shut up?!” Matt said embarrassed.

“What? She’s hot!”
Brooklyn got even redder.

J slapped Kyle in the side of the head with a thunderous thud.
“Ow! What was that for?!”

“Trying to knock the stupid out of you, did it work?”

Matt and Brooklyn chuckled.
“No!” Kyle said as he walked away form the table and out the door.

“Sorry about him.”
“It’s okay.”
“Can I talk to you two outside?” J asked
“Sure.” Matt and Brooklyn said simultaneously and rose to their feet in perfect synchronization.

The three headed outside and to the side of the dinner hall where no Soldiers were.

“What did you want?”
“Actually Matt, Can I talk to Brooklyn for a minute? Alone?”

“Sure.” Matt said hesitantly as he walked away so the two could have their private conversation.

Matt watched them from a distance and angrily rubbed his fingers together. He saw Brooklyn and J hug and he started furiously walking back.

“You two know each other?”
“We’re both from Kilmona.” Brooklyn answered.

‘So you’re a couple?”
“No, Matt it isn’t like that.” J explained.

“I like her, you knew that! Now I find out my ‘friend’ has a thing with her?!” Matt yelled.

“Matt we’re not with each other!” Brooklyn exclaimed.
“Matt, we have to go, we’re on duty in ten minutes. We need to go get ready for the nightshift.” J explained.

“Fine, bye Brooklyn.” Matt said as he turned away and started walking away.

Matt was halfway from the dinner hall and the supply rooms when he turns to see Brooklyn and J kissing each other on the cheek.

“What the hell?!” Matt yelled as he violently ran towards them and tackled J to the ground.

“What are you doing?!”
Matt started swinging punches; J blocked most of them and threw some of his own.

Whistles sounded and four guards ran towards the boys and broke up the fight.

“You two!” meet me in the supply room now!” one soldier yelled.

The two walked to the supply room behind the soldier with violent tension. They didn’t look at each other, just stared straight ahead, concealing their anger.

They arrived at the supply room behind the soldier.

“You two are on guard duty tonight, you’ll be guarding the door to the hospital, grab a rifle and get out there! If there is any more fighting between you two, you’ll be fighting me instead.” The soldier said angrily as he left the room and stood by the door, waiting for the boys to change.

Matt and J headed to the hospital doors and stood their in silence for an hour.

“How could you?”
“Matt, she’s not my girlfriend.” J explained.

“You two were rather affectionate.”
‘Matt, she’s my twin sister; I haven’t seen her since I was kidnapped four months ago.”

“Why were you kissing?”
“In Kilmona it’s tradition to say goodbye with a kiss on the cheek to loved ones.”

“I’m sorry for attacking you.”
“It’s cool; one good thing came out of it.” J said with a laugh.

“What’s that?”
“We learned you can’t fight.” J said humoursly.

“And, Brooklyn told me she liked you.” J added.

“Really?” Matt said with a blush.
“Where did you two meet anyway?” J asked.

“On the truck when they brought us here; she also works with me in the uniform room.”
“That’s cool, well not really, but you know what I mean. It’s not really cool we’re here.”

“Tell me about it.”

Matt was pleased to hear that Brooklyn had feelings for him. For once in the week he’s been at the camp he was excited to go to work. He showed up at the uniform room but Brooklyn wasn’t there. He worked all day and she never showed up. He finished work and went back to his room.

“Brooklyn wasn’t in the uniform room today.” Matt said.
“Where was she?” J asked.

“I don’t know, maybe she was sick or something.”

Before J could say anything a roaring alarm sounded throughout the camp. The alarm stopped and a voice echoed through the intercom system.

“Everyone outside immediately!” the man said through the intercom.
“Well this should be good.” J said sarcastically.

Matt, Kyle, and J left the room and followed the enormous crowd of boys down the hall and outside to find a giant crowd of people in the courtyard, along with Vigilance Flags and banners surrounding the camp and a stage and podium.

“What is this all about? A boy asked.
“No idea.” J said.

The voice on the intercom echoed again through the crowd.

“Attention! May I have your attention please?!” The voice echoed.
“We have a very special guest today! Supreme Chancellor Vilroy!!!”

A loud wave of cheers shook the ground as all of the soldiers yelled and clapped for their leader walking onto the stage and up to the podium.

Cheering and clapping was ongoing for minutes, while Vilroy smiled and waved to his adoring audience beneath him.

“Hello!” Vilroy yelled through the microphone in front of him.

“You all know who I am, but why I’m here, I have fantastic news for everyone! But first, I’d like to thank everyone here for their contributions, you have been so helpful! Secondly, your help is scarcely needed anymore,. Soon, most of you will be free to go. Not all of you however, each of you live in a room with two others correct? Two people from each room will be allowed to leave over the next week. In order to decide who will stay and who will leave, your room mates will decide who leaves and who stays. To keep this civil, we will start with boy’s rooms one through twenty today, and tomorrow twenty-one through fifty. Lastly girls rooms one through fifteen, followed lastly by sixteen through forty. Lastly, if no decision is made by midnight of your schedule day, everyone in the room will stay. When you decide who will leave, head to the main hall and turn in your uniform and you will be released. That is all, thank you! Long reign Vigilance!” Vilroy yelled through the microphone with his arms held high.

The soldiers began to cheer and clap at their leader. Matt walked into the barracks and down the hall and down the hall. He turned the corner and bumped into Vilroy.

“Why hello there son, enjoying your stay?” Vilroy asked humerously.
“Yes sir.”

“Well you might get to leave tonight, but I wouldn’t count on it.”

Vilroy walked past Matt and down another hallway.

“Everyone back to your rooms!” the man yelled through the intercom.
“Boys one through twenty! Make your decision!” He added.

Matt went back to his room and waited by the door for J, Kyle, and a soldier to let them inside.

Matt, Kyle and J all sat on their beds.

“So, who’s staying?” Kyle asked.
“We all want to leave, but who is going to stay?” Matt asked.

“Kyle leaves; he’s hurt and should leave.” J said.

“So it’s between me and you.”
“I’ll stay, I know a way out.”

“I’ll get out, you two leave and get as far away from here as possible; Matt I talked to Brooklyn, her roommates beat her up, that’s why she wasn’t at work yesterday, they won’t let her leave. I’ll get us out don’t worry.” J said, interrupting Matt.

“We’ll leave after dinner tonight.”


The three went to dinner a few hours after their decision was made. They sat down in their usual seats beside Brooklyn who dismayed.

“Hey.” Matt said to Brooklyn who was hanging her head staring at the plate in front of her.
“Oh, hi.” She said, looking up to see the boys sitting around her.

“You okay?”
“My roommates are making me stay.”

“It’s okay, J is going to break you and him out.”
“We can’t get out of here, it’s impossible.”

“I know a way.” J said.
“Okay.” Brooklyn said, giving up the argument.
“Matt, can I talk to you outside for a minute?” Brooklyn added.

“Sure.” Matt said as he rose from his chair and made his way outside following Brooklyn.

“What’s up?”
“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Matt said with a confused tone.

“What did I do exactly?” He added.
“Being there for me, on the truck a few weeks ago, at work, at dinner, I’m just really glad I met you, because I really like you and I would have given up without you.” Brooklyn said, beginning to tear up.

“Why are you crying?”
“I want to get out of here, and be with you.” Brooklyn said through the tears.

“J will get you out.”

“But what?”
“I want to get out of here now, and be with you.”

“I want to be with you too, but we’ll be together again.”
“You don’t know that.”

“Yes I do.” Matt said, lifting Brooklyn’s hanging head.

“I promise I’ll see you again.”
“You can’t promise that…” Brooklyn started to say when Matt interrupted her with a kiss.

“I promise.” Matt said with a smile.

Brooklyn blushed and smiled. She gave Matt one last hug before a voice came through the intercoms began to speak.

“Attention! All boys in rooms one through twenty who are leaving tonight, to the center hall now!” The voice roared.

“I guess this is goodbye.” Brooklyn said, beginning to cry again.
“Only for now.” Matt said then kissed Brooklyn’s forehead.

Brooklyn smiled and they began walking back towards the meal hall. Kyle came out the door and Matt and Kyle made their way to the center hall. He turned back to see Brooklyn one last time and gave her a small little smile and turned around and continued walking with Kyle to the center hall.

“By the way, J asked me to give this to you.” Kyle said, pulling a piece of folded paper from his pocket. Without reading it Matt took the paper and put it in his sock.

The two arrived at the center hall and stood behind the long line of boys in front of them.

One by one, the boys were taken into a room and five minutes later the next would go.

Time seemed to be at a standstill. The seconds seemed like hours and Kyle was next, Matt was to follow.

Kyle entered the room and five minutes later Matt entered the dark room that was only lit by a single faint red light in the middle of the ceiling.

Two soldiers grabbed Matt from behind and tried to restrain him. Matt tried to fight them off but one of them hit him with a large object in the head, Matt fell to the ground, unconscious.

Matt regained consciousness and he was back in his room at home. Lying in bed, he felt as if he had just awoken from a dream. He remembered everything so vividly though.

Emily walked into his room.

“About time you woke up, it’s two in the afternoon!” She said.
“What day is it?”

“No, what is the date?”

“Oh, the fifth.”

Matt remembered he was taken on the twenty-second. Two weeks ago.

“What happened?” Matt asked, rubbing his head in pain.
“You took a bad hit to the head at Veerball Camp yesterday. They sent you home early.”


Emily left Matt’s room and Matt remained lying in his bed, staring at the ceiling.

“Veerball camp? I Know I wasn’t at a Veerball camp, I was at the prison place, with J, Kyle, and Brooklyn.” He thought to himself.

Matt remembered the note that J wrote him that he put in his sock, he reached down his sock and felt the crumpled paper and pulled it out. He opened the folded paper and read the note.

“Matt, you need to get as far away from Verosha as possible, it’s not safe. I’ll get Brooklyn and I out as soon as possible, don’t worry about us. I know you want to come back and help but don’t. I’m sorry but before you left I took your knife from under your bed. I’ll get it back to you when I get out but it’s going to help us get out. Oh, one last thing, you’re a bad liar. I know that you know people in here, when you first got here and said you didn’t your face told me differently. Get away from here as soon as possible, don’t trust ANYONE- J”

Matt read the note numerous times before he folded it back up and put it in his bedside drawer.

A knock on Matt’s door startled him; he turned to see Bryton standing there.

Bryton was barely recognizable because his face was swollen and cut. His arm in a splint and a cast on his leg.

“Hey looking good there.” Matt said sarcastically.
“Damn soldiers messed me up pretty good, tore apart my shoulder, needed a few surgeries, busted up my knee, my face is well not as sexy as usual.” Bryton said jokingly.

“Where did they take you?”

“Dude, I just remember getting jumped and then waking up in a hospital strapped to a ton of machines. Doctors said I was almost dead, and a miracle I survived. I spent the last two weeks in the hospital; I still have to go back every week for evaluation.”

“Why did they attack you?” Matt asked. “It couldn’t have been that punch, that wasn’t deserving of this.”

“I do remember them saying something about my family.”
“Your family?”

“I don’t really know, I had a really bad concussion and my memory is toast.”
“I’m really not even supposed to leave my house for another month but I bailed, it’s boring there.” Bryton added humorously.

“Man, you should go home.”
“No way, I wanna know how Veerball camp was. Your dad told me you went! Lucky you!” Bryton said enthusiastically as he sat down on the foot of Matt’s bed.

“Well, I don’t know.”
“What?” Bryton asked. “I’m confused.” He added.

Matt got up from his bed and went and closed his door and came back to his bed.

“I wasn’t at a Veerball camp, I don’t know why my Dad and Emily said I was, I was in some prison place run by Vigilance, the same place they took Shawn.” Matt explained.
“Dude, you must have gotten his pretty hard.” Bryton said pointing to the bump on Matt’s head.

“I’m not making this up, look.” Matt said, pulling the note out from his bedside drawer.

Bryton read the note and was in a state of shock.

“So they really kidnapped you?”

“Things have been crazy lately.”
“You’re telling me, ever since I got injured following the people that took Shawn and that creepy nurse at the hospital.”

“Wait, creepy nurse? Short, short red hair? Scar over her mouth?”
“How do you know about her?”

“She was at the hospital she was my nurse for like the first day.”
“She was mine too, after I got injured a few months ago, and she was at the prison!”

“That woman is creepy; she told me “Vigilance is watching.””
“What does that mean?”

“I don’t know but it freaked me out, this whole thing is eerie.”

“Yeah it is.”
“So how is this J person?”

“He was my roommate at the prison.”
“Is it short for something?””

“I don’t know, he just went by J.”

Bryton let out a little laugh at Matt’s answer.

“What’s so funny?”
“Is J and his sister Brooklyn from Kilmona?”

“Yeah, how’d you know that?”
“I have cousins named Brooklyn and Jason on Kilmona, you spent the last two weeks with my cousins and from what I can tell, you like Brooklyn.” Bryton said with a smirk.

“No.” Matt replied as his white face turned a bright red.
“Right.” Bryton said as he stopped laughing.

“They’re really you’re cousins?”

“Small world.”
“So where is this prison at?”

“Deep into the forest.”
“Well let’s go!” Bryton said as he enthusiastically rose to his feet.

“We can’t”
“We have to!”

“That place has security everywhere, how I Managed to get in and out without them catching me was a miracle and I am not going back there again.”
“Well, we have to do something!”

“There is nothing we can do Bryton, J has a plan to get himself and Brooklyn out.”
“Jason, his name is Jason.” Bryton corrected Matt.

“Jason, Jason will get them out.”

Bryton was silent and the two boys stood in Matt’s silent room, deep in thought and shaking with fear.

“So, what do we do now?”

The Night was cool and still. There was no sound to be heard and nothing to be seen through the darkness. Matt lay atop his roof, looking up at the star filled sky. Thinking of all the hard times he’s faced in his life. Hoping that the bad times would end soon.

The silence remained uninterrupted until the sound of footsteps in the gravel behind Matt’s house. Matt rose to his feet and slowly stepped towards the edge of the roof. He laid down near the edge in an attempt to be unseen. He saw a large raccoon shuffling through the garbage can. He rose to his feet and turned to see Bryton, perched on the chimney like a bird.

“Oh my god!” Matt exclaimed.
“What are you doing here?” He added.

“Couldn’t sleep, I was bored.” Bryton answered.
“And you found my chimney entertaining?”

“Funny, no, I like looking at the old light house down the peninsula, you can see the lighthouse perfectly from right here, and there aren’t any trees in the way.”
“I’ve never noticed, wait, how often do you come up here?”

“About once a week.” Bryton answered, still staring at the lighthouse in the distance.
“You come to my house, sit on my chimney, to stare at a lighthouse, every week? You’re weird dude.”

“Yeah, I know.” Bryton said without shifting his eye gaze from the rotating light house.

The two were silent for minutes, Bryton, eyes remaining fixed on the lighthouse, while Matt stared at Bryton with confusion.

“Have you ever been there?” Bryton asked, his eyes still fixated at the distant lighthouse.
“Been where?”

“The lighthouse.”
“No, why?”

“Let’s go tomorrow.”
“Why do you want to go to the lighthouse so badly?”

“Just do.” Bryton answered quietly.
“Yeah, fine, we’ll go.”

Bryton gave a small smirk and continued to stare at the faint, distant light.

“I’m goin’ to bed, you staying out here all night?”
“No, can I sleep on your couch? I don’t wanna walk home.”

“Go for it.” Matt answered as he climbed down the ladder that was rested on the side of the house.

Matt never did hear Bryton come inside that night, but when he woke up Bryton was asleep on the couch. Matt was in the bathroom when he heard the front door open then close. He slowly walked into the living room to see Amy jumping onto Bryton’s sleeping body on the couch.

“Wake up! Bryton get your fat butt up!” She yelled.

Bryton groaned in discomfort.

“Amy can you quiet down?” Matt asked.

“Matt!” Amy continued to yell as she ran towards Matt and hugged him.

“What did I miss?”
“Miss? Where were you?”

“She was at a family thing in Cisala.” Bryton answered.
“Yup! You didn’t notice? I was gone two weeks!” Amy said angrily.

“Sorry, I’ve been gone too, Veerball camp.” Matt lied.
“So what are you guys doing today? Let’s go do something!”

“We’re goin down to the peninsula, to the old lighthouse.”

“Something Bryton wanted to do.”
“Can I come?”

“Sure, once you quiet down so I can sleep!” Bryton said, pulling his blanket over his head.

“Rude!” Amy said as she went into the next room and turned on the TV.

Matt laughed and said. “Don’t tell her where I was, alright?”
“Yeah sure.” Bryton answered before he fell back asleep.

Mr. Miller walked into the room, followed closely behind him was Emily.

“Matt, you and your friends get out, you woke us up, go outside and be obnoxious!” Emily yelled.
“Who are you?” Mr. Miller asked, pointing to Bryton who was getting up off the couch.

“Pleased to meet you Bryton, sorry for my niece’s anger, but would you three mind leaving? I had a long night and need sleep.”

“Fine, Amy let’s go.”

“Okay!” Amy yelled as she ran into the living room and opened the door and ran outside.

The three walked out the door and waited at a bus stop.

“Why don’t we just take your car Bryton?” Amy asked.
“No gas.”

“You never have gas.”
“That’s not true.” Matt said humorously.

“Ew!” Amy yelled.

Matt and Bryton laughed and the bus arrived and they got on.

After a twenty-five minute bus ride the bus arrived a mile away from Oak’s Peninsula. The bus driver told them this was the last stop on the route and they would have to walk the rest of the way. Matt, Bryton, and Amy walked down the winding dirt road and arrived at the house thirty minutes later.

They arrived at the beach and Amy ran towards the water. She ran into the blue ocean water and started jumping around.

“She’s sixteen and acts like she’s six.” Bryton said irritatingly.
“It’s funny though, at least we’re never bored.”

“I guess, wanna see something funny?”

Bryton ran towards Amy who was facing the ocean. He picked her up and spun her around on his shoulders. Bryton lost his balance and he fell into the water.

“Ow!” Amy yelled, rising to her feet.
“Well that was fun.”

Bryton was getting up when Amy shoved him back into the water and ran back to shore laughing.

“Nice one Amy!” Matt yelled and high-fived Amy as she ran towards him.

Amy fell into the soft sand and laid below the golden sun above her. Bryton came out of the water, shaking his long black hair like a dog and walked towards Matt and Amy. He laid on top of Amy and began kissing her. Matt standing next to them awkwardly laid atop Bryton.

“I wanna play!” He yelled. Bryton and Amy starting laughing hysterically.

The three stood up and walked towards the lighthouse and stood outside the large wooden door.

“Well, we’re here.” Matt said.
“Let’s go.” Bryton said as he opened the door and slowly walked inside; Matt and Amy following close behind him. They walked into the dark lighthouse and started walking up the squeaky, circular, metal steps.

The lighthouse was many stories tall. They reached the top and found themselves in front of a large metal door. It was very thick. Matt banged on the door and the door inched open. He pushed the door open and went inside. Amy followed him and Bryton slowly walked inside behind them. They looked around the room at the enormous light in front of them.

The metal door behind them slammed shut. The three turned to see a soldier pointing a gun at them.

“Thank you Bryton.” He said as he grabbed Matt and bound his wrists together.
“Bryton! What is he talking about?!” Amy screamed.

“Go ahead boy; tell them how you helped us capture this filthy, worthless excuse of a boy.” The soldier said as he smashed his gun into the side of Matt’s head, knocking him unconscious.
“They kidnapped my parents a month ago. I got this letter asking me to bring Matt to them at the lighthouse; promising my parents return.” Bryton explained.

“Bryton!” Amy yelled.

The guard punched Amy in the face, knocking her to the floor.

“Hey! I brought you what you wanted, leave her alone! And release my parents now!”
“As you wish.” The soldier said as he walked to the window and pulled a chain that was hanging from the ceiling.

A bang against the window behind Bryton startled him. He turned to see his parents hanging by their necks with steel chains around them like a noose. They began to squirm and grab their necks but soon hung motionless after they suffocated to death.

“You fucking asshole!” Bryton yelled as he charged after the soldier. The soldier lifted Bryton and threw him against the wall. Bryton screaming in agonizing pain and five more soldiers entered the room and began carrying Matt and Amy’s unconscious bodies out the door and down the staircase.

“You’ve been very helpful boy; if you follow us, you will die.” The soldier said before stomping on Bryton’s head, causing it to bounce off the wood floor.

The soldier walked out the door and slammed it shut behind him. Bryton lay on the floor with his head bleeding as he crawled towards the door but was too weak and he fell unconscious.

Bryton awoke from the turning on of the light. He was asleep the entire day. He woke up and rubbed his head where he got stomped and looked out the window at his parents who had turned as white as the sand below them. He walked towards the metal door, wiping tears from his face. He began walking down the stairs when he stopped and sat down on the cold steps.

“What have I done?” He asked to himself quietly as he continued to cry and buried his face in his hands. He took a steel pipe he found in a pile of random stuff and started smashing the windows and the light. He punched the walls and blood began pouring from his knuckles. He continued down the steps shortly after and got outside just as paramedics and a fire truck had arrived. A paramedic came out of the ambulance and demanded that Bryton get his hands wrapped up, he walked towards the ambulance and sat down. The paramedic was wrapping his hands with a bandage and asked what happened.

“My parents were killed.” Bryton said then began walking down the dirt road. He got to his house and laid on the couch and fell asleep. He awoke the next morning and went back to the lighthouse. His parents had been removed and taken to the hospital. He knew they were dead. That was obvious. He went inside and started punching the walls again. He had put seventeen holes into the wall before he fell to his knees and began to cry. He wiped his face with his bloody hands. He went outside and onto a nearby cliff overlooking the ocean. He sat down on the edge and looked down at the ocean with jagged rocks extruding above the surface. He rose to his feet and dived into the water. He opened his eyes under the water and saw how close he was to being impaled by the rock next to him. He swam to the surface and swam to shore.

“Kid! Are you trying to kill yourself?!” A man on the beach yelled as Bryton walked out of the water and onto the fine sand.
“Right now, that doesn’t sound all too bad.” Bryton answered and walked away.

Bryton went home and went into his garage and riffled through a bunch of assorted tools. He pulled a large sledgehammer out from the bottom of the pile and went into the backyard and towards the shed. He took she sledge hammer and smashed the lock on the shed door. He went inside and grabbed his father’s Trinton 2088 Rifle. Loaded a magazine and filled a backpack with ammunition. He grabbed his father’s Revington 21000 sniper rifle as well. He went into the garage and started his father’s truck and drove away, speeding into the forest.

Bryton swerved through the thick forest along the winding trail. He spotted the prison and he came to a sudden halt and parked the truck behind a bunch of trees. He got out of the truck with the Sniper rifle in his hand and the bag of ammunition. He jumped into the back of the truck and climbed onto a branch and climbed into the tree. He sat on a branch and removed the lens of the scope and attached a silencer, and aimed down at the camp. He steadied his aim and fired at the guard tower. The guard collapsed and there was a panic. He shot guard after guard until they retreated and ran into the buildings. There was nothing in sight so Bryton slowly climbed down from the tree and loaded the Trinton and waited until nightfall. He threw two pistols into the backpack and waited in the truck.

He slowly crept through the forest and made it to the fence of the prison. He climbed up and over the razor wire and jumped over the top. He ran to the side of a building and to a window. He looked inside and saw a Jason asleep on his bed. He knocked on the window and Jason sat up and looked out the window and shot up towards the window with amazement.

Bryton put his finger to his lips, signaling Jason to be quiet; Bryton snuck around to the door of the building and kicked it open. Guards started yelling and running towards the door and Bryton opened fire; screaming in anger as he sprayed bullets down the hall. He ran out of ammo and he saw dozens of guards on the ground and blood all over the walls. He took out the magazine and reloaded. He found Jason’s door and shot the locks off and pulled the door open. Jason ran out.

“Bryton! What are you doing here?!” Jason asked ecstatically.
“Getting you out. Where’s Brooklyn?”

“Girls barracks, do you have another gun?”
“Yeah here.” Bryton answered as he pulled out the two pistols and handed them to Jason.

“Look out!” Jason yelled as he pushed Bryton to the ground as a guard shot towards them from down the hall. Jason shot the guard and he collapsed, dead.
“Nice shot.” Bryton said.

“Thanks; lot of practice back home.”

Bryton and Jason went down the hall and through a back door and outside. They kicked down the girl’s barracks door and shot the guards in there. They shot the locks off all the doors until they found Brooklyn in her room huddled up with fear on her bed. They said her name and she raised her head and ran towards them and hugged them. They ran through the crowded hallway full of screaming girls. They ran outside and towards the fence.

Brooklyn went up first and Bryton told her to run east, the truck was behind a bunch of trees about two hundred yards away. Guards came out of the buildings and Jason started climbing up the fence. Bryton was shooting the guards. He had a few seconds to climb before more came out so he climbed as fast as he could. He threw his gun over the top and Jason caught it and started shooting the guards as they came out of the doors.

Bryton landed on the ground and the two ran towards the truck. They found Brooklyn lying in the back seat. They jumped in and sped away.

“Bryton! How did you know we were there?!” Brooklyn asked.

“Matt Miller?”

“How do you know Matt?” Jason asked.
“He’s been my best friend since we were in kindergarten.”

“Well, that’s awkward.” Brooklyn said embarrassed. Bryton broke out laughing.

They got to Bryton’s house and Jason and Brooklyn changed out of their uniforms and into Bryton’s clothes.

“Where’s your parents?” Brooklyn asked.
“Dead.” Bryton said quietly.

“What?!” When?! What happened?!” Brooklyn exclaimed.
“Yesterday.” Bryton said as he began to choke up. He told Brooklyn and Jason everything that had happened in the last few weeks.

“I’m so sorry.” Brooklyn said as she hugged Bryton.
“It was my fault.”

“No it wasn’t! Don’t say that! It’s those Vigilance assholes fault!” Brooklyn yelled.
“Do you have any idea where they might have taken Matt?” Jason asked.

“No idea.”
“You said they took him at the lighthouse right?” Jason asked.

“Could they have taken him on a ship?” Jason asked.

“That’s possible. There were a bunch of Vigilance ships out that day.” “Well, get packed. We leave at dusk.” Jason said.

“Go where?” Brooklyn asked.

“Are you crazy?” It’s a blood bath over there right now.” Bryton said.
“I think that’s where they might have taken Matt. They have to have another prison there as well, they wouldn’t have put Matt back in Verosha’s prison because he knows how to get out. They probably brought him to the closest prison outside of Verosha. Kilmona.” Jason said.
“That makes sense.” Brooklyn said.

“Let’s go tell Mr. Miller and Emily what happened first.” Bryton said.
“Who’s Emily?” Jason asked.

“His cousin.”

The three went to the Miller’s house but no one was home and the doors and windows were broken in.

Bryton went inside, the house was torn apart. He came back outside to find Brooklyn and Jason talking on the side of the road. He came up behind them and sat down next to Brooklyn.

“Find them?” She asked.
“No, they’re gone.” Bryton said.

“Vigilance?” Brooklyn asked.
“Yeah, I believe so.”

“You guys ready?” Jason asked.
“How are we getting there?” Brooklyn asked.

“I know a guy who will loan me his boat.”
“Who?” Bryton asked.

“One of my dad’s old buddies, he lives in the city.”
“Alright, let’s go.”

“This is going to be tough guys, when we get there, they’re going to want us dead, stay out of sight.” Jason said.

They went into town and to a beat up old shipping building by the water. Jason knocked on the door and an old man with long gray hair opened the door.

“Hello, Mr. Verono?” Jason asked.
“Who are you?” He asked.

“My name is Jason, this is my sister Brooklyn and our cousin Bryton, and we’re Travis Carmichael’s kids.”
“Ol’ Carmichael aye?”

“Yes sir.”
“What can I do for you mate?”

“We we’re wondering if we could borrow a boat.”
“A boat you say? Where are we headed might I ask?”

“Kilmona; we’re going home.”
“Aye mate, I can sail you there, on one condition.”

“What would that be?” Brooklyn asked.

“No one tells Vigilance I’m alive.”
“Why would they care if you’re alive? What is your connection with them?” Jason asked.

“I am from Kalhoun, I sold Vilroy’s father out during the war which led to his death.” Mr. Verono said.
“You have our word, can we go tonight?” Jason asked.

“As soon as you’re ready mate.”
“We’ll be here at dusk.”

“Alrighty mate.” Mr. Verono said as he closed the door leaving the kids outside.

Jason, Bryton, and Brooklyn arrived at Mr. Verono’s shipyard just before sunset. They knocked on the door and Mr. Verono yelled, “Come in mate!”

They went inside and Mr. Verono was putting supplies into a backpack and walking out to the back of the building and outside. They followed him outside and onto the dock where three boats were tied down.

“How long of a sail is it?” Brooklyn asked.
“I’d say about four to five hours darlin’.”
“Four to five hours?!”
“These boats are old, they don’t go very fast.”

“Alright, let’s go.” Jason said.
“All aboard!” Mr. Verono exclaimed and everyone climbed into the boat and Mr. Verono untied the rope from the dock and started the motor.

The voyage across the sea to Kilmona had begun. Brooklyn had fallen asleep and Jason and Bryton were talking in the back of the boat.

“If we find the prison here, it’s going to be even harder to break in and out of.” Bryton explained.
“Why?” Jason asked.

“Security is probably even tighter.”
“I have a plan, don’t worry.” Jason said arrogantly.

“What’s your plan?”
“I’ll get arrested and break Matt out from the inside.”

“Are you stupid?” Bryton asked sarcastically.
“I know how I can break out, I was going to break Brooklyn and I out before you got us out.”

“I’m not letting you do something that stupid, neither will Brooklyn.”
“Trust me, I can do this.”


The boat rocked back and forth as waves starting crashing against the sides of the boat fiercely. Brooklyn woke up and ran up from the cabin.

“What’s going on?!” Brooklyn yelled.
“Waves are crazy tonight! Not far from shore mate’s only about ten minutes away! Hold on!” Mr. Verono yelled.

The kids ran down and into the cabin and sat against the wall. The boat rocked back and forth and had tipped over. Water poured into the cabin and they started swimming towards the flowing water, swimming against the strong current.

They made it through the water and surfaced to see the boat over turned and Mr. Verono swimming towards the coast. They began to follow him.

After thirty minutes of exhausting swimming everyone arrived on the rocky shore, lying on rocks, soaking wet and breathing heavily.

They caught their breath and started walking into the thick forestation. Swerving through large trees and enormous bushes, they made it through and into the city.

“What happened?” Brooklyn asked.
“Vigilance tore it apart.” Jason said.

The entire city was black from the charcoal and ash across the city. The city had been burned completely down. They walked through the burned down city but there was no sign of life anywhere. They reached the outer limits of the city and saw spot lights in the sky from down the road. They started walking down the road and saw an enormous prison, with three times as large as the one on Verosha and with ten times as many guards posted outside the gates.

Mr. Verono started walking into the trees and the kids stood in place and pondered what he was doing. They finally decided to follow him but when they got into the forest he was gone.

They looked around the dark forest but vision was impaired with a thick layer of fog settling down on the forest. Soon Bryton, Jason, and Brooklyn had lost themselves inside the forest. They wandered around, looking for the road to go back to the burned city to avoid being seen and brought to the prison but they were helplessly lost.

“I can’t see a thing!” Brooklyn yelled.
“Shush! We know, now be quiet, and stay close.” Jason said.

“Where are we going?”
“Trying to find a place to sleep tonight, I think the city is this way.” Jason said.

“Wait!” Brooklyn yelled.

Before Bryton or Jason could say anything gun fire started blasting through the silent air. They started running through the trees.

“Hurry!” Bryton yelled.
“They found us!” Jason exclaimed.

Gun shots fired from both directions, they didn’t know which way to run. They fell to the ground behind a bush, hoping to not be seen. They heard the pounding footsteps of many people running around them. Gun shots were fired and people screamed. They sat up to see Vigilance soldiers shooting other people. Back and forth the two groups shot each other until the last remaining Vigilance soldier tried to retreat but was shot in the leg. They saw a large man run after the wounded soldier and picked him up and threw him across the forest. He hit his back on a tree and he screamed in pain. The enormous man ran after him again. He lifted him up by his shirt and took out a sickle and held it to the soldier’s throat.

Brooklyn screamed with terror and everyone turned towards the bush where they were hiding and pulled Bryton, Jason, and Brooklyn out.

“What do we have here? Vigilance spies?” The man said.
“No, we’re from here, he’s from Verosha, they took our friend and we came to get him back.” Jason explained.

“Alright, then prove it.” He said as he handed the sickle to Jason.
“Cut his head off, now.”

“Jason no!” Brooklyn yelled.
“So you are Vigilance!” the man roared and the other men pointed their guns at them.

“No we’re not.” Jason said then sliced the sickle through the soldier’s neck, decapitating him, blood spewing from his severed jugular artery. In a pool of his own blood the dead soldier’s body collapsed.
“That prove it to you?” Jason asked as he handed the sickle back to the large man.

“Very nice.” ]
“Nice?! You made my brother decapitate that helpless prisoner!” Brooklyn yelled in anger.

“The bastard deserved it, each and every one affiliated with Vigilance deserves it, and we won’t rest until they all meet this fate!” He roared as the rest of the men yelled in unison, lifting their guns into the sky.
“What is your name?” Bryton asked.

“Trinity, Larry Trinity, but call me Trinity.”
“Trinity, what is this group you have here?”

“Nighthawks. We’re Kilmonians and Veroshian refugees that are going to take down Vigilance.” Trinity answered proudly.
“Nighthawks? What a dumb name, why do you call yourself that?” Brooklyn asked.
The men groaned in anger at the disrespect.

“We attack at night, using the darkness as a powerful asset.”
“Stupid name.”

“You got something better?!” Trinity yelled angrily.
“Night Riders!” a man yelled. The group laughed at the outburst.

“It’s better than Nighthawks!” Brooklyn said.

“Let’s vote then!”
“All in favor of Nighthawks?!” Trinity yelled loudly raising his sickle in the air.

“Night Riders…” He said disgustingly.

The entire group raised their hands unanimously, followed by Brooklyn raising her hand.

“Fine! The name doesn’t matter! Our goal remains the same! Take down Vigilance!” Trinity yelled and the other men cheered.
“Can we join you?” Jason asked.

“I’m not shooting or cutting anyone.”

Trinity laughed hysterically. “I wouldn’t let you waste a gun and ammunition.”
“I can shoot a gun; I just don’t want to kill anyone!”

“You’ll be a medic, women can’t shoot a gun!” Trinity said with a chuckle.

The group laughed and Brooklyn stood in place with an angry expression on her face while Bryton and Jason remained silent.

“Alright group! Back to base, we’ll attack the north side tomorrow night!” Trinity said as he turned and began walking deeper into the forest from which they came with the group following close behind him. Bryton and Jason followed the group and turned to see Brooklyn standing still. They went back.

“Come on.” Jason said.
“That guy is a sexist jerk.”

“I know but we need their help.” Bryton said.

“He made you kill that man!” Brooklyn yelled, pointing to the bloody corpse on the ground.
“I know, but we have to go with them, now let’s go.”

“Fine.” Brooklyn said angrily as she folded her arms and began walking behind Bryton and Jason. The three caught up to the group and they arrived at a small cave hole and they began to duck through the hole and walk in one by one.

Bryton went inside last and was amazed to see an enormous cave that was lit by numerous torches with tons of guns, ammo, swords, clubs, axes, and chains. They approached Trinity who sat down on a large chair in the back of the room.

“What is this place?” Jason asked.
“Home, after they burned the cities down.”

“So you’re cave men?” Brooklyn asked sarcastically.
“Listen girl! I don’t need any of your attitude so knock it off or we’ll just give you to Vigilance!” Trinity yelled as he rose to his feet and stood above Brooklyn.

“Alright.” Brooklyn said with a chuckle as she was amused from the attempt of intimidation Trinity tried on her.

Trinity sat back down in his chair and told them the rooms were down the tunnel on the left and food was on the right and to help themselves.

The three were lying in makeshift cots looking up at the cave ceiling high above them.

“Jason, what do you think happen to Mr. Verono?” Brooklyn asked.
“I have no idea, get some rest; we’ve had a long day.” Jason said as he turned towards the wall and pulled the blanket over his head.

“Okay, goodnight, I love you guys.” Brooklyn said but with no response.

Brooklyn woke up the next morning to find the entire room empty and a bunch of noise coming from down the tunnels. She walked through the tunnel and saw all of the guys sitting around eating food and yelling. She went and got herself some food and sat down next to Bryton and Jason.

“These guys are crazy.”
“They’re awesome!” Bryton said.

“Not to me.”

One man ripped off his clothes and started running around naked until Trinity punched him in the face, knocking him unconscious.

“I’ll be on my bed.” Brooklyn said in disgust as she stood up and walked away with her food.

She spent the entire day laying in her bed thinking about Matt, hoping he was alright. She fell asleep as the other guys continued to goof around all day.

Brooklyn was awoken by Jason who came in to talk to her, she sat up and Jason sat next to her on her bed.

“Look, I know you really like Matt, and you’re really worried about him, but trust me, from as well as I know Matt and how well Bryton knows him, we know he’s alright. Bryton tells me he has one hell of a determination, he never gives up. Bryton did tell me they took his girlfriend Amy though. So we need to find her too.” Jason said.
“I do like him, a lot, I hope he’s alright.” Brooklyn said as she hung her head in despair.

“He’s fine, we’re going to find him, don’t worry.”
“Okay; what time is it?”

“Almost time to leave, the sun just set and we should be heading out in an hour or so.”

Brooklyn rose to her feet and headed out to the main room. The men were getting ready to go outside, they were loading their guns and putting handguns and knives in their pockets.

“Alright men, this is the plan, we will approach the prison on the east side by walking by the side of the mountain, we will have John and Mike go up the mountain and snipe the guards out of the towers and we will shoot the guards inside through the fence then I will cut through and we will storm the prison and kill those bastards!” Trinity roared.

“This is gonna be fun.” Jason said sarcastically.
“Loads.” Bryton replied.

“Alright men! Move out!” Trinity yelled, lifting his sickle in one hand and a gun in the other.

The men cheered and began leaving the cave hole one by one. Jason left last and followed behind the large line of men stealthily walking at the foothill of the mountain.

Over mounds of rocks and up and down numerous hills, they were about halfway to the prison when a spot light was turned from the prison, aimed at their direction. Everyone was as still as they possibly could be. The light turned away and they continued on their journey.

After a slow and quiet walk to the prison the men arrived at the east side and hid behind a large number of small trees. Trinity looked up the mountain and gave a thumb up to John and Mike to begin.

Gun shots began firing and guards in the towers began falling dead one by one, quickly all of the guards had collapsed and the men stormed the fence and started spraying gun fire all over the prison courtyard.

After minutes of chaotic screams and gunfire the men ceased their fire and looked at the dozens of dead soldiers on the ground.

Trinity pulled out his sickle and cut through the fence and pulled it apart. The men ran through and stormed the buildings, killing every vigilance soldier in sight. Shooting the locks off the doors and freeing the prisoners.

Bryton, Jason, and Brooklyn looked for Matt in what was the boy’s barracks but he was nowhere to be found. The men ran out of the buildings and amidst the crowd of men and prisoners, there were three soldiers holding guns to a boy’s head.

“If anyone moves, he dies.” One soldier said as the other two threw him to the ground face first and held his arms above his back with their feet on his back.

Bryton and Jason made their way to the front of the crowd, ducking low to avoid being seen. Brooklyn walked in the opposite direction and around the outside of the crowd of bystanders. Jason and Bryton made it to the front and the soldier yelled, “I told you if anyone moved he’d die!”

Bryton and Jason looked down at the boy and saw it was Matt who had cuts and bruises all over him.

The two boys looked back at the guards and raised their guns. “Shoot him!” Matt yelled angrily.

One of the soldiers curbed stomped him and pulled him up by his hair, his face was gushing blood.

Bryton and Jason held their guns aimed at the soldiers. The soldier was about to shoot Matt when he collapsed with an agonizing scream, following soon after with the two other guards. Bryton could see Brooklyn in the distance with a rifle in her hands.

The crowd screamed and applauded. Bryton, Jason, and Brooklyn ran at Matt and lifted him to his feet.

“I owe you an apology, I was wrong; I guess girls can handle a gun pretty well!” Trinity yelled hysterically.

“Matt! Are you okay?!” Brooklyn yelled as she ran up to him and hugged him tightly.
“Yeah, I’m okay, how’d you guys get out?”

“Bryton came and killed all the soldiers and broke us out!” Brooklyn exclaimed.

“Surprised?” Bryton asked.
“After what you did to me and Amy at the lighthouse, yeah I am.”

“Where is Amy?”
“You better come with me.”

Matt led them into the girl’s barracks and sitting in a chair, strapped down, was Amy.

Bryton ran to her.
“They slit her throat less than twenty minutes ago, as you guys started attacking, she wouldn’t cooperate and they killed her, they were torturing the two of us, trying to get information but we didn’t know what they were talking about.” Matt explained sorrowfully.

Bryton banged his fist on the ground angrily and was crying. He got up and punched a hole through the wall.

“Bryton, it isn’t your fault.” Matt said.
“The hell it isn’t! If I didn’t betray you two she wouldn’t be dead and you wouldn’t be beaten. None of this would have happened! It’s my fault all of this happened, you, Amy, my parents!” Bryton yelled.
“No, it isn’t.”

Bryton stormed away angrily and went outside. The prisoners were being led through the forest, back towards the cave.

“Bryton!” Brooklyn yelled.

“Please, talk to us.”
“Because of me the most important thing in the world to me is dead; she died a torturous death because of me!”

“It isn’t your fault, its vigilance, they kill innocent people for no reason, and we’re going to get them back.” Jason said angrily.
“That’s for damn sure; I won’t rest till every one of those bastards is dead!” Bryton yelled.

“Bryton, is my dad and Emily okay?” Matt asked.
“We went to your house, Vigilance broke in and they were gone, the house is trashed.”

“Was the basement door open?”
“Yeah I think, why?”

“I know where they are; we have to get to Kalhoun now!”
“Why? Why would they be there?”

“Long story, I’ll tell you on the way there, how did you guys get here?”
“Boat, but it got destroyed.”

“That’s okay, follow me.”

Matt walked back into the camp and towards and large garage like building and opened the door.

“Wow that will help.” Jason said, looking at an enormous battleship that was tied to a dock.
“Where’s Bryton?” Brooklyn asked, looking around.

“Get in, I’ll be right back.” Matt said,

Matt ran to the girls barracks and saw Bryton kneeling at Amy’s body. He took off a necklace he was wearing and placed it around Amy’s bloody neck.

Matt placed his hand on Bryton shoulder and he turned his head to see Matt kneeling down beside him.

“That’s your dad’s necklace he gave you on your tenth birthday.” He said.
“I’m always with her this way.” Bryton said as he untied a bracelet that was on Amy’s wrist and put it on his own.

“We made these together one day.” He explained.
“I loved her too Bryton, I’m going to miss her too, but she’ll be with us, and we’ll always remember her.”

“Help me.” Bryton said as he stood up and began untying Amy.
“What are you doing?”

“I’m not leaving her here, I’m going to put her in the ocean, she loved the water, and that’s where she will rest eternally.”
“Okay.” Matt said as he helped untie Amy.

Bryton lifted her into his arms and carried her towards the boat. He went onto the beach and knelt down by the water with her remaining in his arms. Matt stood by the garage, watching Bryton say goodbye.

Bryton kissed her and walked into the water and laid her body atop the still ocean and kissed her again and walked back to shore.

“Let’s go.” He said as he walked right past Matt and onto the boat. Matt got on board and Jason started the boat and drove away. Bryton starred at the lifeless body of the love of his life, floating on the water as they drove away until she was out of sight. Bryton went into the cabin and laid on a bed and starred at the wall. Matt went down to check on him, he looked at him and heard him crying so he left him alone.

The four were sailing in the open waters all night and day, nightfall was coming again and Bryton was looking over the side of the boat. Jason grabbed his shoulder and Bryton jumped like he’d seen a ghost.

“Didn’t mean to scare you man.”
“That’s alright, I need to talk to Matt, and you can come if you wanna hear.”


Matt was driving the boat with Brooklyn hugging him from behind. Bryton and Jason sat down next to them.

“Hey guys.” Brooklyn said energetically.
“Matt, tell me why we’re going to Kalhoun.”

“Okay, before I was born, my dad was working on an experiment where he was cloning animals and altering their genes.”
“Gene therapy?” Jason interrupted.

“Yeah, so he tried cloning himself with his DNA and it was successful. He made a perfect version of himself, but he made it everything he wished he was, his ideal self. Well it started to actually have a functional human brain and he had to kill it. Well he destroyed his equipment but kept his notes in a locked, bulletproof steel safe under the floor of the basement. Well, Vigilance has been cloning soldiers and making them super athletic and skilled, but they couldn’t get it right, somehow they found out my dad had succeeded before, that’s why they went after him.” Matt explained.
“So they want to create super soldiers using your dad’s experiment?”

“I think so, that’s why we need to get to Kalhoun and free my dad and Emily.”
“What if we’re too late? And they made their super soldiers?”

“Well, then their army can’t be stopped and they would take over.”
“Okay, go faster, we gotta get there quick!”

“Going as fast as I can Jason.”

Bryton, Jason, and Matt were asleep while Brooklyn drove the boat that night, she screamed for the boys to wake up. They jumped to their feet and ran up to the stern.

“What?!” Jason yelled.

“They’re going to have security all over the place.” Matt said.

Bryton leapt from the boat and began swimming towards shore.

“Bryton get back here!” They all yelled. But he kept swimming. They tried to slow down the boat but by the time it stopped Bryton was lost and they were close to shore and facing Hundreds of Vigilance soldiers on the beach with guns and missiles pointed toward the boat.

“Exit the boat and put your hands above your head.” One yelled through a megaphone.

When the boat hit shore they jumped out of the boat and surrendered. They were arrested and brought to a large brick fortress with Vigilance soldiers everywhere surrounding it and in at every window.

They were escorted through dozens of hallways and flights of stairs and brought to a large steel door painted with the Vigilance insignia. They opened the door and shoved the handcuffed kids to the floor.

“Matt, so nice to see you.” A deep voice said. He looked up to see Vilroy sitting in a large throne. He stood up and walked towards them.
“What do you want with us?”

“Oh nothing with these two, I just wanted you, these are extra.”
“What do you want with Matt?!” Brooklyn exclaimed.

“You’ll see dear, in time.” Vilroy said with a sinister smile as he swiped his finger across Brooklyn’s cheek.
“Don’t touch her!” Jason yelled.

Vilroy kicked Jason across the head and knocked him unconscious.
“Now, Matt, will you follow me please?”

Matt stood up and began walking behind the Dictator.

“Matt no!” Brooklyn yelled.
“Matt, do you want to see your dad again? And sweet Emily?”

“What have you done with them?
“Oh nothing at all!” You really don’t know who I am do you?

“Let’s get your dad and Emily for this.” He said as he snapped his fingers and a wall rotated and Mr. Miller and Emily were chained to the wall behind the throne.

“Let them go!”
“Matt!” They both yelled.

“So! Who wants to know who I really am?!” Vilroy yelled.
“Don’t you dare you useless piece of s***.” Mr. Miller yelled angrily.

Vilroy walked over to Mr. Miller and stared into his eyes.

“Oh Brother, when will you learn? Give me what I want and your family is safe. You refused and your country, as well as your stupid sister-in-law get punished. Verosha and Kilmona’s destruction is your fault.” Vilroy said with a sick smile.
“Brother?” Matt asked confusingly.

“Yes Matt! I’m your uncle!” Vilroy yelled.
“Damnit Vilroy!” Mr. Miller yelled.

“Oh shut up.” He said and punched Mr. Miller in the face.
“You’re lying.” Matt said.

“Oh, I’ll let you see for yourself, come here.”

Vilroy walked over to Mr. Miller and lifted his head and placed it next to his. Matt looked at them and stared with a shocked expression on his face.

“See, give uncle Vilroy a hug!” He said with his arms outstretched.
“You’re a liar.” Emily yelled.

“Oh baby girl, you can’t even recognize your own daddy?”
“You’re not my father; my father was a worthless scum who abandoned my mother and me!”

“Well, your mother always was a liar; she took you away and left me after I became devoted to leading this empire. She was afraid of my power and didn’t want you to be around me.”
“You’re not my father!”

“Matt, look.” He said as he pressed his face against Emily’s and Matt stared at their faces.
“You look just like him.” Matt said shockingly.

“No! I look nothing like you!” Emily screamed.
“Believe it or not, I am your father.”

“What do you want with us?!” Matt yelled.
“Simple, I want your dad to help me with cloning, so I can make the perfect soldier and take over Splice! And in return, you and your friends will live here with me on Kalhoun, safe and sound.”

“He’ll never help you.”
“Let them go Vilroy, let them all go and I’ll help you, leave Verosha and Kilmona alone and I’ll help you.

“Dad no!”
“Matt shut up.”

“No, that’s not good enough.” Vilroy said as he walked over to Jason’s unconscious body and pulled out a skinning knife with a hook on the end.

“Tell me Matt, how is Amy?” Vilroy asked. “She was such a nice girl, quite a fighter, I don’t think this one will put up much of a fight.” Grabbing Jason by his hair.
“You killed her, you bastard!” Matt yelled and ran after him and attempted to tackle him, Vilroy dropped Jason’s limp body and caught Matt and threw him against the wall.

“Stop it!” Brooklyn yelled.
“Maybe this one will squirm less than Amy.” Vilroy said with a chuckle, lifting Brooklyn up by her hair.

“Hey Vilroy, smile.” A voice said from behind him.

Bryton had opened the steel doors, two dead guards laid on the floor and Bryton stood in the door way with a gun aimed at Vilroy.

“Oh Bryton, how are the parents? Just hangin around?” He said with a smirk, still clutching Brooklyn by her hair.
“Give me one good reason to not blow your head off right now.”

“Well, if you do, you’ll have no way to free them.” Vilroy said, pointing to Mr. Miller and Emily.
“I’ll do just fine.” But before Bryton could pull the trigger another gunshot was fired, Bryton turned to see Shawn with a gun pointing at him, and he shot Vilroy.

“Shawn!” Matt yelled.
“Hey guys, sorry about everything, they injected me with this weird mind controlling stuff, I can’t remember much.”

The gunshot woke Jason up; he looked around and saw Bryton with the gun and Vilroy’s dead body and Shawn in his Vigilance uniform pointing the gun towards Bryton.

“Bryton look out!” He said then leaped onto Bryton, pushing him out of the way.
“He’s a good guy, its Matt’s brother.”

“Oh, sorry. Wait, you were at the prison on Verosha.”
“I was? I don’t remember anything.” Shawn said, rubbing his head.

“Matt, you were telling the truth, Shawn is real.” Mr. Miller said.
“Dad, I’m sorry, I couldn’t control anything. They had everyone brain washed.”

“Why couldn’t anyone remember you?”
“Well, I escaped Verosha’s prison, the serum they injected into me wore off after a while and I was at a bar and I overheard two Vigilance soldiers talking about Memory wiping the town.”

“That explains a lot.”

Bryton shot the handcuffs off everyone and shot the chains off the wall, freeing Mr. Miller and Emily.

“Thanks Bryton.” Mr. Miller said.
“Don’t mention it; now let’s get out of here!”

They ran towards the door when Emily stopped over Vilroy’s body.

“Emily let’s go!” Matt yelled.

Emily took the chain still clamped to her wrist and smashed it against her father’s dead face. “Now I look nothing like you.” She followed everyone out the door and through the labyrinth of hallways and stair cases, shooting soldiers as they approached them.

“How do we get out of here?!” Brooklyn yelled.
“Everyone back up!” Shawn yelled as he pulled out a red ball and pressed a button and stuck it to the wall. It blew a hole through the wall and they stood high above the ocean floor.

“Freeze! You have nowhere to go now!” A bunch of soldiers yelled from down the hall.

They leaped from the hole and fell to the ocean floor. The soldiers ran towards the hole and saw the water rise up from the impact of the bodies. They ran back down the hall.

Everyone swam to the surface and a boat was coming towards them. It stopped right next to them and Kyle leaned over the side and told them to get in.

“Kyle?!” Brooklyn yelled.

Everyone climbed into the boat and Kyle sped away.

“How did you know we were there?!” Matt asked.
“My dad called me, he said boys named Jason, Bryton, and a Girl named Brooklyn had helped him on Kilmona, that they went to Kalhoun. So I came to help.”

“Your dad?” Jason asked.
“Yeah, big guy, carries a stupid sickle around? Goes by our last name, Trinity.”

“That’s your dad?!” Bryton yelled.
“Well, sorta, I don’t talk to him much, my mom remarried when I was little.”

“Dude, you’re a life saver, thank you so much!” Matt said.
“No Problem.”

They arrived back on Veroshian shores three days later and went back to the Miller house. There was no sign of Vigilance anywhere. They went to the basement and Mr. Miller opened the floorboard revealing the safe. He opened it and found his notes still there, they couldn’t find them.

“Matt, would you like the honor?” He said as he pulled out a lighter.
“No, Emily should.”

“I agree, Emily.” Mr. Miller said, handing Emily the folder and the lighter.

She set it on a steel table and lit it on fire.

They turned on the radio and the man said Kalhoun had surrendered their siege after Vilroy’s death. Everyone cheered and laughed.

Everyone told everyone what everyone had to go through over the months of turmoil.

“Shawn, how much do you remember?” Mr. Miller asked.
“Well, I remember them kidnapping me, then I remember Vilroy talking about you and Emily and I regained control.

“Thanks Shawn.” Bryton said.
“Don’t thank me; I caused a lot of this.”

“No you didn’t my power hungry brother did, no one is to blame for anyone’s problems.” Mr. Miller said, looking at Bryton hanging his head.

“Bryton, I know you think you’re to blame for Amy and your parent’s deaths, but you’re not.” Mr. Miller said.
“I know. I have no family left.”

“Of course you do, you’re going to stay with us.” Mr. Miller said.

“You’re living with us from now on, if you want.”
“Really? That would be great.”

“Then welcome to the family.
“Jason, Brooklyn, call your parents, tell them you’re alright and when you’re done I’d lie to speak with them.” Mr. Miller said, handing them a telephone.

Jason and Brooklyn ran upstairs and came down a few minutes later and handed the phone back to Mr. Miller.

“Hello, my name is Mr. Miller, I realize you live in Kilmona but I would like to personally pay for you and your kids to move next to me and my boys, niece, and Bryton. I will be paying for the supplies to build a house next door. Our kids have been through a lot together and have become very close; I don’t want to tear that apart.”

Everyone was silent, they could hear a woman speaking on the phone and Mr. Miller was nodding his head.

“Sounds great, I’ll see you guys soon. Have a safe trip.” He said as he hung up the phone.

“Jason, Brooklyn, welcome to Verosha, your new home. Your parents agreed to move in next door and help me build your new house.”
“That’s awesome!” Brooklyn yelled excitingly then kissed Matt.

Everyone stared amazed and confused.

“Oh, by the way day, this is my girlfriend.”
“What?!” everyone yelled.

“Since when?” Bryton asked.
“That night on the boat going to Kalhoun.”
“Well now you tell us?!” Jason yelled happily.
“Sorry!” Brooklyn said with an enormous smile.

The war ended and Jason and Brooklyn had officially moved in next door a year later. Matt, Bryton, Jason, and Brooklyn formed an inseparable bond that year, they were always together.

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This book has 3 comments.

writer112358 said...
on Jul. 9 2012 at 8:03 pm
I agree. It's a good story, but don't tell as much. Show the reader the same information in the first page as part of the progression of the plot.

gavinbob said...
on Jun. 15 2012 at 12:10 pm
gavinbob, Springville, Utah
0 articles 0 photos 2 comments

Favorite Quote:
"You have not failed until you quit trying" -Gordon B. Hinckley-

I really like the names and vocabulary. Perhaps you could not explain so much in the first page. Maybe just get into it a little slower. Explain everything on the way; as the plot is progressing.

fk[s said...
on Feb. 4 2012 at 9:35 am
Too much information on the first page.


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