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Author's note: This is just a story I was writing. I just wanted a place to put it and see what people thought...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This is just a story I was writing. I just wanted a place to put it and see what people thought about it. I know the story's sorta confusing, but, eh, that's how life is.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 5

It was a freezing January afternoon when I was nine years old. I lived with Uncle and Mik still and was coming home from school with Graysyn. We crossed a few streets and were a few blocks from where Graysyn and I were to part when I saw a little boy in brown shorts and a white tank top. He was a block away, but I could make out that he was limping, blood spattered across the side walk behind him, and an extra flow of blood was pouring down the left side of his face. He was coming towards us, with his right arm outstretched.


Somehow, I knew it was his name.
"Do you see him?" I ask as I turn to Graysyn.
"See who?" Graysyn just turns and looks around, then shrugs as if he really can't see Daniel.
"D-,I mean, that kid. Don't you think we should help him?!" I practically yell as I point directly at Daniel who is in the middle of the street.
Graysyn looks directly at Daniel. "There's nothing there. Are you okay?"
"Look! He's-" I look at Daniel just as a car turns the corner, about to hit him.
"NO!!!" I start as I begin to run but, as I am about to reach him, the car rounds the corner, and-passes right through him. My knees buckle, and I fall onto my butt as he limps toward me. He looks about five, and has matted golden hair. And, as Daniel grabs hold of my shoulders, blood splats and drips onto my cheek. He looks me in the eye, and as I look back, I can't see him. When I say this, I mean that his eyes weren't there. Just a vortex of nothingness. I felt my eyes loose life as I fell in a state I didn't understand. I stood, took my coat off, put my right hand on his head, keeping the blood from going into his eyes, and ,as he knelt to one knee, I began to speak clearly, in a Serene voice.

"Daniel of snow, thy who suffered more than he deserved. Thy who tried to save Sarah of snow. Thy who seeks her, go to her. Her place in the Divine Right of the Sky junction. Go reside with her, Daniel of snow. For you have no sins, I send you to the Sky junction with my power. Forget your pain, and dwell with her. Go Daniel of Snow, to Sarah of snow, and be at peace with her and yourself."

I snapped back. My hand wouldn't move from Daniel's head. Daniel had a solemn face now, and whispered something as he began to disappear, " Thank you," He whispered something in the end, so I couldn't comprehend it, but it sounded like ' brother.' As I began to question him, he vanished. I turned to Graysyn. His eyes were bugging out. He looked like he was about to say something when-and very strangely-the voice came back. I was at least half a block away, but even then, as I took one step, my hand was on his forehead and I directly in front of him.

Then, the voice spoke. " You, Graysyn Drec, will forget everything you saw in the last ten minutes. You are walking home with me. I fell, and you are fazed. Nothing more."
The voice disappeared again. I looked at Graysyn, his face looked less panicked. As I blacked out, the last thing I saw was Graysyn yelling at me and the sidewalk meeting my cheek.


I doubted these two were coinciding, but, then again, I forget a lot of things, don't I? That reminds me, why had it been me, yet not, saying words I weren't sure of? Why the hell would anyone be in this situation? Damn. I'm starting to loose sight of something important that I can't quite grasp, something tha-

I noticed Enrique and Yahira looking at me with concern. I'd been staring at the wall opposite me, blank eyed I presumed, in my memory. I turned to their shocked faces at my sudden movement. I took a deep breath and told them that everything was fine. That every time I blacked out I was unconscious, but could control my body to not move. I told them it was a medical condition. They believed me after my perfect performance. They left me to my accommodations. I laid down above the blood-red sheets and stared at the digital clock on the desk. 2:31pm. Huh, even the clock has red numbers. They like my eyes more than ever. How annoying. I sighed. But, what will I do later? Will they become accustomed to my being here? Whatever. Back to my indifferent ways.

I looked back at the clock. 2:57pm. Nina would be home soon. I fell back to sleep as the satin red curtain fluttered, giving the illusion of a presence. The lights began to dim, and they were so faint I could barely make out the presence's silhouette. The presence seemed to move towards me, I tried to get up, but my subconscious told me to watch and stay still.

It came closer, and very slowly, as if it were being cautious. As it peered down at me, I saw that it was a woman. She looked me over with curious eyes. As I sat up, she swept my black hair out of my face. Then, she ran her hand across my cheek. She began to cry. I began to notice a disturbing thing. I couldn't read her mind. It felt like she was holding her arms out, blocking my path. In the dark light I couldn't make out her features. She seemed distant. I don't know why, but I didn't like it. I felt my brow furrow as she whispered to me.

"Teito. Teito. Teito..." She whispered my name several times before she said anything that meant anything.
"Why do you not know me? My dear Teito. Remember, my dear. I will release the gate if you are willing."
As I turned to ask about it, she quickly put her hand on the top of my skull as I fell into a dreamless sleep.


I woke the next day slurred and with a migraine. As annoying as it was to notify my 'parents' I was compelled to do so as they saw me grabbing my forehead in an attempt to lessen the pain. It didn't feel that bad, I was used to them by now. I have them whenever I think too much. It always happens so I didn't bother to care. I bothered to wonder about the woman. Not a lot though. It was a Saturday so Nina was home. She was sitting by my bed leaning on her elbows. I put on my best act.

"Hi." I said as wearily as I could.
She smiled. " Hi."
"What's up?"
"Nothing really," she paused."But, I was wondering about a school project I have. It's an essay on anybody we want it to be about. Can I do mine about you!?" She blushed, thinking, Dang. I messed up.
" It's fine." I say with a brilliantly believable smile.
"Yay!" Nina jumped up and down cheering.
Enrique and Yahira entered after my eardrums were annihilated. They came to 'my' bed and told me that I'd go to a middle school called Oredion Junior High. They expected my nervousness, I applied it. I would go in a week the next Monday. I was exasperated. Wait-by now you are probably wondering about how I can not care about anything, yet I know how I feel when I stated that I didn't or couldn't feel at all. Apparently, a non-caring mind may still not care, whereas your body wants to or does. Nina's project was due on Friday, so, I had time to be with Nina as she presents her paper. I fell asleep. My body thankful, but my mind never rests.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 ... 11 Next »

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None0 said...
Apr. 13, 2013 at 9:32 pm
... I have no words for how amazing that was. And I've only read about half the entire thing. Aklita would definitely approve (personal joke), although Zero would hate him (same), and Emma would probably want to disect him (see above). Some criticism now. The plot moves a little fast, and it's choppy between chapters. Some characters are also introduced without warning, and the description leaves a bit to be desired. There are also way too many characters to keep track of just by fir... (more »)

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