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Author's note: This is just a story I was writing. I just wanted a place to put it and see what people thought...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This is just a story I was writing. I just wanted a place to put it and see what people thought about it. I know the story's sorta confusing, but, eh, that's how life is.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 4

I ate next to Nina, she practically begged and I had to be 'nice' so I told them it was fine. They have actual conversations here, strange? Not to you humans, but to me it was like asking a newborn if they liked red or blue, they have no initial idea.

"Where are you from?" It was Nina.
"New York." I was still eating.
"Why are your eyes red?" I stopped, put the silverware down and looked up.
"Born that way."
"From your mom or dad?" Now the whole room was silent. Enrique and Yahira knew that I didn't know. Hey, reading their minds isn't illegal.
"I have no idea." The couple stared at each other warily, I could read their minds, they thought that if I felt uncomfortable then I'd want to leave, and they REALLY wanted me to stay.
"That's enough Nina." Enrique's steady voice held power, and she shrunk under that gaze.
"It's alright." I assured them as they reluctantly let me continue.
"I was left in an orphanage when I was one, and was brought to my Uncle who took me in but," I took a pause, shuddered and finished," he was bad. And was taken away."
God I was fantastic at acting.
She was finally silent, and looked away.
I hurt his feelings now...I'm a bad little sister.
"AH, I'm quite full. Teito, let's go to your room." Enrique grabbed my suitcases as I shouldered my backpack on.

We ascended the stairs, and made a right down the immaculate hall. The floor was the same mahogany as the floor below and was covered with a royal red rug with wondrous designs of flowers, and on the edge of them, was the rug maker's initial signature, MGT. The walls were encrusted with family photos,and the walls were plain, yet classy, white.
We arrived at a white door that had flames embroidered on the bottom with a diamond-like door knob. Enrique twisted the knob to the right and pushed the door open. The room was big enough to fit three king-sized California beds inside with no hassle and still have room to Tango. In the far side of the room was a California king-sized bed with velvet-like pillows and red sheets of Egyptian cotton that had a window by it while the other one was by the closet. The room was elegant with the mahogany dresser beside the door, the nightstand by the bed, a closet with new clothes and hangers, a flat screen t.v. opposite the bed, and on the desk, which was by one of the two windows by the closet, was a laptop computer. The floor was covered in the same type of rug in the hall. After a few short moments I noticed that I was still in need of my acting expertise.

"Th-Th-thank you, sir..." I was choking on pretend tears, being nervous, and being unsure about the title to give him.
Enrique let out the breath he held since he had opened the door.
"You are welcome Teito, and please, call me Dad." Enrique was on the verge of tears when he finished, and it was a perfect time to execute my greatest trust gain tactic.
"D-d-dad.." I whispered, shuddering and wiping away fake tears that I forced out of my tear ducts.
Enrique moved toward me in a hugging motion, I returned it, 'gratefully.' After a minute, he let go, looked at me with teary eyes and stared at me directly in the eyes.

I felt weary all of a sudden, like, I was loosing all my strength. 'Dad' looked shocked and totally scared. I heard voices, but, for the first time since I was one, did I feel my power draining. I drifted, and fell into a 'dream.'

I stared at the blue sky as it called upon me, whispering my name, 'Teito,Teito..' Soft and elegant. That voice. I lay on my back and stare, wondering what it's like to be the sky itself. I was staring. That's all. How stupid right? Wrong. I was searching for something. What it was I have no idea. I forget a lot of things, but for some reason I was compelled to whatever I was searching for. My eyes scanned the vast blue, gaining nothing. Minutes later, I see a black dot, coming in at at least 50 meters per second. It wasn't clear, but I felt like whatever it was that was falling was important to me. It looked like it would land about 20 meters from where I lay, so I quickly got up and sprinted. I couldn't make out what it was due to the speed and distance, but I ran. I was 3 meters away when it hit the ground. I was catapulted back at least 10 meters, then I army crawled to the hole. I saw it stand, and as the dust moved from the figure I saw-

I woke up. My body sluggish from the lack of use, and my mind confused at the strange dream. I was laying in the bed in my given room. As I tried to move, a shadow from the corner put me on my instinct defenses. It was Yahira.

"Are you alright? How do you feel?"
"Fine, just sluggish. I'm surprised I feel this bad after an hour." I put my best nervous smile on, but she looked sad. I put on the perplexed face.
"You've been asleep for a week, dear." I felt utter less, but I easily sifted away that stupid thought. I looked as if I were extremely shocked.
She came across the room so fast a cheetah couldn't catch her. She hugged me hard, like she was going to break my ribs.
"The doctors don't know what happened. Are you sick? Were you hurt?"
"No, I'm not sick, I don't feel hurt. I'm sorry I scared you." I looked down, as if I couldn't bear to see her face.
"No. It's fine. At least, it is now since you're safe."
She hugged me and kept rocking back and forth thinking, My boy! My dear, sweet boy!

She stayed like that for a moment more, then let me go, and went to tell Enrique. And when I say Enrique, I mean Nina's at school. I heard mumbles downstairs and thundering footsteps from the staircase. Three point two seconds later, Enrique blasted the door down and thundered toward me. He held me tight, almost as if I were his actual son, and for a second I thought I was too. I tried to say something but Enrique told me there was no need to exert myself, even as Enrique thought about actually picking me up and twirling with tears streaming down our faces. I've only known them for a day, technically, and I was extremely uncomfortable. When he finally let me go, I forced myself to start a conversation.

"What happened?"
"You just collapsed," Enrique blurted as quickly as he could.
I look away from him to think for a moment, and I suddenly remember the last time I looked someone in the eye.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 11 Next »

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None0 said...
Apr. 13, 2013 at 9:32 pm
... I have no words for how amazing that was. And I've only read about half the entire thing. Aklita would definitely approve (personal joke), although Zero would hate him (same), and Emma would probably want to disect him (see above). Some criticism now. The plot moves a little fast, and it's choppy between chapters. Some characters are also introduced without warning, and the description leaves a bit to be desired. There are also way too many characters to keep track of just by fir... (more »)

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